7/9/2021 – Q&A Launch new book


Rescued by Extraterrestrials, Elena Danaan kept contact all her life and wrote the bestseller: “A gift From The Stars”. “We Will Never Let You Down” follows up by depicting contacts the author had with Commander Val “Valiant” Thor and her journeys through this solar system. Written at the brink of a new era, this book is a testimony of the presence and dedication of benevolent extraterrestrials protecting Earth.

This book includes also precious messages from Commander Thor Han Eredyon from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, revelations about Val Thor’s sojourn in the Pentagon, his relation with Dwight Eisenhower, his stay in Russia, the political background involving secret treaties with the Gray Alliance and the complex underlying Alien-Human diplomacy. Astonishing details, unknown until now, are revealed in this book.



Tonight I'm going to introduce you to the release of my new book “We will never let you down”.

I never realized the whole meaning of the expression “releasing a book”. I mean it's releasing, I'm exhausted. For nearly a year I've been working so hard, night and day and especially nights to offer to share with you and to offer to you another gift. What is this gift? Well this book comes just after thats one. I wrote this one who came out mount in September 2020. Since I've written it in four months like super speed, it was published first week of September 2020 – so it's just a year, just one cycle.

“We will never let you down” what is it about? It is about everything that happened to me since a gift from the stars was released, and a lot happened to me, and a lot happened for the world and the planet. It has been such an adventure. It's not over, but I needed a stage to just put the closure to this book and just share it with you, because the adventures were piling and piling and piling. …

I'm going to introduce you to this story. The best way I found is to go with you through the introduction of this book through the drawings. …

How did this book came about? I published “a gift from the star” in September 2020 and contact were really intense with Thor Han, Myra, Annax. And I want to especially thank one of my friends Vince, who told me you should try to get Val Tor in contact, ask Thor Han. Thor Han said “oh I don't know him personally, he's on Venus. I'm no contact with him” … but he said I'm gonna put a request out. So the request was put out and I mean for two months it was like “yeah”. It was in October and two months it was like no news, and Thor Han told me “you know what just give up, because, he said I've heard Thor doesn't want to talk to people to Terrans. He's just done with them already.” Oops. And he said “but we never know”. On December 5th 2020.
So this is Val Thor on the cover of the book, and Venus in the background behind him, so September 5th 2020 I got a message from Thor Han. He said “hey you know what? Guess what want to come up?” He said, I've got a surprise for you” and I went “oh my god” so okay, I got ready and he pinned me up. And when I arrived on the station in the beam room in one of the beam pods on the station was Thor Han and these two guys. So here is a drawing. This was Val Thor and his brother Don. So these two guys were there and I was totally smitten, because Val Thor had certain aura and I've noticed when they are promoted to the great of commander and even in the hierarchy their aura changes, their power increases. It's absolutely amazing. I've met other commanders and it's the same – they have such an aura that is very intimidating, not mentioning high commander Ardana, who leads everyone on the battle station. I mean her aura is just magnificent. We're going to talk about her later.

And Thor Han as well becoming commander has also changed or aura. We went for a chat we went for a chat on the station and we sat in this place. (image)

We had a chat and I started to ask him about his time in the pentagon and everything related to the greater treaty and there was a moment when I I totally felt like overwhelmed, and I just I just cracked up and I said “can you give people signs and proves that you are here and and that you're working for us?” Val Thor is part of the council of five is affiliated to the not assigned to the council of five, but he works for the federation. because you know they work all together and they thought told me, well I wasn't. I was very very shaky and that's the moment that inspired me to write a book about it with their consent. Of course that moment when I was totally emotional and Val Thor took my hands and told me this sentence that is the title of the book: “we will never let you down we never had and we never will.”

This was a revelation, this was the most powerful thing I've ever heard the most healing reassuring thing, I never ever heard before and he told me also this thing that became a very famous sentence. He told me that night “we cannot liberate a slave, who holds on to his chains” meaning we need to do a part of the work in the ground here.

So all of this conversation is in the book and then I was invited on Venus three weeks later just a day following the new year's eve, I was invited on Venus. I beamed up on Thor Han ship and Thor Hans command ship is a bit different, it's not a flying saucer, it's like this, the thor hammer, that's it that's the shape of the ship.

So we went to Venus. We went very slowly. He didn't let me drive allowed me to try this time. We went very slowly, because he wanted me to enjoy leaving earth and passing by the sun. And you know. just a loop and go back towards turn towards Venus. Iit was magnificent trip, too short.

We arrived on Venus. Venus looks like depending on the light like brown copy of earth, which is like clouds. It's totally clouds, it's brown with purple and blue shades. But that's the clouds, that's not the ground. The ground is calcinated just dark and brown and it's very dark. And underneath on the surface of Venus, even in on the light side you know why, because of the clouds, it's heavy and it's sulfuric acid. So that the light bounces off it, and the few rays of sun who managed to go through the atmosphere Venus are captured there, because if they manage to go through if there's like lighter cloud area or bit holes not really you know lighter thinner, and the light can go through. The sunlight it is then trapped and it's the greenhouse effect, and it bounces under the clouds and it becomes hotter and hotter and hotter and harder. So that's venus for you it's not the tropical paradise you've been told. So nothing, no life form can strive on the surface of Venus, no carbon based life forms, only acidic life forms and strive in the clouds actually, but they're really primitive life forms. Everything is underground.


I explained who lives there on the ground, so many different races. That's another drawing, that's the entrance of an underground base. You see a top of a dome. So you enter it in this half crater– it's a crater that is halfed. So you go inside and this tunnel and you arrive in underground city. There are plenty of them. It's all underground and the sky is artificial, it's a biodome. The sun, they have a fake sun which is a Vril generator powered by antimatter and the fake clouds. It's like you're not underground it's like you are like under real sky, but it's not. It's very impressive.

So we went there. There were soldiers, guards who were waiting for us and they took us in anti-gravity car. I love t the uniform of the Venusian guards. They have this kind of helmet who looks like a Greek helmet, very beautiful. We have been taken to while Thor's mansion, Annax was with us.
Val Thor received us and it was quite a beautiful mansion. You see Annax. Thor Han, that's me and that's Val. We were having a conversation and he gave me all the details then more details about the greater treaty and the way the galactic federation and the council of five are involved in the affairs of earth.

I was a bit sick there because of difference of gravity and pressure and I met one of his daughters, he has two daughters two sons, Armani. She brought me a drink that stabilized my molecular structure and adapted me to the gravity and the pressure there, so I could stay for a while. I met us also Val Thor's wife, she is wonderful beautiful of such a brilliant intelligence.

This is Jillian, his wife. Isn't she gorgeous? She is absolutely magnificent person. I had a lot of conversations with her and from the terrace where I went with her and there was in the background we could see the town and a building, and on the building I could notice there was this egyptian sign, the Ankh and she said “oh that's a generator, there's a generator the pyramid and then the Vril temple. It's a school, it's a spiritual center and it's linked with the generator, it's like a temple.” So then we start talking about spirituality.

So the Venusians are very much into spirituality and the source, the connection to the energy to Vril, the are all a lot about life force, the force you know like the Jedis and stuff. We cleared confusions about Christianity. The Venusians are absolutely not in any religions of earth whatsoever. They are, these ones are Taal as actually Jillian is a hybrid between Taal and Sirius b, so she looks a bit like Myra, but she's more human-like.

This is another picture of her when I went for a second time and we were we were invited in the gardens. You see the similarities with Myra a bit, a triangular face and big eyes but the profile she looks more human than Syrian.

And another the second time Thor Han allowed me to drive the ship, but he had secured the route. So that was funny. We have all the adventures, with the near to crush on mars and everything. It's all in the book.

That's another drawing of us, Thor Han and I on Venus in Val Thors house with Jillian and himself talking there. We spoke a lot about Eisenhower of course um about everything that happened and he told me about the races, that were there, that meeting Eisenhower and his administrations, which race as it was. He spoke about all the programs. He started secretly with the US navy and the pentagon to build our own defense fleet against the Nebu. So all this is explained.

This is a lovely portrait I did of Laura and her great granddad.

Who are these these aliens, who met with Eisenhower and his administration. So this is the first good group from the federation. There were more than this. But that's to represent the race. You have here an Ahel officer, an Ummite officer, an Emerther – they're all officers. Emerther from Tau cety, Erahil from Taigata from Erra, Ummit from Wolf 424, and these two are Selosi from Alpha centauri.
They send the Selos, the Alpha centauri people first, because they looked more like us and the alpha centaury people, the Selosi and the Metons they were here as well. Some stayed there to start working with the military on solar warden, later giving us technology and building our defense force that became a few decades later the “earth alliance”. That's the good group.

The bad group of course, there were the MJ-12 made agreements with the dark fleet. But these are the aliens who came in the second 1955, three different groups. You have here Dohu and Xzrog from Zeta reticuli. They are different races. And that's an Eban from Bethelgeuse. Zeta reticuli Dohu and Xzrog are very altered genetically by the Eban, and Xrog you recognize bob “skinny bob” or Shant bahali is the same, it's the Nebu, part of the Nebu, the domain.

The Eban from Betelgeuse are pure assholes. They have a nose, a big nose. In my book “a gift from the stars” there's an Eban drone, but you can't really see the nose, because it's more flat and large. I drew this one from facing and you can see better. The Eban are really bad, they are the worst in the Nebu.

Q: Is Val Thor part of the military helping free earth?

Yes he is. He's only dealing with high officials at a very high level. So yes, he's part of the earth alliance and he was probably there on Jupiter when there were the agreements.

He's still working for us to free us, but undercover. He is not contacting anyone and you know why, because he's had his content with people using him to write books about him to promote their religions and stuff like that. He has had enough with that, because, these beings they are very charismatic and they're very interesting and fascinating. So it attracts everyone around and they're like adored and stuff and that's the last thing they want, is to be adored.
So they are going to redraw, because they don't want to be adored and used as a model. But he's working very very hard on behalf of the council of five and also in coordination with the federation. Why the council of five? Because Venus is under the conscription of the council of five. The council of five manages Venus. Each town has a governor and they are relaying to a motor ship of the council of five on the orbit of Venus, and that's where the government is of Venus. It's not on the ground, because Venus there's no urbanism. There may be tunnels ruling the cities together, but there's not a central capital, a city. It's not done like that.

The center, the political center it's a mothership in orbit of Venus. That's where representatives of the council of five are. And it's a government of federated cities, with each city as a governor. Val Thor is governor of his own city.

And so to remove confusions, there's no queen on Venus, no king. It's no royalty that's legends.

Q: Is all the conversation telepathic?

No, it's spoken as well. With Thor Han when we meet it's spoken, when we communicate of course telepathic. Val Thor had his way of communicating which was troubling at the start. It was and spoken language and telepathy, that was really disturbing at the start, because I would hear him with my ears but in the same time hear the same thing in my head like an echo. That's the weirdest thing, but I got used to it interestingly quite quickly, that's how he does and many extraterrestrials do that. Annax does that when I'm physically with him. He speaks, it's mostly telepathy but he likes to speak spoken language, because for me it's more grounding to have also the spoken language. But they do both and Val Thor does both simultaneously. That's how he does and his wife as well. So that's obviously something the Venusians do. They they speak telepathy for sure and doubled with spoken language when they want.

Q: Are there structures on Venus moons?

I haven't been made aware that Venus had moons.

Q: Are people from Venus pure love beings?

Of course they are pure love beings, but not only. They are people like us of flesh and bones. They are mainly Taal but you have colony of Ahel, you have a colony of Selosi from Alpha centaury and Metons as well from Alpha centaury. You have a big colony of Meton actually from Alpha centaury. They are on Venus since so long that they are really called Venusians. Well everyone who's on Venus at the moment they are really called Venusians, although nobody is or originally or originally from Venus. You can't live on it. Venus had life very long time ago, but it hasn't had the time to develop and because there was kind of wars in the star system.

Q: How long is the trip?

It can be five minutes. But five minutes is the shortest. The first time when Thor Han took me there it was 20 minutes, it went very slowly for me to enjoy the journey. But normally five minutes and they can even teleport there.

Q: Do they have animals there?

Yes they have animals there in the underground cities. I remind you that nothing lives on the surface of Venus. They have pets. They do not eat animals. so they do not raise animals for eating. They are all vegans, all evolved races. Reptilians are not.

They have birds on Venus, so they brought birds from their world of course. I haven't seen them but I know there are birds, I've heard them.

Q: How do they welcome you?

They go by the protocol of the galaxy federation, which is the hand under the chest on the heart chakra and bending like this. You don't look down. you look the person in the eyes, hand on the heart chakra and you make heart contact by the eyes like like this, with officers, with technicians with anyone – it's the way we only call heart to heart, and we look at each other. There's no one looking up and the other are down, it's equal. We look into the eyes of each other and we put the hand on the heart chakra and we bow. I respect I honor you and you honor me. That's the way of the Taami of saluting. It's very nice, I like it.


Journey to Jupiter

I went on Jupiter. That's me in Thor Hans ship, the command ship approaching Jupiter. Why did I go on Jupiter? Thor Han goes often on Jupiter, because he reports to high officers there and he also he reports the activities of the galactic federation to the Ashtar command, because on Jupiter in the upper atmosphere between layers of atmosphere there is a town, a city floating city, something extraordinary. It's really, really huge and town in it, it's absolutely incredible. This floating city is the siege of the Ashtar command in this star system (I am reminding you that the Ashtar command are the good guys. the Ashtar alliance are the bad guys.) The Ashtar command is a mercenary force that helps anyone who wants help to fight against the Nebu, the Orion group. So the galactic federation hired them. They have nothing to do with the galaxy federation, although they are working together with them and following the same rules and so there's a detachment, there's an outpost of the Ashtar galactic command on Jupiter.
And this town, this floating city is like a huge mothership, and it can really take off and go, if there's a problem.
The level of security in it, it's like mental, it's like incredible. There's no safer place than that. As you approach it, well even as you approach the orbit of Jupiter suddenly they make contact and they're going to scan you. They scan the ships that approach. And if you have any implant they stop you, they block you. So I was in the ship with Thor Han and the ship was stopped from descending in the atmosphere. I asked “what's happening” and Seladion, who is an Erahel pilot, part of Thor Han's crew. He said “oh Elena has an Egaroth implant and they want to know everything about it”. That's true, Annax had put in me an implant to protect me and I'm telling about it in the book, I show a photo of the mark of the implant. And though they detected that although we were an orbit of Jupiter, it's huge distances. They detected that so we had to explain and they scanned me and I didn't feel anything. I didn't even know it was scanned and that's okay. The thing is, as you approach you are in their field of control your mind is monitored, anything you see anything you think – it's monitored and I hated it.

There are two strands of telepathy: the thought fields that can interconnect with the thought field of another person, and the spoken telepathy which is a quantum connection, a mind to mind – and then you speak to the other person, it's a spoken telepathy.
It's very difficult to isolate just spoken telepathy from the thought field and the emotional field, thought field it's same well it's, the thought field from the brain and the emotion feel from the hearts, two globes and it's interconnected. So these two you have to shut them down and tell them “shut up” and just use your spoken language telepathy. That's so hard! It's so hard.

This is the inside – you see the clouds, and it's very dark because the sunlight doesn't go here, doesn't go through. All sorts of people in there. So that's here, you see that's an employee personal of the Ashtar command, this one is a Sirius b person with a triangular face. They're quite small.

There's a drawing here just that shows the difference between an Ahel, Taal and Ashkeru from Sirius b. …

That also removes the myth of the Ashtar officer being like a Blondie in a pastel color pyjama. No they are small people with triangular faces.

The security is so high there this can constantly monitoring. They monitor your energy field and especially your emotional field. Emotions are frequencies and they try to pick the frequencies of fear and stress and anger. Also that means there's someone somewhere wants who's up to no good and this will be intervened. And there are controls there. So there are synthetic androids who just roam the place and just control you all the time also, very scary. and she just wanted to know about me and she just spoke by telepathy to Seladion and he said “no it's fine” she just control who you are, because Terrans are not really allowed here.

It's a whole town, so city, police and there are of course recreational areas. So this is one, this is a bar. we were waiting for Thor Han with Celadion. Anti-gravity tables and chairs, plasma spheres as lights that's floats everywhere. You can even move them, it's not hot. it's just static but you can't burn yourself. You just touch it and it's like helium balloons is going to bounce somewhere else.

That's all in this facility that happened. Agreements yes, that's there because the security there is like mental. The galactic federation has a facility there, a place, an area that where they conduct diplomatic meetings. It's for diplomatic encounters with different people who come from everywhere in the galaxy. And that's where the Jupiter agreements of July 14 and 17th were made in this place.

Q: Are they enjoying a glass of wine?

They don't drink alcohol, because it's lowering the frequency a lot and it would burn their digestive system. They do not do fermented drinks or alcohol.

But they drink something which is ionized liquids and it makes you fuzzy, like a bit dizzy but tipsy. But it's not lowering your vibration.

Q: How is the city called in Taami and English?

I don't know. I know the name for city “shana” that means city. I don't think it has a name they call it the Jupiter outpost. They don't give names to cities.

Q: Skinny Bob is supposed to be Emerther or Eben from Serpo! But you think he’s Zeta?

The Emerthers are taller. There's a small class of Emerthers but the ones who contacted people where in the good group, the first group of the federation and they're taller. The Eban are nice people too. I've been told skinny bob was a zeta.

There have been Emerthers in contact with the Pentagon and the u.s navy and non-good side and they have been working with other governments.

The small Greys who abducted me were looking like him, especially the captain of the ship and they had the same black uniform, glossy and same body and everything. So skinny Bob is not an Emerther. Emerther don't look like this, they are taller.

The Eben from Serpo, oh my god, they're so cute. They're so nice, they're lovely. They're really lovely. They work with the council of five. Annax has Eben helpers (Eben, not an Eban! Eban it's from Bethelgeuse, Eben it's from Serpo). I'll show you the difference between a Zetta and an Eben.

(image 52:54)

You see Zeta, and he really looks like skinny Bob and an Eben from Serpo.

Q: Will we get to travel to Jupiter in this lifetime?

I think so. Things are moving forward very very quickly.

Q: Do you know when or how these facilities both based on Venus and Jupiter were originally constructed?

On Jupiter it's simple. You can't build anything on the really surface because it's a gaseous planet and there's a core which is so dense – I mean the gravity there will kill you, flatten you. There are motherships in the upper layers of atmosphere of Jupiter, because then the pressure gets too much. These motherships were constructed Sirius b technology, Ashtar galactic command and there's other ones of the federation I suppose.

Then you have Venus. You have traces of an ancient civilizations which went on the ground. So these facilities have been reused by the new colonies, the Meton, Taal, Selosi, Ahel and they've improved them. So Venus actually it's very very old facilities there, built by an ancient civilization coming from Alpha centauri and actually Proxima and there was a war and people were evacuated and colonies from Alpha centaury came back later, the Meton and the Selosi and they took these facilities of their ancestors and settled there, and as colons and that's so long ago. it's very very long time ago. And then the Pleiadians came, the Ahel and the Taal and the council of five and until to this day.

Q: You said that there are no physical life forms on Venus surface. But I heard there are giant brown bees that can stand heat of 220 °C and live there?

No, there is not. No, there is no carbon life form on Venus, there are no bees on Venus. Maybe in the underground cities, although bees I think it's an earth species. So they wouldn't have bees on Venus no, but certainly not on the surface.

We went through a hole in the clouds that was opened, and underneath this as sulfuric acid cloud the ship it's fine with that, but if we were to be outside because we couldn't breathe, we would be totally like destroyed by acid, like instant death. So no bees can't live in that. Then you go down on the surface and it's so hot that you can't really see clear, because it's all like the effects of heat, it's like blurry and you see calcinated peaks, it's very sharp. Everywhere calcinated peaks and it's like or dark or black or dark brown or reddish. It's like not nice, there's no vegetation because to have bees you need flowers.

In the book are also updates from about the war, all the what's happening in the star system since december 2020. So I've seen ships of the dark fleet. The dark fleet has many, many different models of ships, but they have the black triangles, they have beautiful profiled long ships all black with a dark gray with beautiful fluorescent lights, and they have great designed. ships, pity their assaults. I held a fleet act attacking the dark fleet, I saw that. That was like scary moment. I wasn't there, I saw that by the eyes of Thor Han.

That leads us to Mars. I nearly crashed once there on mars, but the story is in there. I was very mortified, Thor Han has good reflexes.

What's happening on mars. I tell everything about the martian resistance. This is different species. I'm speaking about how the galactic federation has trained the martian resistance by supplying weapons and training them to fight and supplying them ships and everything.


That's the resistance, that's a local reptilian, martian. That's how they look like. They they're not originally from mars, they're not related to the Ciakahrr, Naga. They are different species. They have no spirit of conquest, they are nice people, but don't mess with them. That's one of them I've been shown. So you see the head is more human like, it's not like a Ciakahrr or a naga who have kind of a crocodile face you. These ones have more flatter face and more human, and you see he has pectorals has like boobies. so that means they reproduce not by egg, there's by babies and so that means it's a human species which has reptilian features. You remember when I did this Q&A about the galactic sex.-We discovered that there were species who were reptilians but were reproducing by not laying eggs, by like mammals, because they were the special species that exist and not true reptilians and mix.

So who I else on mars? A whole different type of species of insectoids. You have the ant people. That's an ant head. When the ant people they stand like that, they are going to attack you. So when they stand up it's not good. Normally when move they go on all their paws and they look like spiders.


That's an ant also species.

Q: Why do we have such a collective fear of spiders? Does it have to do with galactic war?

I think you know these there are that's not these spiders. There are other spiders who are entities, like extraterrestrial very harmful entities, and these spiders just they're like vampire entities and they haunt us and they can… we have this knowledge and memory of them. And that's I think why when we see one we go like “hooo”.

Q: Are these insects type that are good?

Yes, the Insectoids they are very interesting, because they don't have the same ethics and mind as humans for instance or even grays or reptilians. They have a different minds. They don't have the notion of doing good or doing bad. Thor Han, he's connecting to me. The mantis for instance, the Achara mantis mentioned have no notion of doing good or doing bad. They just do stuff and so the insectoid they're moved by curiosity, mantis. It's not the mantids who work in the abductions. They come from another galaxy. So that's not the same species as we have on mars. It's more like ant kind of type people, it's different. They are nice, but don't mess with them, because if you get them angry and then on mars the insectoids they're really nice people. but they are aware that they are under occupation of icy dark fleet.

Well everything is gone now, mars has been liberated. But so they hate. They're gonna hate systematically any humans that they're going to encounter. So they're going to attack and I mean, when they are turned on against you, oh they can rip you in pieces like they have this these kind of claws. That rips you into pieces like in no time.

What I've seen on orbit of Jupiter, i've seen a famous portal, that was locked on Aldebaran and that is now neutralized and taken by the federation.

Mars has been liberated. Why all of this happened? It's all, this war in the star system it's because the Andromedans, the Zenae have foreseen this seed of the dark alliance being starting in our star system. So I was compelled to do a drawing of the Zenae.


Now we talk about ships. This is the space station of Thor Han. That's the inside, corridors, another corridor. That's a hallway with shops on the this side and terraces and plenty.

Q: Are the underground bases and underground cities made the same way on all the planets and with the same technology?

No, because it depends which build them. Each race has is its own way of building. The reptilians have their ways, they most of the time take other people's facilities. That the greys build their own advanced technology. Well the greys usually get slaves to build for them.

Of course the federation builds on the model Sirius b on planet Morda, there's a way of building that has been innovated and is now used by the whole federation, because we put all the knowledge in common in the federation. So that has really taken off on Alpha centaury a lot. And this is a Sirius b system originating technology, that's used on all the outposts of the federation. It's a technology and that's been passed on in the clothing and everything. So it's a way of, when you're in a building you can see outside, it can be transparent, but when you're outside you can't see inside. And you can go through the walls when you have the right frequency key, and there's no doors, you can just open the wall opens and closes behind you. On the station there are doors everywhere, but it's different. But the planetary structures, they are like this. That's very interesting way of building stuff.

What is Thor Han doing as a work? Yes he's a fleet commander, but not only. He's more assigned to the station since I've started to work at passing on messages. So he has a part-time job. They have three shifts and they turn and alternates with fleet command, because the fleets have shifts by three as well. H has also free time but he has also not too much now, and he has also this other third time job which is mission coordinator. So what is his job? He receives orders from mission orders from the high command, which is a group. The high commanders are a group of people who take military decisions and so he receives the mission orders and he is has the task to organize them to get make it happen. So he's going to just prepare the fleets, equip the fleets and choose the personal and assign a personal to ships and missions or whatever. It's a tough job. It's not the job you want to do, because it's basically sending people to war and it doesn't really like it. But someone has to do it.

Often I connect with him telepathically and he's at his desk and he's doing all his dispatching mission stuff and he also has a colleague with him, who is a Ummit. Here is Thor Han is at work with his Ummite friend.


It is just a holographic floating screen. That's an another view inside of the station corridor.


That's in the command quarters. They had taken on board, beamed on board, abducted an astronaut from the ISS and I just connected in that moment, and I didn't know what was happening. So who is there in this picture? You have this astronaut here, and with all the gears abducted from the ISS. These are people from the high command, Thor Han, Ardana, an Ummite, there's maybe a Zenae and that's an Ahil. What were they doing with this guy? They were trying to convince him not to do something, and I will tell everything what it is about in the book. And I found a guy. I found a mission order of nasa on the nasa side, the name of the guy. It was there, was this photo. I just published it and you can compare. It's just mind-blowing.


That's Ardana, the high commander of the station of Thor Han.

Recreation center in the station.

Another recreational place.

I've seen also the children, the hybrids rescued. That's Myra dispatching the hybrid children to a location out of the star system. That's the kids. She explained to me everything about how they heal them, they rescue them, they heal them. They they put them in medical pods, they make their muscles work and they have very heavy psychological follow-up. That's a very hard work.

People I met: That is Akvaaru. Sorry ladies I met his girlfriend, he has a girlfriend. She is Ahel, it's a beautiful couple.

That's Jen Han, Thor Han's little brother. Jen is a terraformer yes and explains to me everything about terraforming in the book.

Now I told you that I met a mantis, and this mantis is working on the station with the science officer, Den Athor that I met. So Meisha this mantis. Den Athor has saved her life and since then she doesn't leave him. So Den Athor is a great guy, but he can't have a girlfriend because of this being, who's really doesn't leave him. So it's a funny story – not for him.

So that's then their technical stuff. That's one of the devices Thor Han uses to made me communicate with other people, it's a holographic device.

There are also technical drawings about spaceships there's everything you want to know about spaceships. There's no blueprints, because I need to take make sketches of the picture I was shown.

That's in a scout ship, in the corridor of a scout's ship. That's Myra walking.

That's in the command of a scout ship, that's Thor Han, myself and Annax.

That's me trying the holographic screens, just playing around. The ship wasn't moving but I was just showing what how it works.

That's me touching the skin of a ship, and it was absolutely incredible because it's smooth and alive.

I also tried the pleiadian smartsuit. I describe all the process and it's quite very impressive. I liked it, but the first time you put it on is like it's just compresses your body.


There's main significant groups explained, who is who in this galaxy. You have all the humanoid groups in the galaxy, simplified version.

There's a whole chapter about humanoid races, who are the different human with races of this star system. So I made portraits of them. I decided because there was a lot of lads to make only females and only women then it changes a bit of all these beautiful men. Beautiful females! So you know everything: who are these people, these races, different drawings.

That's an Emerther female. You see the difference. And that's a Kiily Tokurt. There are brown people too, plenty, plenty.

That's an Anunnaki, she's gorgeous.

You have also at the start explaining how works being beamed up, the two ways. The way of being beamed like this. So you arrive if you're in pyjamas, if you're naked, if you are in tracksuits or you arrive as you, that's not really allowed anymore now in times of war. So the method I use most is the light transfer resonance, where I'm beamed, the light being is beamed and re-densified at the destination point and you re-densify as your body, but natural like you always in your 30s, look like in your 30s and it's your original DNA. If you have hair color or makeup or nails or doesn't go with it, because it doesn't belong to the body. It's just baby skin and natural hair color and you look like 30s. You will ask why all the deities look like in their 30s, because they do that. But it's a way because it's the healthiest age and it's where your DNA is at its best at its most complexion before it degenerates. So does this the stronger almost stable age to be reconstructed, beamed. So that's light transfer resonance.

I quite like it, because I look younger upstairs. It's funny. The first time “oh my god, where's my nail polish gone?”

Q: Does your book have a register this time?

Yes it has! And it's at the start of the book, has a table of content and you can find everything. And for the previous book “a gift from the stars” I wrote it in four months like in a hurry, and I didn't have the time to put the the table of content and register. I didn't want to modify it because it would have been unfair for all these people who have already bought it. So I didn't touch it but you go on my website Elenadanaan.org and you go to the page of this book and you find a downloadable pdf of the table of contents after the register.


Q: How can we connect with Annax?

You can't. Do not try, because it's very dangerous. Do not try to contact extraterrestrials unless you have a personal contact with your personal guides our star family. If you are not from here do not try to contact people with whom you have no link, because the air is filled with predators, AI, demons, lower astrals and do not try!

Annax does not contact people, he is very busy. If you want to have fun contact extraterrestrials, connect within yourself and then you will find a way. If you have a star family, if you are not from earth you will find a link to them within yourself.

Yes, Venusians are compatible with other races, especially the Taal, Val Thors race.