9/10/2021 Alien shapeshifters and dream hackers: troubling testimonies


After I made a video about how dreams could be hacked or false memories of abductions how the enemy can manipulate our mind, I have had a lot of comments and amazing reactions and I wanted to follow up on this.

I have been telling you in this last video that I wanted to warn people who see who meet me Thor Han, Val Nek or all the crew in their dreams. But not all sorts of dreams. Real dreams are the expression of the subconscious. And other people such as me for instance or our ET friends may represent part of yourself that you identify as a person. I know it sometimes you can dream about pope or some president or people who represent a part of you. That means something to you that you interact with in your dreams.

Also I am very aware that I am influential a little bit in social medias, so I know that sometimes you may dream of me as a abstract figure representing maybe a hope for humanity or spiritual guidance or something like that. That's fantastic and I'm very honored to enter your mind space in these positive and encouraging ways.

Now what I was talking about in this last videos was not about that at all, not about the real dreams but about fake dreams, about fake memories, fake dreams induced by artificial intelligence or extraterrestrials or even the three letters agency mind control. I wouldn't go as far as this one. This involves vivid memories, maybe through dreams. But dreams that you find they had a part of reality in some ways, and you wonder if it was a dream or what? Or sometimes you think you've been abducted – you maybe have – and you meet in these artificially generated memories me for instance or Thor Han and we are telling you things and you interact with us and or I've heard also people are made pretend that they meet for instance even Ardana, the high commander.
This is manipulation, because the first step is to make this fake us say things on her behalf that can be very harmful. This is very wrong! So my previous video was about if you meet me or Thor Han in your dreams or memories of abductions kind of, it has 99.999 chances of this being fake.

All the emails I receive every day since two months, this has started not before. People say “Oh I met you. I met Thor Han. I met Val Nek. I met Megan who hasn't been in space since like a few years. There's something wrong. It's not us!

As to give you an example on how they manipulate you I am going to read an email I received and with the permission of this person who will stay anonymous, I will read you this. And this story, this testimony is the perfect example of what I want to tell you.

This person says “While I didn't have any dreams about you guys. I did have one a little over a month ago about my Ahel brother, where he showed me up at my house dressed up in silver suit with black neckline cuffs and belt which I thought was strange and unusual, but I overlooked it because I was excited to see him. And after a brief reunion he started telling me how important and crucial it is for me to get the pointy needles (she writes it differently but I can't say it out loud) When he say that, she says, I immediately thought who the fuck is this because it sure as hell isn't my brother. And I guess he or it sensed it. I didn't trust him anymore. So he turned around, shape-shifted and walked away towards a group of one reptilian and two men looking Nordics, also dressed as he was.

Now I may be a new kid on the block here because I'm 21 but I've dealt with these assholes all my life here and I sure know the difference between my star family and a regressive entity posing as them. What I found insulting was that they actually though I would do something in I'm highly against. I actually thought, I would do something I'm hiding against with every fiber of my being, just because someone from my star family told me too, even though I didn't fall for it it was still very disturbing, hearing those things coming from the mouth of someone I have such strong bond with and who I trust completely. I had no idea others might have had similar experiences and now I can can't help but think, “ow many envoys and other good souls might have had similar experiences? Where these beings posed as their star family guides or even you and other famouscities and tried to convince them to do something that would have hurt them. It's so disgusting that someone would stoop solo and utilize these sacred bones and love we have for one another, to manipulate people. I cannot imagine how devastated my brother would have been, if I had fallen for it, went against my soul and took that poison, which i've known from the beginning was nothing good. They really take us for idiots sometimes these bad guys. It's baffling.

I just hope that others who might have had similar experiences meditated on it or connected to their higher selves and guides, our star family, to double check before making any rash decision.”

This is the email of this person. This is for me a perfect example of what's going on. Ahel never wear silver uniforms and they do not have black belts. As I explained in my book and I explain also to you regularly these frequency belts ET wear belts to shift frequencies and they have a color regarding to the species or the species groups. Humanoids such as Ahil have gold belts. The black belts are worn by reptiloid species such as reptilians and many greys.

This man was a shapeshifter, he had a black belt, something felt not right. But he used his appear the appearance of her brother and the love she had for him hugging her and talking her nice to her nicely. What I really like reading this email, although she is shocking, is that she is only 21 and she already knows that she takes no shit from ETs, and this is my mission accomplished, really honestly: Take no shit from ETs, always double check what's right to your heart. Sometimes people are not that mastering their emotions as she did, sometimes we are like so feeling lonely and they use that.

So I want you to be aware that I'm not talking about regular dreams in which I'm very honored to appear to feature, well the image of me. But I'm talking about encounters, true encounters using the stream of dreams or using contact – be it beaming in your room or being taking you on board the ship contact. If you see me, you see Thor Han – it's not us!

Every email I've been receiving from since two months, I read all the emails I receive, I receive a lot but I read them all. I can't answer you, but when I don't answer you to these kind of emails, “I met you” or “I met Thor Han” that means it's not good. It wasn't us! I always double check with Thor Han and he said “nope, nope, nope”.

Once it happened, one guy. He really met him on a rescue mission. I'm not talking about Megan that was before, but I mean these last two month. In this case I go back to the person and I write “yes, it was him”.

So that's what I want to say: Be very very careful, very aware! The ai and then the losing enemy are trying to coerce you into doing things and believing things that are harmful to you and to this species. And also follow your heart, what you feel.

So this will be my last words.