11/9/2021 – Visiting a Meton mothership


I have a story to tell. A few months ago I was contacted, more exactly put in contact by higher friends with a wonderful woman named Valerie Ohogan. Valerie contacted me, because she is the niece of Elizabeth Klarer. The Elizabeth Klarer went to Meton and had a family with Akon, a man from Meton. She wrote the book “Beyond the light barrier”.

Valerie had written a book at her turn testifying of her memories of herself and Elizabeth. They spent a lot of time together. Elizabeth told her a lot of things, that have not yet been published. So Elizabeth, Akon, Haben Akon's brother and Thor Han, well more exactly happened went to meet Thor Han on the pleiadian battleship and he asked Thor Han to set this up, because it was time.

So long story short I helped Valerie to make her book. She had written it all, she had all the documentation and I helped her for the technical part and guided her through getting it published. And thanks to the association of Thor Han and Haben this book is now published and I will soon interview Valerie, and we will do a special video about presenting this, and you can ask questions.

But today I want just to share something that just happened. I want to thank Haben and I have had asked Thor Han to introduce me to him personally. I want to thank him as I have this ability and this chance to be able to go upstairs, to be privileged as an emissary of the galactic federation of worlds.
Today it happened. Today Annax – that was a surprise – Annax came and took me with him in a six-dimensional ship, incredible. He took me in his arms, it beamed here and he took me in his arms and we dematerialized in the sixth density, passing through a portal shortcut. I don't know how we went there. But we arrived back in the fifth density on the Meton mothership, Annax called it the proxima centaury mothership. I know of course proxima is not a realy name. My soul just expanded in a blast of light as the light of Annax lightship dissipated and I saw the interior of the Meton mothership.

We were in a very large and big space filled with light, an incredible white a bit golden sparkle light, sunlight. But we're in a ship. And it was like a greenhouse, it was all glass, well transparent and vegetation, very white and iridescent buildings. I recognize this material they built the buildings with in the federation, where you can go through, where walls are not only walls. They can be windows, it can be doors, it can be screens. That is famous material.

And there was a green. some grass clear very clear green, nearly kind of blue, this duck egg blue color. That was the color of the grass, and it was a bit sloppy.

So I beamed in my uniform, I always been with the earth uniform, clear blue with brown stripes and black boots and the belt of course. And there came two towards us: Thor Han and Haben. What's struck me, I've never met Metons before, but they are between the Ahel and the Ummites. They have higher forehead, not as big prominent as the Ummites, but a little bit higher than us. I'd say that the hair are here. And he had long blonde hair. just cut here, like silk, beautiful. And he was displaying a certain age, he had wrinkles and he had amazing clear blue eyes, straight white strong nose but nice features, a noble man. Haben is the high commander of the Meton mothership.

I was in oh my heart was pounding. He took my hands and we bowed then afterwards in the salute of the federation and I have learned the pleiadians do this and the Metons do this (other gesure) they grew from the ground, it was amazing okay.

We start to talk. I thanked him for the help and the guidance for Valerie's book to be made and for all the work. I askes where is Elizabeth now. He said she is with Akon on Meton, but they want to keep their privacy. They are happy. An island is with them, their son and there's also now a daughter. They're happy. The son is between Meton and Sirius b system.

Anyway. Then I said, we spoke about the gravity files the other next step, and he said “now it is time that the gravity files are published. It is time humanity knows now and this needs to be released.” So we work on that. I asked Haben, “why is this that we are in a ship and there is this sunlight”. He said, because we are near the sun. And I went of course there is an atmosphere in the ship, so the sunlight is like daylight, because of the atmosphere. And he said “correct” and we are closer to the sun. I said where are you? He said, we are in on orbit of Venus. Venus because the Metons have a big huge colony on Venus. They were on Venus since a very long time. They are quite linked with Venus, Metons. I looked and this the light was so blinding, I couldn't really stare at the sun. But it was amazing beautiful, all the vegetation. The Meton love vegetation. They are like the Ahel, the Aheil love mixing vegetation to architecture and I discovered the method as well.
We went down the slope and on a path, it was tiled but like translucent tiles, like plexiglass a bit, and we walked towards the building. And as we were walking, we were talking and they saw Annax and Thor Han were following behind, and I he sensed my stress and wonderings about what's happening on earth at the moment. It's quite scary, it can be. He said “do not worry. All is well. We got this. All you need is to keep your frequency high to get out of the illusion. The illusion has left. You just maintain it”, he said “you just just now need to wake up to your own sovereignty and freedom. That's your job. The job you need to do. Not enough people are awake and you need to awaken as much as possible. But it is good now. We got this. So do not be in fear, do not be in stress.” He said, all will be well. He said, come on, put his hand in my, but come on, I show you. We walked. you how he was dressed, he was bare feet. Everyone is bare feet on this mothership. It's nice and it was dressing creamy white with a golden belt, large silky creamy trousers with large ends and a tunic with too long, like a scarf and underneath a gold belt. Sleeves like to to here.

We arrived in a room and I saw the most beautiful thing ever. The most amazing thing I've ever had the opportunity to see. In a circular room there were columns in the wall, half columns of half pillars and panels and walls, and there was few people just touching the panels in the background, I don't know what they were doing, Metons. Not all Metons are blonde, some have brown hair, I noticed. And there were a lot of beings on there, I don't know I still wonder what race it was, they looked like Annax but it wasn't Egaroth, maybe Oharai. I think they were Ohorai, because you know Annax is of Ohorai origin in an Egaroth body. I think it was they were Ohorai, a lot on this ship, not the Andromedans have pale blue skin. These ones the Ohorai they had like our color skin, somewhere grayish blue though. My gut feeling says it was Ohorai.
In the middle of this room there was this colon like a cylinder. It looked like a core of a ship and I thought it was the core of the ship, that was reared in somewhere in located in this greenhouse. But it looked like it, the cylinder with inside you know these lamps. There's a liquid in it, transparent and you have bubbles of colors and you turn it and the bubbles just move. Well it was that kind of visual, but instead of liquid it was light like plasma, like the same liquid as in the portals, it was a light and golden and it was moving like the bubbles were moving up and down and doing things. It was a liquid light. It looked very much like the material in the portals, but in a different dynamics. But I knew that wasn't really the same thing.
I said “what is this?” He didn't say, said “guess”. I went okay, looks like a core engine with a plasma in it, or is it kind of sort of condensed Vril. He said “no”. He said this is what you call on terra a looking glass.

I nearly fell my kneels. A looking glass, a technology that allows you to look remotely into the future and the past through time? A looking glass? Yes, he said, I am going to show you now that I am not telling stories. You can ask yourself and you will see.

I cannot describe the emotion. I mean a looking glass! So I say “okay. How do I do that?” He said, just send the manifested frequency, thought – and I will enter it into the looking glass and you will see. Okay, so I didn't know how it was going to work out, but I did exactly what he said. I stood in front of it, Haben went to the other side and a little bit on the left. I could still see him, not exactly the other side, and Annax was here and Thor Han with you and I trusted myself and I trusted the device and I trusted Haban.

I closed my eyes and I concentrated and as I have learned to mind talk I sent a thought to this plasmic bubble stuff and I said “earth 100 years from now”. Haben had told me that I needed to be very precise, exactly precise. It's like coordinates. “earth, 100 years from now” Open my eyes, focus on the mind, talk “earth 100 years from now” and the bubbles stabilize and crystallized in kind of a geometric pattern. It was weird, like you when water freezes, the ice make some strange lines and stuff that was it, but in holographic or 3d thing like in this cylinder. And I saw a picture like us crying in a crystal ball same, and I saw earth, 100 years from now. Okay the vision hovered above the earth, and there was such a beautiful light energy coming from here. And as it went down, the vision went down in the atmosphere, there were more green everywhere, more trees, trees and vegetation was regrowing again and spreading on the planet again. And I saw cities looking a bit like our modern cities, like Dubai for instance or the Center of London, this kind of buildings. But it was tasteful, beautiful and there were anti-gravity vehicles floating. And there were even some facilities, some kind of small buildings floating anti-gravity. And there were vehicles going up and down. It's like if it was the start of building cities like in star wars, you know the cities with everything is anti-gravity and stuff. It was beautiful, it was interesting. It was very pleasant to see architecturally, but I will qualify beautiful something I've seen later after. And there was a feeling of peace and I knew that there was peace on earth! Earth was federated and it seemed like technology had advanced like amazingly, a incredible jump.

Haben said that I can do it as many times as I want. So I said “This solar system, 200 years from now” The light just the vision just disappeared and the light just liquefied again and recrystallized in the different shape I'd say.
And then I saw the same cities on earth but with more high higher buildings and more stuff in the sky and there were bigger facilities in the sky floating, and more vegetation! And then the vision went out of earth in the star system there were space stations in orbit, incredible, it's so crowded in there. And then we went, the vision went to mars and I saw human colonies on mars. Of course it was underground. Human colonies sharing territorial space with the locals. The atmosphere was starting to get damper and changed and there was some kind of moss growing on some rocks. I saw the locals on mars having taken their territory, their planet and ruling, working together with the earth colonies. The earth colonies were growing a lot of food, they were developing 200 years from now a lot of um food, and they were really into a program of really settling on mars like crops under biodomes. And then I saw the locals. And I have to say, these made me emotional I actually cried there. Why? The local martians are reptilians and insectoids. The insectoids live in the deserts in the wild areas. It's their territory. They are masters there, and they start to learn how to live in cooperation with humans. And the reptilians, the martian reptilians are helping them, the Tirru and I saw the Tirru. this reptilian race which and now at the moment is the martian resistance, they although they are fiery and like really you know at the moment's resistance and they're great and they could then because they knew peace force since so long ago. They haven't had this peace. Now they were free. So they could stop fighting and finally consecrate themselves to their own development, social, cultural, spiritual. And I was shown the feeling of freedom was intense. I was shown the Tirru. the reptilians as a society of wise people. There was peace and calm I saw a group of them, I think they were an elite, there was a very spiritual aura going off them, which surprised me because I've always been depicted the Tirru reptilians like fighters. And no, they're not only that. They can fight, it's like us, we can fight when we need to. But besides that we are spiritual beings, and they are! And they were now having time to consecrate themselves to this evolution. I saw a group of them, they were six or seven dressed in robes with patterns on it, like round patterns like a little bit what i'm wearing now, but all in brown and white and creamy and yellow a bit. One of them had a staff and they look so ancient and so wise. I saw them and I was so happy for them! Not only they got their planet back, but they could develop as a normal culture now, as spiritual beings. This was so beautiful! They looked so noble and ancient and wise. The emotion was amazing.

And the vision went away from mars and the vision told me that there were so many colonies of humans of terra in other star systems already, 200 years from now. The vision came back and dissipated. Now all I could see was the liquid of the time portal, the looking glass, just liquefying again and starting to move. I said to Haben “once more!” and did. I said “humanity of earth, one thousand years from now”
And I saw earth, more vegetation, higher cities. Now there were floating cities in the atmosphere of earth to allow the ground to be more natural. More animals, more vegetation, more wildlife and the cities were floating. Humans were more in these anti-gravity cities less on the ground. There were some cities on the ground. It was like looking crystalline, beautiful! The air was pure, clear. The sun was bright. There was peace, but I was something else. There was a feeling of higher density, fifth or sixth. I couldn't tell, but it wasn't three or four anymore. It was fifth or maybe sixth, fifth I think.
And humans of earth were taller. They looked a lot like the Ohorai Actuarians, skin was paler, hair were more scares or even no hair, head was bigger but not the head, the forehead higher. It seemed like the evolution of a human being goes from homo sapien sapiens to beautiful pleiadian style, nordic style. The structure of the body is like this nordic type, like Thor Han sturdy strong bones etc, and then you go towards the Ummites, the Meton between Ahel and Ummites. Ten we look like them with a prominent forehead, scares her hair and then you start to get thinner, taller, go towards Arcturian Ohorai and your skin becomes paler, blue shades. You never blue because blue blood is copper based, we are carbon based. But we can approach the shades of blue, I don't know why, maybe the radiations of the sun will change. I don't know, but it's blue here. I think it's linked to the radiation of the sun. Wider eyes, beautiful eyes. We will be a beautiful race. We are already, but that's how we will become in 1 000 years. Very wise, very knowledgeable, royal feeling, royal energy, royalty.
And we are teaching other races, we are teaching about the things of source, the things of the divine of the universe. We are elders, we are teaching them and they know that. That is why they are working hard at helping us working on ourselves, to liberate ourselves of world humans of earth. They do not evolve the same. they take more time. They rather stabilize like the Ummites, Metons but it would seem that on earth they go further up in evolution.

This makes sense because when you settle a colony somewhere, you adapt to the radiations, the gravity, the pressure of where you are. So you do not evolve physically the same. So maybe a colony of humans on Alpha centaury or Proxima century will look like Ummites or Metons, but on earth will look like Ohorai, but it's the same development, but sometimes it stops at a stage and it adapts to where it is. And on the original world in the original conditions of the species the development is not altered, not stopped. It just goes and goes and goes and blossoms. That is why on earth the humans of earth will become the great elders, the wise ones. Earth will be a spiritual center.

This is the future as I saw it in the looking glass on the Meton mothership on orbit of Venus. Today the vision stopped. Haben told me I can come and look at this anytime I want. And I will and I will share with you freely. And then it was time to go. Haben told me, “tell them this!”

This is my gift. This is the future and we are making it happening today, starting here. The future starts within you.