7/1/2022 – CONTACT 01 - Thor Han on the ancient ships burried in our star system


On Jan 03 2022, I asked Thor Han if he could give me more information on the ancient ships that have activated at the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation. He replied on Jan 04 2022 at 1am via my device, after he got clearance from his superiors.


Thor Han:I have clearance to answer your question about the ancient vessels that activated, those studied by the current scientists. It is exciting to watch them into greater as they uncover a past that was hidden for long millenniums. Terran culture has been ready for a long time, but now that threatening shadows are leaving your world. Truth can be unveiled in the open.

Finally the earth alliance unfolds the plan elaborated together with the intergalactic confederation and the galactic federation of worlds of Nataru, exposing what was hidden until this day.

A long time ago the intergalactic confederation had several colonies in the star system on Nara (Venus) Terra, its moon, Tyr (Mars) and the fifth planet. Great wars occurred with the Anunnaki and the colonies left, but before leaving they gather the essential the knowledge and arks they buried deep on the planets I mentioned. These arks preserve the essential information necessary to reveal the glory of these colonies, if one day this was to happen.

When the fleet from the intergalactic confederation approached this star system, the arks activated. It was time. The return of the seeders marks the beginning of a new era, when Terrans are ready to receive the long-time hidden knowledge. No rules are broken when the Terrans make their own researches and discover the keys by themselves. You understand? This knowledge and technology couldn't fall in the wrong hands. The arrival of the seeders occurs when the enemy has lost all power and possessions in the star system. The time is right now.

Also I was authorized to tell you that two great archaeological discoveries are imminent on Terra this year. It will change the way Terrans look at the chronology of their history. What they believed was truth, carved in stone will flow like water.

Elena: What you just say, this last sentence it's a metaphor that foretells a story right? I know you what they believe was truth card in stone will flow like water. Can you talk about what is in these arks?

Thor Han: Great technology that will change everything.

Elena: What do these arks look like?

Thor Han: Elongated and some are crystal technology.

Elena: What do you mean?

Thor Han: The intergalactic confederation actually uses crystalline materials to transcend densities that a build structure can simultaneously exist in several densities.

Elena: Or such as the crystalline architecture I saw inside of the motherships of the intergalactic confederation. Does that mean these ships are solid in different densities at the same time?

Thor Han: Correct. Terrans haven't yet discovered all the capacities of crystals. Core engines are powered by crystals, portals are male fluid crystals, time devices, pyramidal energy generators and more. These density belts that we wear are made with nano crystals. The fabric of our suit, our weapons, the skin of our ships. That is why.

Elena: So these buried ships have activated at the arrival of the intergalactic confederation?

Thor Han: They received the signal and responded by resonance due to the civil proximity of the mother fleet. Remember, what I show you. Certain ships are living entities, they woke up. Although your people knew already about some of these locations. We left some clues for them to find. The dark fleet found one of these arks under the ice of Antarctica, but it could never activate its power and use its potential. One of the reasons why the intergalactic confederation was waiting.

Elena: How many arks are on earth?

Thor Han: I am not allowed to tell you and don't try to read my mind.

Elena: You know I respect the rules but i know already there is one in Egypt somewhere

Thor Han: South America, central Europe north west of Russia, one on the waters of the Atlantic ocean – this one is the biggest. There are others as well but I won't tell any precise coordinate. It is not of my responsibility but that of the earth alliance.

Elena: You won't be in trouble, right?

Thor Han: No what I'm telling you is validated by my superiors since you are calibrated on military frequency they are listening to all of our conversations passing through your device.

Elena: Is there anything else that you can tell me that the world doesn't know yet?

Thor Han: Each revelation comes in time. There is a plan. Terran civilians will come this year to the complete realization and acceptance of other positive galactic cultures, politically many challenges are on the way. But I must say no more for the safety of the plan. The earth alliance is in charge of pretty much everything. Be patient.