12/12/2021 – Galactic Attitude - RESPECT is the way forward



Message form Elena Danaan to those who feel the need to bully and judge others on their appearance: Thins are going to get rreally weird for you very soon.

Be the change ~ Be ready

I am doing a follow-up to the video posted by Danny Anderson spiritualtherapist.com about bullying online.

Link to Dani Henderson's video about cyberbullying: https://youtu.be/WYupKsHq3sE

There are two types of people and in her video she addressed those who bully other people online, because they feel insecure. Aside from this we are well aware that there are many people paid by the counterintelligence, not to name them, to act as bully bullying online other truthers, who are in the way of the dark plans. Such as myself, such as Laura Eisenhower such as other people.

Honestly – we know that and we do not put our focus and our attention towards them. It's not to go and we do not do that because we are aware of that.

So it's not about them, these losers. It's about people like you and I, normies, who feel the need to be mean to other people. They are not paid by anyone these ones I want to talk about. We have been educated on this planet and preconditioned to competition. This is very toxic way of raising children, competition, be better than the other, be more beautiful than the other, be slimmer than the other, be healthier than the other, be more clever than the other. It's such a pressure that we've been putting on our children here.

We've all been victim of this system of education which is – we know that – fomented by the dark ones since long time .It's all part of a plan.

Functioning is in this scheme of competition. We put on ourselves a lot of pressure. We do not everyone have the same confidence in ourselves because we are put down all the time by adverts be slim for the summer, be this, be that, be rich, have this car, have this house. We'll put constant pressure.

Now I would invite you to get out of this matrix and consider the fact, that we all are a part of creator, source and we are all equals born in different places at different stages in our evolution.
The fact that we are in a step ahead of others in the development of our consciousness doesn't make us superior to those, who are still struggling behind. It's like a classroom, all the pupils are equal although at different levels of learning. This is what all the creatures in this universe are equals at the base. They are equals we are only cause a different stage of evolution. Of course we are born in different places, we have different genetics and these different genetics makes us different to the eyes of one another physically. We have different cultures, we have different beliefs.But this is part of everyone's evolution.

Why judge, why compare? The matrix, the dark ones wanted you to compare yourself to others who look different, have a different age, think different. That's not part of the future. The future is a world federated in peace with everyone feeling equal with each other. Racism is a psyop to divide you. We are all one species on this planet, the human species and the human species, this genome is spread throughout all the galaxy and others.

Regarding to earth going back to our topic of bullying. When you feel the need to bully someone, because this person displays a behavior that is not fitting your codification of normality. What is normality for you? When this person will move differently, speak differently. This person will have wider eyes, can wear glasses, will have different features, well and then? What is the message this person wants to carry? Stop looking at the appearances! Behind this person that you see, this avatar which is a temporary bodysuit, well, there's a magnificent soul – such as yours, as magnificent as yours and you maybe do not know it.

Humanity has entered probation time to be part of the galactic federation of worlds. As I announced recently it has been decided by the galactic federation of worlds, the inter-galactic confederation, the Andromedan council, council of five and minor structures, that earth was in probation period to enter the galactic federation of worlds of Nataru, this galaxy and that contact is civilian contact is planned it's going to happen. It's now engaged, this is happening slowly with the deviation of ufos coming out into our skies. The good ones now because the baddies are gone. So now all the ufos you are going to see in your skies are UFOs from the good people, our brothers and sisters. It's coming.

Are you prepared? We are ready, we have been already ready, really. Many of us already, but are you who bully others, you who judge others on their appearance and their behaviour, are you really ready?

If you want to be ready, you are going to change, because things are going to get very weird, and it won't be any more about people moving their arms differently, wearing glasses or having different hands or eyes. You don't know what's coming!

Stop judging. Open your eyes, your mind, your heart and connect to the being that is ahead of you, either on the screen, either physically. Because the beings, the galactics who are coming soon to contact openly people have very, very different genetics for some of them. Who would like to meet Annax, who is an Egaroth? Many of you all want to know Annax. But how would you react in front of a being that is nine feet tall, that has long neck, big scale, wider full indigo eyes with no white in it, nearly in existent nose, tiny mouths, very tiny ears, small chin, very thin slim slender limbs and moves like this. Annax walks like this.

How are you going to accept one of these beings, if you bully someone because this person wears glasses? It's time you change. It is time you stop judging on the appearance, the behavior and the beliefs of others. It is okay, it has been part of your path of learning. Now you are learning the lesson. If you want to see extraterrestrials you are going to need to change and stop judging, because the wonderful people that are coming to us, that aren't willing and waiting desperately to open contract, they look for some of them very, very different. Very different. They have a smell for some of them, they move differently, they speak differently. They have different beliefs, they are born very far away from here. But they love you. They are here because they love you. They come because they love you.

Bullying has no place in an evolved culture at the galactic era of its history. Bullying has no place in an evolved humanity in the future. Those who judge are making fools of themselves in such a culture. It is time we open our hearts, heal our inner wounds who have made us react as fools like this before. Go within, discover how beautiful, how magnificent, how royal you are. And once you discover the power of yourself, the beauty of yourself – where will be the need to bully others, because you will have found your own amazing individuality and magnificence.

And that is when you are ready.

Stand up in your royal galactic sovereignty as equal, as all the beings in the universe, but as well all the other beings on earth. Learn the mantra “No!”.I do not consent to anything that harms me and blocks my evolution and infringe my freedoms and my rights as a free sovereign individual being.

Know, k-n-o-w know thy-self, the knowledge of yourself is the knowledge of all your rights and the knowledge, infinite available in the whole universe.

It is all starting here (heart).

It is time you change and you enter into the acceptance of the plurality, the diversity. Become a tolerant being, because what is coming is going to blow your mind.

With love