8/2/2022 – Coron, Akvaruu and Val Thor: news from our friends


You have been asking me news from Akvaruu and Coron. Well these two persons that have privileged to know are very well.

Coron is a ninth density Taygetan or Asharum he lives on the planet Dakorat and he has been helping me to do the first book “a gift from the stars“ giving me information. Also protecting me and he has also taught me a few techniques of conscious projection and travel. He's a very advanced being by his intelligence and his psychic capabilities. So how has he been going since?

Well, he is at the moment on his planet Dakurat. I know he is there he hasn't left his planet, he's busy there. I don't know what he's doing. I do not have a lot of news from Coron since last year and everyone has been keeping busy. But I've heard by Thor Han that Coron is good as well on this planet working there. So that's Coron is the person I have less news about of my friends.

Akvaaru, the great Taal soldier. Akhvaaru was on a mission with Thor Han on mars during the martian wars last year to retrieve a little black box cube, black cube from a wreck of a ship, it was a gray ship at the time. That's how I saw Akvaruu through the eyes of Thor Han the first time. Akvaruu is from Taalshia in the Alcyone Jahaya system and he's been fleeing his planet because this planet is occupied with a terrible tyranny, that's a Taalshia. And they are in in shared tyranny with reptilians and Nebu. So Alcyone – don't go there. Akvaruu left his family and he said I'm going to fight the Taalshiar and come back and set you free so. That's why he's in our star system, because the Taalshiar are very well very much invested with the dark fleet and also with the three letters agency. In my my book “we will never let you down” I speak about all the military achievements of Akvaruu in the this war.

Well you know since Val Nek has gone Akvaruu became closer to Thor Han because they're both military and they enjoy you know sharing military stories and facts and take it on actually well together. Often I've been connecting with Thor Han and he was in the company of Akvaruu in his quarters and Akvaruu was invited a lot and Thor Han goes to visit Akvaruu in his quarter as well and they go on missions together. That's very cool and Akvaruu is well. He can't wait to go home, but he's staying at the moment because he's been asked to train soldiers of the federation and the earth alliance. So he is part of the programs as a trainer. So that's good.

Now Akvaruu has a lovely girlfriend. That's one of the reasons why he's staying as well she's an Ahel, she's from the Pleadies and she's lovely, I never remember her name, a very slim blonde beautiful young girl. She's lovely and so one of the reasons is staying here, he doesn't want to take her back to Taalihara because that's quite rough there. So let's see how things go. Ardana has in head to promote him to a diplomatic position that he can go back to Taalihara and do more efficiently you know his work there to help getting rid of the reptilian occupation in Alcyone system.

You have been asking me about Val Thor as well. I don't know, I haven't had contact with him since I wrote my book. I've seen his wife Jillian twice as I told you last time I did a little broadcast about her message, but Val Thor is very busy. He doesn't like to interact with humans, he doesn't like that. So once his mission was done with me you know he's not really looking to communicate with me, because it's just became quite private but his wife is cool. I know he's on Venus, he's still involved in diplomatic missions on earth with white hats and that's it for the news of our friends.