31/8/2021 – Q&A Aliens & Religion


Aliens and religions. How does that fit into religion especially the religions of the book.

What is the perspective of aliens regarding to god? Where does Jesus fit into the picture? Aliens and angels – are the angels or aliens are they demons?

First we need to go back to source, and when I say that going back to the source it is on many levels. What is the source of religions? A religion is a dogma that has been developed upon a message, a message of someone who allegedly received this message from gods or god or angel or whoever, some beings from other dimensions and densities. You can make a religion with everything.

Let's go back to the message. Why some ascendant masters have delivered some inspired messages and no religion has been made about them – such as Buddha? Buddhism is still remained a spiritual philosophy.
Well, it has been different for instance Christianity. When we go back to the primordial message – and this concerns Christians to Jews to Muslims. Primordial messages where about (i'm going to talk about Jesus) Jesus bringing a message. He was just a prophet, someone just inspired and probably channeling from a higher being, so god or whatever he was. He brought a message off and the message was this: love each other, respect each other, we are all equals in the eye of god, the kingdom of god is within you, be kind, be nice, respect and love first yourself and the others. And if you want to reach out to god – his kingdom is within you. This is what Jesus said.

He became very popular, because he was awakening a lot of people, the masses. The Roman empire saw a threat in his message. And you cannot shut down a good message, if a messenger delivers an incredible message that awakens the masses, you can kill the messenger, but you cannot kill the message. The message will prosper and spread. You can kill as many messengers as you want, the message will survive. So the best thing was to assimilate this message, and take it as theirs, and make of this message a tool of power. This was the Roman empire, and it still is.

The Roman empire now has sided with the reptilians, the dark ones, and there is many things to say about. It it's not the topic of tonight. They created dogma as tool of power.
They told us quite a bit contrary things, relative to what Jesus said. They said that we come into this world with sin, we should be ashamed to be here, and the only way to reach out to paradise and not rot in torture and hell is to obey and bend on your knees as a slave in front of the priest, in front of the institution. Nothing to do with what Jesus said, nothing! So that's what became of this religion which was at the start a wonderful message of love and empowerment.

And you know it is the same as Islam. Muhammad brought laws to help everyone to get on well you know and social rules, but you know, power leaders, greedy leaders they want to control what they can they cannot kill. So they did the same. Well that was a little reminder that is a bit astray from the topic of tonight, but I wanted to put the picture in the background.

Now let us go back to the source again. Another source: us. What is happening within us, when we are confronted to something, that we do not understand? We fear, we are scared and we say, this thing is divine, it's magic. It's either godly or either demonic, because we don't understand. The church, the religious institutions have groomed humanity into believing that any thing that is not controlled by them, is demonic. But the good news is that this is in this very institution that sided with the demons.

When we don't understand something, we are going to say “oh it's angels or it's demons”. So that's the first thing to consider.

You know, there are real angels and they have nothing to do with aliens. There are real demons and they have nothing to do with aliens.

Angels are supranatural entities. They are not incarnated in physical bodies. They are pure consciousness. And they are in different higher realms of existence. They belong to the orb of the earth. So now I'm going to tell you about, this is a shamanic view of the earth. I explained this a little bit in my previous video “find your true power”.

The earth is like an onion with different layers of densities, it's all one into the other. There is no hell and no heaven properly speaking, but there are lower densities and higher densities. Let us consider that we are on middle earth, the middle density, that we call 3d if we want. There are realms of existence that some can identify as the lower astral, where all the demons, the dark entities – well there are entities who are very much in suffering and in search, hungry they search for vampirizing your energy, by possessing people by torturing people, and they are going to haunt a vulnerable people. That they will be able to use to do despicable things. So these are the real demons. They are entities endemic belonging to the matrix, the soul matrix of earth.

And the soul matrix is not only for our souls. It's all souls, everyone. Not even the source of existence. It's an orb, it's the earth, it's around the earth.
The lower astral will be low frequency. They will be close to the core of the earth or the ground. And they are all sort of shapes and they are hungry, they feed on our fears on our sexual energies, on our pains, on war, on suffering, on stress, anxiety. They feed on all of that. So they are going to manipulate humans to get that. I spoke in one video about alcohol as well and addictions. These entities, these lower astral entities and demons are part of them, what we call demons, they will work on the addictions and get you addicted. Once you have a weakness for something, that will be useful for them to feed on you, for instance alcohol. Why alcohol? It's a good example because alcohol breaks down your shields, your protections. So any entity can hook at you, and so that is the lower astral and the demons.

You have the succubus, incubus. They can hook at you and just put their claws on you and you feel a weight. Usually it's on the back or on the hip. And they will suck really your life force, and they will maintain you in a kind of zombie state of addiction to whatever allows them to do that. So then you need either a shaman or either an exorcist. There's no other way to get rid of them.

Rising your frequency will not only avoid them to look at you, but also if you really do it well, expose them. If it doesn't work see an exorcist or shaman. Shamans are qualified for that. That's demons. See – nothing to do with aliens.

Angels are supernatural beings, but as lower astral they are in a higher astral and they are of a higher density, but part of the earth orb. Angels are just earth beings and they belong to earth. They're earthlings, but in a higher density, and some are very high consciousnesses.
They are amazing, powerful. And there's a whole hierarchy in them. They're wonderful, the angels. They may work with the good aliens and the demons may work with the bad aliens, with which I believe both works is true, but angels are not aliens.

Aliens are people like us, like me, like you. The only difference is that they are called aliens, because they are not born of this earth orb. They are born of another planet's orb. They don't belong to these soul matrix, they belong to another soul matrix. That's aliens.
They come in spaceships or portals, they come with technology to earth. Portals are also technology.
The angels and the demons are already here, because they belong to the earth. So aliens are not angels. Aliens are not demons. Although some can behave either like these or those, but they have nothing to do with them. I think that is very important to clear this confusion, because there's a lot of extremists in the actual official regions, who say don't believe in aliens they are demons. Because the church tells them that, the institution who wants them to not believe in aliens. The thing is our best allies. if we are still alive as a species and if the planet hasn't blown up in nuclear wars, it's because of the galactic federation our allies, aliens. So of course believing in them suddenly empowers you. We're not alone in the universe. There are other life forms! So we are not alone prisoner of mentally controlling a religious institution. We're not alone in the universe, there's so many other cultures!

This was about angels and demons.



Many people tell me: “how does Jesus fit in all of this?” Well Jesus is an ascended master. I'm sure he was a great guy. Jesus belongs to the history of earth, to the orb of earth. Jesus is not an alien, he's just an ascended master. Even if he is an hybrid, he was a hybrid because – let us not fool, you know, mary was taken on board a ship and fertilized, that is so obvious. So he was a hybrid, probably from an early grays and this young girl. That's an input from the ETs into this, because that reminds what I say earlier on, that it is have been helping humanities to evolve. And Jesus was probably carrying a message from a higher civilization, that was using him to help people to get on together and send a message of love and awakening. And this message of awakening, Jesus was an awakener. Well it has been turned away by Rome and the Roman empire.

Aliens may have inputs in our religions that way and then in another way as well. Now I'm thinking about the Anunnaki, about the Ciakahrr reptilians who are spreading control through the religions, using religions to control people as slaves. And they use them a lot they use them a lot. The reptilian Ciakahrr using religions a lot a lot, so much to control the masses, and I'm not going to go into the dark stuff. Others make video about these dark stuff, so I will let you find out.

So aliens can intervene in their religions for a purpose, and although the good ones have very sporadically intervened, very very sporadically, the dark ones they just go at it totally. That's a whole subject. I won't go there. I don’t want to bring this dark energy here.

Jesus is now at a state of spirit being. Hhe belongs to higher realms of consciousness. And I want here to break misconceptions that are spread by the controlled opposition to make you confused and to take your mind away from your mission, which is finding the divinity within awakening and raising frequency. So Jesus is said commonly by new age movement that is incarnated an ET leading the galactic federation or ship named Jerusalem. That that's all manipulation, it's not true. I think, they call it Sananda. This is untrue, this is a manipulation this is a psyop. It's like a star cult, it's a psyop,

Jesus has nothing to do with extraterrestrial affairs. It is nothing to do with galactic federation, nothing to do with Ashtar and the Jerusalem ship doesn't exist. Why would it? First they don't name their ships. Why would they name one of their ships made somewhere in space at hundreds of light years away from here of a name of a town on earth? Why? That doesn't make sense. You need to just think a minute. That is not reasonable, it's not true.

So there's a lot of misconceptions with Jesus and the aliens. Jesus is an ascended master and it is wonderful in itself. The three letter agency uses the earth myths and religions to do the their psyops. So of course they use Jesus, they use saints like many saints or Marry Magdalene or that. I mean, well, leave these people alone! They are doing their spiritual stuff, helping earth on a spiritual level. They have nothing to do with aliens. So let us not mix everything. It's all about confusion.

So Jesus, the saints and Mary Magdalene and all the other ones – they are earth spirits, belonging to earth orb. They are working very well now the moment on the earth spiritual uplifting, even if at the time they were hybrids, they were mixed with people coming from I don't know where. They have nothing to do with aliens, they have nothing to do with the federation.

In the past, as people were seeing extraterrestrial beings appearing in front of them, they couldn't grasp what was happening and they were described as such: angel coming in wheels of fire with the sound of thunder and light above them. They lifted me on a ladder of light towards the heavens and I saw god on his throne” yeah, you see the commander of the ship. How can you explain with the words you have at your disposal at that time, that you are being abducted. I mean you have a contact. You can't explain it otherwise then through the words and the terms you have with you, and that's: divine, religion, angels and otherwise you can also call them demons, regarding to your mindset, because you don't know, you're not told “oh these these guys come from another planet”, because at that time people were not able to understand that, because their mind was set upon a very primitive belief of being.
The center of the universe etc. the galactic federation of world has a prime directive. That is a law of non-interference. So they needed to respect the beliefs of these people. Why did it take them? To give them a message, to help humanity evolve and awaken, because they were enemies. That's interference, but regarding to the code of the federation they can't do that, because the species is threatened by an outside threat.

They make them believe, that they are angels. They may even create holographic wings, to just fit into the local belief of the time, because they have a message to deliver. The aim is not to confuse the contactee, but to use what he knows. And within these boundaries deliver the message that the guy feels safe and not confused. That's why the aliens in the old times, the nordics especially... The federation is not going to send an (???).or an Egaroth or Emerther, you know. They're going to send Ahil or Meton or Selosi. They're going to send the human looking ones or the Taal of course. So they did that. They did that and that's how when the confusion between angels and aliens in the past, because not only people were unable to grasp who they were, but they were putting on them names and concepts that they knew. So this is what came the confusion.

Aliens have always interfered in humans history since the P’tal. Who came? The P’tal, the Agoni. There were many different creator races who came, to bit play around with earth and seeding of life. But there was always already local life.

But then came the Anunnaki and they really messed up with the homo sapiens sapiens. But then the federation arrived. I really shortened the story.
There were many colonies, many inputs. The Adari from Vega went in India. The Ahil in Scandinavia. The Selosi with Atlantis, the Martians with Lemuria. It was coming and going all the time.
And we have in our bodies now 22 different DNA from different planets. One is homo sapiens, 21 are from the stars. You are made from stardust! Our DNA is very special, very powerful. That's why many evil races want to take it to manipulate us and play around with us, what they do at the moment.

So the nefarious aliens wanted to maintain us, binded in slavery. But good aliens wanted to protect us and to help us against these nefarious ones. Hence: the contacts, hybrids surpassing messages. I don't know who was the soul that incarnated in the hybrid body of Jesus, but he was quite a powerful and ascended guy.

So I want to raise confusion. Aliens are not angels. Aliens are not demons. But some aliens were mistaken for angels, and some aliens were mistaken for demons. This is something I like to repeat often, because it is a very important point, that is confusing a lot of people.

Aliens, what are their religion? Do they believe in god and what is god? Where is god in all of this?

What we all consider as god, this concept, is universal. Every religion and every philosophy or spirituality acknowledges a superior consciousness, that is animating everything with life, be it an old guy on his chair, be it the life force that flows in everything. It can be anything. But this concept is real, it's there. Everybody can feel it, that there is something else to life, something else above and beyond consciousness. I mean the concept of god hasn't been created by fun. Every living human that start developing a consciousness (???) that there was something beyond their comprehension, something that that is here all around and in everything.

God is not a tool of control, an old guy that's gonna say “suffer or you won't go in paradise, you need to suffer” That's the dark controllers who make you believe that. We were not born in sin, we were born out of love! We came in this world as free sovereign human being, pure of heart and of mind. No child is racist. But we are told to be intolerant and judgmental, as we grow up. We are told by religions that we were born in sin and in guilt and we need to suffer and be a slave to a dogma, to a power control, to people controlling you.

All of this is bs. We are very powerful beings and there are some structures that want us not to remember this.

God is a formidable life force, that is everywhere, that animates everywhere, and hence it animates us. Our consciousness is part of, is a fractal of the consciousness of god. And that is what the aliens believe also. They do not call it god they call it “source”. The Lyran races in the Taami language that became the official language of the galactic federation of worlds called source Imanna = the great mother (but great means in the sense of super old). They believe that Immana (source) is a consciousness and it's the force that is animating everything with life. It's the same thing. So aliens believe in that.

They have no clue, who Jesus are, they have no clue what Christianity is, they have no clue about our religions, because at the moment you open your consciousness, you wake up, you awaken to your own power to who you really are, nobody can control you anymore and you realize the formidable power that is in you.
And what is this power, what is this fuel? It's god, it's source, it's this consciousness, this force, this power. And by your special DNA that compose these bodies, you can really activate it and magnify it super strong, and that's why they did what they don't want us to remember.

The aliens believe in god as we do regarding to our different religions and cultures. They do it regarding to their cultures. There are religions all over the galaxy and the universe different from us. They may believe that I don't know in god rocks or maybe I don't know anything that you know. You can make a religion with anything.
But then as I said, as you reach a certain level of consciousness you realize that though religions, well, it was for a certain level of comprehension, you don't need them anymore, because you have the direct connection with god. We all have it! You don't need priests, you don't need church, you don't know need to go to the church.
You need to go to this church, this body – and inside it's the house of god, inside you have the connection. You are connected you just need to remember. Know thyself and then you have the direct connection with source, with the divine. You are divine, because you are a fractal of source, because source animates everything. So you have one fractal of it in you, you're alive.
That's what the alien believe in and that's why more and more people awakening to their own power, believing as well. You can still call it god, because it's the same thing.

Q: Do angels and demons exist on other soul matrix for instance, other planet?

Yes. I believe so. They call maybe them otherwise, but regarding to what we would say interpret them as demons and angels, yes. Because every planet has its… The universe is composed of many parallel dimensions, and each dimension has many layers of densities. Each density is a density of existence. So when you have a planet with gravity, it just collapse an orb around it with all the densities.

We have 12 densities plus the 13th is source. We have 12 densities in this dimension. So every planet has these 12 densities of existence, every planet. So when there are life forms on a planet, you may have no life form in 3d, but you may have life forms in like a very low, like demon like level or angel like level. It depends on what level life is striving, what density life is striving on this planet.
So my answer will be yes. Every world may have beings and consciousnesses that can be accumulated to our angels or our demons.

Q: At the time of death do we go towards the light or not?

That is very important! Well, not. Until now you needed to avoid it. I'm going to put it like this. Now you can go to the light which is a true light.

When a soul discorperates, you're going to reach out to higher density, you're going to choose if you want to stay in the earth orb or if you want to incarnate on another planet. To be able to incarnate in another planetary orb, you need to have reached already a certain level of evolution of consciousness. Otherwise you can't do it.
When you discorporate of course everything is brighter. There's light everywhere – that's the higher density. Your soul is like blinded, like out of darkness, like “wow” and there's light everywhere.

There was a trap set up by the Nebu, the domain from orion, on the moon, that was very very ancient, that was trapping this process to harvest souls. They had created a hologram that you would be drawn to go to a vortex of light, and that was a trap.
What would happen to you when you would go there? Well you would be harvested you would be put back on a lower density incarnation on earth. You couldn't escape earth. Nothing bad would happen to you, but they would put you back on earth, you couldn't escape. And this technology was very difficult to neutralize. It was in the hands of the Nebu on the moon and the galactic federation has been trying to get their hands on it for so long. Then in February 2021 the galactic federation liberated the moon and had this machine found and dismantled. So this doesn't exist anymore.

Now you can safely go to the light. It may still look like a spiral of light or tunnel. And then you have the choice: go back to earth if you wish, go back somewhere go somewhere else if you don't.

All the star seeds that came to incarnate now at this moment in time knew that this machine was about to be dismantled. So we all came safely. We knew it was going to be done, but it was in the agenda, in the plan. So brave courageous.

So yes, you can go to the light now, you can go to the light as a free human, as a free soul.

Q: God is in you and all around you. Split a piece of wood you will find me, lift a stone I am there. Saint Thomas

That's the true message. And not bad. On your knees, you need the priest because you're just stupid. This is the real message.

Q: Elena, if you can analyze the notion of prison planet?

I take this question again because I just spoke about it, and I want really to tell you, that earth is not a prison planet anymore. Earth is not a prison planet anymore. It's over.

We are free, we just need to know it.

If we keep on maintaining this matrix in our head by complying to fear and manipulation, we maintain the trap ourselves. But if suddenly we say “I refuse fear. I do what I want. I'm a free sovereign being” you realize that there's nothing to stop you. The net is not here anymore.

Val Thor told me, Wwe cannot liberate a slave who holds onto his chains” So stand up! Stop kneeling – that's what the religions, the institutions, the dogmas have wanted us to do, to kneel as slaves. That's over. Now it's the time we all stand up. We stand up and we take back the power.

Q: Talk to us about the cosmic being archangels.

Metatron is one of them. So there are supraconsciousness, that belong to no planetary orbs, but galactic orbs. They would be centered in the center of the galaxy, the center orb of the galaxy. This supra consciousness Metatron is one of them for instance.
They are not humanoid forms, they are just pure consciousness, they don't even have a body of light. They are consciousness energy and sacred geometry, consciousness energy and sacred geometry. Think about Metatron – that's what it is. It has no polarity, it is neither male or female.
Remember when we were told that angels have no sex, no gender. Well there's truth in it. The real ones don't, the real angels they are consciousness, they are not polarized, very high consciousness. Well, okay you take Michael is masculine, but that's the lower, that's the earth orb. But when you go at the level of the galaxy they have no gender, no polarity. They're just one the higher beings, higher cosmic beings.
You need to remove from the word “being” the image of a humanoid form. “Being” is to be, is existence. The soul that inhabits a flower is a being, has no human form. A being is a consciousness, is a something that is alive in consciousness, a living consciousness.

Q: Is Jesus a human or alien?

He was in a human body, that was hybridized. So he was a hybrid, was half human half e.t, probably from a nordic race, either from the Pleiades or either from Sirius systems, I do not know. But he was a hybrid.

Now the soul who came in him was probably from somewhere else also, because this soul was an awakened soul. He was a starseed and he came here for a mission. That doesn't make of him an alien. That makes of him a star seed, and many star seeds, most of the star seeds are hybrids, because you cannot imbue a soul of a very high frequency in a totally 3d body. You need to enhance the DNA and work on the bloodline to prepare the bloodline for one day being able. There will be a kid that is born and this kid is able to embody an alien soul. Because the bloodline has been prepared.
So I think that's what happened with the Jesus bloodline, which was by the way considered as very special. And many people in this bloodline had met aliens, angels, or being on board ships.

Q: Do you think these angels and demons are lost souls?

What do you mean by lost? Lost regarding to what? What isn't considered as not lost? I think there is no lost souls. There is just souls at their own level of existence. The only way a soul can be lost would be a soul who wonder who after the decorporation (what we call here death) this soul will be trapped somewhere and losing its way towards higher realms. That would be to me a soul that would be lost. This is something to meditate.
Lost souls – lost regarding to what? You know it's like the fallen angel. I wonder what you know sometimes you have to stop and listen to the words. What does that really mean? Forget about the scriptures and the books. “Fallen angel” were the real angels like the supra consciousness beings that fell how into a lower vibration lower frequency, because you can't fall either than that. These angels of higher frequency they are not living on the clouds and then they oops, no. Fallen I would say means going in the lower frequency and you're trapped. I think we're all following fallen angels at that stage, because we are higher being strapped in lower frequencies – these bodies.
But the matrix is gone! We're just maintaining it in our head. We're not fallen angels anymore, Wow, the walls of the prison have gone. We need to open our eyes and see it and from the position of on our knees stand up and walk out. There's no more walls. They make you believe there are walls, but they are not. You're free, you are free.

Q: The demons have no home, they roam … seeking a body to fulfill their human desires

I agree with you. They have a home, which is their own density, but they are hunters, demons are hunters.

Q: Is it only human angel and demons that visit us from earth, or do they help us in spirit world from other planets?

I think the proper angels and demons that visit us it's from this planet, this orb.
But also you we have visitors from other planets, who are from different densities. So among them we can say “oh this beautiful light being looks like an angel”. You know. you have 9 dimensional extraterrestrials, who come here and they look like angels. but they are not, and they're just people solid on the ninth density., but looking ethereal when you look at them from lower density. So that's it.

Q: Are there other powerful entities and beings that are like the Godsource?

I don't think so. There is only one source at the center of everything and this source animates everything else with itself. So it's like a hierarchy of consciousness. As you go down in the hierarchy of consciousness, here starts the individuality and the ego, and the ego is going to take over the pure consciousness as you go down in density, in vibration. So I mean someone like Metatron who is like next step is source, he's pure consciousness, he has no body, he is geometry and consciousness. Then you go down and ego starts to appear. But there is only one source. And the consciousnesses that are fractals of this source that are close to it are still not it, they start to individualize. So I would say that with only one center. it's like a sphere – the universe is a sphere, at the center you have only center that's it I would say the singularity of everything.

Q: Do ET pray?

Some do praying. Praying is asking, asking or thinking. But it is always putting ourselves as inferior being towards a superior being. We ask something, please or “thank you for having done that” or “please do that”. It's putting us in a position of inferiority.

We are invited to stop doing that and to start to connect directly, because to discover that we make the change, that we have the power. Because we can connect directly with this big reservoir of force and source. Praying is asking.

Pf course some aliens do pray, because you still have some primitive cultures, where people still pray in adoration of a superior being. But you can connect with higher consciousness by yourself putting yourself as equal with them. If you put yourself as equal with god which you are, you suddenly have the quantum resonance and you feel the power and you can.

Some ET's pray that some don't they just connect, just meditate. There's a very popular practice, which is a routine every day. The Lyran based races do that and they love it, but it this practice is “the Ohoran way”. It comes from the Arcturus system and they've been created by the Ohorai. It's a meditation to tune in with god, it's tuning in your own power. And they do it like every day, like some people who do tai chi in the morning, but they do that before starting their work and it puts all their it aligns them with source, their power, their emotion and they are ready for the day, ready for the battle and to take the tasks of the day with a centered mind and centered soul and centered heart and be effective. And so that I i'd say that spirituality of all these evolved races, their spirituality is meditation, which they don't call meditation. They call it “attunement” or tuning. So every day they don't pray, they attune to themselves to source through themselves.

If you want the universe to help you with something, do not ask the universe “please give me that”. It's not going maybe to happen. Instead ask the universe “please give me the strength and the confidence to realize this thing, that I can have it”, and you make it happen. “Assist me doing the miracle”. If you say “do it for me”, you give your power away. If you say “assist me and in give me the strength and confidence that i'm going to do that” then you do it, you don't give your power away, you just ask for assistance and enforcement.

It's like an army. You're not going to say “hey will you fight for me please and win the war?” No! You say “hey give me enforcement, that I'm going to win this war” That's a different.
So ask for assistance, not for the job to be done. You ask not to be saved but for assistance to save yourself. That's what the goodies of the federation are telling me all the time. Pray not on your knees but standing as an equal, with all the creation, that's it. That's about praying and gratitude.

Gratitude – thank the universe, thank, thank! Gratitude is the flow, send love. Gratitude is love. If you send love to the universe, the universe will love will come back to you and energy and positivity and high frequencies create it and you create a flow. It's quantum resonance. You send out love, you have love in return. Send out light, you have light clearing up all the bad things in your life and giving you strength.
Manifest what you want from the universe, manifest it first. For instance, you have a child abroad or someone you want news from: you're not going to say “hey universe do that this person contacts me”. Contact this person yourself by your heart! Close your eyes, imagine this person and create the link, the bond of the heart and you will make it happen. You will attract the attention of the consciousness of this person. This person will contact you. That's how you do. You do it yourself and you only ask universe assistance. The Universe is the medium. That's how you create your own reality.

So praying is wonderful. Do it the right way, do it yourself. And gratitude. Gratitude is something that you always must, wake up in the morning being grateful for what you have and going to bed at night being grateful for the good things that came to you today. And even if bad things came to you that day, thank for the contrast that is going to teach you something. There's always something to be thankful for.


There's a new book coming. This new book is what happened after “A gift from the stars”. This new book will be about my encounters with commander Val Thor. It will be with my interactions with the galactic federation of worlds, my trips in the solar system with Thor Han and all the diary of the war and other goodies. It will be named “we will never let you down” This sentence has been told to me by commander Val Thor and you know all about it. In that book there's four pages wonderful forward from Laura Eisenhower and lovely words also from Michael Salla. You would see all this and my illustrations of course – I drew everything I saw every everyone I met and I met amazing people. There is a little goodies that only Michael Sala and another person know about, that Thor Han just gave me something explosive, something amazing and Michael and I are going to do a video about it just before the launch of the book, probably on next Monday.