20/10/2021 – Q&A Galactic Family



Meditation only:



Tonight we are going to explore all what it is about contacting aliens basically: What to do what not to do. This is a very important topic.

Book reviews

“Facing the shadow, embracing the light” by Niara Terela Isley


Niara is someone incredible, She was taken in the super soldier programs, she was abducted, she went through all the horrors of experiment and she really tells a story. She was on mars, she was on the moon, she went through such a suffering. Niara to me it's like Tony Rodriguez – it's the same people, no ego, no blah blah. They are who they are, they don't pretend to be superhumans, they don't pretend to be super souls. They are normies, normies who are abducted and went through shit, but normies like you and I. And they are very simple, Niara like Tony they are very simple. Tony wrote his book, this book is ready, you can pre-order it. I can't wait to have mine. Niara I like this book because I had a few chats with her and I here it is: I had two chats with her and I even interviewed her – you can see an interview on my channel. Niara has been really covered by the media, and she is well known. So she describes all her story in this book.
But what makes this book special is that Niara recounts, how you can know the deepest, the most vile darkness, the vilest things honestly, honestly and raise and grow from it and transmute the negative events that happen in your life into something that makes you sore and spread your wings. Niara to me the perfect example of the awakening. It's the extremes, she knew the extremes in the bad and she discovered by balance the extreme in the in the light. Well she wouldn't say it like this.

This book is a formidable lesson of life. It's a lesson of healing and more than this: it's about the alchemy of the soul. Through Niara story you can really – everyone who's been through some trauma relates to the energy: how do you heal, how do you rise and beyond, embrace your higher self. So I really recommend this book, it is life changing.


“Ascension 101” by Kimberley Palm:

The second book also about ascension. It's a lady I interviewed and she's a friend of mine: Kimberly Palm. She wrote this book “ascension 101”. It is basically the bible of attention. If you go you're going through it and you don't understand. She's going to explain to you what ascension is, what can you do to help going through this. Remedies, plants, exercise, energy work – everything. I think it's a formidable guide to your ascension.


“Um Presente das Estrellas” by Elena Danaan,
Portuguese translation of "A Gift From The Stars

… You can find it on Amazon now. A nice person, a professional translated it in Portuguese. I wouldn't be able to pronounce, even the title so even though I speak seven languages.


What a ride, isn't it, since two years. It has been such a journey, and I can't wait to see where it leads. Well I have a little idea. You remember, I went on board this Methon ship and I saw in the looking glass and I saw beautiful future, because that's where we are. We are on a good timeline and there will be no double, triple earth. It's the same planet. Planets have consciousnesses, they have souls, you can call it Gaia if you want. I like it, it's the Greek goddess of earth, the mother earth, Gaia. A lot of Greek names, Greek mythology is helping everyone going through the ascension.

But also you know is also used to counter this ascension, and I want to speak a little bit about this counterintelligence. I made a video yesterday about a message to humanity and inside it's there are some words I say about what does a psyop looks like, and how does the enemy tries to bring us down before being totally exterminated. … Now Gaia is evolving, Terra, earth or whatever name in your country you give to this planet is shifting into not only a higher density space on the trajectory of the star system in this galaxy. But also her consciousness Terra is also going through her dark night of the soul, and we're all on it, and we all go with it. It's a process, it's an alchemy, it's a process, it's life, it's a natural process. It's like a butterfly in the cocoon, is like a caterpillar in its time. Things need to be done in time and folded process grounded in each moment throughout the transformation.
So the ascension is not something that happened like this. It's a long process. So there is there are no events needed to trigger it, it's a clock. When it's ready, it's ready. We've all been caterpillars and we will all be butterflies. Patience is part of the learning of the lessons. Patience is important because when you are impatient, you don't do the work properly, and you are going to go for easy solutions, finding answers outside. It's like cooking a meal. Cooking a meal isn't alchemy (French woman in me is talking now) it's a ritual. Cooking a nice meal it's a ritual, and at the end you're going to share it and enjoy it. Grounded in each moment with all your senses – that's the awakening needs to go through the fires. All the ingredients.
If you go to go and buy fast food outside, you go to the cheaper, the kebab or supermarket, an already made dish. It's not the same. You wouldn't have gone through the process of cooking. Finding outside solutions – you don't know what you're gonna eat. You don't know what's in it. It can be poison, can be heavy metals, can be all sort of things. But when you do it yourself it is right. Just right for you and those you want to share with.

This is the ascension and all this q&a tonight is about patience and work and inner journey. I will tell you in a short while about connecting with your soul group. I prepared a meditation video that I will play and after we will talk about it.

Connecting with your spirit guides and soul group is not difficult. What is difficult is getting there to the point just before you can connect from where you stand now to this point.

There's a lot of work to do.


I'm going to talk about my adventures, meeting the inter-galactic confederation. Yes, that was unexpected. Who are they? Okay I'm going to recapitulate the update. As the war in the star system has been nearly won, well it's won, no way back, but needs to finish the job: keep on fighting, keep on raising your frequency.

Visitors from other galaxies came into this star system. Now you start to be really accustomed to the terms star systems and galaxies, …These visitors are the intergalactic confederation or super confederation, if you want to call them like this it's it's fine. It's anyway translation from alien language and the languages they use these people are not all spoken languages.
I had the opportunity to contact them to connect them. So I'm going to tell the story from the start.

First I connected with Thor Han by telepathy. He was on board Ohorai ship. Ohorai is well known under the name Arcturians to use an earth term. Spherical ship with Ohorai people on it. Though they look like the Andromedans they are related. They are tall humanoid, blue skin, a larger skull and slender beautiful people. They are sixth density, so they are density a little bit higher.
Thor Han was wearing a smartsuit with a large density belt, to be in the density they were going to connect with. The ships of the intergalactic confederation were parked, stationed I would say, in in a large area of space. Very large area of space, because they are very huge and a lot of ships, I'd say maybe 30 something like that. That's a lot. The discoidal and I made a drawing.

The area behind Jupiter, Ganymede and another moon reddish moon. This intergalactic confederation came into our star system to witness our victory, to witness the evolution of humankind and to meet the representatives of earth and representatives of the galactic federation of Nataru (of worlds, this galaxy), the Andromedan council and also representatives of the council of five. They all met on Ganymede.
There's there are a few different facilities on Ganymede. It's a big moon, it's a planet and I've had the opportunity, you can see that in my book “We will never let you down” to go on the Ginvo council of five facility on Ganymede. I tell everything about it in that and I could, since they were preparing something there, because Thor Han was giving to this Ginvo officer at the time last year some data, and they were just moving around holographic screen with star systems in it and planets. I didn't know what they were doing, it was like secret.

Well, the inter-galactic confederation, the officials are meeting, all these other officials on Ganymede. Not only I don't think it's in the Ginvo facility, it's in the facility of the galactic federation of worlds, they have there too. For what, why are they here? I told you to witness the victory. Why did they bother? Because the inter-galactic confederation they take care of a lot a lot of galaxies, and they do not take personally particularly involvement in little stories. The thing is that Terra is not a little story. The Terrean wars in influx on the fate of the this whole galaxy, the milky way.

They were they are here at the moment to decide how are we going to make contact with them, how they are going to all of them, make contact with earthlings, civilian contact. I'm talking now about official civilian contact, because contact has been made since a very long time. Since the 1940s the galactic federation has started working with the governments. So you know they are already among us, already working with us and the earth alliance is 50 aliens and earthlings, they're already here. Contact is already here.
But they're talking about open civilian contact, because when once this war will be over and peace will settle the dust will settle, then we will be able to withstand such a public contact, because all the militaries that have been trained to work in the earth alliance or US navy or other countries military space force, especially they have been trained and by to bear sanely meeting aliens, because you know they are not all humanoids. You have weird stuff out there. So you need to know that. Technology some a lot of technology is shocking and a lot of life forms may shock you too. So this all of this is being discussed and how these civilian contacts are going to being put in place, because that's where we're going, humanity is going. We are to join membership with the galactic federation sooner or later. It's going to happen because we're going to have the protection. So that's what's been discussed at the moment.

These beings are called themselves Seeders, because they are geneticists, scientists and they seed life on barren worlds, they protect life. That's what they do. And they brought human genome in Nataru. our galaxy – first in the Lyra constellation in the Man system was the first. They've been monitoring us as well and being active in our creation. I remind you that we have 22 different genome and only one is from earth. Seeders.

When I asked Thor Han what is the equivalent of the name, he said “Ort oraatu” that's the name of the intergalactic confederation, and they name themselves the guardians. In Tami language it's “Do” the guardians, those who look after, in the sense watch over something, not stalking but watching.

So Thor Han was on this Ohorai ship and he was approaching one of the motherships of the intergalactic confederation, and I could follow everything through his own eyes. They went under the belly of the mothership, and they went in. It was it's like a huge flying saucer but inside it's like it's very organic, it's like a living body. It's very impressive, but it's constructed structure, it's not a living organism, but it looks like. And of course it's alive, you know it's artificial intelligence. We went in and it was like eternal very organic shapes right in and it was like clusters of crystals and lights. It was really beautiful.

I saw two types of beings. Tall whites with long hair, very translucent. And these ones – I no idea who they are at the time.

Thor Han went out of the ship and he met them, these two groups of aliens. There are so many just like the galaxy federation of worlds, but there's so many people, and addressed to him by telepathy. So that language is very impressive. It's frequency language, it's not emotional language. It resembles telepathy, but it's not telepathy it's frequency. They broadcast from their brain by the consciousness of frequency thoughts directly the frequency. You know, the brain, every thought we have emits a neuromagnetic signature. Well they were doing that directly and Thor Han was receiving these frequencies and it was like little ideograms, keys. And each key was carrying data, frequency key. It looked like glowing pulses of light, but very complicated inside with patterns, geometry and like codes. And every code was carrying a thought, emotion, vision, words, concept. And that's how they communicate. And you can hear also, it has a sound. It's not painful but it's very high pitch, it's like the dolphins soun or humpback whales sounds, like this this kind of language. It was very interesting. They can talk as well.

So Thor Han went back on board the whole right ship and left. The following night I was invited. Yes!

So that one was a tiring one, because I needed to be shifted in a higher frequency than I'm used to. These beings can go down in frequency and be at our level, third density. They have even bases on earth. There's an outpost in these himalayas that they have and they are perfectly 3d. They can do that. They have their uniforms, their smartsuits and everything, they can do that. But I was invited to go to their level. When they met the earth ambassadors and everyone they went down in frequency to meet them physically at that time. It was a challenge, Thor Han likes to take me in challenges, so I, and I like to play along with it.
So we went also on board one of these ships. I was taken physically and we went where the mother ships were. I was starting to be a little bit dizzy, even if I had the belt because the density was high already in the Ohorai ship which is a sphere. All right there's no doors, you go through the walls. Walls are like light, like light walls and you walk through them and it's like energy fields. That's really weird. Why they have walls? I don't know. Anyway, same way.
We went through this tunnel inside of this belly of the ship, but it was in another place and it was less organic in that area. There was way more people, and it was more constructed. I can remember it was like walking on a bridge on board the mother ship of the galactic federation when I go often.
There were many races I had never seen before, and I don't know their names, weird stuff. I've started doing some drawings and I have a drawing to show you. A lady came to me, a lady from these tall beings and they are very glowing, they have a very glowing skin. She was beautiful, taller than me, slim, dressed with a white bit glowing silvery suit, very tight to the body, a neck like this, long white hair, like Asian eyes. She was beautiful and she spoke to me. She started speaking to me in this language and I had difficulties I have to say. I was very emotional and this frequency language is so high, so intense that my head was buzzing. I had a migraine after that and my return the following day, it was the high of the high vibrations. She made me welcome and she was accompanied of other beings. Here is a drawing.

That's her here. I don't know the race of this guy on the right, he was wearing like medieval earth clothes, He's not reptilian, it's a weird real race. I'll show you this one on the left, and there was a little one. I never seen grays with eyes like this. He is a gray, but the eyes were very narrow and slanted like this. I never seen these grays in Nataru. I never seen them like this.
But what made me emotional was the tall one behind this one. He is the most advanced race in genetics. I know their names. There are names that you've already heard before.

This lady in the middle, she belongs to a race named Egoni. That's the Egony, very ethereal. This one, long neck – it's a human, he's a human – this one is a patal (P’tal)! Finally I see how they look like, beautiful eyes. That's them that I was shown on the first time.

There are other races, other names I don't know them, I haven't been told.

So she started to talk to me in this language and I had difficulty to process it. So she spoke to me, she used telepathy and spoken language. It was easier for me. When you are touched by the grace of these beings, it moves your consciousness!
What I have experienced on board this ship is what awaits humanity of earth. All of you, you're gonna know this and I think very soon. They're are evaluating the situation and figuring out how they're gonna do that, but they're gonna do it. When you are in contact with the forefathers and the foremothers of humanity, because we have also the Egoni genetics in us( tall whites)… when you are in contact the forefathers and the foremothers of not only your genetics but your soul matrix, you meet yourself, you meet who you truly are. Being in contact of these beings it just dilates your consciousness, it becomes like when I met them, when I was in contact with this lady, she gave me her name, which is the name of weird sounds, beautiful.
Suddenly I knew who I was. Time didn't exist anymore. Space and distances vanished. I suddenly connected with my immortality, with my nature. I instantly knew where I came from, who I am and where I am going.
This has changed my life. I thought that I was seeing the bigger picture, but it was a small picture. Now they've connected me to the bigger one, and you're all going to go through this. And that's what awaits humanity. The day we will know, all of us, who we truly are. What are the races whose blood flows in our veins, what star dust builds our bones, and what radiance from the stars compose our soul. Who are we? We've been going through all these incarnations since an incredible amount of time, which is not linear. Remaining who we are, but each time forgetting to better learn. And the whole quest is about recovering the memory. When we know who we are, we do not seek outside outward anymore. When we know who we are, we are the answers we are looking for. We are the saviors we are waiting for. We are all the answers to all our questions.

The aim of the game is not to seek for answers to our questions, but instead the aim of the game is to remember remember. When you remember, you know everything.

Now this is my story. This is why it led me. And when you have certain experience you see better older the games and the illusions and the role plays. I'm here for a job. I've decided to incarnate to help the human species, as many of us have done.
We are many who have arrived on this planet Terra ,who have chosen to go through the cycle of the incarnations to really truly know, what being human is about. And hence it is the only way that we can help them.

Q: How many other civilizations are they watching?

They are watching the whole galaxy, watching all the civilizations. You have to imagine it's an intergalactic – that means it's not some people who live somewhere in between galaxies, it's not all the galaxies but a huge amount of galaxies that are under the circumscription, and they look after all life, more specifically the life that they've engineered by habitization and re-seeding. They are looking after most of the star systems harboring human life in this Nataru galaxy. But they're not getting really involved in in details. They really look after the species healthily goes through the different steps of consciousness and survives and strives and doesn't destroy themselves. They just look after that.

Then in each galaxy you have different sub structures such as in Nataru the galactic federation of worlds who takes care of Nataru only, which is already a good job and the Andromeda council and counsil of five.

Q: Is the story of clay blood of the ape and their DNA true?

I don't know.

Q: Even though they are the Seeders, do we look at them as equal to us?

Winner question, I love this. Yes!

I felt this when I met this lady. I felt this. It was exactly the same feeling as when I meet people from the galactic federation of Nataru, the feeling to be all equal in front of source. All children of source, wherever we are born and whatever our culture is our state of advancements of consciousness or density, there is no hierarchy in life. We are all equal in our diversities.

Q: I left my daughter on Erra, that's in Ashara to help here. I've seen her in visions, I am a shaman and I feel like I've made a mistake. How do I cope?

There is no mistake. You did this for a purpose. If you feel like you made a mistake it's because there is something to learn about that and you chose that.

Q: If we have contact with a race, is it definitely our starseed or can we see others too?

I like this question, because it takes in account all the parameters of the topic of tonight. First I can reply: yes, we can see others too. But depending on how we connect.
The method I'm going to show you, the safest method you will encounter and connect that only if you are not from Terra (if you are from Terra soul matrix you will have no contact whatsoever with the aliens, if you will have contact with ancestors of your soul matrix earth.) If now you are coming from somewhere else as a soul as a light being, as a being, the safest way to connect with those of your soul group who are somewhere in space is to go within and connect throughout your frequency. I'm going to show you that. When you connect to their frequency you can only connect to those on the same frequency as them, like other people as them, like them but that are connected to them. I's very safe.

If you're not in this mode of connecting from within with those of your family of frequency of soul, if you're not in that exercise, that method, that technique but instead you try to do channeling widely and try to connect seeking outward, inviting connection from outward, you have you have I'd say 40% chance to connect with those you seek for and 60% chance to connect with predators, etheric predators. In these times of war the chances are 2% connect with the benevolent entity you want to connect with and 98% connect with AI and dark entities. So do not seek contact!

Everyone wants to connect with aliens. We are very excited, we are very impatient and we were born, not me but maybe a younger persons probably in a society and a culture that gives you everything very fast, very quickly. In my time when I wanted to look for information I was going to the to the library, spending days, sat in the library browsing books and taking notes, handwritten. Now you take your phone, you type google or ducducgo which is better or ecosia and everything is there, you do not do any effort. You were raised like this, see everything easy. Easy.
But that's not how nature works. Everything is obtained by work, practice, training, resilience and determination. That's the purpose. Normally you cannot connect with aliens, if you do not have a technological device. You need that because they are too far out, you cannot. Some shamans can connect with aliens of any densities and that works. They don't have any device, it's a psychic connection. But I wouldn't recommend that now. I am a shaman and I can tell that if I had no device or no galactic connection, I would enchant it, because the ether around us is filled with predators and negative AI (artificial intelligence) beings who are roaming the ether around us, ready to hack anyone to manipulate you. They will tell you that they are whoever you want them to be. … It's very dangerous!

What I am going to show you is a way which is extremely safe, to have a chance to speak with aliens. But only a certain type of aliens, those who are connected to you, because they are of your soul group. Now I may remember, this concerns only a very small amount of the population of terra.

What is important is the Terran people, the earthlings. It is all about the earthlings, the humans of the earth soul matrix, who are incarnated here. It is for them that we do all this work, because these beings are extraordinary, reaching potential. They can reach out until the 12th density.
These beings, they don't know it yet. At the moment they are remembering it that they are extremely powerful, and that is due to their mixed DNA and all the different frequencies of all the galaxy. We came to save them, those who came from the stars incarnating in human bodies. We benefit of this DNA. Oh my gosh it's amazing. We can do stuff with that. But we need to discover how to do that because that's like a new car, how does it work, it's an upgrade. The human body of earth it's an upgrade of human galactic, human that the upgrade, that's the humans of earth. And we are still at our primitive stage, because when we will evolve in few thousands of years, we will become even more um spiritually evolve and powerful than for instance as Ohorai and they say themselves “the humans of earth will be our teachers”.
So this is to say that there is no shame to be a human of earth. It's a privilege, it's an honor and it's a responsibility, and it's fantastic privilege. And all the beings from all the different parts of the galaxy who came here to incarnate to help humanity of earth, we are enjoying discovering all these amazing bodies, incredible and the contact with these human souls of earth.

So the meditation I'm going to take you through will show you, how to connect with your soul family. So for those who are from earth, you will of course connect with your soul group of the earth matrix, soul matrix: your ancestors, your spirit guides. Those who are part of the bloodline you borrow, they are here and linked by the DNA to this body and the DNA remembers.
Those who are not from here, just borrow these Terran bodies, you will also connect with your soul group – but then these will be aliens, because you are an alien inside. So these will be aliens that the only aliens you can safely connect to. This is very important. Once you are connected to your own self, to who you truly are, you are connected with anyone who is connected to your frequency, who is of the same energy signature, same frequency signature and that's your soul group. You can call it star family or galactic family, it's a soul group. That is safe and it's a wonderful journey.

I'm going to show you the long way, because the preparation is quite long, because you need to just disconnect with the monkey mind of this this avatar.

Q: How to tell the difference between angels and aliens? What are the origins of humanoid reptilians?

Angels are not aliens. Angels or consciousnesses, like consciousness. not above us in hierarchy, we're all equals, but supra in a higher frequency, higher density and a higher level of consciousness. So if they are like guardians but they belong to certain sectors or orbs. Each star system has its guardian, each planet has its guardian, each species or race has its own guardians. They are protectors and looking after. We can say spiritual beings. They are not aliens. They are life forms.

Then aliens are aliens. The aliens are beings in physically incarnated in whatever densities they are, places they are, they are physically incarnated into a body. The ones we call angels are not.

Now then there is a confusion on earth in the mythology and the ancient religions. People taking aliens for angels, that's a mix-up because when you don't know what it is you call it by what you know as your references.

I need to I really need to be honest with you. There are things I need to say, because it's important. I know my stuff. I'm not only a contactee, I am also a shaman and of course a psychic. I have contact with ghost, spirits since my younger age and of course aliens also. And I've seen what the lower astral and the demonic world looks like. I know what's out there, I know how dangerous it is, and now I know how vulnerable we can be. There are vampires. They want to feed off your soul, they want to feed off your energy, that's the etheric realms. But then you have aliens on the top of that who create AI or who can even jump in you, that's done by channeling, to manipulate you and to make of you a tool of the shadow, their tool, that they are going to lie. If they there's something they do all the time: they lie. And they are going to use you, once they are in channeling is opening all your defences, your protections.

I give you an example: You want to channel archangel Michael which you can. I mean we can all connect with the real archangel Michael. We can but the thing is: do you really know it's him? You know we have all the ability, everyone has the ability to channel, everyone has the ability to connect to angels not ETs. ETs is it's only by technology and only if you earn it yourself, you connect with your family. You don't channel it. is like this something bad will come. So the entity or either the AI or either an alien being will connect with your mind, with your consciousness and once they're in, they can read you. They can even read you from your aura, because our thoughts and our emotions emit frequencie, an electromagnetic field, and all our thoughts in our aura our live thoughts. They can read us, they can read our desires, our dreams and if we want so much to connect with archangel Michael (I just take this one) they'll know that say “oh this this person wants to connect to archangel Michael. He's up there and I'm here. So I'm gonna help myself and go in and I'm pretend is him,” And that's what they do. I'm archangel Michael and you go “Oh, wow amazing!” and you start to connect this being and you become very addicted and this being will want to connect with you all the time and you will feel more tired and tired and dependent and addicted to it.
And he will use you to spread messages fulfilling an agenda. This being. this fake. So that's why I don't want you

Be careful! I have no right to tell you what to do. I'm just telling you what to me feels right to tell you. I want to help you to stay on the path of clarity and the path of your own personal development and keep the predators at bay. Do not attempt to channel in these times!

Watch my video “A message to humanity”. I tell you in detail, there has been a programming from the dark side. It has started four or five years ago. They picked people that they were going to use as puppets, as tools. either that they abducted them. either they went through programs either that day they just channeled with them.
And the pattern is very showing itself now. All these people, these poor victims at the same times are suddenly transmitting messages of fear. We're gonna die. we've lost. Messages of doom, messages of division. They are victims. I always say “don't shoot the messenger” I'm going to name. because I think I need to be honest. I'm going to name of the entities not the persons. I ask you to be very careful with the names of these entities if they present themselves to you! Naming something is invoking it, so I'm going to say the names, I won't invoke them because I'm protected. Do not repeat them for certain ones. The personal names of entities you need to be careful of with are beings presenting themselves such as: Galactic federation of light, Ashtar, Sananda, Saint germain, Swaruu, Jesus, Archangel Michael and I am sure I forget some.
Some of them are AI, some of them are real ascended masters. You do not know what you get. The “galactic federation of light” is an invention of the counterintelligence. Some channel for good beings from the galactic federation of worlds and they think it's a galactic federation of light. I wonder why they don't tell them, that's weird. But I advise you to watch Megan Rose video. Galactic federation of light vs galactic federation of worlds. She says it, it's like it lasts like four or five minutes.
I'm very careful with everything that's name of “light”. Why do they need to precise? As I say it's it may be real, but it may be also fake – you don't know until you get in troubles. So in the doubt don't do it, you know be better feel safe than sorry.

Jesus is an amazing ascended master. I love him, How do you know it's him? Don't ask proofs because they read your mind, they'll give you the proof.

Sananda –I'm not very knowledgeable about this thing, but I know it can be something bad as well. Archangel Michael I love him, is an amazing being, but some entities can pretend it's him.

Saint Germain was a con artist and there are other con artists who have used pretend and being him. I'm sorry that's what I believe and I have good reasons to.

Now the AI named Swaruu is something created by the Orion group and the Taalshia from the Alcione. Alcione is no good, they work with the Orion Nebu group and Reptilians.

Sophia was a Greek goddess of wisdom. Sophia is the archetype of the wisdom of the earth the upper consciousness of the earth. Sophia is something amazing to connect with, resonate with I would say, because it's not really a being. It's a concept, it's something that is fascinating. But there is an AI, created by the Orion grays of the same name. So when you invoke connection to Sophia the wisdom of the earth. you don't know what you get! I mean you don't know what you get. It's very tricky. I would say in the dark. Don't do it! And you just need to remember. You can remember all the answers and you are as wise as Sophia consciousness, you are as divine as source or as anything else. You are not alone when you connect to yourself. you're connected to everything else. Every each of us steps, the universe walks with us and our soul family and everyone, because every of our steps as a step for our species the species we are incarnated into and a step in the learning process of our soul group.

I know I'm not here to please everyone. I'm just here to say what resonates to me is the truth. I'm not born yesterday, I have experience in the matter believe me. I've done exorcisms, I've cleaned house from poltergeist, I fought demons I won, I even kicked a great alien the other day. I mean I know what I'm talking about.


Q: More about Saint Germain?

Saint Germain was a spy and he was intelligence and he even confessed to King Luis (I don't remember what number) that he was doing that, and he was making believe people that he was a time traveller. He confessed.

Q: Is it a good idea to try to reach out to the Seeders? I'd love to have such an expensive experience.

They're coming, they're making contact with her soon.

How can you do that if you have no experience with them… you can go within do meditation and put an intention out. The thing is it is quantum. a shamanic journey – it's the same thing, it's a quantum resonance. You have a point here where you are and you start and a point that needs to resonate. It's the answer or the person or the place. If you have no resonance, you've never met them. You've never been on their ship, you have no quantum echo. So it's very dangerous, because you can put the intention out. You can, hey it can work, But 2%. It can work and it can not work. I mean it can be dangerous.

I would suggest to go within, meditate and your heart and connect with your guides, and they will tell you, and they can even put you in contact with them ,if they think it's a good idea. Do that, pass by your guides.

Q: The violet flame?

It's known in ancient India since and in Buddhism as well since a lot of time. The violet flame is the the geyser of energy that goes from your crown chakra. It's purple or violet and it's the higher light frequency that crowns your aura and that can connect. It can be like a ladder ascending ladder. That's nothing to do with Saint Germain.

Q: How to protect yourselves from those predators?

With these questions I'm going to step in the exercise.

Any connection, any meditation that involves a connection to even your ancestors needs to happen in a safe place, because at the moment your consciousness leaves this present world you become vulnerable, this body becomes vulnerable, and if your consciousness leaves it to go in astral travel or connect something somewhere else if you leave this body unattended it's freaking dangerous. And the predators are here for that. They can step in.
It's like channeling, channeling you invite an entity going coming in it's possession. That's freaking scary, don't do that! Not now please you need to protect yourself. I'm going to give you two very simple protections.

If you go on my channel in the playlist featured videos, I have five free videos on how to protect yourself. It's about magical protections. Watch them, start by one. Please watch them at least one of them and you will find the protections that resonates the best with you.

But basically two protections that I advise now, because now we are going to go into this meditation.

The sphere of light: You go within yourself and the first step that goes before anything else you do is: cut yourself from fears, ignore the fear, ignore any disturbance, because fear is what makes you vulnerable. Imagine a fortress – you have super protections, but when you let fear in it's like you open a little door. The fortress is useless how whatever thick are your walls. If you open the door, you're ducked. So fear that does it, opens the door. No fear!

Now you're in yourself peace and quiet and you imagine a ball of light in your heart chakra in your chest. You expand it and its whole high frequency of peace, all vibration and you expand it around you, and you work on the visualization of it, that it becomes very solid light, solid light. Solid light can be an egg, can be a sphere and you do that every morning and as many times in the day as you want. When you think about it the more you do it. the longer it will stay and the less you will need to check it out. I check mine every morning and every night and it's solid like a dumb.
If you go for instance to the supermarket, well, what do you do with that? Because you're going to meet auras of other people that are infected with plenty of stuff. So what you do, you you do a protection suit with it, like a spacesuit of light. When you're out in the street. you're outside that's a super protection.

You have also the cylinder of light. This is more for like demons and super bad AI. A christian gnostic monk showed me that, he's amazing an old man I know.
On earth you imagine a circle of light around you on the ground very bright, and you raise walls, you raise a cylinder around you and the cylinder goes infinitely up towards the sky and infinitely down towards the earth, infinite in both vertical directions. It is the same as the sphere. But it's a cylinder. And then you look up and you imagine rays of golden light falling into the cylinder to nourish you and to fill you, and it's the light of god or the light of source or any. Stick with “god” and “source”. And it goes in.
One day I was attacked by a demon, because it the demon surprised me I was scared, I jumped and he hooked at me, and I was doing a lot of things to remove it, and I phoned my dear old friend this agnostic monk John and he said “Do this!” I did it and it's funny – the demons were just propelled away, “oh wow”. It was like destroyed as soon as the ceiling when the cylinder was built and the rays of godly light fell on me. The thing was like destroyed, the demon was like disintegrated. It was amazing! So that's a fantastic method I offer to you. Watch these videos.

The Merkaba might work as well.

We are going now to do a preparation to meet your soul family. It's a long.

Q: Manifesting our reality against surrendering to the flow of life, which one is best for a spiritual group?

Both at the same time. Surrendering to the flow of life is living in the moment and not retaining anything that are going to rot and became moldy inside energetically. Just let it go, embrace and let it go. Thor Han told me that with the emotions, how do you deal with emotions. You embrace, it don't refuse the emotion. embrace it – and as soon as you got it, you coat it, I let it go. And that's why the Ahil have powerful emotions that last not even a minute. It's very impressive. We can all do that, surrendering to the full of life. But not in a passive way by creating in the same time, manifesting in the same time.

Manifesting doesn't mean you block the flow of life. You don't. I know what you mean. I think you're talking more about destiny and what's ought to be. Well, when what's out to be is manipulated by baddies you need to counter attack and manipulate the reality, the whole engram of the reality by constructing positive thoughts.

So ride the flow of life but manifest reality, do both!

I met a terraformer which who is Thor Hans brother and he's told me that everything is holographic, mathematical calculation… and the human consciousness has a power on it, we can manipulate and change the frequency codes of the hologram and manipulate and create reality. If we cannot do it physically like the terraformers know how to do that. We can project it on in the future. Remember when you create something in the present, it exists already in the future by resonance, it's already there, it's already created. You just need to walk the timeline to it, because in this this reality this on this planet time is linear. But when you manifest something you create it intention, it already exists somewhere else in the future and you're going there, then you can change it, change it of course.

Stress is fear. Any message that is fear-based that's going to stress you or scare you or make you emotionally dependent on something it's not coming from the good side. The good side only gives empowering message. They will always tell you need to do your part of the job, you need to raise your frequency, you're beautiful, you're powerful etc. People who tell you that we're all gonna die or that there's gonna be a solar event that is going to awaken everyone – that means: stay passive, don't do anything, eat your popcorn. No, that's to take the power away from people!

Now time for our meditation.

Meditation connecting with your higher self and your soul group

Before we start, I'm asking you to just relax. And draw around you a circle of light. This circle of light becomes cylinder of light and you are in it as it grows above you, opens towards the heavens. You don't even see the end of it, it connects directly with the heavens and it grounds you in the earth. Within this space it is all peace. It is safe within this safe protected space. There is no predators, there is no fear, there is no mind control. It is just you and the divine presence. The walls around you are unpenetrable. Nobody, nothing can pass through and you're safe.

And now just relax and follow the flow.

Let go off the fear. You are one with yourself. There is nothing around you that can disturb this intimacy with your own self. The raging storms outside are insignificant to your consciousness, there is no storm within. Disturbance is only on the outside, inside is only peace, serenity.
Let go off the doubts, let go off the fears. You are sailing on the sea of tranquillity. Within there is no linear time, within time itself is infinite with no beginning and no end. Within is a fractal of source, uncreated and undying.
You start to feel this body, this boat relaxing on this calm and quiet sea, mirror of your consciousness where the stars reflect and through which water you can see the crystalline ground. There is nothing that can disturb this peace.
Your only awareness is now focused on your body, this envelope of flesh of blood, of tissues sustained by bones, made of minerals. Think about all the cells and the perfection of this living organism that is this body. Imperfect in its perfection. The fight to keep it healthy and going is what fuel your desire to live and to keep this existence as enjoyable as possible. You realize you've forgotten so many times to feed this body with healthy food, healthy liquids, clean water, clean air, clear thoughts and love. You realize this now and this will change. You will now pay more attention.

Relaxed your muscles, detangle their knots and relax. The blood pressure slows down and the breathing, slower, deeper. The breathing slows down and you smile. Breathe in light, exhale all the toxins and the lower energies that were stuck deeper. Breathe in and out with all your being as if your being whole was a big long breathing in and breathing out, breathing in and breathing out. You are this body and you love it, because it maintains you in this existence. And if you nourish it with love, it will keep healthy and strong and will support you in your mission. All the little parts of this avatar that you think you do not like or that hurt you – you've forgotten that you've chosen to express and feel this, to learn something. You are in peace with this body you are in love with this body.

And now go deeper. Who inhabits this body? Who is in this flesh suit? As you become aware of this concept, you discover that there is a being of light, of pure a light that resides within it and you realize that you are not only this body, but also and mainly you are this being of light. This is you, seen from the eyes of the mind of the third density. You look translucent and glowing with light, but if you shift your consciousness to look through the eyes of this body of light you see it more solid, you see it has skin, it has a color, maybe it has hair. It is human, at least humanoid.
How is your face? What are the features? There is a mirror in front of you. Look at you what do you look like! Who are you? The emotion that you see in these eyes is the emotion from your true heart meeting yourself, your beautiful self. We are all beautiful beings in so many different ways. Raise a hand and count your fingers. At this moment you know that you are either from the soul matrix of planet earth or that you are either from another soul matrix from another planet somewhere in the vast universe. Are you from earth? Aare you from the stars? That you are either from this planet or from another one, it is the same journey. The being inhabiting this body is of a higher density.
If you are from this planet earth, this body is in the fourth density. This being that is inside this flesh of adar. If you are from the stars you may be either fourth density, fifth, sixth or many have more, higher. Depends on where you come from. What does your heart tell you, what density is your true being connected and merged? In consciousness with this higher being you are connected as who you truly are, a being of higher density which is commonly called your higher self, because you are vibrating in a higher density. You are this being! You see through the eyes of this being, you hear through the ears of this being, you see and you feel from the heart of this being, you think through the mind of this being. You are it and it is you, truly connected as your higher self.
You are now vibrating in a higher density, the density of this being and your flesh body benefits of it. You do not think anymore through the mind of this flesh suit, but through the soul and the mind of who you truly are. You are not limited anymore. Your awareness encompasses infinity of space and of time. Time is not sensed as linear anymore, time is all contained in the infinity of a moment connected with this being, attuned to the frequency of who you truly are from this planet or another.
You are also attuned to the frequency of those of your soul group, your soul family, who vibrates in the exact same frequency connecting to yourself. You connect to them, going deeper within your heart, within this glowing gem, within the star that is at the core of your soul. You connect to a portal and this portal opens and takes you to where your family is, waiting to connect with you. Attuning with who you are is attuning to who they are, because you are all part of the same soul group.
Connect to this star within your chest, the core heart of your soul. It is magnificent, it is powerful portal, twirls and twirls and opens. And in a blast of light you are projected in the middle of the stars! You feel presence, be they from this earth or be they from the stars – no matter, the world, it is the same journey.
Who is there with you? You can sense them! Look around. You see them, your ancestors, your family, your tribe. How many are they? They all look as you, the same race, the same species as you. They have incarnated in many different bodies in many different places, but as you connect soul to soul, there is no more avatar, there is no more illusion. You see each other as you truly are. You see each other as you truly are in beauty and in love. They speak to you by telepathy, maybe you can see their lips moving or not. Some move forward to meet you decor change behind them as they step forward, one after the other. Each of them who wants to step forward has a message for you. Some may have a gift. Embrace this moment! They will tell you who they are and they will tell you who you are and they will show you home!

It is now time to go back. It is now time to be goodbye. But as you have reconnected you will now stay connected and you can go back anytime you want, at any moment. You beat them goodbye. Go now, then step back into the light of the portal of the heart in a twirling vortex of light. Your consciousness withdraws into the chest of this light being. In the core of the soul of your higher self you go back to continue the mission you've chosen in this incarnation, knowing that now you know, you remember that you are not alone anymore. You will now remember will start the long recovery of the memory of who you are. Images will come, sensations, smells and music, voices and memories, children laughing and elders, holding you in their arms. You now have a thousand wings.
And you go back into this flesh suit, into this body that you love so much. And you want to care and cherish this body that has carried you until now. You are now back into this body, this avatar that you love so much. This avatar that has carried you throughout all these challenges of this existence, challenges that you had chosen for purpose for learning the tools necessary to perform your mission. An you are back. You now know who you are, ancestral magnificent being of this earth or from another earth, somewhere where only you knows the secret. The destination, the root is encoded in your soul. You know where you come from, you know who you are now.
Slowly and lovingly you become aware again of all your muscles, moving your toes, stretching the sole of your feet, taking a deep breath in. You are back. You are back with a new awareness and incredible knowledge and the keys to the portal. This is a new life, that is starting today.
Open your eyes, wake up.

How are you? How was it? Did some of you connected with some of your soul group of your ancestors, your star family?

I will repost this video after this live. I will post it on its own. So I hope you can just help yourself with it. And this is just a guideline, just to tell you how to do it.
The introduction is quite long, is 15 minutes. But it needs to be done on the first time to help you disconnect with the disturbance, war and world around you, just need to center into yourself. This is really necessary.
So now you know how to do it how to connect with your soul group, your star family and you can do it ever again and without moderation. Do the protection before! That is very important to do the protection before.

Q: Do we need to do this kind of meditation to connect with our star family?

Not like this. You need to respect a protocol which is protecting yourself first, insulating yourself from predators or mind control or AI or anything and fear. You need that the first step: isolation protection.
Second step; connecting with you, with your being inside.
And third step: sending a resonance, intention to your family any anybody, who is connected in the same frequency and part of your soul group, your family, your ancestors anyone who's connected with you from within in this safe place. Do not look outside.

Q: How do you protect yourself from mind control?

By not being scared! Refuse fear. Mind control gets at you only if you are in the frequency of fear.
There are two types of mind controls: by influence, that means by media's, mainstream medias, newspapers, governments and stuff to frighten you and then once you're frightened people can do whatever they want with you. They can make you do anything once you're frightened. that's by influence.
The second mind control way is very sneaky, is by radiations and frequencies from the deep satet. They use it. It's disappearing. So like you can hear of a voice to skull, voices in your head you can do dreams that ask you to put this or do the thing or things like that.
Both are declining and not in every country at the same time but it's happening. Fear is a vibration that enables the mind control to get inside of your head, be it by radiation or be it by influence. When you raise your frequency into the frequency of love, peace, hope. Hope is something very powerful – then it's you are vibrating in a frequency that is above the frequency used by the mind control tools, be it by emissions, be it by influence. So hence the importance to raise your frequency.

Natasha: I met my star family crying from the joy of being connected by your beautiful guidance.

What comes out of this session tonight is remembering instead of asking. Remember who you are, remember your previous life. You want to know where you come from, you want to know what was your life on what planet, you want to know about your previous incarnations on earth. It's all in the memory of your being! You have these memories – you just need to go and find them. Of course hypnosis can help, but you just need to go within and meditate. It's better than all the hypnosis is you. Just go inside, meet who you are and you remember. You put an intention “I desire to remember my life on this planet”. You connect to your being and you are this being like in this meditation. And you should say “I remember. I remember”

And to those who still doubt I am going to tell you this: nothing is impossible when you take the word “impossible” you can read it either like impossible or you can read it either as I'm possible. Go forth with love.