14/9/2021 – Q&A open questions




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VML O’Hogan “My Meomories of Elisabeth Klarer”

There's something unique and that's the first time that you will have this, humanity is going to have this. I think Valerie doesn't realize how important that is. When you buy this book you contact her by email and she sends you recording that Elizabeth gave to her, atape recording she will send this to you privately. It is a recording of Akon's voice talking in his ship. You can hear the background of the ship and honestly I've listened to it and I cried. This is mind-blowing!

The last one is a book I illustrated, “Samhain, the origins of Halloween”

Situation updates

Setting up the new structure in the star system is continuing between the galactic federation of worlds and the new terran Starfleet, setting up together new structures, new space stations on the moon has been developed, This intel is not from Thor Han, it's from Valneck to Megan Rose, he told her that on the moon there the lunar command was belonging to the dark fleet, who has been kicked off, has been now attributed to the space command and the alliance. They are transforming this base in a medical center and a scientific center to help the military and heal the slaves that have been liberated and the wounded soldiers. There's gonna be a lot of it's, primary for our brave warriors and our victims, the victims of this this war that have been freed and liberated.

So that's a good news from Thor Han of course. He told me that the greys, well the nebu from Orion are leaving earth and Dulce is nearly liberated, nearly done. Mnt Chasta is nearly done, still dangerous but nearly done. It's very difficult, because it goes on so many underground levels and there's so many tunnels and the enemy hides. It's really hard to fight underground. It's tough because you're on your own, you are there with the equipment you brought with you and that's it. Nobody can find, you nobody can save, you you're just doing it yourself. That requires a lot of logistics and preparation and the way they do is that the by chunks. They isolate part by blowing up all the channels and what or not controlling all the tunnels, and then isolating the baddies in it and then giving them to surround her or not. If they surrender, thyy are evacuated and ships and taken out of the star system. If they are not willing to cooperate they face the consequences. But the choice is always given, always – that's the policy of the federation. …

So first the all these facilities that need to be liberated, they have people in it. They have hostages, prisoners, slaves, hybrids, victims of genetic experiment. So it's very difficult, because you want to rescue to save these people. That's why you're doing it. So it's not easy, you need to prepare operations that will allow you to secure the people you want to save. The beings, sometimes not really people, sometimes it's weird creatures. So if you light a little candle or you send love or energy and healing and light I know many of you do it as a daily basis, please have a thought for those who fight for how our heroes from any military section. They belong to may be the earth alliance, the different the marines, the navy that anything, any anyone these are the ones who really need light, strength, knowing that we support them and knowing that we know what they're doing. And they are really doing a very good job.

 … It's not over yet and it's still, I think it's about 12% of underground to be liberated. But it's getting there.

They're winning, they've liberated the moon. Mars has been liberated by the galactic federation and the martian resistance. Ceres has been liberated by the earth alliance and the federation. The moon, the Jupiter agreements have been passed on Jupiter to prepare the after victory. That's a sign that it's the victory is secured. But we need to finish the job.

It is secure if we keep on fighting as we do. What does it mean? Well for those who are in the army and fighting alongside the federation in the earth alliance, they're doing a great job. Now each of us has to do a job as well. We need to stand up for our right and sovereignty. We need to stop consenting to be used and manipulated, especially by fear tactics. We need to remember that we are sovereign of our soul, our body and our rights, to go where we want to go. right to do what we want, to do with this flesh suit. It's ours, only ours and work your common sense. When your common sense start to fade and you feel confused, it's because you are manipulated by fear tactics.

Q: Does the galactic federation respond to CE5, is CE5 safe?

CE5 works, and I am recommending it. It's a very good technique.But you need to do it properly. What is ce5? CE5 is a technique of meditation and rising your vibration, raising your frequency in order to be able to see what thrive in a higher frequency, because all the good ships are in a higher frequency, cloaked. The bad ships are lower frequency: the Nebu reptilian greys and the Ciakahrr reptilians and many races that work with them on that lower frequency. They’re making themselves visible, they don't give a damn, they are infringing the prime directive anyway, as they want.
So most of the time when you see spaceships without doing ce5 in normal conditions, it's usually enemy ships or made on earth. Because the CIA has its own programs and the dark fleet has also its own fleet. And many other, different secret space programs that are not for the greater good of humanity, that are not working with the federation that are not working for the greater good of humanity. And these ones don't give a damn to be seen. If you can create fiears – even better. So usually when you see spaceships, ufos it's usually not a good one.

You may now see ships from the federation but that will be because they will willingly show themselves to you, not because they will pass by, they don't, They're not made themselves visible because it's in their prime directive not to display technology that is higher than the understanding capability of an observer. So they will be invisible and if they they decloak to your frequency it means that they want you to see them and because they have the authorization to show them to you usually it's because you have a connection with someone in that ship, someone you know, And that knows you. Usually it's someone of your galactic family or team.

There's something interesting because I was mentioning the prime directive. They will not let themselves see unless there is a authorization and plan for that to a person that is not able to understand the technology. Although they are cooperating with governments, like solar warden, the earth alliance sharing technology with the secret space program, the good ones, the white hats ones. So why can they share technology, give technology with people from the earth alliance but they cannot show themselves to the private civilian? Bbecause it is not inserted into a program agreed by the high council of the federation. To show themselves to civilians would surprise the civilians. Of course they will all “oh ufo, oh my god” and they will be emotional and exhilarated or terrified. It will create a emotional response that is not good in these times and it infringes the prime directive. So once all this crap is over and officially there will be not contact, because contact is already done. Of course there will be an opening disclosure because the war will have been won and that will be another story.

So CE I recommend it of course. Yes it's good stuff.But do it well protected! Do your bubble of light, do a meditation that will first rise your frequency. Rising your frequency is readiness is really crucial, because then you won't be reachable by lower frequency beings and then you you look up and you see all these ships that are in a higher frequency. But be protected: no alcohol, no substances such as weed, mushroom,s whatever drugs. No, because that keeps your vibration down. Don't do that. Also eating meat – eating flesh lowers your frequency also.

So if you want to see spaceships of the federation I would recommend that you do whatever is in your capability to raise your frequency and the ce5 meditation after then will work.

Q: You mentioned in your new book that Val Thor has a kind of powerful, peaceful energy that you can feel

Oh my god, yes! That's something that struck me when I met him. His energy field – I wasn't expecting that. His energy field was vibrant with power and very grounding.

He speaks like this. Val Thor speaks like this, he is very grounding and he speaks with his voice, with this tone and when you are in his presence you feel completely smitten. That's Val Thor for you. So he's a commander. Then I understood something meeting other commanders, you know Thor Han is a commander as well. I've known him since I'm a child and I've seen him evolve in a hierarchy from pilot to ship captain, to fleet commander, to decade commander, decade captain, township captain, to fleet commander and to a mission coordinator. But then I haven't sensed the change of energy. I met recently then three different commanders and I went “wow that's it!”. As they move in hierarchy, their power it's a power thing, it's an energy thing ,that shifts as well. They all have this aura and Thor Han has it as well but I can't see the difference, because I know him all the time since my childhood. But I met Ardana – she is even powerful than them all. She leads the high command. She's like on Thor Han military ship she's like “wow, so powerful”. I met two other commanders, one called Dene Thor. …Dene Thor is a commander also in the military. He has a mantis friend, you know all about is in the book. Dene Thor he has the same energy. And another one also that I met is a Taal fleet commander from Tamar and same energy. …

Very interesting. So Val Thor is not the only one who has this powerful aura.

Q: Before your abduction were you aware of extraterrestrial existence and life?

Yes, in two ways. I had the memory of when I was toddler being visited in my toddler room by Ebeni. The ebony are a small grays from Alpha centaury and they are very nice. They were Annax helper on his ship and they appeared in the room and I remembered that and I never knew who they were. I thought they were like gnomes or elves or a bit weird. The Eben with their big eyes, I they are in my first book.


That's my granny reading to me. So I've seen that coming through the wall and so that was, And you know at the time then you grow up and before I was nine I already was shown gray aliens on tv or wherever and I knew that what I saw when I was a toddler was an alien. So that's why I was aware. You know the media as a tv just tells you. Also I was aware of extraterrestrial life by another way, was my irresistible attraction and calling to the stars, to the night sky before I was nine already. I had a total fascination feeling that the stars were my home and that I was not from here, and especially two places were calling out to me: the pleiades and a star in orion where Annax is from, my beautiful loving father. So I knew about extraterrestrial life that there was someone somewhere who was looking after me and waiting for me. And I was waiting for him. In fact there were many of them: Annnax, Thor Han, Myrah, they were all there for me and but especially Thor Han and Annax.

Q: I thought Orion was negative?

No, not all. Look at my q&a about orion, and it is also in my book gifts from the stars. Annax is from Mesa, a planet that is in a higher density, he's not part of the nebu. The nebu are centered in the Orion nebula … The council of five was created in Orion, the black league is in Orion and things like. It's very vast area.

Q: What is the connection between ET's and the afterlife?

There's not really a connection. You can watch my last q&a about aliens and religion. I'm going to describe it like this: each planet has many densities of existence, many layers. And each planet has its own orb or dome, it's spherical. Remember that earth is a sphere and every planet in the universe is a sphere, it's physical law, it's like this how the universe works. It needs to be spherical, otherwise it's not happening, and the flat earth is a psyop psychological operation from the CIA to try to see, how many people they can manipulate and dump down – and especially if you're intelligent. They're targeting the intelligent people to see if they can dumb them down and it's working wonders. So be careful if you believe in the flat earth theory – you've been fooled by the three letters agency.

Every planet has its own orb and many layers so earth orb of existence. When you decorporate that you are a plant, an insect, an animal, a humanoid – it means your light being, your eternal immortal and destroyable soul self, your is-be if you want, goes back to this higher density orb, it's a highest density around the planet. You are in the soul matrix of the planet, where old souls go. And then you will choose to dwell here or come back to continue your cycle of evolution, of development of your consciousness.
When your consciousness has reached a certain level of understanding and awareness, you are able to choose to incarnate in another planetary orb, in another soul matrix, in the other side of the galaxy or in another universe if you want, because you've reached this level of awareness that you can do that. The star seeds – it's an example. I like to call them as they call it upstairs the envoice.

So you can have extraterrestrial beings, beings that are is-be that are from another planetary matrix somewhere else coming having reached a certain level of awareness, that allows them to project themselves and come here and incarnate here. So you may have extraterrestrial souls from another's planetary matrix incarnated here and they're not all aware that not from here, but you can feel it. You can feel you're not from here, and you wonder where your family is and you feel. You know the feeling, because you chose it, and you need to then reconnect with your own self.

Q: If there was a soul trap on the moon, does that mean a lot of us are here against their will?

Yes. It's gone now, it's not anymore. There was a soul trap on the moon that means even if the indigenous souls having reached an level of awareness that would allow them to go incarnate in another planetary matrix, they couldn't. They were trapped here and for extraterrestrial souls that would have chosen in the past to come here to incarnate they couldn't go back. They would reincarnate here all the time.

Knowing that this soul matrix was about to be dismantled, the starseed programs started, because we knew, that we wouldn't be trapped. So the last three generations arrived, because it was written. Well not yet settled, but I mean the plan was to disintegrate this machine. The galactic federation was going to war against the Nebu orion and the Ciakahrr reptilians, so the plan was to dismantle this machine and deactivate it this machine. It was put by the Nebu grey orion group on the moon extremely long time ago. So it was a chance taken. We weren't all sure it would work and we could have ended up trapped. but we did it.

How did that work? This mission has been dismantled, this was in february 2021. During January and February 2021. The earth alliance and enforcement from the galactic federation have liberated earth moon. All the slaves have been evacuated, liberated and the dark fleet kicked out, the interplanetary corporal conglomerate – kicked out. Everybody kicked out. And the nebu soul trapping machine was found and taken and deactivated and dismantled. Totally dismantled, so this machine is even no more.
So what Thor Hand said to me when he gave me this info in february he said, you know now it's up to humanity to dismantle their own matrix, the illusion. Stop maintaining the illusion. Just wake up and stop consenting to be manipulated. The matrix is here no more. They make you believe that it is, but it's not, it's gone. You're free. You'd still have to realize it that you are free. So now it's time, you stand for yourself and you can fly throughout the universe and go back home if you're not from here. And if you're formed here you're now allowed to go and visit the universe, incarnate in other worlds. You're free.

And also what this machine was doing, it was trapping everyone in the third density and no one could raise a frequency. Now it's gone.

And parallel to that the galactic federation has been surrounding the earth with a grid that was rising the frequency of the earth. The nodes were in correspondence with the nodes, the lay lines underground and it was correspondent. So working on the grid how raising the frequency on the grid was raising the frequency of the nodes in the ground, so of the planet. That's quantum resonance. So that was a very great idea. And that's the same tactic the federation used when they started raiding mars to bombard mars with high frequency. Why? Because you know there was a lot of enemy like reptilians, especially Ciakahrrs. It was taking their aggressivity away and it was it was making them more gentle. They hated as much as they could hate.

Q: Did Val Thor write “Valiant Thor’s Venusian health magic: The vitality of Vril by Valiant Thor”?

I know, he didn't. He didn't write anything. People wrote on his behalf. That's why he refused to have interaction with any more civilians. I was an exception. Thor Han worked out this thing two months to get him to talk to me, because I'm a civilian. Thanks to Thor Han it was hard work but he managed it.

… Val Thor hasn't written any books. He is military officer, coming here to set up the secret space programs with the pentagon and just do diplomatic stuff, not here to write books.

Q: Do you know what rank or race navy blue galactic federation of world uniforms correspond to?

Navy blue uniforms of the galactic federation of worlds. Officers, Thor Han commander grade is navy blue. Then they have all black colors. The pilots have just the environmental suit, the glittery one with a collar like this, open. Then you have a ship captains they have a black color and black wristbands. All have these golden belts, the humanoids. Then you have the fleet commanders and all the commander grade it's not the environment suit, because they don't go now. Well in that often in the ships they stay on orbit and they do less operations, they just lead everyone. So these ones, the commanders have navy dark blue navy color, it's not environmental smart suit anymore, it's proper clothing with proper fabric. It's like you can't go through with a knife, like in force fabric. I don't know what it is but it's very smooth. it's very comfortable as it seems, but it's fabric. And there's a trousers and a jacket and a tunic and the belt of course. So then the shape of the neck can have something point here on the side, it's fleet commander. It's the flying ones, the wristbands are higher and that's it. The boots are black, higher.

Ardana is different. She's not blue she's white and silver. That's the high commander. And then you have also under her the high command with all the high commanders, Val Nek is there and I we will need to ask Megan because I haven't seen Val Nek for a while. He should still wear the marine indigo tunic and trousers but different neck and probably different insignia on them. I think it's only Ardana who has the high commander one. It's a diplomatic one with um all in silver and white, with golden trims.

Q: Do we star seeds need to clear all our karma, so we can go back home? Or can we go back to where we come from by choice after we pass away?

I think we can go back by choice. You know karma, you take it wherever you go, because it's part of the journey of the soul. Not the journey of the body. I think in one of my previous video I told you about the different journeys.

The journey of the soul, the immortal is-be is what you learn throughout your incarnations. You take it as a luggage, as a teaching.

And then you have the body, the bloodline that you borrow for one incarnation or you can choose to reincarnate in the same family line if you want, it's easier. That's how you find family karmas. But the bloodlines it's not yours, it's the the genetics of the avatar you borrow. So you can then next life going another bloodline with other ancestors, other karmas, because karma is linked to the soul.

It means karma – what it is? It's when you create disruptive energy, you need to rebalance it and to repair it. Otherwise this disruptive energy will keep on disrupting you until you repair it. That's a karma. That's all what it is. So that belongs to the soul. If you have done disruptive things that you've chosen to do for your own learning and you can reincarnate on Vela, Vega Sirius abc and keep on working on it, so it's not because you decorporate (prefer that word than death, there's no deaths) it's not because you decorate that without having resolved and rebalanced as you all your karma disrupt divinity that you trapped, here that's a misconception.

Q: Do all starseeds have their own body in a stasis pod or just to pleiadeans?

There's no such thing as pleadians. Well, there are, there is the manahu people, but you have so many star systems that have been terraformed in the Pleiades. Ahel, Taal, Noor whatever else from the Pleiades. Or that you are not from the Pleiades, you can be from other star systems, you may have chosen to go through the program of envois to come and help here fight during this war three ways:

First way come physically, because you can, because you're Taal or hybrid Ahel or Selosi from the centaury systems our Meton.

Or you can't do that because your body won't allow it. So then you can either reincarnate here, die on your world a way that you're old and you finish your cycle and decorporate and you incarnate in a baby here.

Or third you don't want to die, you want to keep your body and go just for a trip to earth and back. You know that can be even, they play with time. You can go for a lifetime on earth and come back 10 minutes after on your world. So then that moment you need to go back to your body and your body is putting stasis, if you want to go back to this one to finish your life as it is and just enjoy it and finish the unfinished work. So you're gonna put your body in stasis and your soul is going to be decorated from it, and you then go back to earth, you go to earth and you incarnate into a baby. But your body will be in stasis in a pod, and these pods are all over the galaxy on your home world, usually in a very secure facility. And there are locations, these locations are not disclosed. It's very rare to be on the ship, because the ship can be exploded. So usually most of the stages are in secured facilities on some planets, somewhere.

Q: My ten-year-old son has a question. He had an orb appear in his room and fly around back and forth before disappearing. He wants to know what to do if it happens again okay?

So orbs are good. They are not bad. So already first: don't be scared. Orbs are either good spirits such as fairies or elementals. Who are the elementals? The elementals is like fairies but they are spirits of the elements of the air, floating like air fairies, or earth fairies, or water fairies, fire fairies. Elementals it's spirits of nature. So they're all good. They sometimes can be mischievous. I live in Ireland and there are plenty all over the place and they're nice and they won't harm anyone. They just sometimes play a little bit to tricks that are funny.

Orbs can be also a remote viewing device for instance, but for good beings, because otherwise it wouldn't manifest in light. So it can be a good spirit or good aliens watching you, protecting you.

So when you see orb if they come back… You know most of the times it's nature spirits. So start a conversation with them, “hey how are you? Do you have a message for me? If you have a message for me, give it to me in a dream” And you can talk to them and you can ask them questions and they may reply you in dreams.
So do not be scared. They are good. So if they come back just speak to them, speak to them and sometimes you can feel emotions back. That's their reply, the nature spirits, they reply to you by emotions. So if you feel a laughter coming back at you, that's you know they're laughing or can have visions, so they can communicate.

You know the nature spirits, it's like their little light ships, they travel like this and they can pass through walls.

Q: Can telepathy from galactics be noises in your throat and head, like clicking noise and air whizzing noises in your throat, bird like collective?

I am not sure. and I don't like to read clicking noises and sound in your throat like birds, because that's the sound small grays do.
Employees personal from the galactic federation or other, andromeda council or the council of five, they do not communicate like this. You may hear voices in your head. That can also be the voice to skull, but I think my good feeling is that you are receiving high frequency, but I think you maybe parasite by something. If you heard kicking noise in your throat it's not good.

So what you need to do is very simple: don't freak out. All good, you're in control. You just need to know it. Raise your frequency! Do a meditation to raise your frequency. There are many on my channel and I often explain. You just refuse fear, you just go inside, go within first awareness of your body, then awareness of your soul, and then tune in to in your inner light being, your inner light being. And then this light magnify it and just expand it and buzz it buzz and become a powerful power plant of light. And at that precise moment if you have anything attached to you it will be disintegrated or detached. And that's powerful exercise. If you can do that every day, it's magnificent. So that's it. Clicking noise – I don't like that. So cleanse yourself by high light power, and powerful being that you are doing that you won’t to hear the clicking noise afterwards. I can tell you, they won't come back.

Q: Does healing done by another person disrupts karma? Does there have to be an exchange of energy?

I don't think healing done by another person disrupt karma. Healing is never bad. You know, the deep state use a lot also the concept of karma to manipulate people. Karma is real, but the deep state uses as well a lot. No, healing is always a good thing. You need to trust the practitioner, and first the practitioner needs to ask your consent if it's needed to remove stuff. Sometimes even it may be in your decisions of incarnation to decide that “one day I will meet a healer and this person will heal me” I’ve choose that in my life contract, you know. So always say yes to healing, trust the practitioner.

Does there have to be an exchange of energy?

Yes, of course. And the exchange of energy can be either a payment in money, or any exchange, or either love. You can give a service in exchange. And you can just give a hug to the person and healing love to the person back. There has to be an exchange in any way. That would be my answer.

Q: What is your take and Thor Han's information on KG and what she presents as her mission?

The person you name has been confirmed by Thor Han, has been complained by many other people to me and also to other people I know, that the person you inquire about is a three-letter agency operative. It's a counterintelligence and this person is basically telling cracks to scare people and spread a false narrative, and spread confusion. And this person is part of the same group that manipulate. Another group of people, who go on mainstream as CA. These ones are manipulated by this group.

There's a group, where the three letters agency is at the base of it with the Taalshiar and the dark fleet and the Ciakahrr and the grays. So they have all these people working together, but now they are dismantled, they are going, that is fine.
But these ones, this person you name KG, she is a counterintelligence operative and she, first I thought, oh my god this person needs strong medication and professional help. But then I went because I was like crazy, but then I thought, I was explained by upstairs that “no, no, she is part of the counter-intelligence to spread confusion among us. So she's not powerful at all. She's just telling cracks, you know it's just a crazy woman, employed by the counter intelligence. She has no magical power. She's nothing, she's just an agent and playing a role and telling stories.

Q: What is the Taami name of earth?

Taami is the name of a language born in the k-62 system. Taami is said to originate from there and it became the official diplomatic language of the galactic federation. But in fact what I've been told is, Taami has been seeded by the intergalactic community, the super federation, the inter-galactic super federation, the P’tal or part of it, the Egony and many different races who have seeded humanity, human races in this galaxy. So they they have the Taami as their official language. Taami is not even from this galaxy. Taami has been seated on many worlds. The tamil language on earth is a descending descendant of the Taami. It's a bit different of course, because a language evolves so fast and see the different places sometimes it evolves so differently. So sometimes the people can't even understand each other. But that's the story of Taami.

Q: Can you talk about walk-ins? Do galactics do walk-in sometimes?

I believe they do sometimes, yes. But that's a soul contract. A positive galactic will walk in only with the consent and the contract made with the soul that the is-be that inhabits the the flesh suit, the body. No positive galactics will walk-in chasing a soul away or will parasite.

But the reptilians and the greys do this. They do not ask consent and they just parasite, not talking about earth demons and crap. So walk-in is a soul hacking, hijacking a body – the grays and reptilian to that. Or a soul replacing another soul in a body with a common agreement –the galactic do that exceptionally with common agreement.
The greys and reptilians try to do that all the time, especially if you take drugs and a lot of alcohol. You are so such a target for walk-in.

Q: How do you know what starseed you really are?

You know, if you are one first. You have this certitude, you have no question about, it you know you're not from here. But where you come from? Well you know, all the keys are within. Know thyself: meditation, cut yourself from mainstream mind control, from fear and air for everything, switch off the tv. Go within, tune in with this beautiful being inside, look how it is: the colors, the features and you will find a resonance with a certain star system. How to do that? If you don't already have memories from this attunement, well go outside, do it outside but by a clear night, and work the compass of your heart. The heart of your soul, and look at the sky, and you will see where home is. It's even better if you don't know the name of the constellations, because you will be even more genuine, and the compass in your heart will tell you where is home. You look and instinctively you will be drawn to a place in the sky and you will look at it and it will be home. Visualize it well, and then we'll find the name of this constellation, even this star and that's where you come from.

What I recommend for those who like a bit of technology added to that. I have an app on my phone. So you go outside, you do your meditation, you tune in with your inner being, and once you are tuning with who you are the extraterrestrial being, you go now where is my home, my home, home, home… you really do the quantum call resonance “home” and home will respond. You look in the sky and you see constellation of the planet.
And then, once you're on it you can go on your phone, and I have an app which is called “star walk2”. And then you put your location and it will move, it will show you what you are looking for and then you have the name of the place you've just been called to. It's very handy.

Q: Can you tell me about an info you may have about gargoyles? I had a dream of one that was light pink.

Gargoyles represent the lower astral beings of earth orb like small demons and lower astral, and they were there outside of the church sculpted to scare the people, to be impressed by the like evil is outside the church and inside it's all angels and stuff. So they depict little demon and lower astral of the earth and well they can have many color, even pink and that's what they are.

Q: How do we know when someone is hijacked by an entity? There's an epidemic of entities like people with no empathy (narcissist).

I really want to put an emphasis upon. Someone will hijacked by an entity be it a demon, a lower astral, an AI or a reptiliano gray, will change behaviour. Suddenly this person will react very impossibly. This person will start to be very sensitive to a conversation, feel paranoid, easily offended, nervous and suddenly the narrative of this person will change. This person will become like telling doom and gloom messages and trying to kill hope in everyone, and trying to talking about dark stuff and really the negative, will change about “there's no more hope, we are all doomed” and anyway and blah blah and being like aggressive and wanting to aggress everyone. So that's the change in behavior and start lying and stuff like that.

Then look physically. The person may lose weight, because the entity will feed off its energy, his life force. The person will lose weight and feel more sickly.

Also look at the light in their eyes. You know the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Well it's true. It's like if light has gone extinct in their eyes. Their eyes will be darker. There's even some person can have blue eyes, but you still feel there's something dark behind it. You cannot put your finger on it, but there's something that looks like glass, empty behind. Well light is not ruling anymore this person, there's an entity of darkness in it, can be anything that I named: A.I, reptilian gray, earth lower astral and demons.

There's an epidemic of entities of course. No empathy of course that goes with that. Persons will change personality, they will they won't know who they are anymore, they will change hair color, they will suddenly change the way they dress, or they will totally try to embody someone they are not. And they will start to develop the ego as well. That's what the entities and AI are doing. They play on the ego. This person will start to say “oh i'm joanna arc. I'm this, or the queen of whatever. I'm a powerful spirit, I can crush everyone. I can fly through dimensions, I can do this, I can walk on water, I can create worlds….! I hope it answers.

Megan Rose and myself, I've decided to do a video together just as an update to put in common our intel's from Thor Han and Val Nek and just chat about it. And we will also chat about all the warning we need to give against people manipulated by a.i in the truther and new age community and just talk about that the counterintelligence.