7/11/2021 – Message from Annax and I



You know, you're gonna be all right. You survived a lot of things until now and you are going to survive this. You will go through this.
It is normal to make mistakes, mistakes are our teachers. We always think we do our best for ourselves and for the others, especially those we love, because we always do and take a decision, thinking. It is the best thing to do. We have nothing to feel guilty for. We always have something to learn.

I am connected with a wonderful being, he is an Egaroth, some of you know him as Annax. Annax is part of the council of five and he's a wonderful loving person. He is my genetic father and he looks after me and he looks after a lot of beings. And Annnax want to pass you a message, and I hope that you feel the love. This is not a channeling, I will not welcome Annax in me although I could, but it freaks out people. I am connected telepathically with him by a device, not the one I had from my abduction. It's a device from the Council of five, it's something very high that I have for since a few years. This is the message from Annax. I'm going to repeat his words and I'm sure the love is going to flow through me to you.

Message from Annax

Humans of Terra have come that far in their history with pride and courage to stand before their dawn at the threshold of their victory upon themselves, upon the darkness within. It is not only a victory against an outside enemy, it is also a victory upon ourselves, upon the path we've walked through the dark nights and through the trials of many lives.

We are here assisting you, watching you children. Wake up to a new age, an age of happiness of liberation, a bright light all around you. You are walking this path. Now it is secured for a long time. All you have to do is stand up in your power. All you have to say is “I am, I am light, I am power, I am sovereignty, I am future, I am present, I am all the past that have come before me. I am who I am and everything else, I have imprinted the fabric of the universe with my steps and my actions, with my words and my emotions. “I am the most powerful thing I know, because I am connected to the great I am of the multiverse, source.”
We all are source and by us source energy transforms everything. We just need to open the portal within ourselves. Within each other's heart there is this portal and this portal is the key to everything. Connect within it is the only way out into the multi-dimensional universe of knowledge.

Stand up humans and race to your destiny. It is up to you now to put the last crystal on the top of the tower. It is up to you now to finish this work in beauty, in strength, in love and with love you will build this world that has started already. The darkness lingers on this planet, but it is only the last lingerings of the dying darkness, that is scattered and vanishes.

Do not retain it, do not feed it by believing in it. Let it go, let it go, let it go!

Now my children I wish you could see the beauty of your future, when you embrace your own beauty and the beauty of your world in respect for your world, for yourselves and for all other creatures living on it and in it. You are light, you are consciousness, you are power. It is time you embrace all of this. “I am light, I am power, I am knowledge, the knowledge of who I am.”

Thank you Annax. This was a telepathic communication with a wonderfully Egaroth from the council of five. So I hope you will receive this message and in love in respect first for yourself. And don't forget to laugh – that is my message. If you can laugh about yourself you become untouchable.

I love you, we love you and you get this.