2/6/2021 – Message from the Anshar


THE PILOT MUST WAKE UP - Unexpected message received by a connexion via a Telosian crystal. This literally jumped at me as an emergency message. I had never heard about this underground tribe, but the message is truly AMAZING!!!


A message came to me from a Lemurian crystal. These crystals were put in our ground by the Telosian people, those from Agartha, those who came from the stars over a long time ago and left a colony, deep underground.

The crystal appealed to me unexpectedly and I was taken for a journey in flashes of blue and green lights under the earth, somewhere. Vortexes spinning, quantum travel to a place made of glistening light, sunlight on the waters, rocks shimmering, an artificial sun under the earth. There were cities, glistening with beauty, shimmering under an amazing and strange light under the earth.

I heard the voice of a woman, “I am calling you. Follow me” and I saw her silhouette slander and beautiful pale blue skin and long wide hair. I understood that she was from the star people who settled underground, and there are many tribes. I could read her mind and she could read mine. And in her mind I saw her coming from the stars a very long time ago, these live so long. Her skin, the skin of her people turned blue because of the change of environment and light. This woman took me for a journey in deep, deep, deep underground earth, deeper way deeper than the levels where the war in the DUMBs is happening. Somewhere way, way deeper.

She said to me “A technology is hidden here. It has been sleeping since a very long time” and I said to her “show me”. And as we traveled deeper down into tunnels bathed in a strange glistening blue light, as if the sun was shimmering on water, but no water. This was very strange. As we were going down the tunnels I could hear whispers of hundreds of people, whispering a name, Hadjar, Hadjar. I didn't know what this meant.

We went deeper to a lake and I saw her standing there. She was beautiful, slender pale blue skin, slanted golden eyes and long white hair. And she showed to me the lake and she said “the hidden knowledge is here under this water.” And there was a golden yellow white light coming from the bottom of this lake, and I said “show me”. She said we need to go underwater. And our consciousness has dived into the water of the lake and the waters deep down to a cave, based with a strange golden glow. And in the bottom of this cave was a big wide huge ship, flying saucer shape, with little windows around it, doomed on the top. And she said “the hidden technology is here. This belongs to our people, to our ancestors. It is now time that this technology is offered to the terrans on the surface. It is time to know, we are looking for the pilot. Pass this message. “The pilot must awaken! The pilot must awaken!” Bring this message back to the surface. The pilot will hear this. The pilot will awaken and come and activate this.”.

I said I will transmit this message and I told her where is this located. She said to me, Telos, under Telos, I said “Mount chasta?”. If you said you know Mount Shasta is thrown by war, but it is deep deeper down Mount Shasta, two levels. The reptilians do not have any idea, any access. The ways to this kingdom is well hidden, and only those who belong to my people are able to find it.

I understood this was in a higher density. So I am transmitting this message. And I ask the name of this woman and the answer I got was the shimmering whispering of the water running water, so I know her name is water in her language.

So the pilot wherever you are you will recognize yourself. I hope and I know this message will touch your heart. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!