20/7/2020 – Q&A - Mating Rites from outer space




Alien sex! As promised, a special one, about the different mating rites of galactic cultures.


Tonight this q&a is about the mating rights in different cultures in the galaxy, not all the cultures, because that will be too long to explain, but the ones I have in my book, Thor Han told me about, and I picked the best in the most interesting ones regarding to the sexual habits and behaviors.

Situation update

I got amazing updates on the 17th, few days ago from Thor Han that was like brutal. Suddenly my implants just switched on and it was buzzing and hot, and he really wanted to put the greatest impulse for me, to hear the words very clearly.

I was about to be on the panel with Dr Sala for james gilliland the ECT conference. It was maybe 15 minutes before, and I just got this message and I told Michael and he went “wow that's amazing!” and we decided that I prefer he passes on these biggest updates, because Michael knows better than anyone I know to gather the different pieces of the puzzle and find the correspondence and just check double, check triple, quadruple, check everything and just to make it really valid to the public.

So what's happening in the solar system? There has been going on since a long time meetings with different space forces. There were 14 governments involved in space programs, and there was there were meetings on jupiter these last days, 12 meetings in total. And these meetings were gathering all these 14 country representatives, military officials and progressive corporations, CEOs, to decide how would everyone get on together to share the space in the solar system. Michael said straight away to me “Oh this is so similar to the Jalta agreements before the end of the second world war, when everybody knew the victory was at the door and had to set plans for the future.” And it's exactly what's happening now.
This is all proof that we are winning and the victory is at our doors. It's absolutely fantastic. The reptilians are leaving, the moon is free, mars they are there's a big exodus now from mars. Mars is in the process of being liberated. Earth as well. Nothing really new with the liberation, because it's still ongoing.

In these 12 meetings with the representatives of the galactic federation of worlds and the Andromedan council the different representatives of different space programs present their plans and their agendas for the share of space after the victory. So the galactic federation was just helping everyone and just leading the meetings. But it turned out, that six countries were selected that had the most viable and progressive programs, that would benefit the many. Because this is six countries programs wanted to work for peace and was there was a mention of safety zones. What Michael told me is that “safety zones” that's a term that is specifically was basically employed in the very recent Artemis accords or agreements which are the sharing the putting in common all the all different space programs. I think there were eight countries and that is organized by the united states. So at the end of the meetings you find all the details in Michael's article on his website.
It turned out that united states was best able to lead the unification of the different space programs and become responsible of organizing everything to everybody to get on together and build a safety zone of peace and non-aggression, non-warfare zone in our star system. So everything is going towards a victory and a peaceful future.
The space programs that were not serviced to the many, but service to self means China and Russia were not in involved in it.

So there was a lot going on and I think we are assisting at the birth of starfleet and all of this was foreseen and passed on into some cinema industry, star trek to just tell us, that's gonna be your future, start visualizing on it. And this is happening and this corresponds to so many other things that happening on earth at the same time. We have all these fleets in space.
We need now to not think about going everyone for ourselves. Now it's time we unite, because it's the only way forward. That's what why the federation generated these meetings, we're hosting them, to tell humanity “now watch out. This war is being won soon and now you need to quite move your bum quickly, to get on together, because it's coming. You need not to get on together and work together, because that. You have no choice. Now it's been won soon. So not finished, not over, still fights to do, but so here we go.

I've read comments under Michael Salas a video about this update yesterday and many people were concerned, that we again some agreements signed on behalf of humanity by military officials and corporations. That remind something not great. That has nothing to do with it!

Who is signing these agreements? Secrets basic programs, which are not going to be secret anymore: US navy, white hats, good people, progressive corporations who wants to work for the greater good of humanity, off-world humanity how said Thor Han. So these people are good people and they are really doing this to help build a good great future now, that all the baddies are being overcome and expel.

All my letters and Thor Han messages at: exopolitics.com

Q: If you can share your thoughts/info on terra/ET divine partnerships? Example part of some starseeds missions involves reuniting with ET counterparts in this lifetime to raise the vibration/balance and masculinity/feminine on Terra.

That's very good questions.

My quick thoughts is that the starseed program, the envoys is part of the plan, to help humanity of Terra go through this. So of course all the envoys, the majority of envoys have incarnated now to just be part of this shift and this victory. And there's nothing divine in all of this, it's all real physical things that are happening and the divine it's us. If we want to seek for the divine, we need to seek it within ourselves.

Reproduction in extraterrestrial species

I am going to present you different species regarding to the number of partners in mating, starting by one until hive. Different examples and how they all do this, who they are, where they come from.

Masculine and feminine is although often a rule for humans, is not a rule for other species. Then you can have genders together, homosexuality is very frequent. You're going to see all these things.



This one is the predator, that the reptilian Ciakahrr fear the most: the Negumak

The Negumak come from constellation Scorpius. They don't look very attractive, that's maybe why they do it on their own. Sorry sorry Negumak, you're great because you really freaked the shit out of the reptilians. They're nice. They can be very aggressive. So they come from the star system Antares in the Scorpius constellation. They call themselves also Gnomopo. Negumak is more the name of their planet and in the Antares system. They are one of the oldest races in existence and the predators you don't want to cross on your path, tall and large, looking insectoid. They are not humanoid-based and their genetics composition is to our knowledge neither reptile grey or something else living in this galaxy. They are really a species on their own. The Gnomopo / Negumak are unique.

So they are androgynous and reproduce by laying eggs. Then they fertilize them, once the eggs have reached a certain level of maturity.

So besides that they are terrible warriors and they terrify everyone, what do they do, how do they do that? These are beings who don't have intercourse. They are very scary, they look like big spiders, they have tentacles, they have kind of a human head. I mean if they had to mate imagine that would be quite complicated. So they do that themselves, they are fertilizing themselves.

They are kind of male and female but not even. Male/female is more concept of humanoids. It can appear in all mammal-based species. It does and we'll see later on that, some grays, all the grays are not reptilian-based, some greys have humanoid genetics and even some have both so that's gonna be interesting. But Negumak do not have sex. They are doing that inside of themselves, they produce the substance and the hormones and everything able to create their own eggs. They are their own father and mother. They are neutral gender. So that is very handy because they don't need to find a male or female partner.

That's the only one I know in my book who do that themselves. There are other ones who are doing this to themselves ,but it's an option when they have no choice, because times of war or somewhere else exiled from their planet or things like this.

They look scary. they resemble to aliens in the movie “independence day”. Cinema industries, especially hollywood with the deep state behind has been conditioning people to make them believe to prepare to alien invasion. Star trek is something else.
All these movies where aliens are baddies, aliens are invaders. Independent day – it's the Negumak, because the Negumak are the greatest fear of the deep state. If the Negumak come – oh my god, they are finished, the reptilians, the Ciakahrr fear them.

They have passed last year agreements with the galactic federation. I don't know about these agreements, but it was positive.Tthe galactic federation reached out to them. They live very far from here and they are feared by pretty much everyone, because they're quite aggressive. The thing is, they're not that controllable. So they wanted the reptilians for themselves. So when they're out of here, they're gonna be kicked out by shedding season by the Negumak. I suppose of what I understand that the galactic federation didn't want them to intervene too much in the affairs of earth, because they're scary, and they're not very controllable. They can be very harsh and aggressive and they don't respect rules. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend. But they are how they are. They are not bad guys, they're all right, they're normal beings. They just have a character, a temper.

Q: Do they eat us?

I heard, that they eat humans flesh.

Q: Do they have a big territory and are technologically very advanced?

They don't have a big territory, I don't know why because they could. They are technologically advanced. They don't get on either with orion group.

The ships are made of dark glossy metal and of very elaborate shapes. They are warriors, and they are quite advanced.

They're very tall, maybe three to four meters high. Ciakahrr fear them, you can take one Ciakahrr, shading season.

Q: Like the spiders on mars?

They're not the same as the spider beings on mars. The spider beings on mars are not Negumak, they are a species of insectoids. The Negumak are not insectoids, they are nothing known, they are just themselves. They are not reptilian, not insectoids and not mammal. If the Negumak were on mars, there would be no baddies. dark fleet, Ciakhrr based on there.
The spiders on mars it's insectoid and they're smaller.



Now we are talking about baddies. Who fears the Negumak most? The Ciakahrr. They are from a parallel dimension. They've been thrown in our dimension by the Tiamatans, who got rid of them. Thank you the tiamatans. And we are actually looking to do the same. to throw them somewhere. They've been thrown here through a portal that is in the draconis constellation, so that's why we are calling we are calling them the “Draco reptilians”, but of course it's not their name. They were as just thrown on alpha Draconis and better and sigma Draconis, these four worlds. but alpha Draconis is the main world, thuban.
These are a patriarchal society, although they have a queen. So that's very particular. They have a queen which never leaves the planet. That's the rule of the society, but they have royalty, big tall white-skinned Ciakahrr. And then you have the Ciakahrr lords and masters, those you saw with the wings, these ones are on earth bothering everyone and on mars, fleeing.

They are by nature and name reptilians. The way they reproduce by their reptilian nature is by eggs. They have females. We never hear about the females, because this this society patriarchal really strongly patriarchal. The women's are just like slaves, and really treated like nothing, and really good to sex and reproduction. And the females are really treated like nothing. You see the pattern that they tried to impose on earth, they have that to make this our society to their image. So these naughty people reproduce having sex male and female. I do not know about homosexuality with the Ciakahrr, I'm not sure, I haven't been told.

They guys like to have sex with females to submit them and I said their power, its domination is very violent. Having sex male with male doesn't work, because they properly kill each other. When the female is nearly like subdued, that's the game when the male owns her and can fertilize her, impregnate her and she's like half dead, half alife. It's so it's horrible to us but it's their culture. You need to keep an open mind. We hate to Ciakahrr, they eat kids. But keep in mind, in their culture from their point of view the way this way of having sex is what they like to do. Now the point of view of the female I'm not sure. But you know when you grow up one in an environment in a culture and you are being groomed – that that's how things are. You know nothing else. You say “okay, right well, I was unlucky at birth, but that's how things are and I embrace it, because either embrace it or either I hate it and I just I just kill myself, because it's unbearable.”

The females of course lay eggs and the eggs mature outside in heated warm pods and places with poles and cozy and warm and very damp, very humid.

A: What and where is the origin of female? I hidden, I can't find it anywhere on the internet?

Female is from the latin. That's where it comes from.

Q: So the Ciakahrr species are like animals on earth?

I believe from my own experience, observing nature that some species of animals, a lot of them are more civilized than humans themselves and then many other species, such as the Ciakahrr. I think there's no comparison. I think we're all different species.
Trying to compare something to an animal to say “oh it's lower behaviour” it's like putting ourselves in the perspective of for instance a Kiily Tokurt, who would say “oh these humans see us as animals we inferior”. So to me animals are not inferior, they are different life forms, who have their own rights, which are different. So I wouldn't compare the Ciakahrr to animals, but I have to say their rights are like beast, but not beast in the sense of animal, in the noble sense, beast like violent and brutal.



They come from constellation Gross in Gliese 832. Elmanuk are a very ancient race. Their planet is named Ardemont, they are known as the most peaceful races. They are at the origin and creation of the council of five, which was nine at the start before the galactic federation of worlds truly took existence. So they had to purpose to look after and their developed worlds and protect them against the orion alliance and the Ciakahrr empire.

They are very tall and very thin. You would think they have only skin on bones, but you would be surprised by their physical fitness and strength. Their eyes are very large and as most of grey races they wear dark protective lenses. They are a species of grays.

They are species of grays, but they do not have the reptiloid genetics. We say gray to everybody who looks like this. They are very nice. They are a race in extinction. They're not very many left.

They have two genders, male and female, but in times of necessity the males can switch gender by activating a womb in their stomach. So that would make a third gender. The males can do that, the females cannot change sex. Their race is so old that the genetics has evolved with so much abilities, and when a race is very old you develop genetically, that's nature abilities to survive.

They have in fact three genders: two natural genders and a third that is created by the males who develop female organs, so that would be like transgender.

As I told you the males in times of need can transform into females by activating a womb in their stomach. They have a pouch that the females don't have, because they have a proper wound. The males developed that as like kind of a pouch in their stomach. and they can produce a certain kind of hormones, it's commanded by the brain, to transform activate this part by certain hormones, that he transforms into an emergency womb inside of them. When they change, it is a very painful process. These males they have normally orifice because they eat and drink, that it's going to be adapted for birth. I remind you that these people are not human and they have different genetics, different physical abilities.
When they do that, there's a adaptation that the anus will be able to receive, be connected to the womb and receive this birth canal. Well that's maybe why this womb is part of the digestive system, because it is connected. When they change it is a very painful process. That this is why this is performed only when necessity requires.

They are not very numerous now and the old race preferred retiring from galactic active diplomacy. They still appear in the galactic council of the federation though and in the council of five, but they only have diplomatic presence, not an active diplomatic role.

I don't think they visit earth.

They had a problem in 1908. They were involved in the Tunguska explosion. The Dorsay, which is another race, had stolen human slaves to the Maitra. The Doorsays say to the federation “help!” and while they were thinking about it, an Elmanuk ship passed by and Erahel cargo ship passed and the Dorsey saw them. So they say to the Elmanuk “Oh please help us, mayday mayday!” The Elmanuk sayd “well, we think about it because we not fit for fighting maitre, we're just like peaceful diplomatic passing” So the galactic federation was about to respond and they asked the Erahel cargo that was passing, “Okay, you're well kept for war. We are coming, start the rescue of these poor idiots Dorsey, and we are coming.” But the thing is, the federation intervened, the Maitras were destroyed but in the process the the Erahell cargo was destroyed. Boom, boom! And we have now the tunguska crater. That's the story.

Do they visit earth? Yes so rare, we can really not say.

Q: Do galactic beings use orgasms to connect with source?

Yes, totally. The more evolved you are in in density and in consciousness, that means you're activated, you can do that more. There are many layers, levels of reaching out with orgasm. I'm going to talk about that when I'm going to talk about blondy people in a minute.



(page 216 in the Amazon book version)

They originate from Ofucus constellation. They are part of the council of five. They are tall gray beings, very slim. Orellai have a high thin long neck, a triangular face with a slit for the mouth, barely visible nostrils and slanted eyes with pupils.

Orella are very nice people. They are very old as well. Very wise they were there the foundation of the council of five and their ambassadors for peace in the high council of the galactic federation of worlds.

They have two genders, but they do not copulate for reproduction anymore. Why? Because this function became inefficient with the evolution. They still can copulate and it would add for pleasure, because it activates energies and somebody was asking. It is a certain way of tantric meditation to reach out to higher realms of consciousness.

So how do they reproduce? They are grays still, but not reptiloif. since that all the grays that are reptilloid turn to the bad side and those who are not reptiloids are slightly mixed, some those who are not reptiloid based like mammal-based grays, they evolve very much higher like the Elmanuk, like the Egaroth, like the Orella for instance. So it would seem that the reptilian constitution maintains. You cannot can go so far in evolution of consciousness and frequency. Whatever species, it's the reptilian genetics that's fit like this. That's very interesting. The Orella are grays but not reptilians. So they can reach out through sexual enjoyment to higher realms of consciousness.

How do they reproduce? They make non-organic individuals, individual bodies. So it's like dolls, synthetic bodies that they clone from their genetics. And they imbued in it a soul from their matrix. So they have a biological body, they can use it for making sex and stuff of course they eat they do everything, but they make it artificially in pods and they incarnate in these bodies, that are made artificially.

Q: Do they change couple or are they always with the same one?

Unless Thor Han specified to me which he hasn't for the Orella. The Orella can change couple, yes. It depends on the cultures and the frame of mind. Some culture will never have a fixed partner, because they're just doing sex for just reproduction and enjoyment. Some cultures will stay with the same partner all their life and some others will do both, like humans do. Go with many partners enjoy and then decide to settle with one. That the most common pattern.

Q: Do they get lustful or jealous?

Jealousy and lust is feelings of possession and lack of confidence. That belongs to races like for instance ours, at our level. I know when you evolve in consciousness, you don't feel these feelings, you just get over this. So these races I think, the Orella for instance, the Elmanuk they are way above that and they don't. But the Ciakahrr may.


The Carians

The Carians look weird. The carrions come from the Orion, Betelgeuse. But they have nothing to do with the Eban, they are cool. The Caray or Carians are cool. They are humanoids, who have melt that genetic with birds. And they are humanoid, blue birds like. That maybe the blue avian race, that some people talk about.
They come from the fourth planet in the Carina system. They are originally a Laan lyran colony, the feline Lyrans w who settled in the Orion zone on a world named Carrion. Regarding to the condition being more tropical in them they bred themselves with a local species of blue birds. and that's how they could strive in this environment. The Lyrans are masters in genetics and they love doing this kind of experiments. So that's how the bluebird humanoid Carians were born. I know it's weird: cats and birds.
Although they resemble to birds, they are human genetics and they have kept their reproductive human mammal functions unchanged. They're Lyrans. You call them by the terran term “the blue avians” says Thor Han.

They have sex like humans do.

Q: Can they fly?

I suppose so. Otherwise they would have removed the wings. If they kept the wings in in their genetic mix it means they wanted to use them. So I suppose they fly. Beautiful blue angels.

They have two partners, male and female. But now let us not forget that they are Lyran souls. And in this Mana star system K62 where they are from, these were such evolved and peaceful cultures, homosexuality is also a way and nature as well so they do that also, intergenders. They do that too, but of course they're male and females when they want to reproduce.

They are in the galactic federation of worlds and they have a big role to play. They are quite active about taking care of the starseed program, and they have starseeds on earth.



You have to know that the Egaroth have two main two cultures, two centers in the orion zone. One in the Orion belt Al-nilam, the central star and that's the main world and the modern world and then a colony that became quite important on Mesa. So the original Egaroth from Al-nilam (that's the arabic name, but the real name is Zagara) they call their star Zagara.

The alnilam live two thousand light years from terra, it's very far. They are very ancient race and culture which has nearly disappeared. They are part of the famous council of five, archetypal Orion elders. Egaroth are tall, pale skinned with a large skull and appearance of serene wisdom. That's Alnilam.

On mesa because of the different radiations of the star they have a different skin color and they are brown, like dark brown. they are spiritual highly intelligent race and they do not take interest in conquest of course. You read more about them in my book.

The Egaroth are hermaphrodites hermaphrodites like the Negumak. They are a race with a human mammal genetics. They can reach until the ninth density in consciousness.

They're hermaphrodites. They have two genders: male and female. But they can choose when they come to birth, the they are born neutral, and then choose a gender. I don't know why and how, what motivates their choice, but I know that they need to be male and female to reproduce. Annax has a partner and two kids.
So the family cell is not like on earth. They make kids but then the kids are raised by the community, everybody raised the kids together. When they decide to embody a gender, Annax decided to embody the male gender, they are going to make love like humans, like mammals. As they are very evolved beings, they are going to do this reaching higher states of consciousness in a very tantric and sensual way.
Many of you could witness the love Annax radiates from his heart, from his person, from his being. So imagine but that's his way of being. It's no normal state, it just radiates love, sometimes so much, that you can take it's. It's so radiating love. That's his normal state. Imagine when they are with the partner, they are in love and they share this love and they make love and this all explodes! I mean from our perspective on earth, I think we couldn't stand the frequency of it, of two Egaroth making love. It's like atomic love reaction.

And they are one of these races like the Ahel where the conception of an outspring cannot happen without this cosmic orgasm. It needs to happen, because when you bring down an incarnation a soul to a species, that is super high, they can go until nine, you need to tap very high to open the channel super high to the soul matrix. That's why they need to do it like this. And if they don't reach out to these cosmic levels of orgasm they cannot create the channel to allow a soul to come and incarnate into the seed, into the belly of the female. The Ahel do the same. It has nothing to do with species.

I'm fascinated by the Egaroth of course, because I know one very well. And knowing his vibrance his energy I mean that must be quite amazing.

Q: Their mating is beyond merely bodily pleasure.

Oh yes, totally. They need to reach out this level. Of course there's bodily pleasure, but that's just the groundwork. The bodily pleasure would unlock the channel and then they reach out to it.

Q: How do they change their sex?

They are mammals based, so they produce hormones. If they decided with the brain, and many species who are hermithrodites decide to do that by an intention in the brain, that is going to unlock the production of certain hormones, that are going to transform quite rapidly regarding the development of certain organs.

Q: Are they coupled with their twin flames?

Yes, they are, because these states of consciousness, that you need to reach to produce for the fertilization the love to work you can do it only with your twin flame, with a soul that is paired with you. You cannot do that with anyone. It needs to be your twin flame, because only twin flames manage to do this reach out to these levels.



We were talking about tantric love and the way of the need to find a twin flame to procreate. That's how the Ahil work. That's the same race that lives on planet Erra in the Pleiades, that's Thor Han's race and so they are from the Lyran systems, they are lyrans and they are very ancient species. They are the tall blondes. One of the races in the Pleiades.
They have grown into a very spiritual race, cultivating arts. serving the attainment of inner peace and spiritual ascension such as ethereal music, dance, visual arts and above everything love making. For the Ahil lovemaking is the must, as above every enjoyment. every hobby. It's in their culture, is there is who they are. This is something very particular to the Ahil. So there's something very particular to them why they love to do that.

They have two genders: male female. The brain has the ability to activate some sensors on their skin. They have a extremely sensitive skin, which in normal time is not, they block, it it's like us, not that sensitive. But when they are making love they activate certain parts of their brain that activates all these captures, all the skin captures, and the skin becomes hypersensitive, and this is like erotic like crazy. Extremely sensitive to central touch.

They distinguish three types of making love. The reproductive functions, just making babies. Or just for pleasure, just enjoyment pleasure, a physical pleasure enjoyment.
And the third is a different one, is reaching out to higher states of consciousness. So making offsprings involves this.
Why it is presented separately? Because sometimes they want to just reach out highest stage of consciousness without being pregnant. So you know, it's two things, but the three are not separate. All the three go together.

They can procreate, they are like the Egaroth and many species reaching this stage. Someone was asking me about the Meton from proxima centaury – yes. they are the same. The Erahil need to procreate with their twin flame, otherwise it doesn't work, because to procreate they need to open a channel to very high dimension and density, and to open this channel they need to merge the souls and dance together.

So most of the time what many of them do is (male or female or both together, male female ,male male, female female whatever, male sometimes many together. they are going to party like mad, to enjoy to have sex, to just experience and they love that. I mean that pleasure is in their culture. So they're gonna have as many partners they want. They're going to just enjoy and it's gonna be very cool, until they feel within themselves the call to that twin flame. They they're going to feel its time, and they will want to be with that twin flame forever, well until they die. So they are going to do a ritual, which is like a wedding. It is a wedding, a ritual ceremony of recognition and attachment of two twin flames in this incarnation. They are going to bind, it's a binding ceremony of two bodies, because they are already twin flames. But the bodies need to be binded energetically. So it's a ceremony that involves 13 densities 12 plus the 13th, the source and that's going to be representative of the 12 densities and the source in the center. It's a very beautiful ceremony, I've seen it and quite impressive.

And then once their bodies are binded they are able to reach out to these higher realms and be pregnant if they want.

The act of love will include physical pleasure, tantric reaching out of a higher realm of consciousness, and – only then if they choose to have a baby, welcome soul.

They can have as many babies as we do. They regulate very much their population themselves by wisdom and they have the ability to send people off world in colonies. So they regulate their population when they become reach a certain quota, they are going to just move somewhere else some of them. It's all done in wisdom and good mood. It's something absolutely mind-blowing.

We are compatible with them, the terrans are compatible with them. Humanoid races in this galaxy are all compatible with each other. You can have babies with pleiadians, with metons with Altairans, with pretty much everyone that is human.

Q: Is there other species that have a period like earth females?

Yes, they have periods, but they control it, because the brain controls everything in the body. It's not painful and it's just cycles. All mammals have periods, but they're not regulated like a month for human females of earth. We are regulated on the cycles of the moon.
It's not the case for all the other females of different cultures in the galaxy, because they are born and genetics, they have different numbers of satellites, different cycles of times, and it's different. I do not remember about the period duration and frequency of the Ahil females, but they have. All mammals have periods.

Q: Please talk more about twin flames. What if they are incarnated elsewhere?

Twin flames can incarnate in two different worlds, in different densities. You're not obliged to reincarnate in the same world or species, you can incarnate in different species of course. But there's a purpose for that and there's a lot of binomes, twin flames actually in the starseed, envoys program, where one is below and one is above, because their link is unbreakable and nobody can hack it. And when one is below and one is above – usually it's the female below because the female is a receptor and the male is an emitter, so it works like this. The male will send down to the female, who will receive the higher frequency and she will anchor them on the planet. That's why females who are receptors will be more likely incarnated on earth, and the male twin flame incarnate above.



The baddies. The Dohu, that's not the Solipsie rai although they all look like the Zeta, Zrog The Dohu come from Zeta reticuli, also like the Zrog. They were involved in the 1955 agreements of the MJ-12 with the Nebu, There was the Dohu from Zeta reticolai, the Eban from Betelgeuse, some draco german involved as well. Gray wise it was the Ebany and the Dohu.
Why the Dohu? Because the Dohu have been enslaved to Ebani mainly. The Ebani are good geneticists with bad intentions and they are very good at doing clones and enslaving and transforming the genome of population by modifying the dna by putting substance in people. The sign agreement with the MJ-12 and it is their speciality to do that transform genome of invaded species to make them slave.

They are interesting. They strive on a hive consciousness. They were very pacifist species, but they have been enslaved by the Eban. They are parents with the Solipsi rai, that's why they look like them. Zeta reticulai, Solipsi rai are originate from zeta reticuli and then they migrate to Cygnus constellation.
They have phenomenal telepathic skills and especially when it becomes into deceiving terran human abductives. They will make them believe they are loved, or they are make thought screens. They are very gifted in psychic abilities, that's why they were used by the nebu for the abductions. The Dohu, the Solipsi rai or the Zeta these three grey races from Zeta reticulai system are all three enslaved to the Nebu, at the exception of the Solipsi rai, who have managed to get colony in Cygnus were fine. But everything in zeta reticuli system are enslaved.

The Dohu are genetically altered. They cannot reproduce anymore. Why? Because they are maintained like this independence to the oppressors regarding to the cloning of their species for survival. The Eban have created a dependence from the Dohu to them, because now the survival of the Dohu species is only due to the goodwill of the Eban, who are going to clone them. Remember the Orella. Some species have reached such a high abilities in genetics that they can create doll bodies and they incarnate souls in it. The that was the race of the alien in “alien interview” book. These ones were absolutely involved, they are part of the dominion, more exactly Nebu.

I picked them, because it shows how species can also strive and survive being just by cloning being cloned. Their hive consciousness is alive somewhere, but they need bodies. They cannot reproduce naturally anymore. So they need doll bodies and the Eban make them for them.



Alcobata, Perseus constellation. They are located on planet Erdom2. There are five bunny points like horns on the top of the heads, they are quite impressive guys. They are extremely aggressive, considered by the galactic federation of worlds as parasite race. They are all peace and love the federation, but when they say somebody is a parasite like the Maitre, they have reasons to do that.

The alcobata are a warrior race class, based on society and very complex in his in its hierarchical structure. Their religious system is also very complicated, with myriads of gods. These ones have religion, which we don't come across too much with ET races at this level.

They breed either by eggs or either by mammal way. They have two ways of reproduction! They have two genders: male female. A class of males, not all males, bear the eggs and that is their weakness.

Remember there was another race, I don't remember which one, but the males was doing weird stuff they were transforming into female.

One class of males is going to bear eggs. That's their weakness. It is said they are assigned and born for this task. So it would be like a third gender. They have android androgenous ability and can inseminate themselves when chosen time has come. So obviously the Alcobata can do anything. They can have sex male female, some male can bear the eggs, and some can decide to be androgynous. For this transformation to become androgynous, they produce a particular hormone, which will activate the reproductive functions or shut it down.
The offsprings from eggs and the offsprings from womb are biologically different and assigned to different purposes in the society. Females procreate by womb, individuals assist to practical social and political roles of both genders. The offsprings from eggs, predominantly males are fit to be warriors and are particularly aggressive.

Male – female, they can either reproduce by womb, either reproduced by eggs. So they have reptilian genetics and mammal genetics both in their bodies, but two genders. When they use the reptilian reproductive system, it will be with certain males who will keep the eggs inside. I don't know how that passes from the female to the male. Then the males produce the eggs, mainly male and they are very aggressive warriors. That's reptilian genes.

And the females will give birth, mammal babies and these ones will be both sex and will be work more peacefully in the society.


Now the last two very impressive as well. Another species who has the both reptilian and mammal in them:


Kiily Tokurt

The Kiily Tokurt come from constellation Vela. We speak about them a lot. They are called tall whites. They're shape shifters. Their normal original appearance is tall grays quite. they have white skin and as Steven Chua saw them area 51, he worked with them and he said they are like barbie dolls squashed. Black black eyes and a very kind of bony hips. The females have long white hair and they can shape shift into totally human, and you cannot see the difference. The only thing is the eyes stay black. So that's a key.

Kiily Tokurt are performing all the abductions. They are working with the deep state and they involve with the dark fleet and the Nebu.

They have two genders and they are oviparous. So we've seen reptiloids who can have babies like mammals. Now we're gonna see tall grays who have both and lay eggs like reptiles. They have human genetics as grays but they have also reptiloid genetics is part of their reproductive system. They don't do hybridization programs, but they abductions for sexual trade. They lay eggs. the baby isn't going to come from the womb, the females do that and the eggs areum raised outside in pods. They are doing a lot hybridization programs with humans, because they are very compatible with humans. They are very involved in. They like to have sex with humans. They enjoy it actually. I don't know if it's both. I've heard they enjoy it a lot. So they do that for pleasure as well.

The Kiily Tokurt are doing despicable things, slave trade notably, but I spoke about them a few Q&A ago. They make us wonder about ourselves.
They Kiily Tokurt adore their children, it's everything for them. But they will trade other people's children, other races children, that they consider inferior like animals, and to be sold to reptilians for instance. And we know what they do with children. but they love their children. That day when I realized that it made me think about us humans on earth. We love our children so much. but we eat other animals children's. So it's kind of makes you think.



These ones are the sex stars of my book.

The strom, the dog people. They're called the dog people, because they look like dogs but they're not related to dogs. They come from Ursa minor. They are six foot high with big head and which look a bit like some dark dog and non-related, and they feed on nutrient liquid not liquids and vegetables. They are vegetarians and have amazing sex, for those who criticize the vegans.

Strom have three genders. Thor Han dictated me this text, I took notes. So imagine Thor Han speaking.

Strom have three genders and need the three together to procreate. One is the egg layer, the second the fertilizer, and the other one the third one the bearer. So one produce eggs, one produced semen and the third bears the eggs. How they do that? Pheromones are first generated by the bearer, who feels it is time in its cycle. They have four cycles in a lifetime of 200 terran years. It searches a couple of the two other components, to attract for reproduction. So it's going to produce pheromones (this one) to arouse sexual desire in a couple, in two other ones. He is going to arouse the both a male and a female. And when they have gathered all three together, start to be a little bit excited, the pheromones produced by the bearer stimulates the sexual functions of the two other, ones starting to heat up, who switch into a chemical reaction activating their genital organs. Now you have visualize it. You have three six foot five tall aliens who look like humanoids with dog heads, who are starting to get so aroused all three together. There is nothing then that can stop them, and if the process is interrupted both the two creators die rapidly. So it's serious stuff once. The process is activated they need to do it, they need to do it. If they don't do the both, they die rapidly burned by the chemical that needs to be transmuted by copulation, because this little bearer, he has aroused them both. But as he has aroused them both, these both they start to create, this chemical that that is starting the procreation process, and if the procreation process is not performed this chemical won't be released and will kill them by burning them inside like acid. So once the intercourse has occurred, the chemical is released from their system in the creation of the egg. And the feckond egg matrix needs then to be implanted in the bearer.

So this chemical is what's going to create the egg. So they need to do it. It is then that the bearer inserts an appendix into the matrix holder, the female, to grab the feckondated egg and ingests it. So the female bears these eggs and the other one is going to insert into the female a (Thor Han didn't tell me where these appendix go, in the mouth or in the but, I don't know.) Welcome to the wonderful biodiversity of this universe.

The bearer ejects the matured specimen by an orifice at the back of his lower body. Do not be horrified, they do enjoy this. There must always be a minimum of enjoyment in any reproduction process otherwise nobody wants to do it. It's necessary for any species to be motivated for survival.



The galaxy holds on more surprises, because now we are passing to four genders.

The Elffaf they live near boötes. They could be mistaken for the Solipsirai, but they're not related, not even from far. The Elffaf are mainly interested in studying exosciences. They have four genders, three having a role to play in the breeding process. Two genders are assigned to procreate, the third to bear the embryo at term. We see this pattern repeating.

Those of the fourth gender are not fertile and often vow their life to science prospects, because allotted with higher psychic abilities.



They No’or, Noor come from Lyra constellation. They are reptiloid species. so They look humanoid. but they are reptilian species. They are nonetheless gracious humanoid looking features and they are very spiritual. This is a rare case, where reptilian species reaches out to a very high level of consciousness.
They have four genders, they are vegetarians, pacifist and they love colored clothes.

Thor Han didn't tell me how they do that, but have four genders.


Al Gruu-al'ix.

There's better: eight! Eight genders together.

They come from constellation Cetus. They are not numerous and live only on this on one planet of their system. They are about six foot high and look like reptilian. It's a very ancient race, wise and quite people with a lifespan up to 350 earth years. Although they are often mistaken for reptilians, they do not share anything with them, except appearance.

This race has eight genders, and all of them can reproduce when in sexual contact with each other. Each of them can reproduce, copulate with any one of the other eight. No matter which mates with whom and they can have babies.

I do not know how biologically this is possible.


Akara Mantis

Now I'm going to present you a last one in this series. These ones are a particular example of the hive society structure, the real hive like the bees and ants.

They have two genders, but imagine now, it's like the ants: you have the queen and you have the soldiers or all the other ones males. It's exactly working like an ant society. The Akara mantis they come from another galaxy. they are interdimensional beings, they come from the m 104 galaxy. The mantis strive on a hive society. They are going to fertilize the queen and the queen is going to produce eggs. There are species of greys, who work like this, who go like this: the Zeta, the Zrog are a hive society.

They are special, there are many casts, that's why they have different colors: green, white, black. You see in the abductions people relay different colors of mantis, because they have different attribution in their society. It's like the ants, they have different shapes in the same ant house, because they have different attributions. It's the same for the mantis. There will be a cast of males that will be especially attributed to fertilize the queen.

There's way more in my book.