2/2/2022 – Words of encouragement and news from our friends


Well done everyone. You follow the path of your heart, the path of the truth the truth within what resonates with you, you follow that vibration, that wavelength of what resonates with what you feel is right, is positive, is nurturing, is the future. You know we have tremendous powers the power of the mind and the intention co-creates this reality. Well done, we as humans of earth are doing it together by uniting. That's what the enemy feared always that we unite. Now that all the eat threats have been gone out of this planet now the human baddies need to be kicked out and we're doing it, it's our victory. How does it feel?
Do you understand now why the galactic federation didn't want to do the job for us, because they want us to go through the process. Feel it, ambulate embrace it! What does it feel to unite as humans? Sing together, dance together, drum together, drive together.

I'm very proud of you Canadians and I know this will spread out to the whole planet where it is needed. Movements are starting in other countries as well. Well, someone had to start it. You know I've been told once that Canada is a very high ground vibration wise, and yeah leads the way in the ascension of the planet. It's normal that it happens there if the ground is more elevated vibrationally you know that makes sense. And other places as well on earth have high vibration, that that's why you will notice where people rebel against tyranny. Well I'm not saying more about that but just that I am so proud of you. That's what our friends upstairs, our allies are waiting for that we start acting following our heart, because I am not the only one to be proud of you of course. There are people upstairs who are extremely proud of you and cheering out and – you know, galactic cheerleaders.

To be more serious, the galactic federation of worlds is very proud of you because they've been watching you all along and they still and if you look up maybe you will not see these ships, but maybe you will see them if they decide to show themselves. But they are legends up there like legends of angels guiding you flowing in your wings, just with love encouraging you and protecting you supporting you.

I have had contact with high commander Ardana, who is a military chief on one of the mother ships upstairs of the galactic federation, a battleship station. They are cloaked in a higher density and so nobody can see them, but they're here. And she was so happy, I could feel her heart throughout my connection with her I could feel her heart with my heart. She was filled with pride. Yes, the Terrans aren't doing it! They have been finally doing it, all these fights we've been doing and all the sacrifices finally here we see the fruits of it, here we see the fruits of our fights, our hard work. It's happening! You have no idea people how they are proud up there and release that finally we took our future and present in our hands.

So now that's the moment, let's ride the wave! We are very proud of you.

Thor Han is very proud of you as well of course and all my friends are following this, Annax. What are they doing? I've been asked this. I receive daily contacts with them. I do not have the time to do videos because I'm writing my next book about my experiences and sharing with you. What I also share in the videos every time I have something new I also share it in videos, because that's the deal: for free, no money gate. You can always buy books after, but you know it's all like condensed in a physical copy. But so I'm telling you they are all well upstairs of the people I know.

So Ardana she is very proud. I cannot give you too much intel because it is not strategic to tell about what is happening at the moment. So I'm told only what is strategic. You know the information is very compartmentalized upstairs. The galactic federation is a military institution mainly, not only but big part of it, so the structure is very military. So I am given to tell you what needs to be told. A lot of things are organizing upstairs with the different space programs which have now collided in an alliance-based alliance, started by Artemis and then settled by the Jupiter agreements.

What are these people that I know doing?

Ardana is now working more on a diplomatic level with and voice from the intergalactic confederation. They go behind between ships a lot. With the arrival of the inter-galactic confederation, you know the galactic confederation relates to a Nine collective high consciousnesses, and they relate to them as “elders of light”. All The Nine which I have had a privilege and still have to be connected times the times, this contact is also granted to the galactic federation. You need to be trained and prepared to have contact with them, because they are very high energy, high frequency of light. So that's going on as well. Ardana is fine, she's very happy. You know out of now with all the sacrifices she's done, she lost a partner they couldn't retrieve his consciousness in time to put it in another body / clone, because the ship exploded and he couldn't do it. It was too late this sacrifice. She now see the fruits of it throughout you, because if that happened to her, to her husband it's because they were here working for earth. Now she's released, her heart is more at peace.

Thor Han now he's taken another assignment which is teaching, teaching young pilots. He loves that and you know Thor Han is it's not because he's born, he was born on another planet somewhere else that is no different than us. You know Thor Han's a man and he likes at his free time doing a bit of mechanics. Sometimes I've seen him doing some repairs on ships. I mean “what are you doing, you are fleet commander?” He said, I love that, it's my hobby, one of my hobbies. I like to do that working with technicians.” He enjoys that. So that's good fun.

It's more now into diplomacy and reorganizing how the solar system works. So that's all I can tell you. It's very positive.

You know there is this plan of disclosure, especially for this year. The intergalactic configuration and the galactic confederation are showing up more and more in the sky. You just have to look up, it's you'll be surprised. You know you need to go rise your vibration and look up. I've done it, listen every time I do that I see ships from the ground here. The other night I saw three ships. They were coming from three different directions and they did just move backwards onwards and they did show themselves to me to say “hi”. I say hi and that was nice. Now it's more than the good ones that you see, you know now the bad ships have gone.

If you still are confronted to abductions by grays that's time bubbles time pockets. You know it has been a temporal war, so there are still some pockets that are interacting, but it's dissolving, it's going to be less and less and less. All the regressives have been taken off earth.

Now what else. Then a thor commander, Denis Thor is always with his friend Maesha I think, the mantis, amazing being with amazing telepathic powers, incredible being, Maisha, this Mantid being. So they're happy together, working together, best mate well for Maesha. I don't know if Den Thor wants to have another social life, Maesha has to come along that he wants it or not.

Commander Val Nek, well Val Nek doesn't work for the branch of the galactic federation in the star system, after what happened not to be under the eyes of the high council with the interference and impersonation that has have happened recently. It was decided last November that he would be transferred to a distant star system undisclosed location and cut totally from our soul system and all the people of Ardanas ship, no more contact. That's for his protection. He is not in danger. It's just that if some people pretend talking on his behalf. It is the high council knows that it's not him. It's isolation for a time. That's what I needed to precise about him. He's very happy he has someone with him, so can come with him. That's good you know Thor Han and him as best friends they can meet. Thor Han just has to travel and travel and go and meet him and you know travels are very quick in this galaxy. You know they have the technology to just poof poof, quantum transfer, you know all these methods of traveling.

(This refers to the channeling of Val Nek by Megan Rose, which has been compromised,
see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4Cj7kdddBA:

Val Nek: The security breach occurred in November 2021. To the Federation's dismay, there was a small portion of well-funded hybrid individuals who made an attempt to hack the Federation communication systems. In some respects, they were successful until the Federation could identify the problem and quickly moved course to correct it. These hybrid individuals recreated technology that we removed from underground bases. This is technology used for mind control and administered in a variety of ways. I can describe it in your language as directed energy weapons using satellites that emit a frequency. This is a frequency that can hack and infiltrate the consciousness of the human race. While this could be considered advanced extraterrestrial technology by your people, to the Federation's relief, we did not have much trouble destroying this system. The satellites that were used to broadcast this frequency were contained on private property, making it difficult for the Federation to intervene. The hybrid beings involved in this unfortunate event have genomes of reptiloid, grey and human genetics. While the Federation had eradicated the military strongholds of extraterrestrial life on Planet Terra, a small fraction of rogue, well funded, groups found ways to slip under our radar after the clearing of underground bases. This was, as I have said, an unfortunate event, but is also the reason for the Federation staying in the orbit of Terra to assist and train the Terran military. These beings are arrogant and prefer to use their funding for their own self interests. These satellites were recreated using grey technology, similar technology produced at Area 51 and Dulce bases. The beings who created this technology were in business and had alliances with the Orion grey alliance. These individuals involved were connected to companies who manufactured technology for the Dark Fleet and corrupt Terran Military. The Federation, over that past few weeks, was able to identify these individuals and remove them from your planet. Similar to the hive in Orion, this is what they recreated on planet Terra. These satellites, as I previously stated, were located on private property underground. We have removed them, they have been completely destroyed. The Federation will monitor the ongoing security of the Terran people. Mission success. I salute you.

What else? Myra, everyone misses Myra. She is still there in the solar system, she's still on the science ship, her husband is with her two sons and Gaia, the lovely hybrid child. Gaia is wonderful. I haven't seen Myra and her family for months. They are very busy and so busy that they don't communicate with anyone. She's extremely busy taking care of the hybrids and there's a lot going on as well and when she will authorize me I will speak about it but at the moment she wants it to be a secret. But good things good things going on with the hybrids programs. The good hybrids, the hybrids that have been saved from the DUMPs and the undergrounds these ones they are taking care of. The other hybrid subject, it's something different, speak about another time.

Celadion, is a young Ahel, sexy hot young guy, who likes to experience life. And I never really got on with him, he's young and he's like full of… anyway. He's still a pilot. He enjoys being a pilot, he doesn't want to climb in hierarchy because he likes his freedom being simple pilot, no responsibilities. He does his shift and he organizes life to enjoy the rest of the time, as he pleases him. So Celadion is funny, I like him he's funny. He's good crack, is always candied and they always don't tell him any secrets – it will be known to the other side of the galaxy. Anyway it doesn't communicate with earthlings unless it's a maybe a sexy lady, but he's forbidden to interact. So I don't think he does that. He does just that his relationships with Ahel girls and Taal girls and Centauurion girls and who else. Anyway that's Celadion.

Annax is still actively working with the council of five. He's one of the five councillors. He's an Egaroth, he represents the Egaroth people and although he was born on Mesa is working on Alnilam, the siege of the Orion council of five. I've actually been there and it's an amazing place that I will describe another time.
Annax is working actively now into diplomacy. He is very busy, it's a lot of diplomatic things that happening now in this system, especially with the earth and the white hats and the start of the new Starfleet, especially the white hats and those who are in charge dealing with the inter-galactic confederation who has arrived. And they were already dealing with the galactic federation. Now it's all game it's leveled up. They are more than I think 130 something ships, maybe 136 motherships, different cultures, different races. Each ship has its own biosphere and gravity and atmosphere and it's one ship per environment by race, by culture. The pleiadians have their ship, the the Metons from Proxima centaury they have their ships, it's everyone has its own environment. The Egaroth have their ships, the Andromedans have their ships as well. Not one per culture, many per culture. So it's big crowded up there,

Yhaya, Thor Han's sister is always shy ,very exuberant and motherly. Oh and Jen Han, Thor Han's younger brother studying terraforming, star maker. Oh yes, I can't wait to have another contact with him. Jen Han, amazing person. Everyone is super busy now.

I myself have barely contact, Thor Han and Annax every day, but I mean they don't have time to do other things at their work. That's how things are.

And myself, well I've been very touched by all your support. I'm working hard. passing on messages knowledge. There's a little break at the moment. I will give you more intel very soon. There are reasons for that and I'm going very well, writing three books at a time actually about all of what I say in my video and more details. Everyone is very proud of you, I am also very proud of you. These are great times to be incarnated, because we're here it comes for us a responsibility to be here now, and we need to do what we are meant to do. It can be so different for everyone.

So there's so much more things I have prepared for you, amazing videos with amazing people on my channel and books writing and messages I'm going to pass, when the moment will be right. You know because what is strategic and military is never disclosed to the public, never ever.

The things that will be officially disclosed will be done officially by the earth alliance, that is their job. It is the task of the earth alliance to disclose this thing, there's a plan of disclosure.