14/1/2022 – CONTACT 02 - Jilian on an ark buried on Venus (Naara)



Jilian is the wife of Venusian commander and diplomat Val Thor. I met her twice on Venus, and once onboard Thor Han's station. We made friends. At the recent occasion of her visit on the Galactic Federation of Worlds' battle mothership, on January 6 2022, Thor Han connected her to me via my device. Here follows an excerpt of our conversation, the complete exchange will be published in my next book about the Seeders.

Elena: Can you tell me about the ancient ships that have activated?

Jilian: The one Ark on Naara has been in the protection of our colony since we arrived. We were given this responsibility because we were the most able for this task.

Elena: You, meaning as a colony from the Lyran Man system?

Jilian: Yes.

Elena: So these Terran military come to study this ark?

Jilian: A Terran team has been working on it for a year already, as soon as they knew the Intergalactic Confederation would arrive.

Elena: How did the Terran military, well I suppose Space Command, knew that the Intergalactic Confederation would arrive?

Jilian: We warned them last year, when we knew about their incoming arrival. It was to reassure them and give them courage, as well as to allow them some time to prepare for the encounter with the Seeders.

Elena: Is this technology going to be available to the Terrans?

Jilian: Yes of course it will, that is why the Intergalactic Confederation is here: to teach the Terrans and make this technology available. Only the Founders have the keys and the codes to activate this technology. Because it is theirs.

Elena: When will this be available on Terra publicly?

Jilian: Not before two years, a year and a half maybe, because it needs to be integrated slowly and progressively into the Terran's structures. It concerns a profound change in the energy systems. It is an interdensity holographic technology. Your scientists are being prepared for this.

Elena: Thank you.