9/11/2021 – Message from our Galactic friends



Time has come when we really need to do the job. We are supposed to do taking care of ourselves, standing up in our rights and fighting back the darkness. Our part of the job. Extraterrestrials take care of the extraterrestrials, invaders. Humans take care of humans.
During all these years there's been psyops spread on social medias notably, drawing all the consciousnesses of people who are just awakening in fake cults and psyops, telling people that something else or someone else was going to come and save them. Taking resonance in the old legends and the religions of human race, such as the return of Jesus, the revival of ascended masters, which had nothing to do with these ascended masters. Myths, hijacked religions, saints hijacked, although certain religion had already set up the plans two thousand years ago and more.

It is now time to crack up the matrix that we are maintaining because I am telling you, the mass tricks is now disconnected from the hive of the grays. May I just explain to you in more details: In the Orion nebula it is called “the hive”, the cluster. This cluster is a cube. It is a portal and in this portal lies an interdimensional consciousness which is the heart of the hive of the grays, the orion grays. Now you all know now that all greys are not part of the Orion evil collective. There's a lot of grey cultures who are very nice and very spiritually evolved. I'm not talking about these ones, I'm talking about the Orion assaults who have colonized earth in the 1940s, these ones, the Eban from Betelgeuse, the Grails from Rigel. Their allies Maitra from Andromedan galaxy and Killy Tokurt from Vela and all their slaves from Zeta reticuly – that's the principal actors. These ones had signed to enslave human race tricking human governments in the 1940s and 1950s where it was definitely signed. The Nebu,m the domain, the dominions – does that ring a bell, this name “the dominion”? For certain it will.

The galactic federation of worlds has taken care of kicking these little assaults out of our planet, out of our star system. They've caught their officers and disconnected cracked the code the frequency code of the hive and disconnected the hive from everything on earth. That happened when a few social medias were connected to the hive just plugged. Now the Greys had created a matrix, matrix of illusions and every psychic who wanted to connect to extraterrestrials, most of them were hacked and were tapping into this dark goo downloading programs, established by the Nebu for an agenda at when the moment will be here, now. All will be activated the programs will be activated, adornment beautiful hopion programs of “you're gonna be saved” be nice, behave. As we tell you so downloading huge long texts. “We the arcturians are talking…” Things like that, messages. Positive messages are short and go straight to the point. If you need to write an essay to convince someone, there's a trick somewhere.

Anyway. the galactic federation of worlds is now asking every human to do their part of the job. Disconnect from the disconnected subsiding dark goo, this dark goo is now dying it's dying it's in agony, because it's disconnected from what was feeding it mainly the hive grey queen. By keeping on tapping into it, you feed it now from your own energy. When this grey hive it was disconnected, everyone plugged into it into the dark goo, received a shock or something or felt brutally ill. You felt it, every one of you were plugged into it, even if you didn't tell anyone. Many of you fell, many of you are sick because of the change of energy. It's like you're feeding of a drug and suddenly it's taken off you – you don't feel well. That's what happened.

Now I'm asking you to go back to yourselves and not believing anything that is fear and messages of “we're gonna save you”, okay? I ask you to go within, take back your power. Take back your power! You have the ability to connect to source to connect to your galactic family if you're not from here to connect from your ancestors if you're from here. You do not need anyone, any priest, any guru anyone! Just re-center, refocus onto yourself. No one is gonna do the job for you, no one is going to raise your frequency for you, no one is going to awaken you for you. It's an individual process.

No solar or cosmic event is going to come and sort out all your problems! All these predictions is to make you passive, to make you waiting and while you wait and your mind is focused about an addiction to a cult or a prediction, you do nothing, you do not work on yourself. It takes your power away, it takes your sovereignty away.

The galactic federation of worlds and the Andromedan council and all their allies – they've been taking care of the ETs the bad ETs, the Nebu the Reptilians with the Earth alliance that was the main actor on earth. The Earth alliance kicked them out. But now the extraterrestrials are not going to change our governments, they are not going to stand for our liberties. It's us to do!

Stand up, do not consent to be used anymore, do not consent to be fear manipulated! Your body, your own your life, your own your consciousness your own.

Now as high commander Ardana said to me message I passed on recently. “It is up now to the humans to put the last stone on the monuments of their victory.” What are you waiting for? Always in love.