25/5/2021 – Q&A Orion



Situation update with Thor Han

Thor Han: You can tell them that the war on mars is still going on, harder than ever. We are trying not to harm people as much as possible evacuating prisoners, not yet the big evacuation, because the Ciakahrrs and the Nebu are holding well the facilities on mars. The elites from terra not yet have been evacuated. They are still hiding there in deep very deep underground facilities on mars, under the main base Aries prime. The resistance on mars is also fighting well, having retreated for a while to adopt another plan, I will not disclose. Now I cannot say more about what is going on mars without disclosing our plans. Know that all the attention is now there.
Still some attention is terra, because the undergrounds have not been yet all evacuated, some deep underground spots. Many have been evacuated but the wrong side that you call dark or cabal, some are still there hiding also. But nearly there it is nearly over. You need to hold on. They are telling you that it is not over, that this situation is definitive and that you have to comply with fear to what they order you to do about your bodies. Do not hold on. This is soon over. This has taken more time than expected because the dark forces have allies and fight well. We have started neutralizing the portals in this star system. I will not disclose the locations and the destinations, but we have found frequency keys to neutralize their access and activations. It is just a question of time it. Is just a question of when. And I may repeat this to you that you have one job: raise your frequency, raise your consciousness, refuse fear. Tell them to go and see somewhere else.

Good luck. You are fighting well, hearts high. The best way to help us from the galactic federation of worlds is to raise your hearts into a higher frequency of inner peace and strength, because through inner peace you find your strength. The disturbance is there to divert your concentration upon finding the peace within. Distractions are millions around you. They try to separate you in groups, that you fight against each other. But this is not your way. Your way is unity within in order to be unity with all the species. You are here on this planet, performing this mission because you were here, you have decided to come for this moment. We are very proud of you. The galactic federation of worlds, the andromeda council, the ?? alliance and the council of five are telling you, that we are proud of you all. Keep on the good fight.

Elena: I want to tell everyone that I had a little chat with Akvaru, who is a Taal warrior working for the federation, he's a pilot working with Thor Han, asking him a few questions about what is going on earth and um because i've had some informations myself and I wanted him to double check.

This is not channeling this is telepathy. Thor Han keeps the channel open. Akvaru has a very strong powerful energy, very sizzling, very strong. Connecting with him is really changing my energy field and I feel empowered. His strength is amazing.

Akvaaru: Akvaru from the Taalilhara. I do not belong anymore to Taalihara in the jahaya system where my family brought me into this life. I am now fighting alongside my brothers and my sisters, Taal in the galactic federation alongside commander Thor Han. You have asked me to speak about an incident that happened. There are a lot of disturbances. The Nebu from Orion and the Ciakahrr from Thuban have allied with different humanoid groups in this galaxy. As you know the Pleiades have also insiders in the Alcion jahaya system. The Taalshiar, the Taal main world which is not, Taalshiar is not anymore depicting a world revolving around the star. Taalshiar now has a dark name and I am ashamed of my people. Taalshiar is now a compound of beings from the Nebu Orion group, Uruana and the collective of the six. They have inserted an outpost in my star system and I left, when all was too much for me. My heart is free. Whenever you are born into tyranny you can always fly away, you can always leave your world and if you do not have a ship, fly within, fly inside. We all have the power to liberate ourselves and the greatest freedom is the freedom when you are inchained. It is very easy to feel free when you have no chains, when you are out in space wandering to wherever you want to go. The greatest strength is to feel free when you are enslaved. This shows your power. The best of course is to break your chains and go. But going away is not always the solution. Going away sometimes is escaping. Break first chains inside and then go! If you go without breaking the chains inside you break the chains only outside. You will not be free. You need to break the chains inside, by your own will and then all the rest will not matter. Then you can stay in the tyrannized world and fight to liberate others, free. Or you can go and join the federation and vow yourself to the cause of a greater liberation, other worlds, other species, other planets.

I am here. I enjoy talking to you and telling you about an incident, that the federation has solved since a few years. The Taalshiar had connected with a group of Terrans, grooming them to pass the information at the right moment. This group of terrans has gained a lot of audience and at the right moment, just recently as the war exploded. The misinformation was given to them to deliver to terrans. The Taalshia group composed of Grail, Killy tokurt, Taal from Jaha we're passing preconditioning misinformation to this group of terrans, breaking the law of the non-intervention. They were on a lower unauthorized orbit. We caught them, because they transformed their signal. They were using a signal of a military frequency of planes, and they changed. We caught them, the federation caught them and asked them, because we always give the choice. They ask them to leave the lower orbit to a higher orbit. They refused. We escorted them by force. Somewhere in this star system they will be judged. We are now looking for the contact underground, that is still trying to contact the terrans.

This incident tells you, that the galactic federation of worlds always look after the terrans and now this war is on many levels, and we are taking care of it.

I don't know if you understood, but this incident is typical. There are many groups from Uruana and Thuban. They are here interfering, there are many. They come by portals. The portals are being taken care of. I am fighting personally to neutralize those of my people, who betrayed the light and gave their heart to darkness.

I told you last time, I spoke to you. Do not forgive during the fight, because you will give your power away and consent to be killed. After the fight, after you have won, forgive your enemy and end it well. But the fight is a ground for no pity, no forgiveness. Fight is the fight and the energy must be focused on your arm, on your will, on your actions. The aim, the purpose – this purpose be it peace, freedom, abundance, evolution.

Elena: Excuse me, his energy is very strong. … The Taal have this very strong and emotionless energy.

Some brave people fight for you and the example of Akvaru who betrayed his own people, because his heart wasn't okay with the alliance they were making with the Orion people, is quite inspiring – at least to me. So you need to understand that Alcion in the pleiades, where Akvaru was born, has been populated first by a separatist group of renegade Taygeteans, Taal. They settled there because they had conflict with the Ahil Erra. They were in conflict with them and in conflict with the federation that they hated always, because the federation wanted to calm them down and they wanted war. And they allied with the Orion group, the reptilian collective of Orion and the naval alliance of the six of Orion.

The malevolent forces with whom the Taalshiar are working with, it's the real the bad stuff of Orion. It's the Nebu and the reptilian collective. They have allied with them, because the all the malevolent orion groups are against the galactic federation.

Now, Orion is a very populated place. Of course we hear about Orion because of the Nebu, the alliance of the six, the reptilian collective, the bad grays. Bbut that's not all of Orion. Orion is always also a place of beautiful populated worlds. Everyone is in Orion is not bad. It's not because there's a big tyranny there, that it's bad.

No there are people who have lied, cultures who have lied since a very long time in Orion. Many star systems together to fight against the Nebu and the Reptilian collective of Uruana. They have allied and these two very brave groups are: the council of five and the black league or the orion black league. It's very benevolent, it's not because it's written “black”. The black league is rebels, it's resistance. I love them. They have fought in the Orion wars. This galaxy is yes teaming with good and bad.

Now i'm going to I'll show you diaporama that I made.

Orion (reading from book, p. )

So this is orion. Orion in the local language is a named Uruana. It is the most complex inextricable miscellaneous poisonous web of pure evil, existing alongside with cultures highly elevated in spiritual wisdom. How this doesn't blow up in sparkles? Well it did in in many times in the past, notably with the Orion wars. But not only and until everyone came to reason, well sort of by establishing opportunistic alliance and treaties. It is too exhaustive to name all the different resident races of Orion's zone, such as the grays, the reptiloids, the humanoids, insectoids. So let's see just those who concern us.

In the the orion zone you have a place that some call the doors of heaven. I call it the doors of hell, if I would have to to give a name to it. So orion is the that. That is the only case when we use a name for star zone or constellation that uses a an extraterrestrial original name, because you know all the constellations we give them mostly Greek names from the Greek mythology, or sometimes Latin names, or when people discover a star now they give their name. So in the Anunnaki language Uruana means “the light of the cosmos”. We're going to see why. This denomination comes from a particular object located in this area, a portal nebula – that is very special. As it occurs sometimes due to the blast of the implosion it is not uncommon that a singularity appears inside of a nebula. There are not of the same kind as the black holes, because it doesn't distort the gravity of the continuum space. It's more like a warm hole if you want, it's like a doorway. One of them is named M42, and it is located at 1500 light years away from us.

That is another view with a broader vision of the nebula, the gases. It is not only the little zone where you see the nebulas, it's the whole area. Look at that, look at the extent of it.

It includes an interdimensional portal which was, as can be expected a target of first interest for the reptilian Ciakahrr empire. The corporate of Altair as well wanted also a part of the prize, but when they understood that the Ciakahrr forces were much more powerful and agreements of interest were made. This was before the Maitra joined the party and the many more who followed.

Within the same nebula with rich clouds of gas and dust allow very active stellar formation is an open cluster of four massive young stars, unleashing strong ultraviolet radiation. That's them.

These emissions are disrupting the nebulous field around them creating the perfect nest for species striving on ultraviolet radiations, that's the greys, the reptiloid grays especially. The reptilian greys are striving on ultraviolet radiations. When you are sometimes abducted by grays, there is a way to know it was grays when as soon as you come back or you wake up you have an ultraviolet lamp torch and you scan your body with it and you can see traces of their fingers on you sometimes. These stars emit ultraviolet. And there is the siege of the empire the alliance of the six, also called the Nebu. And you will see that the six are not all indigenous to the orion zone.

Ss this is the eye of evil as some of them call it, whose head is located in this M42-pound cluster. It's composed of six races of of both greys and reptilians who live there in the core in the heart of the nebula in this cluster m42. Maitra, Kiily Tokurt, Ebanz, Grail, Ciakahrrs and indugut. They name themselves the Nebu, which means “the masters”. They use mainly the Dohu and the Azban races as slave force. And also the Solipsir rai from Zeta Reticuly. A mantis colony resides also in this vicinity involved in the orion empire's programs.
So you have the m42 cluster, these four stars which is the spiritual center of the hive. It's just at the entrance of the portal, it's the center of the hive, it's the brain. You will see later on Rigel you have all the administration in the forces. But the center of the nebula is the spiritual center of the hive. You know all the greys they strive on a hive culture. They have a mother queen and her it's like the borgs - her brain, her consciousness is connected to the consciousness of all the living grey creatures, the living ones. Some souls of grays are incarnated in real grey's bodies, but many of them are incarnated in synthetic dolls or clones, synthetic beings. But it's the same, they are controlled the same.
The headquarters in fact it's in the Rigel system. In the Rigel system it's where all the logistic forces and military power resides. The M42 cluster is known as the square and it is the design formed by the position of the main stars composing it. And the translation in Grail grail language (Grail is the really the local species) it's “kaaba” – a name inspiring fear throughout the whole galaxy. Its stars are mostly still in formation, but the residents of this place have built artificial synthetic worlds, that they have terraformed. Nobody ever came back alive from this place. So what we know of it is through rumors.

You have also the orion grey collective. The orion grey collective is an independent entity from the alliance of the six. It regroups all the grey races in the Orion zone as a collective of joined forces. They are standing against the galactic federation of world, the Orion league and the orion council of five mainly, while maintaining alliance of interest with the Ciakahrr empire, the Ashtar collective and the corporate of Altair.

That's as Thor Han said to me is the simplified version of it.

So the Orion Grey collective and the Alliance of the six both working against the galactic federation and the council of five.

The orion league or “the black league” – they are positive. The black league was created by the local orion populations to protect themselves against the grey reptilian orion empire, against the Nebu, the square. The current members are at the moment from Alnitak betelges and mesa.

There are two nebulas in the Orion zone. On the right the m42, the portal, the kaaba the center of the nebu empire. And on the left the horse head nebula. There's nothing interesting in there worth mentioning.

This is the the orion gray collective, that's the nebu.

The maitra are not from orion. they come from Andromeda galaxy from megopay. They join the nebu to rule together on this galaxy. They joined the Nebu. The nebu are those who contacted mj-12 and made agreements with the mj-12 in 1954. These are the six races ruling the nebu:

The Nebu =

– the Maitra from Megope (Andromeda)
– the Kiily Tokurt from Vela
– the Eban from Betelgeuse or bellatrix
– the grail, are a local species of orion
– the Ciakahrr
– the Indugutk

Maitra, Killy Tokurt and Ciakahrr foreign, Eban, Grail, Indugukt local from orion. This is the nebu.

That's their sign that means nebu = the masters.


Now we are going to uh look into the the star systems one by one.

Rigel, called Asba’a. It's the siege of the Orion empire, the logistic siege. The spiritual consciousness is in the nebula and the logistic government is on Rigel. It's the outpost for the six most malevolent races. This is an interesting place. It was chosen by the Orion empire to set their contingents. About 860 light years away from earth it is a quadruple star system, cradle for many life forms, but also a colonization haven. That said of the original populations now only legend attests,

Rigel is named Asba’a and designate a group of four stars, a triple system binary plus one and an individual blue supergiant. Both entities revolving around a common center of gravity with a 24 000 years period. And these stars have planetary systems both natural and synthetic (when I say synthetic is terraformed). The star group is then enclosed within a plasmic shield.

Let us see some, not all these races but some of them which are important.

The Asbaan –Hu (Hu means humanoid). Asba’a Prime is one of the stars and the planet is Oriban. The asba’a systems very surprisingly were a very long time ago populated by Ahel and Noor from Lyra fleeing the attacks of the Man system by the Ciakahrr in Lyra.
So the Asbaan were a colony of Ahel and Noor. The colons rapidly built a prosperous civilization extending on the 14 planets of this quadruple Rigel star system. An incident happened by the past regarding to the territorial boundaries with the Grails from Mintaka, aggressive local grey reptilians from a nearby star and folding into a violent war, which lasted nearly 300 years. Eventually won by the Grail. The Grail claimed they were here before them as native, and although their home world was in the Mintaka system Asba’a was part of their territories. In truth they wanted to take over the resources of the economical empire built by these Man (Lyran) colonies. The conflict horrendously was various unfolded in a fair ferocious war and after all resources were scraped after 14 worlds by the Grails, all surviving lives sought underground shelters.

Luckily a Noor group managed to escape the global genocide. They went to the Procion system and they rebuilt there a new colony of their own, naming themselves the elderly. fate unfortunately fell into their disfavor when the tenacious Grail localized them and paid them a disastrous visit. For those who remained in the Aasba's system and even more criminal fate befell unto them. The grail took them all to be made into slaves.

So imagine: Ahil and Noor, the tall nordic races from Lyra. The grails took them all to be made into slaves, but in the most ignominous way. And now listen, because that is going to remind you something here! The grail took them all as a slave in a most egnominous way by a slow genetic mutation through hybridization program with the help of the Zetta grey's technology. To this point the Orion alliance of the sixth nebu was freshly formed and all technologies shared in common for the most malevolent purposes. This is how progressively a new mutant race of slaves was engineered, crossbreed between Lyran humanoids and Zetta reticuli grays. This new race represented the genetic best of both species and was used as a template for the developing programs of human grey hybrization on terra, on earth. the Orion Nebu empire is well and deeply involved with the programs of the deep state and share also territorial underground districts with the Ciakahrr empire.

So what the Nebu did on Oriban, they are doing it on earth too. That's how they do everywhere.

Bellatrix Uruud is also a place you don't want to go. It's 250 light years from earth and you have these lads there. It's home to wide diversity of reptilian species and also one of the most dangerous sorority grey species, the indugugkt, bellatrix also named Uruud in reason of the reptilian majority of life forms makes the liaison with the Ciakahrr empire. All these local races have a sort of loose collective based on agreements with a common goal expansion and conquest. All these races in bellatrix in Uruud have put in common their diverse technologies in a purpose of an increased and united power. This collective is also involved with the deep, state the dark fleet and the Taalshiar.

Ooganga (Bellatrix mercenaries)

They reside in the Uruud planetary system and they are theirs in stationary combat motherships. The Ooganga are genetically engineered warriors hybridized from gray reptilloids and local insectoid species. Their massive contangents are garrisoned in motherships in the uruud system and like many prepared cloned armies of the Orion naval empire they are waiting for the signal to unleash their doom when the galactic federation of world isn't a threat anymore. And thus this will be the fate of terra if we fail, but we won't. So this army of mercenaries is there prepared if we fail.


They are extremely violent extremely violent, as violent as the maitra. Their own world is Uruud prime, an artificially engineered planet in the Bellatrix system. Indugutk are saurian reptilian native to Uruud. They are extremely violent in nature and look like tall white reptilian greys. They have a narrow wrinkled face with an elongated skull, a large mouth, thick brow ridge and a very long neck. They wear no clothing. You can recognize them by this specific smell they produce, before even seeing them which reminds of burned sulfur. Indugutk have treaties with terran governments involved in space programs such as u.s, Russia and China. They have bases on terra moon for mining using slaves for this chore. But now we know the moon has been liberated and no more grey aliens on the moon.

They are also how describes Stephen Chao who worked in the area 51, he named them Kiily Tokurt.


Betelgeuse or named Carina – it's a red supergiant star at the end of its life center of a planetary system of five, 700 light years away from terra. A large engineered cloud of cosmic dust protects this system. And here is the Eban.

The Eban live on the fifth planet of the carina system, Edemara. It is unpleasant cold and deserted world. The ebany who live there are reptiloid gray beings from six to nine feet tall as part of the alliance of the six. You will guess that they are not a pacifist culture and they have also a colony on Altimar in the Ofucus constellation. They are deeply involved with the cabal on terra and work alongside terran military underground facilities, the deep state on hybridization programs and soul scalping.


But there is not only malevolent species in Orion. You have also lovely people who fight together against them. But they are here and this species is involved with the galactic federation. This is the Caray from Caryon. They come from the fourth planet in the carina, Betelgeuse system. So the Eban on the fifth planet and the Caray on the fourth. The Caryons are originally Laan colon who settled in the orion zone. (Laan, Coron, from the lyra man k-62 star system. They are the feline beings.)

They found this world they Caryon, regarding to the conditions being more tropical damp and hot than their original home world in the man system and due to the composition of the atmosphere which was very different they couldn't change, that they couldn't change risking to endanger the local ecosystem. So they genetic genetically mutated themselves by hybridization with local species. So they look like humanoids with bird features, generally with blue feathered bodies and wings and a very sharp and angular facial structure, resembling to bird's head, because of the genetic freedom of experimentation on themselves. They reached on Caryon a fascinating diversity of forms, but although they mutated greatly, the carrion preserved with immense sacredness the culture and principles of their world of origin in the man's system, Caryon even though they resemble to birds have remained mammals and kept their reproductive functions unchanged. You call them by the name on earth of “blue avians”. They have colonies also in other star systems.

They have joined membership with the galactic federation of worlds although they are very rarely leaving their planet, they rather operate by distance. The Caryon are wise beings and peace ambassadors for the federation. They have passed agreements and treaties with their threatening close neighbors, the Eban and the Grail which is very skilled to do that and which protects them from any harm.

They chose to intervene the currents in the process of the earth ascension by psychic and etheric contacts. The Caryons use etheric ships and interdimensional travel. They were very interesting beings.


There's a colony of Anunnaki there and they name their world Immaru. They live in a parallel dimension. I mean they are not involved with the Nebu, but they are located in Orion.
Their world is a wandering world. They haven't all been there all the time. They use the portal of the nebula to come and back. So we associate them normally with this quadrant at the moment. They come from a double double star system that orbits around the star every four thousand years. So they're just mentioning them there because it needs a whole chapter about Anunnaki. They have interfered a lot.

They have interfered a lot. They are reptoid cold blooded life form. They resembled two terrea but slightly taller about eight feet tall and more muscular. They have no hair. they have white skin. They have a very structured society in which female play an important role in politics and in power. Although the males ruled above all, they produce by eggs. They are known to be among the most advanced societies regarding to genetic engineering. They play a lot with the genetics.

Now we are going to to speak about the Orion belt, Mintaka. It is named Aragorog. Aragorog Mintaka is a complex multiple star system, located within a faint stellar cluster. It is the homeworld of the Grail, but also it shelters different species of greys, reptilloids, amphibians, dinoids.


Uruana, the orion zone is teaming with life. The grails, the local species who have mainly ruled the nebu and they're really those who really are at the original. They are residents of a star system called or delta orionis with seven planets.
Although a highly advanced civilization technologically they are not really what I would call enlightened. The Grail like to conquer and ransack. They are very tall saurian gray type species, very thin torso and limbs, but their electrical nervous system confers them an incredible strength. They have two genders.
The Grail caused great harm in the nearby systems, but the reason why they haven't taken over the galaxy is their inaptitude to organize themselves, because they are driven by a compulsive aggressivity.

They rarely adventure towards terra, not particularly decide to face in combat to seek our empire the mitra and other competitors or the galactic federation of worlds. They have oblong ship with chrome aspect. The maitra are part of the nebu but also they have their own agenda.


There is another species in Mintaka, the Tisar-3 on Arii-Tuviya. They were constrained to leave their beautiful world when the grail invaded their planet, and they wandered for a long time in search of a world offering satisfactory survival condition.
The Tisar-3 are reptiloid species, very beautiful, very pacifies, very wonderful. When you hear about benevolent reptiloids from Orion – that's the Tisar-3. But they try not to get involved with anyone. They're peaceful amphibian humanoid race and they have slightly sauroid features in particular. Their slanted golden eyes. Although their skin is perfectly human-like they have no scales. They have palmet hands and feet and glistening pale skin. Before its destruction their planet mainly covered by oceans and insular luxuriant lands was an absolute paradise. Now unfortunately ransacked by the Grails. They now have found haven in a distant planetary system. They are protected by the galactic federation.


Now Xi Orionis (Dillimuns). Now you have the Kur, also called Golden birds. They come from the planet Dillimuns in sea orionis, a system of four planets. They are very old race and they're related to the Anunnaki. What they do with genetics is quite incredible. There are humanoids with bird genetics and features such as duvet covered skin, crest of feathers along their spine and a falcon-like head. Their peculiar color is due to golden liquid. They bathe in too which expands their lifespan. I wonder if it's not monoatomic gold? These are directly involved with the Anunnaki altering terran human genome, they were working with them. They try to join the galactic federation but it's not yet a deal, because they don't fulfill all the requirement to be as peaceful species.


Alnilam (Zagara) the central star. This is an amazing bright and beautiful star it's a central super giant in the orion belt. We have here Egaroths from Zagara.
They are very special because they are very ancient race and culture. They are very benevolent and they nearly disappeared those from Zagara. They are part of the famous council of five are catapult orion elders.
The Egaroth are tall pale skinned with a large skull and appearance and serene wisdom. They are spiritual highly intelligent race and do not take interest in conquest. This is Annax race. They were by the past before the Orion empire flourished a highly advanced civilization. They were there before the Nebu. They were spread on many worlds in the Orion zone.

Their skin is pale brown to pale grey. They have no hair, slight tiny nose and magnificent eyes, often indigo with clear blue pupil. They are very spiritual and can materialize until the ninth density. There are hermaphrodites with the ability to polarize when deciding to mate. So they have their main world original Alnilam, the central star of Orion and these are the Orion people who are involved in Egypt.

Yes these are the ones who colonized Egypt. They were involved in the construction of all monuments, and these are the ones the legend tells, that when the ancient god Ra was tired and old, he decided to go back to his home in Orion and it was Alnilam/Zagara.

So the Egaroth of Alnilam, they are not very numerous, but they have a colony now which has flourished on Meissa, called Daro. And who lives on Meissa? Annax from planet Daria.

The star system is Daro, the planet is Daria. They are very ancient original race from Alnilam. The colony escaped after the attacks of the Nebu in Alnilam. The colony still lives in the Zagara system but the main Egartoh civilization is on Meissa now.


You have also in the Meissa system the Redan. The Redan are from the Assamay planet and they're part of the council of five as well. They are also an ancient species, very benevolent.


This council of five it has been formed to fight back the Nebu, the takeover of the nebu in the Orion zone and it was formed way before the black league. It was formed at the origin nine races. It was created by the El-manuk and they created this council of nine to protect the populations of Orion. Not all the nine races of the council were from Orion, they were only all races who want to protect these people in the Orion zone from the Nebu. Exactly the same as the galactic federation does now to protect the galaxy against the Orion groups. The council of five let's say that is the first draft of the galactic federation of worlds all fighting against the Orion groups, the malevolence Nebu.

The black League

More specifically you have the black league also, which is on this three-star system Meissa, Betelgeuse and Alnitak. The black league is was formed after the council of five. The council of five it's the wise elders, it's the ancient races not from all from Orion. I think only the Egaroth from Orion. And they are were there to stop the neighborhood takeover, not really managed it. But there after they were nine at the start, they became five when they decided to not only protect Orion but the whole galaxy, and some of the races left or somewhere extinct. They were then five. It's a whole chapter on the council of five.

But then the black league it's different. It is also the same purpose as the council of nine had at the start, protecting the local population of Orion against the Nebu. But they are not like wise old elders who protect. The black league it's the rebels, it's the army of justice, it's the rebellion. They had a great impact in the Orion wars against the Nebu. They are great, we support them.


Orion is teeming with life. There are many amazing peaceful civilizations there, but also evil empires. You have the Nebu (the alliance of the six) or the Orion group. Three names for one structure, the same thing. The headquarters are in the m42 nebula cluster the square, the Kaaba, and the logistic is on Rigel system. It's the two centers of the Nebu, those who signed with the mj-12 on earth. They Nebu were composed of local races such as the Eban, Grail and indugutk. And they have allied with three other races from outside: Maitra from Andromeda, Kiily Tokurt from Vela and Ciakahrr from Thuban. Ciakahrr are the only race that are not greys.

The Nebu and the Ciakahrr are two powerful entities who are competitors. So you don't want to be competitors so you're going to ally make agreements with your enemy for certain things. The Ciakahrr and the Nebu are working together on earth for their own agenda, but they managed to work together not to fight each other. They managed get along – that's why the Ciakahrr have a foot in the nibble as well. It's diplomatic.

Then you have the reptilian collective of Orion. That's something that is again different. It's not the Nebu. It's the whole um reptilian collective of all the gray races, because the grays are reptiloid. These are looking to their own interests and they're not with the federation, they are really against them now.

Then you take Orion and you take the whole galaxy. Zeta reticuli, Vela –different places where you have grays, cultures – it's the grey collective, who are working together for despicable agendas. So the nebu are part of the great collective of Nataru, the galaxy. They're interfering on earth.

The orion Nebu, this evil empire and the reptilian collective of Orion they are working with the cabal on terra. They are working collaboration with the reptilian Ciakahrr empier. They are working in collaboration with the renegade Taalshiar from Alcione. And all of these are against the galactic federation of worlds. They are fighting against the galactic federation of worlds.

The galactic federaton of wolrd has nothing to do with Orion. They are opposed to Orion.


The council of 5 was at one point the council of 9?

Yes. The council of five was created by the Almanuk, very ancient race. then you have the Egaroth, Redan, Orella and Ginvo. They were nine at the start, because three races went extinct and one, the Marvel left.
The marvel left because they weren't okay with protecting the whole galaxy, Because they had enough to do with the Orion zone. And they said “no it's not wise, we are not putting our civilization and our forces at risk, trying to save other people than this zone, because we're not strong enough. Sorry we're out. We respect your decision but we are out.”
Three other races were decimated by the Nebu, five were left. They decided nonetheless to keep on fighting and building projects to help other species in the galaxy threatened by the Nebu. So they allied with the galactic federation of world when the galactic federation of worlds was created and they work now together with them to help humanity ascend and repair their dna.

What about the infiltration of Egypt and Orion?

Egaroth from Alnilam. There wasn't only the Egaroth in egypt, there were also the Lyron, Ahil and Laan and where there especially the feline ones. They had a colony there, the Egaroth They were at the same time there as when the Anunnaki was still there and they had sort of conflicts with them. They decided to leave and there is a text in the pyramids, it is next the to the unas complex area. It's written, it's engraved in stone, this legend. There were nine gods plus one: Ra, the king, the chief. They were the gods who were reigning on Egypt and one day Ra decided, he was too tired and he was missing his home and decided to come back home in Orion. It is written in: back home in orion (Sahu, the same of Orion. So he decided to leave his descendants to reign on the colony, and that's the whole story of Seth and Osiris.

Are there any humans in Orion?

Very good question. There are humanoids in Orion. They are mainly colonies from Lyra, because all the human races in the galaxy have been seeded from Lyra from the P’tal in Lyra system, and so as there are humanoids in the Orion. They are all benevolent. They are not involved. They are part of the the oppressed cultures. Remember I told earlier on about this Ahel colony from Lyra, the Asban who have been caught by the greys and by the grails from Mintaka and they have been hybridized, reduced into zombies. It's horrible and bred with the Zeta Reticuli, Gzrok , Shambali. It's horrible what the humanoids endure in orion and the black league and the council of five have been really defending them. There was a lot of humanoids in the black league, it was mostly humanoid structure.

How can humans live there? Are they underground?

No they live on their worlds and I don't know.

What meditation they use in Orion? Or they rely more on different methods for their spiritual evolution?

Before I ask Annax to take over and show us a little attunement that he's used to do every day on his this planet Meissa, I'm going to thank Akvaaru, renegade taygetean Taal from Alcyone, who has bravely broken away from his regime world, culture, family to join the galactic federation, to help fight the Nebu, against Ciakahrr, the Orion group and against the kabbal Akvaru is now dedicated more particularly to chase those of his kind the Taalshiar from Alcione renegade Taals, that are interfering into the affairs of earth. The galactic federation is working at helping us evolve ascend. They are sacrificing their lives, clearing up the underground alongside the earth alliance or the white hats. The earth alliance being the alliance of the white house and the galactic federation of worlds brave earth alliance that we need to honor, because if we when we will win this war it will be thank thanks to the earth alliance of the white house and the galactic federation of worlds.

I want to say that there is a lot of confusion. Listen to your heart. Listen to what people in high places are telling you about who is protecting us, and focus on the one job you have to do: dixit our favorite Ahel commander: raise your frequency, raise your vibration. And as Val Thor told me, the galactic federation of world will never let us down, they never had and they never will.

Meditation of the Laughing child with Annax

Elena: He wants to talk to you before the meditation. The council of five is not five it's not five people, it's five cultures and each culture has its own council of many people. So the Egaroth have a certain number of people in the Egaroth entity in the council of five and Annax is one of them.

Annax: Children of light, royalty among the stars. Clouds of sparkly stardust. Your souls are shimmering on the disk of the galaxy. Picture of thousand suns. You are dancing in the greater community of the galaxy. Egaroth are looking after the balance of Nataru, alongside our four other races composing our council, all looking after peace, justice and the elevation of consciousness in this galaxy. Our work is led where darkness dwells in a disbalance level. When the ratio of darkness is creating a disease and a hole in the piece of this web ,of this galaxy, a hole in the fabric of the beautiful dress of Nataru, we intervene. And as much as we can we repair what has been altered. We give back the opening, the keys of consciousness to the populations attained by darkness.

We are helping you on terra since a very long time. We are not a military force. We are a spiritual force. Wisdom and science – our weapons. The council of five is looking after you in the silence not naming ourselves, never you hear about us but dance you are with us. Many of you sometimes coming on our ships. We are in the silence. You do not hear us, you do not see us, but we are here. We educate the children in their dreams to the millions of memories and their possibilities, that are contained in their souls. You are children of light. All the children know us, the new wave. We are taking you many of you with softness, respect and care, repairing your dna, reactivating your abilities, reconnecting you to who you are. This is our work.

The galactic federation “Ora a naturu shari” works alongside ourselves, maintaining peace and balance in the galaxy. We are seekers of peace. We walk by the ethics and the laws of evolution.
On my world Daria we cultivate the connection to source in every little act of every day. It is through all the little actions that you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you will go to sleep. All these little acts – they need to be connected to source. Do everything with a smile in your heart – even if it is a hard thing to do. In war as the warrior Akvaaru was saying, fight with a smile in your heart, not of joy, a smile that forces victory. If you manage your heart to smile inside while you fight, you manifest victory. Akvaaru is a brave warrior and brave warriors have acquired wisdom, the wisdom of the battlefield.

Our battlefield as Egaroth is on the spiritual level. We are here in Uruana area, because the darkness is heavier than anywhere else in this galaxy. This is here where we are needed, not where the light shines but where the darkness dwells. This is where our work is.

It is very difficult. We have protected Darias and Zakara by a frequency shield lifting our frequency into a higher density. Darias are shifted to the seventh density. Then the Nebu cannot reach out to it, it is invisible to them. But from this higher density we are lifting as much as we can, the frequency of the Uruana zone. And how we do this? It is by raising our own frequency and we broadcast it from our seventh density world, and these waves of high frequencies disrupts the work of the darkness, it lowers down the power of the Nebu, it lowers down the aggressivity. Higher frequency is broadcasted, tame down aggressivity, takes away a little bit of evil in the heart of some beings.

We taught this technique to the galactic federation supervisors, and now they know how to broadcast higher frequencies to elevate the web of some places in this galaxy. They do this in your star system, they broadcast high frequencies on terra to take away the forces of the occupants, Nebu Orion group as you say, and reptile Ciakahrr. High frequencies take away their power and they're doing it in all your star system now, on mars.

You need to raise your frequency and when Thor Han tells you to do it, this is why: because you become a beacon of high frequency. It is not only for you. It is for everything that is around you. Do not care about anything else than raising your frequency.

And this is a short way to do it. You can hit the metal.

Hear the laughter within your heart. In your chest there is a laughing child. Remember a moment in your childhood when you were laughing about something funny, or maybe a moment of happiness. Hear the child laughing! It is like an echo coming from far away in your memory. This laughter takes over all your body. The child is laughing louder. And as the sound of the laughter of the child becomes louder, it becomes closer within. Laugh with this child. Nothing else matters. This child makes you laugh.

You have the right to laugh, you are authorized to laugh, you are entitled to laugh. It shakes your body. This is like a fountain of joy and the laughter, the sound takes color and light. It is now a light it is now a golden light sparkle with million stars that every contraction of laughter generates, every contraction of laughter sends out a wave of sparkly golden stars outwards of high frequency. This is a very high frequency.

When you find a laughing child within, nothing can harm you, nothing can hurt you. You are invincible. And everything you do has the strength of your maximum possibilities. Laugh inside and keep outside the armor of the warrior, and the strength of the laughing child is the strength of the warrior. Yes, you feel this energy in your chest. This is the high frequency. this is the highest, highest weapon.

And now you are the beacon of higher frequencies. Pulsing waves of light coming from only you .You are the generator. This is how you can also do a simple exercise.