5/5/2021 – Q&A LIVE - Special Inner Earth - May 04/2021 - 11pm GMT


Arkelios, wizard of the Sidhe

Arkelios is a Tuatha de Dannan, and great wizard of the Sidhe.


Elena: Tonight we are going to speak about inner earth. I have one of my guides whose name is Arkelios, he is living in inner earth, he's in the forht density and he's been looking after the bloodline I'm incarnated into as well since a very long time. So hence the name Danaan.

First I'm going to connect to Thor Han by telepathy and he's going to guide me.

... Our connection is very special. We are connected first by a device that I have in me but not only. Our link grew so strong that the device is just here to secure the connection, but we speak now directly also by telepathy and sometimes with the link of the heart.

Thor Han: The galactic federation of worlds has been working very hard this last month to redraw all the heads of the cooperation working for the dark side out of this planet, and as the moon of Terra has been given back to Terra and terran people the heads of the dark alliance now are gathered, either on ships either on Mars and the moon of Saturn. This is why we have conducted operations on Mars since very recently, starting very recently. What I want to explain to you tonight is that why we have waited to to start these these operations. It is because we were waiting that terra will be cleared. Only serbal turned (??) people are working on terra. The masters and the leaders have left behind shadows and clones and puppets, to action remotely. The real living beings are on mars at the moment and the ground, very well protected and buried under miles under the crust of mars. There are a lot of stations and facilities, eleven belong to the corporate, interplanetary cooperate, but not only.
The dark alliance has five main facility, who work at protecting mars. Two of them are logistic and headquarters, three of them are workforce facility. These two powers are competing. We act on mars same as we act on terra. We intervene behind the scene to help the local population to rise by themselves and wake up. We have trained them. The residents of mars, reptilian all ancient peaceful species, insect with ancient, more ancient peaceful species, and many other creatures allotted with intelligence. They are the one who are saving their planet and we are assisting, neutralizing all the technology in space, the dark fleet “nachwaffen”. We are now about to succeed but things are not settled. It can take months.

The leaders of the Ceiakahrr not want to leave. We are broadcasting high frequencies in your star system and especially around mars and terra, to lift the level of frequencies that the lower ones are unable to react. We are removing hate and aggressiveness from them. Well, we cannot totally remove aggressivity from Ciakahrrs, but we can damage it, that they become more desire (??). This is a war with frequencies also. This is why I’ll always ask you to raise your frequency to get out of reach of their influence and not be mind controlled. They are mind controlling you. They are mind controlling you using your basic instincts, your animal instincts. They want you to fear, they want you to fight among yourselves. They want you to hate each other and divide, in as many groups as possible. They manipulate you, they distract you. They confuse your genders. They confuse your beliefs and they confuse the information. All what your mainstream medias are saying - this is very simple - is not the way to follow. I must not say more to not put in danger Elena.

I ask you all not to fear. Think ,take the time to think. And now that we are allowed to attack mars, where all the heads of the corporations are. These corporations manipulate satellites in orbit of your Terra and these satellites are supposed to enable drugs and devices, that they want to put into your bodies. All the heads of this corporation producing these drugs and devices, very microscopic devices, are now located on mars. Look for the names of who produces these devices, these poisons. All these names are no more located on terra. We trapped them. This is their end. They are panicking and their last action. Their last option is to terrify you and try to subdue your minds for a last attempt. Do not believe anything, that say that these Nebu and Ciakahrr are your friends. If they turn to peace they leave. I will say no more, but use your common sense. Do not do any action generated by fear and confusion. The galactic federation of worlds are here to help you to support you to arm your arms with hope, with technology, with strength. And today you have understood that you need to unite all together and join your souls, soul to soul, raise your vibration, raise your consciousness all together because when you raise your consciousness, you merge and you unite all together in the collective unconscious, the higher self of humanity. You are free.

I will never repeat myself enough. Do this: raise your frequency by finding peace within and reconnecting with who you are. I have spoken. I will leave you for now.


Elena: What is happening now is that, I may explain a little bit more in detail about the situation. A while back ago the Andromedan council, the As is from zina foursaw the future of the galaxy, because they can of course see in time. They saw also a great threat, threatening the whole galaxy with a potential tyranny. We have the Ciakahrr empire, we have the Nebu orion alliance but that would be a certain thing, that would ally them both together and a great dark evilness from terra from earth the dark alliance with a dark fleet as a force military force, something despicable I won't do the whole session about that other people know and also well whether that would be the subject for another time. I would advise to also watch the channel of Michael Salla who's done a lot of researcher on it. So he is actually the best person I know who has all the elements of the puzzle. Check it out on his channel and his website exopolitics. He's going to explain to you everything and he's going to talk about Antarctica. ...

Question: Who are the beings that look like grays, but have rounder heads and very protruding foreheads and they came to me very early in the morning with lab coats.

Elena: These can be Ginvo from the council of five. If it was a benevolent visit. They are grays but a very special subspecies if you want, nearly human. These are these kind of grays which are not reptiloid base but humanoid base so it's different. For that I need the shape of the ship.

Question: How could I have the beautiful meeting Thor Han and others and how can I overcome great fear and heartbreak?

Elena: These questions are good because it concerns others as well. First you know, Thor Han doesn't communicate with anyone else than me. I know of one person with whom I correspond by email, only one person, and this person has met Thor Han on the ship. Thor Han confirmed it to me, but that was like accidental like this person was caught in a procedure and this person, he met him. Thor Han doesn't have time to to do, to contact other people is not interested. He has his work and he's not interested. Thor Han is one in hundreds of millions of people working with us - why contacting him? He is not a god, is not a spiritual leader, he is just an officer in the military of the federation. So you know he has no interest to ...

If you want to contact ETs, and it's not easy - if you ever have a connection with ETs, this disconnection you can find it within yourself by meditation and connection to yourself.

And overcoming great fear, this person asks, is acknowledging that fear is illusion. Fear is the way we react to something. Fear can be good, because fear can be a natural process that tells us, hey there's a danger. When fear is about the instinct that's useful. But when it's not, when it doesn't come from our animal instinct, when it comes from something from outside information, that's not good. That's two different fears. Fear that comes that is illusion that is broadcasted by medias, anything you can hear around you and that scares you thinks, you hear, you see - that doesn't come from you that's the bad fear, that's the illusion. The good fear is the instinct of preservation that tells you, be careful, there's a danger but that comes from you. ...

Question: I have an Andara crystal, that causes my body to literally react to it. When I place it on me my solar plexus pulls it in as if it weighed 10 pounds. Any idea what's happening?

Elena: When crystals charge with energy they become heavier. Do a simple experiment, it's very easy. Do you have a kitchen scale, or you can do it with your hands. but it it can be tricky. Put a crystal on it, weigh it, remove it. Put it in your hand and charge it either with your energy, send your energy in it or hoover the Vril around you with it, and it's gonna feel heavier as it will load and it's gonna feel heavier. Put it then straight away on the scale kitchen, scale the weight, is different it's heavier.

Question: Will there be an upcoming solar flash in the next few years that will lead to the evolution of humanity?

Elena: The evolution of humanity is not depending on solar flashes. It's depending on humanity itself. Humanity is consciousness. We are often told - and that is manipulation to remove the power out of us - that ascension or evolution is going to happen to us from or helped by an external factor. No, it's an inner process. It happens within us. It's a alchemical process of transformation, of transmutation, transfiguration. Nobody can do that for us. Of course if there are high frequencies broadcasted onto us, like the galactic federation is doing at the moment, they broadcast high frequencies artificially by devices, that helps. But the process, do it, because if these frequencies are broadcasted it will like make us feel more lighter and feeling more aware. But it it it's not all of it we need to buy ourselves to the inner process and it takes time and everybody is at his own pace.

The sun has flashes regularly, the sun has cycles ... and it sends high electromagnetic impulses all around and we benefit from it, of course. So that will be an influence on every living form on the planet, but the ascension will not be like due to it. It's an inner process. We need to take our power back from everything we hear on social medias. We are the one to do the job of ascending.

Question: Does Reiki help with raising our vibration? Are there dangers with energy work?

Elena: Reiki is the key, as the Vril is the same thing, is the energy in the void all around us. It helps it helps raising our vibration of course, it does. danger with energy work? Yes. You know the energy around us, it's neutral, it's the force and the force, the Vril is natural. What you do with it will determine its effects. You can use it for healing, for creating, for positive things. But you can use it also, the same energy for destroying or damaging or suffering. So you decide what you do with it, what is your intention, where do you stand. So the energy work is dangerous or not? It's not dangerous but you can make it dangerous, depends who use it.

Question: What happens to the reptiles who actually surrender on the ground? Are they taken on board of ships and relocated? Where they go?

Elena: The galactic federation of world has a policy of non-aggression. When they come at the rescue of a population, a population like the population on terra at the moment, which has a certain level of civilization, they try not to cause damage. When there's a war when they need to intervene to save this population, they are going to do their best not to harm them. So that's why they use strategy at the moment, getting all the moles from the undergrounds of earth and up on mars, things like that. And they use strategy a lot and that's what drives Thor Han mad sometimes, diplomacy. No he likes strategy, he likes that, he likes that more and more.
So the policy is do not kill first ever, always offer the choice, free will, always, always. They've done that on mars as well, always they give a choice. And the choice is surrender to the light or face fight. And if they decide to surrender not to fight they are actually escorted off solar system back to the border of their own solar system or space (you know they have territories district, sometimes you cannot go past the limit boundary.) So that's what's happened and in all fairness and I wouldn't say, yes they are the personal of the galactic federation they are respectful, they respect the decision of surrendering. So they escort them out of the solar system back home.

When they have prisoners that's something different. Prisoners is anyone who don't want to surrender, that they can catch without killing. and they evacuated. Thor Han works on one of the orbital stations of the federation and I've seen the cells, the prison level it's like pods. There's electromagnetic field that contains these spots and the prisoners are inside. And they are taken to places, there's kind of a there are worlds like artificial planets, they are prison worlds. But in fact, that's very interesting and I think we have a lot to learn about that, they give them the choice still there, like “You are a very dangerous person. You are considered as a threat for this galactic community. We cannot release you, we cannot let you go home, so because you haven't surrender to light, to the peace etc. We cannot allow you to go home because you'll come back and you'll be annoying again.” So either choice either you stay in this prison until you eventually change your mind, you want to be nice. Or either you decide to be nice and we bring you back home. So it's not as simple as that, it's not just deciding to be nice. It's like you I gonna make you laugh, but that's how Thor Han explained it to me, it's the image I had in my head and he said. “Oh it's not like this.” I said yeah, but I'm sorry that's what comes to my mind is like spiritual camps. They have spaces where gardens where the prisoners are there. There are not drugs they are nothing it's always free will, nobody is drugged, nobody is stunned on nothing. They are themselves all the time, and they can wander in these gardens and these places. It is very, nice until they start to change and their vibration change, they calm down and they meditate a lot. They can choose to follow teachers that can tell them how to reconnect with their their life, because we all are children of source, the regressives have are also children of source, but they have cut the connection. So these teachers, these programs will help them reconnecting with source and it can be quite mind-blowing.

So that's what they do in these prisons and they cannot lie. They cannot say “oh, yes, yes, I connect with source and I can go and then they like “No, no”, because they measure their frequency. They see each other, they feel, they don't even need to measure anything.

Question: Have you been on the ship? Do you anything such as frequency belt?

Elena: Oh yes, I've been very very often on this ship, Thor Han space station and some scout ships and Thor Han command ship as well. That's a very interesting question, because a few weeks ago I'd say last month I've had the occasion to ask about this frequency belt. Thor Han always wear one, all my friends wear some, and Anax also. The humanoids of the federation wear golden frequency belts, large belts. And these belts are I didn't know first it was to do with frequency. I thought it was just devices and weapon carriers and carriers and stuff. But then Thor Han told me, “no, no, it does way more than this” and I noticed that different species they all have this belt, but the different species have different colors of belt, and it's not a fashion thing. It's difference of frequency.

So what these belts do, they are going to modify your frequency, the frequency of your body. Sometimes when I am going there and where I am going to a different frequency I am given these belts. So a belt like this to stabilize my frequency and just recalibrate all my particles in the right frequency, in the right density. So these frequency belts do that. They also create a biofield around you that you can breathe in certain environments and also they control the gravity and the atmospheric pressure. They can do all of these things, they are amazing.

Question: I would imagine time is different for Thorn Han. He says things are going well things will begin to change for the good soon. Is there a timeline in terran years? Is it 1 year, 20 years?

Elena: No, the time is different but they are as they are working in terra's orb and in this star system they have attuned to our time zone. They are actually a tune wit our time zone but all the different races who were born on different worlds with different orbital cycles have different way of structuring their time. For instance for some populations like the Terrans on earth we consider one year as the time the our planet does a complete revolution around our star, that's one year. On other planets they calculate it differently. I know for instance that Thor Hans star system they calculate how the time the whole body regenerates. They have two scales of time. What they call the big year it's like as it's a cycle of I would say seven years on earth, it's the time their body regenerates totally all their cells. And they're the small years, the small cycles (cycles not years) which is as well the revolution of their star, their planet era around Ashara the star. So and that takes longer, because it's a larger orbit, and it's like a year and a half of earth. I'd consider and things like that so it depends so of anyone the time is really relative for anyone. And then you have time distortions, because you know time is not linear. So the the gravitational force, dynamics of one star influxes on the time. Gravity alters time. It's two things that are interacting.
Time of course exists without gravity, but gravity always distorts time or has an impact on time. So that's something that is good to remember.

Question: I'm confused. Unless we raise our vibration we won't physically connect with them, but there are validities that have malevolent agendas. Why can't we see them?

Elena: There are many things that enter in account: what we call but with like a rather self-regressive they can cloak themselves, or they can thrive in a lower density that makes them invisible to us. It's not obliged to riser frequency to see. It is you can see it staying in your 3d frequency, but many other of them are cloaked. So you know when I was rescued I was rescued in my 3D body and frequency. So they can do that because of their frequency belt for instance. You know things like that, they can just change frequencies. We don't have these belts because we we're not really many people, we are like children. Thor Han is strict when I gives me this belt, because it's just like “Don't touch anything!”

Introduction about Arkelios and the Túatha Dé Danann

Elena: How do I know Arkelios? Arkelios is a name that can sound to you greek a bit. Indeed I have greek origins by my father line. But this is not where he comes from. He is related to my motherline and Arkehlios is / was part of the tuatha de danann people. Who were they? They were people coming from the north shore of the black sea. It was a trebellion culture or the cucuteni, it's been called later the Scythians, but at the time 8500 bc when the Tripeliants were attacked by the eastern population from Asia and their lands completely ransacked, they fled, and they spread throughout Europe. They created their new culture because they had Dan as a goddess, mother goddess, earth goddess. And they spread throughout Europe. One branch went to ireland and this irish branch became the last to survive. Of course Ireland is at the end of everything. I can can't speak about it ,it's quite isolated nobody goes there, even the Roman empire didn't want to take it. That's it, they went they saw the miserable weather, ... So that's very funny. The tuata (tuha) de danan means “the people of Danan”. They met a lot of enemies in Ireland and the local enemies were there and they decided to fight them, to keep their land. But they weren't good enough, there were the fomorians were sea pirates and there was a fear bulge as well locals. So territorial wars.
And they heard about this island in the Baltic sea, Loclaim as they called it. Who was at the magical island, populated by magical people: tall blonde, pale skinned people, who were very ancient and possessed very mysterious powers. And all of what I'm telling you is archaeology and records, so a bit of mythology confirmed by archaeology. They decide to go and look for this island in the Baltic sea, this mysterious island who was vanishing by day. appearing by night or the contrary (I don't remember). The island of the gods who still exists and is known nowadays by the name of “god land” Gotland. Gotland is populated by Sami, Lithuanian and north Norwegians and Swedish also. Sami were there, Sami you know they come from mystery ascension civilization sunk one day in the atlantic.
The tuha de Dannan, there was a king. King biotach King biotach left county galway with his fleet and he said we are going to find these people, this island and bring back the magical power to defeat our enemies. So they went there. There are records also in Sweden who attest that red haired people came by the sea from the west to Gotland, requesting for knowledge and weapons. So long story, they stayed there, they made friends with the tall blondes, they were there and they learn about magical stuff and they came back four years later to Ireland with four magical tools: a sword, a spear, a cauldron and a stone. They change their name. They weren't calling themselves the people of dana, they had another name, that the Biotech tribe, but they were these people from the Danube. They renamed themselves to really assert this “We are the tuha de Danan” we are the people of Dana, we are back. They came first of may on the bialtena day. They landed where must carry and they burn their ships behind them not to ever come back. That was their decision not to go back to the magical island. That was a deal. They became the magical people with magical powers and they shared their powers among themselves, the descendants and they could fight the fear bulge (??), the fomorians. And they set up their headquarters, their capital in the east of ireland on tara hill, here in county miss.

Tara is a magical place. I will go therein next month. The Tuha de Danan were defeated by the malaysians, the sons of meal and that's another story. They went at that time, they say “okay, our time is over. We are going under ground.” They shifted density from 3D to 4D. They moved into the Agartha kingdoms. In the Agarta kingdoms you have populations of different species, different origins, and different densities. You have beings from 2D 3 4 5. 5 are quite rare but it's coming now that's the Telosian. Tuha de Dannan have been shifting into 4D, they become the elves the beautiful elves, the magical people. They kept the magic and they transmitted magic from generation to generation, the magic given by the people from gotland.

Where do I come in the picture with my my guide? You remember I told you my grandmother, my mother's mother is from a long line of Baltic shamans. My great-grandfather, my maternal grandmother's father came from Gotland. When I say I'm half Swedish I'm half from Gotland, because Gotland now belongs to Sweden. So that's how I am linked with these people, because you know they bred there. They stayed four years and the tall blondes there they said “You need to mix with our blood, that your descendant will have our magical blood, our magic powers, hybrids” And that's where I come from. That's why my maternal bloodline from Gotland has this these psychic abilities, very special.

These are ones of the bloodlines, looked after by the council of five. Hence Annax in my life. There's a lot to it. I have also French royalty, my mother's father. So there's a lot to it. But the royal French royalty line that comes from a very sacred bloodline, a good one from middle east.

Arkelios was one of these hybrids and he is one of the ancestors of the bloodline I'm incarnated into, this bloodline, because we are not the bodies, we incarnate into. I borrow borrow this body, because it it corresponds to my frequency, this bloodline, but I'm not it. The bodies they are just vehicles.
Arkelios is my ancestor, the ancestor of this bloodline. When I die or decorporate I will have no more links with him. I have a link as long as I'm benefiting of the radiance of this blood. He's a hybrid Tuha de Danann and magical people from Scotland, I think they were colony from Atlantis. this tall blonde people. I reconnected with Arkelios when my grandmother taught me all of this and he started to appear to me.
How does it look like? He's very powerful, because he was of the first generation. He isnot very tall, he's a little bit taller than me. He's is very bulky. He's has long black hair, beautiful face, he is he's very handsome, he has green eyes, long black hair and he's a bit tan. He has been protecting me and guiding me in all my shamanic journeys and he's still protecting me. When I say I'm so well protected, you have no idea, and I'm not telling you everything. This this man is protecting me and him and Thor Han know each other very well, because when I incarnated Annax took contact with Arkelios and they worked together to protect me, and then Thor Han came into the picture with a rescue and then Thor Han also connected with him. “okay, okay, we're gonna work together, no problem” And they they are getting on very well together, very interesting exchanges, Arkelios belongs to the earth soul matrix, he is a spirit of the earth.

Question: How old is Arkhelios?

Elena: Good question and he is about 4000 bc, one so it's maybe six thousand years old, something like that. He looks like 40, 50 you know spirits have no weight. He present himself as he was in his body and he has vowed himself to protect his bloodline, his descendants. So he's my super great grandfather but he looks young.

No the connection is not with Arkelios it's not through Thor Han it's totally different. It's through my soul, through my heart, it's the heart connection. is the connection through my blood, it's a shamanic connection, connection by spirit. It has nothing to do with the implant or Thor Han. Thor Han is here to always protect me, but when our Arkelios is around Thor Han can have holidays. Arkelios is extremely powerful, he's a wizard. He has a lot of power. You can ask him everything about magic, alchemy, life force, everything.

I'm going to ask Arkelios to tell message and present himself and speak. And when he will have delivered his message I will stay in contact today particularly with him and read your questions that you want to ask him.

Now I'm going to connect with someone who lives in the inner earth, in the Agartha under the earth under the crust, who is fourth density being he is Tuhan de Danan and great wizard wizard of the Shidduchi the the Irish name that qualifies all the four density people and creatures and beings, so the fairy people. Before I connect I wanted to tell you something as well which is very important and bialtana, the wonderful magical festival of love and spring and life is a portal. The veil with the world of the shee and the fairies is always thinner at the Altana. This is why the Altana is the festival of the fairies and it is well celebrated and logger (??) in county limerick where the Tuha de Danan had a first settlement there. They create a great settlement in festival of the fairies the veil is thinner at bialtena. There are three times in the year where the veil with the between the densities are thinner. The altana first of may, the summer solstice 21st of june, and sawin halloween the first of november. These are three portals in the year. So here we go. And you know as the the schumann resonance peaks up like this. It rises the frequency of the earth and it raises the frequency so we becoming closer to these fourth density realms, and we see them better and sometimes we can see creatures and wow “what's that” orbs, spirits, because they're fairies, all these fairy people. We can communicate with them better, we can see them better, because the veil gets thinner, because the frequency of the earth is slowly slowly slowly shifting. And every time, every year time is not linear, it's a spiral on our planet, and every year you go back to the same point in the year, but a little bit higher in frequency. The sacred path is not a circle, it's a spiral. You turn every year you come back to this same point, but little bit higher in understanding in consciousness, in frequency that's how it works. So the veil between our third density world and the world of the shee is very. very thin and open in many places in these times of the Altana in this beginning of may. And this is the best moment for me to introduce you to this wonderful beautiful being, who is Arkelios directly from the realm of the shee. Let the magic begin.

Chat with Arkelios

Arkelios: I sing for my people the song of years long gone. I sing for the souls of those who have been giving their lives for the great battles of mine mankind. I was one of them once, people among people, son of a son of a son. I had children and a descendants that walks to this day the path of my ancestors. We are all connected, whether you are walking above or under the soil. Listen to the voice that sings in the streams, listen to the sound of the lake and the ripples on the water mirroring your consciousness. Let your face being warmed by the sun and the light exploring your consciousness, invading your soul with wonders and magic.
I am Arkelios. My name is a name so ancient, that even the stones are forgotten. I come here to speak to you, to listen to you, always connected through my child and descendant. My message for you descendants of ancestors, people coming from the stars, is to stay resilient in the storm, in the wind, in the space between the reeds where the wind can flow and change the curse of time. All that is alive sings. Sound creates the whole universe. You were made with sound. And sound is your power. The frequency of the spheres are dancing and you can hear them. They turn on the great wheel of times, and the universe's interconnect slowly, timelessly with the speed of light. This do not make sense to third density mind, but this makes sense to the highest soul of your beings.
I know the secrets of time. I know the secrets of death and of life, because all is one. My updates (??) as this word is on the lips of every person.

Where I live is a wonderful place. We have started to defend this wonderful home, that is the realm under the ground. We have allied with the people of the stars. We have created secret alliances to save those from Telos, who have been subverted. We have made alliances with the people from the stars in their big arcs of light, crossing our skies. We can't see them, you cannot always see them. And the arks of light have gone into the earth, and they've traveled and navigated under the earth. And we've met the people from the stars with the hair like the sunlight. We made alliances with them and they are helping us fighting the poison of the reptiles, spreading in the veins of Gaia. The light has healed the veins of Gaia and we nearly touch the end and the victory. We are fighting beside you. You never see us, people of the under earth. But we claim this planet as much as you do, even more than you do, because most of you come from somewhere else. I was born on earth. I am a man of earth. This is my world. this is my home. And I am asking you on behalf of my people, to do your part of the fight and defend this sacred ground. Arkelios is my name and I will allow you now to speak to me.

Question: How can we help clear the tunnels?

Arkelios: You cannot physically go down, because it is too dangerous for you. You need to be part of the alliance, and if you take arms and go down it will be great help, but to your peril the only way is to join the fight physically. Some say, that if you raise your consciousness to your higher frequency, you can actually help clearing the lower energies, the lower consciousnesses, who dwell in the undergrounds. Take arms and go in the undergrounds and join the troops of the Alliance. Do not go by yourself, you will be killed by these beings. Join the groups that fight together join the forces that are winning. If you cannot do this, raise your consciousness in a higher vibration.

Elena: I think it's very difficult for us, for someone like me for instance, to go and join the Alliance and take a gun and go in the underground and fight and to try to chase reptilians, for people like me like many people, who don't have warrior military skills. We have this ability all of us to raise our frequency and as Arkelios just said, raising our frequency. We disable these enemies underground as well we raise the frequency of the whole planet. Raise your frequency and anchor it in the ground and curl yourself and then raise your frequency.

Question: Please describe, what inner Terra looks like where you live? Vegetations, animals, how different from ours here?

Arkelios: I live in a very beautiful place in what you would call a Biodome. It is an underground city. We have left the constructions and urbanism as it was in the past at the time I was living on the surface. I have had many lives on the surface and then I joined my people underground. Where I am still it is a beautiful place and the nature benefits from a real pure clean air, that comes from above from the surface by a system of vents, where the air is propelled and distributed all through the structures of our underground urbanism. It blows like wind sometimes. It is very well done. The light is made artificially. We used to call it magic, but you call it plasma. We have generators powered by what you call Vril, I call “nord”, the force that is everywhere.
We have also many creatures sharing our space, our life, the same animals as on the surface but also many other species that you don't see anymore - species depicted in your mythologies with different attributes. Some are very beautiful. You would be very impressed, if you would see where I live. The houses are very simple, made of clay of stone and touch. Wood is very rare where I live and highly precious. We all know the trees that we have made growing and some trees are venerable beings. They are also living beings. The trees allow us to communicate with the surface and they are portals allowing us to travel in different densities and realms. Trees are highways of spirits. The place where I live is very rich in flowers in different essences of trees.
We cultivate our own vegetables We do not hunt as we consider all life as sacred. We honor the vegetables that sustain us, our bodies and we honor their essence and their life, their consciousness also. Everything we put into our body we share consciousness for a while, and then we let it go. You are what you ingest. And then there is your soul. Your soul benefits of what you ingest, so be very careful. This is an advice of a very old man.

Question: As an historian and priestess of Briget, I'm doing some research about the connection of the celtic tribes of ireland and north portugal. Soes Arkelios know about any connection in that way?

Arkelios: Spain, the sons of mill came from this area in the north of Spain, Galicia, north of spain. This colony was a very old and ancient colony of the tribes of Dana, who had separated a very long time ago. They were sharing the same culture as my tribe, my ancestors from Biotach tribe, Ireland. The colonies had split too many places. Those who came and settled in Galicia were of the same tradition than those who sailed the sea to Ireland, the west. They didn't know, they had forgotten when the sons of Mil came to conquer Ireland, they didn't know, they would meet their brothers who had gone on a very different path of evolution, because these brothers were named the children of Danu also, but bearing the Gaelic name Tuha de Danan. The magic the Tuha de Danan had, the sons of Mil didn't, and there were great battles where traditional magic and heavenly magic met. Cataclysms, storms, waves fights, battles physical with swords and spears. This happened, brother fought brother, and the two brothers had forgotten they were brothers. What do you want to know?

Question: Arkelios, do you use magic like elemental manipulation?

Arkelios: Elemental magic is the use and the power of the force contained in the structure, atomic structure of matter. Be it a gas, a liquid, a solid or plasmic. I was told by my father and my mother from the stars, how to bring consciousness into the understanding of the structure of the elements. Conciousness connects to the element and connecting merges with it, and then can control it. I still to this day use elemental magic to change the wind, calm the seas, clean the earth and dry the air and the consciousness from the tears of pain. I use elemental magic to clean the soil and make it more fertile, to calm the winds when it is needed. But be very careful. We may not play with the elements and considerably, because you disturb a balance. Storms have a purpose. Storms cleanse, storm regenerate, rejuvenate. They are necessary. The rain is necessary. The fire is necessary. All in nature knows what it needs to do. Only the intervention of humans can disturb these cycles. So we work at healing, rebalancing them, extinguishing fires lit by men, and the malevolent people from the stars. They destroy your planet, my planet also a lot.

Yes I do use elemental magic. I can teach you but not now. My people, man who ask this question can connect with you, if you wish so. Just request, whisper at a portal, a well, an oak tree or the whisper of the wind. We will hear you, we will guide you, we will teach you. Who asks the question is worthy of the answer.

Question: Can Arkelios give a blessing we can give to the earth through the water?

Arkelios: The blessing through water to heal the earth. This is imbuing the power into the water. Water has its own consciousness, its own life and the elemental consciousness is in the water will help you and lead your intention to where the water will be poured. Connect with the life, that is in the air around you. Invite the power within the Nord, that is all around you, the force of life, flowing within you. When it is in your body, raise your hands above the water, cauldron of water, a bowl of water, a stream, a well, a river, a lake or sea, and send this power you have gathered within you through your hands above the surface of the water and say these words: “May the sun shine in the water. May the earth bless the creativity of the water. May the fire from above and the fire from under nourishes the water, empower, empower, empower to this water. I give the power of healing. Empower, empower, empower to this water I give the power of clarification.
Empower, empower, and power. Pour the water onto the earth you need to heal. You can also drink this water. This is a blessing of the Shee, my people. Bring your heart into the water and the water will be carrying the intention of your heart. This is a blessing.

Elena: This was a beautiful way of blessing the water. I notice you say three times “empower” and the number three is very important for the shee and this tradition, three or three times three.
I would like now to as I suggest invited you before to show us, how we can heal the earth and help the process of liberating this planet with your help.

Arkelios: Everything is easy when you put your heart into it. Many of you came from the stars and are temporarily borrowing our bloodlines to perform your mission. These bloodlines, you are borrowing, carry a special level of particles that can be activated by connecting with source. Not all bloodlines on Terra have this ability, but you who come from the stars have chosen these bloodlines with these abilities, because these genetics are mixed with a formidable heritage, already coming from the stars.
Connecting to the stars and bringing the stars into the earth, remove any shoes, anything that is between your biology, your skin and the skin of Gaia. Terra is the planet, Gaia its consciousness. We of the shee from the Agartha world are interacting with Gaia on this higher density of consciousness of this planet. Feet on the ground, head in the stars. You are the tree, the portal, the infinite pillar. Descend and rise, extend your being in both direction, as above so below. Symmetrically stretch yourself as the roots of a tree penetrate into the soil and find their way between the stones. Your consciousness extend and expands towards the stars and find a way in between the cosmos. You are unlimited. Do you remember? You are not this body.
Anchor as the roots of these seed (??) that you are. This portal, anchor into the soil, very deep down below. You see Gaia below you as your consciousness rises above it, your head is in the stars. The magic unfolds in between. All these millions of stars shining around you are part of your consciousness and your consciousness is part of them. Feel their presence, feel all the higher consciousnesses of the stars, and all the energy that is around you in the cosmos - take it in. Take it in, drink it, the nectar of the gods, the alchemical nectar, that will transform everything. Drink the force of the universe, the elixir pores within you, golden, blue, green, silver, regenerates you and makes you as powerful as you are. You know who you are as you allow this elixir coming from the stars, pure liquid starlight to flow down into you, touching the ground. And as the elixir of the liquid stardust touches the ground where your feet are, the whole planet shimmers and shivers. Gaia whispers and sighs with pleasure and a stardust goes in the roots of your being, under her skin. She whispers with pleasure, she drinks the nectar of the stars, the breath of the Gods, the liquid stardust that will make her heart shiver with love. And everything that is under her skin, all the intrusive poisonous invasive beings will be also transformed. They will lose their power and dissolve and be evacuated without resistance.
The nectar of the gods, the liquid stardust, the elixir from heaven is the antidote. It is what destroys, burns and dissolves all that is not wanted in an organism. This is pure liquid mercury, the alchemical mercury made with liquid stardust. Let it pour by you into Gaia and it will fill her veins and chase away all the viruses, all the poisons, all that is intrusive.
You can do this at the scale of the planet, as you can do this within your body, within your being. This is my gift from my people. This is only the start and the beginning. More you will discover. I will come back. I will be with you for those who want to continue connecting with my people, as I said to this man, who asked deserve the answer. Speak on the threshold of the wells, speak whisper to the bark of the trees, sing to the winds and we will hear you. We always hear you. You just have to listen to our voices, calling you to step into the new Gaia. She has awakened. It is your turn now.

Elena: Arkelios, this is so powerful this. This is an alchemical healing, I know what he's talking about, I think many of you have picked this. I have no words.

He was speaking of heaven mercury, liquid starlight (not the mercury, the element we know) but the alchemical mercury, the liquid stardust and it really looks like mercury. It is not but you know it's all alchemy, is all about the meaning, the word beyond. The word words are keys and they never mean what they mean on the first appearance. They are keys to unlock a hidden meaning. I think what he said will sink in for many of you. He will come back. I will call him back.

He gives the blessing of the shee, this is beautiful. I will let him say last words for saying goodbye.

Arkelios: Lst kondadnan, drais danan, kor kol diean, lor elias, urkrin ordonin. Errarin lorian. Thin geddin oriu elemel gren. Orkuran.

Elena: This language is not spoken anymore on the surface, but he's still spoken underground. This is a magical language.

I have no words, because Arkelios just filled me with magic. I will leave you there and two hours have gone perfectly. I cannot speak anymore, I am just magicked out.