10/08/2021 – LAAN - From Lyra to the Galaxy



Who are these mysterious beautiful ancient beings who have humanoid bodies with feline features in their upper body?

Situation updates

Go and check on dr michael salah exopolitics, the latest update that we've done together. This update has been horrendously criticized by people who do not know what's really happening out there. … There's been a lot of misunderstanding after this video and Michael and I have been like bashed like a witch-hunt, medieval witch hunt… We've let out the information that Thor Han was allowed to share with me that certain meetings have been going on in the facility of the galactic federation of worlds on Jupiter. These meetings were the equivalent if you know on earth before the end of world war two there were the Yalta agreements, who were preparing the afterward after victory when the allies know that victory is secured but we just need to finish the job, then you plan for the future. You plan for the organization and the logistics of how the world is going to be managed, because you don't want to leave behind a world of chaos, where we've won now we go home and just help yourself - that's total chaos that allows any predators to step in. So what you need to do you need to take the people that and the institutions that are the best able to manage the chaos and to bring everyone back into a path of social peace, balance and prosperity. That's what's happening at the moment and the galactic federation of world is helping us, Terrans to reach this this, because it's quite difficult. For all those who have studied all the history of secret space programs you know. I invite you to read the work and the books of dr michael salah who has spent years and years studying this.

Why was it so difficult to hear for people? Because here is the intel I got: Thor Han was escorting delegations to Jupiter and he was staying in orbit of Jupiter with his fleet and he told me there are agreements going on. All the details is in what I gave to Michael. So you want the details of this story go and watch his video.

These meetings were helping earth people to take back their solar system in hands and avoid a situation, where all the different predators and space programs competing each other would just make of this star system a battlefield. No! Now it's time to plan for the future, now it's time to organize ourselves as adults. So what happened is that there has been no agreement with the galactic federation. They just helped us organizing ourselves as guides and big brothers. They helped us to organize ourselves to find what structure and organization would fit best, are rebuilding of ourselves as a civilization. So the one the country having space programs and that were the best able to take care of peace and secure safety zones was the u.s. You cannot never please everyone. What they were looking for was the spirit, the spirit of guardianship of taking care. The galactic federation has been working with the U.S navy since the 1940s, building solar warden building technology and scientific cooperation. Now they've helped us organize ourselves. So the US is going to be managing the logistics of an alliance of different space forces and countries regarding to space. And this has had its bases on the Artemis cards, the artimisa cards were the first step and then it unfolded with interaction with the ETs. So the andromeda council, the galactic federation of worlds and the council of five were represented on Jupiter.

There are six countries who form like a Starfleet. Many others will join but uh these are at the moment those who are best able to take care of peace and behavior in this system. These six are regarded by deduction with michael us, China, Russia, France, Japan - these are forming a coalition. Why they did want to include Russia and China? Because then they are not set aside as potential opponents and troublemakers, it kind of forces everyone to get on with each other and put all knowledge and technology together. That's what the galactic edition did.

Now you need to find one who would manage them. Well, the u.s won the price because the most able to do it for many reasons.

Now, with these different countries we're also beside the officials of the space forces CEOs, because the rebuilding of a civilization is not only with military, it is with commercial aspect. So they there were CEOS as the the galactic said, progressive corperation. Corperation is not a bad word, a corporation can work for the greater good. It's like “technology is bad” No, it depends who uses technology, it depends who runs a corporation. But you can have technology use for the greater good, you can have corporations working for the greater good yes it is possible.

Thor Han was the person, who told me this, at any moment named any CEOs names or companies. He said, it's new companies that have been judged by the federation as potentially progressive. So now they're having an eye on them and they think they're going to be good behave. If they don't behave, they are out of course, but they have interest to be to stay in. The only names Thor Han named was after the penultimate like the semi-final set of meetings, where was about to be decided who would manage the three ships left, and these ships where are those who were not voted to manage to start new Starfleet. Thor Han said it showed me this oblong ships and that I couldn't identify later as solar warden ships, bringing back the delegations to earth, these ships were Thor Han said “oh look they are coming back, they they're going back to earth these three delegations, and two of them are Chinese and Russians and they are really unhappy and I didn't say more. So I deduced that they were unhappy because they didn't get to rule over the Starfleet. And none of them is happy to be under management of the US of course. So China and Russia are not left out, they're just unhappy because they don't neither of them got to manage everyone.

That's great news. That means the victory is secured. But then, oh boy. Michael tried to because Thor Han said, I am not allowed to tell you who these CEOs, are I am not allowed to to tell more and just this you can disclose of course. So we understood very well with Michael, why and we didn't want him to get in trouble. Michael asked Thor Han, it is okay that we speculate about whose countries were there and CEOs and that I got answer from Thor Han say “yes of course at the moment I am not giving you the answer. I am not breaking any disclosure. But at the moment you speculate it's great.”

So Michael, who is fantastic researcher found out who these corporations and countries were. I invite you to watch the latest video we did. When he announced in this video what who he thinks by um corroboration of facts are these progressive CEOs involved in this new Starfleet, he got hammered, and I got hammered too. Why? Because nobody's happy with that.

I am going to read Michael's comment under his video and that will tell you everything about it because that speaks better than what I would say.

“I've read the comments and many are incredulous that the galactic federation of worlds is working with the likes of Bezos, Musk, Branson etc and regards them as leaders of progressive corporations. Everyone needs to calm down. From the perspective of the galactic federation of worlds these are newer aerospace companies, that respect workers rights etc, and are introducing more advanced technologies, reusable rockets, electric cars for instance in comparison to the older aerospace companies Lockheed, Northrup, b-e-a-b-a-e etc that are linked to the interplanetary corporate conglomerate icc and hoarded everything for decades. The ICC worked with the dark fleet and was complicit in forced labor, galactic slave trades weapons proliferation etc. When one compares Bezos, Musk et cetera to the ICC practice, it is easier to understand why the federation regards the former as progressive. Big difference between how Musk, Bezos, Branson and all their employees to how the ICC treated workers and captive slaves in their classified facilities in Antarctica and of planet.”


I honestly feel, that are you really ready to learn about what's happening? When Thor Han told me “i'm not allowed to tell you names”, I understand why now - because people aren't ready to hear. You're so all like filled with fears and you need to calm down. Yes as Michael said, these are speculations based on facts. You can't beat facts okay.
The galactic federation has been fighting since ever since long time not ever to help us liberate ourselves from the Nebu and the Dracu. We're winning thanks to them thanks to them, we have the alliance, thanks to them, we have all the technology, we have solar wardens, we have the med beds, we have the free night, we have everything, thanks to them. Their only aim is to set us free and they are doing it well.
You need to open your mind to a broader perspective. These people, I mean they are businessmen. They have turned their interest to what will serve their interest. The cabal is falling, nobody wants to work with the Cabal anymore. Now everyone wants to work with the winners, the bankers. And honestly - do you really think you know everything about these people? Yeah they've done bad things. Haven't you? Yeah. do you know you know do you think you know everything that's happening in space? No you don't. I don't know everything either. Who knows? This is information this is what's happening and if you think that you know better than Michael Sala, who has spent years of his life studying exopolitics. He has a phd and he has a compilation of personal testimonies, that are so invaluable and that are so proved, that they are real, with real people who have worked physically in secret space programs. Bill Tompkins for instance, people like this. Michael has written so many books about the subject. So when he speculates something it is based on something concrete, it's not just speculations. If you don't like it, well come up with other speculations! I mean, every suggestions are welcome, instead of attacking people for delivering information.

I never said about Moscow, whatever, I just delivered the information about these agreements. You know, when sometimes, when personnel from the galactic federation say “people are not ready to hear their stuff” - well I think “yeah”. I ask you to trust that the galactic federation of world is working for the greater good of humanity. These new companies, spaceX and else are the future. There are no others. So you take what's there and with what's there you make a future that is progressive and serve the greater good of everyone. The ISS - that's over, it's crumbling. The ICC and the cabal, interplanetary corporate conglomerate, it's crumbling down, the dark fleet. the cabal it's all falling. Now there are fresh new corporations that are going to prove themselves and they're well looked after watched. If you know better, say it.

Who you know is a good guy and a bad? Five years ago.,four years ago everybody was saying “oh my god trump is horrible, he's such a bad guy” A year ago “oh my god he's the savior, he's wonderful he's amazing, he's gonna save us. All we all pray that he still come back as a president” That's how you manipulated. What do you know really about people? What do you really know - just what you hear. So don't go in the crusade on just words.

I'm just tired of that. I just died of working my ass off to deliver you information and then…

We are going towards a great future and the way it is done is forced to serve the best interest of the many, and I will keep on giving you this information, that you want it or not, that you like it or not because that's my job. To get intel and pass it on to you. Tat you criticize me that you think i'm listening to the CIA through my headphones - I don't care. Do my job business as usual, i'm here to help you. I came here sacrificing a lot to help humanity and nothing and no one is gonna stop me doing my job. … I don't I spent my days my night working for that. I do not have a regular job. I had no time for it. All of this because I love humanity. So I will keep on doing it, if some don't like it. I don't care now.

I'm a normal person, I know nothing, i'm french I live in Ireland. I don't think about American politics, i'm just a normal person who's been abducted and I mean who tries to sort out everything.


I'm going to tell you about the Laan, about the Laan people, because they're amazing and they're also part of the federation and they are helping us working for us. We are so many who have abandoned everything to come here and help you.

Lyra constellation is a place in our galaxy where an intergalactic federation has decided to seed humanity, humanoids as a project. And from lyra humanuit races have spread throughout the galaxy. One of these different genetics that were implanted there was what they call themselves, humanoids. They're quite tall and they have what looks like feline features, but it's not cat people. They look like it. but in fact it's a special genetics that make them look like it the face the features. because they have a wider slanted eyes and larger nose and they have a little bit of something here.

So i'm going to tell you about this in which system they first. They did originate form one just one system in them in the Lyra zone. I would say because “constellation” is a visual illusion pattern that we see when we are from earth for instance there is a bit of a confusion. I'm really glad to clarify.

People mentioning these beings with feline like looking features are calling them the “Lyrans”. They are lyrans. But pleiadians are Lyrans too, Ahil are Lyrans too, Taal are Lyrans too. Even some species of reptoids are Lyrans too. “Lyran” means from the constellation Lyra. Lyra is a word from ancient greek that means a small harp. because seen from earth few of these star systems seems to form a pattern of a little harp. But when you say “Lyran” it's a word invented of course on earth. I'm a reminded ET's are not calling themselves by names created on earth. These people live so far so far.

Let us call them by their real name which funny looks like la'an. The Laan this beautiful race was born in few systems of the lyra constellation. I'm going to show you because my book is a real bible to me as well everything is in it about these people.

page 184

You have a beautiful illustration done by me. You yes so yeah see they are humanoids, they have big slanted eyes and they have a prominent forehead a lot of humanoids have that, and a large nose and they look a little bit like a feline. And they have thick hair.
You know these people the Ptal and others - they've played a lot with genetics so you know i'm not able to explain to you why they look like that.

The Laan come from the star system we that we call Kepler 62. This is the Lyra constellation and K-62 is this big star above. Kepler 62, Man system, five planets, origin of man, humanoid races.

Kepler-62 it had five natural planets, not terraformed. Egoria next to the star mana, where you have the famous Laan people. Then second planet G’mún, Ladrakh a very nice reptoids. Third planet, big one, Pmankhera (Taal), rulers of the star system and then Maya. Planet of the Ahel. And the fifth one Tar and you have here the Noor, the big ones, the tall giants.

We go back to Egoria.

Q: I have heard that the Ptaal have bases in Himalaya, ist that right?

The Ptaal had, yes. In Himalaya there are a lot of bases different bases, I think there are four. They have a base there, they are tall humanoids with white hair, but they are very discreet and they have a base here to control bit and monitor ours. They have a base in every planet they have seeded.

The Laan live on the first planet Egoria. This was the most magnificent world. Unfortunately first in line when the massive Ciakahrr fleet approached the man system. The survivor escaped to the third planet Omanjera inhabited by the Taal and central power for the whole planetary system. Unfortunately Omanjera was the next in line.
The Taal managed to halt the invasion by attempting negotiations with invaders which allowed enough time for the whole four inhabited planet to put an evacuation plan into action. Taal humanoids with beautiful feline faces features for the upper part of their head from their flat nose with noticeable nostrils to their long wavy red or golden hair, although their mouth is humanoid like as are the rest of their bodies. Their ears are small and rounded and they have a tail, small one. Their skin, generally light brown, is covered with a short silky fur and their eyes are of all sorts of shades: amber and turquoise being the most common color.
Egoria their homeworld before it was ransacked and scrapped off its vegetation to become a reptilian mining facility, was a beautiful world we still spoken about in our legends (the legends of the Ahil). The vegetation had on Egoria colors not found anywhere else, such as golden magentas pinks and purples. And the sky had a green blue shimmering light. Laan cities were built from crystalline materials. Laani treasurer above all beauty culture and arts, such as music and poetry. Laani have an active part in the galactic federation of worlds, taking an important part in the galactic diplomacy.

Laani discovered terra about 1 million years ago and settled a colony there, starting genetic experiments on the indigenous hominids. Shortly after the Ciakahrr empire arrived at their turn and two factions fought in a series of historical conflicts called the Terran wars. This was violent, and different parties joined such as the Anunnaki, who had until then been cooperative with the Laani on the basics of territorial agreements. The Ciakahrr wanted to enslave the genetically upgraded Terran species with the Laani and the Anunnaki had better plans a little more practical. Than the Ciakahrr the result of this long series of fights rescinding entire civilizations eventually ended by a faction of Ciakahrr and Nagai, redrawing underground, while the rest of the troops left the Terran system.

Nowadays they are supporting the Terrans in their spiritual awakening, working together with the other races of the galactic federation of worlds and the council of five to terra's ascension and to the purging of the cabal.

They have oblong ships like cigar shape, shape-shift as well.

Now their colonies have spread very widely throughout the galaxy and through masters they are true masters in genetics and they adapt to their physiology to the new environments, giving birth to a wide genetic diversity of features as for instance: the bird-like mutation in the Carian system in Orion. Laani and Taali are naturally compatible and their crossbreed is named Ahiel.

When they decide to settle colony in the world without disturbing anyone, they are going to breed themselves with the locals to be able to create a race of hybrids, able to strive in the new environment. In the meantime they stay on board a ships. And when the new race of hybrids is ready to live on the planet the descendants they go, and the ancestors say stay in the ships. That's a bit like what happens on earth with the gods, staying in their ships and cities in the sky and you know …

Q: Do you have info on planet Reyla in Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation of Lyra? Inhabitants?

Epsilon Lyra (on page 181 you have the list of all the systems where you have life in Lyra)

I actually don't have in my book. That means these people are not interacting with earth. I have been told. But you know there are so many… Lyra constellation is teeming with life absolutely everywhere. So I do not have um info on these ones. I'm going to ask about that.

Q: How do the Laan educate their children?

The Laani are educating their children in the way of the man cultures, they do as globally as the Ahil and the Ta'ali too and the Ori. They first are going to discover who the child is, and they are going to do whatever they can to develop the personality, the abilities and the gift of this child, this new being, to be able best to enable this being to perform his life mission. What they usually do. The Laani are more individuals, they are going to homeschool the kids and educate him. It's not really as we do on earth overwhelming the child with knowledge that comes from outside. They're going to do the contrary: they're going to teach the child how to go and find the knowledge within his heart, within himself and how to exceed knowledge by himself ,find the inner portal, who are you and tap into the knowledge of the universe.

They can also in like the Ahil, do that a lot, group kids by sectors of abilities. For instance if your kid is very skilled in arts for instance in music, you're going to group this kid in a kind of school groups, learning groups of other kids who will also be talented in music. Then they will motivate each other and build each other and that will multiply the ability of developing their gifts. …
There aren't schools like buildings with a teacher. There are teachers but they are more like spirit guides, spiritual masters let's say and you know that's the way of the school of tomorrow and it has started already I know in England. In England UK you have already schooled and i'm sure there are others developing all over the world now and that's the future of tomorrow of the schools system of tomorrow, there are schools in UK where they first identify the psychic abilities of a kid and develop it. They they entice the kids to develop telepathy and remote viewing and energy work and everything. That is fantastic. Imagine if all of us would have been in such school instead of being told learn this by heart and shut up and don't think you know.

Q: Is in Egygpt the goddess Bastet related to Laan people?

I don't think so, although there are gods who are remnants of ancient gods, where races of beings from different origins have simulated with animal-like features. Some other egyptian gods such as bastet who is a minor god, she's not part of the Aniad the nine primordial gods, she's the goddess of the home, child birth. Se looks after the home, the household as cats do. So Bastett represents this, a divinity who protects the house and she's the healer she's the medicine, because that's what cats do too.
The Egyptians had ability and the not the ability done the habit to imagine divinities to represent aspects and they would give a head of animal. It's to represent the abilities of this animal. For instance Anubis. Anubis is the guardian of the dead. He and it's not it's not bs what i'm saying, I am qualified Egyptologist, it's very sad that you need to precise these things nowadays. Anyway, Anubis has the head of a jackal you know. So why he has a head of a jackal? Not because he really had one or it was itis with charcoal head, no jackal is a wild dog, it's even the family related to foxes. Why? Because when you've been to Egypt those who have been to Luxor - something that strikes you is the perfect separation like cut off the green Nile valley, the fertile valley and the desert. It says cut. You're in the field and suddenly there's nothing, it's sand. That's it because it was the ancient fertile soil coming from Ethiopia going with the flood, and now it's there and that's the fertile valley.
And all the necropolis where not in the fertile valley of the living, but in the desert in the realm of death of nothing, of sterility, the realm of Seth. So they would put their necropolis in the desert but not too far, because you want to go and honor your ancestors regularly. So at the entrance of the desert are the necropolis everywhere in Egypt, at the doors of the desert, when you lived in Egypt like I did as I did for eight years. You do not go at night in the desert, especially not at the entrance of the desert, because the wild dogs, the hordes the packs of the packs of wild dogs, they are cuties by day but by night they are ferocious predators. They are biting people, they guard their territory because they live in the desert by day, they are going to walk in the valley and look for food and do the beans and eat few rats and stuff. But during the night they sleep and live in the desert and they're going to protect their territory like hell. Hounds of hell. Why Anubis who is the guardian of the necropolis is represented with a doghead or shackle head? Shackles and the dogs, wild dogs are two different species, but they are together doing the same thing: biting people if you go there at night, because it represents this. Anubis is the guardian of the necropolis and who are the guardians in the necropolis? It's the wild dogs and the jackals. That's why Anubis is represented with the head of a jackal. And this goes for many, many Egyptian gods.


Now we are all going into the system of Derisim. It is in Lyra zone, Kepler 7b.

There are many races living there, but there is a race of Laani there. Who do we discover here? The Orman, still feline features. They're still the same species, but these ones t they live on the third planet of Kepler-7b. They are a Laan colony from the man system which evolved by genetic assimilation to local life forms in order to adapt to new environmental conditions. Initially humanoids with feline features they mix with local reptoids and stabilized with time. So you have now this Laan humanoids who have interbred with local reptoids, imagine that!
The Orman, smaller than the original Laani, the Orman physionomy combines feline characteristics with reptoid biology. They do not interact with terra's affair but they are members of the galactic federation of worlds and a peculiar race worth mentioning about.

Hargalii Ayal

Har galiat, it's kepler 37, just right in the middle of the Lyra constellation. They have feline features of course, they are Laani, but they it's more their name is and you know why they look like more humans, because they are Ayal. The Hargalii are a mix from caucasian humanoids you know so much and that is no more worth telling about them. So they are are girly hail. They live in the Hargelia planetary system of three Kepler-37 two of them are sterile planetoids but the Laan colonist terraformed the third one which offered satisfying background for the seeding of life.
Hargalii are hybrids of Taal and Laani, a particular man subspecies, named Ayel or Ayal, still keeping some slight feline features. The Ayal have more humanoid look. They their abundant hair, varying color and textures. They have human proportions in their face, but their nose and eyes kept the recognizable Laan signature.
They did make it to terra a very long time ago and even played a role inside Laani in the colonization of some territories of middle east and north Africa, before retiring, when a war with the Ciakahrr brutally occurred. Although involving the galactic council they never came back to terra.

The Laan are humanoid species with features that look like feline, but they are not feline. They have nothing to do with earth animals such as lions and cats, they are not related to cats and lions of earth.

Q: Can you say a bit about the Man system and how it relates to “human”?

Man system, kepler-62, why? Because they call their star “Mana” and they're all man people and who in Taami language which is the language from the man system, who means “sun”

You know, the Laani been all over the place in this galaxy, they have seeded colonies everywhere and they like to try genetics and they're very good at that and they love doing this. Why do never find yourself abducted by Laani on spaceships doing experiment on you? Because they don't do that they don't abduct people to do experiments. They do hybridization agendas, but for good purpose, to breed themselves when they arrive on the planet to be able to that their descendants can settle there. Yes they do genetic researchers and experiments but it's very ethical.

Oh by the way, I met a mantis being last week and visiting Thor Han and i'm going to talk about that in my book, an amazing female mantis, Maesha – and I learned a lot again.

Q: Their worship source?

They don't worship, they tuning with source by themselves. They have embraced the spirituality of connecting with source.

In the Orion constellation not everyone is bad! It's like on earth: not everyone is bad not everyone is good, I hate these names, I rather say “progressive” or “regressive”.

Blue Avians, Carians

There is a species that is very progressive, that some of you have heard about by the name the Blue avians. They have colonies everywhere. The Blue avians that are in this Orion star system which is Betelgeuse, as well the Eban. The Eban are pure criminals. they are the ones who signed with the mj-12. … Betelgeuse – the place you don't want to go.

The Carians they are humanoid like with bird features. They come from the fourth planet in the Carina system, Carrion. Carians are originally Laan collonists who settled in the Orion zone on a world name Carrion. Regarding to the conditions being more tropical damp and hot than their original homeworld in the man system Egoria and due to the composition of the atmosphere that they couldn't change risking to endanger the local ecosystem, they genetically mutated by hybridization with local species. They look like humanoids with bird features, generally with blue feathered hoodies, bodies and wings and very sharp and angular facial structure resembling to bird's head. Because of the genetic freedom of experimentation on themselves they reached on Carrion fascinating diversity of forms but although they mutated greatly. The Carrion preserved with immense sacredness the culture and principle of their world of origin in the man system.

Carians (Cariu) even though they resemble two birds have remained mammals and kept their reproductive functions unchanged. You call them by the terran term “the blue avians”. They have joined the membership with the galactic federation of worlds although they very rarely leave their planet.

Caryu are wise beings and peace ambassadors for the federation .tTey have passed agreements and treaties with their threatening close neighbours, the Eban and the Grail, which protects them from any harm from them.

They chose to intervene in the process of the terran ascension by psychic and etheric contacts. They have starseed programs.

Carriyo use etheric ships and interdimensional travel.

Q: Are the carrey the ancient builder race? If yes how far into the galaxy have they gone? Also ABRs really gigantically big guys?

I don't think there are builder race, because they're hybrid race. They're they're not very ancient. They are derived from Laani who are genetic masters geneticists, so they may have also build other worlds and races, that's totally possible. I know they have colonies a bit other places in the galaxy.

They have the same size as Laani, means maybe two meters high.

Q: Are the Carrie 6th density and apparently Ra was known to be a Caray according to Correy Goode.

Thank you for telling me. I think they are higher density. They may be 5 or 6.

Q: What about the golden bird like specie?

The Kur, they are from the Orion zone as well. These are totally different. They have nothing to do with the Carryu. They are called the golden birds, because they put on their body a kind of a golden liquid . They are bird humanoids, C orionis. Their race is related to the Anunnaki,


I wanted to tell you about a device, which is the deem device. I will talk about it better next time. The Deems device is a healing device, that has been downloaded to someone who contacted me. who might again ummites. The dims device works with electromagnetic fields and torsion fields, and it's a healing device and you can remove implants with that.


There's a lot of Laani star seeds here. You call yourselves Lyra and starseeds but in fact you are Laan star seed, you are part of the program and you are a very wise old ancient being belonging to a culture that is so wise and so non-legible and so beautiful. Be proud of who you are! Connect with who you are, embrace it, behave like this!
The Laani they are very they have poise, they are very elegant beings but don't mess with them. You know in Egypt the goddess Sekhmet is a total representation of Laani, you didn't mess with this one. She could purr in your arms. she could bring knowledge, she carries the fire – the fire can be the alchemical fire of enlightenment but it can also be the fire that destroys the impurities and cleans or destroys your enemies.
That's what the Laani are, keepers or the fire of knowledge. If you are not Laan you have access by reconnecting with yourself to tremendous wise knowledge, and you are here to teach others. Laan starseeds are teachers here and healers also. You have a fantastic ability to heal, but also you are here to teach to teach what to teach humans of terra, how to reconnect with themselves, how to reconnect with who they truly are and how to access this knowledge by accessing the inner vortex in the heart.

When you are in difficulties in life ask protection from the Laani.