24/10/2021 – WARNING from Thor Han about delusions & impersonations - Oct 24 2021


I am here speaking on behalf of commander Thor Han Eredyon. He wants to inform you that there has been a lot of manipulation lately since myself and Megan Rose started to give intel regarding to the actual events in the star system. A lot of counter-intelligence has tried to blurry and get in the way of our intel. Megan and myself have been attacked a lot and in different many ways.

Commander Thor Han Eredyon wishes to tell you as a warning, that he is not communicating, neither giving intel, neither meeting other persons than myself Elena Danaan. Commander Thor Han Eredyon speaks also on behalf of commander Val Nek, who also is communicating only with Megan.

This message is to tell you, that they have not only the time to contact other people, but it is not their roles. They are military personal and they are not the only one in the Galactic Federation of worlds. They do not have the intent to communicate with other emissaries. They are just doing their job.

Before I published my book “a gift from the stars” no one was pretending channeling or meeting Thor Han or Val Nek or Ciladion or Ardana or Myrah, because I had not brought to the world the awareness of their existence. When my first book was published, lonely women wanting exotic alien boyfriends were dreaming about meeting Thor Han as they dreamt meeting Val Thor or people from other worlds. That was fine, it is a normal, a natural thing to wish these things and I wasn't really paying attention, because it was just natural fantasy of other women. It was alright, entitled.

When I publish my second book “we will never let you down” I brought the awareness to the world of Celedion, a young beautiful long blonde hair Ahel man. Before this no one was mentioning his name. After the publication of my book women started to pretend they were channeling him or being sister of Celedion or girlfriend of Celedion. Celadion denied everything, it was only phantasms – and it was okay, it was all right. Same happened for Val Nek. Suddenly he had so many girlfriends and twin flames and channelers. It's all right to fantasize, it's fine, it's natural. Enjoy. Men write to me to fantasize about me. You're entitled, there's nothing I can't say. Well, I'm a honoured. Not in a perf way please!

But now things took to a new level, which is not right, which is not something good, because it is manipulated by the dark side, because Megan and myself brought the words and the intel from commander Thor Han and Ardana. It bothered the dark side because we were saying the truth that could be verified in many ways and was. So the dark one thought a counter-attack. How to suffocate our intel by bringing other false intels by pretended Val Nek and Thor Han? Suddenly a wave came from a front. Many women suddenly started to channel either Val Nek and Thor Han or others, pretending because they have been rescued by them, that they kept contact with them and have some of them pretend they are very linked to them. These people are used, because these are not real memories! These are not the real me, Val Nek and Thor Han and Celadion and Ardana. These are not the real ones. You are being played, you are being fooled if this happens to you. Either you dream and it's fine. Or either – except it's a dream – you are being used by the dark ones as tools against us.

I really want you to understand that AI – even if the grays have gone – the deep state is still operating and before leaving these grays have implanted this AI and you are being played. You are being fooled. They AI can even infiltrate your head of course and if you have already your head infiltrated by AI by false memories you go for hypnosis session. It may even be with a safe person who does that well. This AI will talk on your behalf, the hypnotherapist will not notice it's not you talking. The hypnotherapist will never know, the AI would speak on your behalf and said things that will be used against us.

So Thor Han wanted today to pass a message through me. If you believe you are talking to Val Nek, Thor Han Eredyon, high commander Ardana, Celedion or Myrah even, your are not! This is screen memory. You are being used.

So I want to warn also all the public that if you see other people coming up, saying they are in contact with commander Val Nek or Thor Han, or Ardana, Myrah or Celedion – people we are in contact with – this is fake, this is totally fake! These people are being used and fooled. Do not believe them! Val Nek and Thor Han only communicate with us, because we have a link with them and because we are chosen to pass on messages.

The Galactic Federation of worlds is hundreds of thousands of personal. When women come out, saying that they are in contact with them ,they are being played by the dark side. I just want to be you to be aware of this.

This was Elena speaking on behalf of commander Thor Han Eredyon

“Do not blame some people for their ignorance, for the are only victims of psychological operations testing them as lab animals. They still have a long walk until realizing they have been fooled, and it is part or their path of evolution in consciousness. It is not the believers who are to blame, but the belief makers.” T. H. Eredyon

Be safe