11/5/2021 – Q&A Kiily Tokurt


Earth has attracted attention of many species of this galaxy. Who are they? Where do they come from? Why are they coming? Why are they taking us, for which purpose? So many questions yet to be answered.

Hello everyone, welcome tonight in this special q&a about a species of extraterrestrials, that are here on earth since a good while now and annoying a bit everyone. So they're not very nice with us. But there are people who want to know about, because they are involved in different things. So i'm going to speak about the Kiily Tokurt ...

I am sometimes attacked and I have to say Thor Han is amazing, he's really amazing. I have many protections and i'm always aware before i'm going to be attacked and thoran is always always intervening and so amazingly. Before I did the interview with Stephen Chao the super soldier from area 51 we are both attacked by Maitres the day before and him physically but me it was tw Maitre ships that went over my house and Thor Han just intercepted them and destroyed them and I can see through the eyes of Thor Han so that's how I can see what's happening when he connects with me. And last night just before my house nearly caught fire and I did this interview with Michael Sala and Laura Eisenhower and the night just after, so last night, I was targeted by a sonic beam and Thor Han just destroyed the ship from where it was aimed from. This was Maitra. And I could see the ship from his eyes just before he blew up and it was a big bang. The bang has been amazing, uh horrible of course, but this is very freaking bang above my roof. It was a dark fleet ship. So we have obviously pissed off someone linked with the dark fleed. I don't know, I'm laughing because I am I'm very protected. So they can try. The result is their ship got blown up, so it's not very funny for them.

Talking about Annax. I was this afternoon going through some old photos to show exchange with a friend, some photos of orbs and things like that. And I found these two old photos from Egypt and often people say to me “but you never have photos of your ET friends”. Well, when I was working as an archaeologist in Egypt I've had a mission in mount Sinai and at the time there was no digital, not even cell phones. It was a long time ago. These are two photos. This one is a photo of a portal.


So that's me standing here in the middle and there's an amazing phenomenon above my head like an umbrella, something opening and on the left you can really see a face.


Tat's the contrasted photo that's the original just after not contrasted just after that's the original photo and now I zoomed in the face and you can see an Annax saying hi and taking a selfie he is very funny he is very funny yes that's him he says hey [Laughter]

b) That's him I just cut around the head and contrasted it. Amazing. So this is a photo of Annax. That's really him. He's being a bit silly here. Now you've seensomething extraordinary tonight. I just found that this afternoon and this this goes back in the late 1990s, when I was working there.

Situation update (Thor Han)

Thor Han: Lovely souls, I am here to salute you. I am here to tell you what you may want to know. This concerns my activities. I do not speak on behalf of the politics ,the religions and the private matters . My task is to protect you and to show you that you are very powerful.
Recently a lot of your underground has been cleared, but still a lot of work needs to be done. We are separating areas by areas, disconnecting the access tunnels ,blocking the waves and offering them to go and leave, or to stay and die. Most of the invaders of your world decide to go. But some decide to stand to fight and there are disasters and death. But this is their free choice. We are rescuing all the Terrean prisoners, bringing them back home or for those who are hybridized, bringing them to other worlds, where they will be taken care of. Still a lot of work needs to be done on your planet keep on fighting, Terreans. The timeline of your future is set up in the opening of hope, in the creativity of a new future that will be progressive and constructive. But this will happen only if you keep on fighting, connect with your power the only way forward.
I told recently that the moon of terra was cleansed from all non-terrean occupants. Still now the terran corporations have hold on your satellite, but then moon belongs to terra. All satellites belong to the planet they orbit around.
Concerning the operations on mars it is still going on. The resistance is still fighting. We have stopped raiding for a very short period allowing those who want to leave to leave. But very shortly. I will not tell the date. We will attack again those who decided to stay. The free choice is the greater law of the universe. Whatever side you stand. Prisoners are being evacuated, many terrans didn't know terra still existed. Now the Ciakahrr have asked for enforcement from the far away breakaway colonie. They are coming by portals. Once we will have deactivated the portals on mars and terra, they will have non enforcement. This is what I can tell you. And one word to synthesize all what i've said: hope. Thank you for listening.


I know few people who have contact with people from the federation and fighting with them and I want to honor also the terrans who fight in the alliance because it is very scary to go in these undergrounds and find all these monsters and fight them. The galactic federation is operating on mars as they operate on earth. They enforce the locals they do not steal their victories, they give them the weapons, they help them they fight together side by side. It is our victory, nobody wants to steal it from us, but the galactic federation is helping us to make sure we're victorious. And we will be.
The heads of the cabal have left terra. They are cornered on mars which is great. I advise you to just look on google, all the CEOs of the big corporations who have resigned recently – well they may all be on mars and cornered.

Are all the children out of the underground?

Elena: Not all. The earth alliance is still fighting to get them out. ...

Are the old movies about vampires based on the Kily Tokurt?

Elena: No they are based on the Hav-Hannuae-Kondras. They are in my book. It's very interesting because they look like the Kiily Tokurt but they have black hair. They come from Beta Sextans and they have inspired stories of vampires.

Ancient symbols of energy and vortices are they the same in other system planets?

Thor Han: The symbols are more or less the same because the symbols represent the dynamics of the elements. You have most of the time spirals, circles or arrows in circles, sometimes spirals are the most common.

Kiily Tokurt

These are the Kiily Tokurt, tall grey but with very pale skin. They can also be called “tall whites” and their ships are black triangles. ...

They come from constellation Vela. It is located in the the star system star system “suhail “in the constellation vella and they named their planet kila and Tokurt is the name of the race. That's why they call themselves the Kiily Tokurt. They are about six foot tall beings, They are living up to 200 years regarding to the earth orbits system and also the are one of the oldest races in this galaxy. They have bred themselves with different races so there are variants. They are not members of the galactic federation of worlds but the galactic federation of worlds tries still to this day to get them in as members. Why? Because that would force them to behave and follow the rules. ...

They have ties and and agreements with the nebu orion alliance of the 6 for instance and with the us government on earth, the dark side of it, the deep state. But they go solo although they're part of the alliance of the 6 orion. They don't consider themselves as part of the collective. They are very independent. Nonetheless they are a very evolved culture. Their culture fits all the requirements to enter the federation, but there is only one problem: they are traders and ethic cannot stop them. That's the problem. They trade, they trade and they trade, and they do the slave trade, do the genetics trade. They are merchants. So getting them in would put an end to their trade and would make them thugs.

... so that that that that's the thing they try together that that's a good uh politics you know instead of trying to destroy a culture because they are annoying well try to get them in to help them evolve to a more peaceful and culture that would act differently and in a more ethical ways and trying get this culture to have to benefit from this new membership and this benef benefit would compensate for what they wouldn't do anymore. That that's what's happening in the moment with them.

They are skilled shape shifters, but the one thing that gave gives them away is the aspect of their eyes which remain obsidian dark with no white. That's something they cannot change. They can put lenses. they can do that. Their true appearance is that of tall gray humanoids. They have reptiloid genetics.

... very alike the anunnaki, but they are not related that I know. Tall White is a name that can be given to many many different species, even benevolent ones. The people from alpha centauri for instance they can be called tall whites as well, and they're very nice.

They have very pale skin. Sometimes they are also regularly mistaken for for the Maitra, but thay have really grey skin and they they have different face, more animal, more hateful and very wrinkled. The Maitra are not shapeshifters. They have darker gray skin, uglier face and wider skulls.
The Kiily Tokurt have two genders, male and female and are ovpears, they lay eggs, they are reptoid nature. They mainly abduct for sexual sexual slave trade and food, and many of them work as mercenaries for different structures. Although they possess a great weaponry power, they they do not search for conflict. They're just traders. Frequent incidents with the galactic federation of worlds occur on a regular basis and I've seen that, due to the Kiily Tokurt's illegal business on terra.

Their ship are elongated black triangles with corner lights underneath plus a large central one and they are very recognizable. Compared to the US navy TR-3b who are smaller, thicker aspect clear metallic gray, rounder angles and noisy, the Kiily Tokurt ships do not make any noise. They have sharp edges and they are bigger and they possess a cloaking system based on quantum reflection. Quantum reflection is a type of cloaking system, that doesn't use a huge a normal cloaking system by frequency shift, but by reflecting underneath, what is above it. That means that that will take like a hologram project it underneath.

Where they like the phoenix lights?

I'm not convinced the phoenix lights were Lilöy Tokurt because the phoenix light you had a series of light on the side. I think it was Drias, who are not nice as well.


That's a Kiiily Tokurt male and that's a female, and the female can appear like this but they can be more gray-like. I show the female as shape-shifted.

My friend Stephen Chua who did his testimony about area 51, the super soldier, he worked in area 51 and if you watch the interview he speaks about the Kiily Tokurt, who are working there. He said in area 51 there were there were two three types of greys: the small greys, who were running around and working as worker forces or slaves for everyone else and Maitra and Kiily Tokurt. The Maitra they come from galaxy Adromeda. They are very nasty. They work solo but they're also part of the alliance of the 6 or Nebu or orion group. Kiily Tokurt and Maitra both are solo individual people, but they have agreements with the orion, they're also part of the Orion group. Kiily Tokurt and Maitra hate each other – well the Maitae anyway hate everyone. They are very nasty. So Stephen met some Kiily Topkurt. He said they are very distant, very scorny and they look at you like this “who are you like little inferior species?” They are not very communicative, they consider themselves superior and technologically of course they are, but not maybe in spiritual evolution. Steven said, that the female had long white hair and when you say that I went “oh oh, Thor Han just showed me the same thing. And the females were not communicative either. They were working he was suspecting, they were working for genetic experiment and building ships and working with the local. So it was the a former space program and the cia and the mj-12. that's where the Kily Tokurt s were working with who building ships and doing experiments. So they had their own facility in area 51 which is in the mountain in in a modern slope and underground. They also have a portal there where they can communicate with their friends in Vela on Kila.

People there were calling them tall whites although they knew their name Kiily Tokurt. Steven saw one or two ships. There was a kind of buried hangar with two Kiily Tokurt ships, black triangles these black triangles and he could really see that.

They are involved with deep state, with but you know not in politics, they are just traders and mercenaries. They come here to do experiments and take genetic material, take slaves for sex slave trade and they trade them with other groups, can be the orion group, the Ciakahrr empire, the dark fleet, the altair group, the alcyone or aldebaran groups.

Thor Han contacted me, they had prisoners. They had caught a couple of Kiily Tokurts, a male and female and they were on the station before being transferred out of the solar system. ...So they were in transfer and he said “well we have them for two days” So I could interview them, but at distance. What I've learned from that, apart from everything I told you until now is, that their planet Kila must be quite beautiful, because it's a very cold planet. There's a lot of ice, but at the equator there is their own beautiful nature and forest and they mostly live all there the equator funnily, while interestingly on their planet, although they do despicable things in the galaxy, they are annoying, on their planet - believe it or not - they are peaceful race, who have a very evolved civilization, culture with arts, music. And the one thing they praise the most it's their children. I know they're going to to trade children of other species, but their own children – that's something. The female was telling me our children it's everything.

It's still to me a mystery, how a culture who love their children so much, is able to do harm to children of another species. I don't get it. I know though they consider ourselves themselves superior as ourselves. I speak as an earthling, Terran. We love our children so much right? But what are we doing to the children of the animals? We'll slaughter to eat. How do we treat lambs, calves chicks? Right we love our children, but we have no ethics for children of other species on the same planet. That helps me to understand why how a species such as the Kiily Tokurt can love their children so much, betray slave trade the children of terra. That's how they consider us.

Will they experience karma? Is karma real concept galactically?

That's super interesting, because maybe not. Why karma should be a universal law? Could karma be a trap that you keep on reincarning and again and again and again? Karma can be the law of cause and effect. I do not have the answer, and this is an open discussion.

Do we experience karma on earth because we slaughter the baby animals? Maybe.

(Shows star map and drawings of Kily Tokurt)

That's the drawing I made of the Kily Tokurt, the prisoner, the merchant that they caught on the station. That was a quick sketch I made of him. Stephen Chua was sayingthat they look like “oh you see a barbie doll. it's like a barbie doll, squashed on the sides”

It's cgi of course, the most approaching depiction of the Kiily Tokurt, exactly how I saw them and how Stephen describes them.

Kiily Tokurt abduct a lot of people. These faces look that the eyes, the eyes are always black.

(Many more pictures)

I told you, they bred themselves a lot. So there are variants of them. They look like this or like this. That's a drawing of someone who was abducted.

That's tall white skeletor that can be a variant as well, with no mouth. And also sometimes they have no mouth.

That's them they can radiate light like this.

That's one of my favorite because the one on the left it doesn't really look exactly like a Kiily Tokurt, but it shows tall gray with dark eyes. And on the right that's what they look like shape-shifted. I think that the female is absolutely perfect. That's a human version of Kily Tokurt, you can mistake them for Nordics. But you see the very waxy quality of the skin. Steven said as well and I couldn't agree more with him this color of skin it like whitish, it's gray so pale gray that it's nearly white. Steven described it as a corpse, a dead person skin.

That could be a Kily Tokurt. That's from a movie. That's that's a very good also drawing of them.

They have colonia everywhere. I made this, that could be a human shape-shifted Kily Tokurt.

Charles Hall said, they were friendly and have humor the same way we do, but they get angry and aggressive if you go near them or if they feel threatened.

Yes! At Nelly's air force there was a portal there they were coming. I don't think these ones were coming from vela, they were coming from alpha centauri or something like that. They have outposts a bit everywhere.

And yes, the female told me on on on their planet they are nice people! You know it's like Terrans, us, we're nice people. But look sometimes what we can do. We can go and ransack and rape and do slave trade ourselves as well and kill everyone and be very mean. But at the start we can be really nice people. Kiily Tokurt are like this. They are species with a potential to be member of the galactic federation. That's why the federation tries to get them in. They want to save them, to help them evolve, like what they do with us.
Of course they they fight them and they try to stop them doing their stuff, their evil traffic. But the difference is that the Kiily Tokurts are above level 2 civilization, so they are not like third world development, civilization like us. The galaxy federation has difficulty regarding to the ethics to really intervene and they can't kill, they can't destroy us, they can't kill us because that's part of their laws. But the Kiily Tokurts, they can shoot at their ship directly, if they are not not nice, because the Kiily Tokurt have reached a stage of civilization, that is not anymore considered as a primitive. So the law of non-intervention doesn't work anymore for them. The law of non-intervention concerns primitive civilizations under level 2.

So Kiily Tokurts be nice people. I mean this couple I've um interacted with on Thor Han station – the male was an asshole, but the female was very communicative and telling me about the children. She was telling me so much, and they have arts like us. We would have the potential to become like Kiily Tokurts and hopefully we won't. Knowing the Kiily Tokurt to me was like getting to know better humans of earth. It was very reflective.

Now I'm going to show you the ships. The Kiily Tokurt are part of the nebu alliance. The alliance of the sixth has nebu, Maitra and Kiily Tokurt. They are part of the orion group who signed the agreements with the MJ-12 in 1954.

They are in charge to exchange with the American governments people against technology. Kiily Tokurts are very good in trade trading. So the trade slaves, human humans for either food to reptilians, either slave workforce for everyone who needs, either genetic material, or either sexual slave trade. The slave trade has tow aspects: workforce and sex, genetic experiment and food. And they are also hence in charge of giving technology to the deep state. But they're not that fool, they're not giving the real good stuff, I mean how to power drive a ship, interdimensional travel or everything that is dangerous, that we can use to be better than them. What they do, Steven has totally explained it to me, they give a ship and they remove the drive and they say “here we go. Work it out! And when you work it out you can build them and we help you to build them. But just work it out, sort it out work!”
So the US secret space programs, some because there are different secret space programs, some are good, but the ones in I can speak of area 51. So they give this technology in exchange of slavery. The US navy has benefited of this technology to build copies of these ships. Most of the round ships that you see it would be more German side, because the reptilian ships are round, discoidal flat disks.

One is triangular. It's the American side of copying these ships because the Americans trade with the grays. And those in charge of giving the technology are Zeta Reticuli and Kiily Tokurt. The germans deal with reptilians. It's different.

Kiily Tokurt have this black triangular ships, it's not equal shape, it's like elongated, it's more pointed on the side. That's important because the tr3b from the US navy it's equilateral triangles.

The tr3b it's not only one prototype, there are different types of tr3b.


That's a Kiily Tokurt, so it's flat black triangle. It makes no sound, because it's anti-gravitational and it uses a propulsion system with ionization. So it's totally silent it's so silent that even everything around when they arrive is silence. They distort time space. So many people who have witnessed the appearance of a Kiily Tokurt ship they feel weird, they feel mesmerized and hypnotized, because this is a distortion of even the density and the time space, and you feel completely called by it, like drawn to it like a magnet and hypnotized.
Usually, in fact most of the cases when you see this ship, you're gonna be in trouble, because they've decided to take you. They make contact and in the following night you may go on this ship. So I ask you to memorize this picture, to notice the sharp angles. It's not equilateral, on the left side it's more pointy and there's a smaller small light in the middle. And normally it's bigger than that. Imagine six foot tall grays standing up in the ship and there are many levels.

TR3b – you see the difference? That's the regular traditional TR3b from the US navy. Equilateral triangle, rough sides, round angles and in the middle a big huge circle, which is an airlock and a propulsion system. These make noise and they can't cloak themselves.

(more images) 1:17:

Dinkelsbühl, Germany, 2.7.2021

You have the red lights lights often underneath, and the TR-3b have always either yellow or white lights.

This one it's very interesting because it is in the process of cloaking.


You can have blue lights underneath. blue green

Kily Tokurt you can have blue and green lights, more often it's red. All the US navy prototypes have white lights, or yellow.

These images I found them on internet and with the help of Thor Han we sorted them out.

They are those who do the most of the abductions. How to recognize them? They do not have this radiance of hate that a Maitre would have. Kiily Tokurt are like us, believe it or not. They have a heart, they can express love, sometimes those who go on expeditions for trading choose to shut down their ability to connect with love. I think we do pretty much the same empathy. When the Kiily Tokurt take you either beam in your room, either beam you on on their ship, they will be submitted as every creature and agriculture to the law of free will. If you stand for yourself as I also always explain and you say “I do not consent to be abducted, I never consented and I am a free human being, and I do not consent to be abducted. Bring me back home! That is my right, I am entitled to be brought back, home I do not consent to this.” This works 90 percent of the case and sometimes they say “well no”. With a Kiily Tokurt it's easy to do that, because they will respect that.
If you consider yourself like scared little cattle, slaves – they will treat you like this. If you consider yourself as equal like “hey what are you doing? I do not consent, bring me back home!” you stand as an equal, you speak equal to equal with them, same level as you would speak to another human being. They listen to you, they respect that – believe it or not. If you stand up for yourself above the level of cattle, they will listen to you. Kiily Tokurt can have empathy, because it is in their culture. This is why the federation wants to try to get them in.

I receive a lot of emails with stories, I can't answer them all, i'm sorry. The amount of people being taken by the Kiily Tokurt is insane. Although one story caught my attention above everything: a mother and her daughter, they became friends of mine. The mother saw a Kiily Tokurt ship once. She was taken for hybridization program. A male Kiily Tokurt came to her and it was about there were many people in the room abducted for having sex with them. Sometimes they do, sometimes they just take surgically what they need. This this woman she was like “all right we're going to have sex then okay.” The Kiily Tokrut man went like “this woman is not scared and she's behaving as an equal” and he respected her, he explained to her “I need to do it” and she said “she gave her consent and she said “okay do it”. And she felt that he kind of regretted it, he wasn't feeling comfortable with it, because she had stepped up like an equal. She considered him like equal to equal, not as a superior alien being, no, just another guy “okay you're gonna do it. do your job and bring me home” And the story she said to me, she's so empathy, she saw this guy was disturbed – and that's what we need.
They had a beautiful daughter, and the father, the Kiily Tokurt father is looking after the daughter, protecting her. Yes, because he respected the mother, because she respected him in a way that she stood as an equal. So when you stand as an equal with such races, suddenly there is an exchange in communication. it’s all down to us. If we keep on considering ourselves like cattle and slaves, they keep on doing their job. But if we stand up or say “I do not consent” and you start to talk to them as you would talk to anyone else – that's a different song. They stop, they leave you alone.
And that's what the galactic federation tries to explain to us: stand on your feet, no more on your knees! And Val told me “we cannot liberate a slave who holds on to his chains”.

You know, it wasn't rape. She consented and she said to me “well it was quite enjoyable afterwards”. And he did it with respect, because he had a job to do and they both took the best of it. And very strange story,I think he liked her. Anyway I could write a sci-fi movie about that. That's nearly at the edge of romantic I can say.

She didn't say “no way”. She said “okay let's do it”. She would have said no, he wouldn't have done it. He would have stand up on her feet as an equal and say “no there's no way you're touching me, bring me back home” he would have had brought her home. But she didn't. She said “okay let's do it let's get on with it” and she was kind of curious and she said “I had good time”. That's so weird, but these things can happen. Kiily Tokurt are people like us. Like us they do horrible things, like us they love their children.

Knowing them is really rethinking about who we are really. But still it's not nice to be abducted by them.

I was judging before the Kiily Tokurts like total pure assholes, because Thor han really dislike their behavior (not them, it doesn't dislike them) but he dislikes their behavior. A few times I saw him destroying Kiily Tokurt ships and he wasn't happy with that, but he had to because they were doing despicable things about to do it, or they did it, I don't remember. Very fascinating people. Before I was really hating them and then I understood. I got to speak with this female I understood, “oh my god, humans, they're the same”. They're the same: duality, ambivalence – it's the potential of human soul. They have the same thing. Although they are grey reptiliodis. They have this thing that we have also, the duality of our soul, that we can either do good and bad also. Human nature is able to go very deep in dark stuff and very high in benevolent stuff. Kiily are the same. I'm really fascinated by them.

Anyway when you see a black triangular ship, that is a Kiily tokurt ship – run! Do not try to enter in any sort of communication. I remind you that these people do slave trade, sell us for food, work in area 51. They're not good company. The the romantic story I told you with this woman it's an exception. Do not try to engage with them! Do not. If you're stuck, engage, standing up, but if you're not if you have the choice to not engage, do not engage with them.

On the duality of the human soul. And often its ignorance, that make us judge other people. Kiily Tokurt are like us regarding to the duality. We're comparing ourselves with them. They are a technologically superior race, they treat us like cattle. It's horrible, there's no excuse for that, and it's not forgivable.

Now let think about ourselves, earthlings. Well some earth humans are acting like the Kiily Tokurt, capturing people, children, leading slave trade, sex trade, conducing medical experiments, curling populations hold on by humans of earth, exactly the same way as the Kiily Tokurt do, but then it's us among ourselves. And yet it is the same species as the people who are light workers and work for love and light – this is the same species on the same planet. So that makes us think about understanding, about duality, about the fact that it is not the species, the individual by itself that is good or bad, malevolent or benevolent, regressive or progressive, asshole or lightworker, but it is the choices that this person makes. To go to the bright side of the force, or the dark side of the force. Our choices, this is where this happens, our intention.
Take a child a child is innocent, but regarding to the education, the circumstances in which this child will be raised, this child can become a psychopath murderer or nazi, or the same child raised differently can become a yogi or lightworker or humanitarian. But the child at the start is a neutral human being. This is the choices we make. That make us who we are. That's us. That's the Kiily Tokurt, that's many other species in this galaxy. That makes us think about the nature of a being caught in a regressive environment. This being will be driven to dark path. Raised in a benevolent environment, this being will be raised as grow as a spiritual being.
And this is where we are now with our children, with this generation of children that is coming, that is here – the new adults of the world of tomorrow. They are presented the two choices. It is our duty as we who understand, know what is happening, to guide our children to the bright side of the forest. Because now that the beast is dying, it is trying everything to catch the children and to subdue them into a matrix and make them zombies with all the screens and like tick-tock, youtube everything, make of them zombies and drag them in the dark side of the force. It is us to tell them “you want to know about crystals, you want to know about astral travel, you want to know about aliens? I know. I'm going to teach you” Be vigilant. Children are ready to hear these stories in a way that doesn't scare them. They already tell them and help them, not to fall in the traps, because the the dark ones they know now that the children who are going to build this new world, they are awakening. They are coming more awaken already and they are looking for guidance. Aand if we don't give this guidance they're gonna try to find it online on internet and oh boy! What they're gonna find?

Duality and the choice of the path. The choice of your path will determine your actions and who you will become – regressive or progressive. Sometimes you don't have choice right you are born into a terrible environment, I know.
Then second aspect: standing as an equal. When you stand as an equal you are listened to. You start a communication, you start exchange and they listen to you and they take in account, what you think what you want. They cannot refuse, because suddenly they see you as their equal and they cannot treat you as a cattle anymore. So anything you want, they'll do it. You say “bring me home I do not consent” they will bring you home. ...

You know that's the future, different races mixing together, like in star trek. ...

I'm sure the Kily Tokurt will have a future and in the federation when they will stop their trade and they will start to behave because they have a potential of being good people.

Meditation with Coron

I will call upon Coron to guide us in a short attunement.

Coron: The weight of your human bodies. He is interacting with the gravity of your planet. Because you are attracted to the center of your world, your energies interact with the center of your world, wherever you are on this planet, that you call terra, the earth of humanity. Because of the weight of your body you feel connected to the core of your planet. You are one, you borrowed these bodies from the materials of this planet, the waters, the minerals and the air you breathe is still part of this planet. Everything in your bodies is borrowed from the elements composing the soil and the waters of this planet. The oxygen in your blood, the minerals in your bones, the waters, your flesh – everything is borrowed from the ground of this planet. Aand when you leave this avatar, all these components will go back to the planet. You are one for one incarnation with this planet, wherever you come from. Some of you cannot understand what has been spoken about, because they come from a place where only brightness remains. Those who are part of the matrix of terra can better understand the duality. You are one with this planet for just one moment, which is ephemeral in time. Terra, destination, home for a while. You came here to help. Who are you? You know, you are not these bodies. These bodies are borrowed vehicles. These bodies transport you for a specific short time here and now in these events. You are not these bodies. Aou need to hear this now. You are way more than these bodies, take care of them, they are going to try and they do try to infiltrate into these bodies substances, that will trigger the connection with the soul who you truly are, to capture you. The only way out is to raise your frequency. You can do this, you know how to do this. Do it before, do it in the process and do it after. If you stay connected with the higher realms of the galactic beings, your soul will not be taken. You are more than this. They will not have you. You are interdimensional and powerful, knowing yourself is igniting your power and even if they insert substances into these avatars – when your frequency is in tune with your galactic frequency, nothing can be done to the soul. It is by refusing fear, as you are told so, that you will be able to keep your soul safe. They are trying to scare you by any way possible, even for those who have been having this substance, there is no fear. You just have to raise your frequency!
This is as simple as this: even if you have the substance, you can break the threshold. The place where I come from is of a very high density and my perspective is different than your perspective. Now is time to eradicate fear from your lives, from your mind, from your psyche. Fear must remain only as a tool warning you of a danger, not as a tool used to bind you as a consentend slave. Walk in your light. These bodies are not your body, they are just borrowed. You are way more powerful than these bodies. They will fall and dissolve back into the soil of this planet. You will keep on continuing your journey. You are extremely powerful. Yyou are extremely loved. See from above, not anymore from under. Rise into your royalty! It is about time.
Coron has spoken.