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Titel of document: The journal of Jean de Rignies – a personal contact with an Ummite?
Date: 4.3.2023
Author: Olaf Posdzech
Original Language: German
Remarks: The essay has several topics:
References to the records of Jean de Rignies and the book by Klaus Piontzik, in which the latter suspects that Rignies had an ongoing contact with an Ummite for more than 20 years.
Arguments against this hypothesis

The journal of Jean de Rignies a personal contact with a traveller from planet Oummo?

The French civil engineer Jean de Rignies has left us a very special legacy. It consists of a notebook of handwritten notes, some of which were dictated to him by an alien UFO commander named Lilor.
Jean de Rignies first met Lilor in 1962 in the Moroccan desert, where he was a civil engineer on a road construction project. There, the aliens had to land because of a navigation error in order to regain their orientation.
Later, from the 1970s onwards, when Jean des Rignies lived in Salstal, he met Lilor again several times during his hikes in the French Pyrenees, who described himself as the commander of an extraterrestrial base. Jean had long conversations with him and recorded the most important contents of them in a notebook.

The notebook of Jean de Rignies © Werner Betz

It was only after Jean de Rignies' death that the A4 booklet with 65 pages was found. The recordings in it cover a period of 20 years (1970 to 1990). With the help of a translator, a (faulty) transcription was then made. In the book "Riss in der Matrix" [1], the entire text is published for the first time (French with a German translation) and can thus be analized.

The book is structured in such a way that a scan from the French booklet is shown on the left and the German translation is on the right. It also contains several chapters on Jean de Rignies, his life and his last stay in Salstal.

In 2019, the mathematician and electrical engineer Klaus Piontzik began to delve deeper into this material and to explore the physical statements it contains, which go beyond our current knowledge. To do this, he organised the statements by topic, as they were often scattered over widely differing page areas in the unorganised original publication.

On 03.08.2022 Klaus Piontzik had a telephone conversation with the publisher of the book, Werner Betz, who told him that written documents exist which are called "Letters from Planet UMMO". This is interesting because in the chapter "Computers of the Extraterrestrials" in the records of Jean de Rignies, UMMO is mentioned as one of the planets on which the computer technology with titanium memories would be used that has been described.

Page from the notebook where the word UMMO was noted by Jean as one of 3 planets where the storage technology mentioned here would be used © Werner Betz

Klaus Piontzik then searched for the UMMO letters on the internet and found the German site cosmic-library.de. He contacted the owner of the site, who also translated many of the Ummite texts.


It then turned out:

The concepts of

are identical in the UMMO letters and the material from Jean de Rignies. Likewise, the linguistic style is the same.

In addition, some paragraphs have been found, e.g. in the elementary particles, which correspond almost word for word, but in any case in meaning, with the records and the letters of the Ummites.

Klaus Piontzik comes to the conclusion that the extraterrestrial interlocutor of Jean de Rignies, "Lilor" must have been a participant in the expedition from Ummo and that he is most likely also one of the co-authors of the UMMO letters.

--> First Comparison of statements from Lilor with those from Ummo (PDF, 10 pages)


Klaus Piontzik has published a comprehensive book on the results of this analyses of the Lilors statements in the Jean de Rignies notebook. „Neues aus Ummo – Riss in der Matrix erklärt!“ (News from Ummo - Rift in the Matrix explained!") [2] 
English excerpts from his book can be downloaded on his information page on the book.


Update July 2023:
On youtube you can find a video in which Jean de Rignies appears briefly. It is probably a programme from French television about the UFO base in Burgarach, to which someone has added German subtitles:
 UFO im Salstal - YouTube
In this video, Jean de Rignies himself claims that:


Remarks from Olaf Posdzech

For me, the authenticity of the records or the identity of "Lilor" is still open. At the moment (2023) I notice a few things that make me cautious in my judgement.

  1. The word "UMMO" was written down by Jean in capital letters, just as the Ummites had it put by the typists into their letters. Jean must therefore either have known of letters of the Ummites or been told to capitalise the word.
  2. Any terms that were otherwise used by the Ummites, such as that of Ibozoo Uu, are missing in the notes, although the concept of Ibozoo Uu is described.
  3. "Lilor" is not a typical name from Ummo. It does not conform to the Ummitic convention for names (name of passed ancestor + number)
  4. Lilor communicated telepathically during his first encounter with Jean de Rignies in Morocco. The Ummites, on the other hand, have repeatedly stated that all attempts by them to establish telepathic contact with earth humans have failed. This leads me to believe that Lilor may have been extraterrestrial, but not from Ummo.
    Quote from "Jean de Rignie's first encounter with Lilor (Riss in der Matrix - pages 10-13) : "During the exchange of words, Jean noticed quite baffled that the stranger hadn't spoken at all. He hadn't moved his mouth or made any other noise, but he still answered Jean's questions." https://www.pimath.de/buch/Jean_de_Rignies_meets_Lilor.pdf
  5. It is interesting that some metaphysical ideas also appear in these records (purification of the earth), on which the Ummites, to my knowledge, never have commented. It seems to me that there may be parallels with the accounts of Steph van Denaerde in his late book "The universal creation" (1990). Steph van Denaerde had first physical (1965) and later telepathic contact with a humanoid species from the planet Iarga. Such concepts are mentioned in the Bible and in the Hopi prophecies.
    However, Jean de Rignies' records end in 1990, so it is not clear whether he has known Steph van Denaerde's second book.


[1] Werner Betz - Udo Vits - Sonja Ampssler „Riss in der Matrix Begegnung mit einer anderen Dimension“; Din A5, Paperback, 220 pages, 39 color images and complete scans of the original notes from Jean de Rignies, Ancient Mail Verlag Werner Betz; € 19,50; ISBN 978-3-95652-272-7,

[2] Klaus Piontzik „Neues aus UMMO: Riss in der Matrix - Erklärt!“; 412 pages; Ancient Mail Verlag 2023; ISBN: 978-3956523281;

[3] Information page about the book „Neues aus UMMO: Riss in der Matrix - Erklärt!“ , containts excerpts in German and English language

[4] Short video lecture from Werner Betz, 2022 (33 minutes), which also discusses the history of Jean de Rignies' records and the book from Klaus Piontzik.
The images on our page are taken from this video.

[5] video  UFO im Salstal - YouTube