7/11/2021 – Contact with the Council of Nine



The video you are about to see narrates my encounter with a group of extraterrestrials named The Council of Nine. Well when I say extraterrestrials, this is a very short cut to try to explain, who they really are or what they really are. They wouldn't be called extraterrestrials when we understand more in depth who the Nine are. Extraterrestrials would mean not including life on planet earth. But the thing is the Nine concerned life in all the multiverse, earth includes.

They are supra consciousnesses, they are individuated consciousness as part of a collective. They live in between dimensions, not in a specific dimension, not in a specific time, they are timeless. They were never born, they will never die, they never have had a start they will never have an end, because they live in a space out of space and in a time out of time. They call this place “the void”. The void is accessible from anywhere in the galaxy in the universe in a multiverse by specific portals that takes you there, where your being is being merged with a void.

The nine are very intriguing and mysterious beings and the intergalactic confederation, which is a federation of cultures from different galaxies has understood, how important it was to relate to them and connect to them. Who they are this is very mysterious. But when you connect with them as I did I could grasp an understanding.

Why the number nine? My experience and training in shamanism and druidry helped me understanding the secret deepest meaning of the number nine in symbology, in alchemy, in magic, in the science of the universe. Also my background in archaeology gave me clues of how some cultures use the number nine.

Number 3, 6 and 9 have been used by many ancient cultures on earth to signify things, more especially 1 – 3 – 9. 6 has always been left out from the light language of the symbology. 169. 1 is individuality. 3 is the plural, 3 × 3 means infinity. We found in find this concept in the egyptian mythology, the Babylonian mythology, the Celtic and pre-Celtic mythology. 9 means infinity. So this gives food for thought.

You're about to see myself reading my report that I sent to Michael Salla. Dr Michael Salla just made a very interesting video correlating my encounter with the nine collective two actual facts relating to the creators of star trek. I will invite you to have a look at his exopolitics website and his youtube channel, Michael Salla exopolitics.

Having had the opportunity to connect to the void to encounter nine halfway thanks to this Egon lady who appeared in my room, she beamed there. It is life changing.

My mind was blown already that's I'd say expanded when I met representatives of the intergalactic confederation onboard an mothership near Ganymed recently, but the Nine is something different! It opens your consciousness to realize, to really assimilate the notion that we are all part of this universe, this multiverse as interdimensional beings. That we are way much more than these bodies, that we are way much more than what we see around us that what we touch, this is a hologram!
A Hologram doesn't mean an illusion. A hologram is a structure, a template of a reality. Can be very solid as these bodies are. But in truth who are we? We are pure consciousness, experiencing a journey.

I invite you now to watch my report, the report of my encounter. We will live long and prosper.

Meeting the Nine

I woke up last night abruptly, my forehead tingling with a sensation of a vortex spinning inside of my head. I sat on my bed and saw in front of me the ethereal figure of the tall white woman from the intergalactic confederation whom I had met on board one of their mother ships in the vicinity of Ganymed about a week ago. She expressed herself in the same holographic language composed of thought form frequency modules. She pointed a finger at my forehead and the extremity of her finger started to glow with green light. And at the moment her green glowing fingertip touched my forehead I was propelled inwards into a powerful vortex. I felt as if I disintegrated, as if all the molecules of my body stretched into space.

In a normal circumstance this could have been frightening, but it seemed that in this state of consciousness I wasn't able to experience fright anymore. The shimmering haze of light materialized ahead of me. It was opalescent white and contained silvery and golden sparkles. I sensed several presences in it.

Then a soft voice resonated inside of my head with a slight echoing effect. It wasn't theatrical at all as one could expect, it was instead really soft and gentle, masculine. “We are the nine”, said the voice. My whole being shivered a few seconds passed and I started to see humanoid silhouettes forming from the opalescent glittering haze, nine silhouettes I suppose, all very tall and slim. As one approached closer to me I felt a similar sensation like the pressure compressing your ears, when you are in a plane and it takes altitude. Well this was the same sensation but experienced by my whole soul.
The being took appearance of a tall extraterrestrial, similar to the Patal, but I was well aware that these plasma supra consciousness as beings from the Nine collective had in truth no real corporal form. I knew they could shapeshift in anything, and the form they chose to represent themselves to me was probably meant to improve my contact experience.
The elegant nine feet tall being had green skin and wore no clothes. He was thin and had a long neck. His head was bald, his skull slightly larger than human at the back, and he had beautiful slanted eyes, sparkly inside in purple and garnet tones. I noticed he had five long elegant fingers at each hand. This was happening for a reason and as the being remained silent I understood I probably needed to ask questions.

Are you the ones who contacted Gene Roddenberry?, I asked.
“Yes”, he replied.
“Because we knew there was going to be a temporal war and we needed to create a bridge.”
As he spoke these words into my head or shall I rather say as he resonated these words within my consciousness, his holographic language contained far more than words. It carried content, each thought module carried a story embedded in it. That is how I grasped that this breed he mentioned was a bond from the past to the future, securing a progressive timeline, a star trek future so to speak, by giving a huge download of information to a group of humans at one specific moment in time. The nine collective's intention was to embed into the collective unconscious of humanity the roots of their progressive future helping humans manifesting it by the creative power of their mind. They enticed Gene Roddenberry and his entourage to create a popular series that would affect deeply and powerfully the consciousness of humanity of earth for the generations to come. They gave a template which was planned to unfold over a period of time, throughout series and movies. Star Trek resonated deeply within the consciousness of humanity, better than any other science fiction production ever made to this day. Maybe equaled by Star Wars but only because it was so good and referred to the Orion wars. Star Trek echoed an existing future reality by quantum resonance. This was the bridge!

I asked, and has this bridge worked?
“Yes it has”, he replied. “Now we are here at the other end of the bridge. You crossed the bridge to your future. We are here, we are the Nine.”

As his words resonated in my being I was sent backwards into this vortex, sucked back into my dimensional body on earth. The disorienting sensation of being molecularly scattered infinitely reversed into compact form again. I reintegrated my body. The tall white lady was still here in my room, holding space to relay contact to the Nine collective. She smiled and vanished in the air. A smell of ozone lingered for a few minutes. I took a deep breath. My head was spinning with vertigo, but I managed to grab my phone and record my experience.