2021/08/17 – Q&A - Our Greatest Power



Meditation “Reconnect with your true power” only:


The Deems Device

At the same time, I would like to introduce you to the Deems device. I have no financial interest in doing this; I am just supporting a fantastic tool that can help Humanity. The blue print of this device as been given by extra-terrestrials to someone who contacted me, and I decided to help this person promoting it because it is sensational.
The DEEMS Device is a powerful electromagnetic device which creates a vortex of electromagnetic and piezoelectric energy. This energy is believed to help ease pain, clear/balance damaged nerves and balance nervous system pathways for a holistic natural healing. The DEEMS Device is also helpful to practitioners of acupuncture, reiki, energy healing and light workers. The device uses the native energy found in the practitioner and the patient as well as universal and crystal energy and amps them up exponentially assisting in the balancing of the meridians/chakras and healing of the body, mind and soul.

Video about the deems device: https://youtu.be/NM1pJ_60Nsw

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Tonight I want to start by introducing to you something I promised you since a few weeks and I know Chris is here and is listening. Chris has been given the blueprints of a device, a technology that is not from this earth but which uses principles and dynamics and physics of the whole universe and that works on earth as well. Chris lives in hawaii and he has given all his time and energy to make this vision real. He created this device. This is a healing device. It is called the deems device and I want to introduce you to it tonight. I gain nothing to it. …

The dims device it is a powerful electromagnetic device which creates a vortex of electromagnetic and piezoelectric energy. This energy is believed to help ease pain, balance damaged nerves and balance nervous system pathways for holistic natural healing. The deems device is also helpful to practitioners in acupuncture, Reiki, energy healing and lightworkers. The device uses the native energy found in the practitioner and the patient as well as the universal and crystal energy, the Vril for instance, the energy for from the void, the zero point energy. And also it amps them up exponentially assisting in the balancing of the meridians, the chakras and healing of the body, mind and soul. You have all the details how to contact chris and purchase this device in the description of this video. I really want to support it because I believe in this thing and I nothing to gain from it. I don't even know Chris, he just contact me by email and we chat, and I really believe this. This thing can help humanity…

He told me by email that and we believe both that this blueprint was given by extraterrestrials and I know the Ummites are behind that, because that's what they do. … (promotion for the device, that she has not tested yet)

Situation update

These are times of change, amazing times of change. The oppressors of humanity are losing, they are losing ground, they are losing power, they are losing forces and they are going, they are being expelled from this solar system by those who have been fighting hard for us - the galactic federation, the andromedan council, the council of five and the earth alliance. Now it's time to start to plan the future, because victory is near. War is not over as I always say it is when we approach to victory that we need to fight the hardest to secure the victory. When you see the shore from afar you know you are touching destination, but you'd still need to sail - otherwise you'll never get to this shore.

Agreements are passed at the moment in the star system between the galactic federation and the companies and the space forces, who have the abilities, the skills and the spirit to lead this world into a progressive future. And I'm very excited because the enemy has been losing allies since a few years now, since this this cleansing has started. Everyone turned their back to the dark ones slowly, slowly, one by one. And now it is time we join the galactic federation of worlds as members to benefit of their protection, the official sharing of technology – and once we're in, we're so protected. The nebu and the Ciakahrr cannot do anything, they will go and leave us alone.
But to reach this point we need to unify as a peaceful world and all those who have turned their back to the dark ones are now being offered agreements and accords with the galactic federation, who is here to help us set up our own future. And they are giving us the keys of our star system. They'll still be here keeping an eye to protect us, because we will then be part of them.

So this is so exciting. You know it is only by the spirit of integrating that you can go forward in the future unity instead of division. And there's an emergency for us to join this galactic federation with what we have and it's okay. We'll get there we are helped by our big brothers and sisters so it's very exciting.

And now that these updates are given I am going to lead you into the second part of this video which is embracing our greatest power. For this I prepared a little presentation and i'm going to share with you.

Embracing your greatest power

Who are we? What are we made of? What are all the strands that compose our identity? We need to remember we need to remember who we are, what are all our capabilities, where do we come from. And all these answers lie within ourselves within the core of our being, in the center of memory in our pineal gland, the portal to all knowledge, the door of our genetic memory.
We are inter-dimensional beings made with 22 different royal genetics. We are unique, we are magnificent. Our DNA is the two coils of our kundalini polarized into masculine and feminine a join in the pinal gland and emit the signal that opens the portal. This is the druid egg, the euros on the forehead of the pharaohs. The ancient knowledge is encoded everywhere for us to understand and integrate the kundalini blossoming and opening in a perfect union in the middle of our head. The two coils joined as one allowing us to fly to other dimensions.
Yes, this knowledge was known by the Anunnaki, by the ancient Egyptians, by the north with the igtrazil, the tree of life, our dna, the sacred shamanic tree allowing us to travel the realms. And the serpent coiled around this tree is no more than our own power. Civilized by those who didn't want us to awaken, cast from our rights of being truly human beings, homo sapiens sapiens, forbidden to gain our right entitlement of knowing the true power of the inner coil of power. This is the tesla energy, this is the mystical way of the ancient traditions. This is physics, this is the toroidal magnetic field generated by any human, living creatures, planets. Our earth possess the same electromagnetic field as we do. This is the tree of power, polarized masculine – feminine, positive – negative. This two opposite generates a field, a dynamics. They want us to be in fear, but if we move to the frequency of love we become so powerful.

Some beings disagreed with us reconnecting with this power. Who are they? Who were these custodians of humanity who hid this knowledge from us? Who are those who modified our genetics and try to bind us as slaves? Why? Where do they come from? They try to erase our memory, but the soul never really forget.

It is time now. We regain our own power, we remember and cast these ones away. It is time to say that we do not consent, and that all the technology that's been kept away from us, is given back. And that we become, we are inter-dimensional beings.
Let us break our chains of ignorance and reconnect with our memory throughout the pineal gland, the portal of the heart – and once we reconnect with who we are, we are so powerful. That's what they don't want us to remember.

We are the powerful beings and knowledge is power. Knowledge is power. Let us awaken the two coils, masculine and feminine and proceed to the sacred marriage within ourselves, the alchemical union of both polarities to become one within ourselves a sovereign being, and one with all. One with all dimensions, all universes. It is time, we rebel and stand up for our right as sovereign human interdimensional interstellar beings.

Time is now.

Reactivating the two coils of our DNA by reactivating the two coils of the kundalini - it is the same thing. As you know a Tesla coil is the same thing. You have two coils around going around a central axis and this is what it is about our DNA is the same. Imagine when we activate it, imagine what we can do, the power we can spread…

Imagine the power contained in the ancient devices, the ancient pyramids. You had a crystal with two coils around it. That was the power of Atlantis. It is exactly the same principle: our spine with all the chakras on it it's the crystal, it's the central core is the power generator and the two Tesla coils around it it's our two natural serpentine coils of our kundalini - and that equals in all our cells. When we activate it, we activate in all our cells the two coils of the dna, which equals the kundalini, the cause of the kundalini activating the power of our DNA. The power that lies all the potential. that lies into our cells into everything that his body is. These bodies are generators. They are power plants and it allows the being us who inhabit these bodies to just wow expand our power. The two coils of the kundalini are part of the light being, the astral body, the soul, the light being that inhabits this body. When we activate these two coils, this kundalini within which is part of our soul light being energy body, …

When throughout meditation we activate, we uncoil the kundalini and we let the two coils go together around our spine and blossom in a lotus flower or the crown of serpents serpent heads like Buddha this is going to activate then the 3D physical body. What is going it is what is it going to do with it it's going to activate all the little coils present everywhere in all our cells, the DNA. All the little coils will echo to it and suddenly ignite, activate and suddenly this body will be activated and everything we can do with it. It's absolutely incredible.
And when this body is activated it doesn't block anymore the power and the abilities of the light being that inhabits it, because this light being who we really are is extremely powerful, interdimensional, but constraining this body it's limited.

Now let us activate this body. When the body no more is an obstacle, when 3D matter no more is an obstacle all the things we can do defies imagination. So the work doesn't go from outside to within, but from within to outside. We are not going to start to work on the physical body and climb the stairs. No, we're going to directly work from above from this the top of the ladder and activate down everything. This is not the same as working with opening the chakras of the energy.

We have three different bodies:

– the flesh body, the biological body with the flesh bones hair fat everything. That's the envelope that grows. that decays and that stops working after a while.

– Now this envelope has an electromagnetic field, which it. Everything has this, has an electro magnetic field, that's a dynamic geometry it has an electromagnetic field. Everything that's alive also has an electromagnetic field. The planet as you've seen in the presentation, the toroidal field as we do this is the electromagnetic field, that belongs to the envelope.

– When our light being which inhabit this envelope leaves the envelope, because the envelope ceases working this electromagnetic field just stops, working as well and is just released into the greater void.

So here are three layers: our light being, our eternal soul light being, who travels from body to body, who can come from the stars can come from earth (wherever you come from). We are immortal and eternal. Then we incarnate temporarily into the envelope, the flesh body. But this envelope once it is ignited by a light being when once it starts, starts working. well suddenly it produces an electromagnetic field light being and flesh envelope electromagnetic field of the flesh envelope. That's it in the ancient egypt you had also this knowledge of sen = the body flesh, Ka is the electromagnetic field. the energy. And Ba was the soul. Ba is represented by a bird with a human face that means Egyptian near higher eclipse it means this this is something that can fly and it's very metaphorical, means travel between realms and dimensions. Ka, the electromagnetic field and the aura also it's part of the Ka. It's two two arms like this. It's funny, because it's like two sides, two coils.

Three things: working with our light being upon activating the kundalini, the two coils of this light being, which is going to work on the consciousness as well. Consciousness belongs to the light being, not the flesh suit. We are going so to activate … do something that that's gonna have repercussions on the envelope of course, and it will activate the dna of the envelope (because the dna doesn't belong to the light being, it belongs to the flesh) We temporarily inhabit flesh suits, that have a history, that have a bloodline, that have amazing memory - the memory of these flesh suits which are embedded in the dna. The dna carries memories of the ancestors. So we all have carrying the memories of the ancestors of this flesh suit and parallel to that we carry also the memory of the previous incarnations of this light being. That is how we have been in our eternity, that he is about reincarnation of course he or wherever of world so these two things are part of who we are, the journey of the soul and the journey of the blood, the dna.

And the two coils, the magical coils. So when we inhabit this flesh body we superimposed two axis: the axis of the light being, the central spine and the central spine of the electromagnetic field of this flesh suit - both are one with the other.

Everything we eat, emotions we take - it's going to influx all of course on the flesh suit, but also on the soul, it can lower down the vibration of the soul. If you're a broadcast and send fear you're going to become sick and you're going to lower the vibration as well of your light being. So you need to do the work the other way around. Start within, start by working on this light being!

Q: Alcohol lowers your vibration

For sure that's a very good point. You can have a beer glass of wine times two times, it's exceptional. But you need to know that alcohol lowers down the vibration, and makes you more vulnerable to attacks. If you have like what we call spirits that's not called spirits for nothing like vodka, whiskey, tequila that really lowers down your vibration and bring takes down your defense.

Q: Most alcohol is compromised and it is easier for dark entities to get into your space

Yes. And give you a little example. I live in Ireland in a fishing village and I don't drink that much, time two times at the occasion. And sometimes I just go out to listen some music um when we are not in a totalitarian dictator and every time I approach the pubs, I see all these darks entity roaming around, preying on people. And when I go out (i'm well protected I don't care), but I see them chasing, hunting people who have lowered down their shields enough that they can get in. And sometimes they don't get out.

So alcohol is very dangerous. Not only in the way you know, but in a spiritual and metaphysical way yes even more.

There's other things that lower your vibration – what you eat as well. What you put into this body by ingesting - you integrate the vibration of what you eat and drink so it will modify the vibration of your flesh body and also your being inside. So for instance (do whatever you want with it) if you eat the flesh of an animal who died in stress, lots of adrenaline and stuff you're going to take that in and radiate this frequency, lower yourself down to this frequency, if you eat flesh and blood you lower yourself to the frequency of flesh and blood. And you smell flesh and blood to predator entities, such as reptilians or people like that. Tat's a reality and I need to say it. Of course these people are leaving,….

If you eat very organic, fruits or veg you integrate a much higher vibration and it helps flowing better.

The emotions as well modifies the vibrations. Sugar as well. especially processed sugar it lowers down your vibration. Drugs as well.

Q: Does injury or an unfound medical issues lower your vibration?

If there is pain attached yes. Pain lowers your frequency. If there's no pain. if it's just tissues that are altered but there's no pain and there's no infection it won't lower your frequency. …

Raising your frequency will help healing big time, parallel to taking a treatment. Never stop taking a treatment when you decide to raise your frequency or do energy work to heal. You never stop the treatments! You're taking and that's something I want to precise. We are all starting to have the med beds in many places and it's gonna get more and more widely spread. I've heard stories of people for instance who have a cancer and they stop healing themselves. I'm not talking about Chem. you are talking about even alternative ways of healing cancer really work better. Anyway an example: people stopping their treatment, hoping that med beds are going to come in their town and maybe it will come in 10 years and you'll be dead by then. Don't stop your treatment! Then you can live until these med beds are available. If you stop your treatment now and you don't have access yet to a med bed that's insane! Keep on doing your treatment until you have access to it….

Q: It's important to be someone with a nice clean love frequency

Yes! The love frequency. What is the love frequency? The love frequency is first: loving yourself, going into a meditation state and forgiving yourself first for all the mistakes you've made in your life. Mistakes are not um bad things, they are teachers. You are maybe fooled maybe misled sometimes. It wasn't your fault that this mistake happened. Maybe you took a wrong path because you were misled or abused. It's fine, it wasn't your fault.

If you took decisions willingly and it wasn't something that brought you prosperity and health or happiness - forgive yourself for that, because you were learning. And you've learned from it!

And once you do that you're not angry against yourself anymore, you just ease down all the regrets, no more regrets, no more anger, no more guilt - because you just look at your younger self at that time and you said to your younger self “I forgive you. I know it wasn't your fault. I know it you didn't know this, because you took this decision. You thought you would do the best that was the best. You never had bad intention! You never had bad intention. I love you” say to yourself and hug your younger self and tell your and yourself “you are forgiven. Look I'm fine now, it's gonna be all right let's us work together now” and you start to give love to yourself at every moment of your life when these other things happened.

And then you only have for yourself love - and you start to really vibrate it and embrace it. And this vibration of love it is so high that you start to radiate it. And you radiate it and that becomes so powerful, that it starts to transform the reality around you, the reaction and the interactions of people and animals and everything else towards you, because the attitude that people have towards you it is a response to what you send. If you send love they can't aggress you. And if they still want to aggress you it will just dissolve, because you will not respond to it, because you will be healed. You will not be at war with yourself, will be at peace.
So then if everyone is at peace with themselves we do not project anymore our personal struggles outwards into our relationships with people, as a therapy. Because when we argue with someone because we've been hurt and we're offended and so we're going to attack this person, we just project outside our wound as a therapy and we play actors with yourself and the other intervent, and you're going to play out your inner struggle. And the other person is going to play out the same inner struggle, because if they respond to you and play with you, because you have to share the same toys.

Make peace with yourself! This is the only way we can go forward as a species, because for once in history of humanity, we will stop attacking each other. And you know when you are in peace with yourself - no one can manipulate you, because you have no more wounds and you do not respond anymore to attacks. You don't care, you know who you are, you cannot be mind controlled. you cannot be abused. You are strong you say no, fuck off, leave me alone I do not consent, I'm fine.

And you are going to be also happier in relationships, because you will not choose a partner because you feel lonely and you have you need comfort or you need to be comfortable, you need to be loved because you like to love. And so anyone who comes and kind of fulfill this but then you realize that “oh this is a person and this person has a personality. I don't like it”
You know, when you heal your wounds. you make peace with yourself and you give yourself love you are only going to attract people who feel the same way, on the same level of love frequency - and you will meet someone because you love this person, not because you need to be loved by someone. That's the difference, because this person corresponds to your vibration and this will be wonderful. All starts within.

Also not struggling with yourself. We stop struggling with others, the divide and conquer politics of the deep state will not have effect on us anymore and they lose power. We cannot be controlled anymore, we will start to unite and we'll federate in a peaceful civilization. Everyone will be empowered entities: people, countries all sharing together their cultures and interacting. Everyone offering to each other as individuals or as countries or as traditions and cultures - their heritage and their gifts, who they are.

That's what's happening in the galactic federation and that's what they are enticing us to do on earth: to unite, stop arguing. You don't understand the message - it's fine. Don't shoot the messenger because you don't like it. You don't like it because you don't understand. Make peace with you first.

Q: What about marijuana and thc?

It lowers your frequency. .. Many of you, I've done it as well, try drugs or substances such as alcohol or thc, mushrooms or whatever else that makes you feel good. Some substances are going to remove the barriers of protection, the barriers that separate the monkey mind to the consciousness and you're going to have amazing experiences with your consciousness. You're going to do what the shamans do. When I learned the path of the shaman with my granny and a teacher, I needed to experience these substances, traditional herbs such as megwart for instance, warmood or these things like that. It helps projecting you into different realms of consciousness even travel interdimensionally.But the thing is: when you do that, you need to be an experienced shaman or practitioner, never be alone and do that freaking well protected! Otherwise it does like alcohol. It makes you so vulnerable. It's like doing this outside doing something that makes you so vulnerable outside or doing it inside of a castle or fortress – well, you rather do it inside a fortresss.

The thing is: we don't need these drugs. We don't need that. We can do without them! We can all do without them. You just encourage otherwise drug dealers to put money on their pockets. Don't do that.

We reach these states of consciousness, altered states of consciousness throughout meditation, throughout connecting with who we are and what I was telling you earlier on, activating our double helix power coil.

Don't go be addicted. Addictions are controlled by entities that are going to make you wanting to take more and more because, then they look at you and suck out your life force.

Q: Do some souls prefer to reincarnate in the same dna bloodlines? Can this be a benefit to your next life vibration?

I think I and I believe that many souls are reincarnating in the same bloodlines. What I would tell about the purpose of it is, that it helps this bloodline activate their dna and their power quicker. And sometimes you won't experience a bloodline karma. It happens sometimes. I have incarnated into this bloodline already twice for reasons. Every time it's funny it's like an apex as well, because the bloodline of the body that this body I inhabit now has two 2 very powerful bloodlines. And when I choose to reincarnate twice - that's the third time, magical number three - it's like okay journey of the body of the bloodline, journey of the blood, journey of the soul and sometimes up incarnation up incarnation up incarnation is like the dna it's the same pattern. And when there's a singularity incarnation into the same bloodline this is a very powerful life, when the person is going to do stuff important for humanity. So that happens. But we're incarnating in different blood lines also of course on different planets.

It's very difficult to tell the difference between the memory of the light being, the soul throughout these different incarnations throughout the galaxy, and the journey of the bloodline that you carry, that this body carries in its dna - that's the memory encoded in the dna of the ancestors of these bloodlines, the forefathers and the foremothers of this bloodline. So sometimes you can build it mixed. You know, I've lived in Atlantis. Was it my light being who incarnated in Atlantis? Did I come there physically from Alpha centaury or was it this body who had ancestors living there? And I remember the dna memory encoded in the blood of this body. It's very difficult. I don't know how to tell you how to spot the difference. Only you can know.
So two different stories, two different destinies: the bloodline you temporarily borrow. And your eternal interdimensional being, that always is. Both have memories. It's like driving a car. A car that can have had different drivers. The same thing. but you can drive different cars.

Q: I feel some have taken multiple bodies on earth simultaneously?

No you can't. You can't fraction your soul. Okay, you can do it, but not by… A soul cannot be cloned, but a little bit of essence of this unique being that you are can be extracted, a piece of it and be put in a clone body, or incarnated into something else. So you who you are will have a resonance with this other person, which will be always in contact with you, but it will be in a different body. But it will not be a second soul it will be a fractal of it that has been extracted.
This is unnatural, this is synthetically done, this is artificial. That's not happening normally and naturally you cannot incarnate in different bodies. You cannot naturally fraction yourself and live in different dimensions, different bodies. You can't do this. You are unique-

But as I said, I know, I recently had the proof of it chatting with a man who had that done to him. He was taken in in a dumb, in an underground base, and there he was greys have taken a piece of his soul to put it in a clone. This man is Marc Domingio and it was in Dulce.

Q: Are identical twins one consciousness?

Now that's interesting. Identical twins, it's not two babies who grow in two separate pouches in the womb of the mummy, it's a same pouch and they are in it and it's two different people, two different light beings, two different souls - but they share same genetics. So they will be in total quantum correspondence, quantum link, all their life by their body, by their DNA. You can you can do telepathy, mother can do telepathy with her child sense when the child is in danger. My mom used to do that with me when I was in danger, she used to sense it in advance because it's the DNA it's the genetics. The quantum link between the DNA between a mother and a child, a brother and sister and twins have that very strong, because they share the exact same DNA, same genetics, same genome. So they will be in quantum resonance all the time. That's why they can do telepathic easily. They will be drawn to do the same things.

Of course animal have souls and consciousness. Everything, the plants as well.

Supernatural powers are real, we all have them, it just needs to be activated.

Q: Can you talk more about the galactic human divine counterpart, twin flame relationship. I see and have contact with my own through light ships and telepathy.

So that will be the quantum link, not on a biological level, not on genome, 3d flash dna level like the twins. No it will be on a light being level, to inflame what we call twin flames is two beings who are sharing the same um frequency of soul, and they are boned by a link of love and they are most of the time masculine and feminine. But it can be masculine-masculine feminine-feminine. But one of them will have more masculine polarity and the other more feminine polarity, because you need this to activate the dynamics, the link in a same gender relationship. One will vibrate on a frequency more masculine on a masculine frequency and the other will vibrate on a feminine frequency. This is necessary for the dynamics.
Now I'm going to see later how you can. You will need all to have the both activated within us already. That's something else. Twin flame is. yeah I said that you come from the same pod of light and it's split at the stage and we all have our correspondent. The other who is somewhere in this universe. And only with this other can you share the bliss of the ecstasy of the union and mergence of the two souls. Two different souls, one consciousness, two different souls. It's very special. Two twin flames - it's like the twins in the biological flesh, twins in the belly of the mother share the same placenta. Twin flames, twins of life share the same light pod when they are born. And they are born to the universe, and they do their lives. They wander and they are all the time drawn to each other, because of the quantum resonance. And when you have a twin flame, a twin light twin, you are always missing this person, because you know you vibrate and you feel the lack of this person, and you can be well only when reunited with this person, only when in his or her company, when you share the same energy field, the same aura then you feel complete. Because when you both unite in the act of love you create a vortex, you create a toroidal field and this is a fantastic power plant. You are drawn to this, to find this person wherever he or she is. And as I said there's a polarity. A polarity is necessary to create dynamics. If they are male-male or female-female, it works as well because as I told you one will activate the feminine and the other one the masculine.

Q: Can you please talk about your our higher?

Our higher self is our consciousness. I would say our eternal being. The being I'm telling you about since the start, a light being, which is not only a body of light but also a consciousness, a consciousness body. Consciousness / light / energy body. Light consciousness being, conscious light being. I invite you to find a word for it.

The higher self is our true self, which is of a higher frequency and a higher state of awareness than our monkey mind in this flesh body. Why is a monkey mind? Because when you incarnate into a flesh body you just take also the monkey mind that goes with it, the genetic memory and the instinct animal instinct mind, which is something very primordial, you inherit you have it, but you need to deal with it because that's in animal instinctive memory of this bloodline. So that's you need to pass beyond this and go within and just connect with your higher self, with yourself and then with this light being in it. And that's your higher self your true self of a higher frequency and it is full of wisdom.

Q: Does the heart transplant affect the soul?

Not at all it's just replacing an organ. There is a difference between the biological heart, which is a pump, pump's blood and it's just a mechanical organ, generates electricity a lot - but that's different nothing to do with the heart chakra. The heart chakra and the heart of the soul it's it's the same place, it's in the middle of the chest. The biological heart is on the left side, and you at that same height you go in the middle and you have the heart chakra which is something different. It's an energetic portal, energetic it's all about energy, the chakra it's absolutely not linked with the biological pump. So you can replace it.

The animals also reincarnate.

Q: Do you recommend activations by others?

No! You only activate yourself. That's going through the process yourself, that's the thing. The butterfly does it himself, nobody does it for himself nobody's going to glue wings on it. If you can't manage to activate yourself, practice! And it is through the practice that you will enable yourself you will transform yourself. All is about practice! Musicians will understand that.


Sit comfortably or lie down. Find a position that will not strain your muscles. Do not oblige yourself to take a complicated position. Just be relaxed, cool. And if during the process you need to move – move. The purpose is that your body is not an obstacle, that you do forget about it, that you do not think about your body anymore.

Now you are set, all lying down very relaxed. Listen to your breathing. Pay attention to every breathe in and breath out. Every each of them is important. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in and breath out. And when you breathe in you breathe in light energy, the life force the Vril. And when you breathe out you breathe out all the impurities, the negative energies the fear, the doubt. Breathe in light, breathe out the fears until you become all light, only light and peace and relaxation.

You feel your body relax. You are the sound of this breathing. You are the air. This is the only thing you feel - the air coming into your lungs in and out, throughout your nose, your mouth this is the only thing you feel. This is the only thing you are aware of.

Now bring your awareness to your body, continuing breathing of course, paying attention to this breathing. Bring your awareness, wrap your awareness around your body. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? What parts of these bodies you want to give love? What parts need to heal? What are the strengths of this body? Feel the blood going through all your muscles. Visualize the heart pumping this blood and sending it by pulsations. Visualize the flow of the blood in this body. All the veins, everywhere, the capillarity of your skin, the blood nourishing the organs, The inside dark and wet and warm. The smoothness of your skin.

Smile slowly gently to yourself. You decide to be gentle with this body, because it has carried you since your birth. You realize, you didn't pay that much attention to how important it is and how important is to honor it and respect it. First by yourself and also protecting it from abuse from outside. Respect is love and love is power. And as long as you've been since a few minutes, focusing your awareness on your body, your flesh suit, nothing else has been able to reach your mind. As long as you stay aware to inhabit this fortress of flesh, this auric field as long, as you were aware of this nothing can attack you, nothing can disturb you, nothing can scare you. Because inside of this fortress feel safe. Nobody can get you out of this. Nobody can touch your soul. So now you know how important is to take care of this envelope, to keep it complete and clean and nourish it with good frequencies throughout food ,throughout emotions, anything that you are going to put in - be it material or etherical or emotional – needs to be clean and offer decently high frequency. You love yourself so much, you love this body so much.

And now that you are totally cut from the outside, you are just in this body, let us go deeper. Deeper in consciousness. Who is within? Who inhabits this body within? Who's there, knock knock? Who's there? That's you, well that's the real you inside of this flash suit. Wow - what do you look like? You are all shiny and your shiny real body is superimposed to this flash suit. For some of you it's smaller than the flesh suits, for some of you it's way bigger than this flesh suit, but it's superimposed to it. Maybe you're not the same gender as this flesh shoot that was your choice of experience, but normally you may be. What color are you? Do you see your color? How does it feel like to be in this light being? If you close your eyes, can you see the reflection of your face? I am sure you're beautiful. Maybe you are not from here, maybe the shape of your eyes are different, maybe the shape of your skull is different. Maybe your skin has another color. Or maybe you're just human. But in an ethical magnificent translucent version we are all magnificent, because a light being is magnificent, and is powerful. Who are you? Do you know your name, your eternal name? Put out the request in the universe and you will remember it.

Where do you come from? Close your eyes. Some of you will see the forests and the rivers of earth, some others will see a million stars and worlds very far away. Only you can know, what you look like, who you are and where you come from.

And here you are – this magnificent being, sat there within this flesh suit. You start to understand that you are way more than this flesh suit, that you are way more than what you thought.

Let us go within deeper. Center your awareness at the area of the heart chakra of this being, going to the chest of this being. Bring your awareness there. And you see that there is a spine of light going through this body, from your feet to your head. And it passes through and reaches out to cosmos. This is a skeleton of your light being, and on this skeleton there are globes of light, of different colors. These are the chakras. You have way more chakras than you thought. Different species have different chakras, and some of them are just locked with the energy centers of the body, you now inhabit to lock your light being into this body. So it is once you share them, they are locked with the energy centers of this flesh suit. That is now how we know. We understand that the chakras have also different levels. The electromagnetic level and also the etheric level.

And now we are going to activate the power of this light being. Now along this tree that is this spine of light with all the globes, that is the tree we will awaken, the double helix. See this axis of light rooting into the ground and expanding to the cosmos. This is the sacred tree of your life. And at the feet of this tree is a globe of golden light. It is located in your groin, in the root chakra, where the root chakra is in between your legs at the tip of your coccyx. There superimposed to the energetic root chakra of the flesh body there is the secret cave, where the dragon of gold sleeps, the kundalini, good dragon. There are actually two dragons sleeping there, two twin flames dragons – the golden and the silver one, the sun and the moon, the male and the female, the sword and the cup, the emitter and the receptor. Visualize the two dragons one of gold, one of silver sleeping there, coiled together in a dragon's egg. When these two awaken and dance together we awaken. It is all about visualization. Visualization is intention, and it has an effect on energies. No one better than you can have an effect on your body, on your being.

Send love to these two dragons and awaken them. See their eyes, beautiful eyes of gemstones opening. And they rise, these two dragons are like the Chinese dragons without wings. They really look like the Chinese dragons, these flying serpents without wings. That's what they look like – two chinese dragons, gold and silver. And they start to lift and turn like the double helix of the DNA around the spine, around the tree, at equal distance, always the same distance. They pass the second chakra, turning around, the plexus. And every time they activate the chakra, the heart. And they turn like the helix of the DNA, the throat. The third eye. And they arrive here dwelling a moment in the pinal gland, keeping on turning and turning and turning.
And suddenly, as they linger there for a while, a big flash of light explodes in your head. Your pineal gland activates. The portal is open and the two dragons pass through it, reach out the seventh chakra of the crown, and suddenly as they are out, they open each one wing and a beautiful lotus flower of light, purple light blossoms on the top of your head. This is the crown of your sovereignty! And this lotus is the receptacle, that he's able to receive messages like a radio antenna, messages from the stars, messages from your family, messages from your guides. Anything that is of a higher frequency.

Visualize this these two serpents! They're spinning, spinning like the two coils of the dna, spinning, spinning around the tree, and lotus on your head spin, spin, spin, spin spins – it's like a spiral energy. And it starts to spin faster and faster in a vortex, and the vortex generates so much energy more and more energy. And the energy starts to become a power plant and expanding all your body. It expands and the power plants it's like a tornado of energy, and it becomes stronger and stronger and stronger. And it's like thunder and it's so powerful and you know, that now you can ride it anywhere. And you need now to let it go. And you let it go by expanding it in a blast of energy, and it will reach the limitless ends of the universe. And that is your power. One two three, let it go.

You are, who you are. This is you, activated. These two dragons, now one male and one female, still dancing together, are going to unite in the sacred union. A sacred wedding of the soul. This is the alchemical process that creates all life, that creates all the intention.

Take an intention a wish a dream that you have that you want to realize. It may be for you, it may be for someone you love, or maybe for a world you love. It can be in the past, it can be in the present, and it can be in the future as well. It is nice to manifest things for the future by manifesting it in the present and making it real.

Make your wish.

And now your wish is made, you have it? May the words be clear. Repeat it three times in your head, your wish in clear words.

And now see the two dragons dancing, coiling – the masculine in gold, the sun dragon, and the feminine in silver, the moon dragon. The golden one holds the action and the silver one holds the manifestation of this action. The silver one is the womb, the chalice. The golden one is the thought, the intention. You always need an intention and something to create it into it. That be the job of the silver one. And then both are complementary, and they dance, they dance. Think about your wish. And as they turn around each other they are going to get closer and closer to each other, and you can feel the love of these two parts of your being, the feminine and the masculine, the animus and the anima, the male soul and the female soul, which turn around, around closer in a dance of love, alchemical love.

And they are going to touch each other dancing twirling until they form one only serpent. And when they join, say your wish – and the dragon is now a single, unified dragon of light, white light. Focus on your wish! This is the child born from this union.

And when you will be ready, this wish will expand into the universe in a blast of light. And the white dragon, the child of light will expand in sparkles and particles and dissolve into the universe. And he will be part of it when you are ready to it.

Your wish is now into the universe you have created. This is your power.

Whatever particles of sparkles of gold and silver just recoil down into your root chakra. And you open your eyes, really open your eyes and see that now you are this being of light. And you just did it! You just did what Adam and Eve were cast from heaven – for the knowledge.

You can do this practice for a different purpose, as a vision quest to reach out to the higher knowledge that you receive into the lotus. You can send out your two dragons out into the cosmos and seek for answers .You have no limits in time and in space.

And now that you know that, now that you know who you are – nothing can scare you. And when you walk in the street, you recognize in everyone you meet other magical trees with magical dragons – but they don't know it yet.

All beings, especially human genetics while human structured beings in the universe are made with this light structure. Species like the grays for instance don't have this. The reptilians haven't developed it. So they really want to crack the code, the secret of it, the secret of this double helix of power, the coil of power. They haven't been able until now. then they will not because it's too late now, we're setting ourselves free.

I am going to leave you and wise beautiful magnificent beings that you are. I wish you a good evening a good day and bring to this world. The change that you want – you are this change.