21/10/2021 – American Horseshit Story, my reaction



This is a message addressed to the producers and the creators of the series “American horror story”. In the last two episodes you've been too far. You've discredited and offended of some people, spreading false information throughout a popular series. You are doing harm, you are offending the memory Dwight Eisenhower, great-grandfather of my friend Laura Eisenhower. You depict scenes in this movie horrendously offending my friend great-grandmother, showing her being raped by violent Thor under the eyes of Dwight. How wicked, pathetic and miserable is this! If the beings that order you to do this series that are manipulating you, the beings for who you're working, if they have asked you to do such a thing that means they're really losing and losing their head as well because, this is ridiculous.

My name is Elena Danaan, I am an extraterrestrial contactee and I met in person three times and Val Thor is not the person depicted in this series. This is all a contrary. Val Thor is an amazing man with a heart of gold, a loving person, a father, a husband. He came on earth in 1957 to help Dwight Eisenhower to receive the agreements that had been made with the grays, the infamous Orion group by the MJ-12, by Dwight's back government, shadow governments. Dwight wasn't okay for that, he never wanted to sign. We know this and there are so many people who can confirm this. I got this confirmed face to face with the real Val Thor. He came to repair what had been done setting up programs with the us navy in the pentagon to fight back these agreements. Val Thor put in place technological exchange with the US navy, with Dwight Eisenhower to help us to assist us, humans to fight back.

In this series you depict the contrary. This is not right, not now. There are limits to what you can do and you cross the boundary. I am a contactee, I met Val Thor and all of you depict the narrative is pure pathetic lies. I am asking that you redraw these episodes. It spreads a false image besides lying about the truth you also insult the memory of this great man Dwight Eisenhower and his wife Mamie who in your episode in your movie is raped by Valiant Thor under the eyes of her husband. How, I mean there's no word to qualify this except pathetic.

You redraw this crap and you make a statement saying that this wasn't the truth, that is just fantasy and the truth is that Eisenhower never signed with the grays and Valiant was a good man. If you want more information I wrote it all there but that's not the point.

You're gonna get in trouble.