24/8/2021 – Q&A starship technology


Everything you want to know about how alien starships are made, what powers them, how do their move and what are the different ways of piloting them.

All these data I'm going to tell you about will be in my next book published start of September 2021. All this these information have been given to me by Thor Han. He's been shown to me all these things. I've even had the privilege to sit in a pilot ship seat of the ship and even pilot a ship a few times. So that's big it was a big adventure.

Situation updates

What is happening in this solar system? Now at the moment you know these agreements have been signed on a facility on Jupiter and this is preparing us for the after victory, which is soon and it's preparing the star system to be handed to the Terrans, people of earth. The star system is about to be handed to them. …

Thor Han told, say that we need to hurry. Why do we need to hurry? There's no catastrophes impending for the star system, not at all. The thing is why do we need to hurry – it's because to be protected. You know all the dark alliance has been kicked out of this star system. So you we don't want them to try to come back. And to avoid them to try to come back is to put an end to their will to come back. How do we do that? How do we discourage them to do that? By getting the people of earth entering membership with the galactic federation of worlds officially and once and for all, openly, publicly.

This will happen only when we will be organized as a peaceful and federated world. Otherwise we can't. We already have interstellar travel since a long time we do that. We go to different star systems. These are the programs of notably “solar warden” which was a cooperation between the u.s navy and the galactic federation of worlds. We have interstellar travel.

The second requirement is that the world of earth is not a threat to the peace of the galaxy. And only federated, peaceful worlds are able to enter membership with the federation. So once the troublemakers are out – which it's in the process. By the troublemakers I mean the nebu and the Ciakahrr and the dark fleet. Once they're out which is happening well, we need to get on together with each other and there's no way to join the federation if we don't do that. We need not to take our personal conflicts out into space. And where does that come? That originates first it's within ourselves by making peace within ourselves, doing so by healing our wounds and our traumas are by making heavy making work doing a work of self healing, by becoming at peace with ourselves. We do not feel the need anymore to project outside out towards our inner conflict to treat them outside as a therapy. If we encounter someone who thinks differently I would say fair enough – it's fine, I acknowledge your difference of opinion. Before maybe you would have projected your frustration or problems into this situation to treat it. That will not happen, because you will have healed yourself and made peace with yourself. And this is the same as at the level of the of a planet, when every country will have sorted their own struggles. They will not project them outwards to other countries and make wars and we will have a federated world.

It starts within and its snowball effect. Yes we need to make an effort. Things are not going to fall from the sky into our hands. We need to make the effort, make it happen. The galactic federation they're doing whatever they can to boost our technological evolution, to guide us and help us organizing ourselves. They have organized these meetings on Jupiter to help us organize ourselves. That's fantastic. But now I mean they cannot do everything for us. We are the only one to make this effort of getting on with ourselves on any levels, all the levels. Yeah that's the job. We need to grow up and start.

Everybody is part of it, everyone is part of it. Start by healing yourself by the best way that seems to you appropriate. And once you're healed, once everyone is healed, more or less well this world is in peace and we can move on, standing up on our feet, not bending on our knees. This is also the requirement standing into our sovereignties.

This is for tonight.

Well regarding to earth, the fights are still going on in the undergrounds. Interestingly Dulce base is being at the moment retaken by the alliance, it's a tough fight. Mount Chasta is nearly there I think it's it's done, now it's retaken, but it's there's still some clearings to do. Telos I mean 12 percents now of the undergrounds need to be cleared. So on earth, on terra it's nearly there.

A little precision that people ask me about the moon. Yes the machine that was maintaining the soul trap has been dismantled. That was a very ancient Nebu machine, that was dating back long before the coming back of the Nebu. So this method has gone.

On Mars there's still some fights. A resistance still retaking facilities. Reptilians have left mars. Still some dark fleet personal and mars defense force are fighting, but you know the military on mars they're turning to the good side. The earth military they've been offered of course to turn to the good side, and they are being rescued and saved. There's a lot of structures that are turning towards the winning side, such as all the corporations who want to keep the business. And corporations go with the winners. They look their interests.

The galactic federation has a policy to unify, not divide and include everyone to help the vibration of the civilization in general to rise. They believe in human soul able to heal, to progress and turn towards the light. So there's is there is a lot of things going on the galactic federation of worlds have been fighting since so long and sacrificing a lot of lives and effectives and technology and a lot of things, not to give up now, not to give the kids to the dark side. They know what they're doing.

I wanted to show you some visuals of the jupiter facility.

Q: Blessings for all the soldiers cleaning these DUMBs.

You know, if you meditate every day – have a though, have a blessing have a prayer for all these women and men from this world and off-world, fighting for the freedom of the civilians, fighting for the freedom of the human species of terra. There's a lot dying. But I know it worse, these are sacrifices of the few for the many. And I want to honor these brave men and women, who fight relentlessly, fearlessly for the cause. And this causes freedom, freedom on many levels – physically, mentally and spiritually. And if there's one thing above all things, that are worth fighting for in this war – it's the children, because children are the future of these species. Children of today will be the elders of tomorrow. We are the forefathers and the foremothers of the humans of the future. So let us not mess it up and fight, because all of us will be remembered as the brave fighters for truth, for freedom.

And this generation, our generation will be remembered as the humans of earth who fought bravely and won this war, those who made the change, those who stood up and stopped kneeling, those who raised their hearts towards their sovereignty and power. This is how we will be remembered.

Protect your children. They are not stupid. Tell them the truth with words that children can hear of course. Tell them that the future will be what they make it. Keep them safe and keep them human. Keep their biology human. This is important – you all know, what I'm talking about.

Q: Do normal civilians in the galactic federation of worlds own their own spaceships? If yes, then can children own their own spaceship?

No children. I mean having a being in a spaceship is a quite of a responsibility you know. It's very dangerous. You can kill yourself, you can kill others, crush it. It's very difficult to drive and you need mental maturity to not to navigate a spaceship. I will tell this in details later. But you need to have a full control on your mind and your thoughts, which children haven't yet. They need to learn how to control, how the total control of their minds and thoughts. And this is training, hard training. That's why pilots are elected. I mean you know – so not everyone can own a spaceship. Usually spaceships belong to the federation. Civilians you have corporations or merchants who own spaceships or fleets of species. Yes of course you can own your own spaceship, but not in the federation. If you're part of the federation you all the spaceships are put in common, they're owned by the federation and you can use one whenever you have the authorization and the clearance to pilot it. So we'll get to talk about that.

Q: Have you heard from Annax lately?

Oh I hear from Annax nearly every day. Annax is fantastic. Annax is very busy as everyone is. He was involved in the jupiter meetings. He hasn't told me about it, but he was involved in them as a counsellor, he's part of the council of five – so he was involved in there. That's why because it's top secret. I'm allowed to know only what is allowed to be revealed.

I have the connection. He says hi every day and energy hug love hug, and just he's checking on me all the time.

Q: I always wanted to know why there are gold colored and silver flying saucers. Or are they only silver?

You have different colors regarding to the components involved in the the skin of the ship. And this skin is very particular and it's actually monoatomic gold comes in the making of it. So maybe it gives this gold colors.

Yeah there are different colors, either silver or either clear gold. Gold is more rare. It's usually metally gray.

Q: What about the children being rescued?

You know the galactic federation of worlds could have ended this war in one hour, of course. They didn't, it's taking years. Why that?

First because of the work that needs to be done in the human psyche to awaken. That's part of the thing. But there are hostages, prisoners, slaves, hybrids everywhere in every facility and even earth civilians, the military working with them. It's against the ethics of the federation to have casualties in a war.

They are working hard at first securing the place, that all the hostages are evacuated. That takes a lot of logistics and efforts. If they start to attack first, which would be what the earth military would do, there would be casualties. It's different ways of working. I know they work together in the earth alliance that's what the alliance is to do that together, so I don't know in the details. So children of course are still being rescued. And it's not over. These children are brought on in facilities, either on earth in military places where they are healed, or upstairs in orbit. There's a mothership of the federation, where Myra works by the way, which welcome all these children and also the hybrids, all the hybrids creatures, because you need to know as well that in these labs in the dams, there is a large-scale manufacture of hybrids between anything. And these poor creatures need to be saved also. Their lives, they are some of them, many of them have consciousness, even if they don't. They are living creatures.They need to to be saved as well and given a chance.

So the human human children are brought back to earth, they are giving back to structures on earth who can find their families. If not they put in orphanages or I don't know.
Now the hybrids cannot go to earth because they need special care and they earth is not ready for that honestly. We are not ready to socially, mentally accept these beings among us. You're not ready, believe me. Maybe all of you who listen “oh I would adopt a hybrid!” Of course, and I would too. I would adopt ten. But the thing is, what are their chance of being happy here? You know, you want to do good action. Will they be happy? They'll be bullied at school, they'll be people will be scared and point them with finger. And they will look at them like a circus animals. You know that's the mentalities general on earth. Not everyone of course.

But they want these hybrids to be welcome in societies who will properly welcome them as part of them. So these beings are sent to other star systems, to other places part of the galactic federation of worlds where structures exist. medically they need follow-up as well, which we haven't. So the centaurian systems are a great place for that. There are other places but I know about alpha centuries, Selo and Meton, Selo especially. It's a big hub to welcome them, there's a big structure there to welcome all these children, these hybrids, not only young of any ages.



On Jupiter there is a facility that is shared between the Ashtar galactic command and the galactic federation of worlds. There is also ganymede there is a facility, an outpost of the council of five. So the Ashtar command has built this structure, which is a floating city in the atmosphere of Jupiter. It's huge. It has many ramifications. It's a mother ship, but it's like hundreds of miles. It's absolutely huge. It's a city. It's nearly a country or state. This is an outpost built by the Ashtar galactic command people, because the galactic version of old asked their help to come in the war. So they made their outpost in Jupiter.

But this outpost is so good, so well done, so secured. I mean the security level there, oh my god! I've been there once, I was eager to leave, believe it or not. Why? Because of the security methods. You are probed, mind probed all the time. Your mind is totally, constantly under probing, they listen to your thoughts. And they try to locate the difference in frequencies and energy fields of people, electromagnetic fields of people created by thoughts, to just locate when somebody is stressed or scared or angry – and they intervene. It was so uncomfortable. I don't want to go back there, it's really really annoying.

That's a picture inside. It's huge and you have big, big bay windows, where you can see Jupiter. Well you see only clouds, and it's very dark outside, the sunlight doesn't go through, it's very dark outside. So the clouds are lit up by the city. So it's very strange atmosphere, very strange. And it's the clouds, the winds are like horrendous outside. So the clouds are moving all the time. It gives you a little bit of nauseous, vertigo because when you're inside, you focus on the buildings and which are of course static and stable, but then by the corner of your eye in your vision you see movement, clouds moving. And there's like “wow” After a moment it's like “oh you need too ground and difficult to ground when you know you're floating.

The guy you'll see on it, is Celadion – a pilot, a friend of mine. It's in a bar, so that's a bar, yes they have that, anti-gravity tables and chairs and plasma orbs. Plasma orbs are the luminaries. There's lights floating and it's moving, it's like bubbles. You can just push them and it's like helium. They're just floating there and you can just boom and you float a little bit farther.

Q: How do they operate?

They are plasma, super highly heated gas, and this creates anti-gravity. When it's super heated and spinning I don't know how they do, that but it's super heated and spinning so fast and it creates energy and anti-gravity and that's creates ionization around them and it creates it. It's not very bright but it glows, it's ionization around and it smells like when you're close to one. You can touch them, you can push them, it's fine it's just tiggling in, it's cold, it's funny because it's very heated, but when you touch them it has no temperature. I don't know why. And it smells like ozone, like the ocean a bit.

Q: Are there multiple levels?

Oh my god yes! There are many, many levels. The astroports are down in the lower levels. So when you arrive with the ship you enter port halls that will drive you to landing bays and you'll have to climb and climb. There are automatic stairs and you don't walk in there. You walk well in the places I've shown you of course you walk. But uh to go from one place to another to a district to another there's no flying cars like other places, no, no. It's platforms. You step on the platform and the platform there are um racks. You need to hold or in front of you in the front and on the sides and it's anti-gravity and it will float you to wherever you want to go. It can go very fast. First time I was surprised. I haven't been warned by the lads and they had a bit of laugh-

There was a question so funny questions, because I showed a bar. They do not drink alcohol – it's toxic for them, it burns them and it lowers the vibration. Many of these beings are of a higher frequency and alcohol is a frequency lowering, so it really burns them and they can't drink. Alcohol makes them really sick.
If they want to have a little bit of a buzz, they don't smoke either any substances, but if they want because that also lowers frequency. if they want to have a little buzz, they're going to drink and I've tasted them quite strong, ionized liquids with artificial flavors and colors. I don't know how they make that. It's fresh very bubbly, but so bubbly that it just goes right to your brain, and you have like brain freeze. That's what they they drink when they want to have a little bit of a buzz.

Space ships

When it comes to a spaceship functioning you have three main systems to consider:

– the core power

– the propulsion technology

– and the navigation system

And to this we can add the different routes options to travel from point to another. So you have so the core power, the core will be like the fuel. The core power – that's like the fuel carburettor.

The propulsion system it's the engine, that will be feeding on the fuel and will be able to take the ship from point a to point b. And then finally you have the navigation, the pilot, which will drive the ship.

The brain of the ship, the mind.

So these three points plus then the ways of getting from A to B.


Power core

Let's talk about first the core power. That depends also on the technology. It can be either Vril free energy, the energy from the void, etheric energy or antimatter system. So the Vril it is stored, it's the energy which is stored, the energy from the void. present everywhere. It is stored in the center of the ship, either in plasma or crystals. Plasma container it's cylinder so Vril it's the inexhaustible universal force binding the universe together. It's available in the void of space and throughout all the cosmos.
How to harvest it? Well by technologies or consciousness. You can also harvest Vril by consciousness and then you store it in specific crystals or minerals or in a tank. But the minerals are found, some of the minerals you can find them on earth and they can be mined also in our star system, such as monoatomic gold, tritium and many more.

So then as fuel, core power also you have the etheric energy core. These techniques works for only some specific higher density crafts, like such as the the Ohorai, Almanuk or Zenai for instance, that's how Annax powers his ship. It's usually the spherical ships that are powered by etheric energy core. Although not all higher density ships use this type of power engine. The etheric energy core use the personal auric field of a being, connected to the ship's propulsion system. In that case the craft is navigated by consciousness.

And then you have the antimatter core. And that is something that is not using any carborant but it is using some special metals. but it is more done by technology. So monoatomic gold also is often required in this in this process, the antimatter, which can use as well other elements, rare elements. It's very powerful propulsion core, but the thing is. it has tendency to be unstable. Antimatter it's very difficult, can be dangerous. The container must be like a super secured, it needs to be contained in an extremely powerful electromagnetic field. That's only the way you contain antimatter by a powerful electromagnetic field.

Q: Can the ship's consciousness be altered? Does each ship travel with a mechanic?

Yes, is each ship whatever the navigation system or the propulsion system has a team of mechanics, which are qualified in all the different technologies and are ready to withstand all the potential problems. Thus the consciousness of the ship can be altered of course, yes it can, but that is rare I never heard that that happened, but I know it's possible.

Q: Do the ships use mercury?`

Yes. Red mercury I don't know, but they use mercury. So I tell you how they use mercury. When they use the double torsion field propulsion system, which is two toroids filled with mercury put in such a high temperature and pressure, that it creates an electromagnetic field. It creates antigravity. And the two crossed together, two fields cross square angle to each other – it creates a propulsion, an electromagnet an anti-gravity propulsion and it's very powerful.

They can use mercury in the skirt of the ship in the metal. Some ships have mercury in the composition of the outside skirts, but mercury is more used for propulsion systems, very heated and put under tremendous pressure.


This is Thor Han's mothership, that's the station.


Now the propulsion engine.

The core as the fuel. And now the propulsion is the engine, the actual techniques how the ship moves.

Now we're talking only about the engine. So it's a technology that transmutes the power core energy into movement and celerity. You have different ways:

You have anti-gravity torsion fields – that's exactly what we were talking about what caspar was asking. The anti-gravity torsion field or also called electrogravity propulsion. It uses two toroid fields, in which extremely heated plasma or liquefied metal (such as mercury) rotates at a very high speed and in two perpendicular directions. It creates a powerful electromagnetic field and that with is going to lift the ship. How do the ship goes to right left front, back, up, down, because the ship in the in the skirt of the ship, in the ring around – it's divided into a lot of segments, like a cake. And each segment is going to receive an electromagnetic impulse from the core to calibrate and change direction. And it could also accelerate, slow down, it can also the more the impulse will be, the stronger will be the impulse, will be the faster the ship will go. So the impellers are sent in trenches all around and that creates around the ship a powerful electromagnetic field. Also that's why most of the ships are powered by anti-gravity torsion field and you can't approach them when the propulsion system is activated, because the electromagnetic field around – it's like so powerful that it can just hurt all the particles of your body. It creates also an ionization around the ship and an ionized shield and you don't want to be in contact with that. It really can burn you.

And when you approach a ship which has disactivated – well, you feel static electricity, you feel your hair, you know. It's quite powerful. Never go next to a ship that has landed as long as it glows! You need to wait all the lights are off and wait a little bit, a few minutes, then you can walk towards it. If there's light, if it glows – freaking no, don't go near! You can really be badly burned.

Also when the ship is in an atmosphere like earth with damp, it can create condensation around and in some damp planetary atmospheric condition so then it's like you have sometimes illusion to have clouds around ships. And that's the explanation. So the thing is that the electrically polarized pulsing and rotating plasma, this can become luminescent, because of the extremely high electric charges. The interior of the ship, the habitable is maintained in stable pressure and gravity, thanks to this electromagnetic field who maintains these conditions. And when it moves you have no physical sensation that the ship is moving, unless you see things passing by the windows. You have no idea you're moving.

That's a torsion field, that's a toroid. That's the double torsion field propulsion.

Imagine the skirt of the ship around this. For instance you have the central core in the middle and so this is filled with plasma or very heated metal. So this is going to be induced because of the core. The core is going to induce a rotation in the toroid like from the center up the side back to the center, vertical portion. That already by itself produced by a very heated plasma creates a powerful electromagnetic field.
But if you want to create antigravity, you need to cross it at right angle with another one inside. So I drew a donut here, so that (b) is inside that (a). So that is inside that and here it goes like this, but here it goes horizontally. It's not even horizontally it's like this. I think my drawing just explains it to you. That's the inner ring.

And that also has a double wall and it's filled with either very heated metal or very heated plasma. And the speed of the rotation of these metals of plasma will create pressure. That's the speed that we create pressure. And around it sometimes you have magnets. The magnets are to stabilize and modulate the electromagnetic field. It will give the electromagnetic field levels of power like you accelerate or slow down the magnets.

This is not blueprints, that's just sketches to show you how I remember it from being inside and mental images Thor Han showed me of the how it works.

I've seen the core engine –it's a tube inside, it's a container cylinder. That's a cut of it. So you can either have the habitat inside of the toroid, but that's not the most frequent thing. It's easy to maintain the pressure in it, but that's not the main ship. So you have the core in the middle and you have something to gather the electromagnetic field and send it also around the ship. So you have these two toroids here, you see the cut and void in between.

The voids are very important. I don't remember why, but the voids are very important. I think it's a question of electromagnetism.

I'm going to show you other ways of putting this double torsion field in ships for those who go by anti-gravity.

First you can have the torsion double torsion field as a ring, and the habitable inside of the ring. That is quite common.

And you can have the ring below in the bottom and the habitable on the top (right side). That's the scout ship of the federation. They are done like this.

Then you can have also not a ring but balls, like all around. And these little these balls are little. It's metal and inside you have a double torsion field. This is a cut (right side) and so the habitat will have more space in it in the shape. And the shapes are different. They have different shape, they are flatter, more flat at the bottom.

Q: Do the Zeta grays use this methods of travel?

Yes they do. They do so, that's just the anti-gravity. They're all their propulsion systems, we're going to see them now. I just wanted to show you this, because it's very important, because it's the most commonly used propulsion system drive.

Q: The large ship I saw seemed to be surrounded by a slight mist. What was it?

That was the condensation due to the ionization of the electromagnetic field around the ship. The ionization of the air creates condensation in some damp atmosphere. So that's a mist around that.

Q: Does it urn clockwise or counter clockwise?

Always clockwise. There are rules, it's dynamic rules. Always clockwise.

Q: Are they using clouds as a cover?

Yes, of course. Of course they do that regularly. They even cloak themselves. What is cloaking? Cloaking is changing frequency.
The Kiily Tokurt have a specific way of cloaking which is a quantum reflection. They're going to project what's above underneath. But normally the galactic federation uses the frequency cloaking, which is raising the frequency of the outskirt of the ship, the skin – and this will make it invisible. But the ship is still there and the ionized shield effect is still there and it still creates condensation. So behind the cloud you can have an actual ship actually visible or cloaked, you never know.

Q: Can they go to transwarp, for example Warp 10 like in Star trek and be anywhere in the universe?

Yes they can do that .Warp I'm going to explain a little bit further. They use a projection beam, they are going to create a tunnel in the space time continuum and they're going to create their own wormhole ahead of the ship.

We've seen the anti-anti-gravity torsion field, which is the most common.

Then you have a propulsion system, an engine by dark energy. What is the dark energy? Well, the dark energy allows disintegration or deformation of space. It allows isolating time and dimensions. That means bending space and time. Dark energy allows bending space and time.

It's the same material you find in the portals and in the stargates. The same material they call dark energy. It requires first a flight pattern, flight coordinates – so it's basically mathematical algorithm and interdimensional geometry. I've seen them doing that. It's like holographic spheres of bubbles and it's like you look inside, it's like infinite inside. You have lines everywhere and they just calibrate the route with that. It's ultra complex geometrical maps inside. It's like all generated by mathematical algorithm in, and it's all set in the control panel. So these are maps that depict the physical space mixed with the time factor in a 3-dimensional hologram. There's a very table in the ship that does that. I've seen it. So the dark energy is also called the black goo. It's the liquid substance visually liquid that shimmers and waves in the portals. This matter allows bending space and time. So it's one of the most precious things that is traded in this galaxy. It's difficult to contain it it's very dangerous. If not contained it can be very harmful. It can destroy stuff and if it's left on its own device, it can spread and it's difficult. So you need to really manipulate it in containers, very sealed, you have electromagnetic fields etc.

And then you have the hyper drive or warp. So that consists in projecting a beam of energy ahead of the craft and so then the craft is pulled into it rather than propelled. It's moving by vacuum. In fact it's not really a beam, it rotates. You see it's like a rotating double helix but it's made with plasma, and it's projected ahead. In in fact in a very short frequency. I don't know why, that's what I've been told and the very short frequency coupled to this helicoidal beam creates kind of distortion in the ship's gravitational field, because it's projected ahead. So the field of the ship is going to be like suddenly hovered and it's going to pull the ship into it. The ship is literally sucked ahead. It creates in fact an anti-gravity wave. It projects the ship into any distance ahead and you can of course have the ability to control and adjust the velocity.

Q: The Pleiades ships that visited with Billy Meier seem to smoothly ride the magnetic waves of the earth?

They do. They use magnetic fields in the universe, and when they fly in the electromagnetic sphere of a planet, they use it of course.
That's why you have markers left by the ancients, like tsuch as the pyramids were also used as markers. They were put in certain specific positions and you have also natural lines like some ley lines are naturally markers as well. They're so powerful and strong that the ships use them to ride them. That saves them energy, it's electromagnetic.

Q: Is that matter inside the portholes contained?

It's not a porthole, is not a hole in the ship. In fact it's you have different airlocks that will make the transition between like in a submarine for instance. You won't go by a hole directly in it. Of course so you have a transition, different airlocks so that's how they contain the pressure and the gravity and all the things.

Q: Does the ship move inside the wormhole/portal or does the space moves around it

So the ship moves. The wormholes are short cuts. It means linear travel using shortcuts. Wormholes are actually black holes without singularity. They're like shortcuts.

(shows the common known wormhole concept)

If you want to go from here to here linear travel takes you like light years and you're so bored. But then if you can bend space time and find a wormhole, that's going just through it and you be instant nearly. Very short but it's linear still. You need to travel through, but it would be way shorter.

A wormhole is a portal, but all portals are not wormholes! Portals that are not wormholes act like teleportation. It's like in stargate movie, it's quantum leaps, it's like jump doors.

Some portals are wormholes, some are just resonance jump, quantum leap from teleportation. And these ones can teleport you anywhere in time, in space, in densities in dimensions. The wormhole will be set on one destination. The wormhole is a physical thing. There's a wormhole here, because there's a star like exploded, but it didn't create a black hole it created a wormhole, a hole in the space fabric continuum. It's stable – well not all are stables – but they all go to the same destination. The unstable wormholes are the wormholes that just don't stay open, but they are here. A wormhole that is stable is a wormhole that stays open all the time. But they go to only one destination.

A portal is not a hole. A portal is a teleportation device. So you have to enter coordinates. If you go through a portal that you find and enter no coordinates you will go to where the last coordinates were entered, last people traveled through it went. It would stay locked on that.
So you need a frequency key. What is a frequency key? It's a mathematical calculation, it's not actually object it's not. It's a mathematical calculation that you're going to broadcast by frequency into the portal, into the black goo dark energy liquid stuff, and that will send information to it and this will suddenly be put in resonance with the place, that you ask it in this frequency key.
For instance here's a portal floating in space, it looks like stargate stuff. Actually I have a photo of it because I've seen one by the eyes of Thor Han. It's very interesting, you really need to see that. It's in my next book.

That's the one in orbit of Jupiter. That what it looks when you approach it, and you have this waving thing in it.

You see a portal in space and you want to go to Aldebaran, you need to enter the coordinates of Aldebaran. So you are going to your ship, you enter the coordinates of Aldebaran in your ship. But it's not at all. How will you enter the coordinates that are in your ship now into the portal? Because the portal is not a wormhole. It will teleport you. So how will the portal know, the dark energy the goo know, where you want to go? The ship is maybe calibrated on Aldebaran but the portal is not. So you're going to send a frequency that encodes that's, that encodes everything and involving this you have secret geometry, mathematical formulas. It's very complex. You have also sound frequencies also in space (you don't hear sound, but it travels) and it will so be absorbed by the waving stuff, and so the waving stuff will calibrate on it. And then you go can go through and you'll be to Aldebaran in second.

You have these portals everywhere in the universe. You can go from here to here, to here, to here. That's so how the Maitra come from Andromeda galaxies like this.


The Driver

I told you about the core engine, about the propulsion system and now I'm going to tell you about the third: the driver. We had the fuel, we have we've seen the fuel, what fuel you put in what engine you use and now who drives it and how to drive it, how to give orders to the engine and the core where to go. There are two usual ways for driving a ship and that depends the route you take.

The method of moving: linear, portals, wormholes etc. So you have thought or by manual drive, both and you can combine both.

Thought is the most common. So how does it work? You have the mind of the pilot, which is connected to the navigation system by either consciousness or an implant. And all pilots in the galaxy federation have an implant in the head, that allows them. It's easier, it's safer.
Commonly works by using brain waves in the gamma range most of the time for humans. So if the pilot consciousness is not able to focus powerfully enough, that's when the implant comes in.
There's also a third way which um uses the dna connection. I've done that. It's by applying the palm of your hands onto octagonal patches on the side of the command seats. I'm going to show you drawing in a minute. That connects you to the mind of the ship. So in this last option only pilots belonging biologically to the same species as the one who built the craft. For instance Errahel cannot drive that way an Ohorai ship or Zenai cannot drive a Taal ship by dna coding. So it's a bonding of the pilot with the ship.

So target destination is set and entered in in a system first and t the pilot thoughts are used to to drive it, just to move the ship and to give impulse.

Sometimes there's no coordinates entered, that's what happens mostly. When you do a long travel, long distance for instance in times of peace, you want to go from earth to pluto. It's peaceful and it's fine. You just enter coordinates and you just give the impulse with the mind and you're there, and you just control the speed, and you can stop, can change your mind.

In times of war you need to change direction all the time, because you're attacked, you are you need to do this and that. So you're not going to enter coordinates, you're going to just drive with your thoughts, with your mind straight away, mind melt with the mind of the ship.

These are the octagonal patches, here and here. It's like glassy green in the pleiadian scout ship and you're going to put your hands on it. In these ships all the commands are in the seats. The front panel is only for the control panels and the visuals, but all the commands are not in front it's all in the seat. So that's when the manual drive comes in. It's for use for short distances and planetary flights and linear travel of course. You can use manual drive for quantum leaps, portals and hyperspace as well. You can use that for warp drive. So in the Ahil scout ships of the galactic federation of worlds all the commands are in the pilot seats. And so the front board is used only for monitoring screen. So when you sit in the seats in the front on the board, there's nothing. It's like smooth and when you activate the power you have all these holographic screens that pop up from everywhere. That's quite impressive and reminiscent things as well that appears under the materials, half translucent.

So then you press the commands in your the armrest. And then you can have if you decide to go on manual, that doesn't happen without piloting. you can have holograph decide activate holographic commands in front of you. Holographic screens appear just in front of you. So I've had the opportunity of trying that. So it works with the static electromagnetic field, produced by your fingers. So you put your fingers through the hologram and it responds and you feel a little tingling. It's like a very mild electrical discharge you can activate commands. So I tried it to move squares with my finger, with squares here and square there it was moving the ship. It was quite impressive and so it's affecting the direction.

I have a drawing that I made quickly, that shows you how these things look like. So in the seat approach that's the holographic things that's what it looks like. And you put your fingers in it and you move the stuff with your fingers like this.


The roots – how to go from A to B

Ways to get from a to b you have different ways. You have linear travel, you have quantum leap, you have portals and wormholes, you have time travel, interdimensional, inter density and hyperspace. These are the main ways of traveling.

Linear travel is used in planetary flight and short distances and it doesn't involve bending either space and time.

Warp beam, as I told you, can be used in a hyperdrive, or the torsion field propulsion system as well. That can be used in linear travel or anti-gravity.

You have quantum leap – so that's the portal technology. It's pretty much teleportation, but it's not like in star trek where the particles travel through space, No they disappear somewhere and they reappear somewhere else. Something that the producers of star trek maybe didn't understand quietly when they were told about this. The particles are not send and recomposed somewhere else. They just are quantum resonance. I don't know how to explain that that better. So the whole ship does that. It's portals, quantum leaps by portals.

You have time travel of course. They use the same substance that enters in the composition of the portal, dark energy or black goo. It's the waving liquid-like material, it's the medium transferring you to somewhere else. You can either travel inter-dimensional or into density.

There are a multitude of dimensions. Dimensions are parallel universes, imprecated one in the other, and each dimension has different levels of densities of matter. One dimension has many densities. The densities are the different octaves of vibration of all created matter in a specific dimension. I've explained that already.

So to go inter-dimensional you can use a portal, dark energy. For certain species, for instance the Zenei or the Ohorai species, who are really and really … the Egaroth do that also, quite a high level of psychic development, you can use conscious projection. You don't need technology, you don't need a ship. You can just teleport by your power of consciousness. That's absolutely amazing. It's trans-dimensional shift of consciousness of the pilot, and the pilot does that and he shifts the whole ship with him, because he's connected by mind meld with the mind of the ship. It's very skilled.
Only some species can do it. Humans have still difficulties to do that without technology. They can't, any humans, even pleiadians.

Then you have inter density. That's just a shift of frequency. It's like an inter-dimensional leap. Shifting density can either use technology or consciousness. Also it's no need for portals nor dark energy or antimatter, because you do not go to from a to b. You just shift to a higher level of frequency. You don't change dimension, you don't move through space, you just adjust your frequency to a higher or lower octave. It's the same technology used for instance in the frequency belts.

And you have also, the last one is hyperspace. I explained it with the beam ship and the vacuum, it's traveling in between space, where the continuum is warped and all notions of distance and times are abolished.

If I forget something, it will be in my book.

Q: Do they personalize the interior of the ship, for example like certain styles such as vintage or like retro with dance floors and disco balls?

No, everything, every shape in a ship is a mathematical calculation. Even the furnitures. You cannot add a goblet. It's all calculated, they have goblets they can drink, they have resting places with pillows and they have uniform storage, but all these are calculated in the mass, the actual magnetic thing, the calculations. So they don't do decoration. Everything is the purest designs as possible, because the ship works better. It's all legit. You cannot add or remove something from a ship. You know, there are a few ships that have been captured during the 1940s and 50s and try to be retro engineered to add weapons. The nazis have done that. But they couldn't add weapons, because the ship wouldn't work anymore. You can't, because it's a whole, it's one thing and for many people who have been abducted you can remember being in the ship, even if it's the grays. It's same technologies everywhere. Can you remember for some of you, how all the consoles and furnitures are like molded in one thing? Yes that's it. Ships are made in space also, they are not made in hangars or planetary. They are made in no gravity environment.

Q: Are specific space uniforms needed to be worn when on the ship?              

Yes you have the environmental suits, that will regulate the blood pressure and the gravity and maintain you in the right density, when the ship will travel.

So I'm talking about the federation now. There isn't any global uniform in the federation. Everyone wears a uniform of their culture and sometimes the social rank is shown on it. So that's important too you know who you address. We are all equal, but we have work attributions. When you work somewhere, you need to know if that guy is the plumber or if that guy is in charge, or if that guy will do this or that. You need to know who does what to be able to work with people. That's why they have their stages by insignia or shapes or colors on their uniforms, but it's many. You can recognize races with uniform they wear.

It's the same with the smart suits. There's less less variation with the smart suits, because it's not like clothing. Smart suit is technology. So usually they look like always glittery, because you have tiny particles of metal work like an armor. You can shoot someone – it won't go through. Either all kinds of blue and green, and you have silver or white or gold or you have even a shade that is warm beautiful, it's between silver and gold. This silver with shimmering gold reflections it's very nice.

Ahil have a blue turquoise blue, the Taal pleiadians have white. The Centaurians will have silver. The Ummites will have this golden shimmering one. The Ummites uniforms are beautiful, really really nice. I like that.

And frequency belts will change color with species.


The Hull of the ships

Now I'm going to talk to you about the skirt of the ship, the ship skin. That's something incredible material. The ship skin are composed the outside, it's the outside metal the outside envelope of most of the spacecrafts, and it's capable of modifying its molecular structure, and as well as its magnetic charge and its density as well – and that depends on the environment and the conditions of travel. The first time I sat in the command chair and Thor Han connected me with the central drive, I felt the ship had the consciousness. It was very weird. He connected me to the center drive by my implant, he just attuned. It was very weird, it was like suddenly I was in telepathy communication with a pet and that the pet was ready to go and eager to receive orders. It was so weird and quite a bit disturbing. So I ask him “is that alive because it feels alive” so that makes you laugh and he explained to me that yes, the ship is kind of alive. It's kind of alive, it has a consciousness, controlling its own body and skin. I ask if it has a soul? No, no , it's no soul, it's synthetic intelligence. It's created with algorithm and that's how we can pilot by mind, because it has its own mind. The pilot connects the mind of the ship but the ship is an artificial mind, artificial intelligence, it's an AI basically.

What the ship is, it's this consciousness and the skin. So it's alive too, but it's synthetic, it's a synthetic material that responds to the ship's mind. It's like our skin so it responds to the ship's mind, but it does best better than our skin. It shifts frequency at will and it can slightly modify its shape when necessary but slow, slightly. So that's when you have rare materials that enter in this composition such as trillium. Monatomic gold and I don't know all the names, that other elements. You can find on earth monatomic gold a lot, that's why it's well traded here and other elements you can find on other worlds that are equivalent.

So when the power core is activated the skin ionizes and it kind of awakens – and that's incredible! The ionization is created by the magnetic torsion field most of the time, can be created by the other ways also, but I remember. I told you the torsion field propulsion is the most common. The radiation then that is emitted you know it's by the skin of the ship is very harmful. If you come to near, don't go! Because it go near when it's activated when it's shiny and glowy, because it can melt your own atomic structure. You can really badly burn you, you can die from it.
But when it in inertia, the skin looks like and feel like a solid metal, smooth and solid metal. But when you touch it feels not that solid, you can just like rubber. It's just technology. I mean it has a memory, kind of a memory.
I had the occasion to touch one once. Thor Han allowed me one day. He took me to landing day when I was upstairs and it just made me feel touched under the belly of a ship, it was a scout ship, and then my fingers went a little bit in it and it had a little bit of static discharge like “wow”. It was like touching someone's skin. You just touch the skin, it just goes in and then you relieve your finger and it takes back its shape. It was exactly like this, a skin. The material under my eyes reformed as pristine and sleek as it was before I touched it. It's memory cognition, but it's metal. It's a metallic compound, which has memory cognition. That's quite incredible.

Q: When the ship is cloaked with frequency, could it a 3d plane hit it or it's existing in a higher frequency?

Super question! There are two things here. A ship can be cloaked using higher frequency shift in its outside, so it will make all the ship invisible, but it will be still here.

Now it's not the same as when the whole ship shifts into a higher density, then the plane can go through it because it won't be here anymore.

So it's two difference. When it's just the outskirt that is raised in frequency makes it cloak all the ship, or when the whole ship is raised – that's different. Then of course it's not there.

Q: Who wears black suits and only for commanders and captains?

The dark fleet does that, the Nachtwaffe, if it's humanoids. Otherwise the Zeta reticuli they wear black glossy suits, and it's the ones in charge wear these glossy suits, the synthetics are naked.

Altair – if it has dark suits and white hair and there are tall whites it's Altair, it's the Alkhori and they are not friends with Terra. They are working with the dark fleet.

I am going to share something with you. Someone contacted me in Canada. It's a very interesting story, because in November 2018 when occurred in Ireland the famous shannon incident that is very known in the ufology field. It was not far from where I live, and I saw the ships and that night I was being on board the ship. It's in my book “gift from the stars”. I saw two ships. It was two ships of the federation, glowing in a turquoise aquamarine haze, flying around the other, like these two. There were two and they were just flying like letting me see them and when I said hey “I saw you” this shot off south east. I'm on the west coast of Ireland That was the famous Shannon incident night, when planes, pilots related to the control towers that they were seeing these ships as well.

Now yesterday someone named Olivier from Canada sent me photos of the same ships. He lived in Canada, in the east Canada, so definitely there's a base in north Atlantic of the Federation, because he allowed me to share this. So he sent me the photo and I contrasted it on photoshop.

It was the same ships. That was absolutely incredible.

The two points above the moon, then that's a close-up and down a contrasted close-up of the right ship. That's federation scout ship and the blue haze is due to a special composition in the air that creates the ionization, it's different electromagnetic conditions of weather that create the create the colors. How cool is that!

Q: Does the floor have an appearance of a color, shiny/clean or windows?

In the Zeta ships I've been at the floor is tiled with octagonal grayish tiles. In Ahil pleiadian's scout ship of the federation it's white, it's not tiled, it's like a linoleum effect with little patches. It's never totally smooth or slick, it's kind of rough –you can understand why.

And windows – not in all the ships. Sometimes you think there are windows, but it's not windows it's especially for interplanetary flights. There's no windows, because it's a weakness in the structure of the ship. So you have windows only in the planetary scout ships or patrol ships, but these don't go very far. They don't do warp drive, they don't do inter-dimensional. They are just scout ships and patrol ships. These have windows.

But there are scout ships that are made for interplanetary flight and bigger ships. These are not windows, these have screens on the sides that projects what's outside inside. It's like windows, but that's not a hole. You think it's windows, but in fact you look through a screen. That's very well done.