21/10/2021 – THE FINAL COUNTDOWN - musical message from Val Nek / Oct 21/2021


This is a musical message; it is up to us to find out its meaning. I made this video after Megan Rose told me she received a message from her contact Val Nek, who sent to her this music as a message. Thor Han often does the same with me, and he has been doing this since a very long time. It was amusing to compare similar experience with Megan. This of course makes total sense, because Val Nek and Thor Han are great space buddies and they used to work together a lot, as part of the same rescue team, for years. So we had no surprise finding out that they were both using the same way of sending us “hint” messages via popular songs. Here is this one, amazing omen from the 1980's, which is of complete relevance in this present moment...

(short video)