Texts from Taygeta

Gosia, Robert and some more people are in contact (via internet chat software) with a group of people, that claims to be from the planet Taygeta (Pleiades). This contact is ongoing on a mostly daily basis since 2018.

More info and a list of the currently published transcripts can be found at their web site (in English):

The list presented here gives a comprehensive overview, but it will not be updated in short intervalls. The main purpose of our site is to provide serious German translations of texts from interstellar contacs. These are available at the German version of this list.

List of Texts from Taygeta (Pleiades)

2018 to 2020

Date Publisher Author Topic Link Titel Description
2018-09-02 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Who Are We? (Swaruu 1) chat with Swaruu, an extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta (Pleiades)
2018-09-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en  Extraterrestrial Message from Pleiades Taygeta (Swaruu 2) Talks with Swaruu
2018-09-29 CA, Gosia Swaruu Exopolitics en Prime Directive (Swaruu 3) Prime Directive, the primordial law
2018-10-01 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en We are Living in the Matrix 3D (Swaruu 4) earth 3D Matrix, why it was installed
2018-10-06 CA, Gosia Swaruu, Anéeka   en More About 3D Matrix (Swaruu 5) Swaruu + Aneeka, 3D Matrix
2018-10-15 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Densities (Swaruu 6) Densities and who ocupied those different realms
2018-10-20 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Falsity of Earth Science article written by Swaruu of Erra (Taygeta, Pleyades)
2018-10-23 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Not Real People (Swaruu 7) chat 7 with Swaruu: false people, NOT REAL ones, who are part of the Matrix
2018-10-28 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Reptilian Cabal Experiments, Trans-dimensionale Biologie (Biology 2) also soul manipulation, positive gardeners (small grey)
2018-10-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Artificial Intelligence, Clones, Artificial Souls and Chips (Biology 3) technology of the clones that is already in use on earth
2018-11-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Artificial Intelligence and Clones (Biology 3 - Q&A) Red Queen, Artificial Intelligence, Clones
2018-11-07 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en How to Raise Your Frequency (Swaruu 8) chat 8 with Swaruu
2018-11-16 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Free Energy (Zero Point) the article ¨Mechanics of Manifestation¨ talks about the manifestation of matter, and the operation of free energy, among many...
2018-11-23 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Free Energy (Zero Point) - Q&A Talk about "Mechanics of Manifestation"
2018-12-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Frequently Asked Questions Q&A
2018-12-13 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Invasive Back Goo and AI: Biggest threat to planet Earth (Biologie 4)  
2018-12-27 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Reptilian Matrix Hack and Mind Control (Swaruu 10) how the Reptilian ¨Hack¨ of the Matrix has been working and how we are controlled mentally for millenia
2018-12-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Original Matrix (Swaruu 11) Swaruu explains the Original or Initial Matrix
2019-01-05 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en How to be a 5D Person? (Swaruu 12) what it means to be a 5D person while still in 3D
2019-01-25 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Families and Afterlife (Swaruu 13) about our families, how we choose them and why, how to deal with the situations when our family members don´t support our spiritual awakening; also talk about the period between incarnations, the Afterlife.
2019-02-03 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 1 (Time Travel, Stellar Maps and MORE) how starships navigate through space and time
2019-02-13 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 1 - Q&A Q&A about time travel, frequency navigation, Warp / SupraLuminar flights
2019-02-18 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Frequently Asked Questions 2 Flat Earth and many others
2019-02-23 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Karma: free yourself (Swaruu 15) the concept of Karma – much differently from the model known on Earth...
2019-03-11 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Why Do We Suffer (Swaruu 16) about some aspects of our terrestrial life.
2019-03-24 CA, Gosia Swaruu Taygeta en Taygetean Pleiadian Civilization (Part 1) - Extraterrestrial Life (17) civilization in Taygeta
2019-03-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu Taygeta en Taygetean Pleiadian Civilization (Part 2) - Extraterrestrial Life civilization in Taygeta
2019-04-12 CA, Gosia Swaruu Taygeta en Taygetean Pleiadian Civilization (Part 3) - Pleiadian Animals difference of fauna between Earth and Taygeta, animals suffering, hunting etc.
2019-04-14 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Mix of Conversations with Swaruu of Erra (18) different topics from conversations throughout 2018
2019-04-19 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Reincarnation (Swaruu 19) Reincarnation and Reincarnation loops and cycles.
2019-04-26 CA, Gosia Rashell History en We Formed the Vril Society Rashell of Temmer, a woman from Taygeta (Pleiades), an ambassador between the races and the one that has occupied her position in the Earth orbit the longest. It is the same Taygetean woman who spoke with President Eisenhower and, as she reveals in this video, she formed a part of the secreto esoteric Vril Society, directed by Maria Orsic, also a Taygetean Pleiadian.
2019-05-01 CA, Gosia Rashell History en 5D Pleiadian Taygetean who met with Eisenhower SPEAKS OUT (FIRST time in History) Meeting with Eisenhower, Vril society, Antarktis, pacts with Maitré
2019-05-15 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Soul (Swaruu 20) Soul and everything related: Walk in Souls, animals and souls, astral travelling, sleep, dreams, and more.
2019-05-24 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Homosexuality - does it exist in 5D?  (21) talk about Homosexuality, whether it is observed in 5D, Agenda 21 depopulation, and how homosexuality might relate to Ascension.
2019-05-30 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Swaruu and Taygetean Pleiadian Curiosity in Humans questions about our human affairs. We talk about female spacial orientation, monetary day to day lives, women who work as housewives, and more.
2019-06-05 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Do Aliens Exist if we Dont Believe in Them? (23) objective versus subjective reality
exist aliens independend of our belief in them
2019-06-06 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en What is a 5D Ascension (24) talk about the Ascension process, the shift from 3D reality to 5D
2019-06-11 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Holographic Society - Extraterrestrial Model talk about the Holographic Society, the social - ¨political¨ model that Taygeta, and other 5D races follow in their cultures.
2019-06-13 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Shadow Work Shadow Work and the importance of it in the process of spiritual healing and integration.
2019-06-16 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en explaining Cognitive Dissonance (Are We Ready for Extraterrestrial Reality?) Cognitive Dissonance 
2019-06-21 CA, Gosia     en 5G Technology and Artificial Intelligence - Warning (27) dangers of 5G technology, how to protect oneself, Artificial Intelligence and other matters
2019-06-24 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Repetitive Questions that Swaruu Receives Telepathically also about crop circles and UFO formations that often appear in the sky; Messages from other races? Why can´t we decipher them?
2019-06-29 CA, Gosia   Politics en Argentina/Uruguay Blackout about the recent power blackout in Argentina and Uruguay, Cabal and Illuminati and other related matters.
2019-07-05 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Genetics and Mind - ¨Humans Were NOT Edited in Extraterrestrial Labs something very important about genetics and supposed "extraterrestrial experiments" of the Annunaki and other alien races to limit the human race genetically. WE WERE NOT LIMITED.
2019-07-14 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Extraterrestrials and Genetics-Questions we were never genetically limited by the Extraterrestrials
2019-07-17 CA, Gosia Swaruu Biology en Biology Generated from Etheric Planes (Biologie 1) Swaruu explains how reality, and our biology is generated
2019-08-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Questions and Answers conversations with Robert in 2018
2019-08-21 CA, Gosia Swaruu Exopolitics en Are we Ready for Official Extraterrestrial Contact? (Part 1) data and conclusions that the Taygeta team has gathered after the years of contact with humans. What do they think of us? What have they learned? Are we ready for direct and official contact?
In this very important and historic video, Swaruu of Erra expresses what she feels directly, with the honesty so characteristic of her personality
2019-08-26 CA, Gosia   Exopolitics en Taygetean Conclusions (Pleiades) (Part 2) data and conclusions about humans
2019-09-01 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Mechanics of Manifestation 2 - Intro to Extraterrestrial Navigation part 2 of “Mechanics of Manifestation”
2019-09-25 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 2): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades) gravity, spaceships´ tractor beams, frequency sensors, creation of matter from energy + more
2019-10-01 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 3): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades) about 3 different modes in which their ships fly.
2019-10-15 CA, Gosia     en Global Warming, Climate Change, Greta Thumberg?
2019-10-19 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 4): Extraterrestrial Ship Technology Taygeta-Pleiades about the 2nd mode in which their ships operate: through electromagnetic plasma motors
2019-10-25 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en MATRIX 3D - 3 Ways to Understand Matrix (Moon Technology) the Moon Matrix 3D Technology
2019-10-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 2 (Part 5): Extraterrestrial Warp Drive Flight Mode SupraLuminar Flight Mode, also known as Hyperspace/Warp flight mode
2019-11-12 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en ETHER - Teachings of Swaruu of Erra (Extraterrestrial Communication) about Ether, and all things related
2019-11-15 CA, Gosia Dhor Káal'el   en Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian pilot (Part 1): Dhor Káal'el part 1 of interview with Dhor Káal'el, the Taygetean Pleiadian pilot from Erra
2019-11-28 CA, Gosia Dhor Káal'el   part 2 en Live Sessions with Dhor Káal'el - Extraterrestrial Taygetean Pleiadian Pilot in the Orbit of Earth
2019-12-05 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Social Engineering: Protests in South America informing people of the situation behind the protests in South America
2019-12-14 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Life After Death: Where do we Go when we Die? what is AfterLife and the Astral realm where we supposedly go to rest after death
2019-12-19 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Death and Afterlife: More Questions collection of Q&A, fear of death, ascension, euthanasia, babies and your children + more.
2019-12-21 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en AfterLife of Animals: What Happens when our Pets Die? about animals´ souls and where they go after they die
2019-12-23 CA, Gosia Dhor Káal'el   en Interview with the Taygetean Pleiadian pilot (Part 2): Dhor Káal'el He explains the attributes the Taygetean pilots must possess, UFOs (ET craft) and why some ¨crash¨; what he does to disguise himself for the Earth air traffic controls + a lot more
2019-12-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation 2 (PART 6) - Moving through Ether Ether, Consciousness, Time, Starships
2020-01-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Interiorization of Data and Time Acceleration acceleration of time, what happens by internalizing the information, and the difference between densities for the ¨step downs¨, the extraterrestrial people who walk off the ships directly off onto Earth
2020-01-14 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stellar Navigation (part 7) - Frequency Mapping-Unknown Regions of Space how to map out unexplored regions of space, and much more
2020-01-20 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Time and Timelines 1 - Time travel Time, Time Travels, and Timelines
2020-01-24 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Time and Timelines 2 Time and Timelines
2020-02-01 CA, Gosia     en What do Taygetan Pleiadians have to say about Corona virus? (DELETED BY YOUTUBE) video number 130 on the CA playlist
2020-02-05 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Time Travel: Temporal Manipulation (Changes of the Past to Change the Future) explains the Temporary Manipulation done with their starship technology, and why it is useless
2020-02-09 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Inserting Different Past from the Quantum Field Consider changing your past only with the will of your mind
2020-02-12 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Ascension and Positronic Energies Positronic Energies and how it relates to Ascension
2020-02-26 CA, Gosia Dhor Káal'el Physics en Extraterrestrial Technology: Spacecraft Take Off Procedure an amazing description that Dhor Káal'el gave Dale and myself of the flight take off procedure. He is a Taygetean Pleiadian pilot and absolutely in love with flying
2020-03-09 CA, Gosia   Physics en Extraterrestrial Technology - Tech Talk with the Taygetean Pleiadian follow up conversation about the tech subjects that came up
2020-03-14 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Stargate Artificial Portals: Extraterrestrial Technology Artificial Portals, their technology and use
2020-03-20 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Global Situation information provided by Aneeka ofTemmer (Head of Taygetean Intelligence, Pleiades) on the current situation
2020-03-20 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en FOCUS: NOW OR NEVER The battle is on and your focus matters! Contribute!
2020-03-24 CA, Gosia     en Fears, Viruses, Global Situation
2020-04-01 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en  More about the Virus - New Report - LIVE with Aneeka This is about the virus itself.
2020-04-06 CA, Gosia   Biology en What is a Virus? what viruses are and how they behave
2020-04-10 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Message to Starseeds a message for all, but especially for all starseeds. Also a call to the doctors and all the people in the medical sector to help expose the truth.
2020-04-17 CA, Gosia     en Reptilian Mind - Human Egregors explaining in a metaphysical way how regressive races like Reptiles and Archons are produced. It will be understood that they are our collective human egregores
2020-04-19 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Global Situation - Aneeka of Temmer summarizing recent chats with Aneeka regarding some of the aspects of the current state of affairs on Earth
2020-04-25 CA, Gosia   Exopolitics en Truth about Federation will shed a lot of light on who the United Federation of Planets (called by some Galactic Federation) is and on their involvement with terrestrial affairs
2020-04-29 CA, Gosia     en Federation and Metaphysical Contemplations - Personal Thoughts personal thoughts (Gosia) on how I have been feeling these days following the latest Federation video
2020-05-01 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en You Are Getting Flanked! EMPs for Nanotechnology Virus is not the problem, it´s what coming next!
EMP countermeasures
2020-05-06 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Current Affairs - Anéeka of Temmer compilation of Q&A from chats of the last month. Covid19, vaccines and more
2020-05-09 CA, Gosia     en Are Extraterrestrials Similar to Humans Culturally? on the cultural similarities between ET races
2020-05-13 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Hospitals - Warning - Anéeka of Temmer short message from Anéeka of Temmer
2020-05-15 CA, Gosia   Exopolitics en Galactic Federation- Higher Levels and Higher Realms more about the Galactic Federation on higher levels, and the nature of the higher realms
2020-05-19 CA, Gosia Anéeka Exopolitics en Galactic Federation and Earth Representatives? Why there can be no one representative of the Federation, especially on Earth
2020-05-22 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Anéeka of Temmer: Interview interview with Anéeka of Temmer (Taygeta - Pleiades)
2020-05-23 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Trump, Gates, Mexico Short message on Trump, Clinton, Gates, Soros, and Mexico
2020-05-28 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en More about the Viruses - Questioins form Spanish Doctor Questions from a doctor + Answers
2020-05-31 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Quarantines - Why? about the quarantines and social distancing
2020-06-01 CA, Gosia     en Galactic Federation and New World Order - More Truth we expose more truth about who the Federation is and what role it plays with the human race.
2020-06-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu Exopolitics en High Federation - Intervention perspective of the high Federation beyond 5D and their intervention
2020-06-12 CA, Gosia Swaruu Physics en Natural Portals Natural Portals,  continuation of the previous chapter: Artificial Portals
2020-06-13 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Possible False Flag Warning and Galactic Wave latest information from Anéeka of Temmer regarding possible False Flag Operation, Trump, and related topics
2020-06-17 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en How Does the Soul Evolve? - Yazhí Swaruu explained by Yazhí Swaruu herself, how she has evolved, and what has launched her into her spiritual expansion
2020-06-20 CA, Gosia     en Freedom, Ascension, Federation, and 5D Cages about different types of “cages”, 3D and 5D, ascension, Federation and their ideas, liberation of humans, starseeds
2020-06-24 CA, Gosia Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races - Introduction introduction
2020-06-28 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Extraterrestrial Contact about the Federation of United Planets, and other similar topics
2020-07-03 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Starseeds: Search for Stellar Identity and Roots stellar identity, who we are as starseeds and what race we incarnate from
2020-07-06 CA, Gosia Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Arcturians Arcurians
2020-07-08 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Emotions: What Are They? the importance of emotions
2020-07-15 CA, Gosia Anéeka Physics en How do Extraterrestrials Communicate? Muons and Gravity Muons, Leptons, Gravity as carrier, SETI
2020-07-17 CA, Gosia   Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Alpha Draconiana Alpha Draconians
2020-07-19 CA, Gosia Anéeka, Swaruu   en Memory Implants - 3D Matrix Management by Federation technological insertions of memories that are done from 5D (and 3D) on the part of the Federation of United Planets and other races
2020-07-23 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Etheric Memory Implants, Life Plan, Free Will Etheric memory implants and what they are
2020-07-27 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Possible Developments for Earth newest intelligence findings regarding Cabal´s plans for humanity
2020-07-28 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Call to Doctors - YOU ARE KEY - Message from Yazhi Swaruu Yazhi´s call to all the doctors to speak out against what is going on on Earth
2020-08-12 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en 3D Matrix, Federation, and Human Desires Federation and its dealings with 3D Earth. What is happening and why?
2020-08-16 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Planetary Reset, 3D Matrix - Federation - Human Civilization more about how 3D works, what its nature is, and why the Federation acts the way it does. They have already reset the human race 6 times before.
2020-08-18 CA, Gosia   Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Urmahs (Feline Race) Urmahs
2020-08-22 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Duality - Suffering - Self - Source - Spiritual the subject of duality and why it is necessary for souls. Also we will talk about suffering, sense of Self and its expansion towards Source state itself
2020-08-26 CA, Gosia Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Sirians Sirians
2020-08-31 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Planetary Reset - Q&A Q&A regarding the recent video on Planetary Reset
2020-09-02 CA, Gosia Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Centauri Centauri
2020-09-06 CA, Gosia Swaruu   en Nature of Reality the nature of reality, as explained by Yázhi Swaruu
2020-09-10 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Guanajuato Anomaly, Portals, Drones talk about the recent anomaly that appeared in Guanajuato in Mexico, portals, Goo Negro, Extraterrestrial Drones and more
2020-09-11 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu   en We Are the Key conversation with Yázhi Swaruu about how she has been and what she has been doing. As you see, she is never idle, and the humanity is constantly watched over from beyond. Thank you Yazhi and Taygeteans for your constant fight to keep things flowing in a positive direction for the human race. What happens next, is really on us!!
2020-09-14 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Agarthians  
2020-09-16 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Spirituality en Ascension - What is it Really About? What about the Ascension? - focusing on the negative things that the Cabal plans, doesn´t manifest that reality more? In this video Yazhi gives us her perspective.
2020-09-18 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Physics en The Way Timelines Look to Me is not How Humans See it The future, or timelines, to humans is something different from how Yazhi perceives it from the most expanded plane. For us it is a line, or several separate lines, for her it is multiple lanes of multiple levels all connected converging at the end into one. And ¨Broken Shoes´ is always the key to everything :)
2020-09-20 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Races en Extraterrestrial Races: Andromedan  
2020-09-26 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Spirituality en Why Awakened Common People have Power and Responsibility why “common” people are important and why their manifestation power is much greater than that of the ¨sleeping people¨. And what kind of responsibility comes with it.
2020-09-29 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Physics en Timelines - Past - Present - Future about timelines and how they intertwine
2020-10-03 CA, Gosia Yázhi Swaruu Spirituality en Let´s be Our Higher Self NOW It is NOT necessary to suffer to further define the idea of ​​who we are, to define ourselves, and to expand. Enough of these drastic opposites! Let's be our Higher Self NOW and take control of the destiny of our soul. Liberation for all! :)
2020-10-07 CA, Gosia   Physics en Black Holes, Sun, Wormholes - What They Really Are what they really are and how they are connected
2020-10-10 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu   en How I Manage my Reality vaccines, how Yázhí does what she does, and how reality is experienced from the plane beyond.
2020-10-12 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu   en War Over Humans - Cabal versus Starseeds the connection between vaccines and the Cabal´s efforts to gain more control over the human race. We are in the middle of war, and more than ever we have to be united and fight!
2020-10-15 CA, Gosia Anéeka Physics en Solar Flash - Galactic Waves - Anéeka and Dale Harder solar flashes and galactic waves, and if/how they affect human consciousness (a short conversation)
2020-10-20 CA, Gosia Anéeka Physics en Black Holes - Questions from the Public  
2020-10-26 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu Spirituality en Is There Really Free Will? And How many Timelines? timelines, free will, and expansion of consciousness in general.
2020-11-02 CA, Gosia   History en Atlantis, Lemuria, Reptilians, Adam and Eve, Tiamat - Taygetean Pleiadian Role in Ancient History Information from 2018-2019. ancient human - Lyrian past, Reptilian wars, Federation, Atlantis, Lemuria, Genesis and Garden of Eden, as well as Taygetean Pleiadian involvement with it all and our planet.
2020-11-05 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu   en Manipulations of Human Perception translation of the older information from "Despejando Enigmas" (Robert's channel), mixed with some other material that fits into the recent topics. The information is still valid, especially for the actual Earth situation.
2020-11-12 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Trump - Elections - Opinion and Statement of Anéeka of Temmer about Trump, Biden, electoral fraud, the elections and the entire current situation. It will be understood why at this time Aneeka chooses to support Donald Trump.
2020-11-14 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Questions from the Public Do they monitor starseeds and humans individually? -Do you need to qualify to become a starseed? Whats the process? -What about people who leave Earth getting extracted? How do you choose them? - Is there any proof down here that we are living in a game? - Do you have astrology? -Is our DNA going to be restructured? -How do you coordinate events if you don't have watches and clocks? - What do you think about declassification of UFO documents? - Who is to blame for cattle mutilations? Many more questions answered in the video.
2020-11-18 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu History en Humans Created by Extraterrestrials? DNA and Genetics compilation of various chats throughout 2018-2019. it will be understood why humans could not have been created by the Extraterrestrials beings. Apart from that, a lot of questions related to our DNA and Genetics will be answered.
2020-11-22 CA, Gosia   History en Pyramids-How Were They Built and What Do They Serve? fairly comprehensive video of various conversations between Swaruu, Yazhi, Anéeka, Robert, and myself, on the subject of pyramids (2018 ... 2020).
2020-11-26 CA, Gosia Yázhí Swaruu Spirituality en If Everything is Souls´ Plan from Above Anyway- What Do We Do? Assuming that everything, even worst events, is always the choice and plan of the souls above, how do we then interpret what is happening today? Are we still supposed to fight the New World Order? Or do we let things be to develop on their own? Yazhi Swaruu accompanies us to address these dilemmas, and more.
2020-12-02 CA, Gosia Anéeka Exopolitics en Extraterrestrial Abductions - Why Are They Done on Humans? about extraterrestrial abductions done by greys. Who does it exactly, and why?
2020-12-04 CA, Gosia Swaruu Spirituality en Suicide - Why it is NOT a Good Idea suicide and why it is not something that should be considered as a viable way ¨out¨ of the Matrix.
2020-12-14 CA, Gosia  Swaruu, Dhor Káal'el History en Ancient Egypt - Symbology - Ancient History the truth behind the ancient symbols, particularly the Egyptian ones. Cave paintings, ancient statues and constructions ... all explained from the stellar, not human perspective.
2020-12-16 CA, Gosia     en Monoliths Explained - Real or False? what all those strange monoliths that are appearing in different parts of the world recently are. Also what the genuine monoliths really are.
2020-12-25 CA, Gosia   Physics en Quantum Computers - Human versus True Quantum Extraterrestrial Technology Quantum technology the way humans describe it and what they claim they have or are developing is nowhere near true Quantum computing used by advanced extraterrestrial races. In this video you will understand that difference, and you will be quite amazed at what those computers can do.
2020-12-27 CA, Gosia Anéeka   en Questions and Answers live chat  regarding the current affairs, on Earth and off Earth. Topics: Federation, Cabal, Politics, Alcyone Council, Exopolitics, Current Situation, etc.

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