16/6/2021 – Q&A - endless possibilities



Exploring the amazing range of abilities of Human consciousness.

Tonight I wanted to tell you about the possibilities of our mind.

We have been led to believe that we are just a barely conscious sentient being, and that the most important is this body. The whole cabal led industries have led us to be enslaved to our appearance, to vanity, to being slim for the summer, to things like this. Dragging our attention and our focus and energy upon the appearance, what is temporary. Our bodies are currencies to them ,as well as our souls for certain, but our body produce money – be it food, industry, cosmetics industry and fashion industry.
Of course it's nice to treat yourself. I like to put makeup, because I'm an artist. I like to paint my face. It's just fun, it's an act of love. But I'm not enslaved to buy the latest lipstick. It's like “what the hell is that the purpose of life, just buy the latest lipstick or the latest car? Or is there not something else that living to work and to pay to be able to pay bills and to buy more consumerism and you know things, that you you're gonna end up being bored with or in the bin.

And there is so much more to the meaning of life. The meaning of life – we all have our own answers, there isn't one only answer for everyone. To me the meaning of life is learning and becoming a more knowledgeable and connected person.

How do you do that? How do you connect, how do you become a better connected person by just starting to shut down all entries from this field of commercials and fears, because fear is the other big thing. Commercial and appearances and materialism feeds only the elites pockets. It makes you happy for a while, but it's all illusion.

But then once you shut down all these access. Who are you? Who are you? Who is inside this flesh suit temporary vehicle for one this existence? You came into the belly of a mother. You were born as a little being very constricted in this, there wasn't a lot of possibilities, it was a bit frustrating. And then the body grew and you start to get used to this “what the hell is going on here” world. And then this body starts one day to decay and not function properly, and just cease to function.

That's not what is all about you, who travel from existence to existence to such temporary vehicle vehicles. It's like it's environmental suits I would call it.

You are eternal. We are pure consciousnesses. We have many layers ,we are composed of many layers of being. These flesh suits of course, but within a light being. This being that will leave temporary for astral travels for instance. It has a humanoid shape, it has a structure. When I astral travel myself I can redensify my molecules to the density I want to have physical interaction with. As a shaman I can as I journey with this light body, I can also re-densify the particles, not as I am human like being, but as anything – a bird, a fish, a wolf anything.

What's the drive behind that? The consciousness. And the consciousness, the human consciousness, that is yours, that is you, the core that inhabits this body of light – it's a fractal from the greater consciousness of everything, source. It's a fractal of source. It's a pure consciousness.

You can through meditation reach out to this stage of discoporation to even your light being, your light body, to be only this pure consciousness. And when you are this pure consciousness you are connected to source. You really vibrate into this state of being. It is sentient and it is connected to everything, not only in space but in time.

We all have this component of ourselves, that exists.

Many species, who are not human, who are also having this component, don't know how to access it. And they have a different evolution and they are mesmerized and like chased, that humans human soul can do that easily, because we can do that easily.

Through meditation is a good way to do this. I have different meditations on my site, my youtube channel that you can check out.

Tonight I want to tell you that: we are also interdimensional beings and we are more much more powerful than we've led been led to believe. The education that we have received has denied and lied to us, not talking about religion who are really, really telling us the contrary of all this, to have power and control upon us.

Consciousness has power upon light, upon energy, particles, upon energy waves, frequency waves and all particles. Consciousness has effect on all particles. We can move them, we cannot create (source creates everything) but we can manipulate and rearrange particles. For instance when in a matter, any kind of material there is a dissonance, we can by the power of our consciousness rearrange the particles to make it better. This concerns healing. This concerns repairing tissues, repairing something that is broken. But also with something that is very rough like a little rock in space: terraform.

I've had a very interesting conversation with Thor Hans younger brother. All of this I'm speaking about in my next book. Thor Han's brother is studying to become a terraformer. Tt doesn't call it like this terraformer calls it “world maker”. I thought that was wonderful so. I call it “my little star maker”. And he explained to me amazing things. By the power of consciousness you can have an effect on the web of the space, of the space continuum. How do you do that, I said. How did you do that?

It's very simple, yes. When you know it's simple. Please say yes I explained to you He said “everything is mathematical formulas, everything in the created multiverse is of a mathematical formula, very complex, but asymmetrical formulas. It's not a formula with numbers only. It's holographic mathematics, it is geometry. And this geometry has ratios and proportions, and that's the formula. The formula is a three-dimensional geometrical arrangement, and that is that is a formula for instance the merkabah or the metatron cube is a formula. It contains all the formulas of the universe. So it is that plus – because this formula is effective – it generates frequency waves. It's an animated geometry. It's when we talk about sacred geometry.

I don't like the word “sacred”, because it puts it like something we worship. It's nothing to do with spirituality. It's fact, it's science. It's like the pyramids that's a good example uh example the pyramids of Giza, the Ceop's pyramid is a perfect example, because it is geometry, but it is also mathematics. And the geometry holds in its object a certain mathematical formula.

So everything in the universe, even our bodies – it's very complex, we have like hair and skin and stuff, but the algorithm for human body is very complex – but for imaging for a planet, for a galaxy, for a universe it's all about mathematics. So number ratio mathematical ratio geometrical active formula and because this is active because of the formula is perfect to fulfill its function, it generates frequency waves. Energy travels on sound waves. Sound waves is a vehicle. Sound waves is also something that structure everything, that links and bind everything together. The atoms are bound binded by frequency waves.

So imagine a planet, this is what this young man told me. Imagine a planet. You see a planet like a floating sphere in space, That's how you perceive it. But what is really a planet when you see, when you know, you understand a planet with the eyes and the comprehension of your conscious higher self, you see a sphere with a lot of web of light, like a grid, but it's very geometric. It's line with like light. shiny lines. And it's a mathematical formula that contains everything, that's on it. And he says, these lines – if you start to see the universe, he said, with only these mathematical, geometrical formulas as just lines connected by dots –this is called a hologram, he said. When I tell you that everything is a hologram, that is what it is about. The hologram is not an illusion. A hologram is a structure of something. It is a mathematical geometrical creation, it is everything is holographic, he said. He said, you are a hologram, I am a hologram, this station where we were is a hologram, your planet is a hologram, Hologram doesn't mean illusion. We need to really keep that in mind.

You can create holograms as of course covers blankets to cover another hologram, that can be taken like a holographic illusion. But it will feel real, because it will be real. It will be like a blanket around. You can do anything!

Our mind has the power to modify these holograms, but for this we need to reach a certain level. I haven't, I can’t do it. As a fractal of source our consciousness is able as well as sources consciousness is able, we are able to modify, play around with the material formulas. The ships, most of the spaceships that we see, the extraterrestrial ones, especially oh there's a star system they're very good at that it's the Santori system. They build their ships in space and they build first the holographic matrix of the ship and then they animate the material with consciousness, most of their ships are conscious.
The Ahil and the Taal and the Noor also you have many civilizations, because in the galactic federation we share every knowledge, we share everything. So consciousness can animate matter with consciousness, but not by giving your consciousness to matter. You don't give a parcel of you, but you will create how to say, a call for some consciousness from source, to animate this matter. You will prepare it. That it's like the birth of a child, but it's a really basic consciousness, that would make the ship like a pet or a conscious. It's artificial intelligence. But as Thor Han told me, because he's expert pilot, a ship is the upgrade of artificial intelligence. It's the level above the starship. Not all starships are like this. The cargos are not like this, the transporters, the command ships or not. It's more the scout ships and the drones, non-habited chips are these ones.

We are so powerful and especially us humans! Hu-mans, the sons of Man, sons of Lyra. But even more. The human races in the Man star system k-62 have been seeded from extra galactic civilizations. There is an intergalactic confederation, that gathers different galaxies, but that's really higher and it's way above us. There are races that are so advanced in that. More advanced than anything we know here, one of these races have seeded human genetics in this our galaxy Nataru. It started in the what we call the Lyra zone. They seeded it everywhere where there was a an interdimensional portal and there's one in Lyra too, because that's how they travel. These things we all know about the Lyran wars and the colonies and there were a race that is still seeding population. To populate was life often has experiment but you know benevolent, they are life creators. They are amazing. Alex calls them the Patal and I have been told P’tal, just the same ones of course. “P’tal” has “Taal” in it and the Taal kept the name, because they look like them. They are very proud of it, they consider themselves as royalty and because they bare the name Taal.

We also on earth have been seeded by the Patal, and we are also royalty, but we've forgotten! Of course the reptilians and the anunnaki, we're going to try to make sure that these beings, these guys never remember who they are, because we want to keep them as slave and as farming planet. So they've altered our dna and now the dna has been repaired. We're doing it ourselves, we're learning how to do ourselves. But the council of five is doing a lot of repairs – that's another story.

We are royalty. We have 22 inputs (21 inputs plus one is the original race). We've been mixed a lot of time, and throughout incarnations we've become here on terra, these bodies have become super functional, super amazing. When you incarnate into these bodies the possibilities it enables all the interdimensional possibilities of your soul. It's amazing. It's like having a mega ultra supercar. So that's great to be incarnated here. We are here to repair this this species .It's fantastic. And remember that who we are in it, oh my god, we're super powerful!

When we are aware that everything around us is a hologram and that our consciousness has the power to modify the grid, the structure of everything, then everything changes. We just need to believe in it, because believing in ourselves enables us.
If we like “okay so I'm going to try to move this glass, doesn't work”. Of course doesn't work, because you're just sceptical. That's not going to happen like this, because most of us are altered in these bodies, are altered. So we need to reactivate them by practicing these techniques, like telekinesis for instance is the basics, but it's very difficult, very difficult. But I know people who are managing to do it. Having an incidence on the physical reality it's super hard. It requires a lot of work, but it's it's doable. But that's not the point. Let's we're not here to move objects and like float saucepans or stones. We're here to raise the consciousness, to help raise the consciousness of this planet.

So it's all about raising the frequency of the being that we are, the being who we are, throughout meditation, throughout being aware, throughout developing our awareness. The awareness of who we are inside. I'm going to show you at the end a short explanation of a meditation.


I had a regression session in april of this year, and learned I have three hybrid children. When genetics or hybridization comes into play, are we human compatible with the Taal, felines or arcturians?

Hybridization works with blood compatibilities. That is why we have so many types of different bloods in this species on earth, terran. Normally, the Ahil have one blood type, the Taal have one blood type, Ciakahrr have one blood type.
There are planets – they are experimental planets like ours – where there are so many blood types that come from different inputs of genetics. So regarding to your blood type you are going to be bred with such and such different alien species. I'm not going to go over the list, because I don't have it in head now and it is all in my book “a gift from the stars”, Myrah explains all of this.

So the nearest, the closest and the easiest match for us is the Taal. Candidate number, two civilizations in Alpha Centaury system, the Meton and the Selosi. These three people are super compatible with us.
Also in the pleiades you have Taal, you have Ahil and Noor - no it's it's very difficult although I know a friend of mine, who Michael whom I call” my little brother” he is two meters high ,who's a perfect Noor hybrid and he will recognize himself, shedding season. The Ahil, Thor Han race is compatibility also but it's not the closest.
What means compatibility? The two genomes match and managed to do a healthy hybrid. But the Taal are really our closest cousins.

You named the Arcturians and the Felines – I can give a precision, the Arcturians: no. There is no genetic match, they are too far away as humans. The Ohorai are a species on their own, they look like, but then they're two different species. Arcturus are a species on its own which looks like a mix of human. They are humanoids and grays. They have blue skin – that means it's copper based. And most of the time not always they won't breed with us. The blue skin people races, it's a difference, I mean copper-based, carbon-based bloods – it's it's not working. It's not a common thing to do, bit tricky genetically.

The felines, that's the Laan from kepler 62 system in constellation Lyra, do not call them… Feline humanoid extraterrestrials with feline features are not calling themselves Lyrans or Lions. That has nothing to do. The word Lion comes from the latin leo and that has nothing to do with the name lyra which from the greek mythology, which means little harp.

Lyra is a constellation, that visually gives the illusion in the sky of a little Lyra, little harp. The extraterrestrials living there, the diversity that you cannot even imagine, so many species in there. No species of course calls themselves “Lyrans”, with the name made up on earth, describing a little harp instrument, because this constellation, this illusion of you, gathering of stars, it it's only from earth, that we see it as looking like an musical instrument.

Felines, that's a little bit confusing, because they name themselves Laán. I wish they named themselves differently, but because it's too close. They have been genetically engineered from the star system k-62 and they have left after the Lyran wars, the Man wars, to go everywhere in this galaxy, to seed colonies. They seeded the colony on earth, and the Laán are compatible with us, but it's difficult. They are carbon based, so hence they are somehow compatible, they can they can work it out, but that that's quite rare. The Laán expert geneticists. oh my god they're so good.

So Taal: first choice, happens, yeah.

Arcturians, Ohorai – quasi never.

So that would be the ratio I would tell for this.


Do members of the galactic federation of wordls also refer to it as “the galactic federation of light” trying to weed out bad sources.

There isn't bad sources. I would call it confused sources.

I know, I apologize for the other ones who have heard me saying that like zillion times. Galactic federation of worlds is the real name, Ora nataru shari. Galactic federation of worlds an english translation of an alien language. Ora is a concept word, Ora means reunion. The aliens translated to us as “federation” like they want us to imagine it as a federation, relating to what we know. Nataru is the name of our galaxy. Shari = worlds. That's how they wish us to understand this word.

Some people call it the galactic federation of light, because they for two reasons: they don't know it's called “of worlds” because the aliens don't introduce themselves. They often say “we are the galactic federation”. They don't bother saying “of worlds” So we don't know.

People who say “galactic federation of light” think that they call themselves like this, because light is fighting dark. No they don't call themselves like this. So it's an interpretation of our psyche, who always has tendency to see light and dark and stuff like that. Or either it's fantasy, imagination or AI or things like that. But I won't go there.

They are not not involved with jesus or whatever you call it or earth saints. And they have nothing to do with the Ashtar. Ashtra galactic command is something separate. They sometimes give the services as mercenaries to work with the galactic federation, but it's different things. Ashtar sheran is a psyop.


The devices kept by the SSP, secret space program, such as the replicator technology which can materialize matter due to a holographic resonance pattern, yes exactly what I was talking about. Does Thor Han have a way for humans to do this without technology.

We cannot replicate. We can modify matter, but we cannot create matter out of nothing by the power of our mind. We need technology for that.


What is happening to me this week? I'm working at the moment about translation of “a gift from the stars in Russian”. A lovely lady named Sofia Bozok did a translation of a gift from the stars for me, and I am now at the moment putting the illustrations in it and show you the cover.

Today I saw a photo of Nasa of an alien station, mothership stationed behind the moon.

source, Credit Skywatch International

This is on the left a drawing I made a few months ago. That’s the battle Station of Thor Han on the left, and that is the photo taken of the station that was behind the moon. My drawing is just a drawing from memory. I never had the time to really look outside, how it looks like in the details. … Isn’t that cool?


Situation update

The war is going on on mars. Mars is still in the process of being liberated by the galactic federation. Let's talk about these updates.

The reptilians on mars, who hold all the bases on mars are trapped there. There are portals of course, but the portals are being neutralized and that is the work of the martian resistance, which is composed of different beings which are not local to mars, but are here from so long that they belong there, like us on earth. Martian resistance it's a race of reptilians benevolent ones, and different species of reptilioids. In the book I'm writing that will go published very soon, I made some drawings of them some of the martian resistance.

So you Ant people, they are insectoids. There are also that's the reptilian species. And there are beings like these ones, insectoids. So these ones when they run they go like on their pose and they look like spiders. They're nice but they're very reactive and aggressive. They can be very aggressive to defend their territory. There are also kind of salamander beings, who are like diggers.

They have been prepared exactly like the federation has been doing on earth, preparing people to fight for themselves, giving them technology, weapons, training them. The galactic federation has been do doing that on earth since the 1950s. They have also been doing that on mars since about this time, a little bit later. They are empowering the local species. It's part of their rules of chosen intervention, It's not the rule of non-intervention, but it's how to promote a space species in their growth. Not doing the job for them, not arriving at saviors and killing the bodies. No, empowering the race to grow and become independent and fighting and of course. They give all the tools necessary for this. That's what they do and they do that on mars.

So that's at the moment. Mars is still raid. The whole heads of the old CEO elites have gone to mars to aries prime. There are two facilities. All the elites are on mars now, they've left earth. They left in place clones or substitute or holographic technology. Everyone is on mars and what's what the galactic federation was waiting for, that everyone, all the dangerous ones were left earth and are now on mars. They're trapped, they're cornered. The cabal on earth is losing.

Even the dark fleet is just hammered, they've left Antarctica – you've been following Michael Sala's video.

Thor Han said, the germans are leaving. The dark fleet is leaving Antarctica. The officers and reptilians by via portals. There's a portal in the south pole. And all the personnel and families are living by regular boats to the other nazi stronghold Argentina. Info by Frank that is absolutely making sense.

I advise you to watch the videos of Michael Salla, who is the person who is knowledgeable about everything.

Still fighting the undergrounds on terra. But we're winning.

The dark fleet is being abandoned, cut from you know the from Aldebaran. The dark fleet has is its main outpost in the solar system Thor Han, confirmed it Ceres. It was a Gray outpost, a nebu orion outpost in this solar system and since the 1940s it has been offered to the dark fleet as a shared residence. There's a lot of water on Ceres surprisingly and they work together. Ceres, it's a planetoid in the asteroid belt.
But the big headquarters of the dark fleet are on in the Aldebaran system, and the Aldebaran headquarters have just abandon the ones here because as Thor Han told me, it is in their mentality to cut an infected limb.

Thor Han's words are on Michael Salla website in an excellent article he made:


You can read everything about it, frank story and everything about what happened. exopolitic.org

As the baddies leave the good technology is shared with everyone. There has been a collaboration since the 1940s. It's all started like this: when the nebu spotted our planet and wanted it, everybody went here. The the galaxy federation tryed to warn us do not sign anything with these guys, they're bad. That was in 1954. They contacted Dwight Eisenhower. He wanted to go with them. Dwight wanted a world in peace, because he's been through so much war. And he was “it's easy enough! I wish a world in peace now. War is not the future. People dying and. He loved children and he wanted really to offer a world of peace for children.

So yes he wanted to go with the Nordics scent by the galaxy federation, of course, who are offering technology helped to disarm all the nuclear devices and to teach us how to get on in peace and become an d more evolved species and free ourselves from the chains of greed and conflict with on each. But then the problem is that the nebu, the orion group signed with the mj-12 and the MIC, and that was it – behind president's back and he couldn't do anything about it.

The galactic federation didn't abandon that the project, it didn't stop them. They've been then persevering. Val Thor came and started these little agreements to help us, the good side of this did our governments to help us by starting a shared program of sharing technology between the galaxy federation races and cultures and earth people and also military alliance. That started. So the u.s navy was involved at the start. I refer you again Michael, his excellent books about the space programs.

The galaxy federation has been giving us the med beds technology, to engineer our own spacecraft, because law of non-intervention. You do not give technology but you give hints to induce the people to build themselves their stuff. That's called evolution. And so solar warden is, we've built it ourselves, but it is with help, advice.

Now all this technology is for the moment hidden from the public eye because the enemy is not gone yet. They hold all the distribution. We need to just change the system. It's not done yet. We all still rely on oil companies.

Once everything is cleared, the technologies are made available. And it has started, especially in the domain of health. So this is coming, as more as you see these medical tools coming, it's a sign that the baddies are being kicked out and leaving.

There was a question earlier on that was asked to me about the med beds.

There's another reason as well, why we do not have these med beds yet accessible, publicly for the civilians. But why? Think about now. These tools, these devices repair tissues, allow you to extend your life to regenerate your organs, your tissues and live longer. It cures everything, it uses sound frequency – the technology we're talking about earlier on, the vibration that can modify any matter and repair and regenerate. If we have that, we're gonna be even more numerous on this planet. We're seven billion and growing. There's not enough resources for everyone. I mean, come on, that would be an even more bigger problem. We need first reorganize our management of our resources, that then it's everyone has kind of equal resources. Free energy needs to come first.

But what needs to come first is that the baddies is left, because once they left we are able to openly use our technologies.

We are already an interstellar civilization. We have Solar warden, we have colonies on Altair in Aldebaran. It’s not dark fleet, but we can do it. Okay Solar warden has been built with the space program, with the help of the galactic federation. But it's our, made on earth, made on terra. So it's our pride. So of course joining the Galatic federation involves like when you need to be an interstellar level civilizations. Wait a minute – we are!

What is the other requirement? Get on with each other. Not yet done, but we have good hope.

But the thing is, still going back to this med bed question, every civilization that develops normally at a normal rate freely, develops more or less in balance. The growth of the population and the technological evolution, that when the planet becomes overpopulated the technology is already there, ready to take people, to build colonies on other planets. So nobody ever suffers of hunger or resources lacking, because when the earth starts to be not sufficient enough to nourish everyone, we have the technology to go and on other worlds and do colonies there.

But on earth it didn't happen like that. Our evolution has been altered and we have been blocked down. We have been maintained as cattle farm planets slaves by the Orion group. So there's a dissonance between the technology that is just blocked by the cabbal and reptilians and the growth of population that is encouraged to make more.

So when the baddies are left the technology is made available for everyone and we can just go in other colonies. We can't have med beds for everyone on the planet that is already overcrowded. It's not happening. It's madness. So once the baddies are gone – and they go. You see the proof, med bets are arriving. There are plenty, there's news that in netherlands they were there. I tried one in France. The censors will say “oh med beds are not real. Come on, I tried one in year 2000 in France. It was a prototype sold to a private clinic in France from coming from u.s. it was experimental and it worked on me. So I know they're real.

I've seen some on the station. I've seen med beds on Myrah’s station, on the science station of the federation, where she works. She explained it's quite incredible. It's in my next book.

So the only solution is to keep on fighting and raise your frequency. That's the best way you can help those who fight, be they aliens of the galaxy federation or the earth soldiers of the earth alliance. I remind, that the earth alliance is the alliance of the u.s navy military and other white hats militaries of other countries and the forces of the federation.


Who are the beings carved on top of the columns in the Hathor temple of Dandera, Egypt? Are they part of the galactic federation of worlds?

It not aliens, it is purely egyptian mythology. Has nothing to do with aliens. Hathor is a goddess of ancient Egypt. Hat hor means “castle of horus” – that means she is the matrix of the young king, horus represents the young pharao. She is the protection and matrix and the mother of the royalty.

Why this goddess is represented with by a woman with sometimes a cow's head? You know the egyptian gods had (I can speak about it because I've studied it and I've worked in egypt as an archaeologist eight years of my life) Hathor wasn't an alien at all, she was a concept. All gods are representations of either our psyche.
Sometimes some gods like the ancient enyad of egypt where aliens, hathor is not one of them. Hathor represents the maternity, she is a supra consciousness, she is sentient, she's an archetype and if she wears a cow's head it's because the cow in ancient Egypt represented the matrix, the mountain ,the womb. So she is the womb, the goddess of love, life, of motherhood, goddess of magic. She is a higher entity. She's not an alien, but she's a super consciousness. Really typical to the land of Egypt and the egyptian culture and people.

The egyptian gods must not be worshipped in other countries like china, America. The egyptian gods are entities of the land of Egypt. Don't take an account all the anyad with Ra, Osiris and that – these were aliens. But they left and all the other ones were just a local entities.

Ra was an ET from Orion, Al-nilam, and he had his people his crew with him and he left, and it's written in the text of one of the satellite pyramids of unas. Ra was feeling tired and old and he wanted to go home back home in the constellation of Orion. It is carved in stone.

Connecting to our consciousness to our infinite possibilities

I give you the protocol, we're not going to go through.

First step is to disconnect from the 3D matrix by refusing fear and interference. Anything that comes as an information from the media's, the fear field, tv let's say switch off this damn tv –it's not you, it's not belonging to your light being your you. It's just interference, it's the matrix is the bombarding, broadcasting.

Refuse it. It comes from outside. It's bothering me, stressing me, scaring me, ordering me, telling me that I need to do this otherwise I'm going to blabla.. Calm down. Don't go away leave me alone attitude.

Then you find a comfortable position. It needs to be a quick meditation, but often like once daily like five minutes is enough. It needs to be enjoyable – you need to look forward to do it, otherwise it's not in a high vibration. If it makes you suffer physically, because “I need to do this position” Oh no, I do it as I said with having my coffee in the morning and I just tune like this and I'm good. So walk in nature or whatever, in your shower, in your bath. You calm down your breathing, you find a comfortable position that your body is not a problem. You can move your body if you have tensions when you in the process of fit.

So refuse the polluting field, the cabal field, mushy thing. Calm down your breathing, think about this body, contract your muscles, look at it. Look at your hands “oh it's moving”.

Contract your muscles, release them, just become aware of your body or bones. The blood flowing in your skin, your flesh that the air going coming in and out. Even you can touch yourself as like “oh wow”.

And then once you really aware to be this body, you are disconnected from the outside already. Then once you're really in it, you're going to look at the other layers: who's in it? Who's inside this temporary flesh environmental suit? Who's inside that's me, I want to really connect with who I am, what I look like.

Close your eyes and with the eyes of the being, of the soul, the eyes of the consciousness look who's in it. Eyes closed. You start to move your hands and see this light being is already slightly oriented, the field of this light being, this many layers. Look at the light being. Sometimes it has the exact s more or less same size and shape as this body, sometimes it's smaller sometimes bigger.
Who's this being inside? Explore it, look at it, visualize, discover and you will work your pinal gland while you do that also. Attuning to this being you attune to a higher frequency, a higher vibration ,faster vibration.

And t even more disconnected from the outside. you start to connect to higher frequencies, to whomever of your guides or family is connected to you, because they're on the same frequency as you. You are going to start to feel contact and presence connect vertically, vertically, you pierce through the matrix, through the holes of the net and go up, connect vertically between heaven and earth, and you are the bridge and you can download high frequencies to anchor them into the earth and broadcast it.

Stop taking. Now it's time you broadcast. You shine the hell out of it, high light “light” “high high “ “high energy, high frequency, shine bright” shine high” shine everything you that you are channel” And now you will counteract this invasivity of the cabbal, you will just shine it push it out. And not only you will contaminate everything you touch with high frequencies, with high vibrations, everything you touch with your energy field, your body and your mind quantumly. You think about somebody on the other side of the planet while you are in this state, quantumly you make a bridge with this person, and this person receives it by a kind of teleportation. So that's. And then you are there and you're… that's what you need to do and see what happens.

And then stay as long as you want. I recommend not too much, because then you will have to reground yourself, because when you just become again aware of your body of flesh and the room in where you are, then you feel the difference, you feel the shift of the difference of densities and it sometimes be dizzy and difficult. So don't do it too much. Do it a lot every day like five minutes every day or ten minutes every day, but not more, because it must not become boring. But then practice often, but it must be enjoyable. Do not try to burn stuff up the first time, because the second time you won't be as lucky as the first time, and you will be disappointed a little bit.

Slowly, slowly. It's a progressive process.

So that is how you open your consciousness. You connect with your own higher self or higher consciousness, and you are connecting with the fractal of source, that you are, and then connect to source. And you have access to any knowledge in the universe.

Project your consciousness. You can project your consciousness out of this galaxy. I've done it, it's absolutely amazing. You just you have no shape, no visibility. You're just an orb and you project your consciousness. The orbs that you see sometimes – it's beings projecting their consciousness like quantum cameras, to just remotely view or travel. You become that like an orb, like an etheric orb of consciousness.

And you can project yourself anywhere. Distance doesn't exist anymore as a linearity. Time doesn't exist anymore as a linearity. Linearities is a perception from this 3d matrix. Once we're out on a higher, linearity ceases to exist. It's the hologram of the multiverse, and the whole creation in space and time is one formula – complex, for sure. It's a formula, mathematical formula. It's all about this.


I will put a link there wait for it to a pdf where there is an index that you can print for those who have already the book, for those who haven't it yet it will be inside it. one way or the other so it will be easier to find the races.