29/6/2021 – Q&A Centauri


Tonight I will tell you the Centauri system. This is the closest neighbor star system to earth. There's a lot of amazing stories in these systems. I'm going to tell you about and introduce to you the mainly evolved civilizations.

Updates from Thor Han

Elena: Thor Han is 150 years old, he's very young for his his people, he's he's a youngster. he's been promoted fleet commander two years ago and he used to command a fleet of 15 ships which is a small fleet. they have about 60 mother ships up there in the solar system, not all belonging to the galactic federation, many of them also belong to the Andromedan council, the council of five, the ashtar galactic commando. Ashtar galactic command is not linked to the galactic federation of worlds. They are a mercenary unique entity who work for different organizations fighting against the orion nebu group. Thor Han is still a fleet commander, he comments his fleet, but he has job which is a mission coordinator. He works on the mothership of the federation which is on in orbit of earth. It's a big big ship, I shared a photo of one of these motor ships. and I think it was Thor Han ship two weeks ago.

Thor Han's job is to organize the logistic of the different missions in this star system and particularly with the earth alliance. (…)

What he tells me doesn't put the operation in dangers.

Earth, moon, mars. Earth: a lot of elites are still leaving the planet via portals. All the portals haven't been yet neutralized, but in a good way. There are operations conducted by the galactic federation of worlds to neutralize portals of access from planet earth to many other places, especially mars.

They don't go on the moon anymore, because moon is now secured by the federation and given back to the earth.

Mars is still under attack of the federation and the local resistance.

Antarctica is being rid of the dark fleet. All the dark fleet personal has left Antarctica. The german personnel left via boats to Argentina. We had this information by one of our contacts working in Antarctica. The reptilians, you know it was a Nazi reptilian alliance, all the reptilians personal some are still there in the undergrounds, and they try to escape, but these ones are the one more in trouble, because all access to Antarctica via the underground had been cut last year. The earth alliance had collapsed all the tunnels of underground access to Antarctica, so nobody can leave. Antarctica from the underground they can only live by boat that's about the personal. Now the officers of the darkfleet and the high rank officers human and reptilians they have left via a portal, because there's a portal in the south pole that is very wanted by everyone. Now this portal had access to Aldebaran star system where the headquarters of the dark fleet are. So we suppose that they may have left to this destination although we know that the Aldebaran headquarters do not want to have any more anything to do with the dark fleet of this star system, because they consider them a little bit like as losers and as Thor Han said, they rather cut an infected limp. So I don't know where they're going.
Thor Han told me that this portal in the south pole has been taken by the earth alliance and is severely guarded by the earth alliance, but now there is another war starting there, because the evil nasty reptilians are not there anymore and neither the Fourth Reich. So the place is empty to be taken and there's an amazing amount of resources there. Some very precious substances that are very wanted especially by powerful industrial countries and corporations. So everybody is rushing to Antarctica now that the baddies have gone and the portal is deactivated, but still there. So all it takes is to find the key again, the frequency key to reopen it. And the earth alliance tries to stop everyone to have it. So I don't know what they're going to do with it, destroy it, recalibrate it.

The moon has been liberated a while ago now by the galactic federation and given back to earth. The moon has been liberated from the baddies which were the dark alliance, dark alliance is a triangle dark fleet, orion nebu empire and Ciakahrr reptilian empire.
But what the corporations and people now want to do with it now it's another question, because there's a lot of mining advantages as well there so uh fight over retaking Antarctica, fight over retaking the moon by the earth people, earth corporations and now mars.

Mars, there are still reptilian baddie there, Ciakahrr empire, nebu from orion, but they are severely hit by the galactic federation. (…)

There is a huge huge focus at the moment of the galactic federation of world to localize and close deactivate all the portals of access between this star system and outside, because the federation had protected this star system with a shield. It's like a plasma frequency shield outside of this solar system. If you go through it, it looks like a wall of plasma, it's very impressive. I've seen it. It's like filaments of light but it's like gas and it's a yellowish, orange kind of color. So nobody can leave without authorization of the federation, nobody can come in without authorization.

So how do the baddies do to escape to Aldebaran for instance or back to orion and the Maitra come and go from Andromeda. Remember the interview I did of Stephen Cao who worked in area 51. He describes one of these portals used by the Kiily Tokurt. He describes it. He went even in a meeting room and he was kicked out, he saw this portal.

Ceres is going to and Saturn's probably going to be hit the same.

Regarding to the portals now the main focus is to that's the science mission to deactivate them. This star system is big.
A portal when it is not activated it is invisible. A portal is activated by a frequency key. It's a sound frequency coupled with dynamic geometry, Vril energy, mathematical equations extremely complicated and sound frequency. So that compose a frequency key and when you you use this frequency key, it activates it the portal. A portal becomes suddenly visible and I've seen one. There's one in orbit of Jupiter between Jupiter and Saturn. Once I was connected with Thor Han it was in a science ship trying with other people of the federation to deactivate this portal on orbit of Jupiter and it was saying that it was a big one, used by the dark fleet.

I had a chat with Tony Rodriguez, a private chat, and he said “oh yes and the portals. I remember one. We took portals to go to…” (he doesn't know the name of the star system. He went with when he was on a ship of the dark fleet. He said to me “I went through a portal, I remember and it was in orbit of Jupiter.” And I say “oh my god, that's Thor Han just told me about a portal in orbit of jupiter used by the dark fleet.” so we were talking about the same thing. I love it when things come together.


Are Andromedans the same as archangels?

They could be associated with them. The andromedans there are many people, many civilizations. We are speaking here of the Zenei. These are the famous andromedans who have foreseen the miseries happening here on earth. They are the ones helping us, very much they are very evolved and highly evolved beings. Zenei, those with whom Alex collier was and still is in contact. The zenae are amazing people. They are filled with love. They are a little bit like the arcturians, they are very similar: tall blue skinned elegant. They are extremely wise. They are communicating by emotions mainly. They are extremely emotionally evolved. They are radiating love and wisdom and peace. They are extraordinary people, so benevolent. They are 6/ 7 density.

They are not archangels although they could totally be on the same level. Archangels are different. Archangels are not of a race of extraterrestrials, they are supra consciousnesses, mega consciousness, arch consciousnesses, working on the web of the universe. And it's like a bit Cryon, the the earth guardian Cryon could be also considered as an archangel, but that's that's another thing.

So Andromedans, although they could be totally similar to archangels or not archangels.



I hope these updates will help you to clear up some fears or misconceptions. The Centaur systemss they are the closest star system from terra, 4.3 light years from us only. It is composed of a binary, two main centers: alpha centaury system and beta centaury system.

Why centauy – because it looks like a centaur, in the greek mythology it's a horse and instead of the head of the horse there's a bust of a man with arms and a head.

We have here just another shape, where you can see really it looks like a horse with pose and the head of the man on the star.

Here is Alpha and Beta Centaury. Each has a double, triple star system. Alpha is on the left beta is on the right. Alpha centaury is very bright because it's a system with three stars.

Img04 from book

Alpha centaury is composed of Alpha a and Alpha b and the third one is Proxima centaury. You see the Alpha a and Alpha b they they turn around each other, and around them there's Proxima centaury. The star we see here in this picture “Alpha centauri” is in fact three stars. It's really bright because it's the light of three star two turning around each other on the common center of gravity and one, proxima, turning around the two other ones. So in the center Alpha centaury a and Alpha centaury b and around them Proxima centaury. Every 88 years alpha centaury a and b orbit the common center of gravity. The average distance between them is about 23 astronomical unities. Alpha centaury a is a yellow star of the same type as the sun and is about 20 percent larger. Alpha centaury b is an orange star, slightly smaller than the sun. And Proxima centyury that evolves around these twin too is a red dwarf, seven times smaller smaller than our sun. Proximal centaury is gravitationally bound to the the two first ones. They all have planetary systems with planets evolving around.

Alpha centaury b –Selosi

Alpha centaury b is a star which has many planets around. Here live the Selosi.

Their origin is from the planet Selo, also named alpha b century four. It's a lot bigger than terra. It's the fourth planet of this system and it's a world with seven moons. Due to the proximity of the second star in this system in this binary system nights are very short and the planet's orbit is elliptical, which enables complex seasons.

Selosi are tall white skin and white hair humanoids. Their eyes color can range to blue green or gray. They are benevolent beings. They are part of the galactic federation of worlds, assisting humanity in its evolution.
Selosi mastered the science of harvesting the universal life force, the vril into crystals in order to generate plasmic and ethereal energy. They are the mother rays of the Telosi earth colony, telosians. They are the mother race of the telosi earth colony and have a presence in the orbital stations of the galactic federation of worlds, interacting as well with terran governments for the greater good of humanity. They look like terrans and their society and cultures are based on a spirit of equality and justice. They promote the wise and responsible use of sciences and technology, peace and preserve their neutral neutral position in galactic diplomacy.
It takes 12 hours to get to alpha centaury 4 (Selos) and twice a week a shuttle links the federation's outpost in the terran in the earth vicinity to the centaurion systems. Their usual sheeps are silvery and discoidal. This is a Telosian ship behind her.
They look totally like us but they are white skin white hair and very clear eyes, slightly taller. The Selosi were involved in the meetings of president Eisenhower at murrock military base .


Their closest cousins are the Telosians. There's a lot to say about the Telosians. The Telosians are separated in two different factions. They originate also they are colony from alpha centaury four, the planet Selo.
They are tall white human beings with pale glistening skin and white hair same as the Selosi and they have highly developed telepathic abilities. The eyes are clear from gray to pale blue and their alimentation is plant-based, grown hydroponically in a full spectrum artificial light. They use psychotronic technologies involving crystals and universal life force energy, the Vril.
Telosi are an ancient Selosi colony who settled on earth before the last ice age. The earth myths remember them as Lemurian but in fact Atlanteans would be more accurate as their civilization extended in the area of the atlantic oceans and its shores, which is why they migrated to the American continent, western africa and western Europe after destruction of their lands. They disconnected with the galactic federation of worlds as they migrated underground, becoming the western branch of the Agarthan network. Agarthan is the general term for all the different species inhabitants of terrars underworld, inner earth. Telosia have interbred with terrans and their gene markers show up regularly within terra's population like their cousins.

Selosi working with the galactic federation of worlds. Telosi are by nature benevolent people inclined to assist humanity remembering its ancient history, help in its ascension and improve health and longevity.


What is their language like, is it a frequency language? Are they on earth to help?

They are on earth for help. The language is a spoken language which is and spoken and telepathic in the same time. They use also emotions by the telepathic side of the language, they can project emotions and communicate through emotions. All the Telosi do that and the meton as we are going to see a little bit later.

Their rhythm of existence is different from the earth people. They are calmer and quieter, vibrating in a slightly higher density, the fourth density.
They work at helping the preservation of the environment and the ecosystems, as well as fighting the new religious systems that disconnect human beings to nature to their own power and to source, helping terrans to recover hidden knowledge. They provide many tools and hints guiding archaeological discoveries and also offering keys to decode enchant knowledge.
Telosi are at the origin of the crop circles sometimes, geometrical clues guiding the decoding of a lost science. (A very tiny percent of crop circles are non-human. I would say maybe 90 percent of the crop circles are human made. It is difficult to differentiate which one are made by artistic humans skilled people which ones are made by either extraterrestrials or intra-terrestrials. The difference will be the level of electromagnetic disturbance on the site, slightly, after they've been created. And we have a few camera videos who've filmed the making of these crop circles by non-human devices and you can really clearly see all plasma orbs dancing around and creating these patterns in the crops, and it is made with sound frequency, coming from under or from above. And they are messages messages to humanity and language is a mathematical language frequency, language to be decoded.

The Telosi are also at the origin of what is called erroneously “the lemurian crystals”, which is more accurately named “Telosi quartz or Telosian quartz”. In these they have encoded keys to unlock ancient knowledge. So these crystals are not database of knowledge, they are not information encrypted in them. But there are keys to unlock access to some call it akashic records, a database that is somewhere, quantumly it just connects you to it.
What is this knowledge about? It is about unlocking human consciousness and helping humanity's ascension. It's the energy signature of the crystal structure that is the key.

We find also the Telosi in the celtic cultures like the shee, the Tuade dannan and the shining ones.

Nowadays we can count about a million and a half inhabitants of re-established network of antediluvian colonies, white spread underneath the surface of the planet in a vast system of caverns. The main networks are located below the region of the Gobi desert and surroundings in a vast cavern system below Tibet, linking the central Asian systems and finally on the American continent around Mount shasta in an underground city named Telos. The vast underground web of tunnels was created mostly by the Telosians but it became progressively with time shared for a great part with the earth secret governments, from the moment these latest signed agreements with the reptilian invaders. Unfortunately enticed to provide facility of the existing underground structures, an important faction of the Telosi joined forces with the grey and reptilian collectives to bond with the American government, the bad side, MJ12 and all the corporations. The Telosians were frightened when the reptilians arrived (not the ones you know there was the Naga were quietly living underground) but when the Ciakahrr arrived from space in the 1950s. They wanted with the grays, they wanted the facilities underneath and mainly it was owned and managed by the Telosions. So they scared the Telosians, they threatened them, they blackmailed them, they did horrible things. The Telosians finally gave up and offered the facilities. They were like in a very bad position.
There is a rebel resistance faction of Telosians who are have gone really deeper underground now and are still there and now are fighting. Telos is in the process of being liberated.

But you know the faction that has rebelled, they've really evolved in an even higher density that the reptilians cannot even them, even access to their realm underneath the earth in the inner earth, because it's the density is higher so there is no way they are going to be found by the lower vibration. There is a whole diplomacy of its own going on underground, being beneath all these things. In my book I have a lot of all the details about all these underground facilities, what tunnels goes where. You can really read it through, there's all the details, even more details. But we're not going into these lower vibrations.

Nevertheless, a rebellion rawes in a secret alliance of the Agarthan races. Some Telosi and secret factions of the us governments preparing their agenda for fighting back the reptilians, but that is happening now, getting rid of them. This secret benevolent alliance at this moment in time has joined force with the galactic federation of worlds in the earth alliance. Their ships are called “silver fleet”. It's the same ships as you saw on the picture of this Selosi woman. They are either discoidal or spherical.

Are the telosians related to the Akhori?

They resemble a lot. It's very difficult to tell them apart. Who are the akhori or Alkhori they are people from the altair system. They are working with the reptilian empire and hey are not good. They can be called “tall whites” as well, because they are looking like this humanoids beautiful thin long humanoids. But I would say the Altairans are more like skinny, like thinner than the Telosians. There is really no way to really tell them apart.But they are not related. Now we need to remember that you all humanoid life in this galaxy, Nataru, has been seeded from extra galactic civilization, an intergalactic confederation and in this intergalactic confederation there was a race species, a culture called P’tal and they have seeded human genome in the constellation of Lyra, the Man star system, kepler 62. So we all come from there. So we are all in a way related with all other humanoid races in Nataru, our galaxy. But that goes back to the first, the cradle – but then we have evolved. There is nothing except that common origin. There is then nothing in common between Alkhori from Altair and Selosian from alpha b centaury. They have nothing culturally in common.

Well what your heart feels, it's something else what do you feel from this being in front of you. Gentleness respect love – or aggressivity and danger. Work your heart. You can really listen to what your heart says when fear has gone. Eradicate fear and then it opens your heart cognitivity and your mind and everything.

How were the Telosians able to switch density in order to be not be seen? How was it done, perhaps we can learn from them?

Thor Han: Raising frequency is an easy thing to do when you acquire a certain level of technology. The Telosians have learned from shifting frequencies the rate of vibration of their cells. How to become invisible – this was an ancient knowledge inherited from their parents, Selo. This knowledge is used nowadays to cloak our ships and raise frequency just in changing the rate of vibration of the particles.

Elena: How do they how do they accelerate the particles of their body?

Thor Han: By chanting, when they do not have the devices. But there are devices. Raising frequency throughout changing the vibration of the sound, the rate of vibration. There is a lot to learn from them. Becoming invisible is a very specific and difficult technique, but with practice you can arrive.

Elena: Indeed I understand that. When I to 5d ground they accelerate the particles of my body and then I can have physical experience at their level. So they do that with sound, with frequency.

There is a lot to learn from the Telosians, the whole beautiful wonderful secrets and these crystals, these Telosian crystals they can unlock a lot of answers for us. They left gift for us in the ground, and this is very exciting.

Are Telosians walking around among us on earth?

Yes they do! They look very pale, and they have white hair so you may recognize them quite easily. They're taller than us, thin, very graceful and they move slower and calmer. Telosians are here among us, benevolent and malevolent ones. Unfortunately the most you will see will be the those who turn to the enemy because they work with the cabal. But you can have the chance to meet the good ones sometimes. Sometimes you are in nature next to openings to their world you can see them sometimes. But there are some in our society I know as well.

Is Mt shasta itself under control of good or bad forces?

There are many levels, physically and etherically. Mt Shasta was the capital of the Telosian people. It's been taken by the reptilians it has been for a long time taken by the reptilians. I do not know where are now the operations of liberations of Shasta. Still in the clearing. Not safe to go there physically in 3D, because there are still some reptilians in there and some fights going on. But you can go there in a higher frequency in a higher vibration, in 5D, not less. Then you can access the inner earth and meet the inner earth people under Mt Shasta, the Telosian and other tribes. So it depends on what level you go there. It is parallel densities in there. Do not go there in 3D! If you see the entrance of a cavern or a underground that goes under Mt Shasta, please do not go there! If you want to see, meet the real benevolent Telosians under Mt Shasta, shift density and go there by projection of consciousness. Do not go there physically in your 3d body! The 3d body will be endangered.

Altair is a great materialistic humanoid culture.

I totally agree with you.

Can you please talk about Hadar? I was told I come from there.

Hadar is beta centaury. I am going to talk about Hadar now.

Beta Centauri – Hadar

Beta centaury is different from alpha centaury.

On the left alpha century and on the right beta century, these are two different star systems. On the left this brighter star that you see is in fact a component of three star systems: alpha and beta twin stars turn around each other on the common gravity center and around this binary system is another star, a third star orbiting which is proxima.

On the right is beta centaury.

Hadar – Dahl

Beta centaury is alike alpha centaury a triple stellar system, sheltering a great diversity of life forms, scattered on 17 planets. Imagine 17 planets in total! Including reptilians, amphibians, insectoids and all sub-civilizations level. I mean like us like, earth and even lower.
A human Noor colony from Lyra established there and flourished, but chose to remain out of the affairs of the galaxy. These have also chosen not to join the galactic federation of worlds and live in harmony with all the other species of these 17 worlds as an independent entity. The beta centaury system is severely guarded and considered as an unspoiled heaven of peace.
They chose their name the Dahl after the captain of the ark who brought their colony there, their legendary commander Dahel. They named the world they colonized Dahel Noor. So they are Noor, the tall blonde humanoids. They come from the kepler 62 Man system in the constellation of Lyra that was ransacked by the reptilians. Very peaceful people. They don't want to have anything to do with wars. They are so well able to be part of the federation but they refused because they wanted to be on their own.

Hadar is the the name we give to their beta centaury.

Are there black-haired on Beta centaury?

Not that I know. But therey may be. If you refer to someone extraterrestrial that you met who told you he was from there it's possible. There are also people who have settled there, come from other star systems.

Proxima Centaury

Now we go to another amazing story. I think the best picture I have is this one.

It is the third star of the trinary star system alpha centaury alpha a, alpha b and then proxima centaury. The planet Meton is called proxima b, and it's extremely similar to earth.



We are going now to talk about a highly evolved civilization which is extremely involved in the galactic federation of worlds, and in earth affairs – The Meton. They bear the same name as their planet Meton. The civilization expands on the seventh planet of this star system Proxima centaury and it is about the same size as your our sun this star. Although it's a dwarf, but it's nearly the same size. Proxima centaury evolves around doubles binary system Alpha centaury a and b these two large stars give out intense radiation, while Proxima smaller gives out a different highly intense emission, more concentrated different ones. So there's a lot of radiations going there. We would have difficulty to live, although someone did.

Meton is similar to terra with the controlled weather. They control their own weather.

The metony are the of the Noor or Lyran group species too. They are tall non-belligerent humanoids whose lifespan reaches up to nearly 2.000 terran years. Yes. They have a free society based on the code of ethics rather than laws, and they developed arts as an important base for their culture. For instance their urbanism is quite interesting, using translucent organic materials and the use of the science of sound quite a lot in many domains. They communicate telepathically, but have kept the use of language to be able to converse with other members of the federation.

Metony are not very eager to travel, but for scientific curiosity. As such scientific curiosity moved them to earth for observation. Many meton enrolled the science station of the galactic federation in orbit of terra. Their ships are metallic and discoidal with a low dome and three sets of window all around. They are about 60 feet large. The bright radiance around the vessel is due to the ignition of the distortion field in order to allow traveling instantly between two points, creating a distortion into the space continuum and jump into the ether or hyperspace. This is slightly different from what you would call quantum travel, as to pass through this inter-dimensional shift as it always is the rule wherever you stand within the multiverse, the occupants of the ship need to merge their being as one frequency with the ship itself. It is what is named “etheric” travel.
Some thing happens which is very interesting. The atmospheric condensation. Many species using etheric mobility when encountering the atmosphere of a world have their ship cloaked in a cloud. This is the condensation process of the molecules in the atmosphere, created around the ship due to the heat generated by the dimensional distortion field around the craft.
They have several motherships in our star system. They are very big and they never land. They have a long cylindrical shape some of them with rounded extremities. Long cigar ship, enormous huge huge, miles and miles and miles long. It differentiates them from the pleiadian motherships which are (you remember the photo) it's like two cones one above the other.

There is a woman who went to Meton.

Are there war ships?

They have war ships, the ships you see can be armed as warships. Although they are not really involved with fights, they involve in maintaining peace, they are peacekeepers, the metons although they can fight. They would maintain boundaries and um try to keep the enemies at bay and try to maintain balance and peace and call upon others like for instance the Ahil or Taal to just give a kick to the enemies. But they can fight as well, totally.

A woman went to Meton and her name was Elizabeth Klarer. From 1954 to 1963 Elizabeth Klarer had contact with a man from Meton. His name was Akon. They fell in love and they had many contact they fell in love and he took her for four months on Meton. They had a baby there and she stayed quite a long time and time is different. There just stay in more than four months. She stayed quite a while, because the kid was when she left already teenager. I think she wrote an amazing book “beyond the light barrier” that I really recommend. So this is a portrait of Acorn on the right, that's her, Klarer. She lived in South Africa.

This is Acon, portrait of him. You see the high forehead. That reminds you of the Umittes, although the Ummites come from a totally different place in the galaxy. That's when you see that we are all related.

This is a photo of Acon spaceship. Everybody knows each other upstairs and Thor Han made contact with Acon's brother Haben and they decided to put me in contact with the niece of Elizabeth Clara. We are now very connected and to write a book about her aunt, which is the complement of information after “beside the light barrier.”It's all these informations, all the exchanges she's had with her aunt, and there's an amazing informations that in the process of being published now. And there is freaking surprise that will be in this book. Now we are working on getting the gravity files published. Actually Elizabeth's son has the gravity files, and we're in good contact with him.

I recommend everyone “Beyond the light barrier” to buy this book. You need to buy this book, it's an absolutely romantic story and it really made me cry because it's so beautiful and it reminded me my story a lot so much. Tho Han connected with Haben, Akon's brother and there's a lot of adventures that's gonna be this close but I will ...

When her book is published, when this woman's book is published, Elizabeth Snees, we'll make a video about it.