28/9/2021 – Q&A Open questions


Book promotions

Tonight I will do a book review of three books I liked, where my illustrations are in so.

El Ka “Crystal Grids: The art of healing with crystals”

Do you recognize this lady? Al Ka is Elena, the star traveller. That's the book she's written because she works a lot with crystals. Look at the size of this book: it's huge and it's very thick and it's a really comprehensive about crystals. It's an encyclopedia with all the crystals and color photos.
For each category you have the associations with what you can associate it, the chakras, the elements, the candles, the flowers, which herb, which planet and which zodiac sign the crystal or the gem or the mineral corresponds to, and what you can do with it. What are the metaphysical and properties used. So you have for animals, for children, for the environment, for finance and prosperity, for health and healing, for home, for travel, for love, for protection, for psychic abilities and so ritual work, everything. This book is a kind of a bible, you can have, if you you start to do work with crystals. She also shows how to do crystal grids. There are tables at the end. It's quite quite impressive. I really recommend this book.


Second book I will show, it's kind of a bible also, but for totally different topic. I've done illustrations for this book.

Luke Eastwood “The Druid Garten”


Who is a scholar and a druid and so it is all about gardening in the way of the ancient druids in harmony with nature, because the druids we are honoring the planet, honouring all life and protecting our life and working with the seasons and the plant spirits and the nature spirits and all the good energies and the energies of light of love protection. So good magic. My drawings illustrate this book.

You have also all the story of the history of gardening and agriculture throughout the ages since the first signs of agriculture.
The druid garden by luke it's for all those who want to garden in the way of the ancient and in the way of the druids, with the knowledge of nature.


The third book

William Bramley: “The Gods of Eden”

It's another bible. This is the bible for all the mysteries of humanity, explained. This book, you need to read it! If you are here watching my channel that means you're the kind of person who needs to read that.

In this book I learned so much. I learned about the Anunnaki. I learned about the first ET waves that have come into earth, all the hybridization programs, all what humanity has been used in. It's absolutely mind-blowing the researchers in this book.
It's short chapters I like that. You can read few pages and do something and then read another short chapter.

I learned a lot about the chronology with the Anunnaki and the start of the cabal, how did all the kabbalah started. I learned about the all the free masonry, how did this started on all the ruling dark families, how did they come on the first on the stage, or the bank banking families how they are all interlinked with some royalty branches. This guy nails it. He really says it all and it's really synthetic and like compact and dense with information. … The birth of um freemason freemasonry, I'm just reading at the moment about the order of Melchizedek. You know what Melchizedek was a priest in Jesus time, but the freemasons that's very important thing I just something popped I read today the freemason were christianity-based group, but then there were important people like I think was the Rothschild and he wanted to be part of freemasonry because he was very important people person character, and so they had to create a special lodge which was for especially jewish the order of Melchizedek. So I was wondering who this order of Melchizedek was. And in fact it's a free masonry lodge. I didn't know that. So all the Frank Strangers, he was part of it, he was a Melchizedek person of this lodge and all those like and I know why. Now Val Thor told me that Frank Strangers just used him and his image to promote his religion. But then that goes further than that!

That's food for thought.

And in it also, I oh my god, I'm going to break some hearts. Well up to you to believe this guy William Bradley, but I believe him, because I mean the researchis he hass made and all historical facts you can really cross to compare.

A chapter that really blew my mind was about Saint Germain and how Saint Germain has been used by counterintelligence throughout the new age movements to lure people away from the path of self-empowerment and awakening. Oh my god! You learn in this book that Saint Germain was a con artist. He was a con man. He was a spy for different governments and different countries. He was very sharp, very clever and he deliberately invented created myths about himself. And he even says it. He told this to one person, I think a king or a very important royal person. I think it was the king of france. He says to him, he confesses that he has invented myth like he was way older or that he was a time traveller, just to make himself be believed as someone mystical, and he even confesses it! That's absolutely mind-blowing. So plenty of like goodies in this book.

First thing: Be gentle with each other! I know people, different people think different things and it's nice to cross opinions, because it's by comparing the way we see things that we trigger the mind and then we say “oh wow, yes, this person said that to me so it takes me out of my comfort zone and yeah – food for thought”. And that's how you progress.

Always critical mind always critical mind listen and compare and see what resonates with your common sense and with your heart. Because now you know there is a lot of confusion, a lot of different narratives to unite people together to find what people have in common, because it is united that this world will survive. It is united in what we have in common, united in our differences that is what a federation is. United in our differences, differences of races, species, cultures spirituality, thinking, beliefs, choices. All of this is not what separates us. It is what makes us an individual sovereign being. And as an individual serene being with our own critical thinking our own sovereign free will we unite with others who are different, but we unite together. And this is how we win: in love, without any judgment, compassion, acceptance.

I know in these times it is very difficult for many people who have relatives and people they love, who have taken a choice, regarding to something they choose to do to their body. You know what I'm talking about. Some of you who are watching me now disagree with these choices and would rather these people they love do not take this decision, because we believe I believe like you that this is harmful what I'm talking about. But then you need to tell them what you think you need to tell them why you believe it's not good, it's gonna harm them. Do the best you can.
But then once you've delivered your message, the choice is always in their hand, in their heart, what they want to do to their own being and body is their last final choice and you need to respect their choice, not judge them.
Of course you may be sad you may fear for them. But at the moment they do it by free choice, well even if they have been influenced by fear to do it it's their decision, they choose to do it for whatever reason. Then you say “okay, well fair enough I honor your decision as a free sovereign human being, but I will be here and I am here because I love you, and I will be here for you whatever happens whatever you choose to do”, because you love them. First try to convince them that you think differently doesn't work, it's fine. Then we're meant to do this: choice you know. We do not want the dark ones to influence our decisions. We don't like that. We don't like to be forced. So we must respect this, that not to force others, not to use the methods of our enemy towards our friends. No!

I mean that's what I want to do: free will is it's a cosmic law, it's the greater cosmic law as I've been explained by my friends upstairs. It's a greater cosmic law, because it is the law of evolution. When your power is taken away because people take the decision for you, you are not free and the evolution is blocked. It is by your choices that you evolve. And sometimes harmful choices are necessary for someone to understand something and grow from it.

As a shaman I know well these things that sometimes you need to die a little bit, in order to be born to the next level of consciousness. Everyone who have gone through the dark night of the soul know about that. So this is it: Just free will, the greater cosmic law.

And our enemies know that, and that is why they always try to get you to give your consent, and fear is consent.

Q: Tell us more about Elohim, please.

I will really encourage everyone to watch the interview I made with my good friend William Watkins about the Elohim.

Q: Are the galactic federation of worlds and the Alliance still working on saving people in the tunnels?

Yes they do. There is about 10 percent of underground that are yet to be cleared. It's a very difficult job, but we are getting there. The earth alliance which is the collaboration of what you call white hats different benevolent military forces from different countries on earth, have allied with the forces of the galactic federation of worlds to fight in the undergrounds and in space.
This program has been set up since the 1940s started and really really got a jump start when commander Val Thor arrived in 1957. It's still going on but it's nearly there.
The last zones that are to be liberated have been locked, because that's the way they do. They are not going to just rush into the underground and go wild the alliance, that's suicide. So what they do because you know the undergrounds well where all the baddies hide, well we're hiding it's on many many different levels and it's so wide and they have super speed trains. So it's mission impossible.

So what they do they isolate a section by blowing up tunnels for instance. Once a section is isolated it would be the earth military on their own, they will just napalm everything? No, it is the earth alliance. The earth alliance is earth military 50 percent and 50 percent galactic federation of world soldiers and tactical command, logistics.
The tactics of the galactic federation of worlds is to first give a chance. You always do. That surrender or face consequences. If you choose to surrender we will, ourselves with our ships evacuate you and bring you at the border of your star system. A lot of reptilians have chosen this. If you can figure out the reptilians, they have a little bit the stamina of the klingons in star trek. There's also about honor or stuff but you know a lot of them chose to being sent back to their star system and accepted surrendering. The grays are different. They don't have the same mind they have a hive consciousness mind and they are they don't care. They don't care, most of them a lot of them have synthetic bodies, so they don't care to die. The greys are more problem than the reptilians.

Often I have been asked yes the galaxy federation, they could end this war in one hour. First the galactic federation of worlds is not here to save us. they're not our saviors. We're not giving our power away to them .tTey don't want this. But they are here to assist us and support us to save ourselves because it is all what it is about to empower us, to help us retake our own world.Because as we do that we free ourselves from slavery mind control and we take back our home ourselves and we evolve. We are in an abusive relationship with the deep state and when you are in an abusive relationship no one can save you, but yourself.

That's what's happening. So that was first.

And second. You need to think that in all these facilities there are humans, slaves, prisoners, subjects for experiments, hybrids, poor creatures – and everything has the right to life as equal. So they are going to try to save these people, everywhere they need to secure the the people first, the victims, the prisoners. They need to to save them first or secure them in a zone before attacking. And that's very difficult. It does happen on mars, on the moon, on Phobos on demos. On Ceres it was a bit more faster. So you need to know, that this is not as easy as it would seem. It's not a ramble movie. It's very complex.

updating the situation

I would say that: following the Jupiter agreements there has been a lot of logistics developed on the moon. Well you can follow all the updates, Val Nek gave to Megan Rose. She explains this very much in details especially in a video with Michael Sala.

On the moon there has been facilities developed to build the new Starfleet, new medical facilities and everything is going to soon be available on earth. It has started already. You find med beds in a lot of hospitals now. The future has already started, because the baddies have lost, it's the last cleansing. We are now similarly like at the end of world war II where the altar agreements have been made for the after victory, and it's just last bits of cleansing that needs to be finish the job.

So I will recommend to follow Dr Michael Salam, exopolitics. He is a great researcher and he's very attentive to everything that's happening to confirm the intel, he is given.

Q: Are there any soul traps left on earth to force reincarnation?

No. There was a big one on the moon, broadcasted from the moon. There was something on saturn as well, but that's been dismantled and the one on the moon as well. So that's it. We are free.

The mother hive computer that was supposed to activate all the remote control and the satellites, the grid of satellites from the dark ones in orbit of earth – all has been dismantled. The galactic federation has taken down all the bad satellites. So all of this is coming together.

About fear, Solar Flash

I'm going to talk a lot about fear tonight, because it is something that the deep state uses a lot to control us. And there is a lot of people that have been used to spread this fear narrative. And this has started a few years ago, like four or five years ago people have been groomed and prepared and sent here to first gain trust. And then all at the same time change narrative. You can really feel it with every one of them. You will recognize these people. They were they were first giving scientific information or information that could be verified and they are true. Then they gained the trust. And once people were really trusting them they were all activated and they start to spread the same narrative of doom and gloom. That we are not winning, that the galactic federation is evil, that it doesn't or it doesn't exist. or a lot of crap like this. Also talking about fearful things, fearful events that we're all gonna die, we need to evacuate the planet.

There are also psyops that have been developed to really lure people to take them away from their own awakening and path. It's like you know when you awaken some people are butterflies, they are going to just fly away in the sun and do their life and be a butterfly beautiful. But some people are moth and the moths are.. You know, be a butterfly! And the moth can be transformed into a butterfly. You are butterflies!
Don't act like a moth, act like a beautiful day butterfly. Because the moth why? If you are starting to behave like a moth attracted by the most shining light – and the word “light” is used a lot by these people believe it or not.

And you're going to see like something very seducing and like a cult of personality, be it the person or be it the beings. This person channels like Ashtar or Saint Germain – I was talking about this guy – or even archangel Michael, who is really a real archangel, but do you think that archangel Michael has time to be the private guy that channeled two to different humans? This guy is really busy!

So these cults have been suddenly, it hovers your attention and you're not going to take care of your own self, your own awakening, because it is all about you. Going within! You have all the answers within. You are the butterfly, you are the cocon! You need nobody else to transform you! You do it yourself. That's the thing, that's the alchemy. Do it yourself! Be a butterfly, don't be a moth, don't look at the most shining light! Be yourself and fly! Don't care about shining lights fly and do, what you have to do. Be a butterfly.

So a lot of fear has been used. They would say to people “Oh there's gonna be like a cataclysmic event or cosmic event and the galactic federation or Ashtar is going to save everyone.” No, no only a selected group of people, those who have been nice have done their homework –looks very much like christianity thing like “be nice and you'll be saved”. But you can't take you cannot take your pets, like distress emotional. You know, that's Montauk, that's the three letters agency, how they do. That's how they do,

You have all the answers within yourself. I think something very well done, very well prepared is something that makes people talk a lot and think a lot: it's the solar flash. Well you know I this is my choice to think it will not happen. But I leave it to you, feel to your heart! This is this is why I believe it will not happen. I am not a scientist. I just know what I know. And I share with you what I believe, and up to you to make up your mind.

So you know the solar cycle, the sun has solar cycles. These cycles are the sun magnetic fields the sun magnetic field it goes through changes, approximately every 11 years. So our sun is a huge ball of electrically charged hot gas. This charged gas moves generating powerful magnetic fields, and its powerful magnetic fields goes through cycles called solar cycles. The earth also has these magnetic cycles.
So every 11 years or so the sun's magnetic field completely flips. That means that the north pole and the south pole just inverse. And then it takes another 11 years to flip back again. So 11 - 11. So solar cycle affect also the activity on the surface of the sun like the sun spots and the sun spots they are caused by the sun's magnetic fields. And as the magnetic field changes so does the amount of activity of the sun surface.
One way to track the solar cycles is by counting the number of sunspots. That's how they do. So the beginning of a solar cycle is a solar minimum and when the sun has the least sunspot and then over time the solar activity and the number of sunspots increases at the middle of the solar cycle, it has the most of sunspot and a bigger solar activity. And then it goes down and a new cycle begins at the new solar minimum. So there are giant eruptions of the sun's solar flares and shallow flashes and coronal mass ejections. Coronal mass ejections are ejections of matter, when you see a solar eclipse you see this crown that's a coronal crown of the sun and you sense you see these jets of fire. And this activity can affect earth, of course, like volcanic eruptions, seismic activities… It causes also the beautiful northern light or the aurora as we call it. Also but it can also affect electricity grids on earth or internet and and you know cycles are different. Every solar cycle is different. You have cycles with a high solar maximum or low solar maximum.

So where are we? That I am explaining to you this what a solar cycle is, because I want to go to the point and you understand it. Well it's our cycle, 11 years or so. We are since scientists have started counting them we are in the solar cycle 25. It started in December 2019. December 2019 was a solar minimum, the solar maximum will occur in July 2025 and then December 2030 solar minimum. So the most danger we would have for a solar flare or flush would be in July 2025. How is it going?

Well this solar cycle, how the solar cycle we are in at the moment number 25, scientists think people who really know about it think that it looks like the last one, it's exactly the same dynamics. And this is not a new age pie in the sky bullshit, it is the result of studies from a panel of the highest specialized scientists in the matter, they're called heliophysicists, nasa and stuff. And also you have a fleet of sun studying satellites and dozens of complicated models. The guys they know what they're doing. Together they predicted dates for cycle 25 and the start and the peak and everything, sunspot numbers. They are that good and how strong the cycle will be. They know how to predict all this. so you know that the more that sunspot the more the magnetic activity is strong so the more you have sunspots. The more you have danger that flares are going to happen. Well so currently actually the sunspot are very low and it's going really weak. The dynamics is even weaker in the last solar cycle.

So this all these scientists, they predict that the cycle we are in is a low player, small player. It will be not extraordinary at all, it will quiet. Cycle 24 before it was a very feeble cycle peeking at 114 sun spots. The average is 175 sunspot average and so the scientists predicted it's this one is going to pick about 115 you know sunspot it's not a lot for July 2025. So it's really low when the average is 179. So no extraordinary dynamics event with the sun you know guys so all of this fear-inducing tactics and psyops to make you believe “oh my god”.

It's like the flat earth, it's all the three letters agency and their friends. They're just trying to scare you to take your power away. There's a good saying, something that I like “you can take this moment two different ways: we're in the middle of horrible wars and all this blah blah blah is going on and the world movement is horrible – or –you choose so to go back to this solar flare. I mean realize that solar activity is the product of a magnetic activity not the contrary. So there's nothing that is going to happen in the dynamics of the sun, in the gases that is suddenly going in micro nova or black or whatever. No anything physical happening to the sun the gases or the matter of the sun is the product of the magnetic activity and the magnetic activity of the sun is quiet at the moment, normal.

And now I'm going to tell you something. Why do you think that the galactic federation of worlds, the andromedan council, the council of five, the earth's alliance, everyone is fighting like crazy and here and dying and for nothing, if they know that there's going to be a cosmic heaven that is going to wipe all life on earth? Would they be here?
They're fighting to win this war against common enemy. But they do not believe one second that life on earth is going to end. Because these people, even imagine even if there was this solar flash, the galactic federation of worlds and their friends, these people they have the technology to terraform entire star systems. Do you think they wouldn't stop solar radiations to hit the earth?
Of course they will they would! They have the technology for that. These people like use the sun as a portal. They just they do so many different things, they harvest energy from the sun. They would never, they have the technology to stop this, if that would happen. So imagine even if you want to believe there would be a solar flash, be sure that you won't be harmed, because the people that are here in our star system at the moment, they have the technology to shield us from it or even to deactivate it and make in that the sun just doesn't do it. No fear.

The pole shifting in the sun it's a natural cycle and it happens with every celestial body who has an edge like an electromagnetic field. It never happens brutally. The pole shift it is the result of long cycles. It can result in weather changes, technic activity and magnetic disturbance as I said, but it is mild, it's like by bits.

Not all celestial bodies have electromagnetic field. It's very rare not to have one, because most of them have metals or hot gases, something you know. But it can happen, but not in our star system. In our star system so you have the four planets within the asteroid belt have a strong strong magnetic field. Like the earth core. The earth core is made mostly of iron and nickel. So this composition also applies to the other three planets in inside of the main asteroid belt: Mercury, Venus and Mars. So the inner core of all these planets is the same, is made with metals. So metals, magnetic field and it has dynamics that creates the magnetic field.
The inner core of the earth is about 750 miles thick, it's huge, but not that huge regarding to the volume of the planet, and it's primarily made of iron. Iron as highly magnetic as you know and unlike the outer core which is liquid so you have a core and you have a layer on it and the middle one is solid and then around it, it's liquid liquid metal, and the inner core is mostly solid. It is a key component of the planet and it helps to give rise to the magnetic field that protects us from harmful space radiations.

Why these heavy metals are solid in the core and liquid a bit farther from the center? Because first: it's very hot, so the heat liquefies the metals the center so should be super liquid. But why the core is solid? Because some heavy metals can remain in the solid state when submitted to extremely high pressure. And believe me, it’s very pressurized down there in the center of the earth.

Q: What does it mean when the Schumann resonance goes black or there is a gap?

I have an app on my phone I check the Schumann resonance every day and sometimes it's true black gap and sometimes it so. This comes from Russia who just have just make this recording of the Schumann resonance and they send it to broadcast it to the world. Then we know and sometimes they have internet disruptions and sometimes the data takes time to come tell I know about it. I live on a remote place at the tip of a peninsula, at the end of an island. So I know I'm just in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and sometimes the internet is just like crap. So that's one causes and it's nothing to do with the Schumann resonance. It's to do with the broadcasting, a program or the internet, the transmission of these people. …

Q: Is it safe to practice remote viewing?

Well if you do it well, it is. I advise that you follow the Farsight institute. They have free courses on how to do remote viewing. They are very good, Courtney Brown is very good. Then you take his techniques which is a fantastic very safe secure technique.
But then you need to have “safe”. Sometimes it is not safe to do remote viewing on certain targets, even if the method is fantastic. And the more the method is efficient the more you can really get to the target and get in trouble if the target is not safe.
For instance if you want to remote view reptilian bases or undergrounds, something that Stephen Chao told me, he said “if you can see them they, can see you!” Bear this in mind. If you can see them they can see you.
Remote viewing is a quantum link. You send an arrow to a target. The arrow is linked to you to retrieve information by like an invisible thread, metaphorical thread. You need a link to read a distance. Even if it's a quantum link it is a link. And once you are seen, the person has your energy signature. If they have the technology to record it, you're doomed.

So do not try to remote view places that are potentially dangerous, unless you are a skilled shaman or you know how to cloak yourself and protect yourself. But even that's not advised. You can see events in the past, in the future. But in the present people can have an action on you and harm you back. That's one thing. So choose your targets wisely!

Then the second thing is that: when you are going to remove remote view as well, even if you use the a fantastic technique, the more efficient it is the more in trouble you may get sometimes, depending on the target. Then you may want to remote view for instance the galactic federation motherships. You're going to get there – but do you think that these people allow any of anyone to pick in in in their facilities and just spy what's going on? Then the enemy could do it. No, they don't allow that. They are shielded by screen um thoughts. So you are going to re remote view that, you're going to see an illusion. You think you see what's going on inside, but in fact it's a whole movie, that's like outside like a shield thing outside.

Q: Do you think earth is going to experience a pole shift?

It is! As I explained just before, the earth is undergoing a pole shift and as I said it is and it's like 25 000 years the cycle, and we're in the middle of it. So the magnetic poles have changes already, yes. All celestial bodies who have a magnetic field shift poles, because the magnetic fields has dynamics in it and moves. Otherwise it wouldn't be in magnetic fields. Imagine a toroid, it's like a sphere around, a sphere with a bit of vortex at the poles. And it changes like this and it takes a lot of time and it's progressive.
A pole shift is not happening like tomorrow – that's misinformation. The pole shift is progressive. It's the movement of the magnetic field and as I explained for the sun is the same for earth. It is the magnetic field, the movements of the magnetic field dynamics that affects the physical planet. So everything is about the electromagnetic field.

So yes we are in the middle of a pole shift. We always are, we will always be in the middle of a pole shift, it will always change like this. …

It's nothing to worry about. It is natural process. The planet doesn't harm herself doesn't intend to harm herself and all life on it. It's not the purpose. The planet is a consciousness as well with all its life on it bind consciousness together. It's like you know hive consciousness. A planet with all life forms on it, the planet consciousness doesn't want to kill everyone on it. … No it moves slowly and it's a healthy dynamics. It is one of the laws of physics of the universe.

Q: We live on a water planet and we have lots of water. When we drill deep enough and more water than and at the sea and our lakes combined it very big. Your comments on this?

Yes there are more water and land masses that on a certain layer outer layer, but inside then you have solid. Under the water there is solid and then it starts to get more liquid and magma. … Yes there's a lot of water, it can could be seen as a water planet – but only on its outer layer. Imagine that all the Agarthean kingdoms and all the underground facilities and high-speed trains and everyone down under, they live under the floor of the oceans. When you hear about speed train that goes from America to Australia in like 20 minutes, high-speed train, under the earth below the pacific ocean for instance. Well that's quite deep and it's still solid. It makes you think about inner earth.
In fact inner earth it's not the center of the earth, is not whole. It's a layer of caverns under. So you have the outer layer with landmasses and oceans and even underground waters. And then under the water you have ground, and this ground is a lot excavated. There's a lot of people in there also. And then under that it becomes hotter and more pressure more pressure, more pressure, more pressure and it becomes the rocks are becoming liquid. That's the magma and then you have the iron and nickel core.

If earth was so hollow, imagine someone living near the center of the earth would be submitted such pressure that it the person would weigh tons and tons and tons. Just think about that. The more you go towards the center of the earth, the heavier you weigh.

Q: These are good answers to very important questions dealing with end of time events. What about the rumors that another solar system is going to pass by our sun? Nibiru or brown star?

Nibiru, I think it's been misunderstood. Nibiru is very far from here, it's anyway in another density. I think it's in a dimension, parallel universe. Yeah sorry for that, it's in another dimension, because the Anunnaki come from a portal in the Orion nebula and they are interdimensional beings. They come from another dimension. So yes, Nibiru could never collide with us, because it's in another dimension. Pass through, but we wouldn't even know about it.

Dimensions are parallel universes and every each, they are infinite. There's so many and it's like superimposed layers. And every dimension has different densities of matter. So our dimension has 12 densities of matter, 13th would be the source. We are in the third density and shifting into fourth.

Every density until the sixth density it is still physical and then it becomes ethereal. But until the sixth density it's solid. People living in the sixth density. Some species in the ninth density such as the Dakurat, the 9th density. They have physical in their density, but when you are in another density, another frequency range you see them like either invisible or either transparent, not as solid. But if you shift to their density you see them solid.


That drives me to talk about the implants, because there are different types of implant.

I made a video with Megan Rose recently about how implants work, and there's been a lot of emails and a lot of questions about it. So I thought it would be nice to precise certain points.

Implants are technology. Technology, you use it to watch me at the moment. Your fridge is technology, your car is technology. It is not the technology that is bad, it is who uses it.

There are different levels of implants. First the metal physical third density implants. These are put on earth by humans in the mylab programs. A lot of SSP people have had this. And these are hackable.

Then you have a second level of implants: trans-dimensional implants. What are transdimensional implants? The trans-dimensional implants are implants that are not going to be solid in your density. We call call trans density implants, maybe it's a better word. I've been told by Thor Han it's trans dimensional, so I'll keep on calling it like this. Trans-dimensional implant are implants that are not going to be detected by machines and devices on earth that we use, because it's another density and a range frequency.

So you have two different trans-dimensional implants who are put by two different groups. you have the trans-dimensional lower and a trans-dimensional higher.

The trans-dimensional lower frequency goes up to fourth density, and it is put by Grays and it is hackable.

Then you have the trans-dimensional higher density, which is in fifth density and higher. These are put by the galactic federation of worlds, and they are unhackable, can't hack them. That's the one Megan Rose has, fifth density and higher, non-hackable.

And then you have a higher level of implants, the etheric implants. So these are put by either the galactic federation of worlds, the council of five, the andromedan council and any other institution of same higher purpose.
These implants are at high level, very high level. They are high level quantum spots or links used as a sort of communicator. It is not solid technology anymore. That's not a solid device, it's like pure consciousness. It's not solid, it's ethereal, it's an ethereal quantum dot. It's like remote viewing. I was explaining it's a quantum mark.

This quantum mark, Annax from the council of five has put one in my body like this. I have more than one. I have actually three: one put at my rescue abduction and risk at the age of nine, and two other ones put by the council of five to protect me. Something I not often disclose. These are unhackable as well.

People ask me this question, because my implant was put by the grays at the age of nine. I may be controlled by the grays.
Well you need to read my book “a gift from the stars” where I explain everything about it. Yes this implant was put by the grays. It was a trans-dimensional lower density implant. 4D. When I was rescued because they remove all the implants of everyone, this one was put in a way that it was difficult to remove it without harming me. So Myrah decided to go faster just hijack it, because these trans-dimensional implants plants are hackable as I said. So she hacked it with the technology of the galactic federation and she fried it. It was dead. They just had the outside shell and well like kind of empty device, dead device and she re-attuned it to the higher frequencies fifth density and higher of the galactic federation and it became unhackable. So that is what is unhackable, because it is 5+D.

And you know, the Grays they can only manipulate and create virtual simulation. For instance on the Mylab or lower trans-dimensional implant. They cannot use these techniques on those calibrated on 5D+ frequency bands. They can't do that, because the grey technology is 4D maximum, and the ranges of the federation are so high, it's unhackable. Imagine, all the pilots in the ships, they have implants to some of them, especially the pleiadian, the Ahil and the Taal they have these implants to connect to the ship. Imagine if they could be hacked ,the fleets will go in every direction.

And if you are put implants by the grays or the mylab to control you and mind control you and just make you do things, they will never tell you “Oh by the way, will you have an implant?” they will never tell you. You're not supposed to know. you're supposed to know to think you're normal and you do right thing, not to know that you're controlled. So if it is tell you, you have an implant to communicate with us and blah blah blah, there's no tricks behind, otherwise they wouldn't tell you. That makes sense as well.

Technology is like a tool. It's like a hammer. A hammer is the same as implants. And even artificial intelligence. A hammer can be used either to build a house or either to kill someone. It depends who holds it.
You need to think about it, because our future, our beautiful star trek future is with technology. And technology used for the greater good of humanity. And we will have holographic devices in our bodies, enabling us to do amazing things. But we will remain free individual beings, because we own it. It will be ours, it won't be hackable, it would be ours.
Technology has been made very scary, but it's all right. Technology is part of the future, even a positive future, and especially positive future because we are having a positive future. So a positive future where we are free individual beings. We are sovereign of ourselves following the greater law of the universe. And the prime directive by the way is based on this law of free will. I invite you to watch um the video I made with Michael Sala about the prime directive. It explains it all ,and it's in my book as well.

Q: Is it okay to eat meat? Some people think that eating meat stops you from ascending after death?

Oh no. You are what you eat and it is your choice. If you want to raise your frequency by meditation, by attunement to your higher being, by different methods, by refusing fear, this will this process and these efforts may be slowed down, pull down in lower frequency if you ingest, if you put into your body and your energy field things that are of a lower frequency, especially things that contain the frequency of fear, suffering and also blood, flesh.

Flesh and blood is 3D, it's really heavy and the but the worst is the suffering the animals. You imbue yourself with these energies and it lowers down your frequency. And that doesn't help. But it won't stop you after death to go towards are meant to go.

I wouldn't recommend to eat animals, I don't, it's my choice. Since I've done it everything changed for the better in my life. So that's my story. You are free to choose what resonates best with you.

It's like alcohol. I sometimes have a glass of wine, but I do not drink too much because alcohol is terrible to lower frequency also.

I do not recommend to stop eating meat like this, just do not shock your organism. Just go slower, slower, transition. Transformation to be really safe and working needs to be take time, process. Do not pull a sapling to make of it a tree you will kill it. It needs need to wait and nurture a project.

Q: Could it be how like how it is in Star trek as in how we can create food through protein resequencers and even make a meat like substance of a higher density?

Yes of course, because it wouldn't contain the suffering of a dying animal and neither the frequency of flesh, the 3D frequency. Yeah, of course this is possible.

Q: How to get more energy? I have description for amphetamines only to even get to shower and my tiredness prevents me even meditating.

First see with the doctor if you lack of certain minerals or elements, or if you don't have a disease like lyme disease or things like that, that drain your energy.
Then once you have checked all the biological physiological aspect of your body you need also to check your routine. Sleep reasonably, drink a lot of water but good water, filtered water and do exercise. Go outside walk walking is great. You don't need to go and like work out and just walking is already enough. Do things that you like, activities that you like, meet people, socialize. All of this will keep you healthy.

And of course the food. Maybe you don't eat as your body requires, and it's different for everyone. So check that with a nutritionist. The best is to eat everything in small quantities and also energetically.

So sometimes may people spend too much time on computer, it drains energy. Do meditation, a lot of meditation. Yoga is fantastic, Tai chi is fantastic um and meditation, energy meditation. I have a lot of tutorials of these meditations on my channel. And you see the energy will go back better.

So first doctor checkup, then routine checkup, food and energy, meditation and stuff.

Q: Can you have one or two contacts, as a kid through a positive implant then nothing? Something happened to me that sounds just like your explanation of how implants work.

Someone told me that “Oh but good ETs only communicate by channeling, they don't put implants”. No, it's wrong. Not only the bad it putting implants. The good ones such as the council of five and the federation and council as well. Why they do that?
First to communicate with their protégé. And second these implants are health trackers. They're going to check your health and check your protections, that you're always in a high in frequency high enough that you're not attacked. That's when you have good protectors, your star family. If you are an envoy and you have a star family, they can put an implant in you to just monitor you.

For instance Thor Han is attuned to the frequency of my communicator implant. When I have a strong emotion it activates it, and it just receives the signal and it just goes “Oh what's up?” So it's a way that it checks on me. When there's a disturbance in my emotional or energetic field or an entity trying to attack me, the implant is going to send the signal, react like automatic and is going to intervene.
Or the implant Annax put me, that's six density implant. It's going to recalibrate my energy when I'm tired. And it's amazing! When I feel tired and all the god, I was tired, I feel suddenly the implant tickling and always go by. and I feel the buzzing and it's a trans-dimensional in higher implant. So it's these three dots. In my second book “We will never let you down” I give a photo of this implant, somewhere on my skin and it's a by triangulation and there are three dots and the implant is in the middle. Maybe that's what you have, but it's invisible and it's trans-dimensional, it's in parallel dimension.

So yeah, positivity implants as well. When they have proteges and people who are on a mission and they are meant to help these people on a mission. Also when they work on the repairing the dna of certain bloodlines, they are going to put trackers to just monitor the health signals. And as I say, sometimes protect them, when something happens. It's very impressive, I've seen three implants work regarding to situations sometimes I was in, like I was attacked by an entity suddenly “Wow the implant just switched on, like it's in the fraction of second.” It just reacts and Thor Han intervenes or Annax intervenes. It's absolutely mind-blowing. So yes it is possible that you have a benevolent star family or some you know.

The Orion council of five, because they are based in Orion. They are very benevolent. Not everyone is bad in Orion. The council of five is also, they have generated this program of repairing the human DNA. So they abduct a lot for a good purpose people, especially children and they repair the DNA. They put a tracker to monitor the person, and they're going to let this person live their lives. That's it, that's done. They won't bother a person anymore. And that's what you probably have, I suppose.

Q: Are there societies in parts of the Pleiades beside Taigata and Alcione like Maya or Electra for instance?

Yes there are and they are not interacting with the affairs of earth, although they have star seed programs. Yes there are different civilizations in the Pleiades, but they are quite discreet and not involved with us, so that's why we don't talk about them too much.


Why is it important to refuse fear? Why is it that important?

I'm going to show you something.

The emotional frequency chart, this thing: look at the hertz. You have the Hertz and what they correspond to and the emotional state it provokes to you.

So the dark ones are broadcasting a lot lower frequency, the EMF a lot of frequencies on lower below 175 hertz to make lock you down, to stop you to evolve in higher frequency and raise your frequency. It's very very simple.

Look at this chart: you have down below between 1 to 20 Hz you have the frequency of shame. And what you feel is humiliation.
I'm not talking now on binaural beats which are something different. Binaural beats are nothing to do with that, the alpha, beta, gamma range.

Then you have 30 Hz guilt frequency and what you feel, you feel blame.

Then you have 50 Hz apathy. What you feel is despair, depression. These are all destructive energy, have nothing to do with energy but the emotional state generates an energy change, the frequency is going to trigger emotion, emotion is going to change your energy field.

75 Hz grief you're going to have lots of regrets for stuff

100 Hz fear anxiety. You're feeling anxious and that's the tool of the dark ones.

125 Hz desire, but the bad desire, the craving, the addiction.

150 Hz the anger. You're gonna feel hate, you're gonna want to just kill everyone and argue with everyone, divide and conquer.

175 Hz pride frequency. You feel scorn that people score at you and you will want to scorn at everyone, like saying “your crap and I feel like crap everybody, you feel paranoid.

At 200 we switch into strong creative energy.

200 Hz courage affirmation.

So now all the lower disruptive frequencies, it is not all the frequencies between 175 and 1, it is not all of them it is just these numbers, because you have for instance 111 Hz which is the earth energy which is fantastic. You have 40 Hz the Schumann resonance that is fantastic as well. You have frequencies that are good. So it's not all the frequencies in between them, no no. It's just these numbers, these specific numbers. You may find some in between that are very beneficial. Keep that in mind.

200 Hz courage, affirmation is what you feel.

250 Hz neutrality, you trust yourself, you feel empowered.

310 Hz willingness. You feel optimistic and hopeful.

350 Hz frequency of acceptance, forgiveness

400 Hz reason and understanding.


And then you have

500 Hz, love and reverence

540 Hz, joy, serenity sorry

600 Hz peace and bliss

700 Hz and 1000 Hz enlightenment, you feel ineffable.

And in between these frequencies of course there are others. But these are samples, these specific numbers samples of what you need to know now.

It's very easy to then counteract the broadcasting of the destructive frequencies by raising your frequencies, by meditation, feeling peaceful, feeling secure empowered. And you know the galactic federation is broadcasting high frequency onto earth in in earth grid, to empower us to counteract the effect of the lower frequency that are broadcast onto us.

Then you can buy tuning forks. The one I like is this one 4096 Hz (C). This is crystal crystal activator. Normally you can buy this rubber thing, where you bang them. But I like to bank them on something else. 4096 crystal activator is activator it's going to activate the crystal in your DNA, in your bones. I rather activate them on this someone, brought me that from Nepal dorje, and I think that's absolutely as above so below. There is so many messages in this anyway the sound is different. I love it. So 4096 I use it like incense like to raise the frequency in the room around me like and brush my aura with it. it's very handy. I have always in my pocket or in my handbag, it goes everywhere I go.

I have another one which I use a lot, it is DNA repair and the heart as well. So was 528 Hz. This one you use it on your thymus, pieal gland or in your spine behind. You can also do an ear and the other.

I have many other ones, but that's my two that I like.

Q: Hi I was traveling last week the day before the equinox ,and I was hit with a supercharged energy blast, 100 time more times more than the typical resonating vibes that send chills and goosebumps.

So the thing is to know if this blast, how do you feel after? Did you feel empowered or did you feel this possessed of your energy like veg. That's two different things.

If you felt like hit and bad afterwards like with no energy you are attacked. Maybe you are doing good work that's a sign that do you're doing good work and you are doing a work that is very beneficial for humanity, keep it up.

If afterwards you feel you felt way better, well it was maybe some benevolent people, entity or galactics or spirit guides who were just signing you a gift. So I would have these two explanations. In the two cases it's good. Even if you are attacked that means you're doing the right thing.

Q: Soma energetics in the US for tuning forks?

Yes, in the US it's a good site to buy tuning forks.

About the Galactic federation

What the galactic federation wants. If they are here to save us that means it's not a good thing. They are not here to save us. If they are if they were to save us we wouldn't do the job ourselves, and they would take the power away from them. They do not want that. They are working hard, they have been working hard behind the scenes to empower us, to entice us to raise for ourselves. And everyone who tells you “oh you're gonna be saved” that's psyops! You're not going to you. We are helped, we are really helped but because I mean against the reptilians or the Nebu empire, we have no chance technologically. So they helped us, they gave us the technology, because the galactic federation of worlds work for balance. They give balance.

And I invite you to read the prime directive. They speak about that balance. Give everyone a chance – that's very important. So they will give, it's like they did the same on Mars to the martian resistance. They trained them as they trained us, they gave them weapons, technology that they are able to take back their planet themselves.

And you know recently I've been speaking with a very wise man, William Watkins. William explained very well what Thor Han has told me. Thor Han told me, people need to see the face of evil and who is allies are. This is the only way we can evolve.
We cannot vanquish an enemy we are not aware of an enemy. We don't know who he is and where he hides. So this is our own fight. And as William Watkins was saying, we need to see, to know evil, to be able to move on, to evolve. We need to know the good and evil.
And that's what we are seeing at the moment. We are being shown what evil was hiding on earth. We are being shown this evil. And we need to face it, to overcome it. And we are overcoming it, the beast is dying.

But one thing who has seen “the lord of the rings”? Remember Gandalf on the bridge of Kazakh doom. The dwarves had dug so deep into the earth by greed that they woke up an evil, greater than all other evils. They woke up a demon from the ancient world. the Balrog. And our heroes, they can't fight it. So they're running, getting out of the undergrounds. And there's a bridge, and a demon is after them. The bridge needs to be cut. So Gandalf, the magician, the druid tells his friend to go. And he's going to cut the bridge. So that's the famous quote “you shall not pass” and he bangs bridge with his stuff and he fights the demon. And Gandalf has no fear. Please everyone watch this scene. It's what's happening now. Gandalf has no fear. Because he has no fear, he has power and the bridges collapses and the demon falls into the abysses. But then, this is the lesson, the lesson is not yet, the lesson is when as wise as is as powerful and legible as he is, Gandalf turns his back, thinking the beast is in the process of falling into the abyss. It goes towards his end, it won't go up ever again, it's falling it's that it's going to die.
And this is where we are now. Do not turn your back the beast although is in defeat with no way back. He's still not dead. You need to keep on fighting! Finish the job! Because in the lord of the ring movie, in this scene Gandalf turns his back and the beast had a very long tail, and as the beast is falling the tail flies up and wraps itself around Gandalf, and bring him down into the abysses with him.
As long as the beast is not super dead, keep on fighting! Do not turn your back! Thinking “the light has won” –not yet! We are not yet finished.

There's been the agreement on Jupiter, we know the beast is falling into the abyss. So we are just preparing. We preparing now the new world, but we need to finish the job. Be still vigilant. It's not over. Look at everything that's happening on earth. Yes, the beast is agonizing but it's still not over. So keep on fighting for truth and for sovereignty, for freedom, for independence, your personal independence, because it all starts at an individual level, everything strength and sovereignty within reconnecting with who you truly are, whether you are from here or from the stars. We're all children of the stars, because we're all made with stardust. We are all children of source, we're all parcels of source and we are all equals and this in this equality there is power. Reconnect with who you truly are.
You are wonderful magnificent beings. And with the power of love for yourself you will heal yourself. You see this orb just passed just here, you will heal yourself and when you heal yourself, there is no more conflict with yourself. You find peace and in peace the channel opens to your higher self and in peace with yourself you are in peace with others, and with the world and the universe. And when they are there is peace there, is flow there, is sovereignty and there is the future that is here.

Q: Plant seeds wherever you go

Very wise!

Q: What about the light language?

The light language is not a language properly speaking. Light language is sound, modulated by emotions and intentions. It's a universal language. You don't need to make sounds, or weird sound to speak light language. I can show you something. Annax speaks light language. I speak light language with the trees, the fairies. If you open your heart… the light language doesn't come from here (throat) or from here (mind). It comes from here (heart).

If you open your heart… I will show you a light language without talking, if you open your heart. I will tell you something in light language. Listen with your heart and your energy field.

(she is sending emotions, without speaking)

This is light language. Light language use the quantum concept of binding heart to heart, a connection. This is one of the way of expressing light language. Maybe some of you didn't get it, maybe some did.

Dean: I felt that, yes.

You felt it, that's it. You didn't hear it, you felt it. You felt my message – that's light language. Also you can carry it by as I did by quantum energy, quantum resonance. You can also use sounds. Watch my video in the caves or my video in the church on my youtube channel. There's another one calling – that's light language. The video in the caves I did with my friend carmel I that was light language.

My message was “I adore and honor the powerful beautiful beings you are.” And I carried the concept of honoring your beauty, carrying my ethereal words on love and sending the protection of light. That was my message.

You know light language is concepts and coded concepts, feelings, visions, words. So that is what it is.

Q: Will we meet our space brothers soon?

We are meeting them already, they are here since the 1940s. I suppose you say space brothers talking about the galaxy federation, council of five and the andromedan council. Yes we are meeting them, they are here already since 1940s. They came back. So they are here already and we are already in contact with them. So we are meeting them regularly. They are here among us, and some really look so much like us like all the Centauri systems and Taal and some breed of Ahel hybrids – they're all here. Sometimes you may go for a walk or shopping or wherever and you don't know the one beside you is one of them.

But I will tell you a secret: many of us are inside these avatars. We are aliens. So then…

Q: What William Watkins was saying about Jesus not wanting to be worshipped, reminded me of Val Thor.

This is very important! Thank you for saying this.

Humanity of earth have been groomed to kneel and to be slave and to think they're shite and to think they are they need to worship people that are better than them.
What the galactic federation teaches is that we are all equals. They do not want us to kneel, they do not want us to worship them as gods, they are always say “we are people like you, just born somewhere else and from another culture, we have a different technology – and then? We are beings like you, we are equals. Do not worship us. Why would you do that?” That's what they teach us. But of course the vatican and the catholic church they have groomed people to worship and kneel and feel like crap, and like you are born with sins and stuff like that. No! We are so magnificent. We are as powerful and as beautiful as them, the space brothers and sisters.

So yes, Jesus was carrying the same message as Val Thor, as Thor Han as all of them. Find god within. We're all the parcel of god / source.

You know I received so many emails of encouragement and people whose life have changed, free themselves. I've found back their sovereignty and that motivates me so much to keep on doing my mission. I think I should really read this email, because it's something quite impressive.

Someone who thanked me, because this person had the courage to change job, because this person found back her own sovereignty. She didn't want she said I did not want the … at the government office, so I would have to give my consent to testing at their discretion, and worst of all classes on the benefits of the brainwashing indoctrination. It was the final straw that broke the camel's back, my back. Your videos and messages have held me together to take that step work past my fears. Be sovereign and make myself happy, and free. The video to awaken my true light body. self made me realize on a very deep level. that I have never felt before that I am not my body or my thoughts, feelings or ideas. I am a beautiful shiny sparkling light body. I always thought that this was true. but I didn't really fully understand what I was saying. Now I feel it. I know it this is me, a shining light body. This changes everything.

… she thanks me and then she says. “I still feel the fear poke at me. but I am letting it go. I have listened to a video on rising kundalini so many times that now I hear your voice saying “let it go””. And she goes on with thanking me. I cried, this person would recognize herself but I cried. When I receive messages like this and I receive a lot, but this one was exceptional.

I am so proud of you! I'm just a cheerleader, honestly, that's what I do, cosmic cheerleader. I should have uniform. Yeah that's what I am. “Go, go, humans! Go humans! Yeah! Go, go you're strong! Yes, you're sovereign! Yes humans!” That's what I do that's my job.

Situation update

I want to end this by something wonderful Thor Han told me last night. Alex Collier knows about this, because he has been the only one, whom I told this. Now you will all know.

Last night I was taken by Thor Han to visit the Zenae mothership. I didn't stay there long, just 10 minutes of what I experienced as 10 minutes. Oh my god! I could totally understand what Alex was saying by this feeling of not wanting to go back in the battlefield, because once you're there density and frequency are so high. and you feel so good! You feel expanded and you feel right it's where you belong, even if I had nothing in common with the Zenae, nothing. But it's this kind of you know feeling. You feel who you are. You feel you are this empowered beautiful being and you know that when you are going to go back to earth, you'll feel constricted in this body and you need to fight through the shade.
So yeah when you're about to leave you go like (makes a face) and I was and I did that. And Thor Han said “Well, in this galaxy there are so many beautiful places, amazing places. You cannot see them all. The perfect moments are like this. There are so many perfect moments in this universe, you cannot live them all. You can just leave a few of them. But the few perfect moments you will have experienced, you take them in your heart, you keep them in your heart. And throughout the darkest darkness they will be the little stars that will shine on your way, to show you the path.

Be brave. We are nearly there. I am very proud of you you're doing such a good job. I love you. See you next week.