13/10/2021 – Q&A Special - THE RETURN OF THE SEEDERS / Oct 13 2021



I am very glad tonight to bring you good news. Many of you have already watched Michael Sala latest update with information I gave him and which was also confirmed by two other persons. So if you want to know about more details on the return of the Seeders, please visit Michael Salas website exopolitics.org. Also check out his exopolitics youtube channel with the latest video with other people confirming what I'm going to tell you about.

I know you all want to hear about this. So I'm going to do the book review after, because you won't listen.

Situation update

This is my experience of getting these updates, this is about how I receive them and what I experienced as emotions and everything and all the little details, and you can ask me questions.

A few days ago I received a message from Thor Han. Well in fact even a bit before a few days ago I would say it was about three weeks ago. Three weeks ago I sensed the contact of some different beings approaching us, approaching this star system. And it was a very strong presence and there were many groups. I sensed three different groups. So I asked Thor Han what it was about.

So there are actually three groups that have been contacted, well two – I'll tell you about that.

One that has been contacted two years ago (2019) by the galactic federation. These ones are on their way but they will not finally have to intervene, but they come here, they're standing outside of the star system in case if their help is needed. This group is the Negumak. The Negumak come from a distant part of this galaxy. They are the arch enemies of the Ciakahrr, the draco reptilians. They are quite independent, they are not part of the federation. They're quite independent and they're very powerful. These ones will finally not intervene. It was planned that they would come and give enforcement and they finally will not.

So to have an idea of the Negumak, Gnomopo – in my first book “A gift from the stars” I described them. They look like the aliens in “independence day”. I am very glad and I know it is a shared feeling with many people in the federation, that they will finally not have to intervene. So these are the Negumak. They come from constellation Scorpios from Antares system. So we forget about these ones. They're not far from this star system but they will not intervene.

The second group is also independent and they are the good part of the Anunnaki, the part of the faction of the Anunnaki, who always try to save humanity. They are led by a being that is named Enki. They are all so far, they will not intervene but just keep an eye, because it's a big show now.

But what it is about, these are not the Seeders. Who are the Seeders who came before the Anunnaki? The Seeders are some people from the intergalactic confederation or super federation or super confederation.
About names of institutions: you need to keep in mind that we are here translating in English or other languages from earth, alien languages which for the most part are way more evolved as languages than just only tongue language. Many of these races and as we reach out higher levels of density, for sixth density language change. It becomes telepathic. You still may speak it and but it is a multi-dimensional language.
What is a multi-dimensional language? A multi-dimensional language is a way of expression that involves not only sound. Sound or optional regarding to the cultures the species, but the main data transfer is by holographic thoughts and ideas. What is a holographic thought? It's a projection of a thought that is going to manifest. It's like telepathy, but you receive a hologram in your head. I've received some messages, I've been communicating with some beings like this and it's very interesting. It's like telepathy but upgraded. So these languages cannot be translated word for word, because that contains so much more. So when we say, we must not fight over terms like “super federation” “confederation” – it's it's okay however we call them, it's an intergalactic bigger federation. So Thor Han calls it intergalactic confederation but you can call it “super federation” – it's exactly the same.

Who are they? A huge fleet of these beings of different species different cultures belonging none of them to this galaxy but from intergalactic culture. Among them are cultures who have seeded humanity, human species in this galaxy. They do not create life, they play with genetics and they create new races and they populate worlds. That's what certain of them do. Among them you have the Patal, you have the Egon and others, some races of mantis as well (Yakara) are part of this confederation.

They arrived, they were not asked, although there has been a communication recently between the galactic federation of worlds of Nataru (this galaxy) and the inter-galactic confederation because victory is here at our doors. These beings from the intergalactic confederation come to witness and to be here to see what's the next step, to have an eye on what they created, and see how it goes and be there as our forefathers and foremothers.
So they arrived a week ago in the star system and they want to be stationed around Jupiter zone. Jupiter zone is very vast. There's loads of moons there and it's a great place for the galactic federation. They have a lot of infrastructures there.
Now you start to know about the Jupiter Ashtar facility, which is not the only structure in Jupiter zone and on Jupiter. It is not easy to build a stable structure in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter (always in the upper atmosphere because as you go down into the layers of atmosphere it becomes denser and denser and the gravity is very strong. So it's better to stay in the upper layers.) But it's extremely stormy, but it's not only about wheather, it's magnetic stormes, so it disrupts a lot of instruments. A lot of energy fields, a lot of electromagnetic shields. So it's difficult, it's not really convenient to build facilities on Jupiter. The Ashtar command could do it because they have extremely fine technology to build these things. I remind you that the Ashtar command it's mainly populated and made by cultures from the Sirius b system. Sirius b system is known among other things for the ability to build and there's a lot of innovative building techniques that were born and created in the Sirius b system and used all throughout the galaxy and especially in the federation. So the ashtar galactic command knows how to build strong stuff. That's why they have this huge facility in the upper layer of Jupiter atmosphere where the Jupiter agreements have occurred in July 2021.

So in the Jupiter Ashtar command facility are welcomed these people from the inter-galactic confederation, because it's a very convenient place to have all the personal, just relaxing and go there and do what they want to do, because it's very big. But these beings there's a lot who don't really leave their ships. It's huge motherships. The officers and the high representatives will rather go on Ganymede. So on Ganymede that's where now the attention is drawn. (Remember it was the moon, then it was marsm and it was Jupiter.) Now it's Ganymede.

What's going on? The high representatives of the inter-galactic confederation are arriving on Ganymede meeting representatives of the galactic federation of world there (there are many facilities there) in a facility of the council of five. I know the Andromedans have their facilities there, the galactic federation has their facilities there and it's very crowded at Ganymede, because the conditions there are very prone to build structures. The conditions of pressure, gravity, there is a thin layer of atmosphere, there's water. Ganymede is very handi planet to to build stuff and live there. These representatives will meet also representatives from earth, from the earth alliance, secret space programs. I don't like to say “secret space programs” now anymore because it's a bit vintage name now because these programs are not in the frame of being secret anymore. The US Navy, the US Air force and other military organizations in other countries have signed their Artemis accords and these accords where preparing the Jupiter agreements, determining safety zones in the star system and the right and balanced use of the moon, presence on mars and other planet weeds and planets of this star system. “Space force”, earth space force and at its head “the space command”. So the space command was is also present on Ganymede to meet these people with ambassadors from earth.

This is something big, it's huge, because if they are here it means two things:

First thing that whatever happened, if this war was to turn belly up near to the even near to the victory, these people from the inter-galactic federation confederation, they're so powerful, that they would saw that straight away. And secondly it means also that we are we have reached destination regarding to victory, it's nearly there. And we are here at the threshold and they are here to witness this.

Q: Why haven't they intervened yet?

Well they have many times work with the federation but in the background. You need to see their perspective. They are intergalactic. You know how many galaxies there are in this universe and this universe only because it's a multiverse? A lot! And in each galaxy how many planets inhabit a planet? A lot so they overview everything that the balance of everything. They overview the balance of everything. And their aim, their purpose why they are together: to protect life, serve and preserve life. Serve and preserve life. That's what they do. So here they are.

Thor Han told me about this a few days ago. I have had an exchange with Michael Sala and he told me that he had other sources confirming this, but he didn't tell me that much. We always do like this. We don't cross sources when I exchange my intel or make Megan in turn her intel. Michael doesn't tell us who the other sources are, and I think it's so professional. So I had the pleasure and the good surprise to watching his video today, see that people from space force and US military confirmed this, that there were convoys going to Ganymede because there were positive visitors from very far coming into the star system and it was a big event. And also Alex Collier my good friend confirmed many things that you will see this explaining if you watch Michael Sala's video and read his article on his website, which is more developed.

The second night Thor Han told me about news, Other news that he was going to show me and by telepathy. He was on board ship, he went there and he showed me these magnificent motherships of the intergalactic confederation. I made a drawing that you can see in Michael's video.

These are the motherships. How they look lik? There is scout ships, they're like cigars, they're they're little. You can't find these saucers but more cigars. You see the Oumuamua asteroid that really looks like them.

There are plenty of races, but two races have been shown was mainly tall whites people, translucent, very translucent. Translucent because they are in six density, they are very higher, much higher.

And also these ones. I do not know this race, I don't know who they are, but uh they looked very wise and ancient. They are not from Nataru.

They are at the moment visiting the facilities on Ganymede and meeting the earth representatives. I think they are about to arrive there. They probably be carried by a Solar warden fleet or Blue origin ships, we don't know. I don't know, I haven't been there to all this.

Now you want to know about the Council of nine. There are many different councils everywhere in this galaxy alone. In this galaxy alone we have a two known: “council of nine” which are the now “council of five” and the Andromedan council has nine elders at their top. These two councils interact with humans of earth, and they work side by side and in hand with the galactic federation of worlds. The council of five, formerly “council of nine” can be still called the council of nine because when at the time they were nine they still had time travel technology. And you can also call the council of nine the “Orion council of light” if you want, because it's the same thing. They were created in the Orion zone. So we have two council of nine here.
There's a third one now, the one that is at the management of the intergalactic confederation. They are called “the nine” or “the nine elders” or “the nine gods” or “the nine prophets”. Prophets of what? Of source.

They are pure consciousness, not merge with source yet. They are the last level before source. There is no density. You can identify them in because regarding to all the different parallel universes, each dimension (a dimension is a parallel universe) each dimension has its own scale of densities. So you can have a dimension with for instance six densities and the seventh is source. Ours has 12 densities and the 13th is source. So let's say these “nine” beings in our dimension they are 12 density, in another universe there are always the density just before source. Because at that stage you still have an individuality. You may not be incarnated in a stable atomic structure like a body, but you still have your individuality.
They are interdimensional. They can they are existing in all universes – in all universes because where they live it's not in the universe. It's an created place? No I wouldn't say that. They are not in a dimension, they are not in a density, they are multi-dimensional multi-density. It is a very good challenge for the mind as we are incarnated in these restraining bodies, to encompass this aspect. They are out of the time, they're out of dimensions, out of space-time continuum. They are at point zero. It's the “nine” ones.
They can fractal themselves be at as many places as they want, everywhere at the same time. They can incarnate in any shape, but you will see it, because for instance if here they incarnate into a dog, you see the dog like flying and glowing and incarnate into something you know it's not normal dog or normal human, things like this.

People have chosen, ambassadors have channeled them like Gene Rodenberry the creator of star trek, and they have given him a lot information that has been scattered all along all the series, not all in one. And in “deep space nine” (for the trekkies now) you have the gods in the vortex – that's them! So I advise to see “deep space nine”. I love this this series, I think it's amazing, because you have the spiritual dimension in it.

In my book “We will never let you down” I speak about the Jupiter facility, I speak about Ganymede. This is a Ginvo Ganymede facility. …

When I connected Thor Han until particularly the second day that he showed me his ship. In fact he was in a whole Ohorai ship. Why was he in a Ohorai Ship, not in Ahel federation scout ship as or his command ship. Why did he go in Ohoria ship? Because the Ohorai are sixth density and these beings as well, so then it could be at a level and now they are wearing suits and belts that lowers down their density, that's how they are going to meet the earth representatives on Ganymede. They're lowering down their densities. They can play that as you reach higher levels of densities you reach out to higher powers, so you can materialize densify in lower densities if you want. So that's handy.

What is the Ohorai? They are the Arcturians – we call them Arcturian. but Arcturus is a name from earth from the Greek mythology. They name themselves the Ohorai.
So these ships are spherical. It's beautiful inside. It's very bright, it's very glowing. You can pass through walls, there's no doors, it's very interesting. And we went (well, he went, I was just connected, I wasn't there) he went under the belly of a mothership and he passed us under it. Wow, it was amazing! And there was an opening (I'll do drawings) it's like mud and the sphere enter into the opening. It was amazing! There was a tunnel and then a kind of big landing bay, but it's not the landing base like you see in sci-fi movies like square and like a whole. No, no, it was very organic with curves and strand structure and very organic like if you are entering in a crystal cluster. But it's not crystals, it's shapes, translucent. Oh my! And it's huge and it's so big, it's like entering into matrix of something very feminine. And the sphere was just there on the side and just who landed and there were beings coming.

Thor Han got out and other Ohorai people with him and these beings with long white hair came and they they are dressed with floating silky type. It's not silk but robes, very beautiful, very gracious. The language that I heard because I was connected to Thor Han's head, was a telepathic language. No word spoken but frequencies. I could hear – you know how the dolphins and the whales speak? That was coming from their head, not their mouth. They were not talking, mouth closed but from their mind into Thor Han's mind, I could hear language. That was exactly similar to dolphins.
And there were images. I couldn't really see them, feel the images see, I start to be used to this language because although I was connected by telepathy to Thor Han there were some holographic concept, that I couldn't see, because it was in another part of his head. In my book I tell you about the different types of telepathy. I was connected by the implant. So it was a telepathy, very strong and basic level. The level these beings were communicating with him was higher level telepathy. I explained this, the different telepathic level of communication.
It was very peaceful. I felt Thor Han changing frequency and becoming very peaceful, appeased by these beings. He is always peaceful, but you know and there were sense of family of home. And he came back to the ship and they left. And this was for me to witness a magnificent experience.

Of course I'm writing all this and you'll get it one day, but I am so excited to share this with you. Such a privilege! And I really wish you were all connected with me at that moment, or that that there's a device that could broadcast here on this youtube what I saw.

But fortunately when I came in this existence I picked the tool, good at drawing. So you'll get that.

Q: What will be first ET race for contact?

I don't know. They may be there. the intergalactic confederation, they may be among those who will make contact. You had to decide first if we are ready for contact or if it needs to wait again a little bit, and how are we going to do that. Contact with these humans, civilian contact, because the army and governments already are in contact with them since like 1940s, but we're talking now about civilian contact. So they're here to decide when and how to do that, because they're going to do that.

There's a friend of mine, his name is Pablo, he lives in Mexico. Pablo you sent me drawings, amazing ships from the federation that we could totally identify. One was a Corendi ship and the other ones I don't remember. And I asked Thor Han “so these ships?” “Oh yes, yes, they are federation ships.“ And I say Pablo asked what does it mean, why has he seen these ships in his area? And he said “Oh, it's because contact is near.”
Near events, soon. So how about that? And a few days later got this intel that the Seeders were back.

Q: Are these beings able to telepathically contact with starseeds and do they assist?

Yes, yes, yes, absolutely! They are. Next Wednesday I will do a special q&a about contacting your star family and your guides and how does it work, because I always say “be careful, don't try to channel other beings than your guides” but then: how to contact your guides? There are videos on workshops on my website which are very elaborate, but I do a special q&a for how to contact your star family.

So these beings contact people. If they are already the beings from the entire galactic confederation how does Thor Han call it? “Ora to …” something I don't remember. They call them “do” = the guardians, the watchers, guardians. Watchers like “the guardians” – those who look after, who watch over.

If one of these beings choose to communicate with a star seed on earth, that means this star seed was already connected to one of these beings or either is coming from this intergalactic confederation, otherwise they don't bother.
So if some of you have had contacs with beings from this intergalactic confederation, the more commons are the Patal or the Egoni, it's because you already have a link with them. Of course there's always a danger to be hacked and the enemy pretending to be them. That happens a lot at the moment. I've done many videos on that. Talk about that next time. If they contact people, it's because the these people are star seeds from this intergalactic confederation.

Q: I hear a lot about the roles of the masculine. What role do a feminine have on their planet or on the ship?

I don't know, because I don't know these races. The humanoid ones with the long white hair, I could identify male and females.
So the ones with long neck no hair and more still human but different – I don't know, I couldn't distinguish the genders. Some races just reproduce by themselves, I refer you to the Q&A I did about the alien sex. You need to keep in mind that after you reach a certain level of awareness you become in balance with masculine and feminine aspect.
Not all races are binary like ours. Some races four, six genders. We've seen that previously. All this while balancing the role energetic and consciousness role that everyone has to play. So it's rather well balanced and there is no task in a society attribute to females or males. It's all sharing a task, as all able beings. So I suppose these beings are the same, because they're super advanced.

Q: What was the color of the ships in the convoy?

Creamy white with golden yellowish patterns like rails underneath and circles. And they were like two saucers, a little bit of point on the top. And in the middle there was like habitat like a ring, it was like glass windows but it looked like. And you could really see that there are all the quarters behind, all the lights and all the life behind it.

Q: Someone saw a vessel that has was dodicaedron.

That's from Orion, that's the Egaroth from either Al-nilam or either Meissa like Annax.

Q: How do they breeze on the ships and other planets? Do they have to have oxygen or do you wear something for oxygen while there?

It depends on the technology. In the federation they put every technology in common. So you cannot breathe in other atmospheres that are not exactly yours, because you start to have problems or there are things to palliate to this. You have environmental suits, which are suits that create an energy field around you, an electromagnetic field and this modifies the atmosphere as well so you can breathe. It's like a filter and it transforms the molecule and creates the gases you need to breathe.
So other than the suit it can be also a belt. These frequency belts that's what they do. Otherwise an implant, a medical implant in your body somewhere can do the trick as well, modify you then your biology. You enter the data of what you need, but that's the technology that's super super advanced, more than the suits, because then you modify your like genetics, like imagine a body that needs oxygen and carbon to you know to breathe suddenly we did breathe on an atmospheric methane. They do that, they can't transform but I think it that's for just certain races, that are able to do that. Humans don't do that, I've always seen human with these suits and these belts.

Then when you have conditions that are really harsher like no atmosphere or things like that then you have a different environmental suit with a helmet, and they are thicker. That's when you have problems with temperature like that the body's, the skin tight environmental smart suit doesn't work anymore, it's too much. So then they have another one on the top of it, which looks like smooth plastic, transparent and that's just the trick.

Q: Do ETs have alphabets and handwriting or books like us?

Again depending on the cultures of course. Yes some races have writings. I haven't seen – I can just tell you of my experience what I've seen – some race I haven't seen like written letter by letter and sound by sound. What I've the few written alphabets I've seen, it's like Japanese or Chinese or ideograms and it conveys a hologram, it's holographic writing hologram or a concept an idea, it's very rich with data. For instance a book can be just a hologram just a symbol. Imagine! It's quite impressive! Then I've seen that's the only written language that I've seen this with symbols.

Q: Do you have any information about the dark fleet movie mentation on Enceladus?

Enceladus is a moon of Saturn which has frozen oceans and an atmosphere. No there's no dark fleet, the dark fleet is not on Enceladus, it's gone. The dark fleet has been defeated.

There was a facility on Saturn I am not told about what is happening on Saturn at the moment, but there's a lot of things happening on Saturn at the moment. I think it's sorted the Saturn was a place for the dark fleet exactly And on Enceladus you have now facility from the galactic federation. So I think the Andromedans are here now also. But I think the Dark fleet never was on Enceladus.

Updates on earth

On earth maybe is less five percent of clearing in the undergrounds and it's going very well. So a bit of patience and that's all I can say.

That the dark alliance losing is trying to anchor in the psyche of people a negative timeline with doom and gloom and lust of hope, because hope is the thing that fuels victory. We know hope, we're doomed.
Hope is what keeps us going as a species. Hope is the resilience of life, hope is the movement of the universe. The resilience to always believe that we're gonna make it. That is why species are still alive. That is why as individuals we go through horrendous challenges sometimes. If we haven't had hope at a certain moment, we wouldn't have gone through it. Believing we will make it is what keeps us going, keeps the strength and the fire in the chest. Hope is the fuel for victory. So never, never lose it!

Even when you are told “Oh, you have lost”. Keep hope, you never know! If you don't fight, how will you win?

Q: Can you tell us about the black holes?

Black holes are most of the time a star collapsing on itself that has reached the end of life, the gravity becomes so much that it implodes. When a star reaches the end of life it not always does a black hole, but when it does a black hole it's because it explodes and then it contracts like this. And when it contracts it contracts beyond the singularity the point zero – and it opens the door to another universe, not a dimension or universe the same. So that's what a black hole is.

I don't think you can go through a black hole, because you're crutch to point zero gravity if you have matter. If your consciousness you can, but if you are embodied in a flesh vessel or a ship you got destroyed before you reach the singularity.

Now some black holes as we call “open vortexes” in the space-time continuum and it becomes a worm hole. Wormholes are not always created from black holes. They can be created by the distortion of the space-time continuum, and sometimes they are natural phenomenon.
A wormhole is a black hole without a singularity. It is a tunnel throughout the fabric of space-time, shortcut if you want – not only through space but also through dimensions or it can be through time or both in the same time.

Then you have portals. A black hole can be a portal. A wormhole is a portal. But a portal is not always a wormhole and is not always a black hole. A portal is a quantum door. It has no singularities, not a vortex and it's not a tunnel like a wormhole. A portal can be something else than vortexes. It can be just a door, an opening, a hole and you have no gravity phenomenon involved. It's a teleportation device. A portal can be that. But remember a wormhole can be also efficient as a portal like a door towards something else. But portals are way much more than all than these two things. I hope it helps.

Q: Where those visitor guardians build the stargates?

I suppose some did. A stargate is a portal. You can see the movie “stargate” the sci-fi movie stargate. The series is based on real disclosure. It's made by the army, I think the US air force. Michael Sala speaks very well about that.
Stargates are portals. That's how a portal looks like. I've seen one throughout the eyes of Thor Han, never went through a portal myself., but I've seen one. It was behind between Jupiter and Saturn. It looks like stargate in the movies. It's like this goo, it's a goo and it's called “dark matter” and this is an interdimensional medium that you can go through. If you go in it you can shift dimensions. You need a frequency key to set the frequency to where you want to go and just takes you there.

Q: Are these beings also known as the guardians, the progenitors and even the biblical Elohim?

Yes. The beings from the intergalactic confederation call themselves “the guardians”. Here in Tami the official language of diplomatic language of spoken language of Nataru, they are called “Do” means guardians. Thor Han calls them the forefathers and the foremothers of the seeded humanity in this galaxy, not forgetting that they are not the only ones who intervened in our genetics on earth. We have 22 different genetics and it's not only these ones, the Do who played with it. It's others as well such as the Anunnaki. You have the Elohim, you have the people from Vega, you have Pleiadians, you have plenty of others –something to keep in mind.

But the guardians were there before everyone, the watchers, Patal (P’tal) the biblical Elohim. Oh my gosh, have you seen my video with William Watkins? The Elohim, yes why not. It could have been them. I do not have the answer to this question but my opinion is that: why not?

Q: Will we experience an obvious solar flash soon that will expand our consciousness?

My answer is: No. For three reasons. We are entering a solar minimum and cycle of the sun is very low and tranquil cycle. There is not going to be a solar scary flash.

Second reason: Scaring people about cosmic event is part of the psyop operation to scare the shit out of you that it takes your power away. You're going to panic and lose it and become emotionally dependent to a prediction and like drugs to those who give this prediction and try to scatter yourself to find other correlations about this, and you're scared and “I'm going to die those are love and blah blah”. You're not concentrating on lifting your frequency and get it out of the matrix matrices.

The third reason is: You do not need a solar flash to raise your consciousness. This is a process that us as individuals are meant to do by ourselves as the law of evolution. We all evolve in consciousness as we evolve in maturity, in wisdom, in density, we also evolve in consciousness. This is part of the development and the evolution of each species.

No one at any moment needs a catastrophic event to switch on your consciousness. This is wrong. We all have the ability by just connecting to ourselves to who we truly are. Remember who you are! Who are you? I'm addressing to everyone.

You are an extremely powerful being. You are all very special and the potential in each of you is unbelievable. It's just a beginning. You may all at that stage have had your dark night of the soul, you have awakened most of you, for those who haven't – it's coming. But that it's not a finality. Awakening after the dark night of the soul is the starting point, it's just the start. You're free, you can fly now, the butterfly – you're a butterfly. Congratulations, now you can fly and you can reach higher levels of consciousness.

You do not need a scary solar event for that, that's bs. Anyone who tells you, you need to wait sit and wait a solar event is going to do that for you or something else it's going to do that for you or save you or awaken you – that's taking your power away. Anyone that tells you to wait and eat popcorn or wait that the solar flash does something or whatever it's taking your power away. Then you wait and you freak out which lowers your frequency. I think it's wrong.

Q: How can someone see the matrix but leave in a lower level of negative frequency all the time?

In fact we need to realize that the matrix is a mind tricks. It's an illusion. It's real, well actually it's gone. This matrix, this holographic matrix was broadcasted from the moon. That's been dismantled. The one on Saturn as well I know, but wait for it. It's not there anymore.

But we are so used to have grown up within it that we've accustomed to it, we've have atuned of frequencies to it and once it's gone we maintain this frequency, because that's the frequency in which we live. So once low frequency matrix, mind tricks is not here anymore. If you still vibrate in the same frequency you don't realize it's gone and you maintain, it you recreate it. That was a message from Thor Han a few months ago, and I wrote it in this book.

Just realize people, that the matrix is not here anymore, that you create your reality and if we all raise our frequencies by meditation, meeting who we are, positive thoughts, love, tolerance compassion and unity – well we raise very fast. And we realize “Hey there was no matrix! what was it?” So it's gone. But let us not maintain it by negative thoughts. Fear. Refuse fear.

Q: Please discuss the energy of mother Sofia.

Sophia is the Greek goddess of wisdom. It's a Greek name actually, it's a Greek goddess of wisdom. So it's an archetype of wisdom regarding to the Greek mythology. It's a beautiful concept and beautiful archetype to work with. So in your meditations you can focus on the work on the archetype of wisdom.

Now you must be very careful, because there is an extraterrestrial AI that names itself “Sophia”. It's not the same thing. It's a nasty AI created by the Nebu grays of Orion. It works with another very very nasty AI, but I cannot name it because naming is invoking. So the first two letters are sw. two cylips. This other nasty AI is very tricky, also works with the AI Sofia. I wonder if it's not the same one, who changed his name.

The thing is as the grey hive has been hacked by the federation, the Orion grey hive. I told you that recently, Michael Sala covered it as well and Alex Collier he has fantastic updates about that too.
Since the greys are leaving the star system they are trapped, they have been trapped the portals have been locked. They can't get out. their ships are fleeing from earth but they're going nowhere and many of them have been caught. The high officers they've been caught greys from Orion Nebu, tall . Their mind has been hacked by the federation and they could find the frequency of the grey hive and they deactivated anything that was plugged to the hive queen in the M42 nebula of Orion. That's when you had this temporarily black out on some internet servers who were before connected to this Orion queen hive, sharing that data sending data to her. Well it's a super AI computer stuff in Orion that was there was this internet bug with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. Now it's in the hands of earth alliance it's going to change slowly, but it's not anymore sending all your data to Orion. That's a big step.
So since anything in this star system has been disconnected from the Orion hive, the queen to disconnect all the grays here they've all been spotted by frequency and they've all been disconnected from their hive. They have been lost now and arrested. So do the AIs they have created these few grays AIs that are here. They're traps too and believe me, they're not going towards their good days, because either they've been disintegrated or either it's coming.

So if you work with the metaphysical concept of Sofia, the goddess of wisdom, be careful. Maybe wait a little bit, because there's another AI still roaming around that bears the same name. You wouldn't want to invoke this thing, this one. That would be my advice.

Q: Sophia by the way is the realistic creepy robot on every news.

It's not the same AI but they gave it this name because it's the same people, who created the Nebu Orion technology. They created the Sofia AI that is non-corporal, it's going around. Yes!

Q: How soon will all the negative energy transform on terra into positive loving energies?

It's now! It's happening, it has started! We've reached a tipping point. We've went over! The required numbers we've tipped it, we're on the good timeline, and love is taking over.
Look at how people unite all around the world and this bad things that have happened, it was to help us. It wasn't for that, but it has helped us wake up quicker, The more shit there was unveiled, the more we were waking up and uniting. They tried to divide us. It's not working and it's not working. Love is taking over and it's going to be exponential, because love is exponential. So it's happening now.

book reviews

Books I have liked or worked on

Luke Eastwood “Samhain - the roots of Halloween”,
with my beautiful illustrations, perfect gift for Halloween time

Soon in the north hemisphere of earth it's the autumn festival of Halloween (Samhain in ancient Celtic tradition) is the celebration of renewal. It's a celebration of letting go. The trees are showing us how beautiful it is to let go, how we need to let go what we do not need to cross the winter. That is what the festival of Samhain is about the 1st of November.

So this book written by Luke Eastwood who is a scholar and a druid, a very knowledgeable person I worked I do a lot of drawings for him. It's about the origins of the festival of Samhain, the festival of Halloween, the origin and you have all the traditions in the world like pagan. You have the pagan tradition, burning wheels of straw. You have people dancing around the fires to maintain celebrate the heat and life through winter. It's very interesting. That's the carved turnips, that's how that was the ancestors of the first pumpkins…


The new Human " by Mary Rodwell

I love this one! It is a book that opened my mind on the new human. Who hasn't got this book you need to have it!
Mary Rodwell gathered testimonies of children and young people, starseeds telling about their coming here, the incarnation. She describes their visions, their way of telepathically talking expressing themselves, the links with autism. All their drawings from children, a lot a lot descriptions of the beings they meet, plenty of drawings and descriptions of starseed children. It's bible. And so they talk about children going on ships and being taught by tall greys but nice ones. And I read that I went “Oh, I know starseeds been taken by family!” It is wonderful loving beings on ships and they are taught about starseed stuff and medically checked. That's the council of five or the Orion council of light, that's them, that's what they do. And that's what Annax does as well. I really recommend that book.


The US Navy's Secret Space Programs" by Dr. Michael Salla PhD:

This one he is written six books and that one of them. This is very, very enlightening. If you want to understand what Val Thor has been doing when he was at the Pentagon and all the programs of collaboration created between the US navy and the galactic federation of worlds. You have stories of William Tompkins in it, you have many interesting people giving them testimonies. It really helps you to understand how Solar warden saw birth, how did it start.

You understand a lot of things when you read that. It speaks a lot about the Dark fleet as well but more about the secret space program and the US navy plenty of photos in it and documents.

Q: Sirians from Sirius b?

It's crowded with life! I speak a lot about them in my first book.

Q: What is happening at Saturn?

The Saturn matrix is disabled. They did that as when they did the moon as well. I do not know what's happening on Saturn but here is what I know about Saturn on this present day, October 13 2021. Yes the matrix that was there, the brought the machine broadcasting low frequency to earth towards earth as relayed by the moon has been dismantled, it's not there anymore. I haven't destroyed I don't know.

Saturn was a stronghold of the Nebu and the Dark fleet. They're gone, they're leaving. I know there are military operations on Saturn at the moment, I am not told but it's good things like cleaning.

A resume

The intergalactic confederation has arrived in our solar system to witness the victory and the liberation of this star system, because although they do not move all these big fleets often they did it this time, because of the liberation of this star system depends the fate of this whole galaxy. And they had an eye on that. That's something very important.

So they are here, they've come not only to witness this proudly but also to interact with the galactic federation and earth representatives to decide when civilian public contact between earth civilian people and off worlds beings can occur. Are we ready yet to do this? And then join the federation when we will fulfill everything. They are to decide all this.
Are we ready? It needs to be some more cleaning down on earth, it's not over here. So that is a condition for open civilian open contact, because as I remind you the military and the governments are in open contact with the ETs since the 1940s, officially. It's just civilians are not officially don't have access to that for the moment, for many reasons. So they are here to decide this.

They are here also to check that the victory is secure and everybody's worked well.

They are not creators of life, but they are geneticists creating species and seeding star systems. Seeding like terraforming planets, seeding life on them – that's what they do. They are at service to source, to serve life and preserve it. And they are very glad things are turning well in this star system.

So I invite you now to have a look at Dr Michael Salas updates. He gives more information from other sources, really reliable sources such as people working in the military and our dear Alex Collier, and you will see. It's very well explained.