24/4/2021 – Keep On Fighting - Update April 24 2021



This is a message from the galactic federation of worlds. The battle is not over yet. More than ever we need to fight now, by keeping our vibrations high, raising our frequencies. Now more than ever. Because we have reached the crucial point in the battle, where all forces are needed. You may not listen those who say the war is over. This is all done to take your power away and make you stop fighting.

The moon has been liberated a month ago by the benevolent forces of the galactic federation of worlds. The moon is ours again. This hasn't happened since very old times. The galactic federation of worlds has expelled from the moon all the invaders from Orion, the Nebu and the Reptilian Collective. The moon is now cleared from old slave trafficking and a slave force for mining facilities, for the account of the Orion group. The moon is ours.
It is now time we embrace this ownership.

The operations on earth are still going on. Fights of the alliance are still going on. The operations are more efficient than ever. The underground facilities have been in major party cleared, but still combats are going on.
Recently a big area has been cleared under the Indian ocean and a lot of Reptilian forces have been evacuated off worlds. From this has resulted an increase in the earth frequency, enforcing the grid and accelerating the ascension of this planet into a higher density.

Fights on mars have started two weeks ago. First raids have started on mars. The galactic version of worlds is taking care now of operation to liberate mars from the Orion greys and the Reptilian empire. This is going to be a long war on mars. Hopefully with not too much casualties, but hope is in the perspective.

After mars other parts of this solar system are going to be cleared as well.

Now the ancient prophecy of the Andromedan council, foreseeing the seed of a great evil originating from earth – its moon and mars – and threatening the whole galaxy with a horrendous tyranny. This prophecy now has no reason to be anymore. The moon has been saved. The earth is being saved. And the third point, mars, is in the process of being liberated. The enemy is panicking. The enemy is going to try its last cards to frighten us, but we are not fooled.
Refuse fear. These may be confusing times. This is normal this is the last great war of humanity of earth for their freedom and independence. Independence is at our doors, but let us not stop fighting. It is now more than ever, that we need to keep our vibration high and fight for the light, as we've never done before, with all our heart, with our soul, because hope is already rising at the horizon. We are winning this. Do not stop the fight, although hope is in the horizon. This is not over yet, but the future is already rewritten and the future, this new future, is made of four letters: hope.