1/12/2021 – Q&A - Are we ready yet?



I've had a break from youtube because I needed it. I needed to rest but not that I actually took a break. The break was only from youtube because I needed to concentrate on a project I am working on at the moment and I cannot disclose too much about it for safety, but I am writing about something and I need to really focus on my notes and memories and contacts. Something life-changing happened to me, contact with a different group of extraterrestrials and this was quite striking energetically, emotionally and I needed to write about it, while the emotion was still there, because once it's gone it's gone. We can always go back into memory, but it's not the same then writing when the emotion is here. …

I'm back to bring up a question of great importance, because this question is on every mouth on every heart in every spirit:

Is humanity of earth ready for extraterrestrial civilian contact?

Why do I say “civilian”? Civilian is a specificity I want to employ because it is only on the civilian public side that extraterrestrials haven't yet made open contact.
Yes indeed, contact has been made since a long time throughout the history of earth. This planet has been visited by many different races and species who came for different purposes, curiosity, experiment sometimes it wasn't really nice like slave trade or mining. So contacts happened not only always fortunate.
Regarding to the modern area at this contemporary area real official contact started in the 1940s which with such events such as the battle of Los Angeles, I think it was in 1942, where crafts were “offered” to the pentagon in fact the military to started getting used to exotic technologies. 1947 Roswell crush where crafts were also given to give a taste of technology. You know, Roswell crush wasn't a crush. These ships, this technology it comes from so far away and it's so advanced do you think they're just gonna miss the cloud and just so pooh oh and crash. No these craft work on antigravity and propulsion system. When does a crash either heat was shot but totally exploded and the anti-gravity system just even the craft does doesn't work anymore. But most of the time when the anti-gravity propulsion system has a defect or stop stops working, it's like a magnet. You know the earth has a electromagnetic field and a craft has an electromagnetic field so in fact instead of falling it it bounces. That's how I've been explained to it, the craft is going to bounce up. And then 1954. Of course we have the Aztec crush check it out where the galactic federation made contact giving actually extraterrestrial babies who would be brought up to live and learn among us and become brilliant scientists of course our technicians and help us. Not a lot is known about the Aztec incident.
But then when shit really hit the fan it was in 1954 when the galactic federation of worlds made contact with different world governments. We have records of especially the American side where the Eisenhower administration the MJ12 notably took things in hand, and it wasn't in the best hands regarding to the greater good of humanity as you all know. So the galactic federation of worlds contacted officially so that was we can say the great official extraterrestrial contact of our times. It was Eduardo base in America in 1954 the galactic federation of worlds, Dwight Eisenhower and his administration. That was the big event. It had been prepared, it wasn't a surprise, but they had warned, they were coming, they came and then they said this famous warning “In a year time then the Orion greys are going to come and they will want to make you sign something, please do not! We advise you do not sign with them.” You know the story etc. So it's nice to remind these facts. The envoys from the galactic federation of worlds said to Dwight Eisenhower “The greys are going to offer you technology for war and to create more calamities and war. We give you instead technology for medical science and free energy and everything, and we want nothing in return, if you go with us instead.” Well Dwight was going with them. As we know this man has had a great heart for humanity, especially the children. But behind him his administration all they wanted was you know war industry. 1955, a year later the Nebu greys and the reptilians which is less known, the dark fleet also came 1955 charmed the administration and behind Eisenhower's back and the MJ-12 forged an agreement with the baddies. That's the whole story.

Laura knows a lot about it and Michael Salla. So first contact had been made officially with official earth representatives in 1954 already, but not in on a civilian level, just on a government level and military level, because what happened after that? Eisenhower had signed an agreement with the galactic federation. He had in 1954! That's why they sent Val Thor in 1957 to the pentagon to start the programs of cooperation with the US navy, start of solar warden and everything. I advise you to read the book from William Tomkins “Selected by extraterrestrials”. He was there in these times and he describes how these things happened.

Steven Hawking “A brief history of time”

While we're talking about books, I have a book review.

Don't be scared, it's a great book written by a great man. Why do I say don't be scared? Because “oh my god no that's gonna be too difficult!” No, it's not.

This man was extraordinary. We can agree or disagree with his theories, but I think this is a must read. It is not super complex, don't underestimate your intelligence. It is written at the level of anyone. Anyone can understand it. It's very well written with graphics and everything and this kind of books, it's very important to read this kind of books, because in these times we are always a lot on devices and we use a passive mind, we we think in images videos and stuff.
Reading this kind of book reading first by its own, but reading this kind of book triggers the active part in your mind because this is going to make you reflect and think and use a part of your mind that is often let aside in these days.
So what is it talking about? Well if you want to understand the universe, that's the basics. If you want to understand the concept of time and space, wormholes, dimensions. I think it's a good start. And then you go from there.
He talks about things such as space and times how we apprehend the universe, the expansion of the universe, the big bang, the elementary particle forces in the universe in nature, the black holes, the origin and the fate of the universe, unification of physics. And it speaks also about Albert Einstein, Galileo, Newton.

Q: If I have an idea of quantum computers to communicate through time?

That's a great question. Yes we can communicate through time. I'm not extremely knowledgeable in this technology. So I will just tell you my opinion from what I've heard upstairs. Yes you can communicate in time via quantum technology.

Q: (qestion missing)

Go within yourself in meditation. If you want to see source, to experience source you need to commune with the deep core of your being. By meditation go within. And the more within you can go until the singularity of your being and that is quantumly connected with source. We are portals. Source animates us. Source is an interdimensional thing, so you can feel source within you. It animates your soul. You are part of your fractal of it, experiencing source, experiencing to be alive.

Q: Are black holes portals?

Yes black holes can be portals. They can be portals to another dimension / universe.
I speak about it in my book “We will never let you down”. There's actually a depiction of a portal that I saw through Thor Han's eyes by telepathy. This portal was in in between Jupiter and Saturn.

Are we ready for contact?

Civilian open contact, because the military already works with the extraterrestrials, with the galactic federation. The governments of earth have communicated with extraterrestrials from the galactic federation since as I said decades. They are now united with us in this space force coalition. There's a lot of common work occurring in this star system. The galactic federation of worlds and the earth space command is working a lot together on the moon to build our models of ships to improve technology to apply ET technology to medical science. And in many other places in the star system, especially you've all heard about the Jupiter agreements.

Why are the civilians not yet taught about all this? For many reasons. First, because it is going to be very chaotic and very impressive shocking.
And second, because the people in power at the moment in the governments need to be kicked out, otherwise that will go very messy. Third thing, humanity of earth in its globality (I'm not saying it's everyone) we need to take responsibility for the human affairs. The extraterrestrials are good allies such as the galactic federation of world take care of the extraterrestrial problem. They've kicked out the reptilians and the grays from our star system and they've also kicked out the dark fleet branch in our star system. But all the human thing – it's us to do!

If you stand waiting that someone is going to save you it – this is not a grown-up attitude, this is a conditioned attitude by 2000 years of conditioning: kneel, shut up and obey. That's over! You remember what what Val Thor said “We cannot liberate a slave who holds on to his chains.”

Well the message high commander Ardana told me a few months ago was, now it is time you do your part of the job. We are not going to steal you your victory. It is now up to you to finish the job, which is standing up for your rights. Nobody can do that for you. Say no to the dictator and the tyranny and embrace your rights and your sovereignty and say no, when it doesn't feel right, when it infringes your freedom and your sovereignty.
We need to do that. That is very important, because as long as we will maintain stand maintain ourselves in an attitude of victims and waiting for ETs to come and kill our bad government people for us, we won't learn, we won't grow up and that won't happen.

Will not be ready as long as we will keep on obeying and kneeling and complying to get our freedoms infringed. So first we need to do that. They wait for us to do that, because once imagine we don't do that, we are not able to manage to just starve the baddies, might mean say no to whatever the governments want to do to us, well the bad the side.

Well imagine we are there just complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves but still keeping complying, imagine the good ETs arrive. “Oh my god, oh we will be all over them, oh my god great” and we will give again our power away to them by admiration are heroes!

No, we are the heroes! We need first to step into the position of a hero, the hero, the victor not the victim, and then we grow up and we are ready for contact. Many of us already.

Second thing: once we step into our sovereignty, we gain in wisdom and in confidence. And then we are grown up race. Yes you know. Seeing ourselves as victims – nothing will happen. Let us see ourselves as victors.
We've been ready in my opinion we've been ready since a long time. We've been ready since a long time for civilian contact, but the I'm not going to name the name of the baddies the c-a-b-a-l and the d-s they've made it so that the good extraterrestrials can't come unless creating chaos. So first it is to us to do our job as you understood.

So that's one thing. They are waiting for that. They did, they don't want to come now and we just like “oh my god” because when they just show up openly I can't tell you we will all be like “oh my god” and that's it. So before we need to do the job before as good soldiers, take responsibility for ourselves now.

There is another aspect that only the contactees know about. There's a lot of diversity of life out there. There's a lot of races, different races, I mean different species. And some species are really weird, it is disturbing.
We are used to see a lot of sci-fi movies, where like star trek to see to just hang around weird beings without being disturbed at all. Well yeah that will happen but we need to get used to it first. That is why the galactic federation will send a human looking like first and then the weird ones arrive. But you need to keep in mind that when the weird ones arrive well for them we are the weird ones – that's gonna be shocking.
I bet anyone of you who has met in their life a person, a human who had a disability like especially a facial disability like malformation or you know something that went wrong at birth or in the womb and this person has a different face. When you meet these humans in the street or in wherever – how do you feel? You're disturbed somehow, you want to look at this person and see how this person is moving off her or his facial muscles, how does that work. And sometimes you can even dream about it afterwards and just it stays in your head. So now imagine you meet like a whole bunch of them, but they're really weird and they are extraterrestrials, they come from another culture. So now you know out there I say that because I've been there and I've been there physically and with all my senses. When you meet one of these different people like an Egaroth for instance like Annax, well you know, you're just like you go like wow and you just like and you can't you are like “oh my god” you can't take your eyes off of them, you just follow them around and the way they move is different. Some beings may have totally different features, different limbs, different color skin, different eyes. I mean when you look, you know the eyes are the mirror of the soul, yeah it's true, you look into their eyes some beings you see souls that are tremendously elevated and powerful, but you know the you are obsessed by when you meet them. You are one of them you are obsessed by understanding how their body works when they move, how do they walk, what is the rhythm of their walk, how do they move, the muscles on their face. Do they have the same muscles, do they have teeth. You can't you would like to see if they have a tongue, which color texture, how are the pupils in their eyes, you know how does when the head moves some beings have bigger head and the muscles in the neck are different. So it moves differently and so you want to just identify visually all the muscles and how it works.

And then you have the smells. As humans we're used to our own smells, we don't smell each other anymore and even we have all these deuterons and stuff. But I mean, we're used to it. We all have a smell and they all also have a smell, and when you have beings such as I don't know for instance a Korendy, just by chance, okay he's humans but not completely. You want to know how his nose is and how does he do that. The smells are different. I don't show you the bad ones. A Laddrak, a beautiful lady, Laddrak but that that's human you may find yourself with a Gnomopole for instance a Gnomopo, you know these guys with a lot of limbs etc. But all these to say that it's going to be disturbing.

So be prepared that. You're going to need to deal with all of this, your senses, your own self, because meeting these exotic beings you are confronted to yourself in the way you react, in the way you think, in the way you behave. You are going to discover part of yourself. Are you going to judge them? Are you going to laugh at them?

There's a lot of people in humanity that are still bullying others, hustling others, if they're not challenged they will continue to do it. It's not because there are people who are not prepared or bullying each other or looking for conflict that we are going to postpone this contact, that will never happen. So we need to challenge and trigger those who are blocked at a level. You know you know when you have a bully you show him love and suddenly things change.

So now this is my perception of it on a real level.

Q: What is with the Deems device?

Chris o'Connor, he tries to send me the device who was always sent back. Someone somewhere doesn't want me to have it. This is an amazing medical devices he channeled from extraterrestrials.

Q: What do we need to do to go to be as a collective?

That's a very interesting question. We can go forward as a race, as a culture here on earth and only one condition: that we learn how to get on with each other. Yeah, it's possible. Why do we need that? Because in a world in conflict an open extraterrestrial contact with the federation will just create more conflict. It won't do good. They will come in a world in peace, well they are already here among us, but they will make contact with the civilians when the world will be in peace, not to create more confusion and chaos. We need to get on together, because the future is a future of a federated culture, federated countries.

How do we do that? Human nature, your nature. We respond to conflict be it with another human being or be it ,because we are manipulated by the mainstream medias, one or the other. We respond to conflict wherever the source comes when there is a quantum echo within ourselves to this particular conflict. Either that it is a true personal trauma that we've experienced and we are sensitive, because then a sensitive reaction means the soul says “oh you need to heal that”. Or because we've been conditioned by the deep state and the religions to respond to conflict to this topic. One or the other.

The key is to go within and heal this stuff. When we go within and we go through the process of healing, all our traumas, our wounds and dismantle our stupid conditionings. We become whole, and we become healed and whole and we find inner peace with ourselves, loving ourselves, heal our trauma.
There are different techniques. Some people can just do it by meditation, some need to go and see a shaman, some need to do hypnosis therapy. There are different techniques, sophology EMDR is fantastic. I've been there, I love EMDR, but it's I'm not recommending something above another. What you feel is right for you. So healing our wounds, our traumas. Our traumas are gifts to you, help us go forward and learn something and become stronger. Well heal that and then you become unresponsive to conflict.

We're human beings, we always need to argue and it gives peps and pepper in a discussion and it's good because slightly arguing not really arguing but disagreeing is healthy. You need to disagree in a discussion, because it triggers the active mind and it gives you food for thought and suddenly you think differently and “oh yeah! Oh yeah I understand, oh I see that now!”

Disagreeing is healthy, but not arguing stupidly. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. We all know anyway.

Q: Disagreement creates more creativity and solutions


“Debating” is the expression I like. We need to debate – that's how our ideas progress. We need.

Q: Are certain ETs dressed as people that come into our lives to give us hints?

Of course, yes they do that a lot. Some ETs you can't tell them apart from us, I mean they're humans, like the Taal or all the Centaury system, they look like us.

Q: Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

Yes that's it! That's it. The world of tomorrow is a world of federated cultures, united cultures, federated in one federation. That's planetary level of the galactic federation of worlds. By keeping our individuality, our personality, our culture but uniting with the others as equals. Equals in our differences.
That's the total difference, total contrary, opposite from the new world order which is everybody like borgs and robots and one chief.

No the world we aim for and which will be existing is there's no one at the head of it. It's just representative from each culture in a council and nobody orders anyone and everyone has his own personality and sovereignty.

Electric interference from my implant

Now I would like to speak about something that happened Jermaine Chavez.

A few days ago on telegram, a friend of mine Jermaine Chavis. He has a telegram channel connect super consciousness. This guy does lives, “the consciousness war”.

I jumped in a live the other night to surprise everyone and say hi and just hang out and something most impressive happened. You find out on Jermaines channel “consciousness war”. Thor Han connected by the implant. Suddenly there was a great static distortion and that was a test, because you know Jermaine is fighting a lot, he's very motivated for the disclosure he's fighting a lot to defend the rights of the contactees and the genuine people, the genuine ones in the SSP, the truthers. He is really really an important actor in these times, a jedi.

So I think that's why Thor Han chose to intervene there, because there was quite an audience and because it was informal, it wasn't official it was a test: how would humanity react in a situation of contact.

So what happened is the distortion was a bit freaky. I tried different microphones, I tried on my laptop disconnect reconnect, on my phone – same thing. I was feeling my implant buzzing. I tried three different microphones and headsets –it was the same. I never had that on telegram or anyone else and no one had seen that before. My voice was distorted, but on the top of my voice when I wasn't talking and none of them, I mean the two guys were leading the the chat, you could hear male voices behind and I could recognize Thor Han's voice and he was in the station upstairs and there were people with him in the room behind him talking as well. And many people, psychics heard even better, but so many people heard all these voices and my lips were not moving. So you asked jaiduki/ Jermaine he'll give you all the links. He is very active on telegram, “the consciousness war”.

So what was the point of that? Well, the reactions – that was a test. I didn't think about that at first but Jermaine, you said it on Facebook that was a test and it was. I think it was because it triggered such emotions, and that was only just little intervention in a live chat on telegram. Oh my god.
And I grasped the picture that at the global level we need to grow up. Oh yeah! Because although most of the people were enchanted and amazed and impressed and you were like “oh my god”, some people were triggered, which is understandable, because of their own fears their personal fears, their personal insecurities. They attacked me verbally. They really got rude. Not a lot, I think two or three. But they tried to do everything to crush me down on this story and to just say, aliens are demons, I am possessed by a demon, the implant I have is hacked anyway… One thing was sure is that: anyone disagreeing or agreeing could really really acknowledge there was no other option available, than acknowledging that my implant triggered the static and the communication was direct. You heard extraterrestrials talking, and it was the same voice. You know Vrillon in 1974, Vrillon from the Ashtar command who acted in a programme on the English TV.

Well, that told something and even if some you know what I gain from this, even if some people there will always be some people, who will trigger in fear and denial. But if we base the progression of a culture on upon those, who are in fear and denial we never grow up, we never progress as a culture. Best is always basing the progress of a culture on upon those, who are more advanced in consciousness and more open heart. So that is how we grow up, magnifying the beauty in humanity.

I think I can find an excerpt of it then you will know what I'm talking about, because I downloaded it.

[54:00 … 58:00 excerpt from original video]

That was an excerpt. If you have the whole complete video on Jermaines channel. That's not the whole of course, I just took little bits. So that was Jermaine and his friend and Thor Han and myself.

Everyone was impressed and aware of the gift. But there has been after that people who use this to criticize and create conflict. The lords upstairs gave us a great gift and not everyone was ready for it. And those who weren't react in conflict. So that was a test and they are doing tests like this upstairs to really make us realizing softly, because that was just a private channel, it wasn't a national tv broadcast, it was just a private channel on telegram of me hanging out with my friends. But because it was Jermaine, we are popular people, they knew that would get out, and that's gonna go viral.

So if you want to be ready, because they are coming, so best is to be ready as quick as possible first by doing our part of the job as individual. I spoke about that. But also by taming our fears and our insecurities.

Extraterrestrial contact can be weird, can be disturbing and it's gonna happen soon. So we really need to be ready for it. Those who are not yet, because they are considering those who are already not those who are in fear.

Now I'm reading the comments.

Q: From my own personal experience they are checking us out to see how we respond.

Yes, this is exactly what they did. I mean everyone loved the gift, so it may happen again, I'm going to probably jumped again in the future on Jermaines channel in the chat to see what happens.

Q: Please tell Thor Han to crush more parties, we love it!

Yes. So that was a good example. I wanted to bring it out. And check out Jermaines channel on telegram.

I haven't taken the time to slow down the video yet to see what he was saying. So I don't know what Thor Han was trying to say. I think he was just messing around to just uh freak the shit out of us to see how we will react, but it was just a test.

I wasn't hearing his voice in my head at the same time. It used my implant as a transponder to connect to the technology and to speak. He spoke directly on the telegram app, using my connection. I don't know how they do that, but they can do anything. I wasn't hearing his voice in my head at the same time.

That's why they're using contactees like myself for the soft disclosure, to get people to get used to contact to what's coming, because it is coming. Humanity is ready, humanity has been ready since so long. It's just that some deep state assholes just blocked everything and made wanted to turn us dumb, and to tell us “oh alien are scary”. For those who watch Netflix or all the hollywood and Netflix movies about aliens – aliens are bad and they want to destroy earth. Anyone name a movie where they are nice alien, who want to help us and save the earth. Well I know a few, but they are so rare, “the day the earth stood still” that was a disclosure movie. The remake with Kenu Reeve is fantastic also but I like the first one. Yes, I'm a nerd.

Star trek of course, and Star Treks was disclosure, the u.s navy participated into this made by the disclosure galactic federation. “Knowing” with Nicolas cage knowing, yes that's a good one. “Cocoon”, yes that's a good one. You can find some, but they're not the majority.

You're allowed to be scared, to be in denial, to want to shoot the messenger – it's not okay to shoot the messenger ,but it's okay to want to shoot him, but it's not okay to shoot him. It's okay to be afraid. But then well, toughen up.

That's the world we are going. We are going galactic. We are already a galactic culture, we have colonies in Alpha centauri, in Aldebaran, in Altair, in the Pleiades. We have colonies in many places. The humans of earth, yes! I'm not talking about the dark fleet, no. Solar warden, the space force. We have already colonies somewhere else. We are already a galactic culture. It's just that we just need to get rid of some assholes and then we “poof”, we burst on.

The secret to get from where we are now in the deep shit to a star trek future, the bridge it's our courage. The magic word, the magic sound is “No!” No is the new Omm. No, I do not consent, to tyranny, to be abused etc. And k-n-o-w, know yourself, I know, I know who I am. Meditate on this! Refuse the abuse and know yourself. That's the bridge and anyone who looks for conflict, ignore. Do not respond. Instead give love, because this person, who looks conflict is either manipulated or either has a wound, that they try to treat outside.

You know it's like a therapy. When we find we externalize our conflicts our inner conflicts and into other people, then we play like dolls these and treat our conflicts. Do not respond.

You know I'm attacked a lot. I do not give energy. You know, energy goes where energy flows, where intention goes.

Q: What would you say is the biggest difference between all human emotions here on earth and evolved benevolent alien emotions? How do they deal with tricky or dark emotions?

There are differences. It depends on the species also. Even among really human races they have different ways of dealing with emotions. The Taal for instance will internalize their emotions and try to make them tamed and disappear. The Ahil, Thor Han is an Ahil, will embrace their emotions fully and let them go. They will not fight them and it lasts very, very, very shortly, very quickly. I've learned from them so much. I've learned from Thor Han so much being connected with him. I learned so much and I learned about emotions, how he deals with emotions. You know sometimes he gets angry at something. He gets pissed off sometimes and I always use when I get pissed off to say “no I'm pissing love, I'm not getting pissed off, no, no.

Thor is differently and he just “gosh that pisses me off!” and the frequency of “I'm pissed off” it just embraces it like … and he lets it go. It passes through it to him and it's gone, and it's fine. How'd you do that? He said I just embraced it, it's a flow, emotions are frequencies, there are flows, you need to process them and let them go. So now when I'm angry, I allow myself to be fully angry and let out all the thoughts I have about it and believe it or not – in five minutes it's gone, and I feel good afterwards. It's like crying.

And you can transmute energies and frequencies, shift frequencies.

Q: What is the difference between demons and aliens?

There is absolutely no link between demons and aliens. That's the Vatican, who wants to demonize aliens to make you scared and frightened of even the galactic federation, even the good ones.

A demon is an etheric entity, that lives on another level of frequency. It's a being belonging to the lower frequency realms of the earth. It's an entity, a living entity that serves bad energies bad frequency. That has nothing to do with aliens, the bad or the goods. The nebu or even the Ciakahrr are not demons. They are people from different species, who decide to act like bastards, but they are not demons. Demons are entities belonging to the lower realms of earth.

Q. Reincarnation trap?

No, it's gone.

Q: Will there be a galaxy wide celebration when earth joins the federation?

Yes when a culture joins the galactic federation of worlds, it's a celebration. In the galactic federation of worlds everyone shares their culture, their technology and they bring the gifts they receive the gifts from the federation, but they bring their gifts offered to everyone part of the federation. And they're going to display their culture, show who they are.
So we will show who we are with our music, our ethnic costumes, our languages, our art artwork, sculptures, dance, performances. craftsmanship the best craftsmanship humanity can do, anything that we are proud of that we are able to share with other cultures as equals. So there will be celebrations at the same time in different parts of the galaxy in different in each quadrant. Galaxy has eight quadrants, but the eighth is the source. So in seven quadrants fringes in it. So there will be like a parade like people bringing gifts, showing up, not gifts but showing you know displaying so the brilliance. Celebrations everywhere and yeah that's gonna be cool!

Q: Will open contact happen in our lifetime?

Is not time anymore to wait for those who are late behind. Those who are on the front are ready and represent the whole humanity.

Humanity is entering into its new age. It is now time when we are getting rid of millenniums of oppression and slavery. It's a big historical first, the galactic federation of worlds creating the earth alliance has helped earth and humanity to get rid of an enemy, an enemy that was here since a very long time. Now just is left to us to finish the job. But it is time, it is now. The enemy from outer space has gone. Their puppets that are left on earth on their own, who are in total panic and trying to push stupid agendas and freak out everyone are just losers, and we need to stop giving them power.

In my many contacts I've had recently upstairs I met people coming from different parts of this galaxy to watch and be part of this liberation, and be there for the historical moment when Terra is finally free and when finally it is being debated: are we ready to join membership with the galactic federation of worlds. There is a lot that has happened recently with the Jupiter agreements, the new coalition with the space command and the galactic federation of worlds to create safety zones for instance and bring together this this future. And now it's a big show here in our star system. Now we are about to get ready for contact officially. Once we have overcome our human oppressors as adults, as an adult culture. They are just waiting for us to do this last step, saying “no” and taking back our power and sovereignty. Finishing the job – that's our work.

But it's time and it will happen, because those upstairs they trust in humanity. They trust in us. They know what's going to happen, they know the future. We step on a good timeline. So they have good hope, that this we will make it happen soon.

And the sign of this good outcome, this good news is that there is a group of visitors that have come from other galaxies, the inter-galactic confederation arrived for you a few weeks ago in the vicinity of Jupiter and Ganymede. The intergalactic confederation are the seeders, the seeder founder races, who have seeded human species in this galaxy Nataru, starting by Lyra zone but also on Earth. They come to see how the kids are doing, These people from the intergalactic confederation relate to a group of Nine plasmic supraconsciousnesses, that are called The Nine. They are here, these intergalactic people, these seeders, these guardians, these founder races, not just to watch the show how we're getting on, how we're going to do that, no but to be part of it. And you know how there are meetings going on between the inter-galactic confederation the seeders and the galactic confederation of worlds of Nataru and the Terran representatives to decide how to do the disclosure the public disclosure, because it's not a question of, if this question of when. How they are going to do that? They are enforcing disclosure amongst contactees like me. Well Jermaine what happened on your telegram channel is one of the the things they do. And they're going to do that more and more showing their ships more and more. They have decided to pass a gear in showing themselves up. You're going to see more and more ships in the air and the baddies have been kicked out. So before because of the prime directive you couldn't see the good people ships, you could see only the baddies ships, because they don't respect the prime directive. They should, but they don't. Now the baddies are gone, there's just a few bastards left that are just trapped there. But they're taken care of. But now it is time that you're gonna see more and more ships, more and more stuff. The prime directive is discussed there, they may modify certain parts of it because this should have never happened that far.

And so look at the skies – you're gonna see more and more stuff, more and more weird stuff are going to happen. They are they are doing this they have started they have started by the people, by the contactees to give disclosure. More and more people that are in the space programs are going to come forward and speak. Please go and check Michael Salla's exopolitics.org website and youtube channel! Michael Salla today put a second video about JP his contact in the us army, who went once to Ganymede and he describes everything. And this person, this soldier make made a call to all the other people who have been in the secret space programs to speak out. It's time, it's now.

So I'm really helping JP's message here, if you have been involved in some secret space programs and you have things on your heart you want to say, don't be scared! It's time. They can't kill us all. It's time, please. May those who have spoken be an example of courage. Look at Tony Rodriguez – he's not scared, he's really brave, he's just saying stuff. And how to recognize the genuine people? Well they're simple people, they're normies! They don't pretend to be this or that or, they have no ego, they are real, like Alex Collier …That's the real people. So it's time you'll speak. If when you know something – just peek out, make a video, talk about it! Or just write to Michael Salla, exopolitics.org. He's gathering all these testimonies and it's very important.

So disclosure – they have decided is going to happen in our lifetime. For those who are my age, in the coming 10 years it will be done. Maybe as soon as 2023 or 24. Things are going to change drastically, because we as victors have entered the galactic era of humanity of earth. We have become homo galacticus. I love this term. So yes, we are ready. And if we affirm this in our soul in the core of our soul of our heart, we become ready. Let us not fear our fears, let us not fuel conflict, let us not fuel the pain, let us just fuel with love, everything be love.