27/4/2021 – Q&A LIVE - Believe in yourself - with Coron / April 27/2021


Elena: I have two persons with me tonight, Coron and Thor Han.

I'll take some questions we speak about the topic of today which is “believing in yourself”.

Question: If used in shaolin as a way to defend is the Vril still harmful, is it also how we apply telekinesis?

Elena: It's like the force in star wars. It can be used two ways: it can be used to creative power, it can be used to destructive power. So the Vril can be used for combat. It's it's the universal life force that you can channel in your body, and if you if you use this the techniques of for instance martial arts, you can really channel the Vril, the life force and use it for your defense and for combat. This is absolutely possible. The Vril is neutral energy – so you can use it for good or for bad. So it's up to you and I would advise to use it for good of course, but sometimes to defend yourself, you know you need to. I know Thor Han uses it for defense. It's not because you're a spiritual person whose consciousness is very open and involved and your frequency is high, that sometimes you do not need to defend yourself or save someone, or fight to rescue someone from enemies or bad people, aggressive people. So you can use this force if the the purpose is the greater good, it is to do a good action that's it save someone lives for instance. The last resort is to kill. Always use it to your purpose for instance rescuing someone, rescuing someone if it doesn't involve killing. The enemy, don't kill them just rescue the person. That's i've learned from Thor Han. Give a person a chance. That's how they do the galactic federation always gives the choice. The respect the law of free will. They always give the choice, surrender, we can help you, you have the choice. So if the enemy chooses this - lovely. If he chooses combat oh my god.

Question: Can we use the Vril to levitate our body?

Elena: Yes we can, but it's more using antigravity methods. You can use your brain, your mind, to create to counter electromagnetic currents and then have an anti-gravity reaction. I’m not very skilled in that. You must ask Thor Han about that.

Thor Han: Create the adequate brainwave, who will transpose the ions in your field, and this will change the gravity. A propulsion system for our ships sometimes.

Question: I know a child who travels dimensions when sleeping, and she's worried not to be able to come back to his mom. Is there anything we can do to help with this.

Elena: If the child does it naturally by himself, that means he has the ability and he knows how to come back. So he must not freak out tell. This child to trust in himself and that his mind is the driver and if he travels dimensions, he can come back by the the will of his mind. That is how you set up a target. I’m I find myself in another dimension, but I remember where I come from. So I’m going to visualize and focus on where I come from and by resonance I’m back home. Tell this child that he is able to do it, if he's able to leave his body by himself, he's able to come back by himself, because he is a special new wave of envoice and he can do that. You're going to be amazed by all the children.

Question: What is the difference between a dream and a benevolent abduction?

Elena: In fact it's physical. It's the physical memory. For those who have had physical abductions or decoperation or astral travel. I don't want to say astral travel, I want to say light transfer resonance when your light body, your astral body is teleported to a place and re-densified then you have a physical experience. The difference with this and a dream is that it's very clear, the memory, the fragments of memory are very clear and sharp and physical and you really know the difference. And there's a feeling, it's all more intense than a dream.

Question: Will censorship build part of the new earth?

Elena: Of course not.

Question: Someone asked about partenogenesis, self-cloning.

Elena: Parthenogenesis it is a technique that is performed by gray reptiloid species only. The humanoid species don't do that. There are no humanoid species who do that at the moment especially not those involved in the federation. They do not perform this technique. Partenosgenesis in fact is typical gray, it's a gray genetic process practice and technology. They they do that a lot. They enslave and clone races like this.

There was a beautiful race I don't remember in what system. They are called the Azban, I think they were a hell pleadian race and they've been enslaved by the grays and cloned and enslaved, and that's quite ugly. The Aldaru as well.

So partenogenesis is not performed by humanoid alien races, only by grays and reptiloid grays especially. Reptiloid grays: zeta reticuli and some races of the nebu from orion.

Question: What is with the reptilian rebellion on mars?

Elena: That is something very important. Recently you may have seen the update I gave to Michael Salla and I wanted to talk about it tonight. The mars has started to be raided by the galactic federation. Mars is starting to be liberated this last months or years as Thor Han told me. The moon has been liberated from the nebu grays. Now the moon belongs to ourselves, earthlings to the earth people. They're gonna do whatever with it whatever they want. The galactic federation doesn't it's not their problem. They've given back the moon to us.

You may have noticed that the last full moon was particularly magnificent, and there is a reason for that. It's because the moon now has raised in frequency so much, because these Nebu were really lowering down the vibration on the moon and also with all the slave trafficking, the slave workforce and also the the outpost of the the dark fleet. There was a lot of very, very dark and low vibration, frequency on the moon. Now you may have noticed that the full moons are going to be more and more and more powerful, because of this vibration, which has lifted. And the same with earth.

Recently, Thor Han, I could feel his joy. Something had happened, a big underground web has been cleared, and the galactic federation has evacuated a lot, a lot of reptilian beings and rescued a lot of slave force. And only doing that, that these beings left the planet, you know it was the day the schumann resonance went like wow. I think it was the 19th of april. Suddenly there was a shift in the vibration of the earth, it was like wow. We've all felt it.

source: https://www.disclosurenews.it/schumann-resonance-stripes/

The earth is in the process to be liberated, the moon has been liberated. Mars they have started to attack to liberate mars as well. So now we can start to say quite hopefully, filled with hope, that this ancient prediction from the Andromedan council, who was foreseeing a great evil originating from earth, its moon and mars that would lead to a galactic tyranny, was to be suffocated in the egg. Well, that's happening, thanks to the Andromedans. We have the moon back. the earth is in the process of being liberated and the mars process of liberating mars has started.

These are historical times. We must all feel privileged to be here and now, because all of us, all of you, you have a part to play in this. That' why you came. There is no way you came here just to be a tourist. You came here because you decided to come here now and the place where you are to play a role, just right where you are, and from where you are from, your actions and your decisions that you take for yourself depends the fate of your species, your planet and the galaxy. No pressure.

So the rebellion on mars. Mars is owned by the reptilian collective, Ciakahrr empire and the nebu grey collective group from orion. They have facilities there a lot, they do mine for resources, they they use a lot of slave force. But it's mostly they didn't come to mars just to take minerals, they came to mars because it's an outpost in this system, to have control on many other things and notably earth. So it's huge. Once mars is taken we're good. And I can now tell you that the galactic federation has been waiting to start raiding mars. Why have they been waiting? There's a reason for that. Why are they doing in now, not before?

On mars there is two facilities. One of them is called “aries prime”. I's owned by reptilians. But co-owned by the dark fleet corporations. Some American corporations are involved as well in this and some secret space programs as well. I know the area 51 works with them. I know there is a lot involved. So on mars that's very large topic. The galactic federation of worlds was waiting, that the elites and the heads of corporations, that were on earth in their fortresses on the ground would get off the planet, to seek refuge on mars. Now all the heads of the corporations that are working against humanity have relocated totally on mars, because they are losing the earth. It is now time that they can get them. They could have get them while they were on earth, but that would have provoked a horrible war with a lot of casualties and the galactic federation didn't want that to happen. They didn't want to cause any harm to earth civilians. So they were like sending smoke in the tunnels to get the moles out. That's why now they start raiding mars. We are getting our planet back because all the molds are now on mars and trapped.
And the reptilians, they are so angry. They are angry against the Andromedan council because the Andomedan council had seen that happening in the future. You know when your enemy is pissed off against you, that means you you're winning, you're in a good place.

Mars has a rebellion, a resistance, that is here since way longer than all these people named. They are very ancient. They are mainly two species, reptilian local species. Not all reptilians are bad. They do not really look like the mantis, they look like spiders you know, with a lot of arms and they're really weird. They're not humanoid at all. But they are against the Ciakahrr, the nebu, the dark fleet. So the galactic federation has been winding them up since a long. Once I was connected with Thor Han by telepathy and he was in a scout ship, quickly delivering weapons to the martian reptilian resistance. I’m writing that episode in my next book that I’m writing at the moment, it's quite quite fascinating. And I freaked out that moment because Thor Han going on mars and giving weapons to reptilian? like “what the hell are you doing?” And then he explained to me when it was safe enough to explain to me, this is the martian resistance and the federation has been arming them for a while.

Question: Once I spoke to a woman with shimmering light blue skin and clear eyes in the akashic record. Is it possible that the Zenei are the record keepers?

Elena: I don't know, you should ask that to Alex Collier.
But I wouldn't be surprised because Zenai they are so high in a spiritual level.

Question: Why don't we remember who we are?

Elena: The way I've been explaining this is, because when you incarnate in third density body avatar and matrix and you come from a very higher density, the difference just does it, the difference of density does it. That's the first reason If you're not very high density. When you of a higher density and you incarnate into 3d and it's because if you are higher density you you forget there's a very easy way to remember is to rise your frequency. Then you have access to your memories.
Now let's talk about those who are not from a higher frequency. They are normal earth people and they lose their memory when they incarnate. Well that can be also, because you need to not remember, because you come back to learn, a process, to learn from your experimentations of this new life. If you were remembering – what's the point?

Question: Elena, how long were you in unconscious when you were abducted and do you still have visual memories of your experiences?

Elena: Yes I explained it a bit in my book. I wasn't unconscious at any moment. I remember everything during my abductions. There are two things I’m talking about: the period the time when I was taken to the time I was brought back, be it by natural memory be it under quantum hypnosis. I noticed that when I was abducted at any moment I have missing time or losing consciousness. I was able to remember everything. If I hadn't been rescued by Thor Han from the zeta grays when I was nine, the grays would have blocked my memory. But they haven't had the time to do that. So I remember everything and I still have vivid memories from my experiences. That's why I contacted Elisa, the person who hypnotized me, because I had these vivid memories and I wanted to get the other pieces of the puzzle back and Thor Han wouldn't allow me to remember the trauma of my abduction by the grays. And once under hypnosis I realized that, oh my god never ever was I unconscious. I've been conscious the whole process.

Question: From a person with low self-confidence, how to trigger the confidence to believe in one’s self?

Elena: This is a question for Coron who is connecting with us tonight, and I think I’m going to let him answer this question.

Coron: This man had trauma in his life. He lost the faith in life. He doesn't believe anymore that anything of good can happen. He needs to recover the faith in the beauty of life. However the night was dark, the day is beautiful. Look at all the trials and the ordeals you have been through, look at you. You have overcome them all. You are still alive. You made it, you have done it, you are brave. Honor yourself for your victories. honor yourself for your scars and your fights. You are a survivor you are a warrior and this only feeling and knowledge can show you, that you can trust in yourself, that you can trust in your strengths, because anything that can happen. You know, how to fight, you know how to overcome your fears. You are stronger than you think. You are just tired. Regain confidence and if you cannot find strength in the present, find it in the past. And with this strength build your future. You are very strong. You just need to remember it.

Question: Thor Han aren't you aren't you a bit worried that the media on earth will spread panic and lies about you, the federation when it is time for the big reveal?

Tor Han: I am not afraid. I know that this will happen. They have already started to put a bad name on the galactic federation. They have started to spill poison and lies and manipulating victims, that they have prepared these last years. (Thor Han is reticent too to speak a lot about that.)

Elena: Since a few years some people have been prepared by the deep state, mind controlled prepared ground, to start slowly, slowly to spread spill venom against the galactic federation, because the galactic federation is our allies and are sorting us out. They are not here to save us, they are here to help us, saving ourselves as they say. The deep state is preparing this fake alien invasion, which after what Thor Han says won't happen. But we never know. They want to people to make believe that it will be an attack from the galactic federation, and that the galactic federation is so bad and so evil. It has started.

I am at myself representing galactic federation. I have been attacked recently a lot by threatening messages and blackmails, believe it or not. Not from ETs, from people on earth who are manipulated and who are conditioned and manipulated to attack all the representants of the galactic federation on earth. So it has started.

But you know, whatever people say about the galactic federation doesn't matter, because that won't stop them doing their job. ...

Question: What does it mean when you have a dream about the cube that turned into a portal and a key came out? The key belonged to a horse statue and came alive, then it started to build my armor and sword on my body

Elena: Horse and that's symbolism relating to your psyche. I can answer on the cube: Cubes are interdimensional devices as the merkabas are, but serving unfortunately the bad ones. There is a lot of little cube devices on orbit of earth, that are at the moment being destroyed by the galactic federation, because this is broadcast on different dimensions. In the same time the cubes are like portals and they're used for not the good good side. They're nebu technology from orion.

You were shown that the portal is in you. We all are portals. Our consciousness is able to transcend dimensions and time. So you've been shown that the key is in you. The horse represents strength.

Question: Elena, I had my first beautiful experience of two love beings and healing me. How do they come into our buildings?

Elena: Because they have a technology that can pass through matter. They use inter inter density beams, that they can de-densify matter and pass through it. I remember that from many times. I've been beamed up whether it was being abducted, whether it was being invited by a Thor Han.

This blue beam. You have the anti-graviton beam, but not not only. It is de-densifying the matter so you can pass through walls. What it does exactly, for instance the the atoms in your wall of the materials in your wall vibrate at a certain rate between each other. If you accelerate or slow down the rate the density changes, the frequency changes and the density changes and you can go through it. Or they can just teleport which is another easier technique.

Question: Do you know where all the Vril society members are now?

Elena: Some are still in in Antarctica, but I think maybe now they're all on mars.

Question: I had a dream about the scorpius Negomak from my book and they were getting out by the hundreds.

Elena: The Negumak are the Ciakahrrs worst enemy, they the Negumak. The Negumak are a very aggressive and warrior-like culture that nobody wants to go near. I've been told they are they are worse than the Arak. The Negumak are frightening. They are extremely powerful warriors, more powerful than the Ciakahrr empire. The thing with the Ciakahrr empire is that they are very numerous, they have a lot of technology. The Negumak don't, they're not as numerous but they have a potential of warrior skills and aggressivity. They can sizzle you with that really, can be nasty stuff, scary. So scary, the Ciakahrr are scared of them.
So last year the galactic federation of worlds started negotiations with the Negumak. I knew that but we couldn't speak about that. We can now because the Negumak are here, the Negumak are allowed in this system and they are fighting the reptilians. The Negumak are not part of the galactic federation. If you want to to have an idea what they look like, there's a movie “Independence day” they look like them. So if you dreamt about the Negumak arriving by hundreds that's true, and it's a good thing. I haven't been told what are the agreements, what would they get in return. Certainly something.

Coron: Peace

Elena: What does that mean?

Coron: We're helping them securing their territory. We become a protection force.

Elena: Do they need one?

Coron: Yes, we get against incursions in their territory. That's what they get in exchange, alliance. They're not part of the galactic federation, we do not want them, they do not fulfill libertarians, too aggressive, too independent in war conquest, but we ally with them as a mutual protection. It's a treaty.

Question: In the film “Signs” the reptilian were injured and killed by water. Are they not able to survive with water?

Elena: No they are amphibian, they can live in water, water doesn't harm them.

Question: Can coron talk about the crystals underneath uluru?

Coron: It is not a mountain, it is an old ancient sanctuary. The crystal cave underneath is a generator ready to be activated. It is in correspondence with the grid and the resonance of your planet. There is a generator from a very ancient civilization. The crystal cave is natural, but has been enhanced by technology a very long time ago. The generator is awakening to its consciousness and now has started working. Many people, humans of earth will go to Uluru and sit and chant. The sound of thousands, hundreds of thousands human voices will activate the generator of Uluru. It is sentient, this is our ancient technology. Sound will awaken the consciousness completely. Go around Uluru, circle it and sing, chant in the old ancient local language. Let the indigenous do it. They know. They remember, they know the ways of the song. They know the singing ways to Uluru. Let them sing.

Question: Will the timelines separate and will there be to earth for each perspective?

Elena: No, there is only one timeline, only one earth. The thing is the two perspectives is something. People like me, like you are choosing to raise our consciousness. Some are choosing to stay in the matrix. We will cohabit on the same planet, but in two different perspectives of thinking, two different collective unconscious. But the same planet, there won't be two planets, and the same timeline. And the difference will be the way we react to this timeline. Those who choose to stay in the matrix will suffer and resist to it. And those who have chosen to raise their consciousness and to accept the timeline will be happy. And these ones will need to help the other ones. And many of the other ones will blossom out, bloom out of the matrix slowly, because you can't stop evolution.

We have been mainly until this last year to receive alarming messages, most of them and their hypnosis that the federation for instance would start to create a war by destroying the reptilians and the cabal and just act. That's what they didn't want to do, that's why now they're doing it on mars. Because they were getting the bodies out. But before they succeed, that they were in fear that they would have needed to do it, because from what was happening on earth, the whole fate of the galaxy depended. This won't happen. They're so happy because we've done a good job, we have raised enough our frequencies, we have opened our consciousnesses, we have been so many and more and more not to take anymore, not to take fear anymore.
And now the new timeline is pretty much stable. We are heading towards the positive timeline and the good future and anyone who tells you alarming things, now they are either thinking that they are still in the old timeline that has not happening anymore, or either are manipulated to spread fear.

I had also received these messages under even hypnosis, that the earth would be destroyed. It was very scary. And then I was told, “no, that won't happen. The old timeline you've shifted it, and we're so proud of you and now you're heading towards peace and victory.”

Question: How do we maintain awareness at time of transition?

Elena: By not listening to the noise, by focusing within yourself, reconnecting with who you are. And I think now is the moment. Coron, do you want to do this attunement with everyone about believing in ourselves?

Meditation with Coron

Elena: It is not the channeling, it is telepathic contact. I’m going to erase my vibration a little bit more because Coron is in the ninth density. I have it by telepathy but I want you to feel through me through my voice the frequency of higher light of this beautiful man from Dakoorat in the Taygata system. His heart is a glowing diamond and his soul is pure benevolence and love.

Sit comfortably and allow your higher self to be.

Coron: It is your time, it is your moment. Regenerate in the higher light of source that flows powerfully from the central sun, from the center of Natarú, this galaxy. Follow the sound of the light within yourselves, the emissions from the higher light encoding informations telling you a story, your story. Trust that this light structures everything that has been created in the whole universe and all the universes. Everything coexists and co-lives in the same time and the same place. You are structured by these codes of light. The light of your being is made of this encoded substance, infinitely geometric, powered by Imana, the source of all things. Source is multi-dimensional, source is multi-conscious infinitely, never was born, never will die. Eternity is including everything in one singularity. The singularity is infinite in time, in space.
All planets are portals all suns, all moons because their gravity opens a door in the web of source. Source radiates all along the lines of this web and is accessible from any point in this web, any point in time, any point in space.
You are multi-dimensional beings. With your inner vision see the galaxy in which your planet, your little world belongs. See it turning on itself, magnificent spiral, in its center an orb of bright blinding light, the portal to source. This for you is home. This is your mother. Nataru is your home mother.
All species are linked by a brotherhood, children, all children of the mother, the heart of nataru. You are, we are all her children, and we live her a house, this galaxy. I am your brother, you are my brothers and my sisters. The same light shines in our eyes when we look up in the direction of the center of Nataru. Our eyes shine with the same light when we look up at the heart of our mother. Knowingly we accept to be all binded one to another in a galactic brotherhood, of which we are lovingly proud.
Here you stand, heart to heart and hand in hand with us all. Look at your beauty, look how powerful you can be, when you decide to be. Be! “Is be” is consciousness. By consciousness we are all linked together as one. Nataru, this galaxy is our home, our ship into the big infinite space. You have chosen to come on Terra for this time. Be. You have chosen to come on terra on this place and planet to live to live together with all the other beings, who have chosen to make the same journey. You brought with you all the wisdom of millennials of learning and growing. You knew you would forget, but you knew you would allow yourself a way to remember, because by the way to remember dwells the key of your mission. Making the effort to find how to pierce through the matrix, to remember who you are is the actual physical action, dragging with you these species to break through the matrix. At the moment you remember you break it down.
Reconnect with your true nature. Who is the being inhabiting in this body? Who are you? Aren't you magnificent my brother, my sister, my family? Look at the beautiful shapes of your body. This body of pristine light.
Some of you have lost the way of remembering and feel sad and lost in the night. They must look to find those who still have the light, the key, and hold their hands. They will help you and hold you in their arms with their heart and lift you up. You are all going together to the same destination, for some of you it will take more time, but it is all right. At the end you will get there. We will all get there together. Be patient and fight your way through the illusion of this hologram.
For those who have lost confidence in themselves: You need to remember who you truly are and that you are not alone. Rrequest for help, request for assistance, and we will be here for you. You have been through so much and still are, and this war is not over. You are resilient, you are alive. No one can destroy you, because you do not belong here. They can destroy this body, they cannot destroy your soul and it will make you more strong. You are eternal.
You are here now because you chose it. Remember. They don't want you to remember, because once you remember they do not have any more reach upon you, so they distract you with war, conflict, fear, confusion, trying to mount you against each other. Do not comply, resist peacefully by turning within and tuning with the powerful being of light that you all are. And in this awareness your frequency rises. Be, be yourself. Be and live, live your power, your life. Believe in yourself. Be and live, believe. Believe in who you are, believe that we are all here to fight alongside with each other for the greatest event, this galaxy has known for eons. Proud soldiers of light and our best weapon is love.
Love, love allowing us to connect to each other to dissolve fear. Love dissolves conflicts, love is unconditional and the great winner at the end. So if you lost confidence in yourselves. It is just temporary. Look up and look inside and be. You just need to be. You just need to live, you just need to believe. This is your greatest power.

Elena: Thank you, Coron.

He took over. It wasn't meant to be but he took over and it was very wonderful. I am all bathed in his density. ...

“Daama maa” that means “focus on love”. Anax told me these words. And it is to me a formidable magical formula when I feel a bit drained or stressed. I say these words and I focus on the lovde I have inside of me and I send it out.
Coron is here to answer some questions.


You want to do that again as Coron showed us last time: “I ammmmmmmmmmmmm” Let's do it we are going to say three times. I is the pillar, the letter I, the pillar, the connection between earth and sky. It's the cosmic tree of knowledge, the cosmic shamanic tree. I it's the existence, it's the consciousness I, it's the awareness of being alive. And “ammmmmmmmmm” it's ripple, is ripples all around us. “I” the feeling of being alive the consciousness and “ammmmmmm” is the action, the repercussions of this consciousness into the web of the universes. So when we say “I” we connect between earth and sky and then we say “ammmmm” it's from this central pillar radiating a powerful pulse into the universe and we send love, light, positivity strength, victory. And we can even put pictures on it, pictures of the future we want.

I am powerful, I am compassionate, I am in peace. I am aware. How powerful is that! If we do that every day, if every day we connect with who we truly are, if we connect with the sky and the earth and we radiate our strength, this connection, we change this world. We have action upon the matter, upon reality. Everything is a hologram made of symbols and sign and geometry and codes and very complex. But we can act on it, we can change the frequency, we can change the way everything is organized. We are so powerful.


Question: Regarding gamma brain waves.

Coron: you need to change the brain waves, alpha to gamma. Gamma is the key to your power. Gamma wave can break the matrix, g sound. Gamma waves is important to put your brain into...

Elena: How do you do that. Deep meditation, hypnosis for instance is gamma wave. But you can buy brain tuners forks, tuning forks. Be very careful with that. Be very careful. If you abuse too much it can really harm you. So meditation, a deep state of meditation is gamma waves.

Question: Some people say they have trouble in recent years remembering the past. Are we just getting old or is it from a shifting of timelines or densities?

Coron: Because density changes, it is more difficult to remember something that happened in a lower density when you are rising your frequency, but it should be easy if you tune within yourself your memories will come back. All is about reconnecting. It is the same person, the memories haven't gone, they are always there. So to answer this question it is a question of change of density, slowly not yet, frequency is more adapted .

Elena: 1006 Hz and 4096 Hz Tuning fork, I advise everyone to get one of this. Use it as an instance as a cleanser to raise your frequency. When I am so I feel I am surrounded by lower frequency they try to come near, I do this and I brush my aura. It's like saging.


Elena: Steven Shua in his interview, he advised me to buy this bowl. Stephen Shua was a next super soldier who worked in area 51. He was my friend and I interviewed him and this interview is available on my channel. He said to me, that gamma waves are able to repel nasty grays and gamma waves are so much power, so much more powerful than we think. It allows you, it enables your brain functions. So amazingly gamma waves protects you, rise your frequency, He advised me this bowl, it's a nepalese bowl, hand hammered, made with the seven metals that correspond to seven chakras. It's g note and when you bang it rises your vibration. G note is the note of the third chakra.

Question: Can you please let us know how many times we can pass the fork through our head, after make it sound?

Twice, not more, because it's very powerful. Once will be enough. But it produces chemicals otherwise that produce too much chemicals that can be harmful. So when you when you do that, the 4096 you don't do it close to your head. We once only next to your pineal gland, that's all. Ootherwise it's quite away from your body. Do not do a lot of time. Just when you pass it, you brush it you feel a resistance or something do it until the resistance is dissolved. Never more than necessary ever, because you can damage yourself if you do it too much. It's sound it's really effective. It's like too much of a good thing it's a bad thing.

Question: I have MS Does this disease interfere with my ability to ascend? I pray meditate daily.

Elena: Well it can it interferes, because all disease are dissonances and create low vibration that makes you feel ill and damages tissues and etc. It slows down your ascension, but it doesn't stop it. ... It is even a trigger to make you understand how to give better impulse to ascension.

Question: According to ancient Korean legends some of our royals were born from eggs. Do you think that could be benevolent eggs?

Elena: Yes of course, of course. You know all reptiloid species are not bad. ... I do not know exactly the history of this part of the world so I wouldn't pronounce myself it was benevolent or malevolent reptilians.

Question: Which species has the pyramid ships shown on mainstream media?

Elena: I don't I think it's part of the project bluebeam, it's earth made that's what I’m getting.

I ask you all not to give into fear not to give into confusion and anything that makes you angry. Think that it is maybe something that sends by someone who wants you to be angry. There is enormous manipulation, manipulation from the deep state, and they try to infiltrate all the spiritual groups. They try to find people who make money with it, are vulnerable with income from their spiritual groups. They're gonna use these ones, that they have prepared. They have given them right information, then a lot of people follow them and they still slowly, slowly drop by drop lies manipulation. It is the story of the frog in the water. Be very careful. If something is inducing confusion to you, step back, follow your heart. If any leaders of these spiritual groups ask you to go for crusade against any other people, do not listen, because they are influenced to tell you to go into a state of low vibration. Refuse. Love is the way. Love is the way of tomorrow and is what it what binds us all. Refuse to be turned one against the other. Refuse that.
If someone tells you this group or this minority of this person they are evil go, and try to hammer them and criticize and bully them, that's the work of the deep state, of the cabal, of my level entities Refuse that. You say No. I do not. The conflict doesn't pass by me, I am stopping the conflict. It stopped at by me. At me, at my boundaries. The only thing I pass on is love, because now is the time when humanity steps up in their sovereignty and unite, one with each other in tolerance, in love. One planet one species and love is the way, pure love. May love be by you and through you.

Thor Han: Never despair. You have united every day, you are uniting together, more and more will come and join the army of light. You are making history. These are not times to be afraid. These are times to be proud and to embrace your strength. Without fear you will achieve your goals. Unite together and walk in peace towards the future that you are creating now. You have one job, and this job do it well: raise your frequency. I am Thor Han Eryidon fleet commander mission coordinator for the galactic federation of worlds, protecting you and working for your greater good. I love you all of you. Be safe. Be in peace.

Coron: I am Coron from Dakoorat. You have come so far from higher planes of existence to perform this task that is liberating Nataru, this home from a destructive timeline. Remember always, the way of remembering is to believe in you to believe in who you are, remembering that you are way more than what you see. No fear now, as was telling you for one, no fear – no limits.