25/2/2022 – Martian Dawn update


Here are news from the star system, what's going on in the star system while tremendous changes are happening on this planet earth, terra with humanity taking their destiny in hands, finally breaking their chains from slavery.

I have some news from the stars, something that happened this week. On February 21st 2022 I had a contact with Thor Han. He informed me that he would be gone to the Alpha centaurian systems to help prepare and escort a big convoy of new colonists from Alpha centaury to our system. This mission took about four earth days to be completed. So these Alpha centaurians and their families are going to settle on mars and work with the new colonies from earth in order to help them with their own experience in that matter, and also with new technologies they will provide mainly in the field of agriculture and of how to build and maintain high-tech biodomes with new technology, rand new advanced technologies.

There will be mixed colonies where both earth humans and Alpha centaurians from different centaurian systems, Alpha b Alpha a and Proxima will live together. Their morphology is quasi-identical to ours, so we can live in the same environmental conditions.

The cooperation with Alpha centaurians started at the end of the 1950s. They are mainly pacifist cultures and they helped humanity in developing new technologies, non-related always to military tech and craft engineering. They may have helped in that field, but not it's not their main program. They are helping mostly in the medical field and in any domain that can improve day-to-day life on earth: health, connectivity … all these things.

So I asked Thor Han why is an escort necessary and what type of work are you going to do in the centauri systems? He replied this he said to me that our star system is highly protected and so is theirs, the Alpha centaurian systems. But um the space in between these two star systems it's a battlefield. Space is a huge hostile ground. And especially in this sector of the galaxy. So Thor Han was escorting scientists, ethnologists and technicians from the galactic federation of worlds to Alpha centauri, different systems in there, different worlds.
And their missions of these people Thor Han was escorting consist in educating and briefing the future colonists on everything they need to know about the conditions on mars. Thor Han personal task was to be detailing the recent events regarding to deliberation of mars because he was involved in the first raids, remember, and several other missions with the Martian resistance.

So after four days Thor Han escorted the colony ships back to the solar system to Mars and the group of scientists of technologists and technicians from the galactic federation of worlds stayed on Selo. You know Selo and Meton are the two main worlds in the centaurian systems who lead the technology and the cultures and diplomacy and everything.

Not so long ago Thor Han went to Seluin. Seluin is one of Selo's moons to escort officials to a secret meeting. This was in December 17 2021. So I asked him was it related to this project and yes, he said it was. And there was another meeting as well on Ganymed on December 13th which I was aware of, where a Martian's resistance was represented and they were meeting people from the intergalactic confederation. So it was really related to settling new colonies on Mars and to put everything in place and coordinate all the peaceful living between the local Martians, the earth colonists and the Alpha centaurian colonists to create a society where everyone would live in peace and benefit from each other's technology, knowledge, experience and fun as well.

I couldn't help asking if Elon Musk was involved in this project on Mars and the Alpha centaurians. He said yes, very prominently. He couldn't disclose freely further when it comes to this person, you know he's only an officer, don't respect the strict orders from his hierarchy. So there is a lot involved when it comes to Elon Musk. They are not free to talk. There are agreements and I understand that.