18/9/2021 – STAND UP ! A message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds


I ask you all to be brave. This is the final combat. This is the time of confusion, of doubt, of fear, but also of courage and of resilience.

Hope must be kept in your heart as your fuel. The intention is what leads you into battle.Love. Love, for not only the humanity of Terra, but love for all life in this galaxy. For this battle, it is what it is about: protecting all life, protecting and defending first those who are the future: the children. Our kids. We are fighting for them, not for us but for them.
Because it is them, who already are the future. They already carry in them the seeds of this future and they will remember us, the forefathers and the foremothers who set this world free, who overcame the millennial enemy who has been terrorizing the whole galaxy for eons.

Us, the warriors from the stars and the warriors from Terra united together, We have made this victory happening. And our children and grandchildren will remember us and honor us for our sacrifice, for our courage and for not having lost hope during the times of the deepest, scariest, harshest darkness.

Keep peace and calm, and quiet in your heart. May your sword always be moved by an intention of love.

Love, the greatest weapon. Now!

Stop kneeling! Stop complaining and stand up! Face it! You are stronger than this! You have survived until now, for this very moment, and everything you've known as trials, wounds, scars, hardships, was only to prepare you for this right moment, now, because it is now the moment you came for.

It is time you stand up, and time you do what you are meant to do here. The whole galaxy trust in you so trust in yourself, know who you are. You are amazing!

Stand up!