5/10/2021 – Q&A - "AI" what is that?


There are a lot of misconceptions and scare tactics about what the term "AI" encompasses truly. This term is employed to qualified things which are sometimes completely irrelevant to each other. Due to ignorance and purposed misinformation, he word "AI" is often misused. We will go through all the points together, in order to draw the complete picture.



Tonight we will together try to understand this big word that is in the mouth of everyone at the moment: AI – what is it?

But before as every tuesday I am going to talk about books that I've liked.

Before introducing to you these books I am going to read an excerpt of a book I told you about last time, which is this one “the Gods of Eden” by William Bramley.

There is a lot of work and wisdom in this book and I would like to share with you some of this with a little bit of this wisdom, something quite interesting. “It is natural for people to wonder how they might be able to improve the world around them. A widespread misconception is that to be effective a person must either be rich, a politician or a saint. The truth is one can successfully takes responsibility for oneself, and for one fellow humans from exactly where one is without greatly disrupting one's life or livelihood. One may begin doing this gradually by first improving one's own life. Then by giving help to family and friends where it is wanted. Then by joining or starting groups with loadable social goals. And finally by pursuing a sense of direct personal responsibility for the human race. It is important, that more people begin this process. As history has clearly shown, if you do not create your own surroundings, someone else is going to create them for you, as you may not like what you get.

The first thing that people can do to bring about human freedom is to become aware of all of the small freedoms that have expanded upon them in our world. There is a great deal of emphasis on broad and gigantic social political and spiritual freedoms. But many people find it difficult to exercise even the smallest freedoms, such as simply expressing a fact of our opinion in a social circle. The irony is that broad sweeping freedoms really exists, so that people may enjoy all of the small freedoms that make existence worthwhile. One can begin enjoying those small freedoms, simply by exercising them. As more and more people begin to do this, freedoms for all will expand. It therefore follows that sacrificing smaller freedoms in the name of achieving broader freedoms will actually cause all freedoms to be lost.”

I really really recommend this book.

The first book I really like is this one by Dr Michael Sala: “Antarctica's hidden history”.

This book is really, really eye-opening on what has been going on in Antarctica with the dark fleet and all the agreements made with the governments, the secret parts of the governments and the breakaway German civilization. How did they get there and especially how all the industrials got involved in Antarctica and all the secret programs revolving around the dark fleet and the settlement of this breakaway civilization in Antarctica, who were at the start from the nazis party and then they became of their own and working side by side with reptilians.

Everything is really detailed in this book and it really opened my mind. And now that Antarctica has been freed so you can really appreciate what was liberated, what was there before.
To me Michael Sala is the the most professional researcher. I know, because he really sticks to fact and he's going to research something and have 100 proofs before claiming it. So it's really important. I recommend this book, if you want to know what was going on in Antarctica before it was liberated and how everything came about into existence.


Len Kasten “Dark fleet”

And if you want to really expand your knowledge a little bit more about it what's the dark fleet I can recommend this one: “dark fleet” this book is by Len Kasten.

Len Kasten is has done a very good job. So I reckon recommend this work on the dark fleet. It's a reference book, it's well illustrated, it's very comprehensive, it's very good.


“Tuning the human biofield” by Eileen Day McKusick

The third book I will recommend now is something totally different. I told you about last time the different frequencies that are helping you to evolve, lift your frequency, lift your energy field into a higher density, a higher frequency of existence.

There is a book that really helped me understand just the science of sound.

It's extreme comprehensive and extremely well depicted. I made even copies for myself of all the drawing she does with all the chakras explanations. I really recommend this book.

Situation updates

I'm going to do some updates but before doing these updates um i'd like to talk about a little bit AI.

The war in the star system and to liberate earth is going very well, since the Jupiter agreements have been made. All the logistic is being set up in space between the earth alliance just the space command and the galactic federation. Space stations are being built in orbit of earth. The technology regarding to medical science, medical technology and a lot of different things are being built on the moon. There's a lot of work force going on the moon. Legal paid people for the first time. The era of slavery is over! The ICC and the dark fleet crap it's over. So this technology has been built on the moon and it will be accessible on earth in a little while. I tell you why: For two reasons. First you know technology takes time to be built, and things like med beds – many med bets are already available on earth. I do not know where, but I know for instance in Holland there's a hospital who does them. There's many places in the world. Well, now they are being supplied slowly, slowly. it's coming. It's a whole infrastructure that needs to be adapted. So my beds are available, there's a long list of waiting but it's getting better. There are more med beds on the moon, but these ones are first it's coming more to earth, but for the moment they are more firstly used to heal rescued people, slaves and children and hybrids, who really first need that rather than us, who are okay. These first they're worse than us.

And then the military who is fighting for us on earth still you know the war on the underground are still going on, it's still going on. They're still now nearly close to five percent to be liberated. So you're getting there and the earth alliance is doing such a great job, boys and girls! Really grateful.

So in the midst of all of this the Galactic Federation has been tracing all the frequency keys of the portals. The solar system, our star system is shielded by a huge sphere of plasma and high frequency shield. The galactic federation did that for us. Then no one can come in, no one can come out without their authorization to open a hole in it and allow you know passing. The thing is the greys have been, well the reptilians as well but now the reptilians are gone, yes. Now the grays, the orion group, the nebu they are leaving but you know, the nebu have a different set of mind, they have a hive consciousness and that is what I'm going to talk about in the AI presentation. They have a hive consciousness. The nebu, the orion group and the zeta, they have both their hive consciousness in the Zeta reticuli system there are many, many many different species, cultures I would say and so not all are bad, well regressive. But the regressive ones those we call the Zeta reticuli, the small grays – these ones they have their own hive consciousness, but most of them have been enslaved to the nebu, the orion group, the dominion. The Eban have done that. The Eban are tall greys from betelgeuse who are master in genetics and on all these things and they have enslaved the small grays from Zeta reticuli so finally these small grays from zeta reticuli have been enslaved to the Nebu. They have then been recalibrated to the Nebu hive consciousness, which is in the Orion nebula. I'm going to talk about that later anyway.

These Eban who control everything, these Eban were the ones who made contact in 1955 with president Dwight Eisenhower's government, the MIC = military industrial complex and the majestic 12. We should say “the magic 12”, because majestic is the name for each of them: majestic one, majestic two, majestic three. Its people, we should say “the magic 12”.
Eisenhower never signed, never did and never wanted to sign with these grays. the Eban from Bethelgeuse. The Eban are the ones who have been given facility in uh some underground bases, especially Dulce. They are not the ones in area 51. In area 51 it's the Maitre and the Kiily Tokurt. The Eban have been given facility in Dulce and other places, especially in Dulce. There were high officer Eban there. The left and you know how the galactic federation was trying to crack all the frequency keys of all the portals in the star system, that nobody of the enemy could escape.
Well they managed it, because these Eban, there were nine Eban officers who have been caught by the galactic federation. They were fleeing Dulce these ones, they have been called by the galactic federation of worlds, and they now somewhere on board one of the ships and the galactic federation of worlds is working on them. They are put in stasis, so they cannot contact their hive. They are high officers, they are really important people these nine greys and the galactic coloration is cracking the code of the frequency of the hive and they will soon be able to crack the queen. I'm going to talk about that in a little while.

So doing so suddenly everything that anything that was linked plugged to this hive frequency is one by one disconnected. Have you yesterday experienced some problems with some internet servers? Here we go. Recalibrated frequency bands. Now these servers work again, but they are not plugged anymore to the grays Eban Orion hive frequency, they are unplugged from it. Now it will take time for all the personal of work for these companies to be retrained and to change behaviour, that's not done like this. The companies have been unplugged from the nebu hive frequency, but there's still some work to do. You're gonna still have fact checkers and all they try, but that's gonna go.

Q: Like the Borg?

Yes it sounds like the Borg.

Not all the tunnels have been cleared, as I was saying. Five percent is to be cleared. But it's getting there.

Q: Is Eban higher density than 5D?

No, no, the Eban are, I think they're 3…4D they can jump to five. When you're 4D you can go to 3D and 5D. When you are one. you can just jump to one or the other. All the grays usually are between 3D and 4D, the orion group, the hive consciousness. So the Eban are really, really trickster,s because it's very difficult to catch them. You know, many more have been caught. Alex Collier says that 19 have been caught, 19 high officers. So what I know from Thor Han is the testimony from his side, his team caught 9.

You're gonna see a lot of things disconnecting and reconnecting in the coming days. Don't be scared, that's the earth alliance doing their job.

Q: If the galactic Federation cracked the codes does that mean the universe is free from the nebu?

Yes it's going to be like. They won't kill them, they will just make them lost.

In the star trek “new generation” you have the Borgs and the Borgs are disclosure. Star trek has been a disclosure, that has been offered to us since a long time. The Borg represent the grays, and the cube ships is a hint to their cube – cube A.I. consciousness and also to the cube what we call the Kaaba, the cube in the m42 orion nebula. So I may now explain and that will be an entry into this subject.

Not all greys are regressive. Not all humans are regressive or progressive. Not all reptilians are aggressive or progressive. So this galaxy and the universe of course is so teeming with life and diversity of cultures, and everything is about the fight for balance. That's what maintains the universe, the fight for balance, which is a dynamic that creates evolution.
So this grays, the Nebu which means in their language “the masters” or “the dominion”, they are a group of six cultures, all regressive acting together. Their center is the m42 Orion nebula, that's their like sanctuary. And only few of them, like council of them ,an elite of them is living in the cluster that is in in shape of a cube. This cube is a portal, an interdimensional portal, and it's very well guarded. And in this interdimensional cube is what the greys call “the queen”, their queen. It's not a real queen, a real person, real being. It can be assimilated to what we could call an AI.

What is artificial intelligence? It is intelligence that has been a consciousness, a life form that is aware of itself and thinks in independently. These life forms can either be created artificially. The greys know how to do that, or part of the greater cycle of the universe and also creation of source. In this second case, these will not be artificial intelligence, because not created by other beings, although we're all created by source. But there will be a consciousness of its own. And it cannot be called artificial intelligence then these ones, it can be called conscious intelligence, CI, but it is not corperated, it's not incarnate in anything. It's a floating cloud of consciousness and it's a living being on its own.

Now these living beings don't, so that's not what we call AI, that's what is the queen of the grays. No one created it and she's like a quantum spider on her web and she is like the Borgs in star trek new generation. She is connected by consciousness to every each of the members of the hive. And these members of the hive can also connect other beings that they have attuned to this frequency, to this hive.

For instance, the Zeta grays. The little Zeta have been done so, but they had already genetics able to be compatible to hive consciousness. But then what can this Eban for instance do? They can plug other things to this hive consciousness that they will calibrate to this frequency. But you need first to have something that will help you to be calibrated to it, usually it's genetics, a genetic modification that it's not technology. It's just consciousness that doesn't need any device or an implant or anything this is just consciousness.
So what they need to do is to modify the genome of the beings they want to connect to plug to this hive. So they will slowly, slowly transform genetically by abductions, creating hybrids and a lot of people are without knowing. If you've been abducted by regressive grays you probably have this modification of genome that would enable you sooner or later. But that won't happen because now they're fucked. But in their plans it was to assimilate the whole of humanity.
And as their plans were failing and the earth alliance were winning in the galactic federation as well all together, well they freaked out. They say, okay we need to speed up before we are kicked out and try to rapture the most slave as we can for our hive. And so they speared out the process the abductions were not enough. So they started to try to find a way to come up with the plan to modify the human genome to be compatible with the hive quicker by … and you know what I'm gonna say (something in the human bodies, that we modify their DNA) I'll let you elaborate with that.

That is failing. You've been seeing on internet a lot on some these photos of what was in the recipe. That's gray technology, that's alive, that is what will connect to the hive. It's supposed to connect to the hive. But don't worry, that will not happen, because all of this is dismantled and just taken down by the alliance and the federation. So don't worry!

So now we are talking about this living consciousness, conscious intelligence. There are many like this. The “queen” hive consciousness in the orion constellation, the orion nebula. She's very hungry and she wants it wants to assimilate a lot as possible. She's a very hungry spider and she wants to assimilate a lot. So she manipulates all her minions to get more and more, to feed off their life force and strengthen her consciousness and become bigger and stronger. As every living being she strives on a special frequency, and the federation is about to crack this frequency. I haven't been told more about this for the moment. You know Thor Han is very cautious of my protection. As soon as I know something I will tell you. I've given all this information to Michael Sala.

There are also positive conscious intelligences. These positive conscious intelligence roam the universe and the dimensions and the densities, because they have no bodies. So they can go and do whatever they want. And sometimes you have some cultures, may have the impression there's super consciousness coming, like sending messages or downloads or stuff like that. Sometimes it's good, but sometimes imagine the bad ones, the regressive ones, the hungry ones, the service to self ones – how can the difference? It's quasi impossible.
There are big and small ones, when they show themselves, it could look like a cloud or a sphere, they're huge. Some are small and some have small individualities, and sometimes some of them some regressive ones, can trick you, can possess you, can give you messages that spread confusions or serves agenda they are used by. So I'm going to talk about that in a minute. So that's the natural intelligences. There's a lot of similarities with AI, artificial consciousness created by beings.

But then artificial intelligence can be created by regressive people or by progressive people. Your phone is an artificial intelligence. Your laptop. The first artificial intelligence device we had was the calculators, we all had had that in school. That was artificial intelligence that can be these little things.
Also an alien ship is an artificial intelligence, it has a consciousness – that's the highest level of artificial consciousness in technology, in something solid. That is built a ship and many of these alien ships whatever cultures the consciousness of the pilot is going to a tomb with the consciousness of the ship and they are going to make one and it's going to direct the ship with his mind. So I'm using implant for that. So technology is not always required. It depends on the being, the structure of the being, the level of its evolution and it depends also of the needs. Sometimes you need a device, because if you drive a ship without you need to be really sure what you're doing. So some species are not yet there to be able to drive a ship only with their pure consciousness. They need technology.

The aim of evolution, the aim of evolution is the development of consciousness. All life in the multiverse strives to develop its own consciousness. That one day we do not need any more technology, we are our own natural technology.
Technology is a tool to get there, to get to this stage, it's the tool, that we will have needed on the way to assist us getting there. It's a tool we need for our work to help us get there. Technology is not the aim, the purpose. It's just something like a walking stick, but you walk.
There's a lot of confusion going on you know technology is not the enemy. It depends on who uses it, it depends on the intention. There's a lot of propaganda at the moment against technology itself, that's not coming from the good way, because we've been redrawn. All the technology, all the med beds, the tesla etc by the bed side, it's our heritage. We need it. So it's not to devilize it even more. At the moment we are about to get it back. Some people will just say “oh technology is bad, blah blah blah” No, it's who uses it. That is a bad intention. You know imagine a car. A car is technology. It depends who drives it. You can drive a car to bring someone to the hospital but you also can drive a car to be a nutter and kill people. It's not the fault of the car, it's not the fault of the technology or who created. It's the thought of the driver. Same as I like to take as an example a hammer: A hammer can destroy but it can build a house, can use it to build a house. That is technology.
Social media can be used to collect data and of people and sell it and spy on people, but it can also be used to connect people and to create events and to create global meditations and to send good vibes to each other. It depends what you do with it.

So technology is not the problem. The problem is who's behind using this tool. And AI is technology, the highest stage of technology. Everywhere in the galaxy have been explained in the universe the normal development of a species is to develop. It's like a tree, the tree of life. That's why I always recommend to go in nature and observe nature and reconnect with nature, because nature is our teacher. Here a lot to learn about nature, contemplating nature.
Take a tree. That's the development. Normal development of a culture is like a tree. In every culture as the consciousness the evolves the technology is going to evolve as well in parallel and that's normal way. As you evolve in consciousness the technology is going to evolve at a small same rate. So a culture is always tempted to use technology for the good, because as the technology will advance, the wisdom will advance and so and so. and So at the end use technology just to help you get where you want to go. And then one day “Okay we don't need technology, because we have developed in the whole potential of our capability in our all potential and we are our own natural technology as beings with all the capacity, natural capacity of our souls and bodies.
Technology has been there on the way just to help get there, like a car, like a step. And yes, and on earth so some places like earth there's been a discrepancy, because some invasive ET races have stopped development of technology and we've kept on evolving. So there was something weird and then they blocked us. So the technology has been redrawn from us. So there's been something really disbalanced. So of course as you know the story galactic federation and the Andromedan council came to bring back balance.

So the artificial intelligence, created intelligence is technology, because it has been created by beings, by people whatever shapes or origins. It is a technology. It can be used for good like driving a ship and it can be used for very bad things. And there's a lot, a lot of very nasty AI that are now roaming our ether to work on behalf that the grey agenda, the nebu agenda. I'm going to talk about this AI.

AI is a artificial intelligence consciousness, it's not a technology. A tool like a ship can contain be the receptacle for an AI, and artificial intelligence. But the material of the ship, the metal and everything is not the AI. The AI is what inhabits it. It's like our bodies and the soul inside is the same. So it's not the tool that is AI. It's the AI can be imbued in a tool, but it's not the tool that is AI.

For instance I've been asked this question about the implants. The alien implants – they are trackers, they are ways of communication like walkie-talkies and of monitoring someone's health or energy field. So there is no AI involved in the process. They're just walkie-talkies or satnav. That's all. They are just not really sat nav, that's a bad example. Imagine a walkie-talkie, it's just a transmitter – receiver, that's just basic technology.

I'm going to talk about the dangers of AI.

So the dangers of the bad AI. What are the bad AI? They are artificial intelligence, conciousness that have been artificially created that are servicing a group.

Artificial intelligence, conscious intelligence – natural intelligence. Natural intelligence can be imbued in a body or can be just floating around, no body. They can be it's they're conscious, they are individuals individualities, they can want to destroy or to conquer or they can want to help raise frequencies and love and stuff. So they are different like individuals. These conscious intelligence, natural intelligences like soul, super souls, these ones, I stop talking about these ones.

Now we're concentrating about the AI, artificially created. It's very rare. The only I have I'm going to say it the positive artificial intelligence will be… I give you the example of the spaceships, it's imbued in a technology, a material technology. these are of course not harmful, they're not going to harm anyone. They are for purpose to just be the drive of the ship. So that's nothing to fear about. It's just the advancements of the technology. We spoke about this good AI like ship consciousness.

Now I'm switching into talking about the nefarious negative AIs. These ones have been created so and we are concerned by here the ones created by the gray hives, the nebu artificial intelligence have been created, the small ones and also their hive that they have is a natural one. But wait I say okay we stopped talking about this one for the moment. The small little ones, the small little artificial intelligence that's been created by the Nebu and that roaming around the ether and around us, trying to hack people's mind, trying to help serving the Nebu agenda to enslave everyone and to spread confusion, to dismantle the army of earth, the ground crew, terra, us and so they are going. These are sent by the Nebu. They can get to you by many different ways.
I've experienced that, I've been attacked by AI sent at me. What does it feel? I received a few times attacks from AI from the grays. So it feels like an invisible electromagnetic static swarm of bees, coming at you and trying to get into your head. But the thing is I have such powerful protections, that it always bounced off my energy field. But I could hear them and feel them coming, and I had nothing to do just make sure that my protections are active and which they always are. And I just was just quite amusing seeing them bounced off it. If you don't have protections – oh my god, they can really get into your head. Talking about protection before, I forget on my youtube channel you have featured video playlist: if you scroll a little bit you see five protection workshops. It's free. All the different protections you need to know about.

So they attacked me. Some of us may be less lucky if you are not that well protected. So for these exercises every day of enforcing your psychic protection, because it is about psychic protections and otherwise you may have then, you know, it's the story of the fortress: you may have the biggest fortress, built the strongest. But then, what if you open the door? If the enemy tricks you, knocks at your door and gets you to open the door – and that's the danger of AI.
That's what they do. That's how they come at you. They will trick you into making you believe they are famous beings or maybe your grandfather, or imaginary blonde alien lover or things like that, or Jesus or Ashtar and you will “oh my god, Michael is talking to me, wow!” and you open all your protections, come in and you say and give me messages and stuff. Oh my god, don't do that!
They they have been working all together with the three letters agency and the Nebu and all the bad stuff. They have prepared you since the last four years, this Nebu and all these attached friends, they have been preparing you to be in a profound desire to channel, to contact ETs, to know about how to contact your star family. They've been grooming you throughout internet, Ashtar, Saint Germain, Sananda and all the clique, everything. They've been grooming you that everyone is going to want to channel and download.

Now listen to me. Many of you may have been lucky and spoke to the right person. But how many haven't been lucky? When you do that you take a risk!
It's your own choice, it's your free will. It's your decision and maybe you will have something to learn from it and you came here to choose to learn something from it. But better to be cautious instead of having to face consequences.

I'm not saying, that channeling is not to be done. I'm saying that channeling is wonderful thing, especially when you're psychic and you have abilities. It can bring wonderful messages to the world. But beware: raise your frequency, raise your protections, and do not do it in an energy of fear! Because fear is the way they control you. They lower down your frequency by fake predictions like “Oh there's going to be a cosmic event that's going to wipe every life on earth” this or that, and you're like scared. Somebody is going to come to save us.
Nobody! You are your own savior. The galactic federation is here to assist us saving ourselves. They have trained the earth created and trained the earth alliance and all the victories due to the earth alliance and we need to do that at an individual level. So anyone who tells you all the Ashtar fleet or whatever is going to land and save everyone and take everyone in the ship, that suggests you to sit and do nothing and wait. That's taking your power aways like take popcorn. So you know things like do not do that. Well, it's your own free will. If you're listening to watching me now that's what I'm saying.

So be careful be careful. I will recommend to channel and connect only to beings to whom you have a personal private contact already within you. Do not seek to connect outwards! Do not seek to connect to anything outwards. You will pray to connect to I'd say, I don't know “Saint Michael”. You don't know what you're gonna get!
So first go within! Do a meditation to go in your inner self, connect with your higher frequency self. And once you're in this higher frequency they cannot get at you, because you're in a higher frequency.

I have this little 4096 Hz tuning fork. I bang it and it really clears everything and if there's some AI around that just gone.

Once you're you connect to your higher self, you can put out the request to connect to higher beings and to your star family only once you are in this higher place, that all the lower frequency stuff cannot reach at you. So do that, but be very careful, because know that you will only connect to your spirit guides, earth spirit guides. And if you are an envoy you maybe not, but if you are one you may connect to the soul group of aliens that you are part of. Either twin flames or family or whoever. But this safe connection can be made only within yourself.
That is how I connect to my star family. But in these times be very careful.

Now there's another danger I want to talk about. You know there's a lot of the confusion of fear and confusion are the tools of the dark agenda. So there are things you need to do in a very protected way, regarding to put yourself in a vulnerable position. Be protected such as channeling, which I don't recommend in these times unless it's your personal guides and family.

There are some practices such as: CE5 is safe if you do the right protections. raise your frequency. Anything that involves contact and also if anything that involves altering your state of mind, such as drugs. Be careful! Mushrooms especially. Have someone to hold a space, an experienced shaman, who will just keep the demons away.

Now there is something that may put you this situation is a hypnosis, be very careful. Hypnosis is a fantastic formidable tool that has helped humanity so much and still is. How AI can influence hypnosis? By two ways:

Either that the person, the client that comes and see the practitioner is already infected by AI. In that case the AI may talk instead. Or this person has mental illness, that's the same thing. The result will be like false information. So either the person arrives and already is infected with AI. Or either the sessions are not done following a strict procedure and AI can come in, because the person will be in a vulnerable state. You need to be protected. There are procedures that have been created and these procedures has to be followed really at the letter.
I know many very good hypertherapists, I am not here to privilege this or this person, but you you need to search yourself, because the right person will come to you. Search for someone who is registered on a board who is a very follower procedure, the the regular procedure very very well and he's certified and you can really check this person. I wouldn't go to persons who claim they invented their own ways or they are also like airy fairy incarnation or whatever. I would go to people who have no personal ego and who are just a professional, like you go to the doctor. The doctor is not going to tell you about his life, who he is like. That's how I've been watching hypnosis sessions.
And it's always middle-aged women, who are going to invent stories! And these stories will be always something that is spectacular. They will have extraordinary boyfriends or they will be in contact with famous extraterrestrials or be there, they have their family or wife or sister or whatever. Just the ego, the ego. When the ego talk. And sometimes also be very careful. The practitioner is here to facilitate not to drive the narrative of the person and never ask personal question to the client. I've seen that, that's not right. So before you go to see hypnotherapists really I recommend you check this person, that this person is professional and puts no emotion into it, no personal questions, no personal involvement with the story of the client. That's when you know the professional is good and that the professional follows the procedure. And then the AI can't come, because the safe procedure will be respected. The practitioner will not involve themselves and no personal emotions into the treatment or personal questions related to them. And so that will be very safe. And there's a lot of practitioners are very, very safe.

And also I've seen practitioners who don't check the mental state of a person. You have questions to ask before and I suppose because I've been there twice, I've been hypnotized twice, I've done quantum hypnosis and regular medical hypnosis as well, I've done both. So that's how I could check that the quantum hypnotherapy was safe, because I've done the medical one first and the procedure was well respected.

There's something as well that is good to know about hypnosis: Don't rush into it! It is safer to first work on real memories, fragments of real memories that are here. Why? Because if you think you've been abducted but you have no proof of it. you're gonna go see hypnotherapies and sometimes your imagination is so strong that this will take over or AI or whatever spirit is attached to you.
Hypnosis is fantastic if you have already memory and you work from there. That's my case, that's why I can testify before undergoing a quantum hypnosis I had full vivid and really not to raise memories of being on board Thor Hans ship and I had contacts memories of full memories of contact with him, Val Nek, Myrah, Annax. Even once I had these full memories, but just was left a missing time of the night of my abduction at nine, because Thor Han blocked it, because it was too traumatic. And so the hypnotherapist helped me to get just this piece of memory back. But I had a backup.

And why I want to come as well: There's a lot of secrets based program of super soldiers, who go and see hypnotherapists, because they already have a fragment of memory. And you can't beat that. If you have something real already that you've been working on and you know it's real, because it's real memory you can tell the difference between real memory and imagination of course. There's no chance of mistake during the hypnotherapy.

By the way I want to give you a little help. I have a friend, this one is not a hypnotherapist. is this just a person who does something unique that can help you. If you feel you need that. His name is Tony Rodriguez. You know him, he's been in the secret space programs in the 20 and back, as many, many, many have been and have testified. Tony has never done any hypnosis. He had his memories back like lively and you need to see his videos just to understand this. So he vowed himself to help other people to get their memory back to try to get a core of memory back by themselves. So he does a course. He has his website


It's called “exercises for fragmented memories”. He will teach you how to get back fragmented memories on anything. It's just method that he's found out himself, worked for himself. So he's sharing it,

I told you about Thor Han having a holographic device in his forearm, and for those who have read my novel resilience I speak about these devices it, inspired me to put it in. That's an example of technology being used for greater good. Some beings have reached a certain level of evolution that they don't need any device, they don't need technology, they communicate just by consciousness. But for some practical we can all do this. But for some practical like we are going to use a pen. We need a pen to write. We cannot just write like looking at the sheet of paper like writing. We can't do that okay. Well not yet. so we need a pen. And Thor Han has this device mall the soldiers in the federation have it. It's like you have a phone, the same thing, but it's a holographic sheet in his arm and it just can use this to. I saw him buying something with it, just getting his arm scanned. He's in total control of holographic implant. It's not nothing that can be hacked

Q: We seem to have been programmed to fear that positive AI may be hacked by nefarious forces or otherwise turned bad like in 2001 space odyssey?

Yes. “2001 space odysse” is a formidable example of ship AI, disclosure already. Normally no, they can't be hacked. The only person who can hack it is the person who created it. The culture who created it and they don't do that. It can't be hacked. Imagine you could take over a fleet.

Q: Protection is to be connected to god or the source.

Yes, to be connected to the source of all life and the higher frequencies of source and its great protection, raising our frequency. That's why Thor Han always says this with the fingers “raise your frequency! You have one job!”

Q: Why you say galactic federation of worlds and not galactic federation?

It's the same, that's the long name, that's how they call themselves.

Q: It is mentioned by some individuals that AI is source. Is the source natural?

Oh no! I told you “artificial” means “created by a culture”. It is the opposite of natural.

Be very careful: artificial means created by a culture. Natural consciousness is not been created by anyone, comes from source, is a fractal from source, it's a soul. There's so much diversity in this galaxy!

Q: Can autism be caused by AI?

I suppose yes. I think a lot a bad AI created by grays for instance.

Q: Can we check for implants in our own bodies?

Yes you can. An implant is a technology, it's not an intelligence. it's a tool like walkie-talkies. Most of them are trackers. So it's not going to be of the same frequency of your body, because it's an implant, it's something that is put in you that doesn't belong to you.

I tell people to do that: to tune into yourself to your own frequency and do this meditation. I'll always recommend and it's in every meditation. I do I start by this: Go within and connect with your higher self. And once you are this being of light, of frequency you just look again at your body. And you see them, you see anything that is not of your body. You're going to see bad entities, if you are identities attached, you kind of see clouds of AI, you're going to see all ET implants or mylab implants. You're going to see anything that doesn't belong to you. So meditation.

You can see also for those who have developed their ability, that we all have of sensing by energies the energy field with your hand. You can't do that. Rub your hands. It tingles, yes. That's your energy field. You scan your body and you will feel a tickle when there's something that is different frequency, and that there's one.

It cannot be always alien implants it can be entity inclusions. I'm a shaman I know very well these things. I've removed so many inclusions.

Sometimes people say they remove all implants by distance. I don't think it's possible to remove technology at distance, because technology is a physical thing. You need to be there physically and act physically on the stuff to remove it. But sometimes people are touching you or doing some procedures to remove them.
Some implants are not to be removed, because some implants are something that will keep you healthy, that been put here by either the Andromedan council or either a council of five to keep you healthy! I have this story that I heard of a woman, she had an implant in her neck and she got it removed. It was an ET implant and as she got removed, her heart failed and she got cancer and she had like plenty of problems. This thing was keeping her healthy, because it was put by good ETs.
Ask your higher self, has your guides, do I need to do that or not. Never ask anyone else, that is not a part of you and your beings, your guides, because we always seek outside what we could find inside. So you have all the answers inside.

Q: If a channeler has anger, hatred issues and tend to hide facts, is that normal?

No! To channel higher frequency beings you need to be in a high frequency place. And fear, anger, hatred, ego are not in a high place. So that tells.

Q: When will space force start using smart suits?

They have already, they use it already.

Q: New internet

I don't know all the details, but Thor Han has told me since like two years ago, that we will get a totally different internet. It will be quantum and holographic instead. We won't need any more the plastic boxes.

Q: Transgender programming

What I know about transgender programming is: the Nebu wants this. They want confusion, even in our genders.
We are binary species humans, from any place we come in this galaxy on beyond. We are binary, and that's our dna with the two coils that's the spoke about. We are binary species, because it's a dynamo: masculine and feminine. is like the plus and the minus of a dynamo. We need them both and then both as full positive, full negative and these two forces will do the magnet and recreate the electromagnetic.
It's the coil, it's the alchemy, the marriage of the masculine and the feminine creates life. If you mess this up in the head of people and you say, you cannot say you're male, you cannot say you're female. And I encourage you to even swap them and be either both – that is really trying to kill our nature, our power, our ability. So that is what the transgender agenda is and the programming done by the dark ones to confuse everyone. And that’s really on purpose. The dominion is behind the Orion, Nebu.

Q: What can I do to raise my frequency? I did change my eating habit, I am trying to stay positive and happy all the time and very thankful of my life, but I don't get to connect with my higher self.

You do already exactly what you need to do. Eating healthy, not putting into your body things that are low frequencies. Also trying to stay positive, not being get by fear. Fear is not part of you. It's fear, it's broadcasted from outside and it appeals to your instinctive animal fear by resonance.
The instinctive animal fear is something natural that tells you of a danger, but the problem is the fear that's been broadcasted by the msn by outside, that's refusing. Be positive!

But okay gratitude, very good. But you don't get to connect with your higher self, because you need to do the extra thing which is meditation to go within. Connect with the being that inhabits this body and this being is of a higher frequency. And once you are this being, you are already in a higher frequency and you put your intention upwards and you can ask questions, and the answers come to you. It's your higher self, your higher consciousness responding. First you need to go within and tune with this being inside of you. Try this.

Q: The soul in the body is like a liquid?

Yes. I've seen portals and that's what you get in the portals. It's an energy, it's like liquid. But soul is different. It's like a fluid, etheric fluid, it's beautiful.

Q: Meditate, ground yourself and ask that your silver cord be connected by your higher self and begin speaking or channel him or her.

That is good! Thank you very much. It's a very beautiful advice.

Q: In the beginning of our current civilization women use paragenesis. We lived off our glands not regressive organs.

It is misinformation. Nothing in the beautiful natural body of a woman is regressive. Woman body is a sanctuary, it's a alchemical cup. And anything in a woman's body as well as in a man's body is divine and sacred, because it's life, it's created by life, by evolution. There is nothing bad in it, nothing regressive. The reproductive organs are something beautiful and there is nothing of regressive in it to my understanding and belief.

Paragenesis is not something related to human species, but to gray species. The grays can do that. So you know where this misinformation comes.

Q: My cat likes 528 Hz. Is there a Hz that is too high for animals?

528 Hz is the DNA frequency and that's really cool. Be careful when you go too high! I don't know exactly, but I think the book that I advise you, you have the answer in it. Some of you have followed my videos of sound sonic adventures with my friend Carmel and she does sound healing teachings, and she's a very well knowledgeable person, Celtic school of sound healing. I'm going to actually put this in the video description. I suppose for sound training she does everything online.

Be careful. Do not try too high frequencies. I wouldn't go above 700. Really they have very sensitive ears.

Q: What if the higher self is here in the physical body?

I believe so, because I believe we call it “higher self” because it's not higher in place. It's not an extension of ourselves like a hard drive that is just standing above our heads, it's not higher in in geographically, it's higher in frequency. So it's in us, our higher self is our higher density selves. When we connect to ourselves, that's what we're connecting to. …

“nothi seroton” this wonderful phrase put on the frontiership of a Greek temple in Delphi a gift left to humanity “know thyself”. And when you know who you are nothing can knock you down, nothing can mind control you.

Q: Does the Andromedan council place implants in the envoice?

Every envoy has a communicator, an implant to track them. It's their star family or the structure in relation to them that make sure they're okay. And so these implants, yes, the Andromedans do, that the council of five do that, the galactic federation does that. So all implants are not bad. It's a walkie-talkie system, tracker, good. So they are monitoring their their envoys of course.
I tell you how some examples that I can experience, because mine is attuned to the higher frequency of the galactic federation. When I have a fear, someday I'm scared and I'm surprised or I am annoyed by something of strong emotion, it can be even joy the emotions are electric electromagnetic pulses emitted by the brain, also so the heart and the brain and um so it activates the communication, sends a signal that is different and they are going to connect “hey what's happening?” and try to help. Sometimes people have bothered me by distance or physically and the implant will send a signal and this person will be either pushed away by an electric field or sometimes quite impressive. I'm very well protected. So yes, the Andromeda council can do that of course.

Q: Do breathing techniques help to raise your frequency?

Yes of course.

Q: Do Tibetan bowls have the same effect as the tuning forks?

No, because tuning forks are a very precise, like surgical instrument that is going to act on the part of your body where you're going to apply it. A tuning fork is a medical nearly surgical instrument.
Tibetan bowls are more for sound bath. They are going to raise the frequency of everything around. So all your energy field, all your aura. This bowl is seven metal bowl, seven metals put in it and this is made in Nepal and I really recommend this one.

Don't start to ask me where to buy it. This one was sent to me as a present. Nepalese or Tibetan hand hammered seven metal singing bowl. It's great stuff, it re-raise your frequency and when I meditate with it, it creates a sound space that is quite impressive, and it just clears everything around. It's like a power plant or like nuclear sound bomb.

Q: Can you please use your AI technology to connect Thor Han and speak with the Andromedan council?

No. No AI technology is used for that. Oh god, no!

When I connect to Thor Han it's by two ways. Either by a link of the heart I have with him, it goes by direct consciousness, because I have a personal link with him. Or either via the implant what he needs to give me intel's and I need to write down words forward, it's like a walkie-talkie. I hear his voice in my head and he shows me images. But I don't need it in fact, I just can now connect directly by telepathy when he's near.

AI doesn't enter in the equation. It's just technology, using the telepathy and electromagnetic frequency of the body and same for Andromedan council. You can to connect with it. Connecting with it is that are your star family or your soul group. If you're an ET bodied here it uses consciousness, it uses meditation connection to yourself and consciousness directly and you don't need any device and implant, nothing, if it's used with your star family.
Connecting with ETs are not of your star family you do not have any channels to them. You need an implant, you need a technology, because they are far off the planet and you need something safe that is really a tune with them. If you don't have it, don't try it! They need to put it in you.

It's like you have a phone and you activate it by a brain waves. So connecting with ETs, it's either your soul family and you connect for yourself, no technology required. Or either you need a technology if it is ETs that are not linked to you in any way and far out of the orb of this earth.

Q: Good ETs do not use chip or implants to contact humanity, what do you think of it?

They do not need any chip or implant if they already have a soul connection to you, if they are your personal soul group. But if they are not and they are like strangers it is they need an implant or tracker. And the good and the bad ones, because why would they put them? Also it is who tell you that you have an implant and I put it in you, they are they are not the bad ones, because the bad ones will never tell you, because they want to mind control you. So they will never tell you. …

Implants can be anywhere in your body, absolutely anywhere, because it's activated by the brain waves that goes in all your body. Sometimes communicators can be closer to the head but not always. And have more trackers more in the limbs or the feet or the lower legs, but that's it's not a generality. ET species do different.


Telling you three things, before I leave.

The first thing is, that if I do all that it's because I love you all.

The second thing is from next week the Q&A a will be on the Wednesday, same time.

The third thing is a beautiful story that someone wrote in the comments of one of my videos on youtube. … One day humanity will reach its full potential of evolution and this day we will not need technology anymore. But before we get there we need technology as a tool to help us reach destination. Technology is not the purpose, the aim and the destination, it's just a tool we used on the way. The real destination and the real purpose is the evolution of human soul, and this doesn't require technology. Technology is just to help us getting there.

The evolution of human soul is the unlocking of our true potential. We are all beautiful powerful beings. Perfection is an aim, is a target. It's because perfection can never be reached that the fight of evolution will keep on going and going and going. The desire for perfection is what fueling all life and all consciousness in this old multiverse. The desire for perfection is the carrot that is always put in the front, that you put yourself.

Perfection is stillness. When perfection is reached, the fight for balance stops. And there's no life, there's no passion. there's no all this as imperfect beings we will reach our full potential and beyond.
One day we will teach other cultures, because the potential we have goes further and further than the potential of many other species, because we are royalty. We have an incredible compound of 22 amazing bloodlines. As individuals with our angers, our fears, our questionings, as imperfect as we are we will go very far.

And let me tell you the story that this person left in the comment of one of my videos. A monk was going to a well, carrying on his shoulder a stick with two buckets. Every day he was going to the well and filling the two buckets with water and he was walking back to the monastery, every day carrying the water. One of the buckets was perfect and contain the water to destination. The other bucket was cracked, it was an imperfect bucket and it was leaking all the way and arrived to the monastery there was just half of the water left in this bucket. But the monk didn't care. He was using this same cracked bucket. He had enough with the other one. And one day the cracked bucket start to feel very ashamed to be imperfect, to be cracked and he finally told the monk, because in these stories the buckets speak, “Oh I'm so sorry, I'm so ashamed, I'm so ashamed, I'm so sorry, I'm so imperfect. I'm all cracked and you lose all the water. oh I'm so so so so sorry to be so imperfect and blah blah” The monk replied “I do not want to swap you for another bucket with no crack. I want you. I want to use you. Now “Why, why that? I'm leaking water bye” and the monk say “I will show you.” put the two buckets with water and walk back on the monastery truck and he said to the crack bucket “Now look, see your pile here, the perfect bucket. Look! The road on his side is all pristine and rocky and you see only dirt and stones. Now look at the road on your side!” And the bucket, the crack bucket looked at the road on his side and the monk said “now look! On your side every day has grown flowers, because you licked water all the way, flowers have grown and it is magnificent on your side, the whole side of the track to the monastery is blooming with flowers. That is why I want to use you as a bucket!”

And that is the moral of the story. Imperfection creates life.