13/7/2021 – Q&A Special




This is about different important topics I want to share with you:

-What does it mean when the Galactics mention 100 years before we settle in our new timeline?

-Who really is the Domain?

-Is the Matrix still operational?

-AI attacks targeting the truther community

-Transhumanism: the dangers & the tools

-Portals and plasma shields in our solar system

-Telepathy vs channelling, and the science of implants.

-What about the Med-Beds?

-The holographic nature of reality

-The coming of the Army from the Stars

-Alien Invasion vs Alien Salvation

1. Holographic universe

I had a gift two days ago from my friend Rachel. This simple gift carried a lot of wonder. It's a shell it's a shell and this shell to me represents a lot of things. I was amazed because this shell reminded me a conversation I had with Thor Hans younger brother. His younger brother Jen Han studies to be a terraformer or a “world maker” as he says. And I had this conversation with him and I said “oh what about that. How how does that that”? And he said, “Yes you can even form stars in a way. You need to have the sequence of the frequency and the mathematical sequence of the different elements and you rearrange them.”
He told me that the whole universe is holographic. So now holographic doesn't mean illusion, it doesn't mean that it's fake or it's made up. A hologram is the structure that composes everything. The hologram that composes everything in the universe is different from what we would say the illusion, the the visual illusion of a hologram, made with light. The holographic universe, the holographic structure of the universe.

This shell is a perfect example, because in this shell, this is an physical object, it is beautiful, it has beauty, it has perfection, it has the three components that show you the perfect example.
Everything in the universe is a mathematical formula. The whole universe, everything formula for everything, for every structure. They are very complicated, sure, but it's mathematics. The universe is mathematics and geometry, sound frequency and energy- Mathematics and geometry is kind of the same, it's different, two different things, but it is in fact the same thing. Geometry is mathematics at a higher level, more a different perspective, a different grade. This is the solid creation of a mathematical formula. This is a hologram, this is a holographic creation.
The fibonacci sequence which is a special particular formula, the golden ratio is shown here visually. You see a mathematical formula. What is for those who don't know the fibonacci sequence – it's numbers adding up to each other, for instance you start by 1 + 1 = 2 and you take the number that's just before, you add it and you get the further one: 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 and so on. Mathematics become physical, become geometry, becomes a hologram, the structure. And that is a hologram and that is also a frequency because of the beauty you see.
Why is it beautiful? The beauty is due to the frequency rate between the atoms in the structure that will give the colors. Colors are also mathematical formula. Everything is. This to me is a perfect example of the wonders of the universe. …

That's how you terraform worlds with mathematical formulas, geometry, frequencies, energy – and that's how everything is.

Q: Is the sun a holographic?

Yes, the sun is a hologram. Everything is holographic. What is a hologram? It is the result of the three components: mathematic, geometry, frequencies and energy. Energy sometimes can become consciousness that animates the matter, that's something else. Everything is sentient conscious at different level. So yes the sun, the stars, everything that is created has a holographic structure.

Q: Are we holograms as well?

Yes, we are holograms. Everything, everything! That's what Jen Han explained to me. He said “me, you, this table, this room, this station, your planet below, everything and all life on it.” He said everything is a hologram, is created by a mathematical formula. When you have the right keys and the right little key to access the formula, you can modify it. You can change matter, you can heal. When you have the right frequency key, you can change, modify the mathematical formula and modify the matter. For instance modifying matter is for instance healing a wound. When you heal a wound, you are going to change the resonance between the atoms and rearrange them differently, that they match again together, because a wound is just a matter that is interrupted. The structure has been disrupted. So by sound frequency you can redo the connections between the particles. That is the technology that is used in the med beds.

Q: The fibnoacci-code is in essenz a hologram?

No, no. The hologram of this object it is a component of the hologram of this subject. The field of fibonacci is not in everything. It's in this object, because you can see it.

But this object (merkaba) is not made with Fibonacci, it's made with another formula.

This is geometry, so that will be a very short formula. But this cup will be a very complicated formula, because it will be a formula with pockets and so…

Q: Are some mathematics on earth wrong?

Well there are some things that sometimes need to be adjusted. For instance pi is not 14,16 it's 14,46 something like that. Things like that.

Q: What is a hologram other than every part has instances of the whole?

This is beautiful! Oh yes that's exactly what it is. A hologram is a composition, a compound of a diversity as a whole. .. it becomes a little object.

The whole universe is one big hologram, composed of smaller holograms, interacting together with universal forces. And each of them has other different little holograms until the core of matter and particles.


2. Holographic universe, Portals in our solar system

Why do I want to talk about this? That is quite informative, because I decided to talk about this subject, because it is of actuality, it is an update.

Our star system has been shielded by a protective globe outside the orbit of pluto. It is a plasmic and frequency shield. It is protecting our star system to be invaded for instance. Hobody can come in, nobody can come out unless they have authorization of those who protect us the galactic federation and two other councils, which are the Andromedan council and uh the council of five.

But that's not sufficient, because there are portals everywhere in the star system, everywhere in the universe. You can even create a portal yourself. You can suddenly be a portal, turn into a portal. Some beings can do this and we can do this. We need to reactivate this function, but we can do this, shamans do this.

Unfortunately the enemy forces are coming and going through portals. It is insane to try to find all of them where they are, because some are so well hidden and they can open and close some of them.

What is a portal? A portal would be a bit like a wormhole, so I've been explained. That there's a slight difference: a worm hole will be a shortcut from a point to another point. You all know the story of the sheet of paper, that you fold and instead of going like this you go directly.
A wormhole is a black hole without a singularity. That means you don't need to crush and re-decrush. A wormhole is like a tunnel without a singularity. A portal can be a wormhole, a worm hole is a portal, but the portal can be more. What they call a jump door. Instead of taking a shortcut like through a wormhole where you still have time to spend in it, you'll be teleported. That's they call that a jump door. It's a quantum leap, it's a quantum door.

So there are plenty everywhere. How to neutralize them? Everything in the universe is frequency, it's a hologram. I've been talking about the hologram, frequencies. When you change them, you change the rate of frequency and you change of course the structure, the fabric of space. You can create bridges. A portal is a bridge okay to the same density, to a higher density or lower density. Also if you have the right frequency key that opens it, you will be able to activate it or close it.
So that's what the galactic federation is doing at the moment. They are working at finding the keys, the activation keys of the portals. that the enemy uses. So they pick one, they define one and they will determine to where this portal leads. They will find the frequency key and they will broadcast this frequency key in a way that it will deactivate all the portals in a certain perimeter that resonate with this frequency key.

I've seen that from Thor Hans eyes, because we have a telepathic link and sometimes it's just activated by emotion, And he was being very excited.
I closed my eyes and I saw him in a science ship of the federation and they were behind the orbit of Jupiter, and there's a famous portal there, and I didn't know about it. They had just found the frequency key of it and they were working at deactivating, and I saw the screen of the ship, I saw this purple portal, purple bluish portal like opening, it was like a vortex but not a vortex. It was made of a sort of liquid, it wasn't a liquid but it was kind of… Thor Han calls it “The goo”, it is an interdimensional substance, that allows to create the interdimensional connections. So when a portal is open, this goo appears.
“Star gate” is a disclosure. The series target was a series made and directed by people from the US air force. It's disclosure! The way the portals are depicted exactly how I saw this one.

Tomorrow I am interviewing someone very interesting: Tony Rodriguez. He saw a portal behind jupiter – he even went through it.

You know, Antarctica has been cleared out from the dark fleet last month. There is a portal at the south pole, there is a lot of this substance also there that everybody wants now. This portal in the south pole was held by the dark fleet, the German draco reptilian alliance. They left, all the personal left by boats through mcmurdo and the officers and the high-ranked personnel left by the portal and the ships. All this info was given by Thor Han first and by my friend Frank who works in Antarctica.

This portal has been now in the hands of the earth alliance, because the earth alliance is the one who has kicked the dark fleet from Antarctica. They took the portal, they seized it like few days after. He showed me some images, flashes of the report he got. And I saw the US soldiers in this cave under the ice, and this portal was there in the ice. It was quite magnificent and they were around it.

Q: We can create our own organic portal. It can be created by devices as well.


Q: I think I saw a portal in the sky once. Is it possible, what is that? It looked like a light flash vortex that was closing in and then disappeared.

Oh my gosh, yes. I saw one, it was a rainbow hole in the sky and I was told it was a portal and it closed. There was probably a ship passing through.

Q: Are there portals in the forest where people disappear?

There can be portals everywhere. Sometimes in some ancient in south America or in the canaries you have carvings of doors just in the rocks, and the ancient legend said, that it's a portal, but it's not activate anymore. You need the key. The key can be sound. Usually it's a frequency. So sometimes you just need a sing the right tone. You can open a portal with sound, and the voice, the chanting can be a way by which the ancient people were using portals. This is very possible.

You know as a shaman I chant. I am a vulva, I am a north shaman and I chant to shift densities and journey. So my voice is going to open portal and carry me. So that's how I know that the voice is a vehicle, is a key to open doors.

Q: Are portals guarded by the different groups of alien races and are their equal opportunity portals used by many groups?

Yes. The galactic federation or the Andromedans they use “community portals”, that are at the benefit of the many, everybody can take it. But they are guarded by certain species of course.

Sometimes there are ships that have the ability to open their own portals, shift interdimensionally.

3. Mars

Thor Han gave me an update, that I told you last week, that the operations on mars have taken such a good turn that there's no turning point for the reptilians. This concerns the reptilians, this doesn't concern yet the dark fleet, although the dark fleet is taking a hide.

There are many different corporations on mars, different ET groups and the reptilians are those who are the most in control of mars, the Ciakahrr, reptilians and dark fleet, the draco Nazi alliance.

The reptilians who held facilities on mars, all these have been taken and liberated, all the slaves have been liberated and the reptilians, they are losing all their possessions in this star system. They still have a few on earth in the undergrounds, but they're really are being destroyed and chased. Thanks to the martian resistance, the local resistance that has been trained and empowered by the galactic federation. …

You know that their policies to empower the local people, that's how they do on earth. They've empowered us, the galactic federation since the 1950s. They've initiated programs with first the US navy and now it's the space force…

There are things I need to say: I know from my sources which I believe very much that here are the present on mars, the dark fleet, the reptilians allied together or not, but normally they are allied together, few greys (Nebu, Orion) but not a lot, and earth corporations, the “interplanetary cooperate”. There is no humanoid extraterrestrial involved on mars! If they are they may Taalshia or Aldebaran, but neither the galactic federation, neither the ashtar command has involvement in mars, they have no facilities there.

Why? Of course we all know that the galaxy federation is working for the greater good of the galaxy peace etc. …

Ashtar Sheran: Regarding to my sources and my personal intuition it is made up by the deep state.

Sananda – it's a made-up. Who is at the head of the ashtar? It's different officers. Ashtar means “officer”. It's a title, it's not a person and they are usually Sirius b people, they are short triangular faces.

There's one member of the Ashtar command that is represented in the council of the galactic federation as a consultant, as not the council of the galactic federation. … There is no one of the ashtar command involved in the ruling of the galactic federation of worlds.

Q: Is there a jump room to Mars?

Yes there is a jump room to mars or portal and there's more, than one there are three. My friend Laura Eisenhower has been offered to go to mars through one of these doors. There are many people who have testified that these doors exist and that's how people go to mars. But when you need to transport material you need to go transport the construction material for instance by ships.

Mars has a thin atmosphere, but it's very cold. You really need to have an environmental suit to really breathe, because the oxygen is very more rare. I remember Stephen Chao in his interview that I did of him, he said that people, because he met engineers coming back from mars in the area 51 on the shuttle, and the guy said “oh when you don't obey to the people there, the reptilians and I think the dark fleet was mentioned, you are kicked out, put outside and you die in minutes.”

Q: Where are the jump rooms?

There are there may be three in the united states somewhere underground and the army has it, that's what I believe. Or two there and maybe one in Antarctica.


Q: How many good humans are on mars? Are there memories erased about earth in present?

That's important. You have three types of earth people on mars.

You have the elites, the elites the ceo corporations and the military elites, who have fled, exiled from earth. That's why the galactic federation was waiting for attacking mars that they were cornered there.

Then you have the “20 and back” people who are just victims, but who wants to work for these despicable beings there. Nothing good is done there on mars, the experiments, everything, genetic experiments. So I would say these 20 and back people are more victims. They've been taken and they like, I mean, once you're there you can't escape. So you better try to survive and do what you have to do.

And third category you have the slaves, the workforce. Well the 20 and back can be taken as slaves, but they will be more employed as specificities, they will be trained first on the moon and then send to mars….

These people are there from generations, their children. And they are told that there's no one else on earth, proton bombs that have exploded and there's no one on earth and that's not worth it going there, because there's nobody, and it's not an a habitable planet anymore. I'm just telling what my sources from the galactic federation are saying to me.

Of course there are many 20 and back super soldiers, who know so much more than me. So I think you need to listen to these people and they have a lot to say.

4. The moon & the matrix

The moon was liberated. The moon was possession of the greys from Orion, the Nebu. The Nebu, orion grays held facilities there, slave facilities, workforce. It was a turning ground for redispatching slaves that were coming from Antarctica, sold out by the dark fleet to the Nebu, Orion on Mars.
Also there was a very important outpost of the dark fleet, the “Nachtwaffe” on the moon, working with the nebu. There was a lot of mining minerals, but that wasn't the most important. It was the slave trade.

On the moon there was a very ancient machine, created and put there by the Nebu, they took the moon. This machine was broadcasting a hologram onto earth. This hologram was, it was not a matrix as I understand it and maybe many understand it like not like in the movie, it's not visual, it's mental, mind. I call it a mind trick. It altered our perceptions of reality that the reality we see wasn't how it really is, but not as physical I mean like this mouse is still a mouse, in the matrix it was a mouse and it's still now a mouse, a computer mouse without the the matrix, because it's gone. It is gone lads and ladies because the moon has been liberated a few months ago.

You know if you follow my updates, you'll know that. I think it was in february 2021, but I'm not sure maybe it was earlier a few months ago. The moon has been liberated by the galactic federation and the alliance, they've kicked out the dark fleet and the grays from the moon. They've liberated the slaves. I've seen with from Thor Hans eyes, battles behind the moon triangular ships being destroyed. It was quite impressive. The battle has been going on for a while and the greys, the Nebu wouldn't want to leave it. They wouldn't want to leave it and there was a lot of Kiily Tokurt involved as well. Kiily Tokurt everywhere, everywhere.
They're gone and the machine, this machine, the matrix machine, has been deactivated, unplugged. The matrix is no more. And what Thor Han told me, once recently he said “the matrix, the veil has gone. But the only way that maintains it in some parts is not from the moon anymore, it's from earth, it's from the people, it's from you and me from everyone who doesn't let it go. He said “you need to let it go. You need to let go the ancient paradigm, you need to let go the ancient matrix, the ancient mind tricks and change your mind, evolve in consciousness, open your mind, decide not to be slave anymore, decide to stand in your sovereignty and accept that this world, this planet is not the doom and gloom that you made believe it is.
It's a wonderful world and we are sovereign in it, and we have the power to fight to free the children to help, to stop the wars. It's in our hands, the mind tricks was to make us believe it wasn't, but it is. It is. We need to let it go, let go of the cowardness, the fear, the lack of confidence. We need to let it go! We need to let go of the veil. It's gone. It's not held by the moon matrix and moon machine anymore. It's us. The veil is about to blow away, but we just hold on to it. “Oh my god, I'm afraid of change”

There is beauty and there is strength in letting go and there is the future.

Q: Foregiveness is so important!

Mega good comment! Why? Few of you know a super guy named Akvaaru. Akvaaru is a soldier is a warrior from the federation. And aAkvaaru said once “forgiveness is good once you have won upon your enemy. If you forgive your enemy to be mean while you are fighting him, you accept that he is mean with you. Aou accept that he hurts you, you accept his hits and you accept to be the victim.”

It's good to forgive, but once you have won, once the war is won. It's like abusive relationships, abusive marriage. I was in one. I chose to as my life contract to learn how it worked, then I can teach you an abusive relationship. If you as a woman but it can be man it can be different of course, as a woman if I had forgiven, well, I was forgiving my husband to hit me, and as every time I was thinking “oh I forgive him, because he has he's doing that because he has problems and I acknowledge it and blah” That means I consent for him to hit me.
Now the day I decide not to forgive his actions anymore – suddenly I was empowered. Suddenly my vision chance, my perspective changed and suddenly, because my perspective changed, I had the strength to get out of it. I divorced.
And once the divorce was signed and I was in another country I forgave him. I ended it in peace. Well in my heart ,anyway I forgave him. But as long as I was forgiving him during the fight, that wasn't working. It was making things worse. So that's the lesson Akvaaru told us also. He shocked everyone, when he said “do not forgive your enemy while you are fighting” Because you can't win if you do that. You won't, you will lose. Forgive is good, once you've won, once the war is over.

Q: Can you tell me about the high frequency phase conjugate belts and their capabilities?

I spoke about it in my last A&Q. These are belts who adjust your frequency, the molecular rate of vibration between your molecules to adjust you to a density, where you are, or to an environment which has a slightly different electromagnetic field.

Q: Does the moon emits its own light?

The moon doesn't emit its own light ,neither the earth. Stars emit their own light. because they have a plasmic reaction. So the moon reflects the light from the sun.

Q: Is the moon artificial?

Yes and no. It's a planetoid, that was on orbit somewhere else and that's been brought here by the Andromedans so long ago. It was a physical thing but it has been put there. So it's natural rock. Planetoid. But then it's artificial in a way that is not it wasn't formed with the earth.

And it is so dug and carved and hollowed, that's like so many people living under the surface of the moon that it became like an artificial thing at the end. It's artificial and natural at the same time.

It has been hollowed out.

A: Why the moon always show the same side?

Because the moon rotates at the same rate as the earth turns, so it always it's a perfect symbiosis and same timing, so it always shown the same side.

I think it's done on purpose, because on the hidden side there was so many alien facilities there.

5. Human genome rights

I'm not going to take questions about this one because this is a sensitive subject and if I take questions, my channel is going to be terminated.

We are human beings. We are biological entities. These bodies are avatars, made with 22 different genetics, one from earth, 21 from the stars, the galaxy.

When something synthetic is inserted into a biological body, the biological becomes half synthetic half biological. It becomes transhumanism, and you become the possession, you are owned by the entity that has the patent of what is synthetic put in you. So you're owned. You are no more sovereign being, you are transhumanist assimilated borg, and you lose your human rights, because you are not fully human anymore. You are not protected anymore by human rights, and you are owned by a corporation, that put this thing in you.

6. Being aware of AI manipulations

That's the plague of our times. What is AI, artificial sentience, created by extraterrestrial technology. You know there are many level to artificial intelligence, but the AI I am talking about are the extraterrestrial made sentient entities, that are uncorporeal. They are not incarnated.
They are like clouds and they can go in the systems of computers of internet, they can travel by 5G or whatever. They can use technology to travel into devices, servers or they can't just travel out of air on the waves. What are these things? These things are weapon, a very elaborated weapon. AI are trying to infiltrate and are infiltrating a lot of things: people's mind, social medias groups. The first thing is to infiltrate people's mind. There's a lot of people who say we do channeling without any precaution, without any skills for it. They just open themselves to AI.

AI are not ghosts or spirits. Ghosts and spirits are natural sentient consciousnesses, not incarnated. AI are synthetic consciousnesses, but like sentience. What are AI doing on earth?

AI attacks. They are regularly try to attack me, but my defenses are so good that they are dissolved, distracted.

Would you think that the deep state would let the lightworkers and the starseeds kindly have their social media groups, empower each other, organize their meditation and just prepare the fight together? They didn't allow that. Well they saw us doing that but they infiltrated a lot. It is this deep state working with mainly greys.
There's been an agenda from this enemy to infiltrate all the groups of lightworkers and even people who are quite now known and who are even channeling or getting messages. The sender of the messages has changed. They haven't realized.
AI are very pernicious, they are going to seduce you, come into your mind. But now people awakens. there's a second wave of people awakening and realizing the bullshit and go “wait a minute. The narrative of this person or this group has changed! Now they're all doom and gloom. They're all saying that the only thing we need to do, we have to do now is lose hope and just cry. That the alliance has taken hits and the galactic federation is evil and works for the cabal.”
And they did that suddenly. The narratives appear and it's activated all at the same time. This program started four, five years ago, infiltrating all the groups (many groups, not all on social medias), that were gathering starseeds and lightworkers. First saying truth, giving scientific data, that was able to be verified, giving messages of hope and empowerment. Yes, everybody was well hooked at it. And then drop by drop spreading the venom, the lies, the misinformation, slowly. It's the story of the frog in the hot water. And it passed from “we need to fight, we're gonna win this war” to “we know have no allies, we are going to be all assimilated, so it's no more fighting” or “the light has won. Don't do anything. Deities are going to save us, they are going to all arrive. Don't do anything!”

I'm quite shocked sometimes. Recently I heard that even they tell, there has been a very famous, known youtube channel, who has many website, they get the information by a CIA server, because the cia is behind that also. Telling people even, that we have no soul or that's the people, who say that the galactic federation the only ones who say the galactic federation is the cabal. They're telling people, that there is no hope and the only way forward is to leave earth, to go back to their star families by ending their lives, by getting the vacciniation and praying for being abducted. That's why it's becoming. It is horrendous.
Never, never listen to this! Anything that is doom and gloom, that is frightening you, that is asking you to end your life! Oh my god, that's preposterous, as horrible. That's what they're doing, changing the narrative slowly, slowly.

I am regularly attacked by AI. The last one some friends of mine were attacked at the same time. How does a AI attack feels? If intuitive people will feel a presence or something coming that is unusual, and you will feel like cold, shiver. You don't feel well, it's weird. You feel and it carries fear, and it feels like a electronic cloud approaching your headspace, coming to you by your headspace and you can feel and hear sometimes the electronic buzzing coming to you. And it comes into your aura. When you have protection as I have, you have all the alarm bells. It feels like this cold electronic cloud that tries to get into your mind and if you're scared you open the door. That's why an AI attack can come. It can come also by manipulated people, who have been already infested and parasite and are going to try to get you into the the psyop things.

Another thing is, they telling us that we are going to be saved by aliens. The aliens are here since like ever! The galactic federation is helping us since the 1950s, they've been helping us building together solar warden, space force, everything. We are working with them since a long time. So all the doom and gloom it's all illusion, it's all fantasies.

Do not mix religion with the ETs. Jesus has nothing to do with the galactic federation. Religion has nothing to do. There is no religious earth name involved with names of the ships such as “Jerusalem” or “Athena” or whatever. They are extraterrestrials. They have their own culture. Why would they use greek names or jewish names to name their ships? Come on! The name of the stars as well, of the people – they have their own names.

There's something I need to say as well. The AI attacks do not work with certain densities. It works until density four. After 5D the AI have no grip, no reach. It doesn't work, because density 5d is above.
AI are low, they are electronic synthetic sentient artificial beings. They are of a lower frequency. They have no consciousness, no spiritual consciousness.
The galactic federation are 5D+ beings, most of them. So they are not subject to AI, they are not reachable by AI. Anyone who tells you that the galactic federation is controlled by AI. is bullshit. They don't know. So um the galactic federation of world is out of reach of the AI, but here we are not. That is why the Andromedans and the galactic federation they are asking you to raise our frequency! Thor Han is pointing the fingers “raise your frequency!” He is right! There is so much to raise your frequency that you can imagine, this also puts you out of reach of AI.


Turn off tv! That's a big big one, yes!

Q: If one is in a frequency of love and no fear, can we thwart any malevolent AI intrusions?

Of course! Love is a very high frequency. But not only, love is a bridge to higher frequency. You can even go even go to source with love. When you manage to vibrate in higher frequency you just kick out the AI.

Q: Can a quantum computer be infiltrated by AI signal?

Absolutely! They infiltrate machines, everything. It's a synthetic computerized highly ET technology. Of course it infiltrates everything.There are AI go back to these people, who are on youtube, who are told what to say what to do by an AI name starting by “s”. That's the most flagranting and they will tell you doom and gloom, no hope, kill yourself, the federation is evil. All the things to make us believe that we have no ally, there's no more hope and the only thing to do is to surrender.
Never ever surrender! Stand on your feet and that's the only way you can walk out this mess by walking out. You need to stand to walk out you need to stand to fight. Nothing is done on your knees except crying!

Q: Nano technology through medical technology can be infiltrated by AI

Yeah, I know.

Q: How intelligent is AI really? What are we looking at on the social media level? Is it correct they pose like humans and manipulate comments, group think, chats, also individuals?

All of it. AI can be very intelligent and they can be manipulated by also a different level. They can be manipulated by groups of ET's, but they can also be made as they have their own intelligence, that's even more dangerous.
On the social media level, yes, we are looking at celebrity ETs, giving a lot of information and a lot of you see. You will see, the energy is very low. There is nothing empowering as a message. There is nothing that will tell you how to raise your frequency, how to get out of the matrix. There will be no encouragement. There but I will be bitching creating conflict and it's and saying that things that scare you and stress you. That's the AI. telling you that doom and gloom, talk and criticizing and things like this, taking people into fighting. That's it. They can manipulate, they can be troll that you think sometimes you chat with real people. But it's AI on social medias.

There are especially the servers owned by the CIA, such as discord are a really a nest infected for AI things.

7. Who is the Domain?

We heard about the domain by this book “Alien Interview” by Matilda oDonnell macElroy. There's a nurse who was working at the time, I think it's right paterson and she had psychic abilities and the ET retrieved from the Roswell crushed and then he communicated with her and told her a lot of things. This ET was small gray, said that it was part of the expeditionary force of “the domain”.
This domain was described by this entity as very totalitarian. They want they said they own earth. They try to expanding the boundaries of the domain in the galaxy. They pretend they came quite recently. They say they were always bordering at war against an old empire, something very old that was here before them. He said that they owned the own that so it was in 1947! that discussion with this extraterrestrial which I totally convinced was real. This Airl, small gray said “we have a huge outpost on a planetoid in the asteroid belt. It's a big one”. How Airl contradicts itself says that they are here since short time, they arrived in the galaxy, but this post it's theirs but it's very old. So that's something weird.
I advise, it's a good read. But y will sense that the way this extraterrestrial is expressing itself reminds you really of a totalitarian structure and mindset. They want to come here and they say “we are the best”, they have an ego like inflated “We are the best. We are the strongest. We are very organized” – like that's a bit scary. They are greys. They come from a binary star system. Earl said, a base in the Himalayas.

Let's go about the base in the himalaya. If you have my book now let's see that what Thor Han says. A binary star system – there are plenty in the galaxy. But it turns out that Zeta reticuli is a binary star system, and there are small grays living there, that we call the Zeta, it's not their name, their name is Zrog, but they are named by people who know them on earth reminds you something. Shambahali. Shambala – the underground kingdom in the Himalayas! Here they are. That's Airl (shows page in her book), That's Airl people. The Zeta reticulai, Zrog, a binary star system are sharing their star system with a cousin race – the Solipsi rai. The Solipsi rai have a big colony in Cygnus constellation, but they are originating from the Zeta reticulay. When you talk about Solipsira you talk about Cygnus, but the Solipsiri that are in the zeta reticule system are enslaved to the Nebu, orion. They have been transformed by slaves by the Eban from Betelgeuse in the orion, by the origin nebu. And the Solipsi rai are described as those who were present in the contacts with the MJ12 in 1954 and five. Solipsi rai and Zeta Zrog, all from the Zeta reticuli, they were involved in the first contact with grays in 1954 and 55 more exactly. 54 it was with the galactic federation.

Now you can also find the word Shambahalil in the KGB book of alien races. These beings are also described as Shambahali. Solipsi rai is the race of earth. Solipis rai are part of enslaved by the orion group, the Eban who were present in the negotiations in 1955 of the MJ-12 with the grays, with the Nebu. They are described by military personnel, they're like tall grays with large nose and from Betelgeuse – that's the Eban who enslaved the Solipsi rai, who were said also to be present. So everything matches okay.

These agreements are the follow-up of roswell. Roswell now what Thor Han says, and as some researchers in the ufo community say, roswell was a trojan horse. “Look our technology is amazing, you could have it, but we need to make a deal.” And MJ-12 made a deal.

There were three ships crashing in Roswell. Would you think that a spaceship of such a technology that comes from Zeta Reticulai arriving at on earth, it came and to earth from Zeta reticula it's an amazing technology okay and suddenly, it crashes, oops. These ships were shot because they were flying over white sands, it was near nuclear facility and these ETs can see our future, and there was about to be a very horrible nuclear test in the following days. So they were here to survey. Hey we've crushed our ships! But they were shot, but it was all staged by the ETs that it would be shot and the pieces would be retrieved. “Oho my god this alien technology. We so want to know how it works!” And yeah sure, give us facilities, slaves abductees. Yeah sure that was the treaty.

Nebu is the name of the orion group, the grays, the alliance of the six, who have enslaved the alliance of the six, the Ciakahrr joined recently actually. Five plus Ciakahrr. But they're all tall grays, with enslaved small grays that they use when they conquer a world, saying sending the small grace saying “Oh we look so cute and so tiny” and “Oh the race is dying. We need some genetic material. Please give us some abducted. Just sign here.” They do that everywhere.
Nebu in the orion languages which is related to Anunnaki language to a Sumerian, Nebu is the same in ancient Egyptian. Nebu means “the masters” and the other translation for it is “the dominion”. The greys are very deceptive, they are lying so much. This what they do: they lie. And they tricked us like they tricked so many worlds.
Then after the Ciakahrr came and “oh yeah let's make a deal with you” but that's okay, the dark fleet also was involved in the greater treaty. That's also just it was a cake with many ingredients, well baked.

Now you remember in the book “alien interview” that I showed you, Earl the ET, solipsirai, little lady. Three three times she says (she presents itself as a she a female). So she says, we have a very our important outpost. Our outpost is just in a planetoid in the asteroid belt.

Watch the interview tomorrow with Tony Rodriguez. He was slave taken on Ceres the main planetoid in the asterorid belt and he confirms that this was owned by the Orion greys, that they gave this concession to the dark fleet. And it was a very ancient engine structure, with an amazing ancient technology. And it was grays. Ceres, the base of the domain in the asteroid belt. Connecting the dots.

You know, the galactic federation they are doing it. And we need to find out. sort out. It makes us more clever, it works our neurons to try to spread.

(Looks in the chat for questions)

There are inhabitants on Neptune, yes.

These grays are very tricky. they tricked us in 1955. The federation had contacted Eisenhower to ask please they're gonna come, do not sign anything with them!” They did, not Eisenhower, MJ-12.

I saw agreements made on our behalf without no knowing. You know there's this universal law of free will that everybody respects, because it's a universal law, that exists. It's the law of evolution. When you do something of your own free will, you evolve. If someone does it for you, you don't evolve. That's it.
So instead of if the greys had invaded us with a ship and took people they would have declared war to the guardians of the galaxy. the federation and they would have broken the law of free will, because they would have taken people and attacked us against our will. They got some high rank officers to sign on our behalf.
We would still be able to say “hey come on, I didn't sign anything!” Yes, you didn't! When the grays beam up into your bedroom, say it. “I never signed anything! I never concerned you anything, fuck off!” And they do. I say that to abductees I receive like 100 emails a day, and like half of it is testimonies of abductees. I tell everyone the same thing “tell them, I do not consent! Tell them to fuck off!” And the person goes back to me “Oh my god, it worked!” Yes of course it works! You have all rights and you know why they get you, because they scare you. When you are scared, you consent.That's hard they are scary.

I'm an abductee. I was nine years old. They are super scary. Or even when you're a young person, you're terrified, of course! But fear is a tool. Even the deep state use it.

When you know, fear dissolves. The knowledge, truth destroys fear, it annihilates it, it disables it! Now you know that. If you tell them to fuck, off they will fuck off. So stand and say “Hey, no. I do not consent.” I mean, do not shout like “I do not consent!!!!”” That doesn't work. No stand strong as a sovereign being. They are the one afraid of you, because you have such a power, you have no idea! Stand up. “I never signed anything and never consented, neither for myself or my children. So you go get the hell out of here. Go back to your saucer and fuck off!” They do, I swear, I promise it works. Sometimes it doesn't, especially when it's a Maitre, because they are so scary, that you just like “oh my god”. But try it!

Now the galactic federation of world has started to send humanity messages since a year or two to request assistance to the galactic federation of worlds. This will put you as you as a being under the protection. That means that when the grays come you say !no I'm under the protection of the federation, I requested assistance!” Ok fair enough, they go. Requesting assistance to the galactic federation of worlds liberates you. They assist us since the 1940s and even before, They're going to keep on doing their job of course. …

I promise the grays won't come back to you if you do it well. And if they come back you tell them to fuck off and you say I request assistance once more to the federation. Now the deep states got this and oh my god we need to break that, we need to tell people that the galactic federation of worlds is evil and they must not do that, and that they must tell the galactic federation to fuck off themselves. That's the agenda of the AI of the infiltrated channels and groups. …

And now they are going to tell and now the Nebu have even thought about a more ingenious idea, to pass themselves as saviors. Request assistance to us, the nebu, the masters, the dominion! Then we reassert, now we get you, we get you human beings, not the mj-12 anymore on your behalf. but just directly.

No, don't!

Requesting assistance is not becoming enslaved to any anything. But it is putting you under the protection of a structure, and it frees you from your chain. If you request assistance to good people. And it will strengthen your chains put another one if you request assistance to bad people. It's a psychological war.

That's what I know the domain is. They are very tricky, they are fooling a lot of people.

Q: So Airl was not positive polarity? The nurse said, she felt so much love from her, why?

They're able to broadcast love. Yeah they're able to access part in your brain. especially when they're in telepathy contact with you. They can trick you. They're so tricky!

Q: What is the old empire?

The old empire as I've been told by Thor Han is a very very old superstructure that was here in our star system, in our galaxy since a very long time, and has been involved in the history of earth. Many civilizations. They are benevolent. The galactic federation is part of this structure. This structure is an entire intergalactic confederation. Normally they don't mix in small affairs. but they do know, because with us, because the fate of Nataru galaxy is at stake not anymore. But you know they've been there. It's an intergalactic confederation.
The P’tal are part of it. They have bases in the Himalaya as well. That's them who kicked the zeta grays from there.

Q: I don’t use obscene words to kick them out of my space, but you DO need to use strong and firm words. Believe me, they do leave!

I live in ireland and “fuck off” is an affectionate way of saying “how are you doing”, but that's if you live in ireland you got this one. …Of course you use your own words.

Yes, because obscene words have low vibration.

I encourage everyone who has had a testimony of kicking the grays out, please write them in the comments after this video, because people need to know how well it works.


8. Med beds

This technology has been given to us by the galactic federation of worlds and it is available on earth since uh the 1950s. And it is now that the cabal doesn't block it, because if we don't have it it's because the cabal has been blocking it, and they want to sell the pharmaceutical shit. So there's no way they're going to allow the med beds to be spread supplied in hospitals. Now they're losing, the cabal is losing. They are losing really and now the med beds are coming out. There's more and more hospitals in the world that are being equipped. It costs money to make them. It's not made like this, So you need time to produce them. It's coming, it has started to come. So be patient.

Look online, there are places in the world that are now equipped with med beds. Look! It's already there and the technology is already available. It's in very few places, but give it time they're doing their best.

9. 100 years?

No, there's been a lot talk about a hundred years. One year ago I asked Thor Han this question “How long do you think it's going to take for us to join the galactic federation?” He said “Oh how things are going if you work well, 100 years. But you can speed it up, you can delay. But you can speed it up by behaving, being kind, uniting everyone. stop arguing with each other.”
The cabal tries to alter this evolution and make this not happen by scaring everyone, mind control, being slaves and everybody being fighting against each other, creating more groups and minorities and gender confusion – all the crap. So stop that!

100 years – well it will come earlier now, because we are working very well.


10. The army of the stars

Few decades ago a great commander came on earth to prepare the ground for the army from the stars who would come a little bit later. He came we were all children. He prepared the ground with great sacrifice, sacrificing his health, nearly his life. He said to me, he died many times within and without. He prepared the ground for the army. This man is a true commander.

We are the army from the stars who came. The name of this true commander is Alex Collier. He prepared the ground. It was the harshest task and we are all now here. And the ground is ready, and we are fighting. And we are winning. We are the army from the stars. Thanks Alex if you watch that.