23/12/2021 – About Ashtar Galactic Command: I told you so!


hi everyone

I have today the pleasure to comment on a video published 23rd of December 2021 on this day, by Dr Michael Salla exopolitics. This video was about a remote viewing performed by a very knowledgeable and secure source of the Farsight institute. You need to watch the whole complete videos on Dr Michael Salla channel and also on Farsight institute channel and their websites to have all the details. But why I am doing this for follow-up video it's because of one point I want to put and emphases on.

The Ashtar command doesn't interact with earthlings. None of its personal interacts with earthlings. This has just been confirmed by the Farsight institute and I am delighted, because it's been two years since I am telling you this, and it upsets everyone and it causes anger and resentment against me. But I cannot deny what I know. Believe it or not, take it or not, being angry at me is your right. You are entitled to be angry at me when I deliver some information because it hurts maybe your feelings. But we are not at this point anymore where we are careful not to hurt everyone else's feelings. We are at this point in time when we need to accept the truth. This I know for sure is a truth, and when it is confirmed by other sources which use different approaches, and Courtney Brown's approach is strictly scientific. It makes me really happy because it confirms what I've been telling you for two years now, that the Ashtar command on Jupiter and all over the galaxy doesn't interact directly with earthlings, neither by channeling, neither by anything else.

They are a military organization. They have nothing to do with the galactic federation of worlds, nothing to do with them. They are separate entity. They are military. I've been telling you this for two years now. It's in my books also.

And they are nothing to do with spiritual, nothing to do with Jesus or any other things. They are a military organization. They work with the good side in this galaxy in this war with the galactic federation and the other good institutions. No one in the personal of the Ashtar galactic command neither the Ashtar officer himself corresponds with humans on earth.

The Ashtar has been corresponding twice, Michael Sallas video explains it very well a few decades ago. But then they stopped. They had a message to deliver, they did it that's it there was also this tv program interruption in the 70s in England you know about that.

I am so happy that someone else then me is confirming this. Hate me, hate us – that's fine, it's a normal reaction. If you think you have been channeling or being in contact whatsoever with personal from the Ashtar galactic command or the Ashtar officer himself these last years, you have been fooled and used by Nebu or either Ciakahrr or either dark part of these governments to distract you and humanity by the message you may have passed. All the Ashtar Sheran it's psychological operations. If you think you've had personal contact with them you've been fooled. It's all manipulations, holograms, mind control etc etc , when it is not of the fantasy of the people.

I've been saying this from for two years now and I am glad so glad it's been confirmed by someone else who does a different approach than myself, who is very scientific, and I am expressing my joy today.

A lot of people in the new age spiritual new movement communities have been manipulated to spread confusion and turn everybody away from the real path. The “galactic federation of light” is a psyop. It doesn't exist or maybe sometimes people are in interaction with the galactic federation of worlds and they call it “of light”. But “of light” is a psyop! That's not real.