17/6/2021 – Situation update


Hi to everyone, just a quick one to say that everything is gonna be all right. I have very good updates from Thor Han. We are heading towards victory. The forces of the alliance are doing a very good job. Antarctica has been evacuated.

The war on mars is continuing, on earth underground as well, but things are getting in the good hands of the federation and the earth alliance. The enemy is fleeing, fleeing this star system, slowly, slowly, losing hope. The enemy starts to lose hope.

There is a lot of anger from our opponents, the Ciakahrr reptilian empire, the nebu orion. There's a lot of fear. A lot of anger is being shown by the enemy, of course against the galactic federation, but more than all against the Andromedan council. Oh yes, because the Andromedan council saved the galaxy by for seeing, well actually seeing back, tracing back this great evil and problem, that you now know well, has started to seed on our planet terra, our moon and mars. A great evil with the alliance of the nebu orion, the Ciakahrr empire and the dark fleet. This nefarious triangle is being cast out, is being dismantled. And the cabal of earth depended on these three powerful structures.

Where are they going? They are fleeing. Aldebaran's dark fleet headquarters do not want them anymore, as Thor Han said to me, they rather cut an infected limb. The portals are closing slowly, slowly, the portals throughout which they leave. So they are trapped.

A lot of prisoners are taken and given the choice to be brought home in exchange of surrendering to the light. There's a lot to say about the prisoners, and I will speak about this in details another time. But this quick message was to tell you that do not lose hope. And if you hear anything, criticizing with anger the earth alliance, the galactic federation, the Andromedans – that comes you know from where: from an enemy that is failing, that is about to declare loss and surrendering.

A great evil is leaving the planet. The elites have already gone to mars. Things are going to be really, really better. Truth will come in time, when evil will be gone for good, It is now more than ever that we need to fight, as we've never fought before, with our heart, with our gut, with our intelligence. Not taking any shit from the outside, no fear, no confusion – go away. But us warriors of light, earth people and people from other places. We all came here.

So fight, because now is the moment, when we approach victory.

Soon the technology that has been shared with some benevolent institutions of our government, shared to us from the galactic federation, technology such as med beds, that are starting to come, starship engineering – all of these will come out to the surface and be shared the public, when this war will be over. Yet started . I know we will join soon membership with the galactic federation. I know this because the two conditions are having reached an answer and interstellar level, meaning able to get out of this solar system in inhabited flights, commercial flights. Well we are doing this. There is a space program called Solar warden, which is with the us navy. We are already an interstellar civilization. We have colonies somewhere else.
What is left to do? Of course being rid of the evil, but to be a peaceful civilization, to be a federated world in peace and harmony, which will come. It's very scary to think that we need to get on to get on with each other, but we need to do this and we will, because it's in us: love, tolerance, intelligence, respect. Respect is very important, respect to all life. We're getting there, we've all come to help the humans to do this. Yes and it's working scary time but it's working so soon. We will be together with them. They have been helping us since a very long time and I want to salute all those, who give their life, their time, their heart to this cause, because terra is in the center of attention of the whole galaxy.

My blessings go before everything to the Zenei people, because the Zenae people, beautiful sensitive beings, have saved us all.