8/12/2021 – Q&A Ganymed


Ganymed, one of the moons of Jupiter. Ganymed is the biggest moon in our star system, and we can't say a proper planet, because imagine it's bigger it's bigger than mercury for instance. Ganymed has its own electromagnetic field, has its own atmosphere. It has lots of water, oceans on the ground under a frozen crust and mountains, and it's quite rocky frozen super cold but rocky. It's in the vicinity of the super giant Jupiter, an amazing presence.

Tonight I am going to tell you about my experience with Ganymed. A few days ago Dr. Michael Salla on his youtube channel and his website exopolitics.org published a video and an article about an interview. He was interviewing me about my experience on Ganymed and also my contacts with the intergalactic confederation and the Nine.

Phyllis V. Schlemmer "The only planet of choice"

I want to take the opportunity of tonight to really recommend this book. It is named -"The only planet of choice" by Phyllis V. Schlemmer.

Why I do recommend this book, because this is off topic with tonight. Phyllis Schlemmer channeled the Nine collective, and Gene Roddenberry the creator of star trek was present and even asked questions, and the question and answer of Gene Roddenberry and the Nine are described and all transcripted in this book. So I really recommend everyone to read this. You will understand how star trek is not just a fantasy, it's soft disclosure. As the Nine confirmed to me star trek is the bridge between the past and the future.


I'm going to go through again the history of events regarding to my experience. In October 2020 I was taken to Ganymed physically. It's in my book “we will never let you down”. I was accompanying Thor Han who was meeting a Ginvo officer. The Ginvo are a race who are part of the council of five and they have as many others have and the facility on Ganymed. So I was accompanying him here and I could really describe to you.

The air was different in this facility, it was a little bit smell of vinegar or acidic but that was how the atmosphere was there and it was totally breathable, just different and not harmful to my lungs.

The Ginvo are very quiet and gentle people. They are very calm, slow moves, this little bit smaller than us, and they have a bigger head, thinner neck and they have a brown skin with some patches sometimes. Very nice people. So Thor Han was meeting this officer to give him data and together they opened a holographic dome, where there was inside a holographic representation of the galaxy, and like roots and dots and data and coordinates. They were preparing something I wasn't supposed to know, and I didn't know because they were talking half in a strange language, I think the Ginvo language probably and a half telepathically. But now I know all leads to me to think that they were preparing the incoming arrival of the intergalactic confederation .s

So one year later nearly day four day in on October 4th 2021, not so long ago Thor Han contacted me by telepathy to tell me that the intergalactic confrontation has had arrived in our star system and that twe are going to station between the vicinity of Jupiter, between Jupiter and the moon Ganymede. And all the officials would be welcome to stay in a Ganymed facility. The intergalactic confederation has a facility there already, it's a outpost for observation of our star system I suppose. And all the logistics and personal were welcome in the bigger facility of the Ashtar command in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. So that's how they could just leave their ships and relax. They are here the intergalactic confederation to evaluate the potentiality of civilian contact, which is planned and it is going to happen. So we were going to talk about this.

I was then invited on their ship on the 12th of October 2021. It was my first contact with them. I advise you to watch Michael Salla's video it's all described. I was invited onboard the mothership, I met with five different races. These people are races I've never seen before. Well the Egoni look like a lot the pleiadians Ahel, so it was yeah. But the other ones I never seen them people like this. So I described them well in Michaels video.

I had two contacts with them, I went twice on board their ship.

Then something extraordinary happened on November 3rd. On November 3rd a tall white lady from the inter-galactic confederation from the seeders beamed into my room and she put me in contact with the Nine. And that was an extraordinary experience, which I spoke about also in in this video with Michael. And then this contact with the Nine where they confirmed that star trek was a bridge they have they had seeded in the past to anchor a timeline, a positive timeline to make a bridge for the future. Then on November 9, I had an other data I received from the Nine, and on November 9 Thor Han confirmed to me by message that the earth our planet well this planet had entered officially a probation period to join membership with the galactic federation of worlds. They were watching us now and we need to do our proofs as Ardana announced in her message a few weeks ago, they've done their job the galactic federation of worlds. Now it's ours to do our job here on earth stand up against tyranny and stand in our sovereignty. That's what we need to do, that's the last step. And once we will have grown up and taken our sovereignty back, well the probation period will be probably over and we enter membership. It is only a question of time, because the future is with them with the federation. You know they can look at the future, they can know everything that's going to happen and this timeline is super stable and super secure. The near future is the earthlings member of the galactic equation of worlds. And then prime directive regarding to stage two civilization won't apply to us anymore, it will be stage three and part of them. And free sharing of technology etc.

My last contact was in November 26th when Thor Han brought me on board the battleship of the galactic federation of worlds on orbit of earth to show me the plans that were prepared to be offered to earth at the occasion of the official civilian contact. So it's really happening.

That's a reminder of the facts and I am available to answer your questions now.

Q: How do they know the future of earth? Is it because they know the human governments and militaries plans years before?

Well they have all these ET's and even the earth military have devices and technology able to see the future, the past also but we're more interested in the future. So it has been a temporal war until. What's a temporal war? I give you an example you'll understand what it is. For instance the galactic federation destroys a gray or Orion Nebu gray mothership and they lose. Well the friends of this gray Nebu mothership, their mates are going to go back in time and try to and impeach stop the galactic federation to destroy this ship, because suddenly they know they're going to destroy it. So they're going to try to stop it, change the evidence. So you're going to go to the past and change the past to affect the future. That's what a temporal war is. It's a real mess.
It's very difficult for linear thinking to encompass this concept of temporal war. They have technology we can call them “looking glass”. Looking glass it's the name of a device that has been given to the earthlings by the baddies to help them, oh also by the goodies, the federation has also given these devices to different factions. You know when they learn the enemy gave a device to the dark ones, they're going to give the same technology to the good ones for the balance. I've seen one of these technologies on warship, it was a Meton ship from Proxima centaury and I could look in the future and in fact it was driven by my mind. I was connecting my mind to attuning my mind to this. It was a tube tube, a cylinder with moving liquid in it and the fact that I focus my mind on this liquid, the liquid would change into pictures and I would just focus on a year and the more precise was the date, the better it was. It was working because it needs a quantum dot, quantum connections, so you need to be very precise. I did that and I could see the future and I made a video about that. That's how they know.

Q: Elena when you say that you are brought up to the intergalactic confederation battle starship (oh there's a bit of mis mix), do you mean in spiritual form or in third dimensional physical form?

It's always in physical form. Inter-galactic confederation is a groupment of different cultures from many different galaxies, they're huge, intergalactic confederation. And galactic federation of worlds it's only in our galaxy, in this galaxy. And when I refer to the battleship of the federation it's where Thor Han works it's on orbit of earth and it's the galactic federation of worlds.

Q: Star trek enterprise describes this type of thing quite well.

You nailed it. I invite you to watch the star trek series. Star trek deep space nine is very important because there are so much disclosure in it and it speaks about a wormhole, it speaks about the Nine and the extraterrestrials who have the kind of wrinkled nose, Bejorans – they are like the earth in probation period to enter the federation. That's exactly the same and they just liberated themselves for from the Kardashians reptilian species. So it's absolutely mind-blowing. That's where we are, that's where we are at the start of season one. Deep space nine – I invite you to watch this season one, first episode. Deep space nine that's where we are now.

Deep space nine is about a space station, that's the name of the space station which is in the vicinity of a warm hole. I remind that the wormhole is like black hole without a singularity. You don't need to mess through. It's a vortex, it's a portal also. And in the wormhole there are the prophets, all the gods and they are totally exactly how I met them. They do not have any human shape. They are just pure consciousness. And to address people they take human shape, they borrow human shape and they create any shape they want. It's exactly what I lived through. I was my consciousness, not my physical body. My consciousness was projected in the void and there was a big vortex that was inside of my – I think my pineal gland was the portal, and I went through this and I was projected in the void through the portal, the wormhole and I was in their presence. My consciousness was expanded infinitely because in this void there is no space. It's like infinitely existent and non-existent at the same time. It's nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Bear with me because it's very difficult to encompass this this idea. In this case it's beyond my incapacities in English language, is beyond words.

Okay I try to describe. My consciousness and turn in contact emergence with another their consciousnesses and one detached from the group. And they were manifesting visually like sparkly light, sparkles. One came towards me a cloud of sparkle that condensed into a humanoid shape, and he – it he it was masculine – he invented just made up a random humanoid shape that I could relate to. That's when this being told me about the bridge, star trek being a bridge.
And when I was propelled back through this vortex on earth I have to say my life changed. You remember I asked you to be patient because I was redrawing from social medias and especially youtube just to process it and of course write about it. Encountering the consciousness of the Nine, it brushes your soul like wind. All the emotional that aspect that I needed to process. We are in constant process of emotional things, every day on in our life. So you always have emotional things. And it all blew up it just cleans everything and opened everything, all the doors. I was like breathing by all the cells of my body and being. I cried for a week. The emotional cleansing – and I knew what it was, because I am a shaman, I know this process, I know that. When you encounter higher frequencies, higher being of a higher frequency, you need to allow the flow of your emotions to, you know to process. And so I let it go.

You need to really be brave and recognize. This that's what happened, my encounter with the nine and which is still happening. They left me quite mind-blowing messages. And the way they communicate is by flashes of awareness and the me the data about a subject, and it's like if I am in it. I am the subject, I totally merge with it, I tune with this and then I process it and I eventually write about it. And this is mind-blowing.

Q: I need a star trek expert… Where do I start to watch series? 1960? Or it doesn’t matter?

You need to start by the start, the original series and go along. The movies are like no. I do not like the last one, it's like the hollywood cabal messed it up. The Klingon have totally different face, it's like so pc it's annoying. So to my opinion the last series, the most recent ones don't bother. I had a very bad feeling about it. But all the other ones before it's soft disclosure. I had been confirmed that a plan of soft disclosure through star trek was to be unfolded with time through the series, because when in the 1960s when the first series came, people on earth weren't ready for some type of disclosures for instance the Nine. The earth was still in a very constricted frame of mind in the developed world and non less developed world. A lot of judgment and religious things. So there was a plan to give the information spread on time. So sometimes you have an information, in another series you will have another information. The prime directive as well was given apparently later, not at the start. Michael Salla is a great specialist, so ask him.

Q: Is the void parallel universe or is it completely out of space and time?

The void is not a parallel universe, it's out of space and time. It's like behind the curtain. That's all I can say. It's infinite, but they can connect the nine. They are plasmic supra consciousnesses. They are one, but each Nine has its own individuality, but they work together. They are same now same matrix of Nine, supra consciousnesses linked to each other. They can project their consciousness to anywhere in space, anywhere in time by connecting. They can take any shape. So yes, it's out of space and out of time. It is beyond the realm experience.

Q: How many groups have bases on Ganymede? Could you share your experience there?

I think nearly everyone has a base on Ganymed. Why? Because Ganymed has an electromagnetic field. So it's good to maintain life. It has also to do with the technology they use there if the planet has an electromagnetic field, it helps. I don't know why. Also it has an atmosphere and it's very handy because the whole it's not inhabited by on the surface by a civilization. There's no civilization on Ganymed and really local. So they could take the anyone couldn't come here and take the ground. It's like a neutral zone in our star system. Okay not the baddies, not the greys, not the reptilians, no, no. Surface non-inhibited by any civilization.

Under the surface it's a lot of water, a lot of oceans. These oceans are populated by creatures, different levels of intelligence. So they respect this. So they will cohabit with these creatures under the oceans by underwater bases. Most of the basis have a little bit of structure on the top of it, on the surface, but the most of them is underground either in the rocky crust or either going in the sub oceanic places.

The first time I arrived on Ganymed I was in Thor Hans command ship. We were going heading towards the Ginvo facility which was in the northern hemisphere, a little not far from the pole. We went there and as we went down on the surface it was really brownish, the atmosphere was kind of opalescent white and there were and we flew over there were constructions, different types of constructions. There will be like a cluster of buildings, there will be like pointy structures and flat roofs. And then somewhere else in another valley there would be domes and other type of buildings so you could see, it was different groups, different architectures. So the Ginvo facility was a few domes, a flourishing of on the surface and we went into a tunnel and under a dome and then in a well and we were in an underground base in the landing bay. So that's my arrival on Ganymed.

Q: Of all the places you visited, what was your favorite?

I liked Venus. Of course I like the mothership, the station, the gardens, the battle station of the federation where Thor Han works. I like that but as a place, a planet I liked Venus. And although I don't like to be in the Ashtar command base on Jupiter, because the security is too much for me, I like Jupiter. I like the radiance, I like to fly by Jupiter. If I had my own ship I would go around and just chill out like put automatic pilots and just like chill out watching Jupiter out the window and just “ah”. It's so mind-blowing, the power of it, the presence.

I haven't been out of this star system, I've been only inside and I pick Venus.

Q: I have seen a black mantid being. Any thoughts on this particular race?

The black mantid beings are good ones, they are positive ones. They have more ethics than the green and the white ones, but the old part of the same culture. They come from galaxy far away, which is the case. They are the mantis, the acaramantid. They are part of the inter-galactic confederation. They are part of it. They are geneticists they are master geneticists. They are very good. You know all these cultures, they are way more ancient than any human cultures in this galaxy. There are other more ancient cultures in this galaxy than the human ones, but we're talking about the humans, as the intergalactic confederation to give you what the seeder races the 24 seeder races. I've been told they are in average 20.000 in advance technologically upon earth. These 24 it's like a group that decided to work together to spread life in the universe and to create new races, populate worlds. I don't know exactly why they have this passion, but they work for source, they work for life. The mantids are part of them. You have the Egon, they are blonde people. You have these ones I don't know the name, their name is a frequency. Thor Han calls them the “Do”, but it's just translation. “Do” means guardian in Tami, so it's not really name. I recently learned that the Nine in their channeling to Phyllis Schlemmer spoke about the Altian, and Altian being these tall white luminescent beings. So it really matches with the tall whites and the tall white lady, who is in more in contact with me, the Alteans. So that matches. I think it may be the same people, and I can't wait to read this book. I've seen also the Patal! The Patal are a race, but then the name Patal has been used to encompass all of them the seeder races.The Patal or P’tal, the original race humanoid, they're like nine feet tall, they look like the Camino ones in star wars the clone wars, long neck, high head, they're very graceful, they're beautiful.

I've seen a race that resembles the Ferengi in “Deep space nine” but human size. I've seen those then nothing to do with the Ferengi but they look like them. I've seen also small grayse and they had their eyes very close to each other, I never seen this before.

I'm often asked, what who are the 22 races who are involved in the human genome on earth? Well, why Thor Hang never gave me the whole of them names, because at least the half of them is not from this galaxy and have names that I can't pronounce, that he can it cannot translate in my language, such as the beings I met. That totally makes sense.

Q: Will you be making another book regarding to these 24 races whom seeded humans? Are the Mayans and Zulu part of these races? Are they pare part of the intergalactic confederation?

I've never heard any extraterrestrial races named May, Zulu, its names made up on earth. The Mayans were a culture in south America. They had contact with a race from Capella, it's in my book “a gift from the stars”. The Ramay. The Mayans were in contact with them. And the Zulu, it’s a name of tribes in South Africa. No extraterrestrial races have names made on earth.

Q: Regarding to The Nine supra consciousnesses, when humanity evolves, do we at some point become a supra consciousness or can we keep our bodies like the Pleiadians and stay at the density we prefer?

It's not the same thing. The Nine are out of the cycle of incarnations, because they are not of the same soul matrix as the humans. I suppose one day we may become supra consciousnesses in our own soul matrix, but not like The Nine, that's different things.

We can choose to incarnate in any body we want afterwards after we leave this body. So we can incarnate in a Pleiadian body whatever, the Pleadian race we can incarnate in into a gray to hav a gray experience. We can choose free, is also a greater law in the universe, in any plane.

Q: Are there animals on Ganymed?

Yes. I don't know on the surface, it can be possible on a surface, because there's an atmosphere. I know about the animals underground under in the oceans. There are big mammals. As we speak about that I can tell you about the ways certain races like the tall whites for instance communicate. Some races don't give us a name, because their names and their language is sound frequencies for the auditive part, and then you have an aspect which is telepathy. So they are going to send modules made of structure with frequencies, it's like holographic language carried by frequency waves, frequency codes and each, I call it a module. So how do you receive this? You have this being in front of you and you feel a connection in its (sound and video froze here)


Hello can you hear me? I'm back.

The way this beings communicate, they send you a message by holographic module carried by frequency to your mind. So you hear like whales, like dolphins frequency sound, but it's agreeable. And you receive a holographic patch in your mind that contains images, stories and voices also. And once the story and the information is delivered they send you another one, and that's how they communicate.

Actually people who read “the only planet of choice” obviously The Nine call them like this. So the description was the same, so I suppose it's their name. I'll get that confirmed, the Alteans let's call them like this. It's like waves carrying data.

Q: How long were you on Ganymed and what's the best thing you saw there?

I stayed a few hours the first time, the second time I went there we only flew above it, we didn't land. So the the first time and the only time I landed on surface actually in this Ginvo base when I was accompanying Thor Han to meet this Ginvo officer, so I stayed a few hours. The trip way and back maybe I experienced it like four hours. But you know time can just shift.

Test thing I saw in Ganymed I thought it was the holographic dome representing the galaxy. First I thought oh my gosh I'm going to remember that all my life, this is so beautiful. Thor Han and the Ginvo officer they were putting their fingers and their hands in it and the hands and with the finger they were moving lines and curves, it was really impressive. Electromagnetism of the body it can it can interfere in the holograms I've experienced that in a ship, piloting a ship, where you have a holographic screens that appear and you can you put your finger in it and you move stuff. I thought it was that but then after the meeting Thor Han took me to a recreational area there was a little bar on Ganymed. There were so many different races. When I go on the galactic federation of world's ships there are search areas, so I recognize all the races there, I could spot some of them, but not all. There was different races, so probably from other galaxies. That's when I thought “oh yeah, that's the best thing I will keep from my trip on Ganymed”, because you know what I saw, humans from earth they are too military. They were speaking English. Someone asked me recently what was their accent. It was American accent, it wasn't English accent, it wasn't Australian, it wasn't South African, it wasn't English. It was American, so then that's all I can say.

Somewhere wearing like military tracksuits, and some others blue uniforms and these uniforms were not uniforms I've seen on earth. There are humans, you can tell humans from ETs. They were wearing blue uniforms like navy blue and with black stripes on the shoulders and black color. It's very funny because it copies quite well the Ahil uniforms, which are the uniforms of the federation.

The best thing I saw on jupiter was this recreational area.

Q: When you went on Ganymed, was it with your physical body or more with your etheric body? Did you eat or drink there?

It was with my physical body of course, and I drank something which was, it's always the same thing I'm served ionized drinks. It's fuzzy, it's clear blue color, and it takes like lemonade and it makes you very dizzy. So I always have two seats and I'm fine with that.

Q: Has your diet changed since you have been in contact with The Nine?

Yes. My frequency shifts so high, hence the emotional process that I cannot take anything that is artificially processed. I wasn't eating meat since a while, but now even the smell of cooked meat just makes me sick. Yes, my diet change. I eat less.

Q: How long does it take for your body to acclimate back to earth?

I would say about 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour, where I feel quite dizzy. With the intergalactic confederation especially the Alteans, the tall whites I felt sleepy. When they contact me I start to feel sleepy and I need to lie down, otherwise I know I'm going to fall asleep on the ground. So that's the difference of energy. And when I disconnect also I feel sleepy again, that's really weird, but the change of frequency makes me sleepy.

Q: The Nine is different from the Council of nine?

I wanted to bring this this topic. There are so many different councils in this galaxy and beyond and real ones and non-real ones, if you know what I mean. The Nine collective it's not really a council. A council will be a place where you are going to discuss events or to take decisions. Usually a council is at the head of a structure such as the Andromedan council is at the head of this galaxy. Then the galactic federation of worlds has its own council, which interestingly is made of 25 people representatives of the highest most advanced culture in the galactic federation of worlds. The seeder races, they are 24 cultures work at seeding life. The galactic federation of worlds of Nataru, our galaxy they have a high council of Thor Han says 24 plus one and he changes the one, so it's 25. But one will, they turn, it's like the united nations. One will be up leading the others up and they change as musical chairs. And you have the council of five, which was before the “council of nine”. These ones where Annax is part of. They were created in the Orion zone by the Elmanuk to withstand the invasion of the Nebu. That's what I know.

Many people have asked me regarding to The Nine: The Nine I was put in contact with these plasmic supra consciousness is living in the void has not nothing to do with any of the “council of nine” or “nine collective” or blah blah blah that many people have pretended channeling until now. There are other groups of nine, and I don't know how many there are, but it's not these ones.

I've been asked is it the same “nines” that Marina Jacoby and Pixie Magenta are channeling? No, these ladies are wonderful ladies that I respect very much are in contact with different things. It's not the same thing. We are not in contact with the same entities. I want to make it clear, to clear confusion. We are not working with the same entities.

Q: What meetings on Ganymed now?

On Ganymed now is being decided how the inter-galactic confederation is going to manage the civilian contact. I always thought that the civilian contact would be with the galactic federation of world first. No, it it will be with the intergalactic confederation, they come for that. It's very impressive. Why? Because listen: the galactic federation of world is already in contact since the 1950s with the army and white hats governments, the earth alliance, solar warden and everything. It's just a civilians that are not yet. So the intergalactic confederation is just preparing it and putting the plan in action. It's going to be an accelerated soft disclosure. It's going to happen very soon. They are discussing that, watching us.

Many people have been angry “why disclosure is not now?” We are too impatient, yeah, I'm too impatient too and Thor Han is very impatient to. We all are impatient to be together, yes. Why is it slow and soft? It has its reasons which are not create chaos, do it in a very sensible way that it happens in peace and in calm energies. But first we need to know to keep in mind that nothing will happen until we will have sort out our problems as Ardana said in the message, she gave me a few weeks ago. It is now in our hands to finish the job, to stand out against the corruption, to grow up, taking ourselves in charge and standing up for our rights and learning how to say “no”. That's what they wait, they're waiting for that that we do that. Because anyone that tells you “wait that the deities are going to to save you. Wait, that does a cosmic event that's going to save you” takes your power away.
The ETs have taken care of the problem. okay humans need to take care of the human problems. That's how we grow up and we become adults as a species, as a culture to join the federation. As long as we will kneel under tyranny, religion, power anything we won't be grown up enough to be part of them. We need to act and to stand up for our rights. That's what they're waiting for, because if they come here we are there's so many people kneeling in front of what some governments tell them to do. If the goodies are coming officially, all these people they will kneel in front of them “oh my god!” No, it is when humanity of earth will have globally embraced their sovereignty and stood up as a sovereign culture and race that they come, and we need to stand as equal because being part of a galactic federation of worlds is being considered as equal with everyone else that in that's in it, sharing technology, sharing everything. As long as we will think of them like superior saviors, that won't happen. We need to embrace our next step which is what we say “homo galacticus”. Members of the federation consider ourselves like it.

Stop arguing with each other, uniting and stop complying to you know what. That's all they are waiting for that. So it's in our hands. So we must stop complaining “when will they come, why don't they come” Now stop! You have a job to do! It's to stand up against the tyranny and stand into your sovereignty. That's the only way we're gonna move on honestly.

But the future is bright, you know. If they are here, it's because they know it's to happen. They are preparing for that and that's what's been discussed at the moment on Ganymede, how they're going to do that.

And stop saying some people “we need to see proofs”. If you wait to see for proof something exists will never make it happen. It's in our hands.

Q: Did the Ganymed bar uses money? I'm thinking of the bar and gambling on “Deep Space Nine” run by the Ferengis.

No, it wasn't run by a Ferengi. Actually there were androids like robotic androids at the bar and I didn't see any money. It's like everything was free. Everything was free, there was no transaction when Thor Han went there and he didn't speak even to the androids, he passed his hand probably select what he wanted. The android brought the drinks and that's it. At any moment Thor Han scan any device in his body or gave anything, it just pressed pads on the counter that's it. So no I didn't see any money, you know there isn't any money exchange in the galactic federation of walls and it was a galactic or it was a council of five facility, but they functioned like the galactic federation of worlds. They do not have money. They have a currency which is energy. I don't know more about that it's quite a quantum thing. It's quite complicated. It's not a money. Then people from outside of the federation can trade with the federation and if these people have money the federation, they have these currencies, they can give to them in exchange things like this, but that's only to trade with people from outside.

Within the facilities of the federation or the council of five there's no such thing. It's like free, everything is free when you are a member of this thing.

Q: Any other technology that you found interesting on Ganymed?

I spoke about the holographic screen. Yes I saw anti-gravity platforms floating in the corridor where we landed. Well we landed. There was a landing bay we got out of the ship by a ramp walking down and that's when the air was like I had a bit of a panic attack with the difference of the atmosphere. And then there was a corridor in the front, and there were two floating platforms and people on it, I saw that. They use anti-gravity to go faster in the facility.

I'm writing a lot about this and you know, I'm writing to offer books to humanity with my drawings and everything. They are not free, because it's retribution for my time, my effort and my sacrifice. But in counterpart anything I say in my books I put it available for free in my videos and Q&A. So there is no money gate. These I need to say this because, this is something important.

The positive beings who work with humans for humanity of earth will never tolerate that the emissaries retain information by a financial gate, by a profit money gate.

It is tolerated that we sell books, but at the condition that the content is also available for free throughout videos or presentations. So that's the counterpart. There is no money gate, there is no information blocked by money. Otherwise they cut you straight away. That's why although I'm writing books I am freely talking about what I'm writing to you in the video.