27/10/2021 – Q&A - Updates & Galactic family II - Oct 27 2021


Situation update

Tonight is a very special moment. Tonight I announce you that the war in the undergrounds of earth is over. The baddies have been kicked out and the last two strong holds of the Dark: Dulce and Area 51 have fallen in the hands of the earth alliance. Prisoners, hybrids, hostages are still being evacuated, taken on board ships to the moon where they are healed and taken care of in the lunar operation command, that has been transformed and reassigned by the galactic federation and the Earth alliance.

These times are great times, because the evil influences from other spaces have left Earth. Two weeks ago the Galactic Federation had caught Eban greys fleeing Dulce bays. They were kept prisoners on the battle station of the Federation in stasis. The frequency key of their hive consciousness has been found at that time. When the Federation found the key, they disconnected the hive from all structures in this star system. The greys, the Nebu were all disoriented. And now the last of them have been kicked out of planet. It is great times.

So what does it mean? It means that now we are heading towards new times, where humanity is going to be free, but it doesn't mean it's going to happen now, tomorrow morning for instance. It means it's going to take time to change the system, to readapt to freedom. The bird who spends all his life in a cage, once the door is open the bird remains in the cage. It doesn't know that it can fly and that there's a whole world outside, because the bird was born in the cage or the cave (talking about the underground). That's a metaphor.

Last night I received a message from high commander Ardana. For those who don't know her, that's the lady you see in the picture in this video thumbnail. She is the high commander of the battle station of the Galactic Federation of worlds in this outpost in this star system. I think the best thing is to play this message. She gave it to me. I read it and recorded it and I hope you enjoy what she is going to say, because this is a very important message! So here is speaking High commander Ardana.

Message from Ardana

My name is Ardana, high commander of the military forces of the Galactic federation of worlds in this outpost in your star system.

I am asking you to remain strong, for the battle is not over yet. All your undergrounds have been cleared, your moon has been liberated and all the other places in this star system have been saved from great darkness, still on your planet Terra.
The last stronghold of evil as you call it is what lingers after the battle on the battlefield. It is up to you to let it go. It is up to you to stand up and speak for yourself. The choice is now in your hands. We've liberated the great evil from your planet. It is now up to you to choose freedom, to not remain attached to what lingers after the dark has gone. All the beings that were not part of your planet and who were working with your dark governments have gone. Now it is up to you to stand up. This is not our victory, this is yours. We've taken care of anything that was not from your Terra.

Now it is up to you to take care of what is of your Terra. Stand up for yourselves, put an end to the mind control. Soar in your individuality, in your power.

May your mind be just only yours. You do not belong to anyone or anything else than yourself. It is now time that you take your destiny in hands. We have done our work, do not forget to do yours. Stand up, fight, take down the humans who still want to control you. Their great strong support has gone, all the non-terrestrial beings that were supporting them have gone. We've expelled them. We've cleaned their mess. Now. it is up to you to finish the job, because what remains of the job is not ours to do. We facilitated your victory. It is now up to you to put the last stone on the monument of victory.

Stand up, speak for yourselves, end this mind control and fear, because all of this is an illusion of their power. They have lost. Victory is in your hands.

The last part in this great adventure: you are going to play it and it is now.


Elena: This was a message from high commander Ardana from the Galactic federation of worlds. Soar, humans of terra on the path of your destiny.

You just heard commander Ardana speaking through my voice. The message she gave me is filled with a great advice. What is she telling us, is that the Galactic Federation in coordination with the Earth alliance have done a great job, cleaning up this star system from forces, us civilians couldn't face ourselves because of the technology, because of the power, because of the intelligence in battle. It has been a temporal war, dimensional war and on many level as well: spiritual, intellectual, physical.

The war fought in the underground was the most despicable war the federation has fought, as long as soldiers can remember. Why these men and women from the Earth alliance both humans of Earth and humans and beings from other places in the galaxy fighting together, what they have seen: it's the depth of horror. It is not necessary to go and try to imagine these things. We will know one day. The meager idea I have is already unbearable and I cannot even speak it. So what Ardana says to us, is that the forces in power military able to get rid of this very powerful extraterrestrial enemy have accomplished their task and now the Earth is ours.

What does it mean? It means that it is up to us now to finish the job, is up to us to do our part, the last part on the victory. It is up to us to finish it by standing up as she says, by embracing a sovereignty. We are the bird in the cage when the door has just been open and we're just looking outside and we don't see anything has changed. Yeah door is open and what? That's where we are at the moment. All it takes is to go through the door and open our wings and fly, because that is happening for the first time in human history on this planet. Standing up and finishing the job. The extraterrestrials, the allies of humanity have taken care of getting rid of the extraterrestrial threat.

It is up to us now, to get rid of the human threat, what we can face. And this is a challenge that is necessary for humanity. The Galactic Federation and the high council are not here to steal our victory from ourselves. They are here to facilitate it as she said. They've cleared the ground and now it is up to us to do our job to do, what we need to do in order to evolve. And this in life it's never for nothing, this is meant to help us grow and mature. It is a challenge! If we manage to pass this challenge – well, we grow in awareness in consciousness. We need to stand up, to face it and to do what we have to do: fight, fight for freedom. The cage is now an illusion.

It is not going to change like this. What is going to happen is that now all the deep state powers in place, which are collapsing, which don't have any support from the Orion group, while all of these people, we need to stand against them, because they are going to try to hold their positions. The good extraterrestrial allies are not going to come and just shoot them or take them away and solve our problems for ourselves. No! They're not here for that, because it wouldn't be a service to give to us. It is us to do it – that's the point. We need to do this, we need to go through this. It is necessary step for our evolution and to learn how to get on with each other.

This is what we need to do: Heal inside in order to be at peace with the others and with each other. That is what we need to do. If we don't do that there's no way forward. If we keep on arguing, if we keep on complying to a power to an emperor that has no clothes – well it is our problem. If this is something very important you need to understand.

Now victory is in our hands as Ardana said, it is in your hands. It means that you need to stand up to realize that you have the right not to consent to be mind controlled. They are using illusions nowadays remaining humans in power they're using manipulation, a lot of manipulation. When you are aware of that, you're not controlled anymore. That's the time.

The galactic federation has opened the door of the cage for us, now it is up to us to fly through it. They cannot fly through it for us. So this is the message which is very important, that you need really to understand.

Many people ask, when trials or arrests will go and … Stop asking “when people will do that. when people will do this”! Do something yourself! It starts to you, it starts around you. And if everyone makes a change around them well, the world changes very fast.
We've been educated here in a society that ask us to sit and wait and kneel and obey. But that's over. We need to stand up and act. And the best act we can do is of course raise our frequency, but do not consent to be tricked, to be manipulated.

I think the message has been clear.

Now there is something I need to tell you that is going to be encoded, because I cannot say these words here. I am asking you if you understand what I am about to talk about, not to write these words in the chat or this video, because they will be deleted straight away.

Last night when I was in contact with Ardana she received a visit of two beings, two envoys from the inter-galactic confederation, who are in our star system at the moment, two magnificent male tall whites. These beings talk by a telepathic language. I told you about this already and each thought they send is like a picture, a hologram that contains data. That's their telepathic writing, codes. As I was connected with Ardana I kept in her vibration and I saw these two beings entering bother each other and I caught one fractal of code that this being was sending to Ardana. I saw a picture. Now I'm going to use the coding. The picture represented the little squid spiders that are put in the bodies of people. So I'm going to call them now “the squid spiders”. At that moment I wanted to listen to this conversation and Ardana was feeling worried and she looked at me, she said that I should not tell this to anyone, unless my safety would be challenged. But we spoke about it and I finally protected enough to be allowed to tell you this. These little squids are Nebu technology, it's Orion technology. It is used in changing an organism to transmute the genome for hybridization directly. They are sentient beings, artificial, they should have been controlled and linked to the Orion hive, but now it's disconnected, the Orion hive is disconnect from the star system. That won't happen, but it causes a lot of harm to the genome.

What the inter-galactic confederation has brought with them is a technology able to kill these squids. The reason why Ardana was hesitant for me to tell this, it's because she had a concern that people would then see no problem to in gravitate the squid, to “eat” the squids. And that is wrong! You must not eat these squids! It is very harmful, even if they are dead their genetic sticks to yours and I don't know how is this technology working, but it just modifies it. So anyway, do not eat them!

What the intergalactic confederation brought as a technology, they have started since they arrived to broadcast a very specific precise high frequency, coupled to a specific electromagnetic radiation. I maybe not employ the right words but it is about the same keys and open portals. You know keys made with frequency electromagnetic and energy is not here So they are broadcasting very high frequency into the Earth magnetosphere and this is killing the squids.

When Thor Han tells you all the time “raise your frequency!” with a finger, you have no idea I mean even myself at the start I had no idea how important and crucial it is to keep your vibration high, your emotions high, you raise your frequency. But there is more to it. You can use sound. Above 4000 hertz it starts to kill the squids. I do not know the Herz or the technology or the measurements that the intergalactic configuration uses, it's very complex, it's not as simple as that. But they have 20 000 years advanced in technology so that's just what they do. Squids are being killed.
So these high frequencies have been explained that sometimes you can hear them, because it's not constant bombarding the whole planet, because it will cause a lot of disruption in the magnetic field and it would be too not good for the balance of all the inhabitants of earth. So what they do, they broadcast it regarding to the currents (you know the earth has electromagnetic currents). So they use that and in balance with them. Sometimes a zone, an area on earth will receive more of these frequencies and then it will go to another place and it works like this, to respect the balance of nature of this planet, not to cause harm. So it's done very precisely. Sometimes since a little while since the these people have arrived in our star system you may have noticed, well it was three about three weeks ago, some of you may have heard very high frequency in their ears or their head. That's what it is: very high pitch, whistle. That's what it is. It's not constant, it's sometimes because I told you they don't do that uniformly around the earth.

So yes the squids are destroyed. But that doesn't mean you can have them! No! Anyway, do not eat them! It's harmful, it's alien technology, it's grey Nebu technology, the most vicious technology in this galaxy. Do not do not eat them! I cannot decrypt more. It is up to you now to understand. Do not eat them. If you have, you're gonna be fine. it's gonna be all right. You will need time to regenerate, but and technologies are arriving. There are a lot of all the medical technology that is now used on the moon. well it's going to be also it's I started to be available on earth. So you will be informed. Some hospitals in many places in the world have already, science medical science for that. So this is how things are.

I recommend for more details to go and read the fantastic article written by Dr. Michael Salla on his website www.exopolitics.org and watch also his youtube channel. He made a video giving the latest updates of high commander Val Nek given by his contact Megan…

Now the victory is in our hands. What are we going to do with that? We still need to do some job and not the least. Ardhana said “the last stone on a monument of victory”. I think that is very meaningful.

I see a lot of questions about politicians. You will know in time. Do not focus your energy to try to know outwards what is going on for politic people or celebrities. You are wasting your time.
You need to focus on yourself on becoming a being that you are of higher density, a being of higher frequency. You need to focus on you getting out of the cage, yourself, and act as being on the planet. Say that we do not consent to tyranny. they do not consent to fear and they fly out of the cage and they do whatever they want.

Freedom is the every little thing every day, freedom is freedom to breathe, freedom to walk around. Freedom to hug each other, freedom to drink and eat everything you want, freedom to say anything you want, to sing, to speak, to run. When all these little daily freedoms are suffocated and taken away from you in the name of the freedom of the society of greater freedom of the country that's wrong, that's tyranny, that's manipulation. Concentrate on getting out of the cage.

Time lines

There is only one timeline. That's a question I have very often. I have a lot of questions also about timelines.

When I say we've stepped on the positive and constructive timeline, it's like a train. Evolution is a train on rails, sometimes you have bifurcations. You cannot be in the both bifurcation at the same time, you need to take a choice. Telling people that there are so many different timelines is becoming lazy. No, the train is going always on one set of rails! That's how things are.

Okay, we're not talking here about parallel universe, we are talking about what's happening in this universe, this dimension where we exist. You have a behavior train, just rolling away, and then you have two choices: the train is going to go to something very dark or something very bright. Well we were at that intersection for a while, and now the train has taken the bright trail. There is no second train, third train. No, there's one train that's earth! There is not going to be a double of earth. People who tell you that is going to be earth is going to clone itself and only the chosen ones will go on it, that's either they don't know what they say, either they're manipulated by people who want to distract.

I remind you that you are beings who come from a place of eternal consciousness, where life and death, where time doesn't exist. That's who we all are. And we carry in a memory of our eternal souls, the memories of everything we've seen, heard, learned, been. If we reconnect with who we are, we remember all these things. We remember what a timeline is.
The knowledge – we have it. We just need to reconnect within us. We do not need to go and look for it to people who say they have it. No one has the right to tell you what to do. I just even what I tell you of my intel it's delivered to you and you have the free will to take it, to leave it. to do whatever it inspires you to do.

The galactic federation is not going to leave. They are here, they will stay. they will keep an outpost in our star system and look after us. The intergalactic confederation is here for a while after they have base on earth anyway.

Q: Will there still be crimes on Terra?

Well humans are humans. There will be always little crimes, but no more great conflicts. And one day there will be no really crimes at all. I've seen civilizations that are so advanced, that they forget what it is to argue with each other. They discuss, okay. They exchange opinions, perspectives and each and reach each other, because you need people who bring you other perspectives, because it triggers your mind and it helps you advance sometimes. This will happen one day. It will, it is going to happen.

All starts within healing ourselves and stop being in a conflict energy. Compassion, if you don't understand why the other person reacts like this. It's fine, the person has its reasons, their wounds. And one day humanity is going to be like these beings of higher evolution that I've seen. I've been told, I've seen.

And I'm going to tell you something. That is distinct to all the starseeds and envoys. In three hundred and something years from now in the future the Andromedan council had foreseen this war, the birth of this dark alliance and they have asked Galactic Federation to intervene. They themselves came as well. And at that moment was created the envoy program, the starseed program to send backwards in time souls before dark alliance forms, and start to awaken people. Young souls that would be mature now.

So I want you to realize that, if you are part of the starseed program – you come from the future. You can by resonance connect to the future 300 years from now. And now it has changed on earth and see how it is. Time exists where there is gravity, time is not linear, it's not what you think you know. It is difficult to comprehend when you live in a linear time, but there's so much we can comprehend when we get out of this body and we reconnect with who we are.

Q: Is it safe to do astral travel?

It's like channeling. No, not yet! I tell you why: because even if the earth is liberated from the bad aliens, crap still roams around: bad entities. And the deep state. they are still using their mind controls technologies. This needs to be dismantled – that that's our job, that's the job of earth humans. So it's still not safe.

If you astral travel naturally from birth you have natural protections, that's fine. If you've learned that by yourself and you force it. you have no protection you need to have some protections. I wouldn't advise to do this if you're not an experienced shaman or someone who has that from birth. Not now! Wait, wait! There is still a lot of AI roaming around. These ones will go, it will take a few years, maybe it will take a while.

Q: How are the envoys going to go back home?

After discorporation, after this body is cut from the soul, you need to leave this avatar, you're stuck in it until you leave it this avatar just dies. That's it. So you've chosen all, everyone all the star seeds who have come here, I have chosen the lifespan for specific reason, because things need to be done in this lifespan. Certain of us are going to live quickly, because the specific mission they had chosen has done. Some others are going to live very long, have chosen to stay here very long, to see the new world. And I think many of us will see it. The new world is already today, every second is new. Remember, every second is a portal. The new world happens every second.

I want to say a few words now regarding to last week's video, where we were talking about galactic family for certain of you. I want you to remember because I've read a lot of comments about that: please remember, that you've chosen to be here! You've left behind families, husbands, wives, children to come and act in a horrible war between three empires: Nebu, Ciakharr and Nachwaffe (Dark fleet) and that's the evil triangle, and well the forces of balance: the federation and the high councils. You've chosen this. Remember you are here of your free will, free decision. You knew it was going to be like this. It's not easy, it's not a vacation. I know many of you miss home, they're home as normal. But may this missing of home not alter your focus on your mission. It is time we stop complaining that we are missing home and we want to be back in the pleiades or whatever. Come on, did you come for that to complain that you want to go back home?

No, certainly not! You came here to kick gray arses and scaly arses. We've been kicking the the lizards and the grey arses a lot, certain of us more than others. Now we are going to help these humans to rebuild their world, their planet to take it back, to encourage the bird to fly through the open door of the cage. That's why we came.

I’m still waiting for the Deems device. It's gone come and gone three times the post by the baddies don't want me to have it. So I mean it's a good thing.