27/10/2021 – ARDAANA's message to Humans of Earth


My name is Ardana. I commander of the military forces of the galactic federation of worlds in this outpost in your star system. I am asking you to remain strong for the battle is not over yet. All your undergrounds have been cleared. Your moon has been liberated and all the other places in this star system have been saved from great darkness. Still on your planet Terra the last stronghold of evil, as you call it, is what lingers after the battle on the battlefield.

It is up to you to let it go. It is up to you to stand up and speak for yourself. The choice is now in your hands. We've liberated the great evil from your planet. It is now up to you to choose freedom, to not remain attached to what lingers after the dark has gone, all beings that were not part of your planet. And while working with your dark governments have gone. Now it is up to you to stand up this is not our victory this is yours. We've taken care of anything that was not from your Terra.

Now it is up to you to take care of what is of your terra. Stand up for yourselves, put an end to the mind control, soar in your individuality, in your power. May your mind be just only yours. You do not belong to anyone or anything else than yourself.

It is now time that you take your destiny in hands. We have done our work. Do not forget to do yours. Stand up, fight, take down the humans that still want to control you. Their great strong support has gone, all the non-terrestrial beings that were supporting them have gone. We've expelled them, we've cleaned their mess.

Now it is up to you to finish the job, because what remains of the job is not ours to do. We facilitated your victory. It is now up to you to put the last stone on the monument of victory.

Stand up, speak for yourselves, end this mind control and fear, because all of this is an illusion of their power. They have lost, victory is in your hands.

The last part in this great adventure. You are going to play it. And it is now.

This was a message from high commander Ardana from the galactic federation of worlds.

Soar humans of Terra on the path of your destiny.