18/5/2021 – Q&A Taal



Tonight I'm going to speak about the Taal. They are very intriguing because we don't speak a lot about them. Wwe always speak speak about pleiadians but when we say pleiadians we think about people like Thor Han, tall blonde. But pleiadian is not only this race. It’s five races and the Taal are one of them and they are very representative of us, because they are our closest cousins in this galaxy. But before talking about the Taal and understand through them a little bit more about us, I am going to read the questions from last week.


Q: I see orbs flying around my head all day and night even with eyes closed. What does this mean?

Well orbs are to my knowledge and understanding the signal how we perceive beings being in another density. It may be fairies, it may be ghost spirits. It depends on where you live. But if you live in an area with woodland and nature it can be just nature spirits.

Also it can be remote probes that it's just like floating like drones.

We can't say that. Interestingly when I've done some remote viewing to different places I've been told “oh if someone notices your quantum signal they may see it like as like an orb, a small orb, a very small, floating.

Try to communicate with them, and see what comes.

How can you dictate your higher being from Thor Han from other voices in your head?

Thor Han is not my higher being. It's just someone else with whom I communicate. Your higher being is your true self, it's who you are, what inhabits this body your soul your light being. Connect with it is to go within by meditation. Cut yourself from the outside and go within by meditation and you connect with yourself. And when you connect to your yourself you connect together everything.

When I was 10 I had seen three dimensional octagon ships in the sky with windows spinning clockwise in the center. I did not see this ship in your book can you ask what race does she belong to.

The Airk. those who have five genders and make sex like beasts. My intuition says Airk, because they have these octagonal ships with these windows and which are very bright and um this kind of round stuff turning underneath like a disc turning.

Do the Kiily Tokurt breed with humans to continue the species?

No, no. They are very fine, very well, very good genetically speaking and they don't need any genetic input. It's just by scientific experiment. We do the same, remember. The Kily Tokurt although having nothing to do with that genetically are very similar to us in their development so they experiment and they trade. They trade the genetic material.


I'm often worried that we have to kill to eat even if you are a vegetarian.

That's the law – to eat something you need you're gonna destroy it whatever it is. It's normal death is part of the cycles of nature and death nourishes life. Just look at the cycles in the nature. Take a tree for instance. A tree is going to lose its leaves, the leaves are going to die why they need to because they are going to form the humus, the fertile soil by their death and decomposition and they become food. Death becomes food – that's nature, that's evolution then you can choose whatever you want to nourish yourself with, but it's recycling. So it's no worries about that. It's a natural process.

Situation update Thor Han

Thor Han: Hello to you all, Thor Han here speaking. I remember and I remind you to not stay in fear because we are speaking about this topic tonight. Fear is to be avoided because it takes away your power. And now I am going after I reminded you this to give you a little clue about my work these last days and weeks. As always I do not tell the operations before and while they are happening for safety reasons. She doesn't even know.

I am going to speak about portals. This star system we have protected it by a shield of plasma and high frequency. It may seem invisible to your eyes because this is at the limits of your star system. But when you approach it it will seem to you like a fire wall of plasma. But this plasma is constructed with high holographic frequencies. This wall stops any vessel calibrated on lower frequencies. It is a very high protection shield that those of our enemies trapped in the star system and hiding in there cannot go and help and ask from outside enforcement.

This is the trap that we have set for them. Not for you of course you can leave your star system whenever you want, when you will have this ability. We need to talk about this also. Nobody can come in without the authorization of the galactic federation of worlds.

But the problem is that many ships of the enemy are coming in and out constantly by portals. We have been working a very long time and hard on discovering the frequencies of these portals. We have set the frequency of the portals leading to a star system named Jada. We have found this frequency and we have decalibrated it to close the portals to Jada. We need now to find all the other portals corresponding to other places in the galaxy, where the enemy has outposts and contingents. We still haven't found all the portals from the orion Nebu. We are still looking for them and I will not disclose more on these operations.

The frequency key is the frequency that determinates the target of a portal. A portal is not as you would think a worm hole what we call vortex. A portal is a resonance door where you jump from a point to another point as if you prefer teleportation. Wormholes are shortcuts through the fabric of the cosmos.

These are where our operations are at the moment. I hope you understand I cannot say more.

This is my word.


Q: I am in Connecticut in the US and last night just before or acting ce5 meditation I saw in the night sky and a very large ship moving slowly towards the east until it faded away. Who was it?

Ce5 meditation I find it great I really like it. Dr Stephen Greer I think has elaborated it but that is it works. … When you raise your frequency you are able to perceive elements and things and objects that are on this higher frequency. So suddenly you see things that you weren't able to see before, when you were in a lower frequency.


Now um let's talk about the Taal.


The frequency key it's in fact it's like a key to open a door. But it's not like Herz. It's more complicated than that. It's not like you try all the numbers of Herz. No, no. The way he explained to me it's frequency. But it's like geometry. In the same time it's a cloud of geometrical holographic data that has a frequency signature so its holographic technology is dynamic geometry and its frequencies vibration.


Does the royal family on era have blue skin or of a specific race?

Well there's a royal familiar Era, there are a Ahel but they are tall blonde with pale skin.

It's a government and they are royals but they are from an ancient line, they're part of the government. But there is no king or queen on Era, it's a government.


Why I decided to talk about the Taal for two reasons. I had this idea in mind since a long while because there is a group of Renegade Taal, who are involved in very dark stuff on this planet. And I always wanted to make a special Q&A about them because it is really worth while. The second impulse that decided me to do it uh tonight is that last week I connect to Thor Han and he was in his ship, and he had a co-pilot. well they were out on a mission. And the first time I saw this guy and he looked like a Taal and he had a white Taal uniform, white silvery with like golden reflections. I was curious and he sensed my curiosity and he said “this is Arkhvat.” He's a Taal. So I asked him would your colleague be okay to be connected for the next q&a.

He is from Jaja, that is the name of the star we call Alcione. I went “no way! That is very interesting, because I wanted to make a special about this Taal from Alcione” And he said “well he's not from there anymore, he's now joined with the federation and is left the Tallcia Gia system.” “Your friend is so interesting, so it's a renegade from the renegades. That is absolutely amazing.”

So I'm going to connect with Thor Han after having having spoken about them.

He looks like a normal earth human beings being, caucasian, with long black hair.

The story of the Taal

That reminds you something you heard somewhere else from somebody else, the Patal. P’tal. Thor Han names them the Ptaal. They pronounce names differently regarding to the species. The Taal come from lyra. Lyra is the cradle of human species in this galaxy. All the star systems in Lyra have been seeded from a race coming from another galaxy / dimension universe. We think that what the tal say that that the kept name, because they were the closest looking like and descendant from the P’Taal and they consider themselves like royalty. They are very proud of this.They consider themselves as a royalty and it's something very important for them. It's very important.


K-62 Kepler-62, it's this star in the constellation of Lyra. Lyra because it looks like a little lyra and that's a name given from earth. As you see there are many other systems kepler 20, 7b, Vega. Vega is part of the Lyran systems, and is going to be important in our story. So K-62 was the center of everything the cradle of everything. They call it Man, the local populations and the Man system had five planets.

Kepler 62, Lyran Man system. That is explaining a lot. The kepler 62 system, we are going to talk about the Lyran wars, had five inhabited planets. The closest to the star Man was Egoria it's the planet originally for the Laan. The Laan are the feline beings, human with feline features.

Then you have G’mun, it was the Ladrakh. they are a species of reptilian humanoids, very nice, very beautiful culture, very loving, nice culture really.

Then you had Omankhera, the Taal main world and it was the biggest planet as you can see the most resourceful and amazing, beautiful rich world. Omankhera was absolutely magnificent and the Taal where on this planet, and from this planet ruling the whole Man system.

Then you had Maya the Ahel world, is the name of Thor Han's race. Ahel is the singular, Ahil is the plural in this in tami, which is the oldest man language, and which became the official language of the galactic federation. The plural is marked by adding “i”. So Ahel becomes Ahil.

Noor are like the Taal, but they are these giant beings, giant tall blondes. Interestingly I was told that the Ptal were rather tall blondes, very tall. But those who wear their names, the Taal are not looking like this. You know the Taal are seeding systems and galaxies and they use genetic materials from different species and they put it together. So I'm going to tell you a little bit about the the Lyran wars and the Taali, because that's very important to understand.

So they are sister race of the Ahil and they display a greater diversity in skin, eyes and hair color. You can have Taal with blonde. They are normally looking like me, caucasian with black hair, brown eyes or honney color, but you can have differences.

They can breed very easily with the Ahil. Yyou can find mixes. You can find a Ahil looking like Taali but with blonde hair.

They are at the origin of pacifist and spiritual people with a strict code of ethics, which they'd respect with such personal involvement that they may often be mistaken for cold and emotionless. We are going to talk about the emotions, the way the Taali deal with emotions because it's very interesting. So it is on their home planet Omankhera that seed the government for the Man system. It was organized in a hierarchical system of monarchy, presiding above a council of 25 and an assembly of 300 senators. The Taal culture and education is similar to the Ahel traditions, although the spirituality diverges. The Taali practice an ascetic spirituality based on the idea that the body is an obstacle to the elevation of the spirit, contrarily to the Ahil who use the body as a tool to connect to higher realms of consciousness.

During the lyran wars the Taal government government skillfully managed to pass an agreement with the Ciacahrr invaders to allow them saving their culture and escorting the royal family to the nearer star system that we call Vega in exchange of unclear arrangement. We're going to talk about that. It was discovered long afterwards that the destination of the escaped changed to Mirza in the Orion area. I know it's a bit complicated. So what happened was, the Man star system was attacked by the Ciakahrr empire who wanted to take over because of the resources, not only physical resources like minerals, food, nature etc but also human resources for food and breeding. When they arrived they stood at the border of the system and they were starting to attack the fleets of the Man people were resisting and an agreement was passed between the Taal royals and the Cakahrr faction that was attacking. This is still unclear to this day. What is the official version is that the Taal got the Ciakahrr to halt their attacks in order to allow collins to leave the systems. They had a very few amount of time to pack up everything they could on their big arcs ships and go. That was very quickly but the thing is, why the Ciakahrr accepted this to this day we don't know. There was a secret agreement.

Although they're very ancient race and very intelligent and spiritual, as ancient races they are very much like us. They do agreements, treaties. They look to their own advantage.

So they left. The royal family left on a ship on their own and with all their government, and so they all went everywhere in the galaxy, all these colonies from all these races. But these royals the ship having the Taal royals on it, was meant to be with a Laan colony ship to Vega. But at the last moment they turned their mind. They were escorted by a Ciakahhr protection detachment. Imagine even escorted by their enemies. But when they arrived in the vicinity of the Vega system, the Laan went to Vega find a new world, but at that moment the Taali royals this ship turned and took the direction of the star system Mirza.

Before we are going to talk about that I need to tell you that what is going to interest us is not all the colonies of the Taal, because there are plenty all over the galaxy, but the one in the Pleiades. So the main colonies of the Taal are the pleiades T’mar in the Pleiades around the star that we call Taygeta (Ashara), but not the royals the people colony, terra there is a terran colony in the past, El Factal in Lyra another star system that was in the nearby, Wolf 424, Katai (Sirius a), Ashkeru (Sirius B), Araman (Tau ceti) Zenei (Andromeda), Mirza (Beta Canis majoris).

So let's talk about Mirza, because that will tell you about the mentality and politics of the Taal.


(Reading text from book page 111)

The Taal royal refugees from the planet Omankhera in the Lyron star system who settled on the third world Mandoghiar of the star system Ghiorak-an (Mirza, beta canis majoris in the Orion zone). The records of this sombre era of the Lyron Wars tell about a deal concluded by the head of the Taal government with the Ciakahrr invaders aiming to gain time to save the Man cultures and civil populations allowing refugees to leave, but a shadowy spot remains regarding to the integrity of the Taal royals and even of their unclear implication in the first place in the Ciakahrr invasion.

All records regarding to this episode and the Taal Ciakahrr treaty were said to be lost or destroyed in the haste of escaping the war… Part of these agreements included that the royal family would live safely and two ships left the Man system, one carrying the royals and the other elites from high castes of the Taal society, both escorted by Ciakahrr fleet. The official destination was Vega, but as soon as the cortege was far enough, the Taal royal family diverted course for the Orion zone, to the mirza system. It is obvious that the agreements between the Ciakahrr and the Taal royals included hidden clauses unknown to the official records, and this theory would explain the connection between this small Taal group and the Reptilian residents of Mirza system. These royal Taali were maybe promised to reconquer their system and be given more power, who knows, you know considering the natural ability for the Ciakahrr to lie and deceive for their own advantage. A large amount of time has passed since these events and at present times the Taali descendants of this colony have interbred and hybridized with local populations making of them a race apart, far from the federation's interests. Their involvement with the Ciakahrrr empire and the Orion alliances is still unclear to this day.

There are Taali in the Hyades as well. They are quite in a lot of places.

Let's speak of the way they deal with emotions. As a comparison I'm going to speak about the Ahil, Thor Hans race. They embrace their emotions. They let it calm, they allow their emotions to come and they let it go, they let it flow. Then they are got rid of them very quickly. The Taal do the contrary. They do not embrace and acknowledge their emotions to let them flow, because I've seen Thor Han getting angry and in a minute it was gone, things like that. They do differently. They see the emotions as an obstacle to their efficiency and to their evolution. I'd say the Taal would be like the Vulcans of the galaxy, but not really. I'd say more the Romulans – you're gonna see why I said the Romulans. That's very interesting, that star trek was inspired by real contact with the extraterrestrials. The Taal will block the high portions and try to assimilate them, tame them and block them, destroy them, neutralize them. Don't get me wrong, the Taali are able to love very passionately, and that's all I know about it. The Taali are very close to us, they are our closest cousins genetically in the galaxy. Val Thor is a Taal from a colony that settled on venus for instance. The Taal are at the start pacifist people, but they are like us at any moment when I speak about them I know, this resonates with everyone. It could be us doing the same, reacting the same, passing a deal with the enemy to take our system back with more power and rule together – and that didn't happen but that was the royals.

The normal Taal people they're nice, they're great. They went to many colonies, founding many colonies in the galaxy and what interests us is the Pleiades. Colonies ships of colons of three different races: the Taali, Ahil and the Noor (giants). The Noor and Ahil make a fourth race which is Corons race, which are higher density beings.

Taal and Ahil and Noor, they didn't get involved in politics. The pleiades is a very young star cluster, a cradle of stars where stars are formed. So it's very beautiful, in there you have gases floating everywhere and gases making stars. It's very beautiful. It's a very young star system. It had no planets of course when they arrived, because too young stars. So the terraformed planets. They know how to do that and that's their best option. Pleiades were the first option because a young star cluster which has no planet – it's great because they are not going to take over a planet, where there's already an indigenous life and bother everyone. So terraforming new planets or taking lifeless planets and making of them with them a livable world is the best ethical option. Then they do not destroy any other life, because maybe even if you are very respectful of the local life, you're gonna bring your bacterias, your microbes and you're gonna do some damage.

So the terraformed planets around different systems in the Pleiades. Two are interesting for us: Alcyone and Taygeta. Of course these are Earth names, these are names of muses from Greek mythology. They were daughters of Atlas and and Merope (not sure) They call them of course differently. They call Taygeta Ashara and Alcione Jahia.

I'm now going to share with you the Taytea system.


Q: Are they aware of spiritual practices of the Taali?

I knew very few, but they have, yes.


Taygata. The Noor. the giant ones had Alkhorat. we never hear really about them, although they are very much involved in the federation because they are cool, relaxed pacifist, never any problem.

Dakoorat, the light beings where Coron comes from, it's fine, great people.

Now Erra and T’mar these are two places where troubles begin. So Erra is where the Ahil live and T’mar the Taal. I don't know how the Ahil got Erra and Taal got T’mar, and they wanted Erra. Why? Because it is a bigger planet and Taali have a bigger ego. So there was a conflict. But of course who's got the biggest bigger planet is not all of it. You can imagine they are anywhere evolved intelligent beings. They're not going to argue on the side of their planet, even if they're humans and humans do that. There were more politics involved. So there was a conflict between them, the Errahil and the Taali from T’mar.

They were “fine, we do an agreement, we get on with it”, but there was a faction of them who went “no, no, f this. We are going to have our own world! If we cannot rule upon the Ashara system, we are going to rule upon our own star system” because they wanted to do like in the Man system on the biggest planet and rule everyone. Well you can rule from a small planet, but as I told you there were other elements involved. So a detachment of the Taali from T’mar left arguing with the Ahil and they left too settle on Alcione. They terraformed a star system there and so the Taali living now in the Alcione system are renegade Taygeteans.

Taygeteans are all these people on this drawing that you see, Ahil, Taal, Noori and the Coron. They call themselves the Asharu. So the Taali living now in the Alcione system are renegade Taygeteans or renegade Taal Taygeteans. They look human like us, but like Thor Han they have bigger eyes, higher cheekbones, are more muscular. The Taali can melt in our population on earth – you will never guess they are it. They look so much like us.

They created their system in the Alcione system and they were on their own. The Taygetenas they didn't want to have anything to do with them, absolutely not. The Taali from Alcione wanted to join the federation, but the federation said “no, you behave first and then we see.” And they didn't want to behave, they they start to hate the federation. And try everything they do in the possible to destroy them. It can't, they're such a small group. They're a small group so when you don't have the military force to destroy someone that is more powerful than you tactically, you're going to use cunning methods so that's what they did. They asked for protection to a more powerful structure than the federation. Who did they ask? Orion. They asked the Nebu, the nebu said !yeah okay, but that's you're too small” and you not interested.
What is else in the Orion zone? The reptilian collective, there is grey collective and there's a reptilian collective and the reptilian collective works with the Ciakahrr. They are Rigel, Betajuice where they are based mostly. They ask protection and the reptilian collective from Orion said “yes, okay. In exchange you give us a planet for a colony of us. So in the Alcione system there's not only Taali renegades, but there is as well a colony of Orion reptilians, I think it's the Ooganga, they're in my book – the ones that own Betelgeuse, not benevolent intentions. And they work with the Ciakahrr empire. So our Taali renegades getting involved in the Ciakahrr empire agendas and that brings us where here on earth/Terra the Taali from Alcione, the renegade Taali they they would do anything to work against the federation, because the federation is mainly ruled by Ahil, Errahil. Mainly they have high positions. They are very good in the military operations. Ardana high commander is an Errahil., Thor Han is an Ahil, but it's not very important, it's just a pilot fleet commander. But you know they have a lot of officers, there's a lot of people from Alpha centaury, beta centauri. proxima centaury, but the most are all these humanuit races that have higher technology and higher culture. There are lots of Taal as well from T’mar and other places, who are also involved in the high positions of the federation. You have Adari from Vega, different humanoid races, the Ummites from wolf star system, the Metons from proxima centauy. You have so many races. But I have to say the Ahil occupy the most of all the functions.

So these renegade Taygeteans Taal name themselves – they name der planet “Taali hara”, which means “Taal main world”. That tells you that a culture as old as they can be, they can still be triggered and learning. We never cease to learn. Obviously letting all your emotions works better than containing them. So got involved with the cabal on Terra, with the Ciakahrr invasion agenda of earth. So they work with reptilians. The Nebu didn't want to have to do with them. They say “stupid human conflicts, let's not get involved. We have other things to do, more important and beneficial”. So they work with the reptilians, the regressive ones.

Now there are many sources which are different than me who confirm this and I advise you to follow Michael Sala, because he has a lot of information. …

There are sources that say that the nazis going to antarctica to settle helped by local reptilians, the Ciakahrr who had a detachment there of an underground facility. These nazis got also to work with two humanoid detachment. To my knowledge there are three, there are Altair as well. What interests us is Aldebaran which are colony of Anunnaki and Alcione. Alcione is named by different sources that the nazi allied with humanoids looking so much like us from Alcioni. That's them. That confirms them. This Taali from Alcioni, they named themselves Taalshiar and that drives you straight away to star trek. So when we talk about the Taalshiar, it's them. As I told you earlier, when you can't face your enemy because you don't have enough forces and military resources, you're going to of course add protection of bigger than the enemy. That's what they did. Well kind of because Ciakahrr throughout the reptilian collective of Orion. But also you're going to use rules like cunning and deception – so that's what they do. Anything that can make the population of earth believe, that the galactic federation is evil, that the Ahil are evil, like Thor Han. They're doing it and I think it's no more time to just close our eyes. We need to call things by their names.

There are a lot of manipulations, psyops from them. They are using social medias, they are using server platforms to chat with people, give them informations like a bait, fishing for naive people using the techniques of the Ciakahrr which are finding people with who want fame and money and popularity, these ones, and going to give them information, become popular and then once you have a lot of followers we're going to drop by drop by drop spread lies. That is going to manipulate all these people who trust in you, and they're going to drink whatever you will give to them. And that's when it comes. That's cia effect techniques as well. It's a psyops it's it's manipulating by giving 95% of truth, verifiable truth, and in them drop by drop 5% of the real manipulating stuff. So they their aim is to make us believe that the galactic federation of worlds is evil, that we must not ask request assistance, that the fake alien invasion that their allies about plans it's going to be about the federation. And they are just saying that the federation is evil and the Ahil Taygeta are evil. All these things that you hear, all these lies are going to really trick your mind and blur your mind. So that's what they do. The Taalshiar work with the Ciakahrr empire, the dark fleet. That's who they are and they are disgrace for the Taal race.

Interview with Akvaaru, Questions

Akvaaru is a pilot, he has done some missions with Thor Han as a co-pilot with him. And kav has a very interesting story. He was born on talihara and he left, he fled in fact and he joined the federation.

(Telepathic contact with Thor Han)


Akvaru: Akvaaru is my name. I was born in a very conflicted world, talihara where my mother and my father still are and I cannot speak to them anymore. I cannot touch them anymore, nor my sister nor my brother. I wanted to bring them with me to Erra but they rather stayed and said goodbye.

I am a renegade from a renegade race. I left because I disagreed with the tactics used in the Jahaya council. The jahaya council is composed of Taali and Ooganga, also Maitra. New input we asked connection with the Nebu. This is a new connection as the Ciakahrr empire is losing foot in your star system and we need – well not me – my people to get to our ends.
I left because this is not my way of thinking. I'm a free spirit, I am sovereign and no system will tell me what I need to think. I was born on a conflicted world. Not all of my people are bad. You need to know this! I left because I couldn't agree with our government. I escaped because we are forbidden to leave by threat of death. I am Akvaaru, pilot for the galactic federation of worlds.

I have followed your story and evolution on Terra very intrigued, because we are the same. I can come and visit you anytime my composition is same as yours. I breathed same air. I work with commander Thor Han on specific missions to help the Terran people to win this war.
My world is very industrialized, not a lot of place for nature and I like nature. I wanted to be a biologist, but war decided otherwise. I am more useful as a pilot, ship captain at my hours. I took residence on the outpost ship of the military detachment of the galactic federation of world in your solar system, near to Terras orbit and moon. I participated in the operations of liberation of your satellite moon and now I participate on the operation on tier (Mars).

Can you tell us about your world, your culture, your spirituality?

Spirituality we have one. As all evolved races we connect to source, because we are source. My people have its ways I learned with Thor Han and other people, Esdra told me to go and meet Thor Han and I like this man. He taught me that there was more than refraining emotions. He showed me other ways, he showed me Ohorai way which us entirely refuse to practice because Ohorai way allows the flow of emotions to overwhelm you. This is why the Ahil and the Ohorai get on well together, because they understand each other. But us the Taali prefer to control the energies of our emotions to focus them in powerful manifestations. A different way, different culture, different way of thinking.

We believe in source like our brothers, Ahil. We just do it differently. When an emotion comes we transform it, we pacify it in something controllable. This is our way of doing the power of the mind upon the soul, upon the heart, upon the body to become powerful. We use the mind, the Ahil use the heart. We are different but closer than you. But you are more than us. You are inter-dimensional beings. You have way more possibilities and capabilities than us, Taali, although we are your cousins. Your nearer genetic match in this galaxy.

What can you tell us about why decided you to leave your planet, Taalihara? What happened?

I was chased because I didn't have the right to leave. There were new measures that were voted by the council of Jahaya. These measures were to annihilate any populations that we couldn't control and that was the decision that I make to live, when I heard this.

Are we concerned on terra by these new measures?

Not directly on terra but on many worlds. The Ciakahrr empire has rules such as these ones to destroy what they cannot submit to their power, even if it is resourceful. It is very stupid. This is the way they think. I am not Ciakhrr, I cannot understand their logic. The Ciakahrr are losing are losing your planet. They are going, but they want to destroy it before they leave which the galactic federation will not allow of course. This will not happen. But I heard that Taalshia agreed to be part of these operations, because they have a good infiltration on terra. Thor Han asked me to stop going further in explanations.

Q: If you could tell about the plant life, the plants on your planet.

I am not very knowledgeable in the technical terms, but I wanted to be a biologist because I loved nature and my world. I wanted to study it more. As I said I am not knowledgeable in the names of the plants in your terms, because also there is not a lot of correspondences, just some flowers very rare. I do not know how to speak about the description of these plants that have no reference to your universe and world. The nature on Talihara is very rare because it has been a lot industrialized.

What do the Ciakahrr and Taali plan?

They plan to subdue your race by fear. When I say Taali I do not say my race entirely, I said a talshiar from talihara council (Alcyone council).
As we look a lot like the humans of terra the taalshia has decided to infiltrate terran society to trick and deceive terreans by luring them into misinformation and manipulating their mind. My people is a very ancient race and we are very intelligent people. We know very well how the secrets of the mind works. We are masters in mind control and we are working very closely with organizations on terra which Thor Han doesn't allow me to name not to endanger you. These organizations are master in manipulating the populations and the masses, abducting a lot of people especially young terrans to manipulate them and make of them weapons, living weapons releasing them into the society. And these people will have been modified in the mind by very specific techniques of torture will become weapons, without knowing they are, to manipulate the populations by spreading misinformation.
As I told you the technique of the Ciakahrr is to offer ninety percent of truth and ten percent of lie and it works like this: when any operation is performed as such it is because the Ciakahrr are behind it. Get people to trust you and to listen to you by telling truth and once they believe, you once they adore you, you will say lies but in a very efficient way – slowly, slowly, slowly that they don't realize that suddenly they are taken to a divergent path and not on the path of liberation anymore. This is very typical Ciakahrr. Be careful before associating with terran organizations. They are very tricky.

I have other thing to say. Do not be indulgent to those who manipulate you, because I have learned that your people like to forgive. This doesn't work for everything. Those who manipulate you are predators. That you forgive them will just make you happy but we'll give them more power, because by forgiving your consent. By forgiving you consent. Forgive your enemy once your enemy has lost the combat, not while you are fighting him! You are in a position of warriors. Forgiving is accepting the action of your enemy. This is good as a closure when your enemy has lost the war. It is a liberating closure. But not while you are fighting him. Be reckless, be without empathy. This is the advice of someone like me. I'm a fighter. I do not have compassion for those who torture the weak, who abduct, who sell, who trick. I do not have compassion for this. I have no time for that. I'm here to fight in a war not to give out to philosophy. I'm here to act. You have your work to do, I have mine. I'm here for you and I fight with the blood of a Taal, member of this great federation. My people on taalihara are victims of manipulation of their from their government. One day I will rescue my family and take them away but not now. They are safe there they will stay there. I don't mind not seeing them. I have a work to do now in this star system alongside Thor Han. You will not see me a lot, I am not assigned to his fleet. But I think our encounter was timely and a good efficient synchronicity.

Is there different races on your planet, like on earth for instance?

Yes there is. We've imported life from T’mar. There is a great diversity, not a lot of nature as I said and but animals and insects and other life forms. Microbial, big microbial life.

Have you super soldiers and if so what are their abilities?

The Taalshia have created the race of hybrids with reptilian genetics from the Ooganga. They are a super race of fighters. They are used in the reptilian collective as enforcement and work for the Ciakahrr empire. Their abilities are psychic and muscular. They have robotic parts in their bodies and their strength is unbelievable. They are relayed to a hive society system like the Nebu. Their minds are bind together as one and although they are humans their minds are all relayed to a central queen hive and receive orders all at the same time, like insects. But they have human and reptilian genetics. Their strength is unbelievable. They could crush the metal of a ship with one hand. They can bind your mind to their will. These fighters are unbelievable. They fortunately haven't been transferred into your solsystem because the frequency of the parts composing their bodies which are not biological are detected very easily from the federation measurements devices.

Do we know of what material these parts are made from?

They are made of material that are alive but synthetic. These materials are relayed to a central mother hive as I told you, connecting the minds of all these individuals and enhancing their physical capabilities. The materials are very smooth, they are not metal although I say robotic. Not alike on your planet. It's a solid smooth material that could be assimilated to smooth bones. I don't know the name. Cartilage.

Are there many Taalshia in our society?

There are many, a lot I can say. We look like you. Most of the time we have brown and black hair with clear eyes. We are tall and thin, very slim and elongated faces, not always. We look like you. You cannot tell us apart from your people. You will never know you are talking to a Taalshia, but yes there are many. That is what I can say.

Is the starship technology and navigation similar between Taalhsia and Ahil ship for you to be able to copilot Thor Han?

Well I do not pilot Taalshiear ships because I left the jahia system and the Taal. I betrayed them to join the federation and I pilot ships from the federation. I've learned here in this sol system how to pilot a federation ship which are based on the Ahil model. I wouldn't know how to pilot a Taalshia ship.

Are there terran based Taal star seeds or straight Taal?

There are, but we do not need to incarnate into avatars because we can strive breathe and eat and walk in your atmosphere and density. We do not need the starseed envoy program. We can be here directly to help. The Taal are the most contingents, working with the earth alliance: Meton, Silosi, Taal.

How old are you? How long does you plan to to serve in the federation and where do you want to retire?

I am 362 years old in your years, but I look as young as you. I am serving the federation for now six years since I escaped, and I plan to serve here until this war is over, because my people the Taalshiar government of which I am ashamed of are doing a lot of damages here, manipulating populations, making alliances with wrong groups and as long as my people will cause harm to this system, I will stay here and fight. If I need to kill people of my own kind I will, because justice to me is above all life and killing is just the decorporating. We are all immortals and come back. We just deactivate an avatar. So if I need to deactivate avatars to deactivate beings from my own kind I will do it. I know I will not kill them totally because their being will go to their home world and incarnate into a new avatar. There is no death, there is just the activation and decorporation.

When this war is over Akvaru what will you do, where do you want to go?

To talyah my world, pick up my family and go to Erra.

Why Err and not T’mar?

Because Erra is where I made friends here on this station, and a girl I like.

Have Andromedans settled in your homeworld?

No, andromedan council, the zenatia alliance is not friend for the Taalshia. There is no Zenae or any other Andromedan people on Talihara in the Jajai council, they dislike each other.

From which of the four humanoid mainstreams do we mostly descend? Is that La’ani?

Oh the La’ani have influenced a lot your genetics. The Ahil, the Taal and 21 races. You have also non-human races involved in your genetics,

But from the the main the four humanoid races from Lyra, what is our most direct genetic descent?

Ahil, Taal, although the Laani have interfered a lot. Your people has been seeted mainly with Taali and Ahil. Three races: Taali, Ahil, Lani. Put the Taali and the Ahil as equal percentage. You have a very complex history. You do not know everything about it.