This text was given by Cmdr Thor Han Eredyon to Dr. Michael Salla, to be read at the occasion of the celebration of the Star Visitor Center in Hawaii, in Spring 2021 (You can find this text published in my book : "We Will Never Let You Down"). These words make more and more sense as time unfolds...

Thor Han Eredyon – Galactic Federation of Worlds

To the people of Terra

There are coming times of understanding
When we will know each other through our differences
Accepting through differences our common status as members of the same cosmic family
We have come from far and near
We have come from Space and time to lend our hand in love and peace
We came to fight alongside your armies for justice and balance for freedom and for live
For the rights and dignity of all sentient life forms in this galaxy
Honoring and defending the great universal principle of evolution
Serving and preserving the values that bind us all together in the woven web of cosmic consciousness serving and preserving all life as yours
We are people like you, only born somewhere else but in the embrace of source
We are members of the same family
The Galactic Federation of Worlds and the higher councils are welcoming Terra with pride and love into the new galactic era and a future of limitless possibilities
All will be well at the end

T. H. Eredyon