6/7/2021 – Q&A- Boötes


Tonight I will tell you about the civilizations of the Bootes constellation, that many of you know because there's a star called Arcturus in it. The arcturians who are they, yes!

Situation Updates

These updates are quite. Last night Thor Han had rushed a connection, rushed to contact because he had such an important intense news. So I opened the connection, I switched on my connection device and I hear his words in my head, feell with his feelings in my heart, and these words I wrote them down straight away, because they were worth it:

Thor Han july 5 2021: The war has been won on mars. We have retaken the facilities. The worst is coming for the reptilians, who have decided to remain there. The slaves have been liberated. The Ciakahrr are winning but a cruel defeat. All is gone for them, all their possessions in the solar system. They are leaving.

Elena: So I asked him what about the dark fleet? He said “oh no, the dark fleet is not gone yet. It is something different.

What about Saturn=

Oh it is in the process to be soon treated. Saturn is ceres and ceres are Nebu and the Nebu are still here, still fighting with them.

I had a discussion with him afterwards, because we met and he gave me more details about all these things.

There are three enemy factions in our star system: the Ciakahrr reptilians, the Nebu gray orion and the dark fleet, which is earth-based. Well earth dark fleet, we know they have been kicked out of Antarctica. There are still some on Ceres and other outposts in the solar system, but they have lost forces. They are really taking a hit and they have been cut from their headquarters in Aldebaran. But they are still remaining here, still trying to fight their last chance. It's not yet done with the dark fleet, not yet done. It's not yet done with the greys, the greys have been kicked out from the moon. There's still a gray and reptilian presence on earth in the underground, still fighting with the alliance, the earth alliance is still fighting the orion greys and the reptilian Ciakahrr in the undergrounds of earth.
It's not over, so in a good way, but it's not yet over. This war is still going on and places such as Mount Shasta are in the process of big operations of liberation. So on earth is really the shit hitting the fan, big time on mars as well. But the difference is that mars is mainly reptilian Ciakahrr own and the dark fleet, the Ciakahrr facilities on mars have been taken by the galactic federation. The slaves have been liberated. The Ciakahrr are leaving mars. There are still a dark fleet presence on mars and a few orion greys, but the reptilian facilities have been liberated. Reptilians are leaving and after what Thor Han told me, they do not own anything anymore in the star system, only few last underground facilities on earth. But this is in the process.

So it's looking good, but it's harsh.

So here are the news: the war on mars there are still some fights and because of the dark fleet and the orions, but all concerning the direct Ciakahrr, it's done. And you know how, he explained to me: it's because of the locals, the Martians the Martian rebellion, the reptilian and insectoid local beings, the Martians, the real Martians – they themselves liberated their planet from the reptilians. They went on the ground, they had been groomed and trained and armed by the federation, exactly how the federation did on earth. They gave us technology, they gave us weapons, they're fighting with us. That's the policy of the federation to empower the locals, to empower the populations of the planet to stand up for themselves. They're doing it on earth. They've been doing this since the 1940s. They are doing this on mars, they have been doing this on mars since a while quite the same time.

So it's great news about mars. He said first “the war has been won on mars” but there are still it's not still settled. When he said that it meant that it was a no return point. It needs to be finished to be cleansed and liberated, but it's a no turn back.


Q: Do the native mars beings call themselves martians or Tyrians?

In fact they are not native. There's a native species who is a sort of worm, it's between the giant salamander and the worm and they are the borrowers. You know, you've seen them for all those who have seen the movie “Dune” do you remember the worms, that's this kind of creatures. I'm not sure they look like that. Those who have been in the SSP “20 and back” programs can really answer that if they probably met these creatures, and I am very privileged to interview in next week Ileana, the star traveler and Tony Rodriguez. Both have been taken to mars, to work there. So they will describe and give a lot of elements….

I do not know if the local population calls themselves the Tyrians. The galactic federation calls this planet tyr t-y-r. There's this local species of worms and then there are two different species who have been introduced to mars, who have colonized mars a very while ago, and they stayed there. So they consider themselves as Martians but they're not really born from the rocks and the consciousness of the planet mars. But so these reptilians are very nice. I don't know their name. They are they lead the Martian resistance, the Tyr resistance. The insectoids they have many shapes shapes they mostly look like mantis and another type like arachnids, but they all gray gray genetic related. Thor Han told me that the insectoid's name it's unpronounceable, I couldn't pronounce it and even write it.

The reptilians they have a name, I put it in my next book.


Q: Are the greys leaving? Not been captured or punished so they can come back?

The galactic federation has a policy of not killing, killing is the last solution. They go by free will. They show first their power, they do a raid and they try to do no casualty, but they show their power and they show their intention the galactic federation like conducing a raid. And then they say “okay now we're going to continue. You have a choice. We give you free. Or stay and face consequences.” If they surrender, they are taken out of this this star system to facilities. We could consider this as prisons, but it's it's like rehabilitation center. They are brought there and they have still again the choice: abandon their aggressive agendas and start a process to raise their frequency, and they are sent back home. Otherwise they remain here indefinitely. Prisoners. If they choose to give up their negative, regressive behavior, they're set free they're set free back home. Even sometimes they bring them in at the border of their zone.
The galactic federation of world is an is a federation of very evolved species. They do not do punishment. This is a very primitive behaviour. That they haven't. That have let go, they don't do punishment, they are above these kind of practices- They will instead help these beings turn to the light and evolve. This is what they can to turn the dark into light, because if you thought you are somebody who's already dark, you're gonna lower his frequency even more. Punishment and suffering is not an act that is perpetrated in by the federation, certainly not.

Q: Where are all the people going to go from mars?

All the people who have been taken there from earth and used as slaves. They have been told that earth has been destroyed, that has no more livable conditions on earth, and there's nobody else there. That was to cut their desire to come back to earth. But now all the human prisoners are brought back to earth. I don't know in which conditions, they will be regulated but they were all brought back to earth, all the humans.
Those who leave mars are the extraterrestrials and as I was explaining they are all although brought to facilities to try, to turn them to the light kind of things or if they they surrender and they know, they have changed their mind they are sent back home, their home.
You're going to ask how do you know that they're not lying or saying “Oh my, yes I'm fine now, I'm going to be good, I'm going to behave” and then come back with a fleet later on, because these things are.

It's all about vibration and frequency. You cannot lie, when you are dealing with the beings of the federation, because it's from the heart. If the person in front of you is lying in which frequency they are and once you raise frequency, you're there, you're not going to go down again. So that's what I know.


We are going to now talk about the arcturians, the Bootes constellation because there's not only the arcturians in the Bootes constellation, there is also other cultures which are quite interesting.

Here is the Bootes constellation. You have in the middle of it the Bootes constellation is named after Bootes means “the herd keeper” It looks he looks like a shepherd.

Bootes was depicted as a herdsman with a club. Bootes follows Ursa Major, the bear. The jealous wife of Zeus turned Callisto, his mother, into a bear. Bootes did not know she was a bear and chased her through the woods. To avoid further trouble Zeus placed them in the sky.

Arcturus, the knee of Bootes is the third brightest star in the sky. One of the 48 constellations described by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, Boötes contains the 4th brightest star in the night sky, the orange giant Arcturus.

So Epsilon Boötes or Izar is also a colorful multiple star, popular with amateur astronomers. Boötes is home to many other bright stars, including eight above the fourth magnitude and additional 21 above the fifth magnitude, making a total of 29 stars easily visible to the naked eye.

There are many objects in the Arcturus constellation. Of course a constellation is a visual illusion of a pattern of stars visible from earth. Through the Boötes constellation we can see objects that are extremely far from here and that have nothing to do with each other.

You have the globular cluster NGC5466. A cluster is a group of stars, it's a cradle of stars. It's where the stars are born, and it's a very young star. It's like the Pleiades.

You have then a series of galaxies that are visible in the Boötes constellation. It's an absolutely amazing place for amateur astronomers to have a look by nice clear night.

You have NGC 5248 also called “Caldwell 45” an amazing galaxy that you can see there.

We can see also this one: NGC 5676.

Tthis one NGC 5008. How beautiful it is NGC 5548.

NGC 5653. I like the little green fluorescent beads. I wonder what gases is. It's absolutely amazing all the different colors. It's different gases that gives a different spectrometry.

Then you have NGC 5778. Look at this cluster of galaxies isn't it amazing? It's absolutely beautiful.

NGC 5886, NGC 5888, NGC 5698 – so many worlds.


And this this how weird is that: You see all the little dots are mainly galaxies all around, and in the center you have void. This is very well known and called the Boötes void. It is located 700 million light years from earth, extremely far. What is happening there? The Boötes void. No one on earth has explained it. But regarding to our star friends there are places in the universe where you have like poaches of dark light or dark matter. This is the dark matter. It is not antimatter, it's dark matter. It's a substance that is extremely interesting, because this substance is necessary for the universe to function. This substance is composing portals. I have no other explanation how to give you the details. This is called dark matter and or dark energy, you know matter energy.

It's a very mysterious place that the astronomers haven't been able yet to explain. On earth officially there is no scientific explanation.



Arcturus means the bear. It's a name from the greek mythology, transformed into the latin.

Arcturus is a giant. This is a picture that shows you the size of Arcturus regarding to our sun. You thought Sirius was huge, but look at Arcturius, it's absolute absolutely gigantic.

There is a magnificent blue planet orbiting the red giant Arcurius and this planet is called Ohora. It's 36 light years from our solar system. Here is the one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy, which has surpassed into the seventh and nine density.




The phantom portal?

The three Arcturian groups are the Ohorai. The Ohorai are blue skin and they are mainly involved in helping humanity regain their sovereignty and connect their own power and their divine selves. The Arcturians are part of the galactic federation and also members of the council of five, but not as one of the five races, they are just affiliate also to the council of five in programs.

There is a beautiful artwork that I found on internet which absolutely describes, this person the person who did this artwork is absolutely spot on about the three main races: the Ohorai, Gladeian and Noo-Linn.

These are the three species living in the arcturus ohora star system so the the oran

The Ohorai that you see on your left are the ones that are mostly known mainly known as Arcturians, that you see interfering with earth and starseeds. They can go to ninth density.

They these three races are part of the same species, the Ohorai, but you see you have Gladeian and Noo-Linn, who are subspecies to them. The original species is the Ohorai.
All these three species they are an old and highly developed culture, technologically as well as spiritually. They can choose when to manifest in the third density physically, but mainly exist in etheric state, knowing that the physical matter is not an obstacle for them. The Ohorai are those involved with the galactic federation of worlds for the concern of terra and are regarded as wise elders, great elders of light. They composed a higher caste of these spiritual beings, the Ohorai and it well up into the ninth density.
The arcturian Ohorai are known for their power of healing transforming matter as well as bending and manipulating light itself. They complete these things with their conscious mind and the Ohorai way is a spiritual practice renowned through the galaxy as an art of the spirit. This is a daily practice very popular among those serving the light, and you could assimilate it to meditation in our language, although it is way more powerful than that and that reaches out to a greater diversity of levels of consciousness. The right word to name it would be “atuning”.

Q: Is there a reason and or an advantage for higher vibrating beings not to have hair?

I don't know. That's an interesting question. It turns out that beings with no hair are.. listen the Ohorai and the Gladeian and Noo-Lin they have no hair, the Andromedans have no hair, well the Zenae have no hair and how I have been shown human race looking like the Andromedans in million years, they have no hair as well. Seems that hair goes with evolution of humanoids. all born from Lyran cradle. Of course as you evolve, you evolve physically, you evolve with time also in consciousness and in spiritual wisdom. So there is no direct link of losing your hair, I mean it it goes by parallel. Of course you when you evolve with time you will gain in in wisdom and consciousness.

The Nebu, the grey they don't have hair, the Maitra don't have hair and they're not very spiritual beings.
Yes, but it's not the same species! The arcturians, the Aandromedans, the humans are the same human genome. The grays are not human genome, they are reptiloid genome. So from the start they don't have hair, it's not the same evolution, it's not the same genetics.

Q: How do these aliens compare to self realize yogi enlightened humans? Are they just third density enlightened or so?

Elena: The enlightenment is a natural consequence from what I've learned a natural consequence of evolution. When you evolve with time you gain in opening of consciousness your DNA activates through our generation and you become more and more aware of spiritual wisdom and you know enlightened. But some can do shortcuts of course, can like force it and practice and just get good at it faster like the yogis for instance, as your name. You can reach enlightenment with practice and not waiting for evolution. …We can all do it. So we will access to this enlightenment and this spiritual awareness and opening of consciousness of course faster, because we find the portals within ourselves to activate it. It will be in the same lifetime and that's speeding up and just forcing the portal to open to our own divinity.
And humans of earth can do that. Not all humanoids in the galaxy. I explained to you why, because we were like this before. We've been brought down, you know. We had this potential from the start. So we just need to replug within to this divinity to this enlightenment. We have this, we were like this before. So we just need to reactivate it, not to activate it but to reactivate it, which is easier.

Q: Is there a particular skin color which denotes the highest level of spiritual development?

I don't think so. It depends on the species. The Arcturians, the Ohorai and the Zenae from Andromeda are of the same origin as humans of earth. We look different of course. But look at the Egaroth they have brown skin. The Arcturians are blue, and the Zenae light blue to pale play. The Emerther who have human genome as well they are white. So I do not believe the color denotes the level of spirituality, although still many are literally bluish but not all.

Many cultures throughout the galaxy teach their children since an early age the Ohorai techniques of spiritual tuning: It has become an essential routine into their life. Keeping naturally connected to source via our personal channel is perfect awareness is to never lose our way throughout the disturbance of life and always stay tuned to the light and the ways of morality objectivity and justice.

Ohorai do not eat material food when not manifested in lower planes and generally ingest energy through their nervous system. It is like ingesting food but on a higher etheric essence level. They are also able to assimilate information a hundred times faster than the average terran, because of this particular process of assimilation of information energy.
They sleep few but very regularly for short periods of time, depending on each one's personal cycle and it is a vital necessity as it is the moment, when their soul travels and connects to subtler dimensions of consciousness. As guardians and protectors of higher consciousness they are able to anchor the source directly and consciously.

They work at raising the consciousness of the multiverse. The field of information. In a way that always allows free will, that means educating those who choose to take a path of ascension, raising their vibration and clearing the path to higher consciousness.

Arcturians defend terra from the reptilian and grey's agenda. They have been working with the galactic federation of world since the start in this purpose.
They have bases on terra inside mountains in nearly every country on this planet and also three bases in its moon. More precisely behind the moon in motherships. The arcturians, the ohorai have come to assist the terrans in accessing the fifth density by raising their vibrational frequencies.
Their ships are the finest in the entire galaxy, propelled by crystals, conducing light energy from the source core of the galaxy.

I have now a photo of a Ohorai ship, not an artwork. So huge and spherical vibrantly white and looking ethereal or transparent. These spherical ships are also able to travel through time. They have as well small shuttle crafts spherical in shape, you can name them probes employed to shift magnetic points and grids on terra in the process of helping the planet, elevate into 5D as fast as possible.

Something interesting they do, as they can time travel, is that they have this vaporizing module in their ships that can instantly de-materialize any life-form that has died and it can be re-materialized at any time by consulting the ship's records. They can scan the being and regress it to an earlier stage of its the evolution of the body and reactivate it to a younger, healthier stage. It's quite impressive. The terran souls can be sometimes brought to the arcturian Ohorai starships during their dream state where they are healed and helped – at the difference that the arcturians/Ohorai never violate a person's free choice.


Inner Athena, tell us about your story, how was your contact?

Inner Athena: They have helped me to heal. It was in my dreams. They look like angels.

Elena: Maybe they took you on their ship, that could have happened, yes it was in your dreams – oh my god it looks like exactly what I was describing, they take people in their dreams to their ship and they regenerate them, they heal them. Usually it's when you have a contract with them before coming or you are one of them. Usually you are one of them.

They look like in the movie “Knowing“, and they have this energetic, it's not wings but it's look like veils. Many light beings can look like this.

I would invite you all to write your experience and stories in the comments after this video to share with everyone, because the comments will stay and we can all share experience and with meeting them.

Who else lives in the Boötes constellation?


Isar it's a binary star system. You have two stars and these two stars have star system epsilon Boötes or Eizar the real name by its inhabitants is “Aanak iman”. The species living there gives numbers to their planets, so they live on number two and three.

Thor Han told me that there's a lot of cultures who don't give names to the stars and the planet they give numbers. Many cultures live by mathematical language. Mathematics is a universal language. It's the basis of everything, basics of the universe, it composes the holograms. Some cultures just express themselves by codes and mathematical codes. It's extremely interesting, fascinating languages. I don't know how we could hear that, I've never heard this kind of language. That is absolutely fascinating. The Anak are using this kind of language

The Anak or Anaki they are not very friendly they are ferocious reptilians but largely inferior technologically and in number to the draconian Ciakahrr although they are part of the reptilian collective and they are subject to the Ciakahrr empire.

Slightly higher than the Solipsi rai Zeta grays they bear very similar features and they have gray to brown colors. Their females have darker skin and thin scares, long black hair, slightly taller and not as aggressive as the males, who have genetically benefited from the Ciakahrr science to improve their longevity and physical performances for combat.

We recognize them by their smell. That is very interesting because they have a bit of gray genetic, greys are reptilians and the grays are known usually to smell like rotten eggs or poo. But these ones, they smell a little bit with a variant which is rotten rust. Thor Han torn told me that.
Their face is triangular and they have like all races of grace large slender eyes.

Thay are gray reptilians, they look like small grays, Zeta but look at their eyes – they have reptilian eyes and they do not have black eyes. But I may remind you that black eyes in the grays most of the time – except for the Kiily Tokurt, for them it's natural – but most of the gray races, especially the Nebu races, the Zeta as well they have these black eyes, but it's not original, it's a biometric lenses to allow them to be able not only to see in our environment, but also its biometric devices. All the greys they strive in ultraviolet environments, so in our conditions with our sun it would be problematic for them. So they have like sunglasses updated.

Their language can sound like thought rumble. So they speak with like mathematical codings but you still can hear like throat rumble.

They have been involved in the eastern population of japan to experiment, where they had a settlement an outpost in the area of japan a long time ago. This Anaki outpost was at the end of an ice age when the levels of the seas were lower in this part of the planet and it had more land. It would be now immersed under the water. They made a lot of experiment with the population and they had a lot of programs there that was not nice, you know all the abduction programs. They were working already at that time for the Ciakahrr. The Ciakahrr it's an empire and they employ different races who have different abilities to certain tasks in their empire to work for them.

Along with the Ciakahrrs c cars they were involved in the Dulce incident, that's very important. If some abductees have memories of Dulce and small greys looking a bit different – that's the Anaki.

Their ships are square and rarely visible because they mainly use Ciakahrr ships instead because the Cieakahrr have better technology. You will notice that the Anak have square ship and the Ciakahrr motherships are rectangular – so it's sharing the same building technology.


Q: Are the reptilians beings born from eggs?

Elena: Yes they are.

Q: Do they wear clothes?

Elena: No they don't.

Q: Are they hybrids?

They are not all hybrids, but I may remind that the males have bred their genetics with the Ciakahrr genetics to increase their aggressivity in combat.

Q: Are all reptilians bad?

Very good question. Not all reptilians are regressive of course not all! Remember for instance reptilians who are on mars who are fighting in the resistance. There are very nice reptilian species.

Q: Do they cooperate with the orion alliance?

Yes the Anaki do. They are affiliate to the Ciakahrr empire. But they also work for the orion alliance.
The orion Nebu alliance and the Ciakahrr empire, they are competitors in the galaxy, but some races working for either one of them, sometimes works for both. Everybody looks for their own interest, it's service to self. These are all service to self races. They do not have really affiliation by heart. They have an affiliation by profit and trade and advantage. If they did feel another empire, another alliance will bring them more profit they will change, or even work for both. They don't care. Service to self. It's a different set thinking.

Q: Do all races use greys?

Only regressive races use other races. Using a race that is inferior in technology, it's the regressive people who do that. For instance the higher council, the council of five or the galactic federation they do not use other races, they cooperate in exchanges and everybody is respectfully working together. Nobody is using anyone.

The orion alliance, the orion group and the Ciakahrr empire are using races that they enslave. And that's what they have been trying to do with the earthlings, the humans of earth to alter their genetics to bind them as idiot slaves, to just block our memory that we don't remember how divine and powerful we are, and then starting (that's what's happening now) starting a genetic transformation/alteration invasive and aggressive genetic modification by you know putting into the bodies of the people some elements that will modify their genetics to transform them.

The Dohu who are Solipsi Rai, a strand of Solipsi Rai for instance or small grays they were a nice peaceful culture. They've been assimilated by the orion empire and they formed Dohu or Do and they have been totally assimilated, mind wiped and enslaved. All the races can be used, not only rays, human as they do with the terrans.
The Eldaru it was a race of Noor. they've been genetically altered and bred with grays and now they they are like slaves.
So only the regressive races use all the races and the gray, small grays they created with small grays Zetta Zrog, and Solipsi rai and Dohu mainly, they've created cloned armies and synthetics beings that have either no sentient soul in it, not obliged to and or they did mainly don't and they are all relate to a central hive mother consciousness. The greys function on the hive structure with the mother queen consciousness. The queen that will send information to all of the elements. Star trek next generation, the borgs – that's how they do. And the cube ships it's not a mistake as well.


Arsellus, Elffaf

Now we are going to visit another star system which is Arsellus. There are two home worlds of the Elffaf. They are named Harsane-Mubunu and Igir.
Elffaf are peaceful people, quiet benevolent species, barely involved in the dramas of the galaxy. They could be mistaken for the Solipsi rai, but they are not related, even from far.
Elffaf are mainly interested in studying exosciences. They have four genders. Three having a role to play in the breeding process, two genders are assigned to procreate, the third one to bear the embryo at term – a biologic particularity attested through many races in this galaxy. Those of the fourth gender are not fertile and often vow their life to science prospects, because allotted with higher psychic abilities.

So this is absolutely fascinating! So you have four genders. Two genders that I suppose are binary procreate. The egg or the embryo is put into transferred into incubator, the third gender, which is an incubator like a mother. This gender will carry the embryo at term. This embryo can be either one of the four genders.
So two procreators, one carrier and the fourth one. The fourth one is sterile, is not useful in procreation but will have higher psychic abilities and will compose higher spiritual caste of the society.

They are not reptiloids, although they are grays. These are one of the very few examples of non-reptiloid grays. They don't lay eggs. They are carrying embryos at term, they don't lay eggs so that's not reptiloid.

They are not aggressive at all. They are part of the federation. They are mammalian in nature not reptilian.


Korena, Korendi

There is another beautiful star korena. The Korendi come from a colonized planet named Korendor – it's the third planet of a system of twelve. Their star's name is Korena, like the star about 400 light years away from earth.

These four to five feet tall humanoids are part of the galactic federation of worlds. They are recognizable by their very peculiar eyes, not known in any other human species. They are of a vibrant luminous indigo and the absence of eyebrows enhances their entrancing look. Their foreheads are slightly prominent and their ears are small and pointy. They have no hair, a small nose with slit nostrils, prominent cheekbones and a thick neck. Their bodies are quite muscular looking and their skin slightly tanned.

They have facilities of an extended underground complex in the state of massachusetts in the u.s. Their ships are beautifully profiled with a shiny chrome looking.

The Korendi are part of the galactic federation they are benevolent.

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