16/9/2021 – COSMIC DISCLOSURE with Cosmic Girls ! Megan Rose & Elena Danaan



Megan: I'm here with the lovely Elena Danaan and my name's Megan Rose. We kind of decided to do this video to explain some things that are going on in the universe.

For those of you who don't know Elena and I have this beautiful connection

Elena: Yes we were rescued by the same crew, believe it or not and now you believe it because you become too accustomed to our videos. The same crew rescued us and that that's pretty much amazing.

Megan: So same crew, so Val Nek is my rescuer and Thor Han is your rescuer and they happen to be best space buddies.

What we're going to be talking about is the Jupiter agreements, the prime directive and a couple other things.Do you want to explain what the Jupiter agreements are, Elena?

Elena: I got this news first by Thor Han who was escorting officials from the federation to Jupiter to the Ashtar galactic command floating city base in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. There is a very huge facility there and it's so protected, the security there is really mental in all the sense of this this word. So the Galactic federation of world has a facility there for diplomatic meetings and so it it's like just before the end of the second world war where the Jalta agreements, where the future the after war the after victory would be planned to not leave a world in chaos. And so the allies had organized that with all the top industrials and governments etc.

Well now it's not about leaving a world not in chaos, but the whole solar system. So the victory is apparently secured but we need to finish the war and the job. So it's the galactic federation, the andromedan council and the council of five who have helped earth to organize their after victory. So that's what it is about.

Megan: How I understood it and the alliance, the white hats, different representatives from different countries but the good ones were also there working with the federation the council of five and the Andromedan council to figure out how earth would maintain and how they would be led in space in the galaxy, and how they would be organized in that way.

Elena: Yes totally and we need to precise at this stage that the country represented where not always the official mainstream media government. It was for each country the white hats, the good people working for the liberation of earth, the good people who had have had relationships and interactions with the galactic federation since the 1950s. So these people talking about the U.S navy, the white hats well plenty of good factions. It's not the the cabal, it's not the bad guys at all. It's not because you see USA. you see China that it's the bad part of it. No, every country has a background of white hats working together behind the scenes. These people, that's important.

Megan: I want to make sure people know too the Jupiter station, that they can read your thoughts there. So you have all these humans going there they might have their other thoughts are being monitored. So I just want to make sure people know that. It's very secure.

And I know Val Nek told me the council of five was there to evaluate the spiritual evolution of the leaders to make sure that they would be suitable for leading the terran people. So I know that was the council of five's involvement.

And he also told me the USA was chosen to be the leader of the countries or be able to best lead and organize the countries in space.

Elena: Yes exactly. The USA was chosen because it was the country the best able to manage everyone else because of their skills of organization, their technical power and their fleets and all their technology and they were well equipped. But what they were looking really with importance is as Thor Han mentioned it, the spirit, the spirit of these people.

So each group was military officials from space programs, and CEOs from corporations that we're going to build together to work together to build fleets and et cetera and material whatever, facilities. These were really chosen for their good spirit. Thor Han said, they're progressive spirits for the greater good of off-world humanity.

Megan: But I want to make sure people know, the corporations or the CEOs of the corporations they're not representing humanity. They are just there because the federation and the alliance needs corporations to manufacture space fleets, facilities, med beds, healing technologies and stuff like that. So that's why they were involved. Not that there are leaders or anything like that.

Elena: Yes what is very important to mention is that this was not making decision on behalf of humanity instead of us civilians. No, it was about people from the space programs and the development of the new starfleet meeting together just to assert the presence in the solar system, the space force safety zones, all these things. It's not making decisions for us, nothing to do with the free will of civilians. It's nothing to do with the greater treaty, what happened in the past. It's different things.

Megan: I know you worked with Dr Sala and Dr Sala put out some articles that I gave him from intel that I got from Val Nek. So if you guys wanted to check out his channel, he does a really good job of finding different information and putting little pieces together.

But I wanted to know if you could tell people Thor Han's role in the meetings and everything like that.

Elena: Thor Han is a fleet commander so he and a mission coordinator as well, so I think it was more in his role of mission coordinator. He does those two jobs. They turn by shifts of three, so one is not on his shift of leading his fleet is on the shift of organizing missions, all the logistics and there are three, the turn. So it was his role to organize all the to accompany to escort all the officials from the galactic federation to Jupiter and secure the space around Jupiter with his fleet, I suppose that Jupiter is not attacked, everything's going well etc. So he connects with me telepathically and when we are connected by the implant it's a connection via device, because it's off world, it's very far Jupiter and Earth. So when it's off world everything it's beyond the orb of Earth, you need a device unless you are connected with your star family and you already have your personal connection – but that's on the spirit level, that's nothing to do. So this telepathy, this contact, he was on his ship and he showed me so “I'm on orbit of Jupiter” and we have the ability to look through each other's eyes when we do that. And he told me first, it was the 14th of July 2021 he said “I'm escorting officials from the federation to Jupiter, to the Ashtar galactic facility because very important meetings are taking place at the moment.” And that's when he told me gave me the intel and he said it's about, so he said “there are 12 meetings at the moment that are undergoing down there separately, a simultaneously different cells, and each cell has account represent a country from earth which has a space program.” So there were 14 countries grouped in 12 different cells space program and CEOs, and also in each cell beside these people from earth there was representative from the Federation, Council of five and the Andromedan council. And they were selected like contests, like spaceguard, like “America got talent”. So funny USA got the four x's [Laughter]

Megan: But I was gonna say it's not surprising that the USA was chosen, because the federation has been working with the USA for a very long time.

Elena: It was because they knew the future. it's a temporal war, like all the star trek disclosure that was given to Roddenberry. …

They knew what was going to happen so they started ready to contact the USA. It wasn't only the USA; they were working with Russia as well and other countries.

Megan: I remember, because Val Nek was there representing the federation, so he was inside the facility so he wasn't giving me intel as it was happening but I remember when Dr Sala posted I have my drink in my hand hide it. Dr Sala posted a video of some intel that Thor Han gave you speculating who the CEOs were and that were representing the corporations, and they were Jeff Bezos, Elon musk and Richard Branson. So I asked Val Nek were they there and he said “yeah I'll tell you about it later” and then Thor Han later confirmed that that was correct.

Elena: It was quite a rough day because Michael Sala had to put the intel from Thor Han and Michael speculated that it could it would be logical that it would be these three guys: Musk, Bezos and Branson. And when he said that, a lot of people went crazy “What? They work for the the dark ones!” Yeah they probably did so. Why? And the people were crazy, because they didn't understand, that they didn't know everything. So I had another meeting with Thor Han and Michael asked me to ask Thor Han if am I right or what what's happening? And he says “yes, Michael is right. These people and even more other CEOs.”

So the thing that is to be understood is that they are CEOs, they are corporate. they are corporates they are not politicians. They only work for themselves. So they are going to ally with the most powerful person to make money, make profit. So they were allied with the most powerful people in the past which were not the good guys. Maybe some of them did some very bad things, we don't know. It's a probability. But then these bad guys they were working with or force, they are losing, they quasily lost. So now of course they are aling with the winners. That's in every war. All the corporations turn towards the victor

Megan: When I connected Val Nek he explained that they're under the federation's thumb and that he explains the council of five being there to make sure and everyone's thought was being read. He also said that their businesses in neighboring planets have been completely dismantled. So anything that doesn't benefit the human race or the terran people in regards to their businesses have been completely demolished. And the way that he explains the agreements that were made, that it benefits like any legal contract it's an agreement that you have to abide by and you can bind the other person from not doing certain things, which is a benefit because those men are so wealthy. They could take their technology or they could take what they know and do whatever they want with it. But now that they're working with the federation, there's an agreement made, they're binded somehow.

Elena: Thor Han told me. I said “Do you trust them?” And he said “Oh no, we don't. We're watching them” and he said “If they were to do it behind our back we by the agreement, we would confiscate all the assets and they would be done.”

Megan: So it's important to note though why they were involved in the first place, because they need like the federation cannot manufacture advanced technology for our civilization, it goes against their prime directive. But they can give the schematics or the ideas or the plans to a human and the humans can make it. So that's why the human race or the corporations have to manufacture the advanced technology.
There's also which I know you're going to talk about mars and the moon being liberated, but there's a time constraint; because mars was liberated and the dark fleet left. There's a possibility of the Ciakahrr, the reptilians coming back to planet earth to take our resources: although Val Nek did explain he was kind of like funny about it because the reptilians he said are really bad negotiators; no one really wants to do deals with them and they're only really part of the Nebu, the Orion alliance because it's like they don't want to get in each other's way, but they don't really work together. But they kind of have a common goal, but they're not really allies if that makes sense. But he said the reptilians are going to other star systems trying to get allies which they most likely will not be successful at, because they have no terrean resources,m they have no slaves to trade to gain allies.

Elena: I totally confirm, the Cicakahrr reptilians and the Nebu are competitors. So sometimes they ally with association of interest, like for earth for instance. They share the profit. But normally they are competitors. They are not friends. So I just precise that.

Megan: So that's the need for there was a talk about time constraints for these CEOs and their corporations to start manufacturing a starfleet for the human race and for terra, to defend itself in space.

Elena: Yes, these meetings on Jupiter six countries were selected for their capacity of participating into a Starfleet, creating a Starfleet. And at that stage of six countries Thor Han told me about” horizontal coalition” of different space forces in one. And then who would manage them would would be at the the lead? Well it has been decided was the US.
And that's something important also that's necessary to mention. In the spirits i'd say, even the philosophy of the federation to try to delete the potential enemies. And how do they delete potential enemies? By integrating them into the federation, because once they are in the federation they are binded by laws and they cannot do anything and they did oblige to work for peace and balance.
That's why all these weird CEOs also were included. Then they need to conform to the laws. They sign and if you don't behave well we confiscate everything. That's what also China was part is part of the sixt, the starfleet because then they can control them and that's very clever.

Megan: It's part of the art of war. An ally of your enemy, your ally is part of the art of war.

Did you want to talk about the moon?

Elena: I think we can come back to it later when because you have had intel from Val Nek on how on the after of the Jupiter agreement. …

Megan: So Val Nek explains that they're building a new moon base, that the US is going to be in charge of it and it's going to be like their main kind of center based thing. And he explains the technology that the federation is giving the alliance to make. It looks like it's like you have walls, but there's like a frequency running through it and it's a higher frequency and it cannot be hacked. And it kind of works like a portal where you need a the frequency key to either close open or even get through. So it's very secure.

But also too I'm sure that you've seen this in space. It's like there aren't any windows, but you might look at a wall and be able to see through it.

Elena: I've seen this technology many times in the ships. They use this technology and so when you're in the common room for instance, you see the front, you see space, you see wherever you go – but it's not a window. That would be insane to have a window.

Megan: Have you noticed when you're on Thor Hans ship that the technology there it's like the frequency it admits, it's like in alignment with your body or it like float kind of flows with you versus when you come down to earth, it's like your computer whatever frequency it emits like it gives you a headache or it like brings your vibration like completely down. So that's part of the technology too that's going to be released from earth. We're not going to have these fluorescent lights that hurt your brain. that kind of thing.

But so he explained to the moon base, the US is in charge of that and other countries have access to it as outlined in the agreements.
But then he also showed me the entire globe, the entire earth and they're putting this it's like a frequency around the earth. And I gave the intel to dr Sala and he found a report about the U.S space force talking about this high technology called “the space fence” and Val Nek confirmed that. That's what it is, it's like a frequency, it's a similar technology as the moon, but there's also an interdimensional component. So that the enemy can't make like a wormhole and come through. That is monitored, they're going to be sending up satellites, that's monitored by satellites. And then the satellites are going to be watched at the moon base.

But then also they're actually building like a new space station and other outposts that are surrounding earth, that are going to be part of surveillance as well.

And what else did he say? Yeah, He explains like the space stations are going to be places for the fleets of ships to be docked, that they have to train engineers to work on these ships ,work on the new technologies and that there's obviously going to be living quarters for the pilots of the ships and the employees and stuff like that. So it's like a huge deal to do.

You know, because I'll send my intel to Dr Sala, because I don't ask the same questions that Michael asks. Michael's like a researcher. He asks like educated questions, how Val Nek sometimes will be like “Oh, smart man.” He kind of walks like that.

I was explaining, lunar operations command. So that is being refurbished to be a medical facility. And there's sections that have already been completed. That is for the slaves from mars and for the super soldiers. And Val Nek explains there's like this high frequency that is blasted in places on lunar operations command that undoes the brain trauma or the mind control trauma. And because he explained when someone undergoes mind control the links between the neurons like are so strong in that frequency of it's trauma based. So a higher frequency it assimilates the brain to move in like a positive way and it undoes the mind control like really really well.
And so when I sent that to Dr Sala, Val Nek was really amused, because Dr Sala asked about Nikola Tesla and the technology that Nikola Tesla had back in the 1900s, because it's very similar. And Val Nek confirmed, that technology was given from the federation or the ideas for the technology was given from the federation to Nikola Tesla and it was suppressed. And because it was suppressed by the enemy, the federation is involved with releasing it, because they're righting a wrong. So it goes in accordance with their laws.

The med beds. That's very interesting. So Val Nek didn't know what I was talking about when I said med beds, because they don't call them med beds. But I kind of explained like what we think of them and he said the technology is similar. It's like a frequency that moves through the body and each strand of DNA is bonded by a magnetic polarity. So the frequency or the technology identifies that and it uses magnetic force to repolarize the DNA to the correct sequence and that's how it heals the DNA. And so they're working on that to be mass produced for all of terra, for all of the earth.

The reason that the federation wanted to be involved in releasing that too as well is because it has the potential to be marketed or misused for profit, and it's going to be used for every single country, every single person all over the globe.

Elena: Yes, that's fantastic news. First there are two things I want to add my testimony to. One is the these medical pods, medical beds and pods.
I've had the opportunity to visit Myrah on one of the science station of the federation where she works and at the time. She was part of a program to take care of the rescued hybrids from the DUMPs on earth. So they were brought there and so she explained a little bit to me what they were doing. So these wounded bodies and souls. So they were they had two different treatments.

The first treatment was to repair the body and all the wounds and make it strong. And as you describe it well, repair the DNA. First they would scan them to see what DNA they have and once they have the frequency of the DNA, because DNA emit frequency, they would find the match and strengthen it and repair everything by sound frequency, she said. So same thing.

And then once the body would be well, they would have a second goal for healing the mind and the soul – and still with frequency. She told me about. They were using gravity, but it goes with electromagnetism, because it's just working together.

And the second point I want to add my testimony to is the architecture they use on the moon that you just described. This is a technology I've been told was created in the Sirius b system. Now the whole federation uses this material that has been created where you can see from one side, not from the other side. You can do whatever you want. You can make screen if you go see through it or do a projection screen from a quantum place, somewhere. But you can also do openings in it.

When you speak about frequency key, you named it. They told me when you have the right frequency you can open a door pass through the wall. And this technology they reproduce it in clothing, it's the same. It's an atomic link between the atoms. I don't have the words to describe it in my poor English. When you have a clothe and you know there's you can't see it but, you know where it is and you just put your hand and you just take it apart, and thumbs just open and you can open your clothing.

Megan: Can only the person that is wearing it take the suit off?

Elena: That's interesting question. I don't know.

Megan: I wonder if the suit it obviously adapts the super suit adapts to their frequency, so I wonder if it needs their frequency to unlock it.

Elena: That would make sense. I would say yes that would make sense, because I tried one of them once and it really made one like a second skin and it really matches my frequency, my DNA and maintain all my organs healthy and going and at their full capacity. So yes, only the person that wears it can open it and take it off, because it's frequency. A very good point.

Megan: The other thing that Val mentioned was free energy. That there's one of the CEOs that we talked about was chosen his corporation (he didn't say which one) is going to be producing free energy, and he said within the decade it will be produced. That doesn't mean that it will be like all over earth and everything will be transitioned. But within a decade we'll have it. So that's good news too that's going to be released.

He basically just stressed that this is a really big project.

But one thing I wanted to address too is why the federation doesn't like earth sucks right now or everything that's going on you know sucks or lockdowns and stuff like that. Why the federation doesn't address that and why they chose. I have my answer and then you can add yours.

You have like the malevolent extraterrestrials, that are allied with bad humans. And then you have the good humans that are allied with the federation. And the federation they within their laws can remove a malevolent extraterrestrial force. So they have to remove the military that is backing the bad humans, before the good humans can take down the bad humans. Does that make sense?

Otherwise if they didn't do it that way if the say, they tried to attack the cabal, the deep state, the humans on earth, these malevolent ET's would just make earth the battleground and they would love to feed off of all of the death and destruction of the human race. It would make them super powerful. It just would not work. So that's like my take on it.

Elena: Yes, I had the same words. I said to Thor Han once, “but you could finish this war in one hour. So what's going on? It's taking years.” And he said to me that they needed first to remove the extraterrestrials that were behind the humans, and that wasn't done easily. They need to go where they were hiding in the undergrounds, very deep, and that was very precise operation.
They can't just blow up everything with the baddies in it, because in these facilities there's a lot of human personnel that are working there and also a lot of slaves and prisoners and poor hybrid creatures and clones. All these beings, they need to be saved and rescued! Of course in one hour they could even blow this planet up to get just sorted. But why they don't do it? Because they don't want earth to become a battlefield. They don't want casualties. That's why it takes years. It's taking years. Well, it has taken years.

Now we're seeing the end of it for this reason.

Megan: Val Nek was very excited. He connected with me and he said the dark fleet is gone, Mars is liberated. He was like “they're demolished”, like poof like he showed me this explosion. Did you get the same thing from Thor Han?

Elena: Oh yes! I think in my last book I put the exact date, suddenly connected in the morning and (it's it's often in the morning Thor Han connects to me. it's like he finishes his shift in the morning). He was joyful and victorious and I say “what's going on?” He said “All reptilians have left mars, the dark fleet is going defeated and we've won the war on mars!” I want “Wow”. And it was like a big blast of pride and probably the same day.

Megan: They might have been together, because he explained they're all like they were all celebrating and I obviously couldn't hear everybody else, but I could feel the energy in the background like everyone was excited.
So that makes sense, found like explained because those people the humans are victims of our enemy it's our responsibility to make sure they get medical treatment and so there's agreements with the alliance at lunar operations command for them to be healed with those med beds and stuff.

Elena: There are priority in healings with this technology. So the fighters that fight for the liberation of everyone else and the people who are rescued.

Megan: Are you ready to talk about the prime directive?

Elena: Yeah. Before I can just remind a little bit of update on how the war is going on. The solar system for those who have had difficulties to follow all these updates. So globally: the battlefield is earth, our moon, Mars and Ceres as well. It has been things going on. I know there are other places next.

It's not over but it's going from the center to outwards. So you can imagine what's going next. On earth about 10 to 12 percent of the DUMPS are yet to be liberated, but it's getting there. So the wind has really turned to the good side on earth.

All the main elites of the cabal, they had fled on mars a few months ago to I think it was Aries prime, some colonies. And then the federation was waiting to attack Mars. And as they could start to raid Mars and to attack Mars they could then attack in the same time, destroy a grid of harmful satellites that were around earth and that were broadcasting mind control and I know the three letters agency is linked to that as well.

So war on mars started. I finish with mars, because in between there's been the moon, but I'm going back to the moon afterwards. So war on mars started, the galaxy federation has been training the local reptilians and insectoid and they've done on mars as they've done on earth. On earth they created the earth association with the white hats, on the same mars federation and locals to just. So everybody worked together. Mars was liberated, the facilities were momentarily evacuated, people will come back, human personal, but now under the rulership of the white hats and the alliance and the federation and all the good people. Programs on mars I think have started to be set up with some cooperation that have been really voted and everything well organized for the greater good of humanity and the solar system. So the local reptilians, the true martians are cooperating to that. And it's going to benefit them first, the people of mars first – and that's for them, not for earth-taking resources. Mars has been liberated for the Martians, that's important.

And same with Ceres. Ceres in the asteroid belt also has been liberated. It was very difficult because it's a very small planetoid. So it's been liberated and given back to its colony of German people, will make their own government. They have been under a military occupation since long time by the dark fleet and now so they are free. Ceres it's going to be very interesting. We are going to hear about it, about mars as well.

And the moon was liberated in the meantime in february 2021 by the alliance. I want to remind about the machine that was broadcasting, that's been dismantled. So what intel have you had about this machine?

Megan: Just that the machine that was broadcasting mind control frequencies has been dismantled. But I know people like so how I mentioned the super soldiers, their brain is used to working under trauma, it's almost like that because we've been under that satellite so long, that everyone's brain is used to operating under that fear mechanism. So even though the satellite has been dismantled, you don't really see a difference. It's because we're generating that frequency on our own.

Elena: Oh my god yes!

Megan: It's just neuroscience. They all did these studies, the Germans and everything like in the 1940s and the 1950s.

Elena: Yeah, it's exactly what Thor Han told me after the moon was liberated and machine dismantled. He said “the matrix is dissolved. But humans still maintain it by themselves, some humans, many humans because they are used to it and they're still fabricating it themselves. You need to stop thinking like before! You are free! You're not mind controlled anymore. You are free you need to embrace that!

Megan: Do you want to talk about the prime directive?

Elena: Yeah. Recently Thor Han transmitted to me a message from high commander Ardana. She is at the high command of the battleship of the galactic federation where Val Nek and Thor Han work and she obviously certainly got this order from higher above, because nothing of this importance is decided without the avail of the high council of the federation. So it was a prime directive.

So Thor Han says “Okay, now you need to write down. I'm going to dictate to you a text.” I went “okay all right”. So I did that by telepathy. And he said “Now that's to be transmitted to humanity.” And so I shared it with Michael straight away, Dr Michael Sala. And he was like “No way”.

And we got the commentaries from Thor afterwards, because you know it's not the text. They don't have these documents as we would have texts. It's word for word. The words are settled. You cannot change them or move them. Its words are really set, but it's holograms. So every document is like a sphere, it's a holographic sphere and you have the 10 charts of the Prime directive like small spheres in it, and you connect with your mind and you read with by mind connection to the sphere to read it. And when you access a sphere with a text, so you have the text that it's just imprinted in your head. You either see it or either hear it in your language probably. And you also have all the details related with visions and other understanding.

Megan: So downloading the concept of it.

Elena: Yes. that's why Thor Han needed to explain every chart in it. That's good to talk about it because Michael Sala has made a great video about it at which I participate. And he wrote an article that is very really good on his website, but it's worth mentioning, because that explains a lot what is going on at the moment.

And Thor Han told me, “I'm giving you this, that people understand better what's going on, especially with the Jupiter agreement.”

Megan: So can you explain when the federation can intervene in a society like ours.

Elena: Normally there's a classification with four different types of civilizations.

Type 1 is a primitive. So it's life forms which have not organized in civilization yet.

Type 2: it's a civilization with organized culture and religion or spirituality. So that's where we are – type 2, organized civilization with awareness of spirituality.

And type 3 that be the federation, type 3 is such a culture which has made contact by themselves with another culture from outside of their solar system and this culture must also be able to travel out of their star system by themselves for commercial and civilian reasons. We are in between, and it's very weird with us.

There's a stage 4: it's called high, It's six density and above.

We are in between stage 2 and 3, because we can go out of our star system with Solar warden but we haven't made contact by ourselves with ETs. That's them who contacted us, the invaders. First the Nebu and the reptilians long time ago. So they infringed the prime directive.

So that's the four types. When a culture is allowed to interfere or when it shouldn'?

It would seem that the whole galaxy abide by this law, even if they are not part of the federation. That's interesting, because it would seem that these charts really were taken from universal laws. And it is mentioned at the stage, I think it's at the start it's mentioned about the universal law of free will regarding to this law. So it says that you must not interfere in the development of a culture until it has itself reached a stage 3 by any way, not displaying technology that people cannot understand blah blah blah. So the galactic federation shouldn't be here. But they're here and they're helping us and they're interfering and since the 1950s they've given technology with two different governments. Why?

Because there's a close nine which says “unless the said culture of stage 2 has been under the threat or the attack of another alien people” Then the galactic federation has the duty to intervene

Megan: In the interest of balance to right or wrong

Elena: Correct yes in the stress of balance. And when in 1954 the galactic federation willingly officially made contact with president Eisenhower and his government, it was because they knew that in a year time the Nebu, the orion group would come and break the prime directive and try to bribe people. So they say “we are come to give you balance. We come to give the balance and you choose free will, you choose which one you go. We offer you this, the other ones we offer you that. We do not advise you sign with the other ones, but you do whatever you want.”

Megan: That's what they did. It's important to point out that's why they're able to intervene, because we were invaded by a malevolent species. So there's something I was reading it because I know what it means,…

Since Elena and I have gotten together but even before that there's been the deep state kind of knew that the people would turn away from the mainstream media. So what they started doing is putting people in place in alternative forms of media. So you know whatever issued youtube, instagram whatever you have it.

Val Nek connected with me the other day and he gave me this statement, that I'll put on the screen but I'm just going to read, and it says an official statement from the galactic federation of worlds on the ongoing controversy and spread of misinformation. And it says:

There are agents, counterintelligence agents, who are working very closely with Terran allies. The purpose of these communications is to spread confusion and fear among the human race. These terran people who are spreading counterintelligence are knowingly or unknowingly trying to discredit the galactic federation of worlds.

And then it goes on to say these agencies use several forms of communication with their terran informants, none of which the galactic federation of world uses. These methods are as follows:

– artificial intelligence using satellite communications and other methods which we will not say but our common mind control tactics of the dark fleet and its allies.

These communications will likely increase in nature in an effort to remain in control and further discredit our momentous efforts. Do not consent to fear. We will never let you down. We salute you.

And that was from Val Nek and Ardana both. Do you want to talk about?

Elena: Yes. I have had several conversations with Thor Han about this and one with Ardana, but mainly with Thor Han.
It is a temporal war as well. That means that the baddies as the goodies they know what is going to happen in this war of timelines. So the future, if all the federation, all the forces everyone came and also all the program of starseeds, the envoys program, if they all came, it's because they knew there was going a chance of victory. They knew there was a great probability. that we will win that.

And so the baddies knew that as well. And also at the time about Star trek, Gene Rodenberry was given all these information. It was from people either from the future or either people from the federation who knew that about the positive timeline, which is now secured.
So the baddies, they worked closely with organizations on earth such as the three letters and others, I won't name them but you can figure out yourselves, to come up with psyops, psychological operations, that would not only – okay you spoke about the mind control broadcast by frequency satellites, but there's something else as well that's been going on. It's manipulation, mainstream medias. We know.

But there's something even more cunning that's been happening. So when you want to get the whole population to believe a lie, if you lie to them directly they will say “hey come on, come on” So you're gonna first gain their trust. This program has been going on since about a decade more especially since Mr T president in the states has been elected they went “oh shit”. So they really enforced it since about four or five years ago that started.

There are many people who came on the front stage suddenly, who were tools, without even knowing that they were tools. They were so convinced. You know because when you know you lie, you need to be very good to convince people. But when you think you don't lie and you're convinced of what you say, you can be very convincing if you convince yourself.

So who are these people who have been used? Unfortunately a lot of super soldiers who have been sent back with implants, so telling true stories and then at the right moment everybody they activate remotely everyone, suddenly the narrative changes and suddenly it's all doom and gloom. Suddenly the galaxy federation works with the cabal, suddenly ..

They picked people on social medias, especially youtube, who were in search of popularity. That's the Nebu tactic, the Orion group. They do that when they conquer a world. They seek for people who want popularity and being loved and admired and you know greedy people about popularity self-love, blah blah blah. And so they they picked few people like this and they groomed them, they start to give them true information that could be verifiable. So these people gain a lot of popularity and trust and at the same time as everyone else activated change of narrative and you know – it's the story of the frog in the hot and cold water. Everybody for those who don't know this story, it's a parable. A frog lives in cold water. If you put the frog in hot water it jumps out. So the game is to change the temperature of the water one degree every day.

Megan: So there's this saying that I've been told from upstairs, not every truther tells the truth and I like that saying. So one thing in their statement was that the galactic federation of worlds does not use those methods. But they use a certain method, we both have implants. But it's not the same implants as the SSP was jammed and then I had one place by Myrah. I know we've talked about this in another video. But there are psychic abilities and there's mediumship abilities that are natural for your, that's in your DNA. but in order to reach them up their way completely far out of the solar system with telepathy that is so clear that you can translate documents and intel like that it's it's not possible without an implant or without their technology. And the technology that Val Nek was talking about with the moon and all that it's the same thing – it's a high frequency that has an interdimensional component. So it cannot be hacked at all. I wanted to point that out because there might be some people that say I'm representing the galactic federation of light or whoever and they might say something completely different than Elena and I say, and they say it's coming from the same source – but it's not.

Val Nek told me what you and I are doing is authorized disclosure from them. I wanted to point that out as well.

But there are a lot of SSP soldiers still have implants in, and they can activate them remotely and what that implant will do: the person will think they're picking up on psychic information, they're getting downloads from an extraterrestrial. They will project an image and they'll project screens of information. They may even think that they were abducted. Or they may give them dreams in a dream state and the person will believe that that's real. It's artificial intelligence, it's an implant. They've used that technology forever.

Elena: Yeah. And the implants Megan and I had, they are different. Ours has been put by the galactic federation directly. It's a technique, the techniques of this device what the components are made by the federation and they are very high frequency technology that cannot be hacked. Mine has been put by the Nebu. So it's a lower frequency device at the start. But it has been recalibrated like not destroyed but reset by Myrah also – that's funny – and to the frequencies of the federation. And then it's totally like yours now. These implants are on a higher frequency and it allows communication only with the higher frequency and it cannot be hijacked.

And you were mentioning about mind control going back to the what you were saying with the moon facility, that they were broadcasting high frequencies to dismantle the mind control. Well that's what Thor Han always says “raise your frequency!” When you do that it says that you are not you cannot be mind controlled anymore and it's difficult to understand. But teaching is repeating and raising your frequency I can confirm it protects you from being mind controlled, because mind control is on lower frequency and if you raise your frequency you can't be mind control anymore. And our communicators, our implants are devices that thrive on this higher frequency. So that's a good point to mention.

Megan: You mentioned too that everyone who is channeling AI is activated at the same time and I noticed that too. There's going to be a solar flash and there's lots of psyops going on with new earth people will be transported, some people walked here, stuff like that. I'm trying to think of what other ones are not true.

There's two like operations they've been running. There's people they put in place to misrepresent the galactic federation. So they will be put in place, they'll talk about being spiritually evolved, give you advice that kind of thing. They kind of represent the federation as spirit guides which they are not. They are military and they will spread like Elena said 90% truth 10% lies, and then they'll start saying stuff like “make sure you prepare that you know for whatever” and they'll spread it in with fear and stuff and people will think “oh my gosh, that person is representing the federation”.

Then they have other people that put in place. they either just completely bash the federation or they pretend the federation doesn't exist and spread it. Have you noticed that as well?

Elena: Oh yes, totally! So suddenly the message about fear. Something horrible is going to happen from earth and the federation is going to come and save only the chosen ones – as so evil is like exactly like some religions “be a good christian and you will be saved last judgment”. Oh yeah, they take old myths of old earth religion for people really to be hooked at it like the Jerusalem ship or Jesus is coming back, is going to take everyone. Federation is the best, Jesus is leading the galactic federation. That makes the lads upstairs laugh a lot.

They taking so religious thing for people to be really hooked at it and then “you will be taken on the ships and you need to be a good whatever to be taken on the ship” and “oh, but you can't take your pets with”. How evil is that!

Megan: I don't really want to mention this, so I won't mention how. But hundreds of millions of people are gonna die if they did x y or z or if they made some sort of medical decision, that kind of thing. That's wrong!

They never say stuff like that and I've heard people say “I gotta go from archangel Michael or Jesus or whoever and they said watch out 100 million people will be dead by next year.” They would never ever say anything like that! Imagine if Thor Han connected with you and he's like “I gotta tell you something…”

Elena: No, I mean they are hustling, the federation is us hustling people, saying “raise your frequency and just remove fear!”. Anything that is fear-based is sent by the bad ones, your enemy, to lower down your frequency and make you vulnerable to mind control and make you do stupid things. Everything that is fear-based or that stresses you or creates an emotional dependence – it comes from the bad side.

The galactic federation sends message of empowerment. You are free, you are strong and we are winning this!

Megan: So this topic is prompted from many emails that I've received and many emails that Elena has received of women or people coming forward saying that they are either married to Thor Han or married to Val Nek or are dating them in some way. And so we both wanted to kind of clarify that.

They are military officials, they're military officers. They are here in the presence with the intention of helping, liberate earth. They are not here to that's part of a psyop. that's been spread around too, they are not here to date any humans or date anyone from earth.
So that is stuff that also might be if people are getting those downloads, it might be artificial intelligence, looking to discredit Elena and I or looking to discredit our movement and turn it into something that it's not.

Elena: Yes I received many emails. Some emails are people saying they dreamt about Thor Han, they met him, they had adventures with him or some – it's always guys –they met me in their dreams I was there on board ship. I went “No! Like go away, No, no. I'm not going doing this thing!”
I mean Megan and I, we are just normal people, Thor Han and Val Nek are normal people. The only difference is that they were born somewhere else. They're from a different culture, a different race. They are not above us. They hate being worshiped, they hate being taken like for what they're not. They're not superior as us.
We are all equals, with cultural and technological differences. Tat's all: cultural, racial and technological differences between us, but we're equal as beings. They're not above – that's conditioning! We need to stop kneeling and stand up!

Megan: That's one of the reasons why they can't come out and show themselves because the human race has been under mind control for so long and have that certain behaviors have been encouraged. So the potential for people to worship them or idolize them is high or put them on a pedestal or something similar to that.

Elena: They're just normal people.

Megan: We've both gotten emails, people pretending to be Val Thor, stuff like that. When you met Val Thor, did he talk about how it made him feel when he was worshiped or how like did he say anything about that?

Elena: Yes very interesting that you mentioned this, because Val Thor effectively first I was wondering what's why Thor Han was telling me, “Oh Val Thor doesn't want to interact with humans anymore, with civilians. It's just interacting with officials and military and having no contact with civilians anymore. it doesn't want to.” I went, “what happened, why that strict?” I was really an exception. I mean Thor Han has been working two months on the case to try to convince Val Thor to speak to me. So yeah, because he said, because when he visited the pentagon between 1957 to 1960 he wasn't only in the pentagon. He was also in Russia, but he said he was curious to meet representatives of the earth cultures. So he decided to meet different men from representing religions and spiritualities, but not high instances, just normal people. And he said, some of them worshipped him so much and they idolized him and they really used his image and his himself to promote their religious beliefs, and he really felt very uncomfortable with that. The thing is, he was bind to respect the prime directive in this regard. That means not to interfere in the evolution of the spirituality of the culture of earth, not telling them “Hey no, sorry, I do not believe in christianity or whatever. We are aliens, we don't believe in earth religions.” He couldn't say that, because it would have triggered the mind of these people. “What, oh aliens are not Christians, oh oh!” That's in the prime directive, you do not interfere in the spiritual development of a species. So he say “no, I'm done with them” because people were like worshipping him and he said yeah, we're not ready. So something he told me, he said “humans are not ready yet” and I understand, I understand.

Megan: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.
Is there anything else that you can think of that we need to talk about?

Elena: I would last thing say that there's a lot: it's the final combat. All the people who are the light workers who are on the front line are attacked a lot and harshly, because the enemy is losing and they try their last blast. So I've been attacked, your mom had the men in black at her house. Many friends of mine who are on the front line have severe attacks. And when they cannot attack us, because we are protected, they attack people around us like your mom, like I know people next to me have been attacked to cause disruption in our frequency to scare us, that we lower our frequency. And we then able to be attacked. Things like that to scare us. Fortunately all of us were on the front line, we are so protected. But we feel the attacks.

The AI attacks are something that people need also to be aware, that's not all the attacks are AI, but you can have different things that that are sent to attack you. But the AI attacks are very cunning. They will make you believe that they are whoever you want them to be, and that's very cunning.
Do not do channeling just for fun. Do not try to contact ET like opening your protections, that's so dangerous. Not now! Connect with your guide your spirit guides, go within, raise your frequency and see who's there. But do not open yourself to the outside, because the predators are all around us at the moment. They try to get us – so be careful.

Megan: Anytime you have like a delusion or you have an idea that's coming from like maybe your ego or it's a projection like a need, there's something that needs to be validated within you and you start channeling there's you're going to send out a frequency. It's not going to be a high frequency and they're going to be able to recognize it. So say you're like “oh I want to connect with I don't know Mary Magdalena” but you're still very nervous and you just start to there's going to be an entity that knows that and they'll come through that way.

Instead just connect with yourself and that's what I would say too.

Elena: You will spot these people who are manipulated by the enemy, because they will have changed narrative into something a bit doom and gloom, saying that the galactic federation is bad, that all our allies are in fact working with the enemies ,spreading confusion.

You will see also these people claiming that they are reincarnation of very historical famous people, such as Joan of Arc or things like that. And also that they are super powerful like I know there's one at the moment, she's queen of the galaxy and she can crush everyone and travel interdimensionally and she has super powers. These people.

We are normal girls, and we don't pretend to be something else that we are not .

Megan: Normies trying to kick out the baddies.