11/5/2021 – Message from Coron



The weight of your human bodies is interacting with the gravity of your planet. Because you are attracted to the center of your world, your energies interact with the center of your world, wherever you are on this planet that you call Terra, the earth of humanity. Because of the weight of your body you feel connected to the core of your planet. You are.
You borrowed these bodies from the materials of this planet, the waters, the minerals and the air you breathed is still part of this planet. Everything in your bodies is borrowed from the elements composing the soil and the waters of this planet. The oxygen in your blood, the minerals in your bones, the waters, your flesh – everything is borrowed from the ground of this planet. And when you leave this avatar, all these components will go back to the planet.

You are one for one incarnation with this planet, wherever you come from.

Some of you cannot understand, what has been spoken about, because they come from a place, where only brightness remains. Those who are part of the matrix of Terra can better understand the duality.

You are one with this planet for just one moment, which is ephemeral in time. Terra, destination, home for a while. You came here to help. Who are you? You know. You are not these bodies. These bodies are borrowed vehicles. These bodies transport you for a specific short time here and now in these events.

You are not these bodies. You need to hear this now. You are way more than these bodies. Take care of them!
They are going to try and they do try to infiltrate into these bodies substances ,that will trigger the connection with the soul, who you truly are, to capture you. The only way out is to raise your frequency. You can do this. You know, how to do this. Do it before, do it in the process, and do it after.

If you stay connected with the higher realms of the galactic beings, your soul will not be taken. You are more than this. they will not have you. You are inter-dimensional and powerful. Knowing yourself is igniting your power. And even if they insert substances into these avatars, when your frequency is in tune with your galactic frequency, nothing can be done to the soul. It is by refusing fear as you are told so, that you will be able to keep your soul safe. They are trying to scare you by any way possible, even for those who have been having this substance.

There is no fear! You just have to raise your frequency. This is as simple as this, even if you have the substance. You can break the threshold.

The place where I come from is of a very high density, and my perspective is different than your perspective. Now is time to eradicate fear from your lives, from your mind, from your psyche. Fear must remain only as a tool, warning you of a danger, not as a tool used to bind you as a consultant slave.

Walk in your light. These bodies are not your body. They are just borrowed. You are way more powerful than these bodies. They will fall and dissolve back into the soil of this planet. You will keep on continuing your journey.

You are extremely powerful. You are extremely loved. See from above, not anymore from under. Rise into your royalty. It is about time.

Coron has spoken.