10/11/2021 – Q&A The Pilot





On June 2021, a tribe from Inner Earth offered a Shamanic vision quest to humanity. Here is the link for those who didn't watch it:



Have we now found the pilot?...

Tonight we are going to it is time: we know who is the pilot.

Finalizing the chinese version of “A gift from the stars” with a wonderful translator and that's been a lot a lot of work plus I'm writing two more books in the same time. …

The contact with the nine has been quite something life changing for me. I love to really feel sometimes how life is a flow, an ever flowing river. You never know what's around the next bend and this bend just uncovered to me a wonderful adventure which was connecting with the intergalactic confederation and meeting the Nine.

I have been in contact with such a high and different density energy with these beings, that I just reconnected with a higher part of my abilities. Every day now I receive messages from the Nine, and it's about visions and knowings, hints. One of my vision they sent me, the first one was totally emotional, because, well I spoke to it in my last update video about empowering ourselves, a message from our galactic friends. They showed me this artificial matrix, the grays had created and that was between the ground level and the stratosphere, the whole toposphere there was this dark layer of cloud, and it was a dark goo. I saw it as a dark goo and it that's what it was. And this medium can be impregnated with artificial intelligences and can feed as well other entities, any kind of entities. It can also give life to lower frequency aggregores or thought forms and this was created by the Nebu to enslave us, to create an illusion. This thing has been disconnected from the hive consciousness of the grays because the grays themselves have been disconnected from this hive.

It has taken me a lot of time to really process this. My emotions to settle down and calm down and I've been quite tired processing all these emotions. You know processing emotions it's tiring and I feel good now but I was just waiting the right moment.

You know the galactic federation of worlds has caught the high rank officers of some greys and they have found the frequency key connecting them to the hive in the Orion nebula. The heart of the hive, the hive queen as they call it, even if it's not an entity, it's consciousness. And anything that was connected to the gray, the Nebu hive consciousness has been disconnected that that day and you remember was a lot a few social medias were suddenly disconnected for a day that was this and many of you have felt sick at that time. Why? If you felt uncomfortable sick or weird or something was triggering you, it's because you are subconsciously plugged to this black goo. The vision I had I can tell you was in all honesty that illusions carried in this where tapped into by a lot of us, a lot of psychics who wanted to connect higher beings, but were having difficulty to pass through this dark and it was feeding, feeding a lot of illusions. For instance you wanted to connect an ascended master, and if you well, you are powerful shaman or if we have good psychic abilities and you know very well how to raise your frequency, and you are very well protected, you could reach out to these higher beings. But for a lot of us we were tapping into this this thing. It's still difficult for me to describe what I saw. I need time still but just to tell you that this dark cloud is disconnected. It's dying, it's dead. Well it's in agony, not totally dead because many of us still feed it.

Two things I've learned from the Nine in this vision because you know when you receive a vision for positive beings it always ends up by a positive message, an empowering message and something that gives you the weapons and the tools to go forward. And here it was, and it fell really well into the Sawain/Halloween moment where nature and earth let go of what doesn't serve us anymore. Nature, the trees let the leaves fall, because they need to let go to cross the winter and the renaissance of life.

Two things: We need to let go of! And that's very strong, very, very powerful. We need to let go of the illusions. Once we do not feed the illusions anymore, the illusions die and dissolve and disappear into oblivion, because illusions are not real. Once we have the courage to stand up for the truth to look within us, not anymore outwards, all this black goo just dies, dissolves, scatters to the non-known-ness.

How do we do that? By stopping giving our power away, trying to find outwards what we know inwards. When we stop looking for ascended masters, gurus Ashtar, Saint germain whatever – that's the trap. Leave all that. It's time to let go. Please humanity, let it go!

Thor Han and I have been telling you this for a long time. The matrix has been disconnected the matrix is no more. But what lingers is just what we maintain, what we feed. Once we stop feeding it, it really dies for good. We need to let it go!

Rely only on yourself, because you know who you are. You are your own ascended master, your higher self. When we connect to who we are, we connect this higher density being inside, and this higher density being which is the real us is already an ascended master. This being is eternal, it knows everything, it has crossed all the ages of the galaxy. It has had crossed so many lives and it has the memory. Just being incarnated in a flesh suit in 3d you lose this connection to these higher realms, because it's 3d. So to reconnect your memory you have to go inside, connect with this being. If you do that you disconnect from the matrix it's that's it and it will die in like so fast.

That was the one of the message, one of the tools was to let go of the illusion and turn in wards.

The second tool they gave was: the only power that can dissolve the illusion is truth. Truth kills the matrix, truth can be spread in many ways. Every each of us has the tools to spread truth but first truth to yourself. It is very simple. Stop relaying outwards, relay inward.

That's one of the message I get from the Nine. I had many other ones but I need to go through my notes because it's very intense.

Now I've had a question that came back very often to me since I started to talk about the Nine. These nine collective are beings that are in the void between the dimensions, in the timeless non-dimensional void. To answer a question that has been asked to me many times, and that will be the last time I answer it because, it is important you know.

This collective of plasmic supra consciousnesses is not the same group of beings that connect with these two lovely ladies Marina Jacobi and Pixi Magenta. That has nothing to do with the beings these two lovely ladies are connected to, that's something else! These Nine collective these nine supra consciousnesses were the ones who connected with Gene Roddenberry. These ones were the ones who gave the bridge, but you'll watch my video about it.

Stop feeding the remaining illusions. It takes courage to let go something. It's a grief.


I am going to read a few questions.

Q: Do you know anything about the high frequency ships that are going to come in?

There are no high frequency ships that are going to come in. But the intergalactic confederation whose motherships are parked in between Jupiter, Io and Ganymed are broadcasting high frequencies to Earth and that kills all the little hydras and that helps.

Also as I told you in other videos but it's always good to remember: the enemy wanted you to give your power away always.
So there is not going to be any cosmic event that are going to do the job for you. There is not going to be any extraterrestrial or angelic or whatever saving the world doing the job for you. It is time humanity takes back their own power.

We need to stop relying on predictions, promises, religions, governments and anything that takes our power away.

The galactic federation of world has removed the grays and reptilians anything we couldn't do. Now they are not going to do our job for us which is taking our power in hands, standing up for our liberties and freedom.

You remember? Val Thor said, we cannot liberate a slave who holds on to his chains. So this word for the matrix: let the chains go, cut the umbilical cord from your crown to the black goo matrix. …

The Pilot

I want to go straight to talk about the pilot and the Anshar and because we'll have a lot of question afterwards. So here we go.

In June 2021 I have this little crystal which is a Telosian crystal which is always behind beside me and always there and it just produced a sound and just hovered me, and because you know my shaman abilities I could go on a journey following what the entities in this crystal wanted to show me. So I went into a shamanic journey. It is not astral travel, it is not physical. It's a journey of the consciousness.

I did a video about this journey. I'm going to play it for all those who don't know about it. That was in June 2021 and it has caused a lot of waves.


“A message came to me from a Lemurian crystal. These crystals were put in our ground by the Telosian people, those from Agartha those who came from the stars a very long time ago and left the colony underground, deep underground. The crystal appealed to me unexpectedly and I was taken for a journey in flashes of blue and green lights under the earth somewhere Vortex is spinning, quantum travel to a place made of glistening light, sunlight on the water, rocks shimmering, an artificial sun under the earth. There were cities glistening with beauty shimmering under an amazing and strange light under the earth.
Under the Earth I heard the voice of the woman. “I am calling you, follow me!” And i saw her silhouette and beautiful, pale blue skin and long wide hair. I understood that she was from the star people who settled underground, and there are many tribes. I could read her mind and she could read mine and in her mind I saw her coming from the stars a very long time ago. These beings live so long. Her skin, the skin of her people turn blue because of the change of environment and light. And this woman took me for a journey in deep, deep, deep underground earth, deeper, way deeper then the levels where the war in the DUMPs is happening, somewhere way way deeper… She said to me “A technology is hidden here. It has been sleeping since a very long time.” And I said to her “show me!” And as we traveled deeper down into tunnels bathed in a strange glistening blue light, as if the sun was shimmering on water, but no water this was very strange. As we were going down the tunnels I could hear whispers of hundreds of people whispering a name Anshar, Anshar. I didn't know what this meant.

We went deeper to a lake and I saw her standing there. She was beautiful, slender pale blue skin slanted golden eyes and long white hair. And she showed to me the lake and she said “The hidden knowledge is here, under this water.” And there was a golden yellow white light coming from the bottom of this lake. And I said “show me!” She said “we need to go underwater” Answer “show me!” And our consciousness has dived into the water of the lake and the waters deep down to a cave, based with a strange golden glow. And in the bottom of this cave cave was a big wide huge ship, flying saucer shape with little windows around it, doomed on the top. And she said “The hidden technology is here. This belongs to our people. to our ancestors. It is now time that this technology is offered to the Terrans on the surface. It is time to know. We are looking for the pilot. Pass this message: The pilot must awaken! The pilot must awaken! Bring this message back to the surface. The pilot will hear this, the pilot will awaken and come and activate this.”

I said I will transmit this message and I told her where is this located? She said to me “Telos, under Telos.” I said “Mount Shasta?” She said “you know Mount Shasta is thorned by war. But it is deep, deeper down. Mount Shasta – two levels: the reptilians do not have any idea, any access. The ways to this kingdom is well hidden and only those who belong to my people are able to find it.” I understood this was in a higher density. So I am transmitting this message and I ask the name of this woman. And the answer I got was the shimmering whispering of the water, running water. So I know her name is “water” in her language.

So the pilot whoever you are you will recognize yourself. I hope and I know this message will touch your heart. Wake up. Wake up, wake up.”


Hi everyone. So this was june 2021. By my consciousness this being took me to this journey. At the time I made this video I just told the story as I experienced it and I underwent the journey that followed after the journey to understand the true meaning of this as many of you have been.

People have been searching for this place for this lake deep underground in the cave. I have received many messages, many different people saying “I know I am the pilot” and to each of you I replied “yes you are.”

Now I am going to deliver to you the answer of the quest that many of you have found as well already, and I'm going to help you with that.

This journey was a shamanic initiatic journey. The earth represents the 3rd density. It is the third density it is the plane in which your body strives, survives, lives, experiences physically. And the ground means inside. The earth is your 3d being your earth, your living environment, 3d, your body. This is about an inner quest. the lake is the subconscious and the emotions. The water is the psyche, the soul, the higher being. And this guide which is a feminine entity represents the feminine aspect of our soul. We are all feminine and masculine, the anima, the soul, the creative soul. She said her name is water = psyche, soul. The cave is the deep memory of the being. The cave represents in the shamanic journeys the memory of the ancestors, the ancestral memory that is encoded in the dna and in the soul. For those who come from the earth matrix it is the memory of all the lives you've lived, and all the genes and the memory of the dna of this bloodline you borrow for our life. All the knowledge, that's been encapsulated in it. For those who come from the stars well is the eternal memory the akashic records the memory of the star people, the memory of everything you've been through. We are all eternal beings and we know we have this knowing, because we can connect to the universe and access the universal knowledge.

The lake is the subconscious. Deep under the lake, deep under the subconscious is a memory of your knowledge, your experience from generations and generations. It's your journey, your memory. Remember as you enter the cave. The cave is under the lake under the water of the subconscious. And in this cave under the water of the subconscious in the core memory of your being lies a treasure, a pandora box, a ship. And this ship contains a hidden knowledge. The hidden knowledge is the reconnection with your psyche, with your soul. Be the water.

I am going to play a shortened version of this video and now I want you to understand, that we are all the pilot of the ship under the earth.

“Under the earth I heard the voice of the woman. I am calling you. Follow me! I understood that she was from the star people who settled underground and there are many tribes. I could read her mind and she could read mine, and in her mind I saw her coming from the stars a very long time ago. These beings live so long… And this woman took me for a journey in deep deep, deep underground earth, deeper way deeper than the levels where the war in the dumps is opening, somewhere way way deeper. She said to me “A technology is hidden here. It has been sleeping since a very long time” And I said to her, show me! And as we traveled deeper down into tunnels bathed in a strange glistening blue light we went deeper to a lake. And she showed to me the lake and she said “The hidden knowledge is here under this water.” And there was a golden yellow white light coming from the bottom of this lake and I said, show me! She said “we need to go underwater. Answer Show me! And our consciousness has dived into the water of the lake and the waters deep down to a cave bathed with a strange golden glow and in the bottom of this case cave was a big wide huge ship, flying saucer shape, with little windows around it, doomed on the top. And she said “The hidden technology is here. This belongs to our people, to our ancestors. It is now time that this technology is offered to the Terrans on the surface. It is time they know. The pilot must awaken! The pilot must awaken! Bring this message back to the surface. The pilot will hear this. The pilot will awaken and come and activate this.”

Where is this located? “Deeper down to levels the reptilians do not have any idea, any access. The ways to this kingdom is well hidden and only those who belong to my people are able to find it.” I understood this was in a higher density.

And I asked the name of this woman and the answer I got was “the shimmering whispering of the water, running water. I hope and I know this message will touch your heart. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up.

So now you know. Now you know, we are or every each of us the pilot of our own, ship the ship that carries the hidden knowledge, the ship that travels, the shi,. the vessel of our consciousness which is our soul, our light being that travels time and dimensions to experience a journey and acquire knowledge. And this knowledge we build it up, build it up incarnation after incarnation and we can access it at any moment, if we go below the wars, below the level of the surface which is all the triggers and all the terrible wars that happen at the moment. We just go deeper than this inside, within us. The journey is within, centered within. We pass beyond the lake of the emotions and the subconscious, down in the cave of the ancestral memories, and we find the vessel. The vessel, the core of our being, the vessel that carries our consciousness our soul. And our consciousness which is in the vessel carries knowledge, and knowledge is power. This shimmering golden light that you can see when you look at the surface of the lake from above, from outside you see this golden light that pulses beneath the water. This is your power that pulses beneath your subconscious. And this power is knowledge.

You know why does knowledge bring power? Bbecause once you have the connection the reconnection to knowledge once you have access to knowledge, once you're not legible, you cannot be tricked you cannot be controlled. And it's not only about knowledge of the universe or what's happening around, its knowledge about yourself first: Who you are and what you are capable of. And that's the knowledge knowing your own power.

So this quest, this vision quest was offered to all of you to invite you to go within discovering who is this being inside, below all the layers. And as you go deeper within you go higher in frequency. Yes deeper – higher, deeper – higher in frequency, deeper – higher in frequency. And when you reach the singularity you are close to source, and when you're close to source you're close to everything.

You are the pilot of your own consciousness, your own being and your own life.

This quest was metaphorical. This Anshar lady showed me this quest. They have highly advanced psychic powers and throughout the Telosian television crystal she connected to me. Why? Because the Anshar are Telosians, they are Telosian tribe, they came very long time ago from Alpha centaury from planet Selo and they are one of the tribes, the inner earth is filled with a lot of different species and tribes and the Anshar are one of the Telosias tribes. There are many, many different names. Why these ones? This certainly fill the purpose probably to awaken some sleepers, some people will need to be awakened now.

Now that I told you the answer of the quest I am going to read your questions about this and see if I can help you understand better. Also share your experience on the matter for some of you who if you have had experience on the matter.

Q: Are the Telosi able to come to our surface if they ever chose to?

Yes they do, but they need to equip them themselves, because you know they live underground they have artificial light but it's not like the sunlight it's a different light. So if they come on the surface it will be maybe not in full sunlight, they'll stay in buildings or they will come at night or they will come just a dusk or in if the climate is like very misty and gray like I know I live in Ireland and delusions are making themselves visible a lot in Ireland, because it's always miserable weather here and rarely direct sunlight. So Telosians. One part of the Telosians is the shee – the irish elves, that's them as well. So I meet them regularly. So yes Telosians can come on the surface, yes.

Q: testified as well Glastonbury in england

Yes absolutely.

Q: Is kundalini connected with “the ship” and what frequency in specific to awaken the kundalini please?

Yes of course, of course! The kundalini is the path, that's the way, it's your ancestral memory it's your dna. I remember the kundalini is not one serpentine flow of energy is it's a coil of two flow of energy – that's the kundalini. The root of it is in the root chakra and it dwells there, it sleeps there and if you awaken it – I made two videos “how to awaken your inner power” you can see the kundalini on it, it's very easy to find, it's in the features.

So once you awaken it you awaken your cellular memory and your molecular memory at the soul level, and this of course can jump-start the ship. You know what I mean. Yes the kundalini is the reactor the core central power of your being, is the core central power of the ship, the light being, the vessel of the consciousness.


It's amazingly clever from this Anshar lady who made the analogy between a spaceship and the soul! Think about it! The spaceship is our light being that lays under the layers of our body and everything. The ship is the vessel. The soul is the consciousness, it's the AI of the ship. The ship is the vessel it's the light being. And the core central power – it's our kundalini and dna. Well you know, the dna of the soul it's this double coil. So that's what it is about.

Q: Do you think the Telosi will start to blend or make open contact with us now that the nebu and reps have left?

That's a very good question. Well the Telosia have already made contact since a long time and they interacted with people since a very long time. Also they left keys, so these crystals that we call the Lemurian crystals – I invite you again to acquire one. …

I think I did a whole video about this. these don't contain data, but they are access keys to a knowledge – so it's going to plug you to somewhere where you need to learn something. There is a memory that is in this parallel density and this connects you to it.

It's a mistake to call them Lemurian crystals they are Telosian crystals because it's left by the people from inner earth. So meditating with a Teleosian crystal is fantastic. It can lead you on a journey and maybe you will meet the Anshar or other beings.

Q: Would the Telosi appear blue on the surface?

The Telosi are not blue, that's just the Anshar which is a special particular tribe. The Telosi are very pale skin and white hair in general. So if you see them on the surface with this, they will have very pale skin and and white hair. It's very rare to see beings with blue skin on the surface, because they can't, they have mutated. If they have blue skin that means they mutated it’s their blood contains a lot of copper and it's a mutation, because they live in a different environment. It's difficult to strive in our atmosphere and sun radiation when you are like this. When you think about it all the contacties on earth that been in contact with people extraterrestrials on planet earth at the earth level never they saw blue beings in physical contact, I don't mean etherical, physical contact because they can't really strive in our atmosphere.

Q: Why do they live underground? Did they crash or come here a long time ago and couldn't go home?

Underground, the inner earth shelters a lot a lot of different tribes, a lot of different origins. Many of them are earthlings. Some creatures have lived there for a long time. A lot of them are shifted in fourth density. It's all the fairies and the shee and things like that.
Many of them also are third density, they are tribes of people who fled underground. Fled or chose to go on the ground because above the ground they were chased and attacked and their species were really threatened. So they wish to go underground.

That's the story of the Tua de Dannan for instance, they shift in the fourth density. And so there's and there's also the alien colonies, and the Telosians are one of these alien colonies. In the different alien colonies you have also the Naga, who are reptilians mainly concentrated in Asia in the caves there. And they are very near to the surface level. There's a lot of Naga also strongholds in southwest America as well underground.

The Telosians are originally from Alpha Centauri, planet Selo. They were Selosi at the time. They had a big colony on earth, they were living in their big main colony what we named now Atlantis. They were naming it “At la A” and they were sharing it with different other races and cultures, but they were the main inhabitants and leaders of this this colony. Of course shit happened and we know what happened to Atlantis. Well those some of them fled in on surface levels of the continents east and west, and a big part of them – well some fled by space but not all could do that. And some of them went underground. So the Telosians are we can say they are the ancient Atlantes but they are extraterrestrials. They are very pale blonde hair or white hair and very pale skin. And they kept this color underground, but it's not dark in the ground where they live. They have all biospheres recompose with artificial suns, because they have the technology for that, they always had it. And you have artificial suns. It's like same as on Venus, there are underground cities. It's the same technology with antimatter artificial suns. So this is who are the Telosians.

Why did they name themselves Telosians? Well it's in fact not really themselves. They still are Selosi people, but now they accept to be named Telosians because it's from a Greek name that means underground. So it was sounding like Selosi but called, they don't mind. So they adopted this name of course, but that's a general name. They have many tribes and each tribe has their own name.

Q: Find the ship's seat, sit on it and find your chi energy. The ship will connect to your consciousness, good luck you will be freaked out.

You know what, it's exactly how it works! That's why this Anshar lady, this Selosi lady was telling me the analogy between a ship and soul, human consciousness and soul. Soul is consciousness, the light being contains it it's the ship and you have the energy body. It's the energy body sitting in your place of power, in your place of control and that's your intention to control yourself. It's where the key, the energy, the central power lies. It's where the kundalini dwells and starts. It's in the Asians call it the Dantien. It's in the belly, it's the center of power and it's just above the root chakra. And when that is activate, the kundalini that sleeps in the root chakra it's going to awaken and just unfold there. That's where the portal to your own energy is.

If you want to know exactly where it is, your belly button okay, it's below your belly button. So put a thumb on your belly button and do a round and then you do that another round and it's here.


That's the center of your power, that's the key to turn the power, ignition. Well what you do with that? You bring your consciousness in it and with the power of your consciousness you activate a ball of golden light, that's the light you were seeing through the surface of the lake. That's this light you activate it.

We can do a very simple exercise. You want to know your power, you want to know it, you want to experience it physical power? You want to experience the Vril coming through you, because Vril, the universal life force that initiate from source that animates the whole universe animates you as well.

It's the key and is it the energy flowing through you that animates you and your own power it's this. So if you concentrate and you go within and you imagine, you visualize this ball of golden light in your belly that comes up to your plexus, to your heart chakra, to your neck, to your shoulders, to your arms, and to your both hands. And put your hands like this, straight up not tense, because it blocks the energy. You have the two meridians that go in your arms and get out of here from here, The flow of energy, these two meridians go from here and then the energy coming here golden light goes into your hands, your fingers tip face each other like this. And now visualize this ball of energy just being created in between your hands. Can you can you feel it? Can you feel the tingling? I know you feel, it it's as simple as that. When you close your fingers you don't feel it anymore, because the energy goes like this in between the fingers. Okay you can experience it. Close it, sensation stops. Open it, you feel it again and you increase, increase, increase by your power of your mind the ball of light. And this ball of light you can do anything with it. You can heal yourself, heal others, send it to a target. You can put an intention in it and send it to a target. You can visualize your future, you can visualize a lot of good things, put things on it and send it, release it, release it can do that. You enforce it, you feel the resistance, you feel it. You can send it now.

That's one of the aspect of what you can do. And you can do so much more.

You can have also that's something else, the merkabah. That's a light ship, that's your vessel. The ship is your vessel, your body, but you can transform your light being. But your light eing can create either take the shape of a merkaba, or flight either generate it around you, that's a light ship, that can carry you to different densities even dimensions.

Q: We are a multi-dimensional beings. Can you tell us where the higher self fits into this? Is it the 4th, 5gh dimension of our self?

The higher self means higher density. So that will depend on who you are and where you come from. Many of us come from different densities as a light being. It's never 3rd density, the lowest it can be it's 4th, usually it's either 4th or 5th density. It depends. If you are a soul from earth you are 4th density. If you come from another planetary matrix it's the density where the souls in this planetary matrix are, how the density at what they are too. For instance if you are Ahel or a Taal soul you are a 4th or 6th density. If you are Ohorai you are 6th or 7th, if you are Selosy 4th fourth density. It depends. So it depends on who you are. If you are Zenai you are 6, 7 or 8, depends on their levels of evolution. So it depends on who you are. It's always a level, a step higher than your body.

Q: Does reality have a unified linear perception to experience its own absolute form as a new soul to put order to its formations co-created by all of its beings. A point of least resistance?

Reality is experienced when you incarnate. So incarnated into these 3d bodies on earth we are going to experience the space continuum regarding to the physical laws of the planet where we are. Means the time will be linear and just the space will be organized that way.
When we discorperate we see totally differently. Time is not linear anymore. Linearity of time is experienced in once you are incarnated in a place of gravity, and so then the time is linear and gravity means cycles, and cycles create time, like seasons or orbits.
So realities experience differently regarding to where you stand, perspective and then you have different dimensions which have different realities.

Q: How do we know if 4d is manifesting in our physicality?

When you are incarnated into these 3d bodies, you see with 3d eyes. If you turn inwards and you embrace who you are, I mean you reconnect with your light being which is in a higher density, you can perceive anything that is in at the same density as this being inside of you. So you need to really reconnect and attune and re-attune with this being. Once you are in that attunement frequency you see anything with the eyes of your mind, even eyes closed, you don't need these ones anymore. You see with your light being, you see everything that is around you in the same density.

When the 4th density beings like for instance the shee, the fairies for instance or the some of the Telosians, they manifest physically. So there are of course Telosi you who have shift in 4th density, but there are many who are still in the 3rd density. These will be the ones who interact physically with us.
But when of a being from a higher density like 4th or 5th wants to interact physically with hours, they need to change a frequency and they have technology for that, either suits or most of the time it's a belt. They call this this a frequency belt which is going to modify the energy field around you. The frequency field around you and you will appear visible and even physical for the people of this dimension where you arrive. So that's what the frequency belt do. You need technology to appear physical in a different frequency plane.

Q: Did many Telosian decide to live on the surface?

Of course. Many have decided to are living among us, of course. Yes.

Q: The same as the dna etc that matches the ufos? Sentient crafts.

Yes, some ships have this technology where only the one particular species can pilot the ship or even sometimes one particular person. I've experienced that. They put their hands, their fingers (it's not all of them doing like this) but the thing that have been shown to me is you you put your hands on patches that's like glass patches on the side of the seats and it just connects your dna to the the ship, the central intelligence of the ship, and if you are of the right race that's supposed to pilot this ship, you you can do it, it's working.

I will end up by repeating these very precious words: The answers to your questions do not lie outside, but everything you need to know you can find it inside by connecting inside. This world in which we're living, we've incarnated – it's a journey, it's an experience. And we are here to make a change on the hologram of this experience, that's why we came. And we need to wake up to reconnect with our own power and we won't be able to connect to our own power as long as we will be plugged outside and give our power away to distractions, to fear, to control, to illusions. What I was talking at the start of this video is: letting go. Let it go! The matrix, the illusion. This thing that was taking your power away, telling you that you needed other beings to guide you. Now remember, all the positive beings will always give you a message to empower yourself. They will always tell you, you have the power, you always had it, you don't need us.

And that's the the job, the work we need to do. That's what people from the galactic federation are enticing us to do, to do our job which is waking up to who we are, take back our power, stop waiting that other people will do the work you need to do which is standing up for your freedom. Freedom starts in all the little details of life of every day, such as the freedom of breathing freely. All the little freedoms, stand up for your sovereignty, let go of the old world- Whatever the old world tells you “please don't let me go” – go away! I decide to take my power in hands. I am powerful, I can feel my energy, I can feel my power and it's within and I can recover my memory by diving within. I am my own pilot. I am the pilot of my destiny, the pilot of this body. I own it, I own my consciousness, I own my body, I own my life, I own my decisions, I own my freedom. I am.

And don't forget to love, don't forget to laugh. The old world has died. So now let it go and embrace this new beginning.