1/6/2021 – Q&A - Vega


Were we go for a new adventure tonight, traveling to a Lyran star system Olmica, known by the name Vega.


Have you heard about life-changing solar event?

I have and my answer is: there are solar flashes all the time. The sun has cycles and you should not be scared by frightening predictions, who lower down your vibration. There is a lot of information meant to scare people, and it's going to be a lot more of confusion as the weeks come. Confusion coming from everywhere. Do not be scared. Even if there was a catastrophic solar flash it wouldn't be that catastrophic because the galactic federation is looking after us and would protect us.

Is there black melanated ET?

Yes they are and the video about Vega people will bring some questions I hope.

Someone mentioning on his youtube channel that an Ashtar group started to do trafficking and broke treaty when somebody speaks about the Tuha de Dannan.

There are two Ashtars: a) The Ashtar collective who was from Sirius b who was at the start created to fight the Nebu, but they were subverted, they were infiltrated by the Nebu and reptilians. So no faction broke from them and they named themselves not the star collective, but the Ashtar galactic command. And they are mercenaries offering their service. They are not linked with the galactic federation. They have nothing to do with them. Sometimes they work for them as a military force.

I haven't heard about that that would be then the Ashtar collective from Sirius b, they wouldn't be allowed here first and the liberation of the undergrounds are going quite well.

Dinosaurs of terra were created by the Ciakahrr?

I am afraid I do not have the answer to this question.

Are there galactic courts?

There are courts, where there are royalty systems, so I suppose everywhere in the galaxy but there isn't one galactic court, it's many federation, many alliance, many councils and there isn't one master of the galaxy.

How many times a day should one strike a tuning fork to heal an ailment?

If it is unweighted tuning fork as many times as you want, but if it's weighted two three times should be enough.

Is an alien race in the ocean that looks like stingrays?

I haven't heard about them.

If we were incarnated as a Sirius A, polaris aldebaran dracula Lyra, what's the frequency connection?

I do not know. Every genome has is its frequency connection. I do not know about this subject.

Do you believe in god?

God is a concept of a primitive society, such as earth. People apprehended the divine and the source as a being of power. And you know god was a concept, and it has been transformed as like an old man on his cloud by Rome and the institutions just to control people by fear. The extraterrestrials who have reached a certain level of consciousness do not have gods. They believe in themselves and their connection to source, source as the supra consciousness creating the universe. And the populations of course of lower primitive evolution in consciousness, of course they create the concept of gods to explain all the natural phenomenons. So it is all due to at what stage your consciousness is.

If I am using med beds upon foreign ship,

I have had but you know the contact with these beings just helps your vibration to stay high.

Somebody scared because their family have decided to take something in their arm.

It is free will. You need to respect that decision. Do not put on your take upon your shoulder the burden that others have decided to carry. Say what you think but then they are the ones to decide. And the law of free will it is universal. You don't want the deep state to decide for you to force you. Do not try to do the same to act like them. Show the example by following your own principles, and who will see the good in that will follow. Otherwise it's everyone's their own path.

After getting a merkabah this person can remember their dreams better.

Yes, because the merkabah lifts your frequency and it clears up the lower entities, the lower frequency and then your consciousness can reach higher states of dream.

Could you please ask Thor, when we incarnate on earth we forget who we are. It is only on earth because is it only on earth or because of the dark forces or the same in the whole galaxy?

When we incarnate here it is because if we forget it is because we incarnate in a very low density, comparing to the density of our being. So the difference, the process in this matrix because also there's a it's locked frequency here 3d, we forget. That's the process. It works like this. It works when a being of a higher density incarnates in a lower density. It's always like this and it usually works like this everywhere in the galaxy, except when you incarnate above 3D. Then you don't forget. That's what i've been explained.

But more and more as we raise our frequency the children who come are offer slightly higher frequency and higher density and they start to remember. You have more and more children for instance the new generation, they remember flashes of their past lives or where they come from. So it's because the density and the frequency is rising.

Situation update

I have so personal things to say before we I start to talk about Vega. Akvaaru cannot be here tonight because he's working, and he's quoting his tasks. But thorhan is managing the contact.

So I pass on messages from Akvaaru who just wanted to say is the warrior Taal. He was born in the system of Alcion the renegade Taals from Taigata who created Taalshiar and who are against the galactic federation and who have allied with the Nebu orion and the kabbale and all the friends of them. Akvaaru left, he betrayed them and he joined the good cause, he joined the federation and so Akvaaru is fighting the Taalshiar, his own people.

He brought news lately that the galactic federation had caught a ship belonging to the Alcione Taalshiar in the lower bit of the atmosphere and they after warning them they managed to force them to leave, and he confirmed that they will not come back. And that their contact in the underground of terra, who is of the reptilian species, he confirmed it, local earth reptilian species but working with the cabal has been located. So that's akvaaru updates with his Taal saga.

The alliance is conducing good operations and the DUMBs are still in the process to be cleared. The war on mars is also full beam and not over. The martian resistance is still fighting the Ciakhrr invaders. The galaxy federation tries not to cause casualties. They have empowered the resistance to fight for themselves, but also the galactic federation is looking after all above surface of mars and all the ships and the fleets coming and going, especially to the dark fleet.

Thor Han doesn't give me more details of the aspirations for reasons that you understand: safety of the operations and safety for me, because me not knowing what's happening it's protecting me.

About channeling

People are confused about what is channeling.

Everybody wants to do channeling. Know that channeling can be very dangerous, if you do not know what you're doing, if you have never done that before and if you have no particular skill, because there are AIs and predators and spirits that are looking for people that just open their channel to just step in. So you must be very careful with that.

When you connect to y entities that are um available for you – it can work, but you need to protect yourself. You're gonna have a little a trickster that's gonna say “hi I am Ashtar… or I am the king of wapala…”

I i'm telling you what my type of channeling is, why is it safe, because I am an experienced shaman from heredity bloodline of this avatar. Since my childhood I have communicated with the gods, with the spirits. And I am used and I know my enemies. I have an amazing protection and no one knows the extent of it, because I'm not telling who these protections are above and below. But also when I do channeling with Thor Han for instance I use a technological device which is an implant. I have somewhere in my body which I activate and it's like a radio. So I can use it for telepathy, or I can do what is called channeling but via technology device. This difference via technology device I connect with Thor han and I allow him via the device manipulate my upper body to speak through me. That's how these implants are powerful. It's always very protected what I do not do.

The regular channeling which involve no device and just like this that is super dangerous, because you invite a being to come into you and manipulate you. That's what real channeling is and it's like possession and I don't do that. What I just do is remote contact when I do channeling with Thor Han via the technology device I have in me. It's a remote quantum connection. He never comes into my body. He just manipulate my head and my voice from the station remotely by distance.

Do not try to do channeling unless you have a device that allows you to do it, otherwise it's at your own risks. … I am going to explain that in my next book that I nearly finished.


This is vega, it is part of the lyra constellation. Lyra this name means a little music instrument. It's been named from earth, but it's not the name the people gave. They do not give names to group of stars they give numbers, the locals.

There are different races sharing the planetary system called Vega. It's located 25 light years from earth and this is a clear blue star. The local populations have named it Almica. It is surrounded by a haze of debris sturdy breeze, giving it a particular halo.

Due to the exceptional gravity speed its shape swells at the equator. it's absolutely beautiful, once you're there.

It shelters 12 planets and all are colonized. Even a huge one which was meant to become a dwarf star and was altered in order to allow life to flourish. And on the other 11 worlds.

Here you have vega and star the little yellow haze on the top right corner is a representation of our sun, so you have the difference of size between vega and our star.

For the inhabitants of this star system it must be really beautiful. Imagine a blue sun, huge in your sky and around it a halo of blue starry haze. It's it must be absolutely magnificent. Imagine a sunrise on one of the planets of the vega. This stars turns very spins very fast, that's why you have this swelling at the equator.

So 12 worlds harboring life, all sorts of different life forms. I am not going to go through all of them, but through those who are interesting us, who are interacting with us.



This handsome young man is an Adari. The Adari are a Taal colony arrived as refugees from the attacks of the Man system by the Ciakahrr. The famous Lyran wars, the Man star system kepler 62 was attacked by the Ciakahrr empire, the reptilians from the draconis zone.

This Taal style colony migrated on the first planet of the Vega system Adara, so although they resemble to a particular Vegan local species, they are for different genetics. They all make Maki who are not in my book, because they're not in interacting with us. Who are humanoid with tan skin. But thay resembled to the Adari, but they are not, although the Adari are tan to bluish skin. They evolved towards brown, so they are dark melanated people with bluish shades. It's a beautiful color, beautiful beautiful! Imagine a very smooth perfect brown dark skin with bluish shades, regarding to how the light catches it. It it's absolutely beautiful people. This change of skin color because the Taal are caucasian looking white pale skin, this change of skin color is due to the radiation of mica vega star. It it has changed their melanin in the skin, you know they adapt to the radiations of the star systems where they go. But what they kept is the clear crystalline Taal beautiful eyes of the Man species, the Taal have beautiful eyes, often golden, clear brown, green, blue it's very rare but green and gray. They're fascinating people. So imagine these people with this beautiful melanated skin with bluish shade and clear crystalline eyes and mainly dark hair. They are beautiful like the Osma of the fourth planet.

The Adari have adopted the same fashion of long robes with high neck and large sleeves and this has become a significant fashion of the Vega system. The long robes with the high neck and long sleeves like this as this young man is wearing. This fashion has really spread on all the planets of the star system as really typical fashion of the vega system.

The Adari had an input on terra in the area of India a long time ago, where they temporarily settled a colony, quickly chased by the Ciakahrr invaders in ferocious conflicts. The Adari in India a very long time ago and who have been taken for god with bluish skin, they are still remembered in the vedic texts as the blue race of gods who came from the sky. The Adarian are now involved in the programs of the galactic federation of worlds to protect terra and their ships have beautiful profiled elongated silhouettes. There's a lot of Adari star seeds, they are part of the envoy program.


This is another race that lives in the Omeka Vega system. Elevar. The elevar are an Ahel colony who arrived after the Taal in the Vega system and settled on the third planet of this system, Levak nor. The elevar Ahil reproduced as precisely as they could their lost civilization from the Man mother world. So this is an Ahel colony, that arrived shortly after the Taal colony, both coming from the destruction and the ransack of their beautiful man system by the Ciakahrr. This colony of Ahil interestingly entered a cold war with their neighbors and cousins Taali on the first planet Adara - which draws attention upon a contentious history from the time. The Taal royal family made an immunity deal of their own with the Ciakahrr enemy in order to escape safely to Vega.

When the Man system was ransacked and attacked by the Ciakahrr the Taal were the ruling elite class. They were considered themselves as royalty and they were truly ruling the system, they were ruling the Ahil, the Noor and the other ones. When they saw the Ciakahrr arriving they made a deal with them. The deal included allowing a window of time that colonies that could could flee and survive, but also in exchange they would give themselves away to the Ciakahrr, the royal family, the Taal royal family from Omanjera in the Man system sold themselves to the Ciakahrr secretly and there was a deal as well. The Ciakahrr cars told them “you will be very, very powerful and etc” They didn't know what they were dealing with. So what happened, the colonies left the Man system. There were two ships who fled the Man system, two ships of Taal in the direction of the Vega system. That that's what disturbed everyone – they were escorted by a fleet of Ciakhrr ships to the Vega system. These two different Taal ships where. One was the royal Taal family from a Omanjera, and the other was the elite running class. There have been other colonies often elsewhere in the galaxy. They were not the only two ones.

As they approach the Vega star system, the royal Taal ship turn route and let the other ship keep on going to Vega. That became the Adari, who settled on the first planet. That was surprised for this future Adari, what the hell are they going? Nobody knew for a long while until they were located. They were offered a residence in the Orion zone, and there from the orion zone they migrated to Mirza I don't know why. So there's a bad record for the Taal royal family.

So the Taal and the Ahil in the man system I suppose they were going on well together, it was all right. There's nothing recorded as war between them. But it's when power got into the equation you know sometimes it reveals people. You have the same pattern that occurred with two other colonies Ahel and Taal in the Pleiades. Taigeta the terra formed planets in the Taigeta system, the Ahil and the Taal were there and they had a conflict. The Taal wanted wanted Erra the planet where they are made for themselves. So a faction of this Taal from Taigeta broke away and they became renegade Taals and they settled in Alcione and we know the story. They joined um the bad ones. So there's always something with the Taal, an ego. The Ahil, they are so pacifist.

This lady is an Elevar, colony of Ahil from Man system. They settled on the third planet of the star system vega. They recreated their environment and they are very linked to operation on earth with the galactic federation. You know the Ahil have these wide eyes. The Elevar as have a little less wide eyes. There are different variants in the Ahil. You can find Ahil who have modified themselves a bread with Taal, who have more smaller eyes. The Ahil of Erra are a very peaceful society, technologically very advanced. The Elevar hold the archives of the vega system and as well as on osma. They really have the records of the Taal royal family breaking away.


The Ozman. The Ozman live on the fourth planet. First planet Adair, third Elevar, and fourth planet Ozma. This is here a peaceful humanoid race. You notice the fashion: high neck long robe, large sleeves. They are very peaceful and they were here long before the Lyran wars and their refugees colonies, and they have evolved a step further than the more recent Taali on Adara, although they are related, believe it or not. They are related to the Taal, but they're so ancient, they broke away from Lyra, because you know all the humanoid races in this galaxy have been seeded from the Lyran zone. They were once Taal, but they have evolved very. When they evolve their skill change and they sometimes have bigger head. They're very beautiful race as well and they're very advanced, extremely advanced. Really that's a level up above the Taal and the Ahil, above the Adari and the Elevar.

They are tall hairless and their cranium volume has widened with adaptative evolution. The shape of their face is triangular. Their skin is pale grayish, pink pale wide eyes. Ears are barely noticeable, the mouth is narrow but with lips and the nose is long and narrow as well. They like to dress in long robes with high neck and wide long sleeves, which gives them an amazing look. Slender, tall, beautiful people.

The planet Osma is quite gloomy in appearance, but the urbanism is impressive in elegance. So you have this this dull and gloomy planet and the architecture is really contrasting considerably with the dark volcanic landscape. There are green translucent buildings and domes translucent few elevated constructions.

They are part of the galactic federation of worlds programs for terra protection and they are involved in diplomacy as skillful peace ambassadors. The Ozman are often working as ambassadors when you have delegations going to some worlds to negotiate peace. Ozman are in it and Emerhters as well. They look like a Emerther a little bit, more human looking.

They have long oblong fine ships.


That's another Lyran colony from man system. This is a Noor colony. These ones are very interesting. Why so many Lyran colonies in Vega, because Vega is not very far from the man system parsec wise. Here are the Puxhity. They also live on the fourth planet Osma and um interestingly they are a branch of columns descended from the Noori, escaping the Lyran wars. The Noori are the tall blonde nordic giants, very tall, like eight feet tall. There was an ancient Taal colony also settled there so they bred with them also. So it's a mix of Noor and Taal, but they look more like Noor. They kept the size so adapting to the conditions of their world. They evolved to have red hair.

This race of Noori also visited terra when they interbred and were remembered as the giant red-haired legendary people, the Puxhity form Vega.

They have been very influential in the development of several south and central native people of America and left many traces, notably the name of their star Olmica, remembered as the Olmec star people. At one time over 2000 members of this race were living among terra humans. They left when territorial tensions on Terra increased, leaving 25 of their people behind to guide the terrans.


Do all these extraterrestrial races have in their planets similar political and racial problems, as we have on earth, or is it that we are too primitive?

We're not, we're learning and we're doing very. Racial conflict and misunderstanding it's all based on ignorance. Ignorance of the other and this occurs when the civilization, the culture is still uneducated and locked in consciousness by overwhelming systems, such as religions or you know things like the ones who have different skin or different belief is bad. You know children when we come as children we are not racist, we get on with everyone. It's a certain type of toxic education, who made of certain people racist. So this is all due to primitive systems of education and mind conditioning that make people fight each other upon their differences.

That doesn't only occur on earth, it occurs on as well in other many worlds, who are still locked into these systems. So we can call it primitive, but I wouldn't say it's primitive. It's unfortunately mind-controlled societies, who do that, because nobody is born racist. We're all tolerant people. It's the education it does that. Of course we're not the only ones to be in this toxic pattern.

Could you a photo looking at the window of Thor Han ship. looking back at earth when you are up there next? Would help greatly on our journey.

Elena: I'm not allowed, because they don't allow us to bring proof of their existence, as disclosure and this extremely well regulated. But I can draw. So that won't happen. I'm not even allowed to bring back objects although I have some gifts with me, but I'm not disclosing. You can't, it's disclosure. Be patient. Things will come in time.


Theee were Andromedan in the Vega system. They have a colony there. I haven't mentioned them because I forget to mention them. That's why sometimes you can see people looking like Andromedans coming from Vega, but wearing this tall neck and long coats with long sleeves. They are very very well involved with working with the federation on.

There are so many others. That's a little overview of the main ruling cultures there.

There are also Laan (feline people) there, but there are very little group. They are quite discreet. I think they live on the fourth planet. The fourth planet is very big.

Now that vega have come to help will they may wake up their star seeds?

Elena: They are waking up their star seeds, their envoys, absolutely, it's happening. They are doing it.

They are a lot of Adari, not so that much Elevar, not that much Ozman. The Elvar and Ozman are involved in working in tactical operations in the galactic federation and diplomatic with the Ozman. But that would be the Adari from the first planet who are really involved in the envoy starseed.

Are the Lyrinid asteroid showers remnants of the Orion/Lyran wars? Is vega related to the central sun?

Elena: To my knowledge when you see you are announced astronomically about an event of for instance a shower of asteroids and it bears the name of a constellation, it doesn't come from this constellation. …

The earth evolves around the sun on an orbit and in the way there are clouds of dust and little asteroids. Every time on its way when the earth the earth crosses these clouds of dust, this solar system is full of dust everywhere and so this becomes meteor showers, shooting stars. They're too tiny to crush on earth and even though the galactic relation is really taking care that nothing falls and harms us. Why these clouds were just there in our solar system as stationary they are the names of some constellations who are so far away, because when the earth passes through this cloud of dust it seems like they're coming from for instance Lyra constellation, but they're not. It's just because at that moment the Lyra constellation is just behind in the sky. It's visual illusion.

Can you tell us about what dimensional level the Adari are spiritually?

It's not dimensional, it's density of consciousness. Dimensions are parallel universes implicated one in the other, and each one of each dimension has different layers of density. It's like you see the universe like a town with buildings and each building represents a dimension, and the densities are the floors, and the top roof level is the connection to source. So they are shorter, bigger levels.

Each parallel universe has a different set of densities. Some universe have a scale of like four densities, ours have thirteen, well 12 plus source. Others have 20 40. It depends.

So when we speak about spiritual development, spiritual evolution we speak about density. A density is a rate of frequency of matter, and it also goes with an opening of consciousness. A frequency is the vibration between two elements, can be two atoms, can be anything and the faster it vibrates, the higher it is in frequency. When it concerns matter it becomes density and matter vibrating faster goes into a higher density. When we are told “raise your frequency” means also it raises yourself in a higher density. When matter vibrates faster/higher rate and you becoming a higher density vibration, higher density you can even become invisible to those who stay down. You are less limited by matter and the monkey mind of the avatar, and your consciousness opens and reaches out to a wider consciousness, a broader connection with the universe. That is why raising intensity and consciousness is about.

And dimensions is parallel in universe it's something different that doesn't enter in account of spiritual evolution.

The Adari are fifth dimensional. They are moving from five to six. I know there are some Adari groups who have even got to the seventh.

What's the difference if they leave their planet and come to ours? Does the air feel heavier for them?

Of course, that's different air. We are all part of a big family from Lyra ancestry, Man's k62 system. So we are all carbon-based beings with either different bloods (can be also copper blood, can be different things) but we are mainly carbon-based creatures hu-man, the humans, the entities from man system and so we are pretty much similar. We breathe pretty much same air. We're not going to breathe in sulfuric acid or things like that. So it's easy to adapt to different atmospheres between all the different hue man races, all the humans are adaptable into the same atmosphere and gravity more or less.

But of course when for instance Adari they are going to come visit earth physically, they are going to feel it's so dense here and the gravity also is different so the and the air is different. They can poison themselves, so because it's a very the breathable atmosphere it's a very precise little ratio, so they have tricks for that. They can either modify themselves genetically if they plan to come and settle. Otherwise they can also breed with the population. It's settlement at long term.

But if it's just for a short visit, they have two things and I've experienced it, because I went on Venus and I going to tell about it in my book. They have two things that can help you and as well on the station upstairs. I'm having the same treatment is true. Either they give you a belt that is not only a frequency belt that adjusts your frequency to the place you are, but also that regulates all your body, that changes the oxygen in your blood. I don't know what it does, but it adapts you to the environment, it creates like a these belts, called frequency belt, they create like a shield sometimes if needed as well, to enable you to be in search of certain environment. As well, I've experienced this, it's a bit weird.
Second thing is they have compounds, you can drink or take pills (I never take any pills) but they make me drink. The drink is a shorter effect, so it because I never stayed long. It's I don't know what's in it. You drink that and suddenly you feel the gravity, the feel of the gravity changes. It really changes and you can breathe better. You become busy for dizzy for a while and then doing like minutes.

How to wear a Merkaba and how to spin it?

Yes masculine mercaba upwards, feminine downwards, sky and earth. Always use it from left to right clockwise, as if you stand on a clock.

Do the vegans have different types of blood like terrans? How they reproduce themselves?

The Taal are very close to us with blood, they nearly have the same blood, the Ahil as well. I don't know about the Ozman but I wouldn't be surprised that it's a carbon-based blood as well.

Every planet has only one type of blood. For instance an endemic original race to a planet, totally indigenous - all the individual individuals will have the same blood type. It's when you start to have colonies or inputs rehybridization that blood new blood types got mixed like on earth.

I know Adari and the Taal totally do like us. the elevare who are Ahil they have a different level of experience in the act of reproduction. They do like us with a higher dimension of experience.

Adari and Elivar have red blood. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Adari blood changed color a little bit. because their skin changed.

Do the vegans and the galactic federation believe in one god that created all things? Also where does the Ashtar command fall? In the federation? good guys?

The vega civilizations reached a level of consciousness that doesn't recognize religious systems anymore. Even before they left k-62 they the system they already didn't have this belief in gods. Although in their primitive beliefs they believed that their star Man was a goddess, was a feminine entity. They don't believe in gods as entities, but they believe in something they call “source” and they even give them a name in the Man cultures “imanna”.
The Arcturians also recognize this name imanna, the great mother of all, the great or creator. But they don't say to goddess. it's source. It's not concept, it's a source of all life and all energy that stands in between all the universes.

The ashtar command is you need to be very careful, because there's a lot of people who think they channel or communicate with ashtar, but there's a lot of AI actually who use this name to trick people. So be very careful. I have explained already many times about the Ashtar, but I can just clarify because maybe you're not the only one who wonders. The Ashtar alliance was created in the Sirius B system to fight a long time ago against the Orion group of great Nebu. Unfortunately the Ashtar alliance got infiltrated by our reptilians and greys from Orion and they became subverted, and they work now with the cabal and everything. Ashtar alliance.

The ashtar command or galactic command it's something different from the Ashar alliance. It is a breakaway from group from the Ashtar alliance. Some of the personal which is a military organization decided to break away from the Asthart alliance because it was corrupted. So they left and they built their own stuff and they are mercenary military service. They don't have a world, they live on huge motherships and they are an entity of their own. The ashtar commando ashtar galactic command and they are good guys. They are working at helping either the Andromeda council either the galactic federation of world either the council of five. They are good mercenary service and they thave an outpost on Jupiter in this star system. They work as a service for the galactic federation. They have nothing to do with them, they work for them as a service. The actual galactic command nothing to do with a bad side of the ashtar alliance, which is something different.

Is the galactic federation headquarters are located in the Vega system?

No, they are not. I'm not disclosing where they are, but they are not in the Vega system.

How long ago was the Lyran wars? I also wonder how long the Adari Taal settlers spent under the vegan starlight to evolve bluish skin?

Look in the book: The man system and the Lyran wars, I know it was many hundred thousand years ago. So the Adari suppose spent a very long time to evolve with a little bluish skin.

Do they practice martial arts in Vega?

Ahil and Taal they follow a routine which is named which is the Ohorai way. It's a regular daily practice. It looks like tai chi orQigong. It's a meditation, they call it attunement to source and to themselves and to source. They do that every day, every morning before starting their day. It's a sort of type of yoga, they are tuned with source and with their power. It's an amazing way of starting the day. It looks like martial arts. So you may have seen something or remembered living there and practicing this.


Status update

My channelings are not regular channelings. No one comes in me. I allow no being ever to come in my body. It's my sacred space.
What I call channelings is a contact through a technology device that allows remote to remotely control my upper head, my upper body with my consent and nobody is here, just me. I'm still in my body, I'm fully conscious and I can take control at any moment, and Thor Han is doing it from the ship 100 000 miles above my head and remotely. It's a quantum technology.

Thor Han: Terrans, you have wondered where to go in this darkest night. You have been your brothers and sisters, you have seen them falling for a path of misunderstanding and ignorance. You have seen them leaving reason and following a path of disturbance and misconceptions. I ask you to allow them to be sovereign of themselves and their free will. It is their choice, it is your choice. They will also go to the light in the same place as the place you are going. The difference is, they will take the long road. It is time.

We do not grieve about the difference of opinions, the difference of choices. But we hold each other arms in arms, arms with arms to fight this final battle. Support the weak. Do not blame the weak. Love the one who hates you. Do not hate him more. All will be well in the end if you follow the rules of universal love, if you find the peace within. I will recommend that you listen to what your soul tells to your mind. Connect with a higher level of your being.

War is not only about conflict. War is about challenge. War is about teaching, teaching you something about yourself. Conflict is here to bring all this realization.

We of the galactic federation of worlds have been looking after you since we arrived a long time ago in your star system. There are many ships of ours here present, keeping the balance and fighting alongside you for justice.

There is not much I can disclose but this: we have created understanding and cooperation with some of your governments, and these corporations are operating for the greater good of your species. Military alliance under your ground, technological alliance in your laboratories and where sciences put in action. We have been giving you a lot of our technology to help you evolve.

The rules on terra are not going as they go on all other planets in this galaxy. The law of non-intervention that is called on your world to your understanding “prime directive” (we do not call it like this, we call it non-intervention). This concerns all worlds of this galaxy. This is a law we go by to protect these worlds, that their evolution is not interfered by invaders, by disturbance. We preserve the right to evolution of all species in this galaxy. It concerns everyone.

Sometimes when there is a crisis – and this crisis here on terra concerns the whole galaxy – we get around it. We needed to give you this technology. We needed to help you, because we thought, you wouldn't survive, after the choice had been made by your bad governments to ally with the Nebu. We need to do something, otherwise you were lost.

So the galactic federation of worlds send envois physically to some of your governments to help you build some technology that would propel you quicker into your legitimate future. This was our fight back against the Nebu. The Ciakahrr tried to stop us, they didn't. We are still working with you and more than ever creating the alliance of your planet and our federation. We have been protecting you and we will never let you down, as a friend of mine said once.

These are my words terrans. You know that I like to say “you have one job: raise your frequency!” And I hope you understand better and better what it is about and what it involves.

The updates have been given. There is no more I can add. I wish you all a great and peaceful journey.


Relax, relax and become aware that you are all powerful. You have total power upon your environment, upon the persons within your environment. You know how to influence persons around you is by changing your frequency, by radiating peace and refusing chaotic influence. You modify people around you, when you modify your frequency. You have an impact on everything around you. Frequency is chain reaction, it's going to lift the frequency around you. Create your good cloud, your cloud of joy, cloud of peace.

Imagine you are working every day in a cloud of pure peace and grounded. You will see that the persons in contact of this cloud of peace will calm down and conflict will ease.

Go within yourself, go within your being, within your body. Become pure consciousness, become pure awareness. This is you. When all the holograms dissolve what is left is the Vril, the life force and consciousness. And when the Vril is gone, still remains consciousness.

Consciousness is the core of everything. Everything has consciousness at different levels of understanding, development. Nature. Remember this awareness to be only pure consciousness, because this is who you are inside your eternal light being, who lives inside this temporary flesh suit.

Pure consciousness that you are can reach out to realms far away. There is no limit in distance and there is no limit in time. Consciousness is timeless, eternal and inter-dimensional. When you are pure consciousness you can see through everything. You can access every knowledge, you can project yourself out of this galaxy, out of this universe and meet the intergalactic people. When you become only pure consciousness, your vibration is close to the vibration and the density of source.

Consciousness is not contained in a small little avatar. No, consciousness is part of the whole. We are all fractals of a universal unique consciousness and all linked to each other. Your consciousness is linked with the consciousness of a little pebble on a beach somewhere on a planet at the other side of the galaxy. We are all one when we are consciousness.

When this life and this incarnation challenges you, when sadness, anger, grief, pain comes your way, remember: you are consciousness, inhabiting bodies and you are limitless in any directions. When you switch to the awareness to be only pure consciousness, you raise your vibration so high, that you are out of the matrix and you are free. You are this bird that flies to the end of the universe, even if the universe has no end.

It is time you realize who you are. It is time you regain your power now in this awareness and this beautiful feeling to be one with all.